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A new way to learn the piano with My Piano Lessons It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this initiation (and then some) to piano playing which will help you learn the ropes: from basic note reading to playing pieces in four-part harmony! (Don’t panic!) We all know that it’s impossible to learn to play the piano in a day, and I am no magician. However, you will find in my piano lessons online all of the tools necessary not only to learn to play but also (and most importantly) to hold your own with a piece of pop or even simple classical music.

Alongside these 70 lessons, you will discover more than 70 exercises to improve your technique, as well as 80 videos to help you get the right results in your own home. Through the exercises, you will also study music theory, focusing on 25 themes. What you learn will depend on your motivation, your effort to apply yourself regularly, and your capacity to work on the lessons and exercises in order. Depending on your enthusiasm and experience, this course can take from four to nine months to complete.

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