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SpotCam Sense Omni directional Wireless Home Wi-Fi Camera with Waterproof Video and Temperature / Humidity /

Monitor market is really more and more lively, especially in the cloud services and network bandwidth has come to withstand the smooth image transmission, but also to monitor the application of more diverse! Asahi has shared two "SpotCam cloud security surveillance cameras", there are indoor use of the home version also has a waterproof version for outdoor use, so for this by the domestic team to develop their own innovative home camera is no stranger to even small Asahi "SpotCam Sense" is a new version of the indoor monitor, while the "SpotCam Sense Pro" is suitable for outdoor use of the waterproof Version, both compared to previous versions have increased the temperature, humidity, brightness sensing, in the picture quality and shooting angle are also more sophisticated part of the yo! This is a fragrant incense box to open it

SpotCam Cloud Security Monitoring Photography's "SpotCam Sense Indoor Edition" and "SpotCam Sense Pro Outdoor Waterproof Edition" are maintained to break the traditional monitor needs to set up the host and the need for large-capacity storage media limitations, full use of Wi-Fi wireless Network and cloud storage concept to design, so do not need to use complex line security does not need to have control host, as long as there is a power outlet and receive Wi-Fi wireless network will be on this camera , You can begin to easily monitor or mobile monitoring, a considerable convenience.

SpotCam Sense has launched a waterproof version and no waterproof version of the two, of course, waterproof version of the price will be expensive for outdoor use in the environment (but basically not recommended sun and rain environment), the following put the two models Respectively, called "SpotCam Sense Indoor Edition" (white) and "SpotCam Sense Pro outdoor waterproof version" (black), more simple is the Pro version is waterproof.

SpotCam Sense Indoor Edition "and" SpotCam Sense Pro Outdoor Waterproof Edition "in two versions of the standard package, including a similar appearance and the previous host, there is a 110V power cable, set screws and manual!

If you just said, as long as he is connected to the power cord and Wi-Fi wireless network can be used, so the package which only the power cord, and do not need other video cable does not need to connect any host, so the machine The body is also relatively no complex connection terminals.

In the body size, "SpotCam Sense Indoor Edition" and "SpotCam Sense Pro outdoor waterproof version" and before the small Asahi introduced SpotCam indoor, SpotCam outdoor cloud security cameras exactly the same volume of 14.8 cm x 4.8 cm Cylinder, the weight part is 206 grams!

Regardless of waterproof version or no waterproof version, basically the volume is quite small, and the impression of the monitor is very different, how to buy to see themselves based on different installation environment to do the selection Hello!

SpotCam Sense Pro "and" SpotCam Sense Pro "are almost identical to the previous SpotCam cloud security cameras, the main difference being the increase in lens size and the sensor underneath the lens!

The two large front-eye lenses were upgraded to the Sony Exmor series of CMOS sensors with a resolution of 1,920 x 1080 1080p Full HD (previous versions with 1,280 x 720 resolution, which significantly exceeded the specifications of traditional video equipment)

Lens specifications, but also to the video angle from 110 degrees to 155 degrees ultra-wide angle, and also supports H.264 video streaming format and 12 high-power far-infrared night vision LED lights, so the video quality to achieve a more upgrade Of the standard!

As for the camera under the row of sensors, it is SpotCam Sense version of the characteristics of it! Sensors provide "temperature, humidity and brightness" sensor, so that the cloud camera in addition to the usual image monitoring, but also allows users to use mobile phones to keep abreast of the installation space temperature and humidity, or even through APP to do the warning, in some cases can also transform into another kind of security monitoring mechanism (for example, when the temperature rises, may be a fire)

Since SpotCam Sense Indoor and SpotCam Sense Pro are designed to be almost identical to SpotCam, they also provide a convenient multi-angle adjustment that allows users to stand upright in any cabinet or shelf , Can also be fixed after the lock on the wall, so that the original was not long like the camera can be completely free of the camera placed in various corners or cabinets!

If there is a need to mount the wall, it can be installed by using the screw fitting inside the package and the screw fixing cover on the machine body, so it is suitable for any location that needs to be installed in a commercial environment (such as office, restaurant, public space, etc.) Convenient, as long as you can find a place to connect the power outlet can be installed Hello!

Behind the fuselage in addition to the power connection hole, behind a Wi-Fi mode switching function, mainly used in the environment settings, this part will be guided through the smart phone APP to complete, so the operation and settings do not need to worry too much (APP function part, will share with you later)

The waterproof version of the SpotCam Sense Pro part of the switch in the back and the front sensor openings, speakers and other locations have to do waterproof mechanism!

So the two versions in the details of the structure a bit different, such as the top speakers and hidden microphone position is different!

This group of speakers and hidden microphone in addition to the usual environment radio, but also can be used as a remote amplification, as the far PA to use, to see how you want to use Hello (sudden speech seems quite scary , But if it is a thief invasion, then use the speaker suddenly sound scared to death he is just friends)

Software usage: bring it on! Next, look at "SpotCam Sense Indoor Edition" and "SpotCam Sense Pro outdoor waterproof version" of the software settings and the actual monitoring operation!

Whether you are using SpotCam Sense Pro or SpotCam Sense Pro, you can connect to a Wi-Fi wireless network by connecting to the power cord and setting up a SpotCam APP on your smartphone. If you have released a new firmware update, but also through APP and smart phones do wireless transmission updates!

