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KW YBA celebrates winning teams and summer camps

KW Cycling and Youth Academy Gears Up for Summer

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Spring Volleyball Tournament • May 27 at Conestoga College’s Athletic Centre • Register your team at


Hespeler Minor Softball excited for 2017


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Submitted by Lyndsay Koivisto, Vice President

With the season quickly approaching we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight two great new additions to the Hespeler Minor Softball Association this year. This year we have had a Player and Coach Development Director on our Board, Brad McConnell, who has been running clinics every Monday since November 28th, 2016. It started out slow, as it was new to our families and players, but over time it really took off. New and returning players who attended worked on fundamental skills such as throwing, catching, fielding, hitting and some basic knowledge as to “what to do, where to go” in any given situation on the playing field. Coaches and potential coaches learned some basic practice drills and how to apply them. Respect from player to coach and coach to player was also on the agenda. We have already seen player confidence increase and their skills have certainly improved. We would like to send a shout out to all of the volunteers and parents who helped us make this new venture a great success! Thanks also must go out to Coach Brad for all of his hard work and dedication, and for sharing his love of ball with our kids. Our second venture this season, which we are very excited about, was to charter and train with the Jays Care Challenger Baseball Program. We have been wanting to start our Adaptive Division back up and really work hard at expanding it, as the closest Challenger program is run out of Hamilton, which is way too far to expect our families to drive to. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Jays Care Challenger Baseball Program, here is a bit more information about it: Challenger Baseball is an adaptive baseball program designed specifically to empower children and youth living with cognitive and/or physical disabilities. The program is designed to teach children and youth the core life-skills inherent to baseball including: teamwork, communication, determination, resiliency, inclusion, support, and

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courage. Challenger Baseball is a fun and inclusive league that ensures every participant can play in a safe environment and set and achieve their own personal goals. This unique partnership between Baseball Canada, Little League Canada and Jays Care Foundation is creating opportunities for more children to be a part of a team.

May/June 2017 THE LINEUP BASKETBALL 21 | KW YBA celebrates winning teams and summer camps COMMUNITY 20 | Profiling 2017’s Athlete of the Year 20 | Hosting help is just a call away 22 | KSA Scholarship Awards for 2017

What is the Challenger Baseball philosophy?

DIVING 18 | What is the best thing to do on a vacation? Dive!

At Challenger, their philosophy and belief is that every baseball practice and game should provide an opportunity for all children to: • •

• • • • •


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GOLF 04 | GCC adds 3 more programs for junior golfers

Work and play with others; Develop strong and lasting relationships with peers and coaches; Learn new skills and improve existing ones; Learn more about themselves, their abilities, and their potential; Learn to be a contributing member of a group; Develop self-confidence and self-efficacy; and Take risks and have fun!

HEALTH & FITNESS 08 | To improve rotational sports: crack that whip! 09 | Eurofit Biggest Loser 2 a great success HOCKEY 16 | Local KJR Team extends international hospitality in a Canadian way 19 | Skills Plus Hockey Tip #10 SOFTBALL 03 | Hespeler Minor Softball excited for 2017 SPEED SKATING 11 | KW Cobras - sport of champions

Lastly, we are always seeking out those who would like to join a hard working team of volunteers who provide a quality ball program for the youth in and around Hespeler. There are still many positions open and we are sure there are people out there with the skills we require. If you are interested in becoming involved in a great organization that has been around for a very long time please contact us at We are currently looking for conveners, a secretary, a treasurer, a special events coordinator, and a sponsorship director.

SWIMMING 15 | The Dean Boles Invitational Swim Meet is a huge success

Contact Erin Kummer • • 519-212-7994 •



GCC adds 3 more programs for junior golfers Submitted by Victor Ciesielski, Teaching Professional at the Galt Country Club Looking for a fun, friendly, and safe place for your junior golfer to meet new friends and develop their golf game? The Galt Country Club (GCC) Junior Programs are the perfect way to help your child develop and enjoy the game of golf in an engaging social environment. As the oldest private golf course in Waterloo Region, and one of the oldest in Ontario, our narrow layout surrounded with beautiful mature trees is a perfect place for all junior golfers to develop their skills. GCC’s historic Junior Program has groomed many players through the provincial, national, collegiate and professional ranks — all the way to the PGA Tour. Our 1906 Stanley Thompson layout is located in the heart of Cambridge and unfolds alongside the Grand River. It’s truly a captivating place for junior golfers to embark on their lifelong journey with this great game. Our teaching professionals focus on safety and proper technique to build fundamentals, confidence and, most importantly, increase the enjoyment of the game for each junior. In addition to the current junior membership and program opportunities, GCC is pleased to announce three performance programs. These programs: Girls with Drive, the Development Team, and Elite Team, will be coached by Teaching Professional Victor Ciesielski. Victor, a graduate of our Junior Program, has experienced the game at every level from local junior to International Professional golf. Victor’s passion for the game has inspired him to turn his focus towards the development and growth of the sport. Girls with Drive and the Development Team programs provide junior golfers with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the game in an upbeat, exciting, and inclusive


