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KITCHENER RANGERS for their generous support of our Jr Rangers and Lady Rangers rep teams.

2016 • Eleventh Edition

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SportsXpress is proud to launch the eleventh edition of HockeyXpress, a magazine dedicated to bringing you stories about hockey in the Kitchener area. We are proud to partner with the Kitchener Minor Hockey Association on this publication, as we work to grow and develop the great game of hockey at a grassroots level, by sharing with you stories on our teams, players and events. As you flip through this edition, you will find some great success stories about some of our local Kitchener players, coaches and teams, as well as lots of information on what’s new at KMHA. As you’re reading, keep in mind that several of these stories are coming straight from parents, coaches and KMHA volunteers themselves. Included in this edition is the Oktoberfest Tournament program. Take a look through to see which teams have made it to this years Alliance Championships, showcasing the top house league teams from surrounding cities including Brantford, Burlington, Cambridge, Greater Fort Erie, Greater London, Hamilton, Kitchener, Sarnia, St. Catharines, Waterloo and Woodstock. For those of you playing in the tournament, we wish you the best of luck! HockeyXpress is printed three times per year and we need your help to share the stories happening in our community.

Profiling community sports in words and photographs. 05 | JR Minor Peewee AAA September in review 06 | Lady Rangers Intermediate A team has goals 07 | The Lady Rangers Midget AA team has plans 07 | The Major Atom AA/A Jr. Rangers 07 | Drop the puck for Peewee B girls 08 | Kitchener Lady Rangers - Senior A 08 | Kitchener Lady Rangers Peewee A team loves the game 08 | Minor Midgets off to a quick start 09 | The Lady Rangers Atom B Team is ready 09 | A good start for Lady Rangers Bantam B 11 | Great start for the Lady Rangers Novice B team 11 | Lady Rangers Atom A believe


Tips, tactics and ideas are shared by athletes, coaches and fans. 05 | Ref N’ Rules 06 | Developing our young hockey talent

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OKTOBERFEST Atom Tournament Official program on pages 10 to 31



President’s message We have just finished a beautiful summer where we had record heat and very little rain. As we approach winter, the weather will turn cold, the leaves will fall and, with any luck, the puddles will freeze — and, as the puddles freeze, our passions heat up. Canada has just re-established itself as the pinnacle of the hockey world by winning the World Cup in impressive fashion. That success all starts in communities like ours in our rinks, on frozen ponds, and deep in our united spirit. We brave the cold and share our love of hockey. We are so happy to have you all participating with us this year and hope that you have a great experience. As fall settles around us, we are aware that Canada’s fifth season has truly begun — hockey season! This year, prepare to enjoy your experience. Remember that together we build this hockey family into a great community and together our cooperative respect and passion will keep it hockey safe for all of the kids playing. We wish all our hockey players the best of luck and ask that you compete with sportsmanship, pride and to the best of your ability. By playing this game you prove yourself to be the best kind of people — hockey people! As most of you in Kitchener are aware, the Region is currently building an LRT and, in doing so, we are experiencing

traffic congestion around the rinks. We ask that you stay familiar with the road closures and that you give yourself some extra time to arrive at the rink. You can track City of Kitchener road closures at es_road_closure.asp By being a part of a team and cooperating, we teach our children how to succeed. We use hockey as a tool where, in a safe environment, they can fail and try again. On the rink these lessons come to life just like in a dream; our children race down the ice with the puck looking to score only to see a teammate has the open wing and the empty net. A pass certainly means we all win and a single shot could win the game and bring great personal glory. Our children learn by making these choices with the help of great people to guide them through it. As parents, we help them get over the disappointment; as coaches we help them keep working; and as fans, we cheer and let them know they are appreciated. Have a great hockey season! Yours in hockey, Tom Graham Kitchener Oktoberfest Tournament Chairperson and President Kitchener Minor Hockey Assosication



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The Minor Atom MD Blue team Submitted by Coach Paul Radstake The Minor Atom MD Blue Team got a nice surprise at its first practice of the year at the Auditorium. Their OHL Rangers heroes gave the boys an impromptu tour of the dressing room and hammed it up with them prior to their own practice. The boys challenged the senior Rangers to a game but they respectfully declined — maybe they were scared!

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Jr Minor Peewee AAA September in review It was a very busy September for the Minor Peewee AAA Rangers as they laid the foundation for the season ahead. The month featured plenty of training both on and off the ice, teambuilding, the renewal of acquaintances with a local rival, and a good old-fashioned shootout. The month kicked-off with the Marlies Friendship Tournament in Toronto. The Rangers drew into a division with the Toronto Titans, Buffalo Jr. Sabres, Markham Waxers and Halton Hurricanes. An early morning loss on Friday to a very strong Titans team was quickly followed up by a well-earned victory over some international competition from Buffalo. On Saturday, the Rangers tied Markham before falling to Halton in their finale. It was a 1-2-1 finish in their first tournament and a return home for further preparations for the upcoming regular season. Those preparations included plenty of practices in the month of September in addition to dedicated power-skating sessions. The Rangers also enjoyed a few ice times with the instructors from

Ref N’ Rules

to exchange quality-scoring chances throughout the contest but, late in the second period, Kitchener net-minder Devin Ingalls foiled a Chiefs penalty shot. This turned the momentum back in favour of the Rangers who continued to press. A Kitchener goal in the final moments of the game earned them a 6- 6 draw in a very entertaining game. With September in the books, it’s back to work for this team with plenty of home games on the schedule for October. As a special promotion, all spectators wearing Kitchener team colours will earn free admission to all home games throughout the season. So, why not catch this hardworking group in action at a Kitchener arena near you? You’re welcome to an entire seat, but you’ll only need the edge!

Progressive Hockey Development as well as the kick-off of their off-ice dryland training led by Coach Taylor. The Rangers also participated in a team-building day full of challenges and fun at ALTITUDE (McMaster University) in Hamilton. It was certainly a busy training month prior to their early regular season games! Over the last two weeks of the month, these Kitchener kids played their initial three games of the new season. A victory over their off-ice friends and on-ice rivals from Waterloo was sandwiched by draws against Brantford and Elgin-Middlesex. The Elgin game was a good oldfashioned shoot-out that was exciting right from the opening draw. The Rangers jumped out to a 1-0 lead on an early marker just 22 seconds into the game. After three consecutive shifts with the ice tilted toward the Chief’s net, the Elgin coach used his time-out just 2:03 into the game. The Chiefs righted the ship and pushed back. After plenty of end-to-end action, the Chiefs led 5-3 after just 12+ minutes of play. The teams continued

behindthebench Submitted by Glenn McDonald, KMHA RIC

Welcome back to another season of fun on frozen water; your friends in black and white are looking forward to it, just as you are! To help make it a safe and fair experience for all participants, read on. I’m sharing what’s new inside your Hockey Canada Rule Book and offering up a few tips to keep you on the ice and, hopefully, in the winners circle. 1. In all PW (and younger) hockey, the goaltender must wear full goalie protective equipment, including all pads and skates. 2. Any player that loses his/her helmet or facemask must properly replace the equipment or retire to the bench immediately. If your throat protector comes off, you should replace it or come off the ice. If you are unaware the protector is off, you will likely receive a warning rather than a penalty. 3. If a goal is scored while a teammate is situated within the goal crease, the goal may now be allowed if the teammate

that this will reduce time-consuming faceoffs and open the offensive aspects of the game. Here are a few reminders that bear repeating: 1. CSA stickers must not be removed from helmets to avoid an infraction under the protective equipment rule. 2. While mouthguards are not compulsory in Alliance Hockey, they are recommended. If you do wear a mouthguard, it must be worn properly, not protruding from your mouth or face mask. 3. Body checking is not permitted in House League or Rep Hockey younger than Minor Bantam. New this year: no body checking in Minor Bantam MD. So, that should help you better understand what is new and refresh your memory for what you may have forgotten. Now, you just need to lace em up, have some fun, and keep it safe and fair. Take it from me —it’s more fun on the ice than in the cooler!

has not influenced the goal by touching the goalie or deflecting the puck. 4. For a slew foot committed while standing still, the new penalty assessed is 2+2 and a game misconduct. If the offender is in motion or an injury results, the offence is now a match penalty. 5. During a faceoff, centres must place the blade of the stick squarely on the ice, including the toe, and outside the faceoff dot in the white ice. 6. If a goal is scored while the net is tipped up from the back, the goal may now be allowed if the moorings are still in place. This season, Hockey Canada has implemented a pilot project for icings in MB A/AA only. For this, the centre line is removed for icing and is replaced by the blue line. So, a puck shot from the neutral zone outside your defending blue line is no longer icing in this division. This does not apply to tournament play. It is hoped



Developing our young hockey talent Following in the footsteps of the great work done over the last number of years by outgoing Director of Development Dave Carr is no easy task. Dave did a terrific job and, as the new KMHA Director of Development, I’m looking to build on the foundation already set in place. This year we’re looking to transition some new ideas while maintaining the great programs already in place. I’ll be working with the Boys Rep coaches from MD to AAA. Jamie Dinsmore will be working with the Girls Rep and Local League coaches. Corey Dunbar will be working with the Boys House League and House League Select coaches. That’s a lot of coaches to work with throughout the season while trying to run our own teams and maintain a family life away from the rink as well. However, when you deal with a great group of volunteers, it doesn’t seem like work at all. What’s in store for the upcoming season? On the girls’ side, the players will continue to work with Laura McIntosh who provides tremendous energy and enthusiasm to the girls’ practices. We’ll also be continuing on with skill sessions for the girls to assist in the skill development of players at all levels.

For both boys and girls, the power skating and goalie sessions will continue. While the game has changed at all levels to more of a skill game, one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for strong skating skills. The power skating program provides that necessary development for our younger players. On the boys’ side, we’re introducing four skill-session opportunities during winter school break and professional development days (November 18, January 4, January 6 and January 27) for the benefit of HL-AA players. Registration for these sessions is limited so keep an eye on the KMHA website for more information. Rep coaches have been asked to utilize video sessions with their team throughout the year. Video review is a different tool that will enhance the development of players and coaches. What player, at any age, doesn’t like to see himself/herself on video? At all levels, parents may see different practices than what they are used to seeing. As the game has changed and evolved, so must we as an association and coaches. For this reason, parents may notice more station, small area and half-ice practices. These types of practices have been proven to enhance skill levels dramatically, especially with younger

Submitted by Dean DeSilva, Director of Development

players. They increase the amount of time players touch the puck, offer more shooting opportunities and build of selfconfidence with body contact and puck handling skills. The KMHA IP program continues down the tremendous path it has pioneered over the years. Dave Sutherland, Bill Rogers and all of the volunteers involved continue to provide the foundation for numerous Jr. Rangers, Lady Rangers and coaches within KMHA. The only organization that provides something for everyone under one roof is KMHA. This makes our organization truly unique and we should be extremely proud of the fact that we provide the opportunity for everyone, from all walks of life, to enjoy the great game of hockey. On any given day throughout the hockey season, you’ll see the smiling faces of players coming through the IP program, Rookie Rangers, the Jr and Lady Rangers program, our Girls Local League, Boys House League, 4-on-4 and, of course, the Ice Pirates. These are programs that we should embrace and be proud of. No other association offers what KMHA offers. While the results won’t happen overnight, we’re confident that, over time, we will see improvement and engagement of all players at all levels!


