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California Clothier David August is the Creative Force Behind McGregor’s Unique, Unapologetic Style





Brek Shea Orlando City Soccer Club & USA International

Jamie Vardy Leicester City FC & England International

Alan Shearer Ex Newcastle United and England International All Time Premier League leading goal scorer

Andy Carroll West Ham United FC & England International

Delivered directly to the players

Mark Anderson Ex Fort Lauderdale & Caroline Railhawks USA

Kevin Nolan Leyton Orient Player Manager, Ex West Ham United, Newcastle United & Bolton Wanderers

Mark Gillespie Carlisle United FC

Danny Simpson Leicester City FC

Seb Hines Orlando City Soccer Club

Terry McDermott Ex Liverpool and England International

Paul Dummett Newcastle United and Welsh International

Daryl Janmaat Newcastle United and Holland International

Tom Aldred Blackpool FC

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Welcome Sports World Magazine continues to deliver a trusted source of news, information and guidance to all sports clubs, executive and high net worth individuals and of course players across the world. Your seasons are finally coming to an end and the work ethic you have all put in since your first kickoff to this campaign will hopefully enable you to achieve the success you set out for. From the UK to USA via Europe and Australia this issue focuses heavily on the player. We have some very interesting and exciting businesses, which deal directly with professional athletes. This issue becomes more of a trade magazine with educational editorial pieces to allow our partners to talk more in depth on their services. We include industry expert, Andrew Wilson on Knightwood PRM / Pro Sport Automotive and their services with professional players. We also discuss how professional clubs are transforming their stadium revenues with ‘the internet of things’, stylist for the stars Daniel Johnson and David August from LA and his clothing association with UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor. For all you England hopefuls traveling to Euro 2016, we have a dedicated travel guide with some fantastic businesses that can help you plan the whole trip to France this summer. Our player profile this issue is Sunderland AFC’s rising star Jordan

Pickford. The England U21 international Goalkeeper talks to us about his time with the club and aspirations for the future. Having secured a real connection with the MLS, we continue to push all things stateside with three MLS exclusive interviews with San Jose Earthquakes, Chicago Fire and Sporting Kansas City as their season has just got under way last month. In the latter part of the magazine we have a number of interviews with executive individuals from sports clubs across the globe. You’ll see comparisons of how each club goes about their business with similar questions asked to each club member – We do this as a source of advice and guidance on how clubs, from amateur and non-league to professional and elite standard, go about their day to day role. One thing we do encourage all our readers is feedback. Offering a unique reading experience on everything we don’t hear in local tabloids, apps and newspapers. This issue has it all from player profiles to club interviews as well as industry specific features, newsworthy stories and of course the most sought after businesses within the game. Directed on a one-way flight from the office to the training grounds, stadiums and of course into the hands of the player. ‘The Media That Drives Your Game’

































Knightwood Private Risk Management Knightwood Private Risk Management are experts providing a comprehensive range of insurance policies for high net worth individuals.


ith our extensive network of specialist underwriters and wealth of relevant experience, we are the preferred choice for those who require bespoke or complex insurance policies to cover their unusual, affluent or highly individual lifestyles. Typically, our client list comprises sports professionals including footballers and golfers and celebrities from the world of entertainment, such as actors and T.V. personalities. We are proud that so many discerning clients place their trust in Knightwood to deliver exceptional results whilst appreciating our totally confidential and discreet service. Footballers • Insurance for Professional Golfers • Insurance for all other Professional Sports Players • Insurance for Celebrities, Actors and Entertainers • Insurance for Media and Television Personalities • Insurance for Company Directors and Entrepreneurs • Insurance for all other High Net Worth Individuals Knightwood Private Risk Management was founded by Michael Ward, following the disposal of the successful Michael Ward

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Associates (MWA Limited). This followed the establishment of a client base of Premier League footballers alongside forging exclusive relationships with the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) and the Scottish PFA by providing services to their members. Michael now channels his unique combination of strong industry relationships and high net worth client experience through Knightwood where a dedicated team of insurance professionals are therefore ideally positioned to provide a range of bespoke schemes and policies for discerning clients from the sporting, entertainment and commercial arenas. With our market knowledge and established facilities with underwriters we are able to offer tailor-made solutions for any high net worth individual’s needs. By providing a personalised service 7 days a week we ensure peace of mind because expert advice is only ever a phone call away in an emergency. In addition, as a valued client whose needs and circumstances may change, you will always benefit from regular contact and meetings to ensure cover is up to date and appropriate. This, coupled with the promise of a full Claim Management Service on your behalf, is why so many discerning clients place their trust in Knightwood to protect the things they cherish.

We deal with all the major Manufacturers as listed below, but If your vehicle is not listed, then simply let us know and we will source it for you. • Mercedes Benz

• Porsche


• Maserati

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• Infiniti

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Prosport Automotive Limited (PSA) Providing premium automotive services to VIP and business clients as well as bespoke car insurance.


SA have negotiated high level discounts for our niche market sector ensuring professional sports people and businesses get the best deals available in the market place and are fully transparent at every stage of the process. We specialise in lease and contract hire and outright purchase, where we work closely with the manufacturer/dealer, ensuring we source the best current deal available to you in-line with your stated budget and requirements, once we have found the right vehicle, we then introduce you to our funding panel who will discuss and agree the financial side directly with you. Further to this we pride ourselves on providing a ‘VIP service’ to every client we deal with. Our ethos is to ensure ‘our client’ gets the best deal possible along with a flawless professional service. Our experience and expertise in the automotive industry help us gain client trust to get them the best possible deal/price. Prosport automotive allows access to bespoke insurance solutions and offer favourable rates to help provide a full package to purchase your new vehicle. Whether your covered or not we provide the complete service to save time and speed up the delivery of your new vehicle.

Here is what some of our clients have said about us… ‘My experience with Prosport Automotive was excellent. Their attention to detail to make sure I got the best possible deal and car was very refreshing to see. They provided me with a complete package, which also offered very competitive insurance. I would recommend Prosport Automotive to all my friends and family’. Jason Tindall - Assistant Manager - AFC Bournemouth ‘Prosport Automotive offered me the best deal available. Their attention to detail was excellent and have been a great help throughout. They have even worked with me to dispose of my current cars’. Robert Snodgrass – Hull City FC / Scotland International Finally PSA can also help you to dispose of your current vehicle/Part-ex if you own it, again we have thought outside of the box and rather than just “trade” the vehicle we work closely with you to “Retail” your vehicle ensuring you get the best possible price for your vehicle, we simply agree a commission with you at the offset, but do all the work on your behalf!

Call Steve Keppie on 0191 279 7431 or email

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Transforming Stadium Revenue Streams through the Internet of Things


he Internet of Things (IOT) is set to transform our lives. From when we wake up in the morning and control our central heating from an app, to fridges that ‘learn’ what foods need to be ordered to stay well-stocked. But what about changing how spectators interact with stadiums? How is the Internet of Things and Big Data set to change how stadiums generate revenues?

What is the Internet of Things? Forbes defines the Internet of Things as the “concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/ or to each other). This includes everything from cell phones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of.” Different industries are using IOT devices in different ways. In the sports industry, body sensors are being utilised to record player biometric data on the pitch or to track movement of the ball throughout the match. Large technology vendors are now strategically aligning themselves to the sports sector to provide relevant solutions, such as Cisco’s ‘Connected Athlete’ campaign or Microsoft’s initiative with Real Madrid to ‘open’ up the traditional stadium to all 450 million fans. We are already starting to see the Internet of Things and big data impact on sports teams, but are these technologies being fully harnessed by stadium operators?