atmosphere. These two programs are designed to facilitate the development of essential skills, self-esteem, and inspire a lifelong love of the game through fun and constructive coaching in a social, group setting. The Elite Team program is designed for young golfers to learn, grow, and excel at the game in an engaging team environment. The focus is on the introduction to golf, rules, etiquette, and fundamentals of the game. Included are individual one-on-one lessons, team golf sessions, and team fitness with a certified personal trainer. Participants will learn how to manage themselves physically and emotionally in challenging scenarios. Our goal is to build character, sportsmanship, and leadership while developing golf-specific skills and overall athletic abilities. Here at the GCC, we focus on building friendships and fundamentals, which increase enjoyment in a low-pressure, progressive, and inclusive atmosphere. Our friendly and knowledgeable teaching professionals use our beautiful facilities to guide junior golfers in the right direction athletically while instilling valuable life lessons. Visit for our all-new membership pricing and for detailed information about our private, semiprivate, and junior coaching programs. Whether you’re new to golf, or looking to perfect your swing, we’ve got you covered. Let us take your game to the next level!


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May/June 2017 OWNERS Brad Eason 519-208-9302 ext. 837 Erin Kummer 519-208-9302 ext. 838

EDITOR Jane Penteker GRAPHIC DESIGN Alyssa MacLeod


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Spring Volleyball Tournament • May 27 at Conestoga College’s Athletic Centre • Register your team at


Profiling 2017’s Athlete of the Year This is the first publication in a series that profiles the 2016 Athlete of the Year recipient and nominees.

Mark Scheifele Male Athlete (Hockey) Hometown: Kitchener ON DOB: March 15, 1993 Team: Winnipeg Jets

Mark Scheifele, from Kitchener was named the Athlete of the Year for 2016! Mark was drafted 7th overall by the Winnipeg Jets in the 2011 NHL Draft but his rookie season didn’t come until 2014-15 when he was 9th in rookie scoring with 34 points. He then went on to score 61 points in 71 games in 2015-16 with a plus/minus of +16 and 78 points in 76 games with a plus/ minus of +17 this past season. Marks 2016 season included playing on the top line with Connor McDavid and Austin Mathew for Team North America in the World Cup. He topped his year off at the World Championships in Russia when Team Canada took home the Gold Medal.

Congratulations on an outstanding start to your NHL career! We look forward to following your continued success... The Athlete of the Year Award was launched in 1999 to recognize the tremendous accomplishments of local athletes from Kitchener, Waterloo and the Townships of Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich. Some of the previous recipients of this prestigious award include: Mandy Bujold (2), Lennox Lewis, Scott Stevens, Sarah Pavan, Andrew Poje & Kaitlyn Weaver (2) and Kelly Vanderbeek. For a full history of this community event, please visit:


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KITCHENER - 376 Victoria St. N. (at Lancaster) (519) 743-6851 •

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WATERLOO’S OWN PickupHub: Activating your sports interest one game at a time

PHONE: 519-884-5363 x17239 EMAIL: TTY: 1-866-786-3941 6

Spring Volleyball Tournament • May 27 at Conestoga College’s Athletic Centre • Register your team at


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Take Our Most Popular WSIB Approved First Aid CPR Course, The At Home Online With a 1 Day in Class Standard First Aid CPR Course Or Take, The 2 Days In Class, Standard First Aid CPR Training. Re-Certification Courses Are Also Available

Register Online. Type In Promo Code “sudoku“ Receive a $10.00 discount • (226) 336-9893 • 50 Ottawa St. S. Unit 110 Kitchener

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To improve rotational sports: crack that whip! Submitted by Kirsten Loop, Owner/Operator of The Unravelled Self

I’ll admit it: I know nothing about golf. I am not a golf coach, nor do I pretend to be one. My experience consists of a tipsy foray into the bushes (to find my ball) during a fundraising tournament in 1992, and after a recent golf lesson I was told I was a “natural.” But that’s only because I know a few things about rotational dynamics, pushing and pulling, and range of motion. I’m a GYROTONIC® instructor, and I train people how to move their spines like a whip. We use a unique, non-motorized system of pulleys, knobs, straps, and handles that adjust for tension, height, and reach — for any age or ability.