Lady Rangers Intermediate A team has goals

Submitted by Jon Fleming, Head Coach of the Intermediate A team This year’s edition of the Kitchener Lady Rangers Intermediate A team sees the majority of last year’s players returning for another season. Returning are: Ashley Forler, Sydney McDonald, Alex Ladd, Taylor Dobie, Katie Simons, Meghan MacKay, Christy Fleming, Paige Riley, Megan Yake, Brittney Crawford, Sara Metzger, Kristen Dahmann, Amy Thompson and Abbie Gray. Players joining the squad this year are Jenni Newcombe from the KW Lady Rangers, Hunter Lee from Kitchener MAA, and 2013/14 Midget A standouts, Nicole Bingeman and Sara Martin. We’re very glad Nikky and Sara decided to come out of retirement to join the team. The strong team chemistry and work ethic that was evident last season has


been quickly re-established and has seen the ladies play hard through the short exhibition season. Play started off against Brampton with a 2-2 tie in a game that we dominated for most part until Brampton scored in the last minute with their goalie pulled to tie it up. We lost a close one (2-1) in the back half of the home-and-home a week later. Next was Guelph and we battled them to a hard fought 3-3 tie and then, with a full squad, dominated Cambridge 5-1. Our last exhibition game was against Saugeen Maitland Lightning. We were up against a very good Saugeen team with a full roster and, with a short bench of only nine skaters, we were able to hold them to a 1- 0 lead for most of the game while generating some good scoring chances of our own. The

girls fought hard but Saugeen sustained the pressure and, at about the 10-minute mark of the third period, added two quick goals to take the game 3-0. Although it was a tough loss, had it not been for the strong goaltending and the outstanding work ethic of all the players, the result could have been much worse. The girls gave it their all as has always been the hallmark of this team. This season sees the team confirmed in four tournaments and the objective of competing for the League and Provincial Championships. The team has the skill and determination to achieve these goals and, with the support of the coaching staff, Ted Martin, Mike Simons, and trainer Momma Darlene Dobie, we know this will be a memorable season.


The Lady Rangers Midget AA team has plans Written by Holly Chapman The Kitchener Lady Rangers Midget AA team, led by the strong coaching staff, (Head Coach Jeff Sittler and assistants Greg Moses, Dave Harrison and Erin Burns), are preparing for a strong, productive hockey season. Our dedicated coaching staff has an informative, fun-packed season planned for the team. We have been invited and accepted into five tournaments: • • • • •

September: Stoney Creek Midget MAA Showcase  October: USA-Canada Cup – Detroit November: Bauer World Invite – Detroit December: Kitchener USA-Canada Cup – Waterloo  January: Ottawa Senators World Showcase

The season started out this summer with a weekend teambuilding campout in July at the farm of fellow team member Devin Kay. The girls participated in various teambuilding activities developed so the new and returning players could get to

know more about each other and how to work together for the team to achieve a successful hockey season. They discussed what their team mottos should be for the year, how to put these mottos into action and how to achieve unity and success in the upcoming season. The motto’s they will be working on developing this season are: • • •

• •

challenge to all Kitchener hockey teams to participate in the Kitchener Kids for Cancer 5/10 Kilometre walk/run and the Kitchener Lady Rangers accepted that challenge. The girls had 100 percent participation from the team and the coaching staff and came out in full force. The run raised over $50,000 for the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario. The Kitchener Lady Rangers Midget AA team had three players in the top 13 fundraisers and the team was second overall in the team fundraising category. It is turning out to be a full schedule so the girls will have ample opportunity to develop their skills and deepen their friendships throughout the year. We look forward to great success in the 2016/17 hockey season.

You’ve only got three choices in life: give up, give in or give it all you got.  Never let success get to your head; never let failure get to your heart.  On a team, it’s not the strength of the Individual players, but the strength of the unit and how they all function together. Together Everyone Achieves More. Don’t expect anything unless you’ve given everything.

Earlier this summer, the Kitchener Minor Midget AAA Boys team extended a

The Major Atom AA/A Jr. Rangers

On the weekend of September 9-11, the 2016/17 Major Atom A/AA Kitchener Jr. Rangers participated in their first tournament of the season, the inaugural

Kitchener Early Bird Tournament. The boys played three exciting, roundrobin games against the Guelph AA Gryphons, the Cambridge A/AA Hawks, and the AA Windsor Jr. Spitfires. After all the dust had settled, they were on their way to the championship game! Playing against the Cambridge Hawks for the second time, the team put forth an incredible effort for three full periods and was rewarded with a 3- 0 victory! We, the coaches, could not be more proud of our boys or the way they

Submitted by coaches Tim, Ian, Gary and Milan

competed each and every shift of every game, for the extremely high level of play that they displayed, and for the class with which they conducted themselves throughout the entire weekend. Thank you too, to the parents, family members, and friends who came out with plenty of positive energy and enthusiasm, and supported the team over the weekend. Way to go Jr. Rangers! What a fantastic way to start the season — Kitchener Early Bird Tournament Champions!

Drop the puck for the Peewee B girls Summer is over, the kids are settled back in school, the leaves are turning colour and the hockey season is now in full swing. Our Peewee B Kitchener Lady Rangers put in a lot of hard work during September in order to hit the ground

running for the start of the 2016/17 season. After participating in some teambuilding events, competing in an early bird tournament, undergoing plenty of practices and playing numerous exhibition games, the girls are more

than ready. These players have already become a very tight knit group and have us very excited to see what the can achieve together.

Now it’s time to drop the puck and let’s go Lady Rangers!



Kitchener Lady Rangers — Senior A Tryouts have finally been completed for the Kitchener Lady Ranger Senior A hockey team. The Senior division of OWHA hockey allows ladies over the age of 21 to continue to play hockey. While ladies recreational leagues are getting more popular, there simply is not enough hockey available for ladies to play, as there is for men. Thus the Senior division in Ontario. The popularity of the Senior division is increasing as the ladies still maintain the passion for the game of hockey that they had when they were girls playing in their various associations. The number of ladies that attended the tryouts

exceeded the coach’s expectations which made the release process a difficult time for Head Coach, Gord Aitcheson. The Senior A team does not play in the Lower Lakes Female Hockey League like all of the other Lady Ranger teams do. This team plays in the Golden Horseshoe Womens Hockey League. This league consists mostly of Senior A and AA teams so the competition will be good for the ladies. The loop for this team will have them playing against: Brantford, Oakville, Hamilton, London, Stoney Creek, St. Catharines and McMaster University.

The final roster consists of: Kandace Charbonneau, Amanda Chiarello, Brittney Cosmo, Alessa Dalcourt, Ally Galloway, Janna Harbin, Emily Koehler Paula LaGamba, Meleda MacDougall, Kaitlyn McDonell , Melanie Oberholzer, Amanda Parkins, Brittany Robins, Kate Sinclair, Cathy Souto, Michele Strudwick, Alanah Walls, Sarah Zister Gord Aitcheson – Head Coach Pat Zister – Assistant Coach

Good luck ladies!

Kitchener Lady Rangers Peewee A team loves the game With September and our pre-season games in the books and regular games now underway, I want to take this opportunity to reflect and congratulate the Lady Rangers Peewee A team on a fantastic and busy pre-season. We played nine exhibition and four tournament games, accomplishing a record of five wins, four losses and four ties. During that span, the team scored 23 goals with

contributions from all lines. The coaching staff can already see the bonding and team chemistry both on and off the ice. The girls put their experience to good use in their first league game as shown by their 1-0 win over the Etobicoke Dolphins. With four shutouts already under their belts, the goalies have become more and more confident in their abilities. Well done, Peewee A! The coaching staff

expects the girls to continue to play with the same intense passion and drive that they’ve displayed so far. Remember: to play the game is good, to win the game is better, but to love the game is best of all!

Go Lady Rangers, go!

Minor Midgets off to a quick start Every April, coaches face new challenges when it comes to selecting the players for their hockey club. The many discussions the coaches have as they try to identify players with the characteristics that make a family on and off the ice often lead to sleepless nights. Players that fit into “our family vs. their team” mentality is the recipe that the coaching staff was looking for when selecting players for the boys’ Minor Midget AAA hockey team. As Bantams, the team didn’t have as much success as the coaches would have liked. They were looking to jump start the players in a year in which they put enough pressure on themselves — their draft year. By making a number of changes, with an eye on identifying the character and work ethic within the group of players, you hope that the right mix is found. So far, so good for the Minor Midget AAA hockey club!


The coaching staff of this year’s team realized the work ethic and passion the players had right from day one. With some team building and a five-kilometre team run, the bond between the players and their willingness to go through the wall for each other became quickly evident. While they are 14 and 15-year-old boys that like to have fun and joke around when they hit the ice, they are all business in both games and practices. The boys started their season with a 5-KM Run for Cancer in which the Midget AA Lady Rangers team joined them. While the players left their coaches in the dust during the run, they stuck together and ran for a great cause. The run is just one of the many community events the KJR Minor Midget AAA program includes in its season in addition to playing hockey.

Submitted by Dean DeSilva, Head Coach

The Minor Midgets are off to a good start and find themselves battling in the top half of the standings early in the season. They’ve already exceeded last year’s league wins and, with eight new faces on the roster, the players are looking to turn heads and earn respect on the ice with their play. There is a lot of hockey for these young men to play as they go through their journey one day at a time together — a necessary process for them to reach their goal!

KJR Minor Midget AAA roster: Griffin Murphy, Corson Marit, Tyler, Ballantyne, Jameson Mitchell, Brendan Bauer, Danny Heath, Cole Schwindt, Justin McCombs, David Mabey, Zach Russell, Eric Maltby, Trent Dicicco, Christopher Adlys, Braeden Trussler, Tyler Schwindt, Cole MacKay, Jacob Ertel


Amazing Race: Rangers edition The Kitchener Jr. Rangers Minor Peewee MD Red team held its first team-bonding event with the Amazing Race: Rangers Edition! The boys met at Pioneer Tower Park dressed in Rangers-themed attire for a full Sunday of “amazing” competition. They were divided into four teams with a parent/coach driving each team and set out for the events. The first challenge at Pioneer Tower Park saw a boy on each team blindfolded and searching the field for hidden golf balls numbered 1 to 4. The blindfolded boy could not be touched, only spoken to by his teammates as he collected enough golf balls to fill a bucket. After filling their bucket, the teams received their first

Featuring Kitchener’s Minor Peewee MD Red team

envelope with clues to the next event. Subsequent events included assembling a table at Ikea, balancing a tray of ping-pong balls through an obstacle course at Moose Winooski’s, memorizing and presenting a poem hidden in a hockey book at Chapters, pricing out a meal at the IMAX theatre, participating in a pinball game challenge and posing for “selfies” in Rangers jerseys inside Hockey Life. From there, the boys spent an hour bouncing around Sky Zone

before they needed to cool off and had a pool party with pizza and cake! It was a great day filled with lots of fun and laughter as the players got to know one another. It was really enjoyable to be around such a great group of people and exciting to think about how many more special memories await!

teamprofiles The Lady Rangers Atom B team is ready

With the tryouts behind us, the Atom B team has set its sights on the 2016/17 season and the challenges that it will bring. The team is a relatively young team with only six seniors on its 17-person roster. For many of the girls, this is their first introduction to playing on a competitive travel team. The girls are up

to the challenge and are eager to learn and develop their skills in the coming year. Trainer Julia Salvini and Manager Jennifer Bertelsen join coaches Rob Menko and Cameron Beaupre. The team has already played five exhibition games with one more on the horizon. The games have been close and the level of compete demonstrated by the girls bodes well for the upcoming season. Between the pipes, we have April Z. and Lindsay S. who have been solid in pre-season play. The defence (Emma Y., Madison W., Melody S., Ariana B., Emma G. and Claire S.) has been solid and contributed offensively.

Up front, we have Kaitlyn A., Kristen B., Makayla S., Dani M., Erica T., Kyla M., Abbygail B., Laney A. and Emily W. They’re fast and have no problem going into the corners and battling for the puck. The girls are over the top with excitement with respect to our upcoming tournament schedule that starts in Etobicoke at the Pink the Rink tournament. We look forward to witnessing everyone’s development and growth this season.

Go Lady Rangers!

A good start for Lady Rangers Bantam B The 2016/17 season is upon us and the Bantam B team is off to a good start with a winning record of 2-0-1 in exhibition play with zero goals against. Coaches Rob Menko, Bruce Johnson, and Dwayne Wismer, Trainer Dawn Dickson and Manager Tony Zmigrodzki are pleasantly surprised with the results seen to date. The level of compete and speed demonstrated by the team is welcoming and bodes well for the upcoming season. The girls themselves have really bonded well together and you can see positive chemistry developing. It doesn’t hurt

that five of our players also played competitive baseball over the summer and another four share the same school. You can feel the energy in the dressing room and on the ice! The team is comprised of four senior players and 12 juniors. In goal, we have two seniors, (Hannah Z. and Mare P.), who have been lights out in preseason play. The defensive core, (Taylor K., Amanda H., Olivia F., Marlee W. and Nicole M.), has been rock solid while also contributing offensively. Up front, we have Sophia S., Samantha V., Cassidy D.,

Kayleigh C., Tanis H., Katelyn D., Leah W., Nicole J., and Mackenzie P. Their speed and toughness on the fore-check have created numerous scoring opportunities. Together, we are looking forward to a successful season both on and off the ice.