Harnessing the Internet of Things to drive new revenue streams Maximising revenues within the stadium is one thing, but expanding the stadium’s earning potential outside of the venue is where the Internet of Things and Big Data technologies can drive real value and uncover new untapped revenue streams. Bringing the match day experience to the individual fan, wherever they are, is a way for stadiums to continue to grow revenues over

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and above their existing stadium capacity. The Internet of Things offers stadiums the ability to interact with fans outside of the venue, perhaps through gated content that requires a log-in and data sharing, or via a paid membership which gives fans the ability to see data insights about the match in real-time. This could include biometric data coming from sensors on players’ bodies. This is a technology that is becoming increasingly popular to assist coaches and managers with training regimens and substitute decisions, but is actually a great source of insights that fans would be keen to engage with. Within the stadium, this enhanced ability to interact with fans through data insights coming from sensors, can dramatically improve the match day experience for fans by creating a more immersive experience which allows fans to get real-time additional information over and above the match taking place in front of them. Utilising wireless technology to engage fans and increase engagement enables the stadium to analyse incoming fan information and ‘push’ certain offers to spectators depending on collected data about demographics, match visit frequency and spend habits. This allows venues to increase their available revenue streams, whilst improving the experience for fans.

Become agile in service delivery with the Internet of Things The Internet of Things can also deliver savings on existing costs within stadiums - and by layering over data analytics software, stadiums can investigate trends, changes and spikes in their cost base in order to make their operations more efficient. The ability to offer in-seat ordering capabilities (whether that is via mobile phones or powered by the IOT), could eventually lead to reducing staff resources on match-days if food is preordered, paid for via mobile, and delivered to

the spectator rather than needing to stock and service individual kiosks. Being able to better plan the resources required on match days, especially through mobile WiFi login and app integration, will enable the stadium operators to collect spend profiles and habits. This all translates into valuable data insights that can be shared with sponsor and advertising partners. The Internet of Things can also start to help with automating key processes within a stadium, by providing a network of sensors across the arena to regulate temperature, or to put out an alert for more staff if the sensors show that there are crowds forming. Some stadiums are trialling programs to reduce queues, from simple solutions such as encouraging spectators to make food and merchandise purchases on their phones, through to more comprehensive data analytics tools to handle queue management issues; reviewing average queue times and customer satisfaction levels to provide the most appropriate staffing levels at particular times. As many stadiums are now looking to regenerate their existing buildings to encourage better fan experiences, operators should be looking at how they can integrate the Internet of Things into the fabrics of their buildings – and how to build in a way that enables new technologies of the future to be easily integrated.

Improve existing revenue streams through technology The Internet of Things and big data technologies also hold many benefits for improving existing revenue streams. As previously mentioned, big data (and the collection of data points through IOT devices) enables stadia to provide richer insights back to their sponsors and advertising partners. Being able to more accurately estimate which fans are seeing which billboards (based on location technology and also newer mobile tech that can track movements), and which fans are utilising which offers when purchasing on their mobile, helps stadium operators to be more data driven when it comes to forecasting sponsor revenues. Additionally, by pushing information out to customer devices, advertisers now have the opportunity to interact more directly with fans. They are not trying to capture fans’ attention with a static billboard; they are sending personalised messages to their phones using information gained during WiFi login. And with stadia now offering mobile solutions for in-seat ordering, advertisers have more places to advertise and deliver messaging, whether that is within the ordering apps or via social media. On the corporate hospitality side, there is also the opportunity to increase the range of packages available by selling off big data insights to the fans willing to pay for it. Just imagine having a range of corporate hospitality packages, from a bronze level that gets you the standard box, meal and drinks service through to the gold package that delivers real-time data feeds to your phone, information about restaurant offers around the stadium, discounts on merchandise dependent on your preferences and the possibility to interact with the players through onbody cameras or bio-metric sensors. Fans go to matches to be immersed in the sport, their team and the atmosphere. Now, stadia can enable fans to be a part of it all, engaging and interacting in real-time, through the technologies of the Internet of Things and big data.

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Daniel Johnson’s formidable rise to the top of his game.

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repare yourself to hear the name DANIEL JOHNSON uttered frequently throughout 2016. He may not be regarded as a household name yet, but this year will see him burst into the mainstream and it’s all down to his unique profession. TV documentaries, an online chat show and a range of electrical products for retail are already being negotiated, and it’s all because everybody is fighting for a piece of one of Britain’s hottest talents. And why we hear you ask? How often is it that you are watching a big football match or walking past a billboard featuring top International football stars and wondered ‘How do they look so on trend’? Well, It is all down to the amazing craft of the renowned celebrity groomer/stylist, DANIEL JOHNSON, who has a portfolio that reads like a who’s who of the top footballing elite. Whether it’s trimming Wayne Rooney or styling Jermain Defoe, nobody else can match the high standards required for living your life in the largest public spotlight. He is the man responsible for the biggest trending haircuts in the world- how many people remember the infamous ‘Balotelli’ or indeed when Gareth Bale signed for Real Madrid? Well, it was all down to the creative genius of Daniel who managed to mix style and substance in a creative way and, in the process, create a whole new niche for himself as the ‘go to man’ for all the top players worldwide. Johnson is self-taught & has been working as a hair stylist since the tender age of 12. By the time he was 24 he had a portfolio of 4 barber shops across the UK and was starting to gain high profile clientele. “I put a little VIP lounge in the barbers for the lads and it took off from there to the Premier League and all over the world,” he says. “I have gone from the barber’s chair to private jets and chauffeurs and all sorts.” Daniel has a very old school approach to building up his professional reputation and finds the majority of his work comes through the traditional route of word of mouth. “My contact is direct with the players, I don’t go through any agents. When you cut someone’s hair to a high standard, it’s hard for them to change from that.”

“If I get a new client I will Google him, look at him, and know what I can do before I have met him. I have a vision of what I want to do.”

Balotelli: One of Daniel’s most famous Haircuts What makes Johnson stand out from anybody else in the Industry is the simple fact that nobody else can do what he does. A perfectionist, Daniel researches every player before a cut- like an artist puts down ideas on a blank canvas- and makes every look bespoke to the client- in the process, making them a living ‘work of art’. “If I get a new client I will Google him, look at him, and know what I can do before I have met him. I have a vision of what I want to do. It’s almost like artwork. I just see it. But I also know players’ characters and know what sort of vibe and style suits them, based on how they dress and their image. I can’t give Rooney’s haircut to Jermain Defoe and vice versa. Everybody gets

their own look and it has to match their face shape and hairline.” Don’t be fooled though, Daniel’s work is not only restricted to the top footballing stars- he has also cut the hair of top NBA stars, as well as being flown out to Dubai Palaces on a number of occasions to cut for their Royal Family. His unique service & ultra-professionalism has led to Daniel receiving a number of offers for TV appearances, Press, radio and online opportunities and he is currently in negotiations for a range of electrical/male

grooming products to hit the stores towards the end of 2016. He is also filming a pilot for both a TV documentary and online chat show. Soon enough his name will become synonymous with high-end fashion. Make sure you check out Daniel’s full range of haircuts, along with further information on his movements. Web: Twitter: @iamdanielj Instagram: therealdanieljohnson

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‘Tyson Fury is a bit of a clown’ World heavyweight title challenger Anthony Joshua has branded divisional kingpin Tyson Fury ‘a clown’.


