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Morgendagens stjerner spiller i Skolegade

INTERSPOT Orka, Ben Osborne, Kiss Kiss Kiss m.fl.

Aarhus Guide Ten Things You Simply Have to Do Besides SPOT

Arr. af ROSA i samarbejde med MXD

Over 150 koncerter / InterSPOT 26. maj / SPOT Festival 27-28 maj / Ă…rhus /

Indhold 05 Welcome 28 Kort – her er SPOT-spillestederne

Artikler: 08 Århus Guide Ti ting, du skal se uden for SPOT Festival

Programpunkter: 06 BlueSPOT

Opening Concert with Teitur and KT Tunstall

07 BlueSPOT

Musikalske talenter indtager Skolegade

10 InterSPOT

Mash-up mellem danske og internationale navne

11 SPOT Festival

Præsentation af årets danske og nordiske medvirkende på SPOT Festival 2011

29 Seminarer

Danske og internationale indslag om musikkens problemstillinger – og muligheder






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Welcome to the SPOT Festival 2011 The SPOT Festival, which is held for the 17th time, has several objectives The most important one is to support many of the talented bands, songwriters, and musicians who are dedicated to the development of their music and careers. A relatively small language and culture area like Denmark or even the Nordic territory has to really make the most of all promotion channels and means to make itself felt in today’s global reality, where big markets and big countries take it all. We have got to draw on all resources and join forces when it comes to know-how, skills, and networks. In a national context we benefit from common platforms but at the same time we must let individuals go their own ways. We talk so much about exports and new business models because we know market economy is a basic condition for popular music as an art form and a profession. The distinction between art and profession is blurred and is decided by the individual artist’s own choice or choices. Those are the conditions, and under these lots of great art and music have been created. It is, however, important for SPOT to make clear that sales and profitability will never be the main objective of our promotional work. Respect for the music and for the talent is – and will always be – what motivates our work You often encounter the discussion of whether art must be rebellious or just aesthetically and formally pleasing – is true art political or rather a refined craft? One can’t help wondering if this isn’t a pseudo debate? If there even is one correct answer as to what art is or is supposed to be. At SPOT we have always cham-

pioned the principle that it is up to the individual artist to decide what she wants from her art and her work. Just like we leave it up to each member of the audience to define what he likes or even loves. SPOT exists to support dreams, confidence and hard work. Among the many acts that the festival has to turn down each year for logistical reasons there are sometimes some who deserved to be on stage just as much as the ones who were chosen over them. And occasionally acts that have been selected for the line-up do not live up to the expectations. For the individual band both scenarios are bad news, but it doesn’t alter the big picture which obviously outweighs the mistakes that are bound to be made. SPOT is not The X Factor. We are not looking for winners or losers. When SPOT 2011 is over, our many international guests, music business people and media people will hopefully go home impressed with the high level that Danish and Nordic music boasts across genres and styles. And the solid SPOT audience will once again have refreshed its familiarity with the scope and depth of our music scene – the novelties and the newcomers as well as the many acts who are gradually establishing themselves internationally. On behalf of the many dedicated souls among our partners and in our own ranks we are happy to welcome bands, audience and guests to a warm weekend in Aarhus filled with great music and excitement. Gunnar K. Madsen Head of the SPOT Festival

Udgiver: GAFFA A/S Vester Allé 15 8000 Århus C

Forsidefoto Taget på SPOT Festival af Rasmus Weng Karlsen

Ansvarshavende redaktør: Peter Ramsdal

Special tak til:

Ord: Jesper Rise Børjesen og Henrik Friis

Stibo Graphic for trykning af program.

Ret til ændringer forbeholdes

Billeder: Rasmus Weng Karlsen, Martin Dam Kristensen, Torsten Kjær Ravn og Henrik Friis SPOT-info: Stefan Rasmussen, Pi Aasbjerg-Hansen, Anne Katrine Junge Bak, Henrik Friis og Michael Callesen Festival artwork: Thorbjørn Laursen/Creative Geist Design & layout program Martin Ellgaard Frederiksen Nikolaj Lassen


Blue SPOT / Bispetorv SPOT 2011 begins in Aarhus Cathedral The SPOT Festival 2011 is going to open in Aarhus Cathedral. Our Broken Garden’s Anna Brønsted is in charge of the event, during which there will be room for contemplation and intimacy on the eve of the razzle of the following days. Anna Brønsted will be joined by musician and arranger Gustav Ljunggren as well as various guests. “Entering a church brings out specific things in people. Time for pensiveness and a spirit of community. It is our ambition to make music that fits the situation and in versions that work with the church room” says the progenitor and she adds, “Because far from all music and percussion actually do that.” The church concert starts at 5.30 pm, and when it ends, the BlueSPOT event at Bispetorv will begin followed by the forty gigs at eight venues in Skolegade.

Blue SPOT:

Opening Concert with Teitur and KT Tunstall Kicks off Three Days Devoted to Music

FOTO: Martin Dam Kristensen

BY Jesper Rise Børjesen

The time has come for the seventeenth SPOT Festival, and true to tradition the festival will open on Thursday night with a line up that transcends the festival on Friday and Saturday with more than 100 Danish and Nordic acts. This year the opening is to take place at Bispetorv in Aarhus as part of a comprehensive Thursday programme called Blue SPOT, which among other things include eight stages in Skolegade when the music at Bispetorv is over (read page XXX). Both events are free of charge. At Bispetorv Faroese Teitur will go on stage together with Scottish KT Tunstall. They have both toured as singer/songwriters on their own for years, playing international stages, and releasing albums. The two artists have, however, shared the stage before. Teitur has played support for KT Tunstall on tours in the US and the UK, and together they have among other things played a cover version of Nothing Compares 2 U on a French TV show. Teitur was born and bred in the Faroe Islands, but has lived in Denmark for several periods and attended upper secondary school here. After his 2003 debut he has toured with artists like Suzanne Vega and John Mayer. Many of his songs have appeared on film soundtracks and 6

in 2007 he won a Danish Music Award as “Best Danish Singer”. Incidentally Teitur began working with his current manager when they met at SPOT back in the late 90s. Since her debut in 2004 KT Tunstall has received numerous awards, and several of her singles have found their way to international charts. Her most famous song is “Suddenly I See” which was the theme song of the TV show “Men In Trees”. On stage at Bispetorv the two artists will fuse Teitur’s folk sound with KT Tunstall’s poppy alternative rock. The concert at Bispetorv accentuates the international music collaboration that SPOT is behind which is also evident at this year’s five InterSPOT projects where a Danish and an international act go on stage together for two concerts during the festival. At the same time the concert also stresses the importance of such collaborative projects for the artists involved. The concert may help KT Tunstall gain a stronger foothold in Denmark, and it may bring Teitur more gigs in Great Britain. Teitur’s manager Christian Ulf-Hansen says, “The connection between Teitur and KT Tunstall was established some years ago when her producer, Swedish Martin Terefe, gave her

Teitur’s second album, “Stay Under the Stars, which he had produced. KT really liked it and asked Teitur to play support for her on a tour in the US and later a UK tour as well. Last year when Teitur was to appear on the French TV show “Taratata”, he returned the compliment and asked KT to be his guest. That’s also why he has invited her to come along to SPOT.” Ulf-Hansen continues, “Those collaborations and ways of helping each other are very valuable in the music world – not least when you’re trying to break through internationally. Teitur and KT really want to continue working together even if it requires a bit of planning. In any case they are planning to write songs together.” The first part of the opening concert will feature Blood Sweat Drum’n’Bass and various handpicked artists. BSD’n’B is a gargantuan band with lots of electronics, and wind instruments as well percussionists (14 and 9 respectively!). The group will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary with gigs in Denmark and abroad and several album releases – including one from the Roskilde Festival. The latest outing is called “Asa Nisi Masa” inspired by the old Fellini film •

Blue SPOT / Skolegade Blue SPOT stages in Skolegade The Billabong Bar: Herning Fatter Eskil: Copenhagen GBar: Aarhus Meat Packers: Horsens Escobar: Odense Sidebar: (Aalborg Mojo: Bremen Casino Bar: Songwriters ”town”

Get Your Gun, is playing at Aalborg-scenen Sidebar, arranged by Rocktraum

Six Danish Cities and Bremen Set the Agenda For the first time Blue SPOT takes over Skolegade in Aarhus with 40 underground acts. BY Jesper Rise Børjesen

SPOT has always taken great pride in giving young and talented, yet still unknown bands a chance to prove themselves. This year SPOT expands on that tradition and takes over all of Skolegade (street in downtown Aarhus known for its many bars and venues) under the name of BlueSPOT. 40 new acts from the Danish underground will offer samples of their talent on the festival opening night on 26h May.

Eight venues are part of Blue SPOT. Six of the stages each represent a Danish city, which will get the chance to showcase some of its coolest underground acts. The seventh stage will be a singer/songwriter stage (called Song City) with each of the cities sending its best exponent of that category. The final stage will present the very best from Bremen (Germany), which will send four bands to Skolegade. Conversely, Aarhus will send a number of bands to the festival Viertelfest, which is held in Bremen in August each year. “Whereas normally you say that it is the top growth layer of Danish music that plays at SPOT, we present a great number of acts from other layers with this event. Upcoming bands who may be part of the actual SPOT line-up next year, more established acts or strong Bremen bands”, says Jesper Krüger, day-to-day head of ORA the Danish organisation of amateur musicians in popular music,

which together with Underground Music Awards, UMA and SPOT is behind Blue SPOT. “Generally we have let the local practice room associations select the bands as no one knows the growth layer better than they do. However, we’ve obviously made sure that there is a wide selection of music from the different Danish cities”, says Krüger and explains what a unique opportunity to hear new music this will be: “Blue SPOT has two huge assets: many cool concerts with very different acts in a small area, so if you don’t like the band you’re seeing, you can just shop on. Furthermore, all the concerts are pretty short so it’s also a great opportunity to check out many different acts and hear several amazing gigs. The stars of tomorrow will take over Skolegade when the Opening Event at Bispetorv is drawing to a close. Entrance is free for all Blue SPOT concerts, which will each last for approximately half an hour• 7

Århus Guide

Aarhus Guide Ten Things You Simply Have to Do Besides SPOT Af Jesper Rise Børjesen

1. Den Gamle By

3. The Permanent

PHOTO: poul erik østergaard

Den Gamle By (The Old Town) is the landmark of Aarhus and you just haven’t been to our city if you haven’t visited the old lanes and houses just outside the city centre. The old town is structured as an old Danish market town with buildings that have been moved brick by brick to Aarhus from all over Denmark. A walk through the town is like going back in time with the shops and inns of the 1800s still open! Den Gamle By holds three stars in the Michelin Guide.