Kitchener Minor Hockey Association


ATOM TOURNAMENT October 21-24, 2016 10

2015 Oktoberfest Tournament


Welcome message Welcome to the 43rd Kitchener Oktoberfest tournament. The City of Kitchener and Kitchener Minor Hockey Association (KMHA) are pleased to host you as part of the largest Bavarian festival outside of Germany. In the spirit of gemutlichkeit, we hope you enjoy your stay and experience everything our fine community has to offer. Take in local sights such as Bingeman’s facilities, the local rock climbing gym, a Kitchener Rangers game or eat at our great restaurants located close to any of our rinks. For the family members in your group, we have fantastic shopping, two museums and a brand new Cineplex Cinema conveniently located near our Kitchener rinks. If you want more information about any of these attractions just ask for assistance at any of the tournament offices. How else do we celebrate our heritage in Kitchener? Well, we play hockey! The tournament continues to grow with an estimated 115 teams participating this year, bringing top-level athletes from all levels of Atom play, including girls’ rep teams from the OWHA. The tournament includes four round-robin games for each team, plus a semi-final and final for those who advance. Bauer and Play It Again Sports will be providing the MVP’s of all divisions with a pair of Bauer skates and KMHA will be awarding a Bauer composite stick to each player of the championship teams. If you need a copy of your tournament schedule, please visit us from your mobile device at and select the Oktoberfest tournament. We plan on this year’s tournament being even better than last year’s and hope all players and parents remember that this is a game that not only builds character, it reveals it. Please play in the spirit of gemutlichkeit, demonstrate sportsmanship and have fun! Yours in hockey, Tom Graham Kitchener Oktoberfest Tournament Chairperson and President On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Kitchener Minor Hockey Association

teamprofiles Great start for the Lady Rangers Novice B team The Lady Rangers Novice B season is off to a great start! The girls are very excited to be coached by several young women with Lady Ranger experience. Assistant Coach Lauren Coxon has returned from playing NCAA and OUAA hockey to her roots in Kitchener. Madison Mitchell finished her minor hockey career on last year’s Lady Rangers Midget AA team and is excited to begin the next phase in her minor hockey life as a coach! The team is also excited to have several young women from local Midget AA and PWHL teams helping with practices. In the team’s first four games, the girls have responded exceptionally well to their coaching by winning all four games and only allowing a single goal against — three shutouts! On September 24, the team celebrated with a pancake breakfast at Coach Chris’s house. What a great start to what looks to be an exciting season!

Lady Rangers Atom A believe The enthusiastic Kitchener Lady Rangers Atom A team ploughed through a busy pre-season with two exhibition games in September: one against the Chiefs in Mississauga and the other at home versus the Stratford Aces. After two hard-fought battles, the Lady Rangers found themselves short by a goal in both games. However, not all was lost as the coaching staff and parents got a glimpse of what this passionate squad can achieve.

Submitted by Chad Saunders

To round off the pre-season, the energetic Atom A Lady Rangers and their coaches spent an afternoon strengthening their communication and becoming a cohesive force at Grand River Rocks. The team held races and spent time climbing the various rock walls. Teamwork, good communication and trust among the players were apparent and necessary to accomplish a blindfolded climb successfully. These ladies were impressive!

To end the month of September, the ladies were ready, willing and able to face their competition in the Markham Stouffville tournament. The team went through the weekend with two wins, zero ties and an unfortunate 1-0 loss to Cambridge that ended any chances for a medal. These exceptional ladies have a motto that they have taken to heart. BIYT, each one of the Atom A Lady Rangers knows, anything can be achieved if you “Believe In Your Team”


TOURNAMENT RULES Kitchener Minor Hockey Association • October 21-24, 2016 43rd Annual Oktoberfest International Atom Tournament It is the prime objective of the Oktoberfest International Atom Tournament committee, sponsors and volunteers to provide an exciting, funfilled and competitive hockey tournament for participants, teams and fans. The Kitchener Minor Hockey Association firmly believes that all players, coaches and team officials have the right to participate and compete in a tournament free of harassment. Therefore the tournament operating committee will not tolerate any abusive or unsportsmanlike behaviour directed at any individual involved in the tournament. It is the responsibility of each coach and member of the coaching staff to ensure that all members of the team behave in a respectful manner at all times while at the tournament. Parents and fans will also be held to a high standard and are required to act in a sportsmanlike and respectful manner. We thank all participants for taking part in this, our 43rd annual event. May you all leave this tournament weekend with great memories filled with lots of new and lasting friendships.

General Information: This Tournament is for minor Atom (aged 2007) Boys, Atom (aged 2006) Boys and Atom (aged 2006/2007) Girls. The boys’ divisions will comprise AAA, AA, A and Minor Development/AE.The girls’ divisions will comprise Girls A, and B/C. Provided a minimum number of four teams are registered in a division, each division will comprise one or more groups for preliminary-round play. Hockey Canada and Alliance Hockey Official Rules will be in effect for all tournament games. (See also the local tournament rules herein.) All coaches and team staff are encouraged to review Hockey Canada and Alliance Hockey Official Rules prior to the start of the tournament. Each participating team must be registered with Hockey Canada or USA Hockey. All teams must provide tournament officials, at the time of registration, a travel permit, an official team roster and their approved affiliate player lists prior to playing their first game of the tournament.


Each team must provide the name and cell phone number of a contact person to be contacted by tournament officials during the tournament. The tournament office at each of our facilities will post dressing room assignments on the board in the office. All team coaches and managers must sign game sheets before each game. Team managers must obtain dressing room keys from the tournament office leaving vehicle keys as a deposit. Dressing room keys must be returned to the tournament office within thirty minutes following the end of the game. Dressing rooms must be free of any refuse by placing it in the containers provided. Teams will be responsible for any damage or littering to dressing rooms and any other arena facilities.

Arenas: All teams will play at one or more of the Kitchener/Waterloo arenas listed: • The Activa Sport Twin-pad Complex • Don McLaren Arena • Grand River Arena • Lions Arena at Rittenhouse Dr. • The Kitchener Memorial Auditorium multi-pad Complex • The Sportsworld Crossing-Twin pad Complex • Wilmot Recreation Complex • RIM Park • Albert McCormick Arena

Rules and Format: • The games schedule and scores will be posted at the Activa Sport Complexand on the website at • The Preliminary Round games will begin on Friday October 21, 2016 and will continue through Saturday October 22. • Semi-final and championship games will be played on Sunday October 23 unless there are only 4 teams in a division; then a semi-final game may be played on Saturday October 22. • All teams are guaranteed (4) games.

• Teams will NOT play more than two (2) games per day. • The maximum number of games a team could play in the Tournament will be six (6). • All teams must be prepared to start their games up to (15) minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Teams not ready to play at their scheduled start time will be subject to local rules penalties at the direction of the tournament official present. • Two (2) points will be awarded for each win and (1) one point for each tie in the preliminary-round. There will be no overtime played during preliminaryround games. • All preliminary-round games will be three periods of 12 minute stop-time hockey (12-12-12), with a five-goal differential mercy rule applied to the third period as per local rules. • All semi-final and final games will be three periods of 12-minute stop-time hockey (1212-12) with no mercy rule applied. • There will be a flood before each game. • There will be a two-minute rest period between the second and third period in all tournament games. • Teams are not allowed on the ice surface until the Zamboni doors are closed, a coach is present and on-ice officials are present — no exception. • Teams must have 2 sets of game jerseys. BOYS: The team listed as home team will wear dark coloured jerseys. Teams listed as away or visitor will wear light-coloured jerseys. In the event of a colour conflict or dispute, the Tournament official present reserves the right to make the final decision. GIRLS: The team listed as home team will wear light-coloured jerseys. Teams listed as away or visitor will wear darkcoloured jerseys. In the event of a colour conflict or dispute, the tournament official present reserves the right to make the final decision. As a sanctioned Hockey Canada, Alliance Hockey, and OWHA event, any intentional or careless body checking is prohibited. Incidental contact while establishing position, taking away the lane, or battling for possession is acceptable within reason. Referee judgment will prevail. Approved neck

2016 Oktoberfest Tournament

protectors are mandatory for all players participating in this tournament. (Any exemptions are made by Hockey Canada with appropriate paperwork considering home-jurisdiction rules.) Mouth guards, though optional, are strongly recommended by Alliance Hockey to be worn by all players.

Tie Breaking Formula: In the event that two or more teams are tied in total points for determining first place in each group within a division and any wildcard position(s) at the end of the preliminary round, the following tie-breaking formula will be instituted in the order shown: 1. The head-to-head result of the teams tied. (Used when one team has beaten all other teams involved in the tie breaker). If still tied... 2. Most wins. (Used when one team has more wins than all other teams in the tie breaker) If still tied... 3. The higher ratio of “(goals for)/(goals for+ goals against)” in the preliminaryround games. If still tied... 4. The team with the “least amount of goals against” in the preliminary-round games. If still tied... 5. Team with the “most goals scored for” in the preliminary-round games. If still tied... 6. Team with the “lowest number of penalty minutes” in the preliminaryround games. If still tied... 7. A coin toss by the Tournament Chairperson.

Semi-FInal & Championship Games First place in each group within a division and any wildcard position(s) as determined by the preliminary round will proceed to semi-final games where one team in each game will be eliminated. The semi-final teams will be seeded as 1, 2, 3 and 4 based on highest to lowest point total and the tie-breaking formula from preliminary-round play. Seeded team 1 will play 4 and 2 will play 3, regardless of whether the teams have met in the

Oktoberfest Tournament 2016

preliminary round. The highest seed shall be designated as the home team in all semi-final and championship games. Overtime will be played, if necessary, in all semi-final and championship games. All semi-final and championship overtime play will be sudden victory.

officials (up to a maximum of five) will be permitted in the players’ bench area during game play.

Notice to teams Due to the large number of team entries, some tournament games have been scheduled at 7 a.m. and must begin on time. Preliminary-round games have also been scheduled up to, and including, 9 p.m. Again, with the number of teams, the tournament committee has tried to avoid preliminary-round match-ups from the same league, however in some divisions this is not possible and teams must expect to play a league opponent.

Overtime Format If tied after three periods of play, semi-final and championship games will consist of (1) one ten-minute stop-time period of 4 on 4 sudden victory overtime. Teams may substitute players freely during the overtime period. If the game is not decided at the conclusion of the tenminute overtime period, a (3) three player NHL-style shootout will take place. The team that scores the most goals during the shootout will advance. If the teams are still tied at the conclusion of the first shootout round, a sudden-victory shootout will take place until one team has scored (1) one more goal than the other team. A player may not shoot again until all the players on each team, excluding goalies, have had an opportunity to shoot.

Local rules of the tournament 1. 5-goal differential mercy rule – During preliminary-round games where there is a five-goal differential at any point in the third period (e.g. a score of 6-1), the time clock will run straight time. The game clock will remain in straight run time for the duration of the game unless the goal differential becomes less than five (e.g. a score of 6-2) when stop time would resume. During straight run time, the referees (at their sole discretion) may instruct the timekeeper to stop the clock for a player injury or other matter such as a penalty call. All minor penalties occurring during straight run time will be of 2-minute duration. The five-goal differential mercy rule does not apply to semi-final or final games.