BA Super and WBO world champion Fury has previously outlined his intention to ‘bladder’ the Olympic champion in a huge domestic clash in the future and Joshua, who faces IBF champion Charles Martin on April 9th, has hit back. In an exclusive interview Joshua (15-0-KO15) said of Fury: “I think he’s a bit of a clown, to be honest. I find him a bit irritating but that’s him. If that works for him, so be it. “At the end of the day, I can’t wait to fight him. As time goes on, I think it’s going to get worse for these lot because my confidence will grow as I keep training, learning, working on stuff I’ve been working on for years. As soon as it clicks, I can take it further and I feel confident of beating these guys. “I need people like David Haye, Dillian Whyte, David Price, Dereck Chisora and Tyson Fury. These are the guys I need on my soil. The cream always rises to the top. I’m just sitting back. I’ve been watching them for a couple of years and after I

win on April 9, I’m going to knock on their doors. I always welcome challenges.” At the age of 26, Joshua has already fought under the bright lights of The O2 five times and believes his experience in the venue will stand him in good stead when he takes on America’s Martin (23-0-1KO21). Joshua said: “The fact I’m headlining is great but for me, I gained experience as an amateur going on last so I don’t look at it as a great opportunity [to be] headlining - I just feel that I’m a heavyweight so I’m always going to be the last one on. “I think it’ll be different for Charles. Even though he’s champion, I don’t think he’s ever fought in an arena like The O2 on a headline as the champion. It’s going to be a different atmosphere for him and I think that plays a part in how you enter the fight. It’ll be interesting to see how he copes.” Charles Martin v Anthony Joshua for the IBF world heavyweight title is live on April 9.

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WHO WHO ARE AREWE WE & &WHAT WHAT DO DOWE WE DO? DO? Having Having 30 30years yearsWE experience experience as asaDO aChef Chef trained trained toMichelin MichelinStarred Starredlevel, level, WHO ARE & WHAT WE DO? to IIam amHaving committed committed to toexperience using usingthe thebest best ingredients ingredients along with withStarred nutritional nutritional 30 years as a Chef trained along to Michelin level, I am committed to using the ingredients in along with nutritional content content to toensure ensureclients clients see see an anbest improvement improvement intheir their performance. performance. content to ensure clients see an improvement in their performance.

We Weare aremaking makingeating eatingoutside outsideof ofthe theclub, club,convenient convenient&&healthy healthy&&of of We providing are makinggreat eatingtasting outside of the club, convenient & healthy & of course course providing great tasting food. food. Our Our bespoke bespoke weekly weekly food fooddelivery delivery course providingyet great tasting Our bespoke weekly food delivery service service isispersonal personal yet discreet discreet &&food. confidential. confidential. service is personal yet discreet & confidential.

Mark MarkPeters Peters

Chef Chef // Proprietor Proprietor

Chef / Proprietor

WHAT WHAT WILL WILLWILL YOUR YOUR PACKAGE PACKAGE INCLUDE? INCLUDE? WHAT YOUR PACKAGE INCLUDE? CONSULTATION CONSULTATION CONSULTATION Personal Personal consultation consultation with with Chef Chef Mark Mark Personal consultation with Chef Mark Peters, Peters, overseen overseen by by Nutritional Nutritional Therapist Therapist Peters, overseen by Nutritional Therapist

MENU MENU MENU Menu Menu compilation, meal Menucompilation, compilation, meal meal preparation preparation meal delivery delivery preparation&& & meal meal delivery

NUTRITION NUTRITION NUTRITION Nutritional information Nutritional Nutritional information information & contents supplied && contents contents supplied supplied

COOKINGINSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS COOKING COOKING INSTRUCTIONS Cooking/reheating Cooking/reheating Cooking/reheating instructionssupplied supplied instructions instructions supplied

FOOD SAFETY FOOD FOOD SAFETY SAFETY All items dated and temperature All All items items dated dated and and temperature temperature monitored on delivery monitored monitored on on delivery delivery

SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT Phone/email support Phone/email Phone/email support support with Chef Mark Peters with with Chef Chef Mark Mark Peters Peters










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EMOTIVE FILM SHOWS IT’S SMILES NOT SILVERWARE THAT DRIVES THE LEEDS RHINOS FOUNDATION Not-for-profit organisation, Leeds Rhinos Foundation, unveils a powerful film that showcases the work going on under the charity’s ‘Changing Lives Through Sport’ philosophy.


he film, produced by Brass Agency with the help of Mob Sport and directed by Jason Fisher-Jones, stars Leeds Rhinos player and Foundation trustee Jamie Jones-Buchanan. It captures how the lives of children and adults in deprived communities across Leeds have been enriched through sport. Shot at four different locations across the city, to reflect the Charity’s wide variety of work, the 136 second film shows the Foundation inspiring young people in local schools as well as working with Specialist Inclusive Learning Centres and TryZone Education Centre to improve the lives of adult learners and those with disabilities. Dr. Neil Kaiper-Holmes, chairman of the board of trustees, Leeds Rhinos Foundation, said: “It has been a long held ambition to have a top quality product that vividly describes what the Foundation is all about. But the costs of production have always been prohibitive for a relatively small charity such as ours, with a turnover of less than a million pounds a year. Thanks to the generosity of in-kind sponsors Brass and Mob Sport, we now have a vehicle to enable us to attract and inform even more sponsors and donors.” Following an exclusive premier of the film on Wednesday 21st October at an event to

26 |

celebrate the Foundation’s tenth anniversary, the charity’s strategy to connect emotionally to a new audience continues through adverts, exhibition banners, social media assets, photography kits and a video pack. All this has been created by Brass to help the Foundation raise awareness of its achievements and attract new sponsors. Commenting on the film, Dave Lambert, creative director at Brass, said: “We are proud to support the Leeds Rhinos Foundation. We are continually inspired by the fantastic group of people and amazed at their commitment to make a difference through their life changing programmes. The film brings to life the ethos of ‘Changing lives through Sport’ and highlights the unique power sport has to enhance lives in a whole range of ways, from confidence to discipline and team spirit.” Since being founded in 2005, the awardwinning charity now works with an estimated 50,000 people a year under its five focus pillars of; Education, Health, Sport, Art and Heritage. To view the full film please visit

Fans have the chance to feature with their heroes in Leeds Rhinos new membership advertising Leeds Rhinos has launched a new advertising campaign which places fans central to the teams’ success at the start of the new 2016 Rugby Super League season.


hile rugby marketing has traditionally focussed on the strength, speed, sporting ability and the general muddiness of the players to entice the fans to purchase tickets to see their favourite team, Leeds Rhinos has taken a more fan-centred approach, after engaging Leeds based Yorkshire marketing agency, Brass to develop the advertising concept for the club. Brass developed a campaign to appeal to current and potential fans, following a Facebook competition in December 2015, offering current members the chance to be photographed next to their heroes. A diverse selection of members, including women, children, and those with disabilities, were subsequently photographed in a series of strong images alongside Leeds Rhinos players such as Danny McGuire, Keith Galloway, Kallum Watkins, and Adam Cuthbertson. Head of Marketing at Leeds Rhinos, Abigail Furniss said “The ‘Play Your Part’ campaign is all about putting the fans in the limelight. Traditionally our campaigns feature players but fans play such an important part in the clubs success and we wanted to reflect this in our marketing campaigns. We are really proud of their passion and commitment and it was

great to be able to thank some of them with the opportunity to meet players and the experience being part of a photoshoot. Our new campaign portrays Rugby League as the inclusive sport that it is, with fans of all ages, genders and from all backgrounds.”

Commenting on the new campaign, Dave Lambert, creative director at Brass, said: “At Brass, we pride ourselves on being a customercentric agency, delivering strong creative executions that are strategically driven. Our new membership campaign for Leeds Rhinos comes from the insight that Rugby League fans are as big a part of the game as the players themselves and that when they wear the shirt they’re part of the team. They may not score the tries, but they’re a massive part of the game.” The new Leeds Rhinos campaign went live on 21st January 2016, and can be seen across online and offline marketing channels. Editor’s notes: Brass is a full-service, communications agency with a 32 year heritage in highly creative, effective marketing. We combine the best in digital thinking and delivery with specialist skills in research, advertising, design, PR, SEO, media, shopper and promotional marketing. Clients come to us for new insight, fresh thinking, compelling strategy and brilliant delivery. With a Head Office in Leeds and a highly experienced team that’s over 100-strong, Brass provides insight, strategy and creative services to some of the UK’s biggest brands.