If you need a break from the city and the SPOT crowd, then take a swim at the Permanent Bathing Establishment less than two miles from the city centre. If the water is still a bit chilly, why not chill out with a throwaway barbecue and a few cold beers on the beach just outside the establishment? There is a great view of the harbor and the city towers.

2. The Town Waterhole With tables outside and chains of lights the atmosphere is simply brilliant at the cafes and restaurants by the Stream. Here is the biggest selection of food and drink, so whether you are on the lookout for a cold beer or a bite, there ought to be something to your taste here. But be patient – finding a free table may be hard. FOTO: ditte isager

Photo: realdania og heine pedersen

6. See Aarhus from a City Bicycle

PHOTO: ditte isager


If you want to see a bit more of Aarhus than your feet may take you, then grab a free city bicycle! 450 bikes are parked all over town, and for a twenty-kroner coin as a deposit, you can borrow it for as long as you like. For instance, go down to Denmark’s biggest harbour, where you can buy fresh fish in one of the fish markets or Danish-style fish and chips.

7. Take a Break in the Botanical Gardens There are lots of parks in Aarhus if your eyes crave a bit of green. One of the largest parks is the Botanical Gardens, which are also among the oldest in Aarhus. There are trees and bushes from around the world, but if football or a picnic with your sweetheart is more up your alley, there’s also room for that.

5. Aarhus Seen from a Rainbow

There is plenty of great shopping to be done while resting your ears between the concerts. If you’re looking for the popular brands, Bruuns Galleri and Strøget are the places to be. If you’re more into designer clothes and oneoffs then, make the trip to the cobbled Latin Quarter, where you’ll also find several arts and crafts shops. If you’re looking for delicacies and gourmet, then Frederiks Allé and Jægergårdsgade are your streets.

Photo: ole hein pedersen

Photo: steffen N. christensen

4. Release Your Shopping Monster

How about taking a stroll inside a rainbow? The Danish/Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson’s project Your Rainbow Panorama, which embellishes the top of art museum ARoS, makes the impossible possible! The Project has been a long way coming, but when it’s complete, the guests at the museum can enjoy a magnificent view of the city and the bay in all the colors of the rainbow. The architects behind ARoS were inspired by Dante’s The Divine Comedy with the basement being hell and the upper floors purgatory and the roof – now with a rainbow – the celestial skies.

9. The Vikings’ Aarhus Aarhus wasn’t always Aarhus Not so long ago the name was Århus and long before that it was called Aros. Back then there were Vikings, and you don’t have to look further than the basement under Nordea at Bispetorv to go back in time. Here is the Viking Museum, where you can see what the town of Aros looked like. You can also relive the drama of Hukuin’s Blood Vengeance, which by use of your cell phone takes you through the town while you solve the mysterious murder of one of its Vikings.

8. Bazar Vest Forget about the big mainstream malls! Go to Bazaar Vest – the biggest bazaar in Scandinavia with ethnic restaurants offering an abundance of aromas, flavors and impressions. The Bazaar is located in the western part of Aarhus and houses more than 100 different shops ranging from Arabian bakeries to fair-trade second-hand stores.

PHoto: anders hede

10. Visit the Queen

Photo: morten jac

Most of the time Her Majesty the Queen lives at Amalienborg in Copenhagen, but in the summer she often stays at Marselisborg Palace south of Aarhus. When she isn’t staying at the Palace, the Palace Gardens are open to the public. The view of the Aarhus Bay is amazing, and at the same time you’re close to the Crown Prince’s dorm. You see, he had the Palace all to himself while studying political science at Aarhus University.


Kiss Kiss Kiss + Ginga


orka + ben osborne

InterSPOT Concerts Kiss Kiss Kiss (DK) & Ginga (AT): One of the young hopes of Danish rock meets the top of Austrian rock for the first time at InterSPOT. Thursday 26th May at Musikcaféen and 27th May at the SPOT Festival. Let Me Play Your Guita r (DK) & Talking To Turtles (DE): The new Danish folk rockers headed by brothers Jeppe and Emil Davidsen hook up with the acoustic singer/songwriter duo from Germany. Thursday 26th May at Musikcaféen and 27th May at the SPOT Festival.

Let Me Play Your Guitar + Talking To Turtles

Happy Hour at InterSPOT

Akiri (DK) & B6 (CN ): 80s video game console sounds in vintage 8-bit style from Danish Akiri fuse with electronic music all the way from Shanghai, China. Friday 27th May at Train and 28tn May at the SPOT Festival. ORK A (FO) & Ben Osbo rne (UK ): Homemade Faroese instruments made of fence posts and pressure vessels will be sampled with electronic beats straight from the English club scene. Friday 27th May at Train and 28th May at the SPOT Festival. CallmeKat + Erika Spring

CallmeKat (DK) & Erika Spring fra Au Revoir Simone (US): This collaboration, which existed before and will continue after SPOT, mixes the best from both sides of the Atlantic and turns it into dreamy electro pop. Friday 27th May at Train and 28th May at the SPOT Festival.

BY Jesper Rise Børjesen

Once again InterSPOT attracts bands from the international scene to the SPOT Festival. This year there will be double up at the concerts with collaborations between Danish and foreign acts. Last year’s InterSPOT debut was a huge success with a great number of international bands at several venues. This year the success continues – and now with happy hour! The number of international concerts is cut down to five, but on the other hand there will be double up at each gig. Thus, the concept is that each concert must be a joint project between an international and a Danish act. The artists have not, however, been paired by SPOT, but have hooked up on their own account and have then applied to play at SPOT. “We spread the word in international music circles that international bands who wanted to play at SPOT would be welcome if they hooked up with a Danish artist. We were actually surprised how many such joint projects already existed”, says Christian Hald Buhl, who is the project coordinator on InterSPOT. “The Rules are simple: the concerts last 40 minutes and must include four or five songs from each of the two acts’ back catalogue. And at least one member from band A must


be on stage when band B’s songs are performed. By mixing international and Nordic acts we hope create fruitful collaborations with serious potential in both the Danish and the international music business and music press”, says Buhl

Valuable Collaborations One of the concerts will bring together Faroese Orka and the English DJ Ben Osborne. Orka have played in Denmark several times – including at the SPOT Festival 2009. Once you’ve seen Orka, you are unlikely to forget their industrial rock again as they make all their instruments themselves of fence posts and scrap metal! Ben Osborne is an electronic music icon and is behind the music collective Noise of Art, where music is fused with dance and visuals. Together the two acts will sample electronic beats with organic sounds from home-made instruments, Kiss Kiss Kiss have hooked up with their Austrian colleagues of Ginga, whom they met in 2010 at the SPOT On Denmark night in Vi-

enna. Kiss Kiss Kiss are known for their melodic pop rock, whereas Ginga explore a more folk-inflected kind of rock. CallmeKat’s collaboration with the American DJ Erika Spring from Au Revoir Simone is also remarkable. Their collaboration has been going on for some time now and also involves New York producer Jo Magistro and British bass guitarist Sara Lee from Gang of Four and the B-52s. Together they create crossAtlantic electro pop, and Erika Spring’s influence will also be evident on CallmeKat’s coming album. In Buhl’s eyes you can’t stress enough how important such collaborative projects may prove for the musicians involved. “Such joint projects and exchanges can really mean a lot when trying to break through. It means a lot creatively and on the business side too. However, starting such a collaboration between two bands can be difficult, so we hope that SPOT can contribute to improving the conditions for bands who want to try it”, says Buhl •

band presentation

The SPOT Festival is ready for Chapter 17. 117 items – bands, solo artist and events – make up the bountiful programme which will be launched on the 27th and 28th of May. In part presented by SPOT – in part by the partners of the Festival. You can read about all the Danish, Nordic and international acts here and also at www.spotfestival. The timetable for the two days of music will be handed out at the SPOT Festival – and can also be downloaded at

PHOTO: Rasmus weng karlsen


BANDS A-B PHOTO: simon birk

4 Guys From The Future (DK)

Simona Abdallah & Band Ane (DK)

Emma Acs (DK)

Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Under The New Morning Sun (2010)

Formed: 2011 | Latest Album:: Simona Abdallah. Reach Out (2010) / Band Ane: Anish Music (2006) Simona Abdallah: myspace.comoriantaldrummer Band Ane:

Career Began: 2009 Latest Album: Champagne (2011)

Bjarke Porsmose’s timeless and addictive voice remains a strong, unifying force in 4 Guys From The Future’s uncompromising and experimental universe, where improvised and meticulously crafted elements alternate. The dusty semi-noise art pop bears the mark of the psychedelic California sun of the 60s with lush vocals and sand between the toes. Still, in their very own vertiginous way the 4 guys also manage to create music for the future.

In no time Simona Abdallah has become a name that keeps cropping up – most recently with her support gigs on Sort Sol’s current tour, where her impressive darbuka play was a sensation. At SPOT a new constellation will be tested: Ane Østergaard aka Band Ane will back up the Arabic rhythms with her offbeat arsenal of instruments and anarchistic and atmospheric electronica. The duo promises a breakneck speed gig. Presented in association with Musikcafeen [REAL]

Asked for a label, Emma Acs describes it as ”Oriental bubble gum pop” – a fictitious genre characterized by a tight acoustic guitar, an abundance of percussion and a wealth of strings such as mandolin, sitar, and 12-string guitar. There are touches of France Gall and psychedelic 60s pop but also of recent indie pop like Camera Obscura. 19-year-old Acs has many strings to her bow and a bright future ahead of her.


Alcoholic Faith Mission (DK)

Asbjørn & The Strange Ears (DK)


Formed: 2006 | Latest Album: Let This Be The Last Night We Care (2010)

Career Began: 2009 Latest Album: Strange Ears, single (2010)

Career Began: 2000 Latest Album: Solidarity Breaks (2011)

Experimental folktronica indie collective Alcoholic Faith Mission has created a growing fan base abroad. Among other things the group has enjoyed plenty of attention in foreign music blogs and has toured intensively abroad playing more than 75 gigs in one and half years. The band has played gigs at CMJ in NY and at Iceland Airwaves. The latter gig impressed the international media so much that AFM was shortlisted as one of the best concerts.