Game Officials: All games will be officiated by registered Hockey Canada, OHF and Alliance Hockey officials. Referees shall judge all goals from the ice. All tournament games will be officiated by a two-person officiating crew. Please note... Spectators are not permitted to enter the change areas or dressing rooms at any time. It is the duty of team managers to respect this rule at all times. There will be no time outs permitted in the preliminary round or semi-final games in this tournament. Each team in the championship/final game will be permitted one time out of 30 seconds. No additional time-outs will be allowed should the championship/final game proceed to overtime. Game times will commence with a three-minute warm-up, beginning when the Zamboni doors close. The timekeeper shall signal the end of the warm-up and commencement of first period of play by sounding the buzzer and re-setting the game clock. A maximum of 19 players including up to two goalies in full uniform and team

2. Game start time – The game start time is listed in the tournament program and on the tournament website. The listed game start time may be moved ahead by up to 15 minutes upon prior notice by the tournament official present to the coach or manager of each team. In the event the tournament is behind schedule, the tournament official present will make best efforts to determine a new game start time and notify the coach or manager of each team. Teams that are not ready to participate at the game start time will forfeit their warm-up period. The tournament official present, in consultation with the referee, may impose further sanction to a team that is ...tournament rules continued on next page


• Reduce the pre-game warm up from three minutes to two minutes. • Reduce the break period between the second and third periods from two minutes to one minute. • Instruct the referee and timekeeper to run the clock. (Teams will be duly noted by the tournament official prior to the start of the game what elements of the clock will run.) • Prohibit line changes on whistle stoppages such that teams may only

...continued from previous page not ready to participate at the game start time such as assigning a minor penalty for delay of game. In the event that the scheduled start time of games in any rink fall behind the prescribed times during preliminary-round games on Friday or Saturday, the tournament chair may impose one or all of the following remedies to correct the delay:

substitute players on the fly. • Curfew the game. (Teams will be duly noted by the tournament official prior to the start of a game.) These remedies will be considered based upon the point in the day when a delay occurs in order to minimize the impact on the remaining schedule. For the tournament website, please visit

ATOM A Brantford 99ers

Amherst Knights


Caledon Hawks

NAME NAME Lainey Aquino Jacob Alessandro Noah Belille Nathan Belo Matthew Carleton Logan Cassidy Jack Cation Brayden Charlton Kaelyn Garbutt Noah Gawlik Nolan Godfrey Evan Greco Owen Lewis Michael Mihalaros Ethan Thibeault Carter Thomson Anderson Walker David Zurek

Cambridge Hawks

Erindale Spitfires

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Isher Bath Cameron Benninger Matthew Bessuille Liam Bobbis Emma Croft Luca Disumma Anderson Fenwick Jason Gray Daniel Lucas Filipe Martins Carter McCann Noah Murphy Michael Salvador Nicholas Zuzak Surya Bhardwaj Dante Ferreira

Hillcrest Canadiens

Head Coach: John Crozier Assistant Coaches: Gregory Fortune, Charles Mendola, Mark Mobus, David Smith Assistant Coach/Trainer: Paul Vallone

Head Coach: Rob Thibeault Assistant Coach: Todd Garbutt Trainer: Mike Godfrey Manager: Richard Belo

Head Coach: Robert Heubeck Assistant Coaches: Warren Croft, Vito Disumma Trainer: Gilbert Martins Manager: David Bessuille

Michael Armento Noah Benderson Hayden Blajszczak Jacob Crozier Jacob Cyrek Luke Deakin Matthew Fortune Cullen Hurley Ryan Marcolini Nicholas Mendola Brady Mobus Gunnar Odonoghue Patrick Ohle Caleb Okulewicz Kiersten Smith Ted Tresco Quincy Unger Jeffrey Vallone

Head Coach: Michael Rossi Assistant Coaches: Kevin O’Neill, Chris Thompson, Adam Christilaw Trainer/Manager: Paul Roswell

NAME NAME Jacob JacobLainey Bartlett Head Coach: Matt Bartlett Gabriel Carswell Assistant Coaches: Chris Carswell, Jonathan Love Jacob Dyson Will George Trainer: Brad George Cole Gignac Cameron Hattie Evan Holtzhauer Joshua Long Benjamin Love Lukas Marik Simon McCandless Landon McDougall James Oberle Owen Pittman Alexander Robinson Aidan Singh Mason Takacs

Head Coach: Gerry Arcella Assistant Coaches: Matthew Dajia, Pat Palermo, Sal Zambito Trainer: Mike Paylor

October 21-23, 2016 14

NAME NAME Jacob HunterLainey Atlee Ethan Bell Ethan Christilaw Colton Dureno Sean Gosselin Jacob Heinbuck Owen Kerr Christian Ligori Tyler McDole Charlie McNeil William Myltschenko Connor O’Neill Lleyton Rossi Keagan Roswell Reese Thompson Tristan Van Dyk Blake Wilson

NAME NAME Jacob JulianLainey Arcella Stefan Ciofu Izaiah Jenkins Billy Kellesis Dylan Knox Justin Lee Cristiano Lima Kishan Manak Cameron Nichol Marcus Palermo Keegan Paylor Daniel Petkovski Noah Saye Eli Walker Stanley Watts Lucas Wrong Nicholas Zambito

2016 Oktoberfest Tournament

ATOM A Kitchener Jr Rangers

NAME NAME Jacob Noah Lainey Bick Luke Blenkhorn Riley Cherry Cole Dietrich Carson Dionne Ezra Fischer Jayden Fischer Jack Guenther Thomas Kunst Julian Mannhardt Evan McDonell Tate McKenna Cole Petzold Markus Ptak Jackson Tjart Noah Tonin Tyler Warnez

London Jr Mustangs Purple

North Toronto

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Rosa Adve Quincy Baldwin Nikolas Begic Christian Cleary Cristian Colle William Dymond Paul Fischer William Greenfield Alexander Irving Andrew Kerr Willem Kerr

Riverside Rangers

Head Coach: Tim Petzold Assistant Coach: Ian Dietrich Assistant Coaches/Trainers: Gary Blenkhorn, Milan Ptak

Head Coach: Michael Dymond Assistant Coach: Stephan Duffy Trainer: Ross Kerr Manager: Peter Baldwin

Benjamin Knatchbull Hugessen

Gavin O’Neill Benjamin Swartz William White James Williams

Vaughan Rangers

NAME Francesco Arlotta Matthew D’Amato Renzo De Bartolo Julian De Lisio Nicholas Divitcos Lucas Fraser Domenic Garisto Christian Hamilton Palermo Michael Leon Ethan Lledo Cole McInnis Matteo Prencipe Tristan Price Andrew Ramo James Simone Tyler Wen

Willowdale Blackhawks

NAME NAME Jacob Luke Lainey Berrey Carter Britt Daniel Clarke Patrick Conneely Taran Hooey Nicholas Iosif Peter Jennings Andrew Levins Phillip Liminov Cal Maharaj Luke Malden Patrick McGee Michael Pasechnyk Benjamin Rogers Charlie Siegel Stephen Tang

Head Coach: Steve D’Amato Assistant Coaches: Dale Arlotta, Domenic Bonavota Trainer: Vince Garisto Manager: Pat De Lisio

Head Coach: Malcolm Clarke Assistant Coaches: Rob Lee, Chris Malden Trainer: Jon Rogers Manager: Sean Jennings

Oktoberfest Tournament 2016

Head Coach: Rob Alpaugh Assistant Coaches: Robert Caron, Dennis Garbutt, Jeff Van Haarlem Trainer: Darryl Hayton

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Malcolm Andrigo Blake Bridge Liam Davis Liam Edgell Andrew Garbutt Logan Grimbleby Logan Hoogstra Daymond Kindree Cole Macintosh Tyler Percival Brandon Rauth Jude Russell Grady Santandrea Cooper Simpson Calvin Smith Ethan Sorge Speers Callum Statchuk

NAME NAME Jacob CarterLainey Beausoleil Head Coach: Shawn Knowles Owen Bentley Assistant Coaches: Mike Bulmer, Darren Bombardier Jackson Blair Cooper Bulmer Trainer: Curtis LaButte Maddox Derkatz Aiden DiPadova Dylan Emery Damien Gaffan Michael Grondin Luca Monaco Kaden Murphy Rory Sandison Neil Sexsmith Jack Wycisk Dominic Cyrenne Nathaniel Mongeau

Waterloo Wolves

Woolwich Wildcats

NAME NAME Jacob PaceyLainey Camm Andrew Chumley Tyler Fisher Michael Gear Eric Kane Kane Kruschat Ian Leech Issac Lopers Nathan Martin Evan Passmore Stuart Sinclair Justin Strohoff Mitchell Walker Elijah Weiss Liam Wood

Head Coach: Malcolm Turnbull Assistant Coaches: Paul McCartney, Nolan Turnbull Trainer: Andrew Fenton Assistant Trainer: Adam Turnbull

Head Coach: Martin Kane Assistant Coach: Terry Martin Trainer: Allan Lopers Manager: Mark Leech

NAME Jackson Andrews Matthew Ball Griffin Beddis Noah Bender Jack Driscoll Landon Hepditch Tim Hodson Bryce Martin Carter Merritt Mason Mohr Easton Oberholtzer Lucas Skanes Hayden Taylor Declan Uniac Riley Webster Calvin Witt Benjamin Yong


ATOM AA Burlington Eagles

NAME NAME Jacob Tyler Black Lainey Marik Boucher Nolan Boye William Brewer Ryan Brooks Calvin Bunt Adam Chung Evan Eftekhari Luke Hearn Nolan Martin Austin Moore Alexander Oproiu Jayden Pahal Jordan Radakovic Ben Richards Cole Scullion Cole Whittaker

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Kael Andrew Christopher Cheeseman Adam Edwards Declan Forth Alexander Gazzola Coy Gordon Zackary Klapman Jordan Nyland Jack Peebles Kai Sulentic Matthew Taylor Sean Bradley Tutt Logan Van Den Heuvel Martin Van Den Heuvel Joshua Verschoor

Halton Hills Thunder

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Brandon Brogan Ian Cameron Cameron Carruthers Cameron Cassels Jackson Chaytor Matthew Eggenberger Grant Hale Daniel Hutchison Matthew Langille Caiden Merrit Ethan Pippo Dustin Putos Wyatt Sutcliffe Cole Tannahill Blake Tonelli Cody Torraville Keiran Whelan

Ice Warriors

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Alex Kostov Andrew Czumak Tomas Hozjan Adam Varga Owen Newman Avery Holmes Aiden Champion Philip Roberto Tristan Batista Cade Chanyi Riley Del Monte Aidan Wolkowich David McCrea Kalysta Song Dailen Fousek Jagjeevan Chahal

Kent Cobras

NAME NAME Jacob KeigenLainey Arnew Luc Blanchette Tom Blundy Luke Chickowski Riley Countryman Zachary Drummond Bricen Gebal Nicholas Horban Vincent Hunter Ashton Lovell Kaiden Lovell Dakota Marchand Denver Poulin Aiden Solway Gavin Stonefish Kalen Turner Noah Wilson

Markham Waxers

NAME NAME Jacob Lainey Hayden Anderson Luca Priolo Ryan MacPhail George Karailiadis Markus Sumi Henry Attard Keegan Roddis Anthony Kozis Dylan de Jesus Tyson Vosgerichian Tyler Tsung Zayne Premji Mikey Ardagh Jack Sunderji Ethan Selvaratnam Katelyn Galuszka Gabriel Carnevale

Niagara Falls Flyers

NAME NAME Jacob Lainey Nick Bonadie John Campbell Nathan Carter Hunter Coley Max Decoff Taize Deschamps Sandro Elia Tanner Horth Dakotah Johnstone Julian Mangiacasale David Nowak Michael Peters Owen Pullar Bryson Saelens Thomas Somerville Dylan Wybo Hunter Wybo

Ancaster Avalanche

Dundas Blues

Head Coach: John Cullen Assistant Coaches: Joel Schaubel Trainer Ivon Cowell Manager: Fred Mastroianni

Head Coach: Brett Andrew Assistant Coaches: Dave Cheeseman, Martin Van Den Heuvel Trainer: Scott Lavigne Manager: Barry Forth

Head Coach: Sam Del Monte Assistant Coaches: Glen Batista, Daneil Del Monte Trainer: John Hozjan Manager: Maggie Zita

Head Coach: Kent Anderson Assistant Coaches: Donny Kozis, Rich Tsung Trainer: Chris Ardagh Manager: Dawn Foster


NAME Eoghan Atkinson Daniel Carson Austin Cowell Ryan Cullen Aidan De Groot Alexander Dehghan Carter Dorrington William Empringham Zachary Finucan Michael Kolovos Andrew Liu Joshua Mastroianni Jake Peters William Russell Jonathan Schaubel Tobin Schwendimancouture Nathan Yates

Head Coach: Karl Hearn Assistant Coaches: Al Brewer, Mike Whittaker Trainer/Assistant Coach: Kevin Bunt Manager: Billy Boucher

Head Coach: Rob Chaytor Assistant Coaches: James Cassels, Sean Tonelli Trainer: Dewey Torraville Manager: Bruce Hutchison

Head Coach: Rex Graham Assistant Coaches: Scott Lovell, Terry Marchand Trainer/Assistant Coach: Richard Gebal Manager: Danny Horban