Three-dimensional rotation and flexion When was the last time you undulated your spine right from tailbone all the way up through to the cranium — in multiple directions and planes with power, grace, efficiency, and control? That is what sets Gyrotonic apart from other forms of movement (re)training. You retrain your spine to flex and extend, forward and backward, while it twists and as it coils and recoils in centrifugal and centripetal motion.

The push-pull sweet spot

coordinated, balanced deep pushing and pulling, and your hips and shoulders start to open up beautifully. Shoulders no longer feel fused to your upper body and can rock freely. Legs don’t feel jammed up into the hip sockets and you can stack vertebrae according to their innate intelligence. With Gyrotonic, you push and pull the front, back, and sides of the body in one fluid movement through the entire kinetic chain, much like you do in golf and tennis — or squash, basketball, or hockey for that matter.

Flexibility and range of motion There is no such thing as static stretching in Gyrotonic. Antagonist and agonist muscles work together in unison in the more than 75 available movements on the machine. The very first move you’ll do — the arch and curl — counteracts rounded shoulders, immobile sternums, and tight hip flexors as you strategically distribute weight and tension throughout the body. And forget taking three to four holes or a set to warm up the spine. Do five minutes of the 22 non-machine based movements at the course or court-side to undulate the spine before a game and you’re ready to move like a leopard.

Command and control With Gyrotonic, you’ll better meet your golf instructor’s requests to stop collapsing through the pelvic-lumbar and thoracic-cervical junctions. You’ll stop over-extending in an admirable effort to find power in momentum and instead cultivate it with precisionapplied expansion and contraction — like the crack of a whip. And I’ll bet you’ll add yards to your drives and lower your scores in no time, too!

Kirsten Loop of The Unravelled Self is the only Gyrotonic instructor certified, licensed, and equipped to teach in southwestern Ontario. She offers a three-session Intro Pack for those who’d like to try some 1:1 machine sessions. She also teaches non-machine based Gyrotonic chair/floor workshop and classes around town. Golf pros, tennis coaches, and dance instructors are welcomed to book a 20-minute demo to see what it’s all about. (She’s also looking for a temporary home for her second machine!) Reach her at kirsten@, 519-4971258,

Rotation is one thing, but add in


Spring Volleyball Tournament • May 27 at Conestoga College’s Athletic Centre • Register your team at


Eurofit Biggest Loser 2 a great success

Submitted by Tammy Ashton

The second Eurofit Biggest Loser contest has finished with even more contestants than the first, with 49 competitors. Thank you, Olesia and Eurofit, for organizing yet another great event. When I joined this competition my goal was to gain confidence in myself and stay motivated to become healthier. I was embarrassed and ashamed to attend the weekly classes offered at Eurofit, but it did not take long to realize that the support and encouragement that came from my classmates was the motivation I needed to do great things. As the weeks progressed I began to believe in myself as much as they believed in me. What an awesome group of people at Eurofit, and I could not have done this without their support. With Olesia’s guidance, my Isagenix nutrition program, my commitment to exercising daily on my treadmill, classes twice weekly, and personal training with Olesia, I was able to shed an astounding 21 pounds in the eight weeks of this competition. I wanted to keep my eating simple because for me food was a crutch and I never knew when to stop. Isagenix was so easy to follow and helped remove most of the decision making of what to eat with their meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch I only had to plan my two snacks and my supper. It was not easy when I started to rid my body of all the toxins from months of bad habits but after the first two weeks my energy levels soared and in turn my confidence was strong. Sometimes all we need is that little boost of encouragement and support which I received an abundance of from my husband and my second family at Eurofit. I have continued on with my program, both with Isagenix and at Eurofit, as my journey is just beginning, and the continued support

at home and with Olesia and Eurofit is a huge part of my continued success. I want to offer huge congratulations to all the competitors. It was a great competition and in the end we are all winners in becoming better in our minds, bodies and souls. I look forward to the next competition with all of you!