Despite his young age, Asbjørn Toftdahl (b. 1992), aka Asbjorn And The Strange Ears, is amazingly confident when it comes to his artistic visions. His talent is unmistakable, and he knows his means and when not to overuse them. He is working on his debut album together with Jonas Tranberg (Efterklang, Murder, Maria Timm) and the electronically crisp and laidback first single ”Strange Ears” made him Bandbase’s ”Band of the week” just one week after its release.

Often described as one of the most talented voices in Norway Jarle Bernhoft has built up his career step by step. From small children’s parts in the opera via international success with the rock band Span to his soul-infected solo debut, which made him a coveted artist in Norway and Europe. On May 30 he releases his second solo album, Solidarity Breaks”, in Denmark. An album, which is the fruit of many years’ labour to find his own voice.

Bigbang (NO)

Big Basco (DK)

Formed: 1992 Latest Album: Epic Scrap Metal (2011) The title of the Norwegian veterans’ Latest Album: came to singer Øystein Greni when he was passing a recycling station in his L.A. neighbourhood. Its name was ”Star Scrap Metal” which is in fact a fitting description of what the band does so well: take old material and turn it into something new. Bigbang’s retro and self-proclaimed ”freedom rock” has clear references to the bluesy and melodious rock of the 60s and 70s and newer punk rock.


Formed: 2006 | Latest Album: The Crow in the Walnut Tree (2009) | Big Basco is the folk music quartet Basco with three additional wind players who normally hang out in for instance the DR Big Band, and Odense Symhony Orchestra. Folk, jazz and classical music are mixed in a wonderful jumble in Basco’s fast and intense songs. Basco steals recklessly and unashamedly from Scandinavian, English, Celtic and North American traditions to create a unified musicals stew which only few people have tasted before. Presented in association with Folkemusikkens Sekretariat


Mads Björn (DK)

Bon Homme (DK)

Brother Grimm (DK)

Career Began: 1997 Latest Album: Leo Ryan (2009)

Career Began: 2010 Latest Album: Bon Homme (2010)

Career Began: 2010 Latest Album: Wiggedy Wack, single (2011)

Despite long career breaks singer and multi instrumentalist Mads Björn is widely respected by his fellow musicians. Not least due to his live version of Carpark North’s ”Transparent and Glasslike”. Björn’s pop songs are resonant and melodious lo fi productions with notes of folk, rock and world music. Playing live Björn is alone on stage with his piano, electric guitar and synthesizer, all kept in place by his distinctive voice. Part of the singer/songwriter line-up

In 2010 Thomas Høffding from WhoMadeWho unfolded as the solo artist Bon Homme. This is his outlet for his predilection for condensed and pumped-up techno. Because that is what he loves. He also loves French electro house à la Sebastien Tellier and Daft Punk. On his eponymous album he toys with and pays tribute to his sources of inspiration and takes electronic pop to the edge of corniness. And that is meant (and probably taken) as a compliment!

Asbjørn Auring Grimm from now-defunct Decorate Decorate has embarked on a rap career. It may sound like musical suicide. Not so, however, with Brother Grimm who delivers explosive indie rock rap with cheeky and overtly political vocals. Rumor has it that on the live stage the relatively new band brings the audience to the boiling point with their heady style, which mixes the best of LCD Soundsystem, Gorillaz and Rage Against the Machine!

Budam (FO)

Choir Of Young Believers (DK)

Cody (DK)

Career Began: 2007 Latest Album: Stories of Devils, Angels, Lovers and Murderers (2008) | Faroese Budam is not just a singer and a songwriter but also a composer for the stage and an actor. Live he is indeed a spectacular performer – like Jim Morrison playing Tom Waits in a Weimar cabaret! With him on stage are the pianist Magnus, known for his lyrical playing and massive harmonies, and drummer Rógvis, whose explosive style makes the music very dramatic. The trio guarantees a spontaneous and unpredictable performance.

Formed: 2006 | Latest Album: This Is For The White In Your Eyes (2008) Choir of Young Believers’ 2008 debut album was met with great critical acclaim, and the band soon became immensely popular, also abroad. After countless concerts on foreign soil the last couple of years, the successful band is now ready with new material. This spring the band launches the first single from their forthcoming album, which is due this fall. At SPOT – their only festival gig this year – they are going to play new songs.

Dad Rocks! (DK)

Darkness Falls (DK)

Career Began: 2008 Latest Album: Digital Age (2010)

Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Darkness Falls, EP (2011)

The Man behind Dad Rocks! is the charismatic Icelander Snævar Njáll Albertsson, who besides this solo project also plays in Mimas. Dad Rocks! is folk pop inspired by artists like Bill Callahan, Sparklehorse and Why?. The debut EP ”Digital Age” was released through Kanel records in DK and through Big Scary Monsters in the UK, where there was critical praise from NME, Rock Sound The 405, etc. In 2010 Dad Rocks toured in both Denmark and the UK.

Darkness Falls is a collaborative project between singer Josephine Philip and bass guitaristist Ina Lindgreen, who also played together in the now disbanded ska girl group Favelachic. They have a soft spot for 60s twang guitars and they deliver their songs with a country-music honesty. They also flirt with elements of post punk, droning beats and Spartan productions. The universe is atmospheric and makes you think of a Sergio Leone western.

Formed: 2004 Latest Album: Songs (2009) At last year’s SPOT Cody swept everybody off their feet. The audience was ecstatic and the reviewers called it ”the best concert of 2010”. Since then Cody have played lots of gigs, and the band’s antifolk/ alternative country/ folk pop has given them a growing audience – also abroad: After SPOT 2010 Cody were hand-picked for three international SPOT On Denmark showcases, and now they are working on a follow-up for the acclaimed ”Songs”.




Deer Bear (DK)

Dikta (IS)

Drone (DK)

Formed: 2010 Latest Album: Deer Bear, EP (2010)

Formed: 2000 Latest Album: Get It Together (2011)

Formed: 2006 Latest Album: Do What You Will, EP (2009)

What happens when an electro pop girl with music academy training hooks up with the front man of death metal band Kolborn? The answer is Deer Bear, and in this constellation some contemplative songs have evolved with a Spartan orchestration: western guitar, melancholic keys and mellow strings. This makes for an organic sound with the two voices intertwining effortlessly in this slightly melancholy yet also heart-warming folk pop.

2010 was a great year for Dikta. Their album went gold in Iceland, and they took home four Listener’s Choice Awards. What’s more their song ”Thank You” broke all records and now holds the position as the most played song on Icelandic radio. Ever! Dikta’s melodious alternative rock has also led to releases in Germany and a gig at the music business festival SXSW. Our bet is they are ready to triumph at SPOT and in 2011 in general.

Aarhus-based Drone excel in a hard-hitting and progressive sound that evokes memories of King Crimson, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Tool and early Genesis. Their thoroughly composed songs and confident live performance took them to the final of P3’s Career Canon in 2010. Here the judges described them as ”one of the most tight and spectacular bands in Danish upcoming music”. The debut album ”Doors of Perception” is due this spring.

Elou Elan (DK)

Essence (DK)

Fallulah (DK)

Formed: 2010 Latest Album: Summer Leaves, track (2011)

Formed: 2005 Latest Album: Lost in Violence (2011)

Career Began: 2008 Latest Album: The Black Cat Neighbourhood (2010)

Elou Elan is Danish/Norwegian singer and songwriter Eva-Louise Rønnevig’s solo project. Strings, a contrabass and a pump organ are let loose in a fairytale-like universe. It’s pretty jazzy, quite folksy and with plenty of pop appeal. Playing live she has a unique stage presence, and as support for Teitur in December she got five stars in Gaffa. Furthermore, BBC Radio 1’s Gilles Peterson has taken an interest and has presented her on his show. Part of The Songwriter programme.

Here’s some serious thrash metal! The four musicians of Essence excel in hard, no-nonsense 80s speed metal and their iron grip on the fundamental virtues of thrash is astounding. Inspired by heroes like Sodom, Kreator, and Exodus, they master complex and technically advanced songs with plenty of melodious passages. Far from just infernal speed freaks, however, they also know how to balance hard and fast with brighter and softer themes.

In the span of just a couple of years Danish/Rumanian singer and songwriter Fallulah has rocketed to the top of Danish pop. With massive airplay, the title song of a popular TV series on national TV and the major award at P3 Gold she has definitely got everybody’s attention. And rightly so because she makes ambitious and catchy pop with that extra sparkle, versatility and plenty of heart. You just can’t help falling in love!

Fastpoholmen (DK)


Figurines (DK)

Formed: 2007 Latest Album: En Stund (2010)

Formed: 2009 Latest Album: PREX (2011)

Formed: 1995 Latest Album: Figurines (2010)

As deep into the Swedish woods and as close to the Caribbean sun as you can get – that’s where you find Fastpoholmen with their unique mix of the Swedish ballad tradition, reggae and calypso. The cousins Adam and Dawn Fastholm are Danish but have a strong bond to Sweden. The Nordic tone of melancholy is unmistakable, but at the same it has a lightness and groovy feel-good atmosphere to it. The gloom is sweet and with a charming warmth.

The duo FCAN, consisting of Mensch Matsumoto and a giant Gliedermann doll, make 20-year-old vintage techno for the future. The debut album ”RPEX” is a tribute to the year 1991, when techno was still unspoiled – before Eurodance, but after the synth pop of the 80s. According to FCAN 1991 marks a turning point for electronic music. The duo’s fondness for that year is highlighted by the visuals: TV test cards, 8 mb aesthetics and old DOS codes!

Figurines’ Latest Album: marks a mature return to the band’s roots in American lo-fi indie rock, which they explored so brilliantly on the break-through album ”Skeleton” (2005). The trio still have a knack for cheerful tunes, catchy refrains and crisp guitars. They remain a top-rate indie outfit – also in their new, slightly adjusted line-up. At SPOT they have shown more than once what a truly spectacular live act they are.


PHOTO: Nanna Nisbet

Marie Fisker (DK) Career Began: 2008 Latest Album: Ghost Of Love (2009)

Frekvens DJ's + Live acts (DK)

French Films (FI)

Formed: 2002 | Latest Album: –

Formed: 2010 Latest Album: Golden Sea, EP (2010)

Marie Fisker plays dream pop that explores the dark recesses of blue-toned country. This won her the Danish music critics’ award for Best New Hope in 2010 and has led to tours in Denmark and Germany. Besides touring as a solo artist, she is also regular member of Trentemøller’s live set-up that tours all over the world. In May Marie Fisker will release an EP, while the follow up for the critically acclaimed debut album is due this autumn.

