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7 Simple Reasons 1.


Be at the forefront of helping children lead active lifestyles by developing an enthusiastic approach to sport and fitness from a young age. Introducing children to sport and physical activity in their pre-school years is the ideal time to help educate and establish life long physical activity which is an essential part of preventing both childhood and adult obesity. Multi-sports programs for young children is one of the biggest growth markets in the children’s activity sector. Parents are actively seeking multi sports programs for their children, especially in the under 5 age bracket, so their child can have a go at a variety of sports and find the ones they like before they are old enough to play at competition level.


Running Sportybots programs allows you to attract a broader market to your centre by offering sports classes that cater for children from 18 months old.


Sportybots is a trusted and respected brand with families and we are a leading provider of children’s multi-sport programs with thousands of children having participated in our programs.


Children try a variety sports over the course of the Sportybots program, thus are more likely to find a sport they want to continue playing. Sportybots acts as a feeder into sports programs and teams already running in your centre.


Sportybots programs utilise empty courts and help maximise centre usage. Downtime costs money when facilities are not being used and staff are being paid to man an empty centre. Sportybots programs can help by:ď Ž ď Ž ď Ž

Maximising your wage spend and utlising staff in quiet times by running classes. Generate an income from Sportybots lesson fees charged to parents. Implementing a tried and tested program that is reputable eliminates the costly process of researching, trialing and developing the same type of program. Sportybots has been run under all conditions, has stood the test of time and has continually proven popular with families for the last 5 years.


Increase uptake of centre services and programs already running in your centre. When using third party providers to run similar children’s multisport programs in your centre you are at risk of losing potential business and the opportunity to speak with these families about the other facilities, programs and services your centre has to offer as the customers deal directly with the private business not your centre. The income these businesses earn from classes is generally far greater than the income the recreation centre earns from venue hire fees charged to those businesses. Your centre as a result may not be maximising it’s earning potential.

Helping children be active 

Trusted Brand with families

Be part of a growing sector 

Broadening Customer Service

Maximise facility usage

Increase uptake of centre services

Feeder for centre run sports teams

Contact us today and make your centre the fun spot for a sporty tot

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Benefits for Sports and recreation centres

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