Tammy Ashton - winner of 2nd edition of Biggest Loser at Eurofit




Sept 1st 2017 Oct 30th 2017

Weigh In/Measurements at EuroFit Entry Fee $20 • Winner Takes All $$$


Contact Erin Kummer • • 519-212-7994 •



Spring Volleyball Tournament • May 27 at Conestoga College’s Athletic Centre • Register your team at


KW Cobras — sport of champions Submitted by Kelly Schmidtke, Marketing and Communication Director at KW Sertoma Speed Skating Club

The KW Cobras wrapped up their 2016-2017 speed skating season with fanfare! The club sent 18 athletes to provincial and national level meets, almost a club record and a number that has not been matched for several years. The seasonlong journey for these athletes saw a near-record 31 KW Cobras competing at all championship levels across Canada. Dylan Leidl competed in Alberta’s Long Track Championships in February and finished an impressive 13th in his age category. Cobras represented at the Provincial A Short Track Championships with 13 skaters competing in age groups from 11 up to 25, and brought home four medals over these age classes. Jie Hee Park and Christopher Langridge took their strong showing at Provincial A and represented Ontario in their age class at Canada East Short Track Championships, finishing an equally

strong 12th and 8th in their respective age classes. And two of our top club athletes, Mitchell Schrum and Claudia Heeney took their Fastest Male and Fastest Female 500 m awards in Ontario this year, and competed at Junior Trials #2 in Trois-Rivière, taking home a bronze and silver respectively in the 500m and finishing an incredible 6th place overall in their age classes. Finally, 13 Cobras at the Provincial B/C Championships in London took home six medals at that event to cap off their outstanding year. For these athletes, the championships culminated from a journey that started back in October. These skaters left it all on the ice this season, and the dedication they have to the sport, along with their coaching support throughout the year, reaped benefits for the KW Cobras. Here’s looking forward to another strong showing in 2017-2018!

Interested in trying our summer camp or our Learn to Speed Skate program? For more information, visit www., or follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@ kwspeedskates) and Instagram (kwspeedskates) to keep up to date on competitions throughout the season. See you on the ice!

Contact Erin Kummer • • 519-212-7994 •


As a local leader in the sports gear industry, we specialize in providing gear, apparel and accessories, brand new and used alike, for various types of sports HOCKEY | SOCCER | BASEBALL | FOOTBALL | RINGETTE | LACROSSE | FIELD HOCKEY | FIGURE SKATING | AND MORE!



Spring Volleyball Tournament • May 27 at Conestoga College’s Athletic Centre • Register your team at


COME OUT AND PLAY MAKE IT YOUR GAME! Fun & Affordable • Convenient Location (Wilson Park, Kitchener) • Mid-week games (Mon-Thurs) • Inter-league Tournaments NOVICE 2011-2013








Tues & Thurs

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Tues & Thurs

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House League runs from May to the middle of August • Timbit Novice Division runs from May to the middle of July


WWW.KWMBSA.CA OR CONTACT US AT 519-579-2888 Fee Assistance is available. KWMBSA in partnership with the Kitchener Sports Association provides assistance so all kids can play! Contact us at:


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RT S C A M P s



» Lacrosse/Hockey (Girls Only) » Full Day Skills Camp (Girls Only option available) » Power Skating » Elite Girls Training » Goalie/Specialty Camp

» High Performance Camp (14 and under) » High Performance Camp (15 and over)


CHILDREN'S SWIMMING LESSONS Classes starting at $20!

» High School Camp (Boys Only) » Kids Camp

8 WEEK SESSIONS (1 DAY/WEEK) Beginning July 4.

FOOTBALL » Fun Camp » High School Camp

Lessons for parent & tot, tyke, children & youth. Leadership camps, adult/students & women-only classes also offered.


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J.O Hemphill & Directors MULTI-SPORT and GAMES


NEW THIS SUMMER Develop new skills, learn new activities, and become true Warriors! For children ages 5-12.