Located at the amphitheatre between the Concert Hall and Aros a new stage –FREKVENS has ben established by the Aarhus association DISH in collaboration with The SPOT Festival for the festival crowd to chill to modern electronic music. Botth Friday and Saturday afternoon there will be either DJs or live acts to deliver the laidback tracks so that people can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and take a breather between the other SPOT concerts.

Warm sunshine surf music from a cold, cold place. That is what French Films excell in with their seductive and playful pop music, which evokes associations to Wavves and The Drums, who are also riding high on the global surf wave. But what has Finnish surf got to do with films about people smoking in cafes? Nothing! But who cares? The sound of French films is so appealing that nothing else seems to matter for a while.

Frisk Frugt (DK)

From Sarah (DK)

F.U.K.T. (DK)

Career Began: 2009 Latest Album: Dansktoppen møder Burkina Faso i det himmelblå rum hvor solen bor, suite (2010)

Formed: 2011 Latest Album:: From Sarah, EP (2011)

Formed: 2006 Latest Album: Falling (2011)

David Fjelstrup (Cody) and Moogie Johnson (Wynona) have hooked up with drummer Ask Bock to form From Sarah. The music is a cocktail of equal parts big-city haze and mossy pinewoods where the good tune is backed by distorted sounds and organic wood instruments. In early 2011 the band with the characteristic voice at the center released an EP with a little help from friends in Cody, Alcoholic Faith Mission and Sleep Party People.

Heavy drum rhythms and deep, deep bass reign supreme when F.U.K.T. unleashes their ferocious drum’n’bass and dubstep. And then it is live! The band’s concept is in fact a complete live set up, where the band’s focus on drums and bass gives the audience an experience that goes far beyond the traditional scope of electronic music. Only a handful of bands worldwide have ventured into such a project – playing hardcore electronic genres live.

Giana Factory (DK)

Girls In Airports (DK)

Formed: 2008 Latest Album: Save The Youth (2010)

Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Girls in Airports (2010)

Glass Arena (DK)

You’d better think twice before becoming too absorbed in Giana Factory’s melancholy universe, because leaving it is very hard. The girl trio’s music is electrifying and draws the listener into the deep and dark layers of the mind. But you’re in good company with the three femmes fatales, who add cool club beats, slide guitar, divine vocal harmonies and soaring synths to the wistful mood. Giana Factory is compelling pop noir for gloaming times.

Girls in Airports is the sound of young Danish jazz in the year 2011. Two saxophones make up the epicentre, and from this core spreads a skewed and charming mix of jazz, Afro beat, Nordic melancholy and tunes with Middle-eastern touches. They move effortlessly between beautiful ballads and hot, sweaty rhythms, something that has proved to be a turn-on for critics and fans alike. The band won the DMA 2010 for best Danish crossover jazz release. Presented in association with JazzDanmark

West African music meets Danish schlager meets free-jazz meets naïve children’s lyrics. That is a reasonable description of the extremely genrebending and experimental artist Anders Meldgaard aka Frisk Frugt. In addition to overwhelming critical acclaim in Denmark, international markets are also opening up for Frisk Frugt, who was among the Danish acts at by:Larm in Oslo and was nominated for the prestigious Nordic Music Prize.

Formed: 2010 Latest Album: Night Falling, Demo (2011) Glass Arena is a duo of 22-year-old women who create a fragile, hopeful, melancholy and compelling universe, and on stage they connect with their audience creating involvement and intimacy. The two of them do it so well that earlier this year they got the job as warm-up band on Murder’s Danish tour. This spring they will be in the studio with Fridolin Nordsøe (Fallulah, Choir of Young Believers, etc.) to record an EP with an expected release in the late summer.


BANDS H-i PHOTO: Cora Hillebrand


Harrys Gym (NO)

Anna von Hausswolff (DK)

Formed: 1988 Latest Album: Skert flog (2001)

Formed: 2006 Latest Album: Harrys Gym (2008)

Career Began: 2008 Latest Album: Singing From the Grave (2010)

At the centre of Harrys Gym is I Was A King guitarist Anne Lise Frøkedal. Here it is not the guitar, however, but the synthesizer that plays the lead role in a dramatic, dark universe. The songs are solid pop tunes which posses an emotional purity and naivety. Anne Lise Frøkedal is the songwriter and guitarist and she flirts with several inspirations: an Americana sound, roaring guitars and vocals from a fragile, delicate Bjórk-like voice.

The young Swede’s expressive and heartfelt voice in combination with the grand piano compositions makes it ”hard not to lose oneself in the stylish and mesmerizing musical universe” (Gaffa). The emotional and melancholic mood is particularly prominent at her concerts where behind her piano and microphone she puts so much feeling into the songs – often backed by a complete orchestra. Especially due to her voice she is often compared to Kate Bush.

Icelandic HAM - Happy, Angry, Mad were active in the years 1988-94. At Icelandic Airways they returned to the stage, however, and were so convincing that they are now part of the SPOT line-up. The band’s albums have now become all the rage for a new generation of rock aficionados. Back in the day HAM played with Sugarcubes and had numerous gigs in New York before splitting up in 1994. Since 2001 they have played sporadic festival gigs.

PHOTO: Frej Hedenberg


PHOTO: Stian Herdal

Helsinki Poetry (DK)

Hess Is More (DK)

Honningbarna (NO)

Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Manchester, demo track (2010)

Formed: 2003 Latest Album: Hits (2009)

Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Honningbarna, EP (2010)

Producer and drummer Ebbe Frej from nowdefunct EPO-555 and former singer of The Late Parade Rune Vigil have found mutual ground in the duo Helsinki Poetry. Surging noise and monumental soundscapes fuse with Vigil’s light and sparkling vocal harmonies in songs that practically ooze snapshots of big cities that never sleep. If My Bloody Valentine meets Fleetwood Mac sounds like your thing, you’re bound to love Helsinki Poetry.

Hess Is More is the nom de guerre of the Danish multi musician Mikkel Hess, who lives and plays his music in New York. Hess is a vigorous artist who simply radiates musicality and energy. His avant-garde pop swings and grooves merrily along with unmatched ingenuity. Hess is brilliant at captivating his audience with delicious grooves and addictive tunes. His collection ”Hits” was on Time Out Magazine’s list of the 10 best records in 2009. Presented in association with JazzDanmark

Few Norwegian bands have made the trip from unknown to superstars as fast as Honningbarna. In just one and a half years they have played the major Norwegian festivals Øya, Hove, by:Larm and Norwegian Wood, and this year they won the national radio’s music contest. There is no stopping this six-strong band with a cello in the frontline, punk rock attitudes and sound and overtly political lyrics sung in a distinctively South Norwegian dialect.

Jenny Hval (NO)

Hymns From Nineveh (DK)

Iceage (DK)

Career Began: 2004 Latest Album: Medea (2008)

Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Hymns From Nineveh (2011)

Formed: 2008 Latest Album: New Brigade (2011)

Jenny Hval’s latest outing revolves around the journey; the inner journey, being turned inside out. Over the last couple of years Jenny has been working on various projects – including her solo debut and the free folk duo Nude on Sand together with Håvard Volden. All her projects are reflected here while the expressive performer with the highpitched voice creates a dreamy, dramatic sound, which is backed by two extra musicians live.

There is a peace of mind to these heartfelt indie hymns, which are bound to move anyone with a heart. Singer and guitarist Jonas Petersen’s tales draw the listener into an intimate universe. Yet, with violins, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar and an angelic choir, the sky is the limit here and there’s room for paeans about faith, hope and love. The Debut album was enthusiastically received and went straight to number seven on the album chart.

No, punk is far from dead! The four young lads of Ice Age have made that abundantly clear with the heels of their worn-out Doc Martens. The band’s first album, with punk legend Peter Peter as the midwife, has been hailed as nothing short of a sensation by several critics. A new generation of devil-may-care youths has seen the light of day and is ready to take the world. Ice Age burns like a black sun where no pop song is too tender prey.


jj (DK)

Il Tempo Gigante (DK)

India (DK)

Formed: 2007 Latest Album: Lost Something Good (2010)

Formed: 2010 Latest Album: Falling Down, single (2010)

Formed: 2008 Latest Album: KILLS (2010)

Under the alias ITG you find guitarist, singer and songwriter Rolf Hansen who after many years as a live and studio musician is now really testing his own wings. The academy-trained guitarist writes songs that take you in as diverse directions as singer/songwriter folk and cabaret-inspired pop. ITG is a new face with a refreshing, improvisatory sound that gives the impression that the tunes are created as they are played. Part of The Songwriter programme.

Only few have come across the name India, as so far they have chosen to disregard all the social media in favour of a single minimalist profile with only two songs available. While incognito in cyberspace, India will surely attract lots of attention in real life, because their hard-hitting style and breathless attitude are be a bit of fresh air in Danish rock. When the young lads go on stage, loudspeakers and girls’ hearts are bound to burst.

jj would have been Laura Palmer’s favorite band. There is just so much teen-Weltschmerz, longing and broken innocence, but also bloodstained mystery and uncanny eeriness. A tragic undercurrent runs through the sweetly hovering pop music. In no time the shy Gothenburg duo has reached a large audience with their strange mix of cool pop, a little dub, acoustic folk, calypso, samples and a touch of Afro pop. Pure magic for adventurous souls.

Helgi Jonsson (IS)

Just a number 05272011 (DK)

Career Began: 1999 Latest Album: Blindfolded (2011)

Formed: 2010 Latest Album: He Didn’t Want A Love Song, single (2011) |

Kira and the Ghost Riders m. Peter Peter & GLAS

The Icelandic singer and songwriter has both played support for Dickow and been a member of her band on and off, but he has also got two albums of his own under his belt, and on these outings atmosphere, intimacy and monumental moments intertwine around Helgi Jónsson’s heartfelt voice and ingenious, over-the-edge performances. If you are fond of atmospheric, Nordic folk pop, Helgi Jónsson is definitely a songwriter to keep an eye on. Part of The Songwriter programme.

