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Goalies are invaluable for the team! That’s why we are happy to pay extra attention to your qualities during the Drijver Goalie Camps in Amsterdam and Antwerp! No matter what level you play, how old you are, Martijn Drijver and his coaches make you an even better goalie!

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10-15 YEARS 15-21 YEARS

Again in 2014, signing up for a SportWays overnight camp means getting a free MALIK hockey stick worth € 150,-! It’s design is determined by a designing contest. More information about the stick and the contest can be found at

How about a team tour in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin or Antwerp? Get the international playing experience by going abroad! Learn different styles, meet new people, play matches and tournaments while getting to know other (hockey) cultures. The ultimate experience for you and your team!

Conditions • Sign up before April 14, 2014 • The offer applies exclusively for participation in an overnight camp (tours are not covered) • The sticks are provided at the start of the camp • The stick can not be exchanged for it’s value in money

Kitty van Male, NL XI

For info and booking: or

Goalies are amazing! Stick for free ?! Check our Miteam deal!

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Steady partners for years Suppliers

Thomas Tichelman, trainer NL XI


Kitty van Male, NL XI

Martijn Drijv Goalie Guruer,


Tim Jenniskens, NL XI + 31 20 66 22 157

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Players & Goalies Over 200 hockey camps, clinics and tours each year, in Europe, Africa and the USA for players and goalies aged 4 - 21 years


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An undisputed favorite for many years, a classic week has a perfect balance between hockey and fun! Each day there will be brand new hockey clinics, while the evenings are stuffed with awesome games and parties!

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The participants of this camp are the top hockey players of tomorrow ! The international Top Hockey Camp has Top Hockey Cam been a legend for many years. p= Participants from all over Europe, * International s New Zealand, South Africa and The USA * Personal Video are participating in this camp, that is * Top Tournam Analysis ent favorite to the most ambitious hockey * The Zon e * Muddy Sur vival players and goalies! *

The latest fashion, shining diamonds and real Flemish fries… Hello Antwerp! This bustling city has been a SportWays location for many years now. We offer a camp for young players and a week focused on players and goalies together! Naturally we save time for a city trip in addition to the intensive training course!

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10-15 YEARS 12-16 YEARS

14-18 YEARS

8 - 12 YEARS 10 - 15 YEARS



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Jan-Willem Buissant, NL XI

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Perfect weather, a dazzling city and the wonderful venue of Atlètic Terrassa Hockey Club – with swimming pool, tennis and padel courts and an indoor hockey pitch – are the right ingredients for an awesome hockey camp! Over 300 hockey players from around the world choose the ideal mixture of hockey, beach, city, siesta and fiesta !

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14 - 18 YEARS

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