Brian Farrance lauren


w hockey

Register online at


community service martin


Spring Volleyball Tournament • May 27 at Conestoga College’s Athletic Centre • Register your team at


The Dean Boles Invitational Swim Meet is a huge success Submitted by the ROW Swim Club On the weekend of February 4 and 5, the Region of Waterloo Swim Club (ROW) hosted the second annual Dean Boles Invitational Swim Meet at the Wilfrid Laurier University Athletic Complex pool. Dean is a former head coach of ROW, a member of the ROW Hall of Fame, a former Swim Ontario coach, and is currently the head coach of the Denmark National Team. The meet offered the participating swim clubs the opportunity to swim short course (25-metre pool) races in the morning and race long course (50-metre pool) in the afternoon and evenings of both days. This unique meet setup drew some of the fastest swimmers and the biggest swim clubs in the province. The short and long course regional and provincial championships were only a few weeks away and swimmers were using the meet as a last chance to achieve the swim times needed to qualify for those meets. Toronto, Oakville, London, and Kingston were a few of the clubs that traveled to Waterloo to compete against swimmers from the Cambridge, Wilmot, and ROW clubs. In total, 377 swimmers attended the meet over the two days involving five competition sessions — 2,129 race entries and numerous personal best

competed to the best of their abilities, and exhibited great sportsmanship. ROW thanks all the volunteers who helped with the setup and operation of this very successful swim meet.

times. The successful athletes now continue to train for peak performances at their respective upcoming championships. ROW congratulates all the swimmers who attended the Dean Boles Meet,

Contact Erin Kummer • • 519-212-7994 •



Local KJR Team extends international hospitality in a Canadian way So, for those who play hockey, there are primarily three separate elements to your season once you have made a travel team. There are practices, games, and tournaments. These activities are all part of a strategic effort to build unity and cohesion among a group of 17 players working towards a common goal. This concept isn’t rocket science for the seasoned participant and parent. But what does that have to do with international hospitality? Anyone who’s played hockey and participated in the Wayne Gretzky International Hockey Tournament knows this is the Holy Grail of hockey tournaments in Ontario. Hosted by the Brantford Minor Hockey Association, this tournament is known around the world and has been going strong for 46 years. Of course, being named after “The Great One” doesn’t hurt either. If you’re a travel hockey parent, there is nothing worse than driving a few hours away from your home center to participate in a weekend long minimum three to four game tournament only to face the same teams within your home loop. Well, this single A team’s experience was one to never to be replicated. With our Kitchener Minor Hockey

Major Bantam A Team taking up one team spot of eight, our potential competitors were: Brantford, St. Thomas, Burlington, Norway, Sweden, and two teams from Finland. What child doesn’t dream of playing international hockey? This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a number of players at this level and only within a 45 minute drive away. When our tournament draw was released, chance saw that it had us facing three of the four international teams over the Christmas Break. Life is full of lessons and teachable moments and our hockey moms didn’t miss a beat. Letters requesting support to place a Canadian twist of hospitality were quickly drafted and sent out. In short time our team produced a personalized commemorative puck packaged in a Canadian Tire Bag stuffed with international foods from Dare Food Limited — complete with their famous Canadian Maple Cookies. Prior to each game face-off our players and coaches greeted our international hockey guests at center ice and showed them our international hospitality. When the puck dropped, they showed us international hockey. Hockey is, quite simply, a great game. An even greater outcome of hockey can

be the lessons, the memories, and the friendships that we can take away each year. The lesson for our KJR Team was to pay it forward. A special thanks goes to Dare Food Limited for your support. Thank you boys for making your hockey organization proud in a small way on a big stage!

Glasgow Orthodontics is your trusted and experienced orthodontic practice, serving the Waterloo Region. Dr. Rano Burton and her team care about your health and happiness, and want you to have a wonderful orthodontic experience.

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65 Glasgow Street, Kitchener, ON N2G 2G8 • (519) 749 9713 •


Spring Volleyball Tournament • May 27 at Conestoga College’s Athletic Centre • Register your team at











ONLY $15

• Certified dog trainer and behavior therapist • 15 years experience • Bonded and insured • Certified in TLC and belly rubs!

FOR 30 MIN (MULTI DOG DISCOUNT) • 519-212-7894


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What is the best thing to do on a vacation? Dive! Submitted by Tri-City Scuba Centre