If you are using the SpotCam camera for the first time (regardless of the model), just follow the instructions in the APP!

As the overall interface is intimate traditional Chinese only with the first set will be used, so the setting process as long as the screen instructions to complete!

Through the APP software interface, you can do SpotCam remote control and settings, from the remote on / off to whether the light, whether to issue a warning, you can also video schedule, the function is very complete!

In addition to "My SpotCam" which can see their erection of camera content, you can also "live" option to see the "open" camera, this feature is suitable for installation in public space, store, Especially in the restaurant stores, maintenance stores, car plants, exhibition space or visitors need to shop among the screen and then open to all the users to watch, this way you can let your guests know how the current store crowd , And then decide not to go past your store yo, this is not great

After entering the camera, there are "events" and "call" two functions, in addition to the screen to detect changes or abnormal sound to remind the message, the cooler he can talk to this camera with a mobile phone, SpotCam fuselage above the speaker to play out, into a remote PA equipment (stop, do not move! Who are you?), Such a situation, a small Asahi can think of the APP screen through the usual idle tablet or wireless transmission To play on the TV or on the desktop, to understand the current situation in the store, when the boss who is also very practical, and home if there are visitors at the door, you can also directly from the upstairs and visitors to dialogue.

In terms of video quality, to enhance the lens specifications SpotCam Sense after the performance is quite amazing, after all, the current commercial monitor cameras, most still

remain in the 480p or 720p level, but the SpotCam Sense has been upgraded to 1080p highdefinition picture quality, the price is also not very expensive, this is quite quite sure!

Night vision effect is quite good, completely closed in the light (no light source, all dark touch), the environment can still see the room image screen, which is very powerful night vision effect ah!

Into the APP screen device options, you can from �environment】 option which see the temperature, humidity, brightness, sound and mobile information, and based on time to accumulate into a trend chart to let you know the current SpotCam Sense the environment where a variety of information!

And you can also set from the set whether the specific options or changes to do warning reminder! For example, the temperature is higher than the number of (fire?) Or when the brightness is higher than how much (for example, the warehouse is usually dark, suddenly brightened when someone entered, this time to alert the boss)

Each project can be done inside the APP settings, and can set the reminder of the time, these are very useful functional design!

Although the cloud architecture, but for each item of the warning can use the cloud to store, help you to record the contents of these exceptions! And you can also access the video files at different times to do playback check to confirm the correctness of these information and whether to retain the video evidence, and so on!

As for how long you can store, it depends on your time and space to buy Hello! There are different packages in SpotCam's cloud space that allow users to choose whether to take a 3day loop or 7 days, 30 days, etc. These videos and cautionary video content will remain in the cloud, Damage or environmental accidents (such as fire) caused by the common damage to the problem!

SpotCam different from the general monitor, the biggest feature is when the screen changes, will take the initiative to mobile phone messages and Mail notify the owner, so you can understand who is this time through the camera, and his shadows will be Keep records to facilitate remote security management.

Each dynamic alarm will record the image in SpotCam's cloud space, and you can also view the video screen through the phone at any time, and the required screen for a direct screenshot or even for the community to share!

It is great SpotCam products also support the IFTTT technology agreement with other similar IFTTT agreement to support the use of APP in series, such as Philips Hue smart light bulbs, and even the latest Amazon Alexa has support, very forward-looking ah!

This cloud mechanism eliminates the need for large and complex video equipment, video equipment, do not need to prepare for tape, tape or hard drive and so on equipment, not only to facilitate access, and can choose to retain only "change" content, the other If you want a longer time to cycle video of the occasion, you can buy online directly from 1 to 30 days of cloud space, compared to the previous complex video equipment, It is convenient and safe!

I remember some users before the message to ask a small Asahi: "Why do you need the cloud to buy a microSD memory card can be inserted CCD or video camera, not only do not have to pay the other can save the video file, you can also use the APP connection and warning ah? If you want to use this point of view is also true, but........ If..... If you........ If the place where the camera was thieves pulled out, Destruction or even a fire, then you want access to information, you can insert that microSD memory card video camera still? Fire burned out? Was thieves pulled out the whole Taiwan? Do you also get to the Truth? Perhaps this is the difference it!

Sometimes when things really happen, often too late to regret, even if there is a central host that kind of five-loop, eight-loop camera, I am afraid after a fire you can not find any files, because they have been burned! The cloud service is not the same as all your video records through the

network stored in the cloud, so even if the camera was taken away by the whole thief, the entire camera was burned, you can still record the video through the cloud host Pull back, to help you find the "before the incident video file" to help you find the truth and restore the cause of the matter, it is very important..... is not it? Otherwise, why do you install a camera? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

This cloud camera provides you with a reference for purchasing a home safe or a storefront. (Link to buy: Indoor: Amazon: $119.99) (Link to buy: Outdoor: Amazon: $159.99)

SpotCam Sense Omni directional Wireless Home Wi-Fi Camera with Waterproof Video and Temperature / Hu  

SpotCam Cloud Security Monitoring Photography's "SpotCam Sense Indoor Edition" and "SpotCam Sense Pro Outdoor Waterproof Edition" are mainta...

SpotCam Sense Omni directional Wireless Home Wi-Fi Camera with Waterproof Video and Temperature / Hu  

SpotCam Cloud Security Monitoring Photography's "SpotCam Sense Indoor Edition" and "SpotCam Sense Pro Outdoor Waterproof Edition" are mainta...