Lately the band/artist with the cryptic name Just A Number 05272011 has generated a lot of discussion in the press. Two singles are available, and on both there is a woman’s voice which resembles that of Karin Dreijer (Fever Ray / The Knife), and the sound is also quite similar. There has been a lot of speculation concerning this phenomenon. SPOT is proud to be the first to reveal the secret, when they appear in public for the first time.

Kiss Me Scarlett (DK)


Kynnes Kabale (DK)

Formed: 2010 Latest Album: Mad Man, single (2010)

Formed: 2007 Latest Album: KXP (2009)

Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Hvidovrevej (2011)

The idealist lads of Kiss Me Scarlett write songs about love and peace in the world. They find much of their musical inspiration in 60s bands like The Beatles and The Kinks while the untamed energy at their gigs is more reminiscent of The Clash. According to the band, ”Kiss Me Scarlett brings you the wildness of the 90s and the love from the 60s”, and they do it so well that they landed an international management deal in the fall.

It is with paranoid, dark disco movements and outrageous dance appeal that KXP go on stage – or rather, the club stage, that is. Because most of all they belong in the dark night on the concrete dance floors in neon cities. It is far from synthetic techno, however. The band mixes electronic noise, plenty of synths and real drums and at times brings forth an intensity of a metal band. And with catchy melodies to boot!

The Band contains four nationalities and countless musical genres and cultural points of departure. Everybody draws on their own traditions, but can’t fall back on old routines in this melting-pot of foreign inputs. The music is a fusion of Balkan ,Istanbul, Casablanca and Copenhagen main roads. Maria Kynne sings the quaintly amusing poetry of everyday life and addresses the big questions in life with sincerity and self-irony. Presented in association with World Music Denmark.

(feat. Marie Fisker)

Formed: 1993 | Latest Album: Latest Album: Look Up Ahead (2010) | Kira Skov has hooked up with punk veteran Peter Peter and The Glas Vocal Ensemble for this concert, which will be a truly exclusive cocktail with Kira’s comanding voice, guitar noise, and a Bulgarian choir – and duets with Marie Fisker to boot! Besides samples from Kira and Peter Peter’s joint project the concert will also include songs from Kira’s latest outing ”look Up Ahead” in alternative versions – adapted to the unorthodox band.



PHOTO: Thomas Christensen

Lucy Love (DK)

PHOTO: Mogens Kjeldsen

The Malpractice (DK)

Me And My Army (SE)

Formed: 2010 Latest Album: Tectonics (2010)

Formed: 2010 | Latest Album: Thank God for Sending Demons (2010)

After the break-through with her debut outing ”Superbillion” from 2010 and its introduction of authentic grime in Denmark, Lucy Love now has a new album out – ”Kilo”. Lucy’s rap is in-you-face, precise and strikes home. Her combination of electronic pop and rap also contributes to her rep as a strong live act with pumping beats and easy sing-along lyrics that both purr and snarl. Foreign markets are also listening.

Behind the name The Malpractice you find singer and composer Johannes Gammelby, whose name seems to crop up everywhere in Danish music. The driving force behind Beta Satan, Strumm and I Am Bones, Gammelby has surely left his mark on Danish indie rock in this millennium. The Malpractice is a solo-with-friends project where he hurls himself furiously at industrial rock, unrelenting grunge, danceable beats and tight, razor-sharp tunes.

Andreas Kleerup, who is the centre of Me And My Army, is probably best known as the producer of Robyn’s mega hit ”With Every Heartbeat”. However he is capable of more than pressing the producer buttons and making heartbreak pop for clubbers. With Me And My Army he excels in acoustic indie folk pop with lush vocal harmonies sung by soulful Swedes. The band has launched an eponymous EP and will release a full-length album through EMI this spring.

Messy Shelters (DK)

The Migrant (DK)

Karen Mose (DK)

Career Began: 2006 Latest Album: Root System, 2011

Career Began: 2009 Latest Album: Travels in Lowlands (2010)

Career Began: 2007 Latest Album: Vingefang fra 2011

Two old synths, a drum kit, a guitar, a sampler and lots of air. That is how one-man project Messy Shelter composes his touching songs, which paint pictures of inner turmoil. The style is sombre and dark, while the anatomy of the songs is cryptic. With jumping, stumbling beats and an occasionally repetitive and electronic drive Messy Shelter’s minimalistic compositions evoke associations to Radiohead’s ”Kid A” and ”In Rainbows”.

The last couple of years the songwriter Bjarke Bendtsen has been on the road in the US with his guitar on the shoulder and an open mind. That led to his acclaimed debut album ”Travels in Lowland” in 2010. The Migrant’s catchy tunes take you on a sunny journey through country pop and slightly psychedelic folk and seduce the listener with plenty of strings, choral singing, kitchen utensils in arrangements that grow wild.

With a background in folk music Karen Mose brings together her roots and her appetite for innovation in a wonderful mix of old folksongs and her new and more modern songs. The atmosphere oozes of Nordic landscapes, forests and the sea with both American and Danish folk as sources of inspiration. The words, however, are in Danish, and both the old ballads so filled with pain and her new material revolve around longing, sorrow and hope. Presented in association with Folkemusikkens Sekretariat

Career Began: 2009 Latest Album: Kilo (2011)

Mugison (IS) Career Began: 2001 Latest Album: Mugiboogie (2008) When he was 14, Mugison got his first guitar and played with his father in Iceland until he made the cd Útbrot. He brought it to London and sold it for ten pounds a piece to make money for instruments. Lonely Mountain gave him his breakthrough. Wrapped in 10,000 hand-sewn covers, the album attracted a lot of attention. On stage Mugison plays energetic, personal concerts where the sound of the crowd is sampled and employed in the songs.



– a singer and a piano

This year SPOT will test a new concept where we invite five solo artists from very diverse genres to present four songs each from their back catalogue – but in brand new garments: the pianist and show-runner Gustaf Ljunggren will accompany all the artists on his grand piano. A lot of the songs will be familiar to the audience but here they will be presented in crooner versions with lots of room for the vocals. The concert will be performed two nights in a row in the Concert Hall’s Small Hall.

PHOTO: Theis Mortensen

Gustaf Ljunggren

Nabiha (participating friday)

Kim Munk

Kira Skov (participating saturday)

(piano, in charge)

Steffen Westmark

Dorthe Gerlach

(The Blue Van)


(The Broken Beats)

PHOTO: David Bust

Munich (DK)

My Evil Twin (DK)

Nabiha (DK)

Formed: 2002 Latest Album: Those Who Dare (2008)

Formed: 2007 Latest Album: The Slow Escape (2010)

Career Began: 2006 Latest Album: Cracks (2010)

Munich plays indie rock structured around repeating, measured guitars mixed with melodious elements, gentle piano and string pieces and complex vocal compositions with Michae Kærsgaard and Karin Nielsen’s duet at the centre. The band has toured in Europe and had a breakthrough in Iceland, where they were number one on the big radio station X-977’s Listeners’ Chart for two months. The success led to Björk’s label, Smekkleysa, signing the band and releasing their album in Iceland.

As for style My Evil Twin’s super-melodius pop is somewhere between summery, nostalgic synth pop and guitar-based indie rock. The songs are written by Cecilie Enevold Nielsen, whose evil twin makes her presence felt in the music as a sinister counterweight to the light and airy vocals. Despite their soft spot for shoegaze, the band’s catchy tunes take control of the crowd’s feet. The band will record their second album this summer and autumn.

Danish / West-African singer Nabiha makes soulbased electronic pop music, with references to Motown and new British soul pop. Radio hits such as ”The Enemy” and ”Deep Sleep” have established her as an international pop artist alongside her kindred sisters Amy Winehouse and Duffy. Her debut album, which was made together with the Swedish top hit producer Carl Rydén, hit the mark and reached a large audience right away.



Neo Geo (DK)

Neufvoin (FI)

The New Spring (DK)

Career Began: 2010 Latest Album: Vibe, single (2011) (

Formed: 2007 Latest Album: Musket, EP (2010)

Career Began: 2011 Latest Album: The New Spring (2011)

Behind the alias Neo Geo you find 25-year-old all-around artist Georgios Michael Wollbrecht, who have worked as a producer of trance, drum’n’bass, dubstep, house and electronica for years. But the new name signals a change of style. It is still electronic, but now it draws on as diverse sources of inspiration as the Copenhagen Metro, Dolly Parton and Manu Chao. His EP ”Something Out Of Context” is expected to be released on the eve of SPOT

With the two EPs ”Robokop” (2009) and ”Fake Musket” (2010) Neufnoin have won many fans in their native Finland – including the country’s music press. However, the international blogosphere has jumped on the bandwagon too, and Neufnoin enjoy great recognition for their alternative pop rock that invariably tickles the ears of fans of Sigur Rós, Broken Social Scene, Kashmir, The Kissaway Trail – and even Efterklang.

The mastermind of The New Spring is Bastian Kallesøe, known as the leader of Shout Wellington Air Force. Whereas this band is into experimental and alternative rock, The New Spring is a more singer/songwriter-oriented project, and one more musical go at love. Sources of inspiration include Leonard Cohen – and many others – for the songs that are unpredictable and move from hushed to roaring and lyrically go their very own ways Del af singer/songwriter-programmet Part of The Songwriter programme. PHOTO: MATHIAS CHRISTENSEN

Nisennenmondai (JP) Formed: 1999 Latest Album: Destination Tokyo (2010) Things get bloody wild when the three Japanese ladies of Nisennenmondai play their instrumental Kraut rock, which mixes elemts of American no wave and free-form jazz and unpolished, repetitive new wave rock. the uncompromising band pay tribute to bands like Sonic Youth, Neu and Cluster but also share a modern musical vision with bands like Battles and Lightning Bolt. If you have the guts to let go, you are in for trance and ecstasy.


Oh Land (DK)

Our Broken Garden (DK)

Career Began: 2008 Latest Album: Oh Land (2011)

Formed: 2007 Latest Album: Golden Sea (2010)

Oh Land is currently in strong demand in the US, where she released her eponymous, international album in March, and where she was on the Dave Letterman Late Show. Already a couple of years ago it was clear that she was something special: her ”Sun of a Gun” became track of the week on Danish radio channel P3, and during a US tour that she had organized herself she was discovered by Epic Records. Now her adventurous pop has fans all over the world.