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f the R o e c i cho

Sports World Magazine our Euro 2016 travel guide: How England fans can watch the Three lions compete in France

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Venues Map

Host Map


rance is one of the more accessible tournaments in recent years and is already a popular European holiday destination for Brits abroad With three home nations sides qualified for France 2016 next summer, a huge contingent of football supporters from the UK will be heading across the channel to support their respective nations as they look to leave their mark on one of the World’s biggest international tournaments. What about those looking to sample the atmosphere of a major international tournament, but avoid the stresses and hassle of planning and logistics? Whether you’re looking for a single or multigame package or extended accommodation deals in France, here’s our guide on how to make the best of your France 2016 experience. Drawn into Group B, Roy Hodgon’s side will look to build on their 100% record during the qualifiers with a strong performance in the group stage. Facing Russia, Wales and finally Slovakia, supporters will have the opportunity to travel to Marseille, Lens and Saint-Etienne as they follow the Three Lions across France. 11th June 2016: RUSSIA – Taking place at the 67,000 seater Stade Vélodrome, England kick off their France 2016 fixtures with a tough game against Leonid Slutsky’s Russia. Wayne Rooney and company will be desperate to start their campaign with an important three points against a talented Russian side. Set to be unveiled as the European Capital of Sport in 2017, the city of Marseille will host England supporters on 11th June and official travel packages start from just £449pp. • Charter Flight Day Trip. Includes direct return charter flight from Luton and all transfers, ABTA, ATOL and IATA protected and they are offering a price and money back guarantee. Priced: From £449pp • 2 Night Trip. Direct return British Airways flight from London Heathrow or Eurostar from London St Pancras and all transfers. Two night’s

3-star accommodation in or close to Marseille. ABTA, ATOL and IATA protected and backed by a money back and price guarantee. Priced From: £589pp (flight), £459pp (Eurostar) 16th June 2016: WALES – A tough fixture for any side given Wales’ recent form, England face a fellow home nation in the crucial second match of the group stage. Expectations are as high as ever for the Three Lions and if they’re to progress through to the knockout stages, then a result in Lens against Bale and company may well be a necessity. Packages for this game start at £135pp. • Coach Day Trip. Return coach from Birmingham, Manchester or London Victoria to Lens. ABTA protected and backed by a money back and price guarantee. Priced: From £135pp • Eurostar Day Trip. Departing London St Pancras to Lille, including all transfers. ABTA protected and backed by a money back and price guarantee. Priced: From £299pp 20th June 2016: SLOVAKIA – Closing out the group stages in the city of Saint-Etienne, England supporters will be hoping that their progress to the knockout stages is already confirmed by this point. But if they do need a result, the Three Lions will come up against a well-organised side featuring some familiar faces including their captain, Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel. You could be there for England’s final group stage match of France 2016, with prices starting from just £429pp. • Charter Flight Day Trip. Direct return flight from London Luton to Lyon and all transfers. ABTA, ATOL and IATA protected and backed by a money-back and price guarantee. Priced: From £429pp If you want to follow England for all three games, companies also offer a trip available for you. Starting at £1,599pp, the package includes direct return charter flights, nine nights’ accommodation, all transfers, big bar experiences, official matchday parking at each stadium plus much, much more in included.

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About Roadtrips, The Ultimate in Sports Travel


or almost 25 years Roadtrips has been creating and delivering custom sports travel experiences to the most sought-after and exclusive events around the world. These bucket list trips create life long memories for people, as they bring together two of our most desired pursuits: our love of travel combined with our passion for sport. When you travel with Roadtrips you are in good company… Travel Agents choose Roadtrips. Roadtrips is the leading choice of thousands of travel agents and agencies worldwide. Roadtrips is a member of the American Express Travel Network, participating in the Platinum Destinations® Vacations program, one of the

32 |

exclusive travel benefits available to Platinum® and Centurion Card members from American Express. Roadtrips is also the official sports travel provider to the Signature Travel Network, the Ensemble Travel Group, AAA Signatours, Travel Leaders and Top Hotels work with Roadtrips. Roadtrips is often the source for finding the best accommodations in sold out cities hosting major events. From Summer Games to the World Cup, Roadtrips host hotels dominate ‘Best Of’ and Gold Lists. The Roadtrips Difference… • Custom sports travel packages to the most popular sporting events since 1992 • Travel + Leisure 2013 A-List Member – Our

Vice President, Duane Penner, cited as World’s Best Travel Advisor for International Sporting Events • Highly responsive and attentive service from time of booking through travel experience • Exclusive access to the most sought-after hotels, seating, amenities, parties and other assets around the globe • Unique VIP access for discerning sports travellers • Completely customizable to meet your preferences, expectations and budget Contact one of our sports travel specialists now at 1-800-465-1765 in North America (001-204-947-5690 International) or visit

why simplexity is always on the ball...


ince it launched five years ago, Simplexity Travel Management has helped some of the world’s top musicians manage their global tours. So it’s no surprise that 2016 is now seeing the company apply its considerable talents to the world of football, where complex logistics are also very much the name of the game. Explains Mark Smith, who has been Simplexity’s Head of Business Development since the very beginning. “It didn’t take us long to realise that whether you are dealing with a musical entourage of 60 or a team of 40 footballers and support staff, the organisation is not vastly different.” Although Simplexity’s experience spans all manner of sporting disciplines, it is top flight football clubs that are increasingly utilising its services.

34 |

It’s certainly easy to see the appeal of employing such a company. Whether handling flight tickets and transfers, booking the most suitable accommodation or transferring precious equipment, every last detail is designed to ensure a team arrives focussed, refreshed and ready for the game ahead. “Quite simply we offer a one-stop-shop,” explains Mark. “We have been in discussions with clubs where staff are spending hours sorting travel for players and personnel. And because they don’t have the global contacts we enjoy, they are having to arrange everything piecemeal.” Not only does Simplexity promise to execute every trip with perfection and discretion, but it also offers round the clock personal service. “A club will be given its own dedicated Travel Manager who will be contactable 24/7,” says Mark. “This is particularly important in an

industry where factors such as injuries can mean travel plans being altered at the eleventh hour. We recently had to step in when a Premiership player’s wife went into labour early. After a few phone calls and some last minute rescheduling, we managed to get him to the ground in time for kick off.” With Premiership clubs still commanding the biggest global fan base - with Manchester United remaining the undisputed champions - Simplexity is routinely tasked with arranging match tours for overseas clients. For more information on Simplexity Travel Management, please see www., email info@ or call Mark Smith, Head of Business Development, on 0203 535 9290. Please reference Sports World Magazine in any enquiries.


36 |

Your affordable, friendly hair loss experts have been at it again this season, signing up a number of footballers, managers and coaches to strengthen the numbers, and not just fringe players! Award winning KSL Hair strengthen squad up top and create a new concept.