Head Coach: Mike Decoff Assistant Coaches: Brian Carter, Jeff Peters Trainer: Dave Pullar Manager: Les Nowak

2016 Oktoberfest Tournament

ATOM AA Richmond Hill Stars

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Andreas Christidis Aidan Didiase William Divitcos Christian Errasquin John Michael Grossi Colin Huang Nicholas Kang Dyson Lansing Ryan Mintz Owen Mortensen Stephan Puorro Beckham Reznik William Stratos Nathaniel Wakayama Tucker Yetman

Soo Jr Greyhounds

Tecumseh Eagles

NAME NAME Jacob Lainey Sawyer Batten Arabella Belanger Liam Carlone Jackson Colaner Cole Durfy Luca Keca Ottavio Liburdi Trevor Mayrand Colin Oldridge Ryan O’Neil Guiliano Palanca Simon Parent Ryder Tracy Carter Van Buskirk

Toronto Royals

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Evan Amto Jackson Angel Johnny Bahia Luca Carbone Joseph Cipolla Christian De Rose Stefano Gallace Simon Howard Sebastian Melchionna Matthew Paolucci Lucas Pires Giovanni Rasetta Hartley Rucklidge Josef Seibert Orenzo Serafino Dominic Sferrazza

Whitby Wildcats

NAME NAME AidenLainey Bodnarchuk Jacob Braydon Brown Conor Costello Parker Davis Matthew Drimmie Ryder Edwards Jacob Gibbons Owen McCagherty Ryan McGivney Cale Mezzatesta William Pritchard James Ross Hudson Sedo Brandon St Croix Conor Teevan Calen Tucker Robby White

Woodstock Jr Navy Vets

NAME NAME Jacob DylanLainey Betts Gavin Birmingham Nolan Clough Carter Dehn Kalen Gennings Seth Martin Shannon McMahon Nate Murphy Jackson Nancekivell Brayden Payne Tyler Shaeffer Ethan Staples Mathieu Tremblay Brett Vandendool Nicholas Vessoyan Ryan Woods

Head Coach: Todd Yetman Assistant Coaches: George Divitcos, James Lansing Trainer: Andrew Mortensen Manager: Winnie Wakayama

Head Coach: Chris O’Neil Manager: Joe Oldridge

Head Coach: Corey Edwards Assistant Coaches: Chris Tucker, Scott Ross Trainer: Doug Davis Manager: Tim Pritchard

Oktoberfest Tournament 2016

NAME NAME Spencer Headrick Jacob Lainey

Head Coach: Troy Holzwarth Assistant Coach: Cory Evans Trainer: Dan Arella Manager: Seth Cond Player Assist: Cecilia Holzwarth

Head Coach: Bruce Tokiwa Assistant Coach: Ryan Anderson Trainer: Anthony Howard

Head Coach: Brandon Murphy Assistant Coaches: Matt Paton, Steve Vandendool Trainer: Al Dehn Manager: Chris Martin

Rowan Wyslocky Kadin Johnston Brayden Luzzi Cole Cond Parker Rushton Wyatt Leblanc Jacob Briffet Gage Evans Tristan Holzwarth Evan Roach Darion Pucci Gabriel Palumbo Grayson Pine Kylie Schryer Sara Boston Quincy Unger Grant Mathewson


ATOM AAA Brampton 45’s

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Liam Edmonds Nicholas Wynne Rogan Aikins Logan Brake Douglas Cameron Ethan Chalons Jarrett Cho Hayden Fernhout Nathan Gaymes Liam Harry Jakob Jackson Mason Kocher Brody Myers Owen O’Grady Ezekiel Roberts Julian Rotundo Justin Vieira

NAME NAME Jacob Noah Lainey Last Nathan Solomon MacLean O’Neill Ryder Cooke Brennen Mate Luca Morrone Nash Giles Hudson Gill Jacob Middleton Ted Rawson Justin Bottineau Ethan Commisso Kyle Ferguson Brendan Campbell Nichalos Dipaolo Malcolm Spence Levi Cutaia

Cambridge Hawks

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Carson Albert Bryson Bilodeau Thomas Cummings Sean Demarest Travis Demerchant Cameron Dube Reid Forster Tyler Francis Cameron Fries Tyler Graham Cooper Love Keenan McGrath Cole Miranda Drake Neal Jacob Skuta Mitchell Subject Arika Truax

NAME NAME Jacob ColtonLainey Beaucage

Guelph Jr Gryphons

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Graham Baker Charlie Boon Sebastin Byrne Fraser Clark Joshua Davis Matthew Gauthier Joshua Hosein Cohen Mace Owen McFadden Isaac Misener Joshua Moro Mason Muller Samuel Pollock Luke Rogerson Aiden Patrick Scheerer Evan Stratton Brody Verbeek

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Trenten Bennett Joey Brehmer Aydan Burns Ryan Cornfield Andrew Crouch Dominik Gedja Evan Gruetzmacher Aidan Klasnic Nolan Macey Owen Nash Devin Nunes Joey Price Nolan Shaw Alex Simioni Grayden Strohack Evan Wallace Treyton Weinstein

London Jr Knights

NAME NAME Jacob JaganLainey Chanderdat Brogan Colquhoun Harrison Franssen Dylan Fulton Nazem Kadri Mason Landry Matthew Langhorn Jett Luchanko Broden McConnell Barker Michael McIntyre Talan Palmer Ryan Richards Mitch Sophocleous Matthew Souliere William Liam Spencer Charlie Stucke Max Vandertuin

Ajax Pickering Raiders

Burlington Eagles

Central Ontario Wolves

Head Coach: Murray McMichael Assistant Coaches: Frank Arruda, Tony Schittone Trainer: Mark Vigna Manager: Monty Laviolette

Head Coach: Ryan Middleton Assistant Coaches: Ryan Carrigan, John Ferguson Trainer: Geoff Rawson Manager: Toni Cooke

Head Coach: Kelly Beaucage Assistant Coaches: Scott Rye, Sheldon Sturge, Darnell Gilbert Trainer: Shawn Carmichael

Kitchener Jr Rangers

Head Coach: Mark Strohack Assistant Coaches: Rafal Martynowski, Gavin Burns Trainer: Greg Shaw Manager: Erin Borho-Weinstein


NAME Seamus Boland Nathan Carnrite Kees Degraauw Keane Donnelly Owen Dunning William Garnett Matthew Johnson Sebastin Labrie Evan Lorefice Jacob Mansey Sewpersaud Alexandros Marinos Aidan McMichael Kaid Puusa Jacob Simmons Ryan Sinnott Owen Vigna Nate Gillis

Ian Carmichael Avery Degeer Trent Frederick Evan Gilbert Jack Hazelton Ryan Koss Thad Long Ryan McCoy Cameron Moss Jacob Mumford Blake Peters Easton Rye Owen Sturge Benjamin Subrizi Daniel Thomakos Raymond Thurston Hayden Vokins

Head Coach:Tom O’Grady Assistant Coaches: Gary Vieira Trainer: Scott Cameron Assistant Trainer: Mike Aikins Manager: Dianne Vieira

Head Coach: Trevor Fraser Assistant Coaches: Zachary Shomphe, Pat Skuta, Chris Stephens Trainer: Jennifer Perrotte

Head Coach: Justin Davis Assistant Coaches: Brent McFadden, Corey Rogerson Trainer: Neil Boon Manager: Howard Byrne

Head Coach: Chad Palmer Assistant Coach: Scott McIntyre Assistant Coach/Manager: Michael Vandertuin Trainer: David Stucke Asisstant Trainer: Lisa Souliere

2016 Oktoberfest Tournament

ATOM AAA North Central Predators

NAME NAME Jacob ChaseLainey Beiers Michael Dion Colten Drillen-Roach Devin Fisher Nathaniel Fogarty Jensen Howe Josh Hutton Ethan Loader Luca Paron Marcus Petroff Ethan Procyszyn Max Schryer Logan Shannon Simon Sickinger Caden Taylor Wyatt Warner

Oshawa Minor Generals

Soo Jr Greyhounds

NAME NAME Jacob OwenLainey Avery Brady Bayles Anthony Blonda Keenan Boissoneau A.J. Borelli Charlie Burns Camden Cowan Sebastin Dos Reis Lucas Green Danny Guzzo Cameron Hernden Jack McPherson Kiinen Saari Christian Sartor Kaylob Thibodeau Harley Wardell Brett Wilson

Southern Tier Admirals

NAME NAME Jacob Lainey Brandon Alexander Adam Bignucolo Jeffrey Bisson Tristan Chevalier Callum Cheynowski Lucas Ecker Parker Forlin Joshua Giammattolo Landen Gravelle Quiten Hemauer Jonathan Iwanyszyn Sawyer Kane Noah Maki Anthony Maulucci Tyler Rowland Luca Santostefano Andrew Vermeulen

Toronto Young Nationals

NAME NAME Jacob Adley Lainey Ablos Vince Albanese Luke DeFrancesco Raj Hiutin Ryan Kukulowicz Matthew Malone Finn Marshall Riley Misa Jordan Richert Wilson Simonett Cole Thompson Tristan Vedovat Leite Luca Vivona Siqian Oscar Wu Owen Clark Wyatt Stercer Athan Valkanas

Toronto Titans

Vaughan Kings

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Tyler Andrade Matteo Araujo Ella Buonaguro Matthew Caggiano Seasmus Chan Riley Clark Ethan Cochrane Thomas Hanger Jaedon Holloway C.J. Irwin Matthew Javier Kyle McKeown Jonathan Morello Claire Murdoch Sam O’Reilly

Waterloo Wolves

Head Coach: Dale Shannon Assistant Coach: Aaron Dion Trainer: Jason Warner Manager: Mike Howe

Head Coach: Marc Disano Assistant Coach: Jeff Green Trainer: Darryl Wardell Manager: Ron Sartor

Head Coach: Lou Vedovat Assistant Coaches: Mike Spagnuolo, Ralph Aiello Trainer: Michael Synarski Manager: Geoff Simonett

Head Coach: Colin Murdoch Assistant Coaches: Colin Foam, Chuck O’Reilly Trainer: Phil Hanger Manager: Denyse Pilkington

Oktoberfest Tournament 2016

Head Coach: Keith Leslie Assistant Coaches: Steven Toll, Aaron Woolley Trainer: Alexander Wheelans Manager: Gordon Nowlan

Head Coach: Darcy Hemauer Assistant Coaches: Jeff Christopher, Shawn Kane Trainer: Jill Purdy Manager: Jordan Hopkins

NAME Caden Beaton Eamon Callaghan Connor D’Angelo Joshua Frenette Luke Hill Charlie Hilton Dylan Leslie Mathew Losee Ethan MacDonald Nikolas Pawlowski Payton Rickards Ryan Rydzik Amari Sellars Zackary Toll Cameron Wheelans Ty Wilson Jared Woolley

NAME NAME Jacob Ryan Lainey Castle Head Coach: Timothy McNamara William Cox Assistant Coaches: Claudio D’Nota, Robert Tassone Matthew Daiello Cohen D’Ulisse Trainer: Kaitlyn Szabo Dylan Kelly Manager: Christine Vicente Jianan Li Romeo Lini Tyler Miocevich Koen Jia Rei Nguyen MacGregor Richmond Alexander Soudmand Ryan Tizzard Daniel Vasic Carter Vicente Rocco Visconti Calem Yorke

Head Coach: Doug Snyder Assistant Coaches: Bob Lekun, Troy Williams Trainer: Evan Canzi

NAME NAME Jacob Evan Lainey Baker Keaton Bartlett Jaxon Broda Kaeden Burger Thomas Chan Cooper Gaul Keira Healey Colton Henderson Cole Hunsberger Isaac Lorentz Jack Martin Ryan McDougall Carter Otto Jake Patterson Carter Roth Sammy Snyder Brayden Stumpf


ATOM MD Burlington Bulldogs

NAME NAME Jacob LoganLainey Armstrong Benjamin Boyce Justin Fairfield Liam Harrington Spencer King Tom Madgett Simon Masciangelo Trevor McNaughton Ryan Moffatt Ryan Nelson Charlotte Payette Grant Phillips Nicholas Pilon Owen Ryan Jacob Stacey Mateo Terlizze Sam Van Staalduinen