Our shop recently went on a trip to the Riviera Maya in Mexico to get away from the beginning of another dreadful winter — I wish I were there now! As I was relaxing while bouncing across the ocean on my way to the second dive site of the day, I thought, “How lucky am I?” The answer is, “Very.” My dive season started in Florida last February with my rebreather training in the caverns there. I then travelled to the Bahamas where I lived on a boat and dove for a week. After that, I headed to Ohio to dive in an old quarry filled with sunken airplanes, boats, helicopters, and more! I certified new divers, trained divers to do really cool dives, and took courses myself. This summer I dove in the St. Lawrence, Tobermory, and other locations all over Ontario. The 2016 dive season ended with the trip to Mexico already mentioned. So, aside from travel, I know people who have used diving to advance their careers in marine biology, aquaculture, police, fire, commercial diving, underwater construction — the list goes on. Many divers leave high school


and travel the world as Divemasters or instructors before coming back to continue their education. What attracted me to diving was the fact that it is a great and relaxing hobby. It’s a family activity, an extreme adventure sport, a very inclusive social activity and so much more. Underwater, language is not an issue and neither are any of the physical barriers that prevent people from participating in activities on land. When I was in Cozumel, through diving, I made new friends immediately and dove with a father, his newly certified 12-year-old daughter and his 82-year-old dad. His dad couldn’t carry the dive gear, so the crew put it in the water for him. He geared up and off we all went. Show me a sport where such a wide demographic and range of physical abilities can participate equally. Getting started in diving begins with obtaining Open Water Diver certification; then the rest is up to you. Some divers go on holidays and dive once every two years, some dive in Canada 12 months a year! We are

travelling to Tobermory to dive under the ice in February, Roatan (Honduras) in March, and the Bahamas in April. So, what is the best hobby? Diving!

Spring Volleyball Tournament • May 27 at Conestoga College’s Athletic Centre • Register your team at

Training your individual skills and tactics – The best way to become a leader on the ice!

Hockey Training Skills Tip Individual Technical Skills — How to receive a pass rimmed around the boards in the defensive zone. Improving your skills to receive a pass rimmed around the boards in the defensive zone will signi cantly help you control the puck in an important tactical area. The objective is to consistently receive the pass with control so you can quickly read the play and react to pressure. With proper execution, you gain valuable time to make an effective pass to a teammate or to skate away from pressure. Effective use of your body position, hockey stick and skating pivot will optimize your consistency in controlling the rimmed pass. Players should practice and understand the following fundamentals: •

Position yourself with your back towards the boards in the hockey position, near the board-side hash marks of the defensive zone face-off circle, This gives you a good view of the entire ice surface. Quickly look and see who’s around before the pass comes around the boards (head on a swivel). As the puck comes around the boards turn your body, while keeping your eyes on the puck, until you are facing up ice with your stick on the ice touching the boards (the pivot is 270 degrees – turn towards the defensive end) The pivot should be completed just as the puck approaches the back side of stick blade (if you are playing your off-wing, your stick will be held across your body and the puck with approach the front side of the blade) To help form a trap area for the puck to stop, firmly wedge the upright toe of the stick blade into the boards.

Get an Edge on Your Skills


Control the pass, then lift your head and read the forechecking pressure. Either skate or pass the puck quickly from the defensive zone.

In the moment video analysis

Summer Camps at Activa and Sportsworld in Kitchener

A simple drill to practice these defensive skills with a friend:

Weekly programs are at RIM Park in Waterloo

Head on a Swivel Drill with a Partner

• Advanced Youth/Adult Power Skills and Power Skating

Partner up with another player and stand together near the face-off circle in the defensive zone (X1 and X2).

• Children’s Power Skills and Power Skating

• X1 & X2 – start stationary about 1M apart

X1 – lightly dump the puck behind the goal line, chase the puck and execute a firm pass back around the boards to X2 (strong side)

X2 – as the puck is dumped in the corner, skate to board-side hash marks and position yourself with your back against the board anticipating a pass

X1 – after making the pass to X2 skate to the slot area in front of the net – be prepared to receive a pass on a give-and-go

X2 – control the rimmed pass executing the fundamentals outlined above and skate toward the net. Execute a give-and-go with X1 and shoot to score on the net.

• Elite Competitive Pick-Up Training • Goalscoring/Goaltending • Advanced Youth/Adult Power Skills/Skating for Goalies • Children’s Power Skills/Skating for Goalies • In the Moment Individual Video Analysis Training • Poised Defense • Stick Handling and Puck Control

Training in Waterloo Region Since 1998

• X2 – X1 & X2 – switch rolls and repeat the drill Repeat the drill over and over – remember with lots of practice, you will be able to effectively execute this move under pressure in game situations!