mongst their list of signings are players from Crystal Palace, Blackpool, Leeds, Luton Town, Ipswich Town, Hibernian and Falkirk, just to name a few. “We’ve been extremely busy for as long as I can remember, but the small window the guys gave us in close season keep us on our toes even more so” said KSL’s Andrew Dingwall. “We were obviously delighted they had chosen KSL to have their procedures done, amongst those you have already mentioned we are also honored to have on the books Gregg Wylde, Iain Russell, and Kevin Thomson, now of Hibernian. “But that’s just two weeks of the year!” he goes on, “the other fifty we pride ourselves on making hair loss solutions affordable to everybody. We noticed over the years that 50% of our consultations could not afford the required treatment, hence our ‘pay as you grow’ scheme was born, allowing you to have your treatment, and then pay for it as your hair grows!” – An idea which has proved ever popular with potential and existing clients of KSL over the years. The Glasgow based clinics efforts are certainly paying off, with the award of the ‘WhatClinic. com 2015 customer service award’ which is due to their fantastic customer feedback through the private healthcare search engine. Simon Lindsay, founder of KSL hair clinic said “We are delighted to be recognised for our commitment to customer service. As a practice, it is something we focus on in everything we do, and to receive such positive feedback from our patients is great!” Along with players from the top leagues in Scotland, and the Championship/League one south of the border, KSL have also worked their magic in the English premier league. “We were of course over the moon to be approached by players of such stature, drawn to us through the transformation of previous clients and our busy traffic on Twitter, which has been great to us. Unfortunately, as with previous years, there are certain confidentiality agreements we must adhere to with certain clients if they so request, but watch this space, once their results come through they will want to sing about it”. “Our concept is unique; it has never been seen before – we offer an aftercare program, guaranteed results, and the chance to have your procedure done with no deposit, and interest free payment plans with an instant decision. Give KSL a call to arrange a free hair check and consultation, which is the most informative way to help you make the right decision. or find them on facebook and twitter @ksl_hair Phone 0141 248 6603 and email the studio at

| 37


the coolest company in sport today

Whole Body Cryotherapy


odern sport is driven by an unrelenting attention to the slightest detail, to identify any potential factor that could make the difference between victory and defeat. In line with this continual search for marginal gains, a treatment increasingly adopted across a diverse range of sports for its abilities in speeding up recovery and rehabilitation is Whole Body Cryotherapy. The best time to take a Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment is shortly after a training session. A cryotherapy treatment places the athlete in a specifically designed walk-in cryochamber within which the air has been cooled to a temperature as low as -150°C. The athlete remains in the chamber for an average duration of 3 minutes. On exiting the chamber, the athlete spontaneously feels refreshed, reinvigorated and pain-free as well as enjoying a tremendous feeling of wellbeing. When the athlete enters the chamber, the body registers the extreme cold and this in turn triggers a reaction in the athlete’s nervous system. As a consequence of the temperatures, it soon realises the impossibility of being able to distribute blood to the extremities in order to maintain the body’s usual temperature of 37°C. Therefore, the reverse occurs. A narrowing of the blood vessels (vasoconstriction) in the extremities takes place restricting the flow of blood to the arms and legs, which in turn preserves the warm blood in the body’s core. The blood held in the core is flushed through the body’s natural processes and is cleaned and enriched with enzymes. The reduction of blood flow in the limbs has a strong positive effect on any soft tissue injuries as the blood surrounding the injury is reduced and any inflammation is deterred. When the athlete exits the chamber and their body temperature is raised, the blood flows back into the extremities and the athlete benefits from the enriched blood carrying a rejuvenation effect, it has shut down the soft tissue injuries, provided a natural hormonal ‘lift’ as well as enhancing an improved quality of sleep, an area of sports recovery gaining considerable attention in the elite sports world. One such client is English Premier League soccer club, Leicester City. A revelation this year, Leicester have topped the world’s most competitive league ahead of multi trophy winning teams boasting some of the world’s leading players bought by their enormous spending power. The story is more amazing, given the fact that during March 2015,

38 |

“The best time to take a Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment is shortly after a training session.” Leicester were fighting to avoid relegation. Around that time, Leicester City’s head physiotherapist, Dave Rennie, adopted Whole Body Cryotherapy to help players to recover from fatigue as well as speed up the players rehabilitation from soft tissue damage. These were key factors, as having a player out during those last 10 games would have been critical to the balance and performance of the squad. As history now shows, performances, supported by a training programme including Whole Body Cryotherapy was very successful and the

club avoided relegation. Co-founder of CryoAction, Ian Saunders explains “The benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy speak for themselves, providing athletes with rapid recovery from muscle fatigue and soft tissue injuries. The quicker the athlete can recover from fatigue, the more time they have with coaches to train, to learn and to improve. It is for this reason that we say that CryoAction enables athletes to train harder, recover faster and perform better. “

Web: Tel: +44 (0)845 1701708 Email: Twitter: @cryoaction








“The CryoAction whole body cryotherapy unit has become an integral part of the recovery and preparation culture here at Leicester City Football Club”.

“The increased speed of recovery that we’ve experienced from player fatigue or injury by the use of whole body cryotherapy, has without doubt enabled the squad to train more often and more intensively - together”.

“By having our own cryotherapy system, CryoAction provides us with a piece of technology allowing us to get our first team training and playing together far more often as a squad“.

Dave Rennie Head Physiotherapist Leicester City Football Club

Sean Connolly Head Physiotherapist Football Association of Wales

Ben Dixon Senior Sports Scientist Watford Football Club



HUMBLE IN VICTORY OR DEFEAT After losing to Nate Diaz via submission in the second round at UFC 196, Conor McGregor tipped his cap to his opponent in his post-fight interview


’m humble in victory or defeat,” McGregor said. “My respect to Nate. He came in and took the fight on short notice, came in at 170 [pounds] and did the job. He was efficient. I wasn’t efficient.” “It’s a bitter, bitter pill to swallow,” McGregor said. “I took a shot, I went at it – I feel I was simply inefficient with my energy. Usually I fight a man in the division I’m champion in, and they crumble under those shots (I landed). But Nate took them very well, the weight I think allowed him to take those shots well. “I think with a little bit of an adjustment and recognition that the bigger man must be a bit more efficient with your striking, you must not put everything into your shots. I was simply inefficient with my energy; I made some errors. Hats off to Nate. He fought very well. A lot of people would have crumbled under those shots.” The rise of the most exciting Irishman ever to have graced world sport ‘’I pinch myself because I am surrounded by luxury but its built on sacrifice’’ The Irishman has gone from trainee plumber to featherweight champion of ultimate fighting in Las Vegas McGregor remembers being lost at 17 and on a desolate road to becoming a plumber. His parents had moved the family out of Crumlin to a better part of Dublin but McGregor resented the move. “I never truly left Crumlin. You have your friends at that age and where we moved to I didn’t relate to anyone. My boxing gym was in Crumlin, my football club was in Crumlin. I love Crumlin dearly. I love Dublin 12 dearly. Anytime I am back in Dublin I head to Crumlin, to my friends.

40 |

Moving from Crumlin coincided with his mum’s grand plumbing plan. “It just wasn’t for me,” he says of life as an apprentice plumber. “I was waking at 5am and walking in the dark, freezing cold until I reached the motorway and waited for a guy I didn’t even know to take me to the site, where I worked for 12 hours and then got driven back and walked home. I know there are passionate, skilled plumbers. But I had no love for plumbing. “After school you go to college or get a trade. You don’t sit around doing nothing. My parents dragged me out of bed but I was unsure what I wanted to do. Then my mother found me this place in the plumbing industry. It’s weird how society works. Rather than allowing you time to find the thing you love and can pursue with complete conviction, we’re told: ‘You must work – no matter how much you dislike it.’ I just felt I was going to be the person I wanted to be, regardless of what anyone said.” McGregor told his parents that his plumbing career was over and, to their confusion, promised he would become a UFC world champion. “When I got into combat sports it was to defend myself. I just started out with a love of learning how to fight, mastering defence and attack. Then the UFC came to Dublin [in 2009] and I saw the machine in full flow. I thought: ‘There’s a place I can make a good living’. I saw all the fans and fighters and I didn’t see me. I was different. I knew people would love that. So it started with a love for the sport and it’s been strengthened by a love for the money it brings.” The obsession and romance between McGregor and the fight game “Listen, I am in the fighting game, I don’t care