Kitchener Jr Rangers Red

North London Nationals

Stratford Warriors

Head Coach: Jason Masciangelo Assistant Coaches: Mike King, Greg McNaughton Trainer: James Ryan Manager: Dave Phillips

Head Coach: Tim Lewis Assistant Coach: Gregory Palmer Trainer: Bradley Domjan Manager: Ryan Hall

Head Coach: Kris Dinel Assistant Coach: Paul Murphy Trainers: Mark Radbourne, Mike Hayward Manager: Erica Hayward

Head Coach: Mark Hall Assistant Coaches: Brett Buckley, Rob Campbell Trainer: Sandra Beckett


Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue

NAME NAME Jacob ZerayLainey Barbosa Lochlin Dorion Matthew Hodgson Bryson Kraan Kyver Lippert Cooper Marier Landon McLean Carter McMann Sam Miller Carson Moraitis Matteo Pasqualino Micah Peters Aidan Reid Will Shantz Kyle Sorley Jack Strassburger Tyler Vanderveen

NAME Caedan Allen Ethan Domjan Connor Gyapjas Travis Hainer Sammy Hajjar Nolan Hall Jacob Lesko Peter Lewis Tyse Loucks Andrew Myers Tyler Ollson Zackary Palmer Zack Perry Lucas Roden Ethan Toriumi Nathan Vandevyvere Aiden Warne

Leitrim Hawks

NAME NAME Jacob JustenLainey Gard Jett Nesrallah Tyseer Ghadban Alexandro Tsimiklis Ryan Poirier Benjamin Thomas Nicholas Johnston Daniel Gebara Owen Creally Chase Campbell Tareck Ghadban Emery Provenzano Sean Feeney Matthew MacTavish Jack Jeffrey Cedric Fortin Ryan St. Louis

NAME Owen Thompson Jessica Lee Kieran Dresser Joshua Lewis Noah Radbourne Trent Walker Ben Kopichanski Ryan Dinel Jacob Skocir Yash Soni Nick Loupos Matt Murphy Brennan Hayward Thomas Silcox Dylan Searles Ella Willoughby Ryan Swinamer

Oakville Rangers

NAME Devon Loerzel Hutton Patterson Noah Rankin Cole Humphrey Jackson Campbell Jack Buckley Eric Haynes Nolan Trainor Adam Jeffrey Noah Roth Jakob Dugas Brayden Gerber Nate Framst Lachlan MacArthur Austin Cosstick Tyson Malcho Jack Murphy

Waterloo Wolves

NAME NAME Jacob Lainey Zackary Cook Ethan Day Jack Droumtsekas Hunter Kechnie Cameron MacDonald Aidan MacKinnon Hunter McMurdo Jackson McNichol Jake Millington Finn Skuterud Jacob Stark Luca Terrenzio Ethan Wasylyshyn Quade Willson Gavin Wilson Theo Wolfe Austin Zappitelli

Head Coach: Vince Pasqualino Assistant Coaches: Scott Lippert, Mark Vanderveen Trainers: Mark Peters Assistant Trainer: Eric Strassburger Manager: Maggie Pasqualino

Head Coach: Mark Provenzano Assistant Coaches: Jody Jeffrey, Nazeeh Ghadban, Gary Campbell Trainers: Joe Feeney, Barry Nesrallah Manager: Monica Nolet

Head Coach: Trent Erickson Assistant Coaches: Dino Marchioli, Brian Pedlar Assistant Coach/Trainer: Brent Walker Manager: Peter O’Connell

Head Coach: Darryl Wilson Assistant Coaches: Cameron Day, Mike MacKinnon, Brian McNichol Trainer: Adam Terrenzio

NAME Ian Arnott Maxximus Bettiol Ante Brozic Griffin Erickson Marco Fortino Tyler Garrett Luka Grbavac Ethan Jackson Olin James John Krush Robbie Marchioli Christian Nimac Ryan O’Connell Matthew Pedlar James Robinson Tyler Spencer Jeremiah Walker

2016 Oktoberfest Tournament

MINOR ATOM A Amherstburg Stars

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Hudson Bond Noah Cappadocia Owen Fox Edouard Herbert Wyatt Jackson Dallas Kelly Sam Kozar Sawyer Krokos Jason Lennox Adam MacDonald Mason Macinnes Nolan McGowan Payne Oltrop Adam Pizzala Brayden Sales Owen Scott Samuel Wirag

Ancaster Avalanche

Brantford 99ers

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Matthew Usher Nicholas Caridi Nathan Maracle Dylan Butler Austin Bertling Jack Ferras Joseph Bridle Marcus Savaria Brysson Bolduc Corsen Hawes Kieran Luscombe Johnny Laferriere Andrew Gillis Lane Theriault Aiden Thorne Zachary Berrill Owen Doucette

Burlington Bulldogs

Dundas Blues

NAME NAME Jacob Jackson Beaulieu Lainey Jack Gibson Tomas Hassling Jason MacNeil Aj Murray Rowan Ortwein Caleb Pauls Quinn Riggs Harrison Robertson Evan Smith Lincoln Steinke Ben Villalobos Kyle Wheaton Sean Whelan

Kitchener Jr Rangers

Markham Islanders

Head Coach: Chris Hayes Assistant Coach: Dallas Kelly Trainer: Bryan Bond Assistant Trainer: Cathy MacInnes

Head Coach: Brent Usher Assistant Coaches: Max Bertling, Pat Bates Trainer: Justin Laferriere

Head Coach: Tom Ortwein Assistant Coaches: Larry Riggs, Terry Whelan Trainer: John Pauls Manager: Jon Gibson

Head Coach: Gary Titmarsh Assistant Coaches: Jordan Zajac, Mike MacEachern Trainer: Steve Steiger Manager: Carol Chan

Oktoberfest Tournament 2016

Head Coach: Greg Fullerton Assistant Coaches: Brian Daniels, Mathieu Whelan Trainer: Calvin Bulbrook Assistant Trainer: Matthew Rushton

NAME NAME Jacob Lainey Michael Bainbridge Jordan Bixby Lyam Bulbrook-Viegas Alexander Daniels Logan Forbes Reid Fullerton Thomas Leone Benjamin Patterson Aidan Portwood London Prashad Daniel Puglisi Spencer Rushton Kieran Smith Liam Solly Paolo Spadano Finnley Whelan Liam Whelan

NAME NAME Tyler Lainey Bent Jacob Head Coach: Jeff Bent Christopher Bevington Assistant Coaches: Mark Bonaparte, Darren Naismith Daniel Bonaparte Blake Clayton Trainer: Jason Saker Teagan Daniels Manager: Kim Bevington Riley Emmons Jesse Gruber Ethan Hunt Jack Jesudian Taven Jones-Boles Ryder McDaniel Ben Naismith Nathan Needham Kade Saker Trent Schertzing Sanjay Snaidero Jacob Uhm

Head Coach: Barry Singh Assistant Coaches: Sam Simons, Greg Rutledge Trainer: Scott Tupling

NAME Owen Aldridge Xavier Bernier Jack Bogaert Jacob George Jake Johnston Joshua Kaufman Joe Lusk Nolan MacNeil Taylor Morey Maximus Rowley Michael Rutledge Tysen Sheridan Shayle Simons Samuel Singh Jameson Staab John Stewart Cooper Tupling

NAME Nathan Altilia Henry Bao Benjamin Chan Jason Duchenski Luca Grafos Joaquin Katzman Audric Liang Joshua Lo Jake MacEachern Max Shapiro Curtis Steiger Isaac Tang Ryan Wai Hayden Williams Jaden Yin Allan Zhou Terrence Zhu


MINOR ATOM A Milton Winterhawks

NAME NAME Jacob LaurenLainey Aguiar Jake Callon Gavin Dawn Noah Dupplessis Jack Galway Elise Gelinas Cameron Henderson Liam Kelly Seth King Benjamin Le Brun Peyton Lee Justin McClary Luca Petruzzo Joshua Putz Lincoln Quann Nicholas Trakas Cameron Yager

Richmond Hill Stars

Toronto Eagles

Whitby Wildcats

Head Coach: Scott Lee Assistant Coaches: Cyril Quann Trainer: Brian Levins Asisstant Trainer: Greg Dawn Manager: Jamie Galway

Head Coach: Dan Lichterman Assistant Coaches: Tom Tsiokos, Bob Zante Trainer: Michael Cleary Manager: Betty Papadimitriou

Head Coach: David Cousineau Assistant Coach: Scott Belair Trainer: Paul Greenhow Manager: Ian Mair

Head Coach: Dean Seabrook Assistant Coaches: Phil Genoway, John Taylor Trainer: Chris Russell Manager: Paul Evans


New Hamburg Huskies

NAME NAME Jacob JordanLainey Abbott Brett Bell Joseph Durrer Lucas Fortin Nolan Freeman Kael Mosburger James Murray Dylan O’Connell Tyson Peacock Liam Robertson Isaac Roth Oscar Shonk Koen Soulliere Evan Van Zuilen Evan Walmsley Ayden Ziegler

NAME Rodrick Carver Leyton Cleary Braedon Donohue Joshua Gang Evan Griffiths Emma Lichterman Clara Liu Maddox Moir Julian Orthino James Papadimitriou Francis Parish Julius Qi Aiden Shourideh Ziabari Lucas Tsiokos Jonathan Wang Jacob Zante

Sarnia Sting

NAME NAME Jacob CarterLainey Bell Rowan Fisher Andin Gear Mya Glaister Ryder Haynes Kyle Healy Caleb Houghton Zachary Houghton Cameron Humphrey Jason Lajeunesse Jr Nolan McNaught Owen Mooser Kyla Rumford Callum Scott Nate Shaw Evan Van Sickle Carter Whitworth

NAME Jacob Belair Brendan Castelli Lucas Condoyannis Kaiden Cousineau Samuel Cristello Ian Dalrymple James Greenhow Ethan Iantorno Zachary Mair Nikolas Markoc Christian Mazzuca Hayden McIsaac Jordan Milburn Luke Perrier Colton Smith Mason Watkins

Uxbridge Stars

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Joshua Avery Mason Begg Joshua Bonnyman Kylar Burch Tyler Dawson Ben Dunlop Adrian Hammell Wesley Harding Devin Hollands Kale Kinniburgh Jack Kirby Declan Maknyik Van Pereira Ryan Proctor Austin Punchard Reese Walker Trey Weatherall

NAME Martina Accardi Liam Aitken Devin Brining Owen Evans Jacob Genoway Nolan Guest Nathan Hull Zachary Hardy Jackson Huff Liam Matthews Jaxon Misev Markus Morgan Keegan Russell Gabriel Seabrook Spencer Stephenson Thomas Sunghing Easton Thompson

Head Coach: Kevin Abbott Assistant Coaches: Kevin Durrer, Brian Walmsley Trainer: Dean Robertson Manager: Scott Soulliere

Head Coach: Michael Van Sickle Assistant Coaches: Derek Haynes, Pat Humphrey Trainer: Warren Glaister, Shaun Mooser Manager: LeeAnnah Whitworth

Head Coach: Jason Bonnyman Assistant Coaches: Al Avery, David Dawson Trainer: Jeff Kinniburgh Manager: Ashley Begg

2016 Oktoberfest Tournament

MINOR ATOM AA Copper Cliff Redmen

Head Coach: Cecil Burton Assistant Coaches: Pierre Labrecque, Richie Miglioranza Trainer: Justin Oliver Manager: Tammy Prpic

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Max Arnold Nathan Audette Ethan Burton Carter Carriere Nicholas Gauthier Gabe Gauvreau Riley Graffi Lucas Jacko Nicholas Labrecque Sarah McKechnie Nathan Miglioranza Zachary Neron Ethan Oliver Cale Prpic Adam Urso

Gloucester Rangers White

Georgina Blaze

NAME NAME Jacob Lainey Hayden Barber Head Coach: Keith Geniole Nolan Bevand Assistant Coaches: Todd Bevand, Arni Josephson, AJ Bolin Moss Matthew Collett Steve Sedore Nash Cronsberry Trainer: Kevin Slaney Kyle Forget Sam Geniole Camden Granger Adam Hercun Erik Josephson Nicholas Karkambasis Conor Kingsley Samuel Miller Ryan Potvin Joshua Risk Deakin Slaney