Listening to Our Broken Garden, you enter a mesmerizing universe. The atmospheric music with Anna Brøndsted’s sensuous voice at the front puts you in an uncanny world of deep forest lakes with fate lurking just beneath the surface. It is hushed, romantic yet also sexy, warm and at times rather groovy. The band is already a hot name abroad and plenty of praise was lavished on their debut album in Mojo and Uncut.

Pakalolo (DK)

Panamah (DK)

Formed: : 2010 Latest Album: Gimme De Ganja, track (2010)

Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Ikke For Sent, single (2010)

Each year the Danish Rock Council is involved in the continuation school festival AFTRYK, which has a specific focus on talent development among the really young bands. Among the many acts one band is selected to play at the next SPOT Festival, and last year Pakalolo was chosen. The band is a fresh shoot on the young reggae stem, and with their experimental sound they embrace the entire reggae genre. From bombastic reggae to near-roots!

The trio Panamah makes electronic and minimalist pop in Danish. Sources of inspiration include contemporary club artists such as Junior Boys and Bat for Lashes as well as legends like Everything But The Girl, Kate Bush and Simon & Garfunkel. Still Panamah’s style comes across as uniquely their own: cool, controlled, fragile and experimental. Their record label describes the result as ”somewhere between Mikael Simpson and Anne Linnet”.

Pil & Liv (DK) Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Relationship, single (2010)

Powersolo (DK) Formed: 1996 Latest Album: Buzz Human (2011)

Armed with just a single acoustic guitar and two beautiful and highly original voices the two sisters Pil & Liv put forth their personal indie pop with hovering melodies and lyrics revolving around unhappy love. The two young women, who live in Aarhus but grew up in South Jutland, Portugal, Tanzania, and Mozambique, also have a great sense of humour and there is al lot of small talk at their gigs, which creates a kind of intimacy. Part of The Songwriter programme.

”One of the best live bands in the world is at your service provided that you have balls of gold”. That’s how Powersolo present themselves. After more than ten years and four albums their no-nonsense psycho garage rock has long since become an integral part of the Danish rock scene. With their newest release ”Buzz Human” Kim Kix & co. seem geared up for a true rock party. The great abroad often calls – most recently SXSW in Texas.

Ashiq Qurban (IR)

Raised Among Wolves (DK)

Rangleklods (DK)

Career Began: 1993 Latest Album: –

Formed: 2011 Latest Album: Boys Will Be Kings, single (2011)

Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Young and Dumb, Home & Cough, tracks (2010) |

It’s hard to believe that the six members of the band were indeed raised among fierce predators when listening to their heartfelt pop music with trumpets, handclapping and swinging tunes, They draw on folk and singer-songwriter, but also incorporate Spanish flamenco and elegies in their beautiful and often grand arrangements. Their songs walk a tightrope between the bliss of redemption and the dark and tormented corners of the heart

Since October 2010 the electronic musician Esben Andersen, who is a Berlin resident, has released tracks under the alias Rangleklods, which according to Andersen ”encapsulates the complex, playful and indefinable character of music”. He refuses to engage in genre labelling, but indicates that his music ranges from Beach Boys to The Field. He doesn’t care about good taste as long as the music is catchy, tuneful, experimental and ambitious.

Shanghai (DK)

She’s a Show (DK)

Formed: 2010 Latest Album: Smoke and Mirros, single (2010)

Formed: 2010 Latest Album: Min kittel er for kort, single (2010)

The new Danish band Shanghai plays decadent, arabesque pop, whose pathos and atmosphere evoke memories of bands like Tears for Fears, Yes and late Pink Floyd. The band’s musical vision is rarely seen in Denmark, but their faith in it is unwavering. Employing plenty of synth scapes, slow bass and ornamented synth figures, Shanghai creates appealing pop which like the arabesque keeps spinning like a spiral – round and round to infinity and beyond!

Miriam Karpantschof & Mette Moestrup make up She’s a Show. The words of poet Moestrup meet musician Karpantchof’s universe of sound and the result is experiments with beats, feminist semi rap, manipulated heartbeats and wind chimes. The motto is ”aggression and fun”, but sometimes it also has to be weird, wry, wicked. Presented in association with Lyd+Litteratur

Raw, rattling, reciting and genuine Azerbaijani folk music. ”Ashiq” is rooted in Shamanism and means a musician who plays the saz, sings and writes about joy, sorrow, courage and love – a storyteller for the people. Qurban is from Urmiy in Iran. He has dedicated his life to music and makes a living playing concerts and at weddings, parties etc. This is Qurban’s second time around in Aarhus, and he is a definite must at this year’s SPOT. Presented in association with Musikcafeen [REAL]

Reptile & Retard (DK) Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Speed Dance, track (2010) In less than two years Reptile & Retard have established themselves as a much-coveted act in the club underground despite having no releases yet. The word has spread all the way to China, where they played 11 gigs in 2010 In the UK people have also noticed their breathless and pumping synth-based techno soul. This spring the duo will be recording their debut EP with David M Allen, who has previously produced for Depeche Mode and The Cure.


BANDS s-s PHOTO: Vikoria W Skousen


Siinai (FI)

Silja (DK)

Niels Skousen (DK)

Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Olympic Games, EP (2011)

Career Began: 2010 Latest Album: Undskyld Pernille, single (2011)

Career Began: 1964 Latest Album: Lyt Til Din Coach (2010)

Titles like ”Anthem”, ”Mt. Olympos” Marathon and Olympic Fire strike a grandiose, archaic, and monumental style. Finnish Siinai, who are neither from the Red Sea nor from Greece, have a bit of German Kraut in their veins. Especially Kraftwerk’s anthem ”Autobahn” echoes on several tracks. Siinai, however, have nature and the primordial forces as the pivotal points in their epic universe which is best genre-labelled as new age.

Silja mixes genres as she pleases. From dancehall, electronica to more traditional reggae and Swedish ballads. The funny, often hard-hitting lyrics are at the centre and with songs like ”Sokratæsk” and the new hit ”Pernille” Danish music has been blessed with a new and strange girl who is very difficult to put a label on. Silja has played support for Alphabeat and Sys Bjerre and will release her debut album in the wake of SPOT. Presented by Copenhagen Beta

Niels Skousen is a veteran in Danish rock. He began his career in 1964, released his first album with Peter Ingemann in 1971 and had a resounding comeback in 2002 with the album ”Dobbeltsyn”. Skousen is loved across generations for his quiet, but piercing observations of the big questions in life. Like last year’s séance with Michael Falch Skousen will talk about his long career and the audience will get the chance to ask questions.

Sleep Party People (DK)

Some Speak Of The Future (DK)

Jeremy Sparrow (DK)

Formed: 2008 Latest Album: Sleep Party People (2010)

Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Some Speak of the Future (2010)

Sleep Party People is synonymous with Brian Batz, who invented Sleep Party People in his bedroom in Nørrebro, Copenhagen as an outlet for his feelings. Batz’s electronica was soon discovered by Soundvenue on Www.myspace, and since then Sleep Party People has been on a roll: The eponymous 2010 album was well received by critics and fans, and abroad too. The music is dreamy and takes the listener far away to a warm place.

The melancholy is at the centre of Some Speak of the Future’s pleasant indie-folk universe, where the songs are primarily driven by acoustic guitars and the two-part vocals delivered by Lauritz Carlsen and Astrid Myrup. Elements from both blues and country contribute to the band’s unique sound. Intimacy definitely reigns here, but on stage the guitars are in front and the drums and bass add weight and power to the refined melodies.

Career Began: 2007 Latest Album: This Summer Was Just Such A Bore, EP (2010) The alter ego Jeremy Sparrow belongs to songwriter and singer Lasse Smed, who together with his highly competent band plays early 90s indie with references to the melodious post punk of the 80s. The band’s own label is post indie, but it is really a lot more than that: enjoyable country, American 60s garage, and much more. Jeremy Sparrow’s single ”Suburb” from the EP from last autumn got lots of airplay on Danish Radio channel P3.


PHOTO: Christian Hjort

Stemmejernet – feat. Kresten Osgood & Iben Mandrup (DK) Formed: 2009 Latest Album: sigdetvidere (2011) Stemmehjernet presents a rhythmically cheeky and vigorous word music that ranges from rap and jazzy beats via eccentric ambient to solidly swinging tracks. The lyrics are in a class of their own, because behind the name Stemmejernet you find the eagerly experimental poet Niels Lyngsø and his band. Presented in association with Lyd+Litteratur

Tako Lako (DK)

Team Me (NO)

Formed: 2007 Latest Album: Kick Start, EP (2010)

Formed: 2007 Latest Album: Team Me, EP (2011)

With their progressive mix of world genres from around the globe and rattling Balkan the Copenhagen band Tako Lako has acquired cult status in Denmark. There is definitely some truth to it when MTV refers to Tako Lako as ”one of the potentially biggest upcoming acts in Denmark”. Winning the 2008 Emergenza Festivals in DK and Scandinavia and reaching the Career Canon 09 final prove their ability to deliver shows at the highest level.

It may be hard to imagine that seven-strong Team Me was originally a solo project. However, it actually started as Marius Hagensh’s little solo thing, which then suddenly turned into one of the most talked-about upcoming acts in Norway. Therefore Marius had to assemble a band quickly in order to meet the demand for his heart-warming indie/pop. Team Me has a busy schedule this spring – including warm up gigs on The Wombats’ UK tour.

PHOTO: Emma Svensson

This is head (SE)

Thulebasen (DK)

Formed: 2008 Latest Album: 0001 (2010)

Formed: 2001 Latest Album: Gate 5 (2011)

With exact instrumentation that does the job and no more than that, This Is Head conjure up an underplayed indie Kraut disco whose roots seem to stem from Malmö’s rainy streets, old storehouses in Brooklyn and empty underground parking lots in Düsseldorf. Drums and bass have a metronomic precision, the electronics hiss and the simple guitar figures and the few chords squeeze their way forward. A minimalistic version of Yeasayer perhaps?

Thulebasen play experimental, uncompromising and playful rock with inspiration from bands like Pavement, Sonic Youth and Animal Collective, but they don’t remain in the shadow of the masters! Their songs rumble, scream and dance merrily away without looking back. The Latest Album: was created onstage with the band writing and playing the songs at more than 100 gigs all over Europe over a two-year period. Their own term for the music is future rock.