McGREGOR vs DIAZ UFC200 Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz: Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta and McGregor’s coach tried to talk him out of rematch White revealed that McGregor was the only one pushing for an immediate rematch against Diaz at UFC 200, but the Irishman has got his wish as the UFC confirmed the main event for the landmark show “After the fight, Lorenzo and I went up to Conor’s house that he’s renting here in Las Vegas and started talking about what are you thinking, what’s next?,” Dana White said. “And he was obsessed – obsessed – with fighting Nate Diaz again. Obviously, Lorenzo and I tried to argue with him and say, ‘Let’s go back down to 145 and defend your title, or if you really want the Diaz fight that bad, do it at 155.’ “But he wants to fight at 170. Even his coach, Kavanagh, tried to get him to get off this rematch and off the 170-pound fight, but it’s what he wanted. And he’s going to get it.” “Conor McGregor is a guy who has had fights fall out seven days before he’s supposed to defend his title, and he steps up and takes on all comers,” added White. “The guy fights anybody, anywhere, any time. He’s stepped up on late notice and done these things. He wants this Nate Diaz fight, we’ll give it to him. UFC200 proves to be the most anticipated fight night of them all and we are sure to put our money on the notorious king of Ireland to bounce back.

about anything else. I don’t watch the news, I don’t care about politics, I don’t care about other sports. I don’t care about anything I don’t need to care about. This is my sport, it is my life. I study it, I think about it, all the time. Nothing else matters.’’ ‘’To do anything to a high level it has to be total obsession. Ask José Mourinho, he wouldn’t know a thing about me, my sport - he knows football, and to get to high levels you have to be insane, nothing else means anything. I respect all forms of movement and lifestyles, but I am in a bubble. I wake up, it is in my head; I go to sleep, it’s in my head, 24/7. I love money, and I love movement. I like

what it has let me do for my family. I have paid off my mum and dad’s mortgage, I’ve bought them two BMWs, they can have anything they want. I am buying a fleet of cars for myself. I have unemployed my sisters, they don’t need to work, don’t need to worry about a thing. I have unemployed my girlfriend.’’ ‘’She had a job working for a cardiologist and now she can hang out, put her feet up, buy all the things she wants, have a nice breakfast with you and me in the Four Seasons. Any fights in families like mine come from everyone worrying about money. I’m taking all those worries away. That makes me feel happy, makes me really proud of what I do’’

| 41

Borderline obsessive. Full of energy. A relentless perfectionist. These are considered positive personality traits to people like David August and Conor McGregor.


he lovable, trash talking McGregor (a.k.a. The Notorious), was personally introduced to David by stylish David August clients and UFC owners Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White. They knew this would be the perfect partnership, as both Conor and David were unstoppable style icons in the making perfectionists, and unstoppable. McGregor’s fighting style of timed power strikes seems to perfectly synchronize with his verbal jabs at opponents. His statement making switch kicks and spinning back kicks match the energy and excitement of his fashion. Today, he wouldn’t think of conducting a UFC presser, going on a tour or honoring an appearance request, without doing so in a David August suit. And the media would expect nothing less. At one press conference, when Conor appeared in a David August polo and jeans, a reporter asked him why he wasn’t wearing one his lavish suits. Conor replied, “I still think I’m best dressed person in this room.” Signature McGregor. “Every day I’m looking at this suit and thinking, I can’t wait to put this suit on after this fight. This is what I love to do. Feels so fresh.” — Conor McGregor Thanks to Conor and other highly visible clients, a David August suit is becoming more

and more recognizable. The flawless fit, no matter the body type. The rare fabrics and unique patterns. The unmistakably sophisticated textures and creative color combinations. It’s “The Look,” as David’s clientele have so affectionately dubbed it. Whether it’s a custom, handcrafted suit or timeless casual wear, David and his team of meticulous designers and expert clothiers create The Look for distinguished business leaders, professional athletes and entertainers the world over. Even for American Presidents and a Supreme Court Justice. Other clients of note on this ever growing list include Chris Hemsworth, Terrence Howard, Sylvester Stalone, 2014 National Football League leading rusher, DeMarco Murray and of course, The Notorious Mr. McGregor. “The reason I love what we do for our clients … is because they become good friends. And you want your friends to have the very best. You don’t want to ever let them down, because it’s such a close relationship.” — David August A Southern California native, David realized early on in life that he quite simply, loved clothes. It could be as simple as a pair of well-fitting jeans and a t-shirt. Or the perfect accessory: Belt, shoes, a leather wristband. And of course, a suit. Oh, those suits. Soon, friends were

constantly asking him to dress them for special occasion, weddings, whatever — it didn’t matter. They wanted to look as cool, comfortable and confident as David. But, the moment David tried on his very first custom suit — one created specifically to his unique measurements and for the occasion he intended to wear it — well, that was a revelation. If more men knew how much better an outfit that was specifically made for them fit and felt, how much more confidently they would carry themselves when wearing it, he was sure they would want another one. And another. And that was it. On that day, David August began his journey to become the clothier who skillfully crafts the finest custom men’s wardrobes in the world. Cultivating and evolving “The Look.” Exploring daring new texture and pattern combinations. Going, quite literally, to the ends of the earth to find the right fabric. Perfecting the cut and finish to create a garment that you own as undeniably as your fingerprint. Every David August suit is the creative culmination of over two decades of experience and evolution. It is distinctively modern and distinctively American. It is entirely David August.

Every day I’m looking at this suit and thinking, I can’t wait to put this suit on after this fight. This is what I love to do. Feels so fresh. | 43

Flooded pitches?

The Institute of Groundsmanship offers advice on sediment removal


ports World Magazine spoke to Karen Maxwell from the Institute Of Groundsmanship. Karen and the guys produced a dedicated advice and guidance piece on how to avoid postponing game and maintaining playing fields in the worst of weather. As floodwater recedes, any deposited sediment may damage the playing surface and reduce playability. It may also be a health and safety risk to your staff, members and the wider public. The potential hazards include potentially toxic elements (such as heavy metals), organic chemicals (such as diesel and oil) and pathogens (such as E. coli and Salmonella etc.). These pollutants are not present in all sediments – it depends on the source of the floodwater.

44 |

If the flooding is from rivers, the potential risks depend on the location of industry and waste water treatment plants. Direct flooding from sewers or septic tanks is also common in extreme flooding events and the risks will then be from human pathogens, in particular. Potentially toxic chemicals are present in the natural environment, or come from industrial sources. The risk to human health depends on the chemical, the pathway (the way in which the element could get into a person or the environment) and the dosage (or level) of the contaminant. Under certain conditions, human pathogens can survive for many weeks in the soil, presenting a potential on-going health risk once the flood water recedes.

What should you do? A primary concern will be to get the pitch(es) back into play as soon as possible, and this will inevitably mean removing sediment. When you do this you are required under both Health & Safety and Environmental law to consider the potential harm to both humans and the wider environment, and you should act to prevent both. The most appropriate strategy for sediment removal will depend on your situation and the extent of the flood, but two common techniques are either to break up and mix the sediment with your soil (typically using a harrow) or complete removal and replacement using a machine such as the Koro. Consult your advisor on the best strategy to do this as it requires assessment on a case-by-case basis. Once you have your sediment managed, then you can

For more details about the removal of sediment waste, view the Environment Agency website,, for details. Other useful sources of post-flood advice and information:

appropriately – consult your waste services handler, local authority or recommended advisor on how to get this done correctly. How to minimise potential harm? To minimise risk to human health, the source (potentially contaminated sediment) should be removed or treated. Risks can be reduced further by removing the pathway from the source to the receptor (staff, players and public) during clean up, maintenance and play. To grounds staff (and volunteers): • During clean up and routine maintenance, personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn by everyone involved. Minimum requirements include suitable gloves, dust masks, cover clothing (particularly cuts/ abrasions etc) and waterproof boots. • No eating or drinking during this work. • Thorough hand washing with soap and hot water should be made compulsory for all staff, before every break (including before toilet breaks) and at the end of the day. • Staff should shower to remove dust from hair and skin, and clearing the nose, mouth, eyes, ears etc is recommended. To players: • Players should be notified of the potential risks to their personal safety. Risks to players can be reduced by: covering all cuts before playing and strictly enforcing hand washing before tea time, toilet breaks and after the game; prohibiting players from using soil to dry their hands; and prohibiting players licking the ball, or their hands. • Players should not ingest soil. To the public: • Inform the public about the potential risk. • Where possible, prevent access to the general public and use signs to alert people to keep themselves and their pets away from potentially contaminated land and stockpiles. Where can you get more advice? Contaminated land: sampling and analysis must be carried out by a qualified professional, which can be arranged through your waste management contractor, your consultant or your usual soil testing supplier.