NAME NAME Jacob DanielLainey LaFlamme Head Coach: Damien LaFlamme Jackson Hamelin Assistant Coaches: Jim Armstrong, Peter Cantrell, Dylan Turcotte Antonio Imerti Brad Turcotte Phillip Bennett Trainer: Jason Faubert, Richard Hamelin Ben Kozyra Manager: Mike Webb Jackson Moon Tyler Meireles Rowan Cantrell Tristan Webb Luke Suys Noah Petrie Cooper Doornbos Jacob Rheaume Xavier Pilon Faubert Kazuya Armstrong Ryan Ross

Guelph Jr Gryphons

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Giovanni Arangio Sergio Bird Logan Biser Rune Bourque Ryder Burns Tyler Chadwick Caysen Craig Olin Cuyler Max Grimwood Andrew McMillan Noah Savery Nathan Schiltt Parker Shanny Adam Smith Koen Smith Matthew Stam Tyler Thompson

Richmond Hill Stars

Stratford Warriors

NAME NAME Jacob Cody Bach Lainey Ryan Gansevles Aaron Green Rylan Hall Aidan Hill Blake Hodgeson Grady Murphy Austin Musselman Carter Petrie Colin Schultz Nathan Siebert Brenden Sippel Colin Slattery Lukas Steele Blair Stokes Dawson White

Head Coach: Giorgio Scocco Assistant Coach: Tim Salter Trainer: Jay Stolberg Manager: Diana Thomas

Oktoberfest Tournament 2016

NAME NAME Anthony Cipollone Lainey Jacob Filip Djordjevic Kosta Karailiadis Gavin Kusinskis Matthew Lianos Christopher Millis Sebastian Pelaez Robert Petrucci Michael Piao Michael Riccio Austin Salter Stefano Scocco Zain Sheraly Aidan Stern Riley Stolberg

Head Coach: Scott Biser Assistant Coach: Grant Thompson Trainer: John Biro Manager: Matthew Shanny

Head Coach: Tim Schultz Assistant Coaches: Chris Musselman, Andrew Lorimer Trainer: Tony Convay Manager: Scott Siebert


MINOR ATOM AA Soo Jr Greyhounds

Head Coach: Chris Huckson Assistant Coaches: Paolo Campagna, Troy Miller, Darren Nadon Trainer: Mike Gallivan Manager: Dave Guizzetti

NAME NAME Jacob EthanLainey Ferguson Coulson Bell Declan Gallivan Donald Hernden Laake O’Neil Deago Campagna Candon O’Neill Preston Miller Hudson Chitaroni Tyler Neveau Lucas Diberardino Carter Huckson Drew Allison Nathan Guizzetti Griffen Albert Cash Rowswell Carter Nadon

Vaughan Panthers

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Antonio Vincenzo Andriano Head Coach: Sandro Andriano Thomas Caggiano Assistant Coaches: John Quaglietta, William Quaglietta Adamo Corsino Lucas Erceg Trainer: Rocco Miccoli Andrew Feng Manager: Nicholas Quaglietta Shai Glina Domenico Mesiti Rocco Miccoli Thomas Peticca Zachary Pino Logan Prior Gianfranco Rosella Isaiah Tomlinson Kaichen Zhang Shawn Zhou Jesse Kaplan

Toronto Aeros

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Ben Bar Menachem Max Belchetz Brandon Grill Logan Kalef Ryan Kwong Christopher Lewis Blake McKay Lior Orgil Damian Spadafora Dimitri Spadafora Joshua Tam Logan Thomas Cristian Troiani Callum Vokes Kevin Wu

Windsor Spitfires

NAME NAME Jacob AydenLainey Larocque Jack Van Kuren Anthony Beloulis Elliot Lester Justin Reimneitz Jordon Machan Noah Hotham Alec Johnston Aidan Woytowich Chase MacDonald Lennox Boismier Keegan Laporte Massimo Nalli Keagan Knowler Cory Leach Matteo Sperduti Aiden Geng

Head Coach: Oded Orgil Assistant Coaches: Evan LaPointe, Kyle McKay Trainer: Allan Grill

Head Coach: Leonard Boismier Assistant Coach: Kipp Van Kuren Trainer: Steve Machan Assistant Trainer: Craig Hotham Manager: Bill Lester

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2016 Oktoberfest Tournament

MINOR ATOM AAA Brampton 45’s

NAME NAME Jacob MasonLainey Janicki Gabe Donohue Nolan Butler Koen Armstrong Gabriele Caschera Liam Sgro Eric Tomlin Calin Saul John Prosdocimo Cole MacEachern Benji Miziolek Gabriel Smith Isaac Simone Braylon Masulka Ethan Vivieros Justin Dermit Matthew Ford

Cambridge Hawks

Huron Perth Lakers

NAME NAME Jacob Lainey Hayden Barch Jack Boersma Jack Bree Will Coward Madden Coyne Ryan Fraser Carson Harmer Drew Hodge Zachary Houben Nathan Jewitt Quinn Kipfer Dominic Marshall Ben Medhurst Hayden Nicholson Sawyer Olmstead Jordan Visneskie

Head Coach: Glenn Chapman Assistant Coaches: Gerrard MacEachern, Al Ford Trainer: Jeff Donohue Manager: Christopher Caschera

Head Coach: Ryan D’Arcy Assistant Coaches: Mike Gignac, Jason Whissell Trainer: Scott Ball

Head Coach: Kevin Nicholson Assistant Coaches: Greg Houben, Jeff Jewitt Trainers: Andrew Medhurst, Jamie Visneskie Manager: Shawn Boersma

Oktoberfest Tournament 2016

NAME Jackson Ball Nolan Branco Aidan Bryans Jordan Charron Jack D’Arcy Alexavier Deeb Reid Gammage Connor Gignac Trenten Gillies Benjiman Hedges Luke McConnell Jack McGurn Isaac Melo Carden Rogers Hickman Will Ross Xander Speakman Carter Whissell

Burlington Eagles

NAME Ben Austin Andy Bastin Gavin Cressman Ian Fleet Trent Gates Bodhi Gillies Blake Jankovich Ivan Kastelan Brendan Keogh Nicholas Kiss Madden Lockwood Michael McBay Samuel Mudie Nathan Nedelko Jacob Power Nathan Schwarz Darie Visan

Guelph Gryphons

NAME Kurtis Abbey Sam Black Tanner Bothwell Nathan Briggs Nolan Chabot Zachary Convoy Alessandro Grusso Trenton Harris Oscar Mackenzie Johnson Noah Milne Landon Mitchell Vincent Piccone Alex Rossi Sam Savery Brady Smith Hunter Solomon Evan Van Eykeren

Kanata Blazers

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob William McCulligh Jonah Campeau Ryder Wilson Cooper Rock Carlito Vallejos Grant Baker Peter Legostaev Andrew Pi Carson Osborne Theirry Demers Ryan White Jacob Goh Jacob Begin Lucas Jin Maxwell Vennor Jaeden Nelson Charlie Larocque

Head Coach: Scott Mudie Assistant Coaches: Andy Gillies, James Austin Trainer: Garnet Gates Manager: Dwayne Nedelko

Head Coach: Joe Harris Assistant Coaches: Dan Conroy, Ryan Black Trainer: Malcolm Briggs

Head Coach: Todd White Assistant Coaches: Chris Larocque, Aaron Robinson Trainer: Kian Goh Manager: Sharon Fine


MINOR ATOM AAA Kitchener Jr Rangers

Head Coach: Ben Schust Assistant Coaches: Christopher Ripley, Chad Parker Trainer: Ryan Robichaud Manager: Jason Rolson

NAME Rhett Calder Brendan Gerber Brock Grein Jack Hodge Jordan Jacobs Kayden Livingston Marcus Msuya Hudson Parker Matthew Ripley Brandt Robichaud Zachary Rolson Cooper Schust Cole Stefanac Joey Stiles Bobby Tsilogianis Evan Walter Brady Young

Markham Majors

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Kyan Anderson Brody Charkiw Ethan Donchos Josephine Gauvin Jerry Liu Joshua Mason Gianmarco Mastroianni Noah Pak Michael Piccininno Nicholas Schwertner Julien Simone Ryan Smith Jordan Taube Cole Vasiliu Ryan Wright Patrick Young Leo Zhou

Mississauga Reps

NAME James Colella Jacob Dawicki Adam Fernandes Curtis Freeman Chase Gillingham Adam Lakhani Kiran Machado Pierce Mbuyi Nolan McVeigh Michael Murphy Adriano Neri James Paul Nathaniel Rambally Rose Xavier Smith Braeden Van Gelder

North York Knights

NAME NAME Jacob Cole Kingsley Lainey Xavier DelZotto Steven Wilson Adam Smeeton Matthew McKay Ari Sylver Simon Battiston Jack Myers Josiah Yue Steven Evans Jay Mulder Colin Clokie Owen Kwok Josh Weinberg Andrew Shukaris Ryan Kaminker

Ottawa Sting


Head Coach: Donald Gillingham Assistant Coach: John Freeman Trainer: Nigel Smith Manager: Latoya Rambally

Head Coach: Darrin Meehee Assistant Coaches: Craig Collins Williams, John Pundyk, Sebastien Belanger Trainer: Jaden Lairson Manager: John McEvoy


Rowan Boivin Riley Pundyk Declan Gallivan Justin Brown Joseph Pocrnic Maxim Froeschi Thomas McEvoy John Collins Williams Matteo Padoin Castillo Aleksander Meehee Dean Ricci Shaan Kingswell Colin Budd Leo LaVecchia Will McGregor Elliot Crichton Nathaniel Lairson Myloh LaVecchia

Head Coach: Marty Iazovtsky Assistant Coach: Stephan Salituro Trainer: Mathew Gallinger Manager: Dan Young

Head Coach: Kevin Kingsley Assistant Coach: John Mulder Trainer: Cameron Clokie Manager: Andrew DelZotto

Waterloo Wolves

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Jack Mayne Head Coach: Rick Morton Adam Konopka Assistant Coaches: Andrew Henderson, Patrick Walsh Matthew Darrigan Luke Schofield Trainer: Robin Cumming Rowan Henderson Manager: John Busch Keegan Weatherdon Benjamin Morton Triton Halstead Reed Straus Evan Grant Jay Busch Evan Walsh Samuel Ratcliffe Rhys McCloskey Josh Frey Brady Martin Cameron Beisel

2016 Oktoberfest Tournament

MINOR ATOM MD Burlington Bulldogs

Head Coach: David Kelly Assistant Coaches: Eric Jaschinski, Chris Rutherford Trainer: Craig Sylvia Manager: Adam McInnis

NAME Kieran Blimkie Cole Brown Declan Dunbavin Nathan Fisher Trevor Houston Liam Hughes Connor Jaschinski John Jefferies Thomas Kelly Grant Lee Roman Loncaric Jack McInnis Gavin Moore Joshua Rutherford Dane Skillings Liam Sylvia Jacob Walker Edwards

Cambridge Hawks

NAME NAME Jacob ParkerLainey Campbell Tyler Caswell Qunitin Douglas Blake Fletcher Reggie Gignac Matthew Klassen Nathan Lahey Liam Lapierre Ryland MacPherson Ben McGowan Michael McIntyre Nevin Noble Andrew Quarrie Camden Schaefer Ryan Silva Lucas Sousa Justin Vandervelde

Kitchener Jr Rangers Blue

NAME Sebastian Ambrose Liam Balmer Trentin Bartscher Brayden Beatson Parker Boertein Reid Bromiley Parker Coughlin Noah Donelle Ryan Haves Carson Knight Carter MacKay Aaron Radstake Ryan Richards Cameron Sharpe James Smith Wyatt Stercer Brayden Wilk

Kitchener Jr Rangers Red

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Liam Alcock Ashton Cha Tj Cleminson Brendan George Michael Hajjar Riley Hinsperger Isaac Hoover Reed Hoover Logan Kroh Blake Neomytka Chase Palmquist Kian Pike Cooper Schell Lukas Talbot Austin Ullman Brooke Voll Braiden Wilton

Leitrim Hawks

NAME Noah Cardinal Nicholas Cassan Evan Cross Nicholas Gilroy Antonio Guido Jack Heard Nolan Henhoeffer Tristan Hodgeson Colby Hunter Cole Juneau Cole Langhan Jordan Louisy Daniel McDowell Jake Moir Kyle Moore Malcolm Ouellet Noah Strickey