BANDS t-W PHOTO: Nick Helderman

Thus:Owls (SE)

Treefight For Sunlight (DK)

Trusted Few (DK)

Formed: 2008 Latest Album: Cardiac Malformations (2010)

Formed: 2008 | Latest Album: A Collection Of Vibrations For Your Skull (2010)

Formed: 2004 Latest Album: And Then We Forgot (2010)

At times Thus:Owls have traces of Martha Wainwright at other times Jenny Lewis comes to mind, and the songs are indeed very different in terms of tone. Some are cinematic and atmospheric with operetta vocals and lush arrangements, others are hushed and fragile yet also searching and experimental, and suddenly you find yourself at a cabaret show! The colorful quintet takes its listener on quite a ride in a universe that is never conventional.

Since the release of their debut album the young popsmiths of Treefight For Sunlight have been in the fast track towards the stars. In 2010 their psych pop single ”Facing the Sun” was ”track of the week” on Danish radio channel P3 and later voted ”Best Summer Hit” in 2010 by the listeners ahead of Robyn! Since then: a lot more radio rotation and sold-out gigs. Thanks to Bella Union, the band’s innovative pop will now be released all over Europe.

On October 1st we finally got the debut album from metal/rock quartet Trusted Few, whose previous releases, two EPs, led to nominations for Danish Metal Awards and Underground Music Awards as well as support jobs for Mercenary. The band is often labeled as a screamo band, a genre that is characterized by its and aggression and emotion. When playing live, the four lads give everything they’ve got and deliver a very rich rock sound.

Vinnie Who (DK) Career Began: 2006 Latest Album: Then I Meet You (2010) When the multi talent Niels Bagge transforms into his alter ego Vinnie Who, he kickstarts a shameless disco party and presses all the most hedonistic keys of disco pop. Not least live where the six-strong band deliver highly energetic and irresistible shows. Vinnie Who is the disco Prince of Denmark, but has also made his mark abroad – for instance with a sizzling gig at a sold-out Vienna venue as part of the SPOT On Denmark campaign in February.



Waldo & Marsha (DK) Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Sound, track (2010) Two drummers, three guitarists, a bass player, a pianist and a singer make up the rock band Waldo & Marsha. They primarily find their inspiration in the British rock and pop scenes of the 60s and the 90s – for instance Small Faces, The Kinks and Oasis. The massive line-up gives the songs a unique wall-of-sound dimension. The talent is huge and undisputable which they proved by winning the Ermegenza Festival in Scandinavia.

Ida Wenøe (Boho Dancer) (DK)

Sarah West (DK)

Career Began: 2010 Latest Album: Turkeys, track (2011)

Career Began: 2010 Latest Album: Like The Sunrise, EP (2011)

A woman, an acoustic guitar and folk rock in her heart. Ida Wenøe explores the tradition of artists like Martha Wainwright, Jenny Lewis and Joni Mitchell. Her voice has an abundance of nuances and so many emotional shades that she moves effortlessly from sophisticated and gentle to outright brutal and distorted. When she is on stage, Ida Wenøe possesses a devil-may-care approach and a female intimacy that will haunt your soul. Part of The Songwriter programme.

Sarah West is the girl wonder who played the piano and the guitar and began writing her own songs when she was 8! Now she is 23 and on her CV is already one of last year’s biggest hits in Denmark– ”Mest Ondt” (Burhan G/Medina). She has also been on countless songwriting expeditions to LA working with and writing songs for Randy Jackson’s artists. In February West released a live CD and her debut album will be out in 2012.

PHOTO: Anders Kylberg

The William Blakes (DK)

Jenny Wilson (SE)

Formed: 2003 Latest Album: Knee Deep (2011)

Formed: 2007 Latest Album: Music Want’s To Be Free (2011)

Career Began: 2004 Latest Album: Blazing (2011)

Few can rival the club rock trio WhoMadeWho when it comes to combining great rock tunes and super tight funk, pumping beats and danceable disco. On top of that they stick to real instruments!. They do it so well that they can fill any dance floor, any time anywhere! And they do just that with their almost constant tour flow in Europe, Australia and most of South America, where they have made quite a name for themselves.

Always hard workers, the William Blakes released yet another album in February after a measly six months without a release. And once again accompanied by rave reviews. The album is characterised by the band’s trademark – the energetic, playful and danceable style, which gets yet another notch at their gigs, which often see the quartet expand with three more men. Bottom line: The William Blakes is about spirit and connection with the crowd.

Jenny Hval’s latest outing revolves around the journey; the inner journey, being turned inside out. Over the last couple of years Jenny has been working on various projects – including her solo debut and the free folk duo Nude on Sand together with Håvard Volden. All her projects are reflected here while the expressive performer with the highpitched voice creates a dreamy, dramatic sound, which is backed by two extra musicians live.

WhoMadeWho (DK)



Xander (DK) Career Began: 2010 Latest Album: Over skyer under vand (2011) Xander is not just a bit of fresh air on the Danish music scene, he is also an exceptionally gifted tunesmith and producer. Since his early infancy music and lyrics have been a natural part of his life. This has given him an open-mindedness which is evident in his lyrics, which despite their poetic beauty hit you where it hurts. The music spans over numerous genres, but always with the good song at the centre. Part of The Songwriter programme.

Houssam Zamzam & Al Charq (DK) Career Began: 1996 Latest Album: Iza Mfaker, single (2010)

Career Began: 1998 Latest Album: Hawel Try (2010)

Go to the Muslim area in Aarhus and ask people if they know a musician, 95 percent will reply Houssam Zamzam. While the single ”Iza mfaker” has been in rotation on several Middle Eastern radio channels since 2010, the band’s countless concerts both in Denmark and abroad have made them a coveted act for weddings and engagement parties in the Nordic countries. Modern Arabic pop music with a strong voice and a rhythm section that really swings. Presented in association with Musikcafeen [REAL]

Residing in DK the Egyptian singer Fatma Zidane is a super star in her home country, from where she is a classically trained musician. Her hybrid of dance, pop, folk music from the Middle East and her own compositions emphatically refutes prejudice about Arabic/Turkish music being neither tuneful nor dance-friendly. Her music is balm for the soul and helps brigde the culture gap that remains between native Danes and immigrants after all. Presented in association with World Music Denmark

PHOTO: Viktor Sloth


Fatma Zidan (DK)

Rasmus Zwicki (DK)

Öberg (DK)

Career Began: 2006 Latest Album: Første Symfoni (2010)

Formed: 2009 Latest Album: Saving Me, track (2010)

You don’t know what to expect when SNYK presents a Wundergrund event for the entire music family. The event has been designed by one of the most exciting stars on the experimental music scene, Rasmus Zwicki, who is a trained composer and music theorist from the music academy AMDA. Zwicki is looking forward to presenting a classical date, abstract yet equally concrete, for several very diverse music genres at SPOT. Anything can happen… Presented in association with SNYK - The Secretariat for New Contemporary Music

The singer of this trio won the kids’ MGP in 2006. He declined the prize, an album deal, however, and went home to practice in his room. In 2009 he attended Mellerup Continuation School, where he found a bass guitarist and a drummer. The trio continued in a basement in a dark corner of Jutland, but now they have a practice room in Aarhus and a contract with Copenhagen Records. They have no releases yet but a song on Youtube. Presented by Copenhagen Beta

INTERSPOT InterSPOT anno 2011 is five collaborative projects between Danish/Nordic and international acts. And with clear dogmas. SPOT has not paired the bands – they have done so themselves, and they have all applied to play at SPOT. They must play 4-5 songs from each band’s back catalogue, and at least one musician from the Danish band must be on stage when the international material is performed and vice versa. Read about InterSPOT page 10

CALLmeKAT (DK) Erika Spring (US)

(from Au Revoir Simone - US) This joint project presents the audience with alternative pop from both sides of the Atlantic. Danish CallmeKat is known for her delicate, melancholy melodies on her vintage keyboard, which when combined with her hushed yet expressive voice spellbind the listeners. The same goes for her guest at SPOT – singer and keyboardist Erika Spring of Au Revoir Simone, who has a darker edge to her on her own than with the Brooklyn trio. During the recordings of her coming album CallmeKat invited Erika Spring on board, so it is not just at SPOT that the result of their collaboration can be heard. The collaboration has been going on for quite some time and also involves New York producer Jo Magistro (The Black Crowes, etc.) and British bass guitarist Sara Lee (Gang of Four, the B-52s, etc.). CallmeKat Formed: 2008 Latest Album: Fall Down (2008) Erika Spring Career Began: 2003 Latest Album: Still Night, Still Light (2009)

Kiss Kiss Kiss (DK) Ginga (AT) What will be the result when you fuse dancing Danish city funk with ingeniously crafted Austrian guitar pop. We’ll get the answer when Aarhus meets Vienna personified by Kiss Kiss Kiss and Ginga. The bands met at the SPOT On Denmark campaign in Europe, and ever since obscure links and files have been flying back and forth between Austria and Vienna. Now remains the physical collaboration. Ginga’s single ”Final Cut” got impressive airplay on FM4 (Austrian equivalent of BBC Radio 1), and the album ”They should have told us” has also found a large audience despite, or perhaps because of its existentialist lyrics and Bambi violins and touches of r’n’b and punk! Kiss Kiss Kiss have tasted radio success too, when P3 loved the song ”Broken Hearts”. They won a Award at DMA in 2008. Kiss Kiss Ksss Formed: 2006 Latest Album: Release The Birds (2010) Ginga Formed: 2003 Latest Album: They Should Have Told Us (2007)

Let Me Play Your Guitar (DK) Talking To Turtles (DE)

Orka (FO) Ben Osborne (UK)

Akiri (DK/BA) B6 (CN)

The leading men of the Danish folk rock band Let Me Play Your Guitar are the brothers Jeppe and Emil Davidsen, who with their polyphonic vocal harmonies and irresistible instrumentation compose beautiful and infectious tunes. The lads create a sunny universe that makes you think of Fleet Foxes and Simon & Garfunkel – with a twist of ukulele, flute and tinkling bells. At this concert LMPYG will go on stage with the acoustic singer/songwriter duo Talking To Turtles from Germany. The unpredictable duo defy standard categories, but are often compared to The Moldy Peaches. And their unique, warm, melancholy, crazy and whimsical sound has taken them far. Thus, in 2010 they toured with Angus and Julia Stone. Their second album is expected to be out in the late summer of 2011.