look at re-establishing your turf. Bear in mind the following, however: • The sediment could be contaminated (as above) and could result in either contaminating the pitches if worked in, or creating a contaminated waste that will need to be disposed of correctly. • Silts and fine sediments can cap the surface leading to reduced infiltration rates, particularly on sandy soils or sand constructions. Is the sediment contaminated? If you suspect contamination (eg you have been removing human excrement and sanitary waste; there are industrial sediment deposits or oillike sheens; or there are persistent sewer-type smells), then you should have your soils tested

Playability: Remedial maintenance options include chain harrowing, power brushing and in extreme cases removal by machines such as the Koro Field Topmaker. For further advice contact your pitch maintenance consultant. Turf grass: Contact your agronomist to discuss your options for pitch reinstatement. • The above advice offered by the Institute of Groundsmanship – based on IOG-supported research in 2007 by the Cranfield Centre for Sports Surfaces - is intended to raise awareness of potential risks to both humans and the environment. It is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to waste handling and, while it suggests some best practice strategies and points out some of your responsibilities and obligations, readers should always seek appropriate professional advice from their waste contractor, the Environment Agency or Local Authority, where appropriate.

IOG Programme supports flooddamaged clubs The IOG-led Grounds & Natural Turf Improvement Programme, which promotes best practice in groundsmanship at grassroots sports facilities, has been especially busy this winter working with flood-hit clubs. Regional pitch advisor for the North West, Ian Mather-Brewster, has been supporting the Cumberland FA and the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in offering advice and over one two-week period, visited 15 football and cricket grounds where damage ranged from pitches having a layer of silt with grass growing through, to multi-use sports facilities that have had to close and are facing repair bills costing up to £500,000. Keswick FC was one the clubs visited. It has a first team pitch, which has been re-constructed within the last 10 years, and junior pitches located nearby. The club pavilion has already been flooded once (to approx 10 feet above pitch level) and the pitches have been flooded three times within the previous three months. Some of the advice given to the club includes: • Ensure that the pitch area is clear from contamination; this will need to be checked with the local council/ environmental departments. • Remove all localised areas of debris from the pitch (such as stones, silt and sticks). This can be removed using a small digger, laying boards where needed to limit the damage to the soil structure. • When the debris has been removed, the layer of silt on the pitch surface has to be removed, then the pitch will require a full renovation. “Most of the sites visited are maintained by volunteers and the amazing thing that comes across every time is their commitment to get their teams back playing,” says Ian. “The volunteers at Keswick FC have removed hundreds of tonnes of silt using a mini digger. Also, the volunteers’ quick thinking saved the club’s groundscare equipment, since they moved the machinery to high ground before the first flood. “My support to these clubs/sites will continue until all the surfaces are cleared and fit for purpose.”

| 45

It was amazing to see everyone at the club pulling together to help out in the local community, can you tell us what effect these floods have had not just with Carlisle United FC but thousands of local residents in the area? You have to put things in perspective – this is our business/place of work, others have had their homes and lives destroyed, some maybe both homes and businesses. Although it is frustrating to be involved with and work in this is the second time it has happened to some local residents. The spirit in the area is positive at the moment with people helping each other out and work well under way.

Sports World Magazine interviewed David Mitchel – Head Groundsman and local hero at Carlisle United FC on how the floods affected not only the club but also the local community.

What did it feel like to have the responsibility of getting things back together and to be at the forefront on this disaster?

Where were you and when did you first hear about the effect the floods had on your playing surface? Where – I was in London for the weekend. My two assistant grounds men were in the stadium on the Saturday night until 1am trying to pump water off the pitch not knowing what was to come – they were told to leave by the police as the river was going to burst over the flood banks. First saw the news of the floods on the news on the Sunday morning – was also getting updates from family in Carlisle.

What was your first reaction? Disappointed, anxious but also unaware of the damage that we would face in the next few days and what the after effects would be.

We are aware that your playing surface is always one of the best in the league. With kind of reputation did you feel your role to be more challenging due to the rebuild of the pitch and facility? Yes – having set high standards for a number of years the pressure was on to maintain them to the highest level as possible but work with the environment and the equipment we had left (only managed to save one tractor)

“Everyone at the club knew it was important to get back to Brunton Park as quickly as possible as the football club is at the forefront of the community.” 46 |

Everyone at the club knew it was important to get back to Brunton Park as quickly as possible as the football club is at the forefront of the community. We worked towards a goal of getting back for our home game against York (23/01), which we achieved, but also had to make sure the facilities were up to a desired standard.

How do you feel this set back will effect the clubs season? Difficult to say at the moment – will have to wait until the end of the season – hopefully it will be positive.

Whilst the club has been using other football clubs stadiums (Preston and Blackburn) what have you been up to to get things back to normal? Making sure the training facilities for the first team were of standard so that their game preparation could be similar to before the floods. The work on the main pitch at Brunton Park started on Tuesday 5th January where layers of silt were taken from the pitch. The laying of new turf then began on Monday 11th January and finished on Wednesday 13th January. This gave enough time before the first game and also for the first team to have a few training sessions on it to get used to the new surface.

How has the floods effecting the clubs training facilities? One pitch was effected at the ground but fortunately we have one that was not effected by flooding (see above)

What have the club and the government done to ensure Carlisle United FC and the community limit the risk of this happening again? At the moment the club have no new plans in place. You would hope this is a matter which the government would have as a priority after the second time this has had devastating effects on the City and County.

Promoting grassroots

From Village team to major force in West Sussex


e firmly believe in cultivating good links with our sponsors, and so Watersfield FC would like to offer all of our sponsors every opportunity to become actively involved in the club. We are pleased to offer a number of sponsorship packages, with a wide variety of prices to suit any budget. Prices are exclusive of VAT, but discounts are available for those who wish to have more than one type of sponsorship.

Why Get Involved?

WATERSFIELD FC Twitter: @watersfield_fc Website:

Watersfield Football Club is currently a small club relying on the match fees and subscriptions from its members. Without sponsorship this village club would struggle

to reach its main aim of becoming the major football club within the area. We have many goals to achieve at the club and need financial backing in order to reach these. Playing in the Premier Division of the West Sussex Football League is an aspiration shared by both the committee, the players and the fans. A thriving youth setup is also on the agenda, providing opportunities for both young boys and girls to become actively involved with the club. With your help these targets could become a reality and your name could be associated with the amazing transformation of a small village club into a major force in West Sussex.

If you’re interested in playing your part in the future of Watersfield FC, please email us via the contact form or send your message to

| 47

Jordan Pickford Player Profile Interview

First of all Jordan, allow us welcome you on board Sports World Magazine. Can you tell our readers about your history with Sunderland AFC and how you first joined the club? When I was 6 I was playing in the Russell Foster League for Washington Envelope when I scouted by SAFC’s development and then I was signed properly when I was 8 and have moved up the ranks since.

How do you think the loan moves to Carlisle United FC, Bradford City FC and more recently Preston North End FC have developed your game? They have been massive in terms of my development to go out and test myself against men in a first team environment. The people at all the clubs I’ve been at, from managers to the staff around the place have all been excellent with me and a massive help. I wouldn’t be where I am now without those loans.

How did you ensure you made a smooth transition from youth football into first team premier league football? It’s all about hard work, there is no exact formula to success. There is a bit of luck but you have to be ready when you get your chances and I think I have been. It’s also vital to have expert coaches and people around you which I am lucky enough to have had at Sunderland.