Eric Calder - President


Visit our website for more info and/or booking your program: 519-570-3617 • @skillsplushcky

BA & Diploma in Business Administration (WLU)

Eric played professional hockey for 14 years. Among his career highlights is winning the Memorial Cup Championship, playing with the Washington Capitals in the NHL and being the MVP for the Canadian National Junior Team at the World Junior Championships. He is an NCCP High Performance II Certified Coach with over 20 years of professional coaching experience, lectures in the Theory of Coaching at Wilfrid Laurier University, coaches the Waterloo Midget AAA Wolves, leads the “First Shift” (Hockey Canada, Bauer Hockey and Canadian Tire Hockey Initiative Program) and is one of the most sought after instructors in Waterloo Region!

Contact Erin Kummer • • 519-212-7994 •


KW Youth Cycling Academy & Kallisto-FCV Youth Cycling Team Daily, Weekly & Monthly Programs (Indoor or Spring Trails) Mountain Biking, Road & Track (Velodrome) ages



519-897-1447 • GOODY2112@HOTMAIL.COM

l tia



Art Adams




Rob Good




y AIN e or OUNT pl ex D • M A RO

2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOUTH CYCLING SAFETY PROGRAMS IN KITCHENER-WATERLOO & LONDON Professional Coaching Staff: Cycling Ontario & Cycling Canada Certified


Hosting help is just a call away Submitted by Regional Sport Tourism Office

Do you host a tournament every year and would like to add more teams? Are you looking to host one but don’t know where to start? Want to submit a bid for your organization to host a provincial or national event but unsure of the bidding process? The best place to start would be to contact the Regional Sport Tourism Office (RSTO) and let us help. The RSTO is focused on working together with community sport organizations, partners in tourism and the municipalities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph.


Our objective is to increase the profile and support given to current sports events and to attract more events to the area by capitalizing on the great facilities, volunteers and knowledge of our sport community. We can assist you in securing hotel bookings for visiting teams, identify banquet or social event options, and create welcome packages with special offers for local tourist attractions. We work together with organizations on grant submissions and event bids by utilizing bid templates, helping secure bid fees and garnering local

support. We can also share industry best practices and conduct research to help you decide how to include event hosting in your club or organization’s strategic planning. The possibilities of our assistance to you are endless! Hosting an event that you’d love us to promote or work together on? Please share with us through email at or contact Sherry Doiron at 519-2717000 extension 201. We look forward to sharing your events and further sport-hosting advice in future editions of SportsXpress!

Spring Volleyball Tournament • May 27 at Conestoga College’s Athletic Centre • Register your team at


KW YBA celebrates winning teams and summer camps Submitted by Mike Quigley, Executive Administrator of Kitchener-Waterloo Youth Basketball Association

Viper U12 Major Atom Elite Girls win Provincial gold The U12 Major Atom Viper Elite Girls set a new standard of excellence in March when they won the gold medal in the OBA Ontario Cup for Division 1. After two straight finishes with D1 bronze medals the previous two years, these girls put it all together and beat both teams that had blocked their path in the past. In pool play they defeated Guelph CYO Knights 37–25, York North 27–23 and Transway Basketball 49–47. In the gold medal game, they beat Welland 40–35. Members of this championship team were: Leia Brown, Dacia Chin, Tasha Farquharsen, Milana Nenadic, Katie Leudy, Brie Whitby, Brooke Whitby, Macy Weber, Roisin Djukic, Kara Lowell, Lily Vrugteman, and Caela McLellan. The coaching staff consisted of Head Coach Jody Brown, Assistant Coaches Robert Weber, Craig McLellan and Sarah Dillon and Manager Paula Raymond.

Vipers also bring home three silver and four bronze The KW Viper U11 Atom Boys Elite were five points short of matching the girls’ achievement at their Ontario Cup. They lost the D1 championship game to Scarborough Blues by a 46–41 score. After winning all three of their pool play games over Cambridge (46–36), Mississauga (59–44) and Glouchester (65–48), they advanced to the gold medal game for their first time. This silver medal was an amazing accomplishment for a team with a very bright future. Silver medals also went to U10 Novice Girls Francis in D4 and U14 Major Bantam Boys Tyszka also in D4. Bronze medals were won by the U10

(left) U12 Major Atom Viper Elite Girls team, (right) KW Viper U11 Atom Boys Elite team

Novice Boys Cowburn in D2, U11 Atom Boys Mathew in D6, U12 Major Atom Boys Deep in D4, and U19 Junior Women Weber in D4. All the rest of the Viper teams played hard in their Ontario Cups and, although they might not have won medals, they were still winners in our hearts.

coach’s recommendation. Non-Viper players can apply for approval for this camp from their House League coach or a Summer Camp coach. The Basketball Shooting Camp (August 8-11) will teach all aspects of the skill of shooting a basketball. Beginner’s camp (ages 10-12) runs in the morning from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and the Advanced camp (ages 13-18) runs in the afternoon from 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Registration for any of these camps can be found through the website.