Landfill instruments coupled with electronic beats straight from the English club scene! Oh yes, this will be something else. ORKA’s chaotic ”commercial avant-garde” on homemade instruments patched up of fence posts, pressure vessels and scrap metal is paired with the English DJ and musician Ben Osborne. As if that wasn’t enough, Osborne brings along DJ couple Dec Shoes, who mutate the crowd’s noise and sing-along with loops and other effects, and the dancers/choreographers of The People File. It will be first edition of an experiment, which will later be presented at the Metissage Festival in London. Not a forced fusion project, rather an experiment with sound. As the involved parties put it, the beginning of an organic, collaborative project which will interweave several diverse cultural initiatives.

Akiri started as a musical blind date between Mathias Lyhne and Anna Lidell, was expanded to a trio with the arrival of Adnan Beitovic, and has now grown big. The trio play energetic electro pop based on Nintendo sounds, synths and samples. With Lidell’s expressive voice, eccentric style and melodic approach Akiri expand the 8-bit genre and make it catchy on its own terms. After Expo2010 especially the Chinese audience has really warmed to the trio, who have played several concerts in China. Incidentally, it is a Chinese pioneer in electronic music whom Akiri will collaborate with at InterSPOT: the multi-artist B6, who was only a teenager when he founded his own record company. B6 makes acclaimed, experimental sound art that moves from soft minimalistic techno via tech house to hard techno.

Ben Osborne Career Began: 90’erne Latest Album: Wolf Girl by Evokateur, remix (2011)

Akiri Formed: 2007 Latest Album: Dead Dumb Dolls (2010)

ORKA Formed: 2005 Latest Album: ÓRÓ (2011)

B6 Formed: 2003 Latest Album: Post Haze (2008)

Let me play your guitar Formed 2008 Latest Album: ”Doing Rainbows”, EP (2009) Talking to turtles Formed: 2007 Latest Album: ”Monologue”, EP (2008)



16 15 12

11 17

5 4 2





9 10


7 13 1) Info & Check-in - Musikhuset Aarhus 2) Store Sal - Musikhuset Aarhus 3) Lille Sal - Musikhuset Aarhus 4) Filuren - Musikhuset Aarhus 5) Rytmisk Sal - Musikhuset Aarhus 6) Amfiscenen 7) Officers-stage 8) Ridehuset 9) Pick Up-stage 10) ArcHauz (store + lille sal) 11) Voxhall 12) Atlas 13) Train 14) MusikcafĂŠen 15) Bispetorv 16) Domkirken (Aarhus Cathedral) 17) Skolegade (8 stages)

Seminar Friday, May 27th 14:00 – 14.45

THE BALKANS AND EASTERN EUROPE – A NEW MARKET FOR POPULAR MUSIC? Bojan Boskovic (General Manager, EXIT Festival, RS), Dan Popi (Managing Director, Cat Records/ Media Services, RO), Maria Gergova (Managing Director, United Partners, BG)


SPOT ON DENMARK IN SWITZERLAND, BELGIUM AND AUSTRIA Alexandre Edelmann (Brand & Development Manager, Montreux Jazz Festival, CH), Kurt Overbergh (Artistic Director, AB, BE), Hannes Tschürtz (General Manager, INK Music, AT)

16:15 – 16.45

BANDS & BRANDS: MEET JACK HORNER; FOUNDER / CREATIVE DIRECTOR AT FRUKT COMMUNICATIONS Jack Horner (Creative Director, FRUKT, UK) Presented by Promus – The Music Community of Aarhus

Saturday, May 28th 13.30 – 14.15

RUNNING UP THAT HILL – MUSIC AND GENDER Viktoria Lindén (Head of Festival, Arvikafestival, SE), Helienne Lindvall, (Songwriter, musician, writer for The Guardian, UK), Dennis Nørmark (Anthropologist, University of Aarhus, DK)

14.45 – 15.30

DOES THE MUSIC BUSINESS STILL NEED MUSIC JOURNALISTS? Neil McCormick (Music critic, The Daily Telegraph, UK), Caspar Llewellyn Smith ( Music Editor, The Observer / The Guardian, UK), Gillian Porter (General Manager, Hall or Nothing, UK)

16.00 – 16.45

WHAT MAKES A HIT SONG? Jay Frank (Senior Vice President of Music Strategy for CMT, author, US), Helienne Lindvall (Songwriter, musician, writer for The Guardian, UK), Tom Mcfall (Producer, UK)

17:15 – 18.00

IS ”GLOCAL” PR THE ANSWER? Sam De Bruyn (Radio presenter, Studio Brussel, BE), Christophe Platel (Head of Press Office and Medias, Paleo Festival, CH), Manuel Fronhofer (Editor, TBA , AT), Jan Clausen (Managing Director, Queen About Music PR, DE), Torsten Mewes (Managing Director, 247 Public Relations,DE)

Seminarerne finder sted i ArcHauz (med undtagelse af Copenhagen Beta) og der er adgang for alle med spot-armbånd.

phOTO: Torsten Kjær Ravn


seminar SPOT LOUNGE – DEBATES & NETWORKING Besides hosting a number of debates, the SPOT Lounge will be the place to network and to get to know your colleagues better. Come meet your fellow delegates and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, while experiencing debates on some of the hottest topics in the music business today. The SPOT Lounge offers a relaxed and cosy atmosphere, where delegates can attend and join many debates - or just mingle with other music business professionals. The SPOT Lounge is located in The Concert Hall and will be open both on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th from 1pm -7pm. Access only with a delegate or musician wristband.

PHOTO: Torsten KjĂŚr Ravn



friday, may 27th - 14:00 – 14.45 The countries of Southeastern Europe are closer to EU than ever before, with some countries already being official EU members and some official candidates for EU membership. Three experienced music professionals from Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria will shed light on the possibilities in the new Balkan market – a music market in growth, right in the backyard of EU.

saturday, may 28th - 14.45 – 15.30 Does the music press still matter? The UK music business has always had a particularly intense and fertile (if often combative) relationship with music journalism. Throughout Europe, the challenge of the internet has seen a decline in the scale, sales, range and influence of traditional music publications. How has UK music journalism met this challenge, and can rock critics retain their influence in a digital age? Leading music journalist Neil McCormick, music magazine editor Caspar Lwellyn-Smith and hugely experienced PR Gillian Porter discuss the role of music journalism in a fast changing business.

Bojan Boskovic General Manager, EXIT Festival, RS

Maria Gergova

Managing Director, United Partners, BG

Dan Popi

Managing Director, Cat Records/Media Services, RO

SPOT ON DENMARK IN SWITZERLAND, BELGIUM AND AUSTRIA SPOT ON DENMARK friday, may 27th - 15:15-15.45 Which has existed since 2007, collaborates with chosen export markets’ local music industry & press and lets them decide which Danish artists should be featured at SPOT ON DENMARK in their country. Alexandre Edelmann, Kurt Overbergh and Hannes Tschürtz will talk about their experiences with hosting SPOT on Denmark events.

Kurt Overbergh

Artistic Director, AB, BE

Hannes Tschürtz General Manager, INK Music, AT

Brand & Development Manager, Montreux Jazz Festival, CH

friday, may 27th - 16:15 - 16.45 Using key case studies Jack Horner will show how FRUKT Communications work with their clients – these include some of the biggest investors in entertainment marketing in the world e.g. Coca Cola, T-Mobile, Telefonica, Nokia, Diageo as well as global relationships with Sony, Warner and Universal Music. The session will be a dialogue where Jack Horner participants are encouraged to bring their own examples Creative Director, and actively take part in the discussion. FRUKT, UK Presented by Promus – The Music Community of Aarhus

RUNNING UP THAT HILL – MUSIC AND GENDER saturday, may 28th - 13.30 - 14.15 Arvikafestival recently stated: “We want to reach a 50/50 distribution and be involved and contribute to a more equal society. We want to book more female artists, not because they are women, but because they are awesome artists. Gender has nothing to do with booking bands and we are not talking about quotas. Our focus is to book good artists in an equitable program and to break old patterns in a male dominated industry.” Head of Arkivafestival, Viktoria Lindén, songwriter and writer, Helienne Lindvall and anthropologist, Dennis Nørmark, will discuss the issue music and gender.

Head of Festival, Arvikafestival, SE

Helienne Lindvall

Songwriter, musician, writer for The Guardian, UK

Music critic, The Daily Telegraph, UK

Caspar L. Smith

Music Editor, The Observer / The Guardian, UK

Gillian Porter General Manager,

Hall or Nothing, UK

WHAT MAKES A HIT SONG? saturday, may 28th - 16.00 – 16.45 they get stuck in your head and you can’t get rid off them, you sing them in the shower and whistle them at work. But what makes a hit song and how are they created? Is it technology, production or impeccable songwriter that decides if a song is a hit or a miss?

Alexandre Edelmann


Viktoria Lindén

Neil McCormick

Dennis Nørmark

Anthropologist, University of Aarhus, DK

Tom Mcfall Producer, UK

Helienne Lindvall

Songwriter, musician, writer for The Guardian, UK

Jay Frank

Senior Vice President of Music Strategy for CMT, author, US

IS ”GLOCAL” PR THE ANSWER? saturday, may 28th - 17:15 – 18.00 this panel aims to discuss the importance of locally adapted PR strategies for new bands that are releasing material & touring internationally in 2011. It is getting increasingly difficult to gain visibility. Thanks to technological innovation & shifting music industry patterns, 2011 is host to an increasing amount of new releases and touring bands operating on the international level. Coupling these facts with the downsized PR departments at the labels makes it more challenging than ever for the music industry’s players (from labels over agents to festivals/venues) to get new artists into that critical media spotlight, which is often needed to launch new names.

Sam De Bruyn

Radio presenter, Studio Brussel, BE

Jan Clausen

Managing Director, Queen About Music PR, DE

Christophe Platel

Head of Press Office and Medias, Paleo Festival, CH

Manuel Fronhofer Editor, TBA , AT

Torsten Mewes

Managing Director, 247 Public Relations,DE


tak rock! tak for alle kuldegysningerne. du betyder utroligt meget for os. forventningerne. stemningen. fællesskabet. du er noget vi samles om, det er klart. men nogle gange, så kan du fuldstændig lukke alt andet ude. så er vi kun os to. dig og mig. tak rock. du fortjener at få noget tilbage.

stØt rock’en. kØb royal eXPort limited edition*, designet af sort sol. se mere om tak rock Projektet På * så længe lager Haves

spot program uk 2011  

spot program uk 2011

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