London Bandits

Richmond Hill Stars

NAME Nathan Avrams Anthony Belviso Jason Bracey Gibbon Tyson Catto Ryan Cheung Michael Di Giacinto Kais Figueiredo Alex Frantellizzi Adnaan Jaffer Cameron Khang Andreas Kougias Cameron Lee Joshua Lee Noah Studin Caroline Wo

Vaughan Rangers Red

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Andrew Benaiah William Cho Charles Connor Owen Connor Connor Hopper Mia Mora Matteo Naccarato Pearce Parkin Matthew Pittini Matthew Puntillo Noah Roberts Jack Scott June Shim Owen Sturge Antonio Torriano Nicholas Trani Edward Zhang

Head Coach: Paul Radstake Assistant Coaches: Tim Knight, Jamie Stercer Manager: Nick Boertien

Head Coach: Benoit Cassan Assistant Coaches: Scott Hunter, Mike Moore, Marc Ouellet Trainer: Leo Cardinal Manager: Sarah Strickey

Head Coach: Antonois Kougias Trainer: Jason Avrams Manager: Antonio Di Giacinto

Oktoberfest Tournament 2016

Head Coach: Marie Schaefer Assistant Coaches: Jim Caswell, Dave Klassen Trainer: Don Fletcher

Head Coach: Rob Pike Assistant Coach: Chris Palmquist Trainer: Shawn Hoover

Head Coach: Nathan Stewart Assistant Coach: Chris Ferguson, Brett Ruetz Trainer: Craig Adkins Assistant Trainer: Carl Mikler Manager: Andrea Neilson

Head Coach: Mark Hopper Assistant Coaches: Mike Scott, Phil Pittini Trainer: Patrick Connor Manager: Kellie Ierullo

NAME Kayden Aarts McKinley Adkins Jakob Baratta James Colquhoun Gage Cotton Kyle De Caire Massimo Del Guercio Owen Dixon Nate Ferguson Jacob Fuller Carl Mikler Xander McCafferty Austin Neilson Chad Newcombe Myles Pavicic Neely Skelton Joel Stewart


MINOR ATOM MD Waterloo Wolves

Head Coach: Brad Palmer Assistant Coaches: Jeff Palmer, Brent Bieber


NAME Carson De Vries Michael Ewart Hugh Fraser Caleb Gawel Ian George Derek Gou William Hehn Daniel Krueger Evin Lancinger Nolan McPherson Noah Myke Redden Shantz Jack Silver Josh Tieleman Jared Wellman Andrew Ye Noah Zhang

Woolwich Wildcats

Head Coach: Matthew Roemer Assistant Coaches: Rob Aitken, Jamie Rozema Trainer: Kirby Gingrich Manager: Marie Roemer

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Wesley Aitken Reid Deyell Blake Dueck Nathan Dyck Thomas Ferguson Tyler Gingrich Graydon Martin Mitchell Roemer Austin Roth Bryson Rozema Max Schwartzentruber Carter Snider Carson Staken Haiden Wagner Taylor Weber

2016 Oktoberfest Tournament

GIRLS ATOM A Aurora Panthers

NAME Anna Bradley Audrey Chambers Jenna Crawshaw Emily Daniels Sloan Davidson Allie Dinsmore Teagan Hulse Maisie Kozak Noa Marincola Victoria Nechadim Edythe Nicholls Eleanor Nicholls Phoenix Richardson Ashley Scott Lauren Spencer Kaitlyn Toner Jessica Williams

Bluewater Hawks

NAME NAME Jacob Olivia Lainey Battram Molly Battram Justine Belan Anika Brants Katie Damen Samara George Estelle Lebeau Sadie Lewis Katelyn Malaniuk Alyson Scotchmer Claire Stanton Charlotte Stewardson Brooke VanGeffen Brooklyn VanRiel

Burlington Barracudas

NAME Riley Crawford Devon Lowe Kaeley Chan Marley Clarke Reese Dilworth Kayla Ducharme Naomi Francis Cassandra Harris Sara Hover Santina Liu Ella McFarlane Lauren McIntyre McKenna O’Connor Hannah O’Leary Audrey Ross Olivia Sheehan Samantha Wilson

Cambridge Roadrunners

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Sydney Brown Chloe Cassidy Zoe Deighan Elizabeth Fletcher Megan Gaudet Angelina Gouveia Emma-Kate Gray Kendra Hill Abbey Kent Sylvie Legault Layla May Kendal Middleton Julia Papalia Macy Peters Emilia Santos Sierra Schmidt Mackenzie Willem

Guelph Jr Gryphons

NAME Keira Bennett Shawn Bernhard Kyra Beuttenmiller Taylor Bond Emma Collier Amelie Daumas Jadis Howden Sydney Huether Ella Humphrey Emily Lawler Taylor Meredith Ella Parisotto Jade Parnell Avery Peters Sophie Power-Rossi Ally Smith Jessica Utley

Kingston Ice Wolves

Head Coach: John Nicholls Assistant Coaches: Derek Hulse, Chris Bradley, Robbie Spencer Trainers: Laura Crawshaw, Colleen Kozak, Elizabeth Nechadim, Leslie Degagne Trainer/Staff: Melissa Nicholls Staff: Ryan Daniels

Head Coach: Ryan Ross Assistant Coaches: James O’Connor, Pat Ducharme Trainers: Lynn Ann MacKinnon, Sheril Cave O’Leary Trainer/Staff: Laura Harris Staff: John McFarlane, Daneil Francis Manager: Melina Ducharme

Head Coach: Jason Lawler Assistant Coaches: Darin Collier, Brett Smith Trainer: Matt Peters Manager: Julie Howden

Oktoberfest Tournament 2016

Head Coach: Mark VanGeffen Assistant Coaches: Brian VanRiel, Brian Lewis Trainer: Shawn Battram Manager: Melinda Battram

Head Coach: Andrew Hill Assistant Coaches: Kyle Deighan, Jon Gray Trainer: Kristen Cassidy Manager: Dennis Cassidy

Head Coach: Troy Southward Assistant Coaches: Ron Murphy, Greg Bauder, Jim Landine Trainer: Brooke VanGuyze Assistant Trainer: Shelly Gelineau Manager: Mike Tye Staff: Steve McAllister, Trevor Dwyer

NAME Lilyanna Alliston Hailey Bauder Mya Berezny Kalynn Dwyer Nicole Gelineau Jorja Gillis Aidan Kirkpatrick Taryn Landine Gates McAllister Jillian Milton Hayley Pinkney Katelyn Tye Alexis Vrana Sadie Watkins Southward Jordyn Watson Grace Wolsey


GIRLS ATOM A Kitchener Lady Rangers

NAME Kayla Bartholomew Emily Brooks Quinn Carswell Karlee Curran Olivia Harris Ainsley Hatesohl Carly Henry Regan Koktan Emma MacDonald Maggie MacDonald Olivia Oldfield Jenna Phelan Caysie Saunders Claire Scott Annika Smith Skyla Soehner Ella Umar

London Devilettes

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Ella Casson Marissa Chirico Emma DeDobbelaer Hayden Dunn Mya Farr Jessica Goodman Emma Kloosterman Hannah Lave Danika Linton Tess McCallum Kassandra Periversoff Gabrielle Petruniak Parker Riley Kylee Strano Ava Werstine Jordin Whiteye

North Halton Twisters

NAME Marissa Brown Jaidyn Clipperton Izabella English Brieanne Falls Abbygayle Fletcher Tiyana Flores Cynthia Harrington Jaelyn Holder Lauren Holland Mackenzie Macintosh Keira Marling Courtney Mulgrew Victoria Murray Riley Oliver Julia Power Bryn Robling Emily Shamblaw

Wilmot Wolverines

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Melanie Austin Kasey Bater Jaden Greenlee Megan Haid Sydney Henhoeffer Madalyn Henhoeffer Anushka Jawkar Mary Lencz Leah McPhee Kara McPhee Grace Morh Megan Peacock Maeve Turner Morgan Yantzi

Head Coach: Chad Saunders Assistant Coaches: David Brooks, Ryan Oldfield Trainers: Krista Koktan, Heather Bartholomew, Julie Hatesol, Leslie Degagne Manager Staff: Kristy Hatesohl

Head Coach: Gary Cannon Assistant Coaches: Mike Falls, Derek Power Trainer: Carrie Marling Manager: Sarah Falls

Head Coach: Stephanie Raithby Assistant Coaches: Carolyne Roy, Paul Lave Trainer: Melaine Werstine Manager: Derek DeDobbelaer

Head Coach: Chad Greenlee Assistant Coaches: Chris McPhee, Chris Turner Trainer: Sarah Henhoeffer Manager: Allison Greenlee

MOXIE’S KITCHENER 385 Fairway Road South | 519 208 4488 Across from Fairview Park Mall 4234-15_MX_Kitchener_HockeyMagazineAd.indd 2


2015-12-18 2:56 PM

2016 Oktoberfest Tournament

GIRLS ATOM B-C Goulbourn Rockets

Kitchener Lady Rangers

NAME NAME Jacob KaitlynLainey Adams Lainey Anthony Abbygail Babcock Ariana Beaupre Kristen Bertelsen Emma Goetz Kyla McCormick Danielle Menko Lindsay Salvini Melody Schroecker Makayla Stoermer Claire Sweeney Erica Talbot Madison Wolf Emily Woodall Emma Yorke April Ziegler

NAME NAME Jacob GracieLainey Barfett Head Coach: Lesley Papple Nicole Beattie Assistant Coaches: Rick Heywood, Brooke Finlayson Natalie Chalmers Megan Foster Trainer: Tanya Barfett Sarah Foster Manager: Dave Pocock Megan Henderson Mackenzie Heywood Taryn Irwin Mikayla Liddell Gracie Papple Kiera Pocock

Mississauga Chiefs

NAME NAME Lainey Jacob Kate Carey Lauren DiCarlo Elisa Fiore Daya Grewal Charlotte Hughes Ella Janjatovic Mikaela Kalbarski Anne Lu Elizabeth Massie Evelyne McCarthy Cassie McDonald Brooke Pirie Kirsten Scarlett Drew Schmidt Julia Skody Ava Veselinovic Ella Warcop

Ottawa Valley Thunder

Twin Centre Hericanes

NAME NAME Jacob MeganLainey Bergey Meghan Dietrich Natalie Ditty Harlow Fisher Megan Foy Emma Hill Keira Lavallee Kylee Lubbers Amelia McAleese Macy McLachlan Kate Sommer Naomi Stockdale Dayna Thompson Hailey Zurell

Head Coach: Stephen Tape Assistant Coaches: Jeff Hall, Paul Doherty Trainers: Owen Terreau, Sue Byers

NAME NAME Jacob AbigailLainey Carter Erica Burke Terreau Hannah Davidson Clare Davy Maggie Doherty Isabella Donaldson Jordan Farrell Danika Glenn Nikki Hull Madison McCoy Hayley Powell Sarah Smith Emree Tape Zoe Wilson

Lucan Irish

Head Coach: Jason Tomasini Assistant Coaches: Scott Selle, Shawn Cahill, Richard Dufour Trainers: Erin Vereyken and Laurie Tomasini

Oktoberfest Tournament 2016

NAME Aalyah Allmand Lily Cahill Quinn Coughlin Cadence Dufour Morgan Fleury Michaela Gravel Makenna Hawthorne Cassandra Mercer Ruby Selle Emma Smith Kaitlyn Smith Brooklyn Tomasini Karli Vereyken

Head Coach: Rob Menko Assistant Coach: Cam Beaupre Trainer: Julia Salvini Manager: Jennifer Bertelsen

Head Coach: Brian Carey Assistant Coach: Chris Fiore Trainer/Manager: Jessica Fiore

Head Coach: Michael Ditty Assistant Coaches: Grant Fisher, Alec Thompson Trainers: Jenny Stockdale, Jennifer Sommer







Canada’s largest Boston Pizza Specially built to handle large groups Centrally located in Waterloo region Unlimited Parking

• Onsite activities including Kingpin Bowlounge, FunworX Indoor Playland, Playdium Arcade, and in the summer Big Splash Waterpark and more

425 Bingemans Centre Drive, Kitchener, Ontario • Tel: 519-745-8888 Toll Free: 1-800-667-0833 Boston Pizza and the Boston Pizza roundel are registered trademarks of Boston Pizza Royalties Limited Partnership, used under license. © Boston Pizza International Inc. 2015.

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