KW YBA Summer basketball camps to run in July and August The KW YBA will once again be holding the Community Summer Basketball Camps in July and the beginning of August. These are open for all players, whether experienced or brand new to the game. Objectives of these camps are skill improvement through teaching techniques, drills and game experience. Junior Camps (ages 6 to 9) will be held at Eastwood CI, Intermediate Camps (ages 10 to 12) at KCI and Senior Camps (13 to 18) at Huron Heights SS. Week 1 runs July 10-14, Week 2 July 17-21 and Week 3 July 24-28. In addition, there will be a number of specialty camps held: Viper Elite Development Camp — July 31-August 4 — at Huron Heights and, new this year, Viper Girls Elite Development Camp — also July 31-August 4 — at KCI. Each of these camps needs a Viper or other Rep

KW YBA to hold AGM in June The KW YBA will hold its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, June 28 at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium, Subscriber’s Lounge at 7:00 p.m. This meeting is open to all families who were members of the YBA’s House League, Vipers or Summer Camp in 2016-17. Each family will have one vote on all matters coming from the Executive Board. In addition, there will be the annual election of five members to the Board for two-year terms. All details can be found on the website. Check our website,, for all upcoming events. If you are interested in volunteering at any level, please email us with your interest.

Contact Erin Kummer • • 519-212-7994 •



KSA Scholarship Awards for 2017 Submitted by Kitchener Sports Association At its monthly dinner meeting held on April 18, the Kitchener Sports Association (KSA) awarded scholarships to eight local studentathletes. Each receives $1,500 to help cover their expenses in attending college/university this fall. With these eight awards, KSA has now recognized 119 local students and provided a total of $186,000 in scholarship funding.

KW YBA to hold AGM in June KSA, a not-for-profit group that raises money through the sale of 50/50 tickets at Kitchener Rangers and KW Titans home games for the benefit of local minor athletes and sports groups, recently made the following donations: • KW International Children’s Games: Travel grant ($3,500 max/ total) for 14 athletes (three table tennis, four ROW swimmers, and seven basketball players (three boys and four girls) to participate in Kaunas, Lithuania in early July. • Club KW Gymnastics: Travel grants ($250 each) for Jack Ditzend and Lukas Palubiski • Stanley Park Optimist Ball: Capital grant ($2,500) for

KSA Scholarship recipients (Back Row L-R): Samuel Baxter (guest speaker), Savannah Campbell (Elmira), Connor Goto-Carter (St. Mary’s), Terrell Piper (Elmira), Mikayla Carmichael (Cameron Heights), Courtney Higgins (St. Mary’s) and Bob Fedy (Chair of the KSA Scholarship Program). (Front Row L-R): Kristen Straus (St. David), Samantha Dilgert (Sir John A MacDonald) and Cassey Leader (Huron Heights)

installation of two new backstops at Franklin Park and one at Midland Park for use by players aged 5 through 7. • Ontario Curling Association: Athletic Excellence grant ($500) for the benefit of Matthew Hall. (Silver-place at the Canadian Junior Nationals in B.C.) • Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy: Travel grants ($500 each) for Tatianna Antunes and Katelyn Vanderlaan to compete at the Canadians in Quebec City. • Volunteer Action Committee: Grant of $1,525 in support of

the Committee’s appreciation program during Volunteer Week. • Waterloo Education Foundation: Hosting grant ($400) to help establish a “grass roots” basketball tournament for elementary school students. After hosting the KW Athlete of the Year awards on May 16, KSA takes a break to enjoy some summer activities and gears up for its next dinner meeting on Tuesday, September 19. As always, you’re invited to join us!

The reason we exist is to provide enhanced opportunities for all gymnasts to reach their maximum potential through innovative and quality programs. 805 Victoria St South, Kitchener, N2M 5N9 • 519 743 4970


Spring Volleyball Tournament • May 27 at Conestoga College’s Athletic Centre • Register your team at

Contact Erin Kummer • • 519-212-7994 •


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Spring Volleyball Tournament • May 27 at Conestoga College’s Athletic Centre • Register your team at

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SportsXpress Kitchener/Waterloo May/June 2017