Growing up which goalkeepers inspired you the most / who was your role model? When I was really young Peter Schmeichel obviously, and I even got the same gloves as him but as a Sunderland fan, watching Thomas Sorensen as well. More recently I have watched Joe Hart and his pathway.

What did it feel like making your first team premier league debut against Tottenham Hotspur FC at White Hart Lane? I played against Arsenal in the FA Cup before that. It was my dream come true, it’s what I’ve always wanted. It was massive for me and my family and something I’ll never forget.

48 |

You have just signed a long-term deal with the club that keeps you there until 2020, what are your goals and ambitions for the rest of your contract? To keep improving every day and see where I end up. Obviously I want to play for the first team and be first choice but that will only happen if I keep working and improving.

You have made many appearances at international level, do you feel in the future there could be potential for you to get a call up to Roy Hodgson’s first team England squad? Who knows what the future will hold, I would love to represent my country its every young boys dream but my aim is to work hard everyday and play in the Premier League and hopefully my performances and hard work catch the national team manager’s eye and I will be involved.

What has been the highlight of your career so far? Making my debut for the club I love. I’ll always have that no matter what happens in my career.

Is there anyone in particular you would like to thank for their continued support? My Dad, Mum and brother Richard.

Who has had the biggest influence on your career? Mark Prudhoe, Kevin Ball and Ged McNamee.

Thank you for your time Jordan, it’s been a pleasure interviewing you and we wish you every bit of success for the future.

“Who knows what the future will hold, I would love to represent my country its every young boys dream but my aim is to work hard everyday and play in the Premier League and hopefully my performances and hard work catch the national team manager’s eye and I will be involved.”

“there is no exact formula to success. There is a bit of luck but you have to be ready when you get your chances and I think I have been.” | 49

Teach in London. Play in Europe!

Inspiring better education Finding an agency is easy. Choosing the right team makes all the difference. Vince Lombardi

02036965000 / 20K+

Wimbledon Hawks AFL Sports World Magazine reviews one of the top AFL teams outside of Australia in the Wimbledon Hawks.

W WIMBLEDON HAWKS AFL Website: Twitter: @wimbledonhawks

e’ve been running around London in Brown & Gold for 25 years and we want you to join the flock! If you’re looking for a footy club for your time in the big smoke then look no further than the Hawks. We have a Premiers and Social Men’s Team and a Women’s team in their second year, so we cater for all. There’s plenty on offer, including footy trips to Europe, days/nights out in London, Epsom Derby all inclusive race day and of course the infamous Wimbledon Hawks Ladies Day! Throw that together with some competitive footy and enthusiasm for social adventure and you have yourself the complete package - with a whole new set of mates to boot! Jump on our social media, hit the join now button or click contact on the menubar and get

yourself down to the club, we’re ready for your call! The Wimbledon Hawks Seniors compete in the highly competitive AFL London Premiership. For many, this league and its teams are amongst the best outside of Australia certainly in the Northern Hemisphere - where a combination of experienced Australians take the field with cross code converts from many other nations, creating fast paced contested style football. “Both the Wimbledon Hawks Seniors and Social teams train together, and importantly, stick together on and off the field. This attitude constitutes the team spirit we require from any and all newcomers wanting to pull on the Brown & Gold.” Ross Ashman, President 2010 - 2015

Scots College is proud to partner with the WPFA Scots is an IB World School specialising in boys only education To learn more about the world class education offered at Scots, go to Strathmore I Wellington I New Zealand

56 |

Wellington Phoenix FC Sports World Magazine approached General Manager – David Dome of Wellington Phoenix FC on the clubs values, memories, ambitions and their plans to maximize commercial potential moving forward. What are the clubs ambitions for the next 5 years?

Do you currently work with the local education establishments?

We are quite an ambitious little Club. We have already played a number of high profile games against major opposition – LA Galaxy, Boca Juniors, West Ham, Newcastle United. Being the only professional football club in NZ, we see are very real strategic advantage to use our position within the global game to help further not only the best interests of the Club, but football in NZ, and to represent our city and country globally. Courtesy of our principle partner Huawei, we play in the Hong Kong Sevens Football tournament every year, where we take a youth team and play against other youth teams from some of the biggest clubs in football. We already have an international suite of corporate partners – Huawei (Chinese telecommunications company and world’s largest telco infrastructure company), adidas, Carlsberg, Sinopec (Chinese oil company ranked second largest company in the world by Forbes in 2015), KPMG. These are some of the most successful brands in the world in their respective markets. These companies perfectly fit the Club’s international focus. The strategy is to leverage football, brand New Zealand and Wellington, to expand our footprint and reach, and vice versa for some of our partners, into China, Japan and SE Asia. This strategy aligns perfectly with that of our local council and Government and we’re keen to be used as a conduit for these parties using football. Our Academy-Elite programme will spearhead this, but there are discussions going on in a number of areas.

Yes. As stated above, our Academy is entrenched in a fully immersive football and education programme based out of Scots College. This is a residential programme where the boys We also have links into a number of other schools in the Wellington region, plus we have an Auckland soccer school which acts as a feeder into Wellington. The Auckland school We are looking to expand our education product offering – currently it is select/invitation only. We want to expand into a non-selective programme, a Women’s programme (selective and non-selective) and English based schooling-football programme for internationals. A tertiary programme has also been investigated requires more development.

Is the club doing anything to maximize its commercial potential? There are the traditional commercial assets like strip properties, website and match day assets, and club associations that can all be monetised. However, even in NZ this is a cluttered space and with rugby, as the nation’s highest profile sporting code often sucking up the majority of cash in this space, we’ve had to look outside the traditional sponsorship opportunities.

So we’ve had to look to alternative revenue streams. Looking offshore, where football is a much more desirable product than rugby for example, has worked for us. Using contacts around the world to bring multinationals and international clubs to discussions. As discussed around the Academy, we are looking at education products – both selective into the Academy, and non-selective where any student can enrol in and the Phoenix will provide technical input. We are working on a national education product where Phoenix branding will accompany the virtues of exercise and healthy living delivered as part of the national curriculum. We will continue to expand our asset base and are working on a few interesting areas of potential right now!

If you had to use your club as a role model of success, which part of your club do you feel succeeds the most and what advice would you give other clubs and their members? Our Youth Development programme including our Academy is extremely well developed. We have age group teams playing in national competitions, an extremely successful Auckland soccer school feeding players down to the Academy and we are looking to expand this offering.

How important is youth to the club? Youth is extremely important for this Club. We have invested a lot into our Academy – we now have a fully immersive integrated youth programme. We have 35+ young players in the Academy with about 8 of these being internationals. They train 6 days a week with strength & conditioning, mentoring and strategy sessions. About 50% of these play in either a national youth competition, or the full national (adult) competition. We have an extremely successful Auckland soccer school feeding players down the Academy. A number of NZ representative players have come out of the Auckland soccer school. They currently have an U14 side in Japan playing against youth sides from J-League clubs like Kashiwa Reysol and doing exceedingly well – beating J-League youth sides and making finals in the tournaments they are playing in. Youth is key not only to establishing a financial base for the Club (developing players are cheaper than buying the finished product, and of course there is the option to sell players for fees in due course) but also in utilising the infrastructure in aligning with the Club’s international ambitions.

WELLINGTON PHOENIX FC Website: Twitter: @WgtnPhoenixFC | 57

Throughout the month of February, Adelaide United went to great lengths to further our engagement with the local communities of South Australia. ADELAIDE UNITED FC Website: Twitter: @AdelaideUnited

Football Schools • February saw the end the amazing Adelaide United Football School. • All the kids who completed the Football School were awarded their certificates mid-way through the month by the likes of, Guillermo Amor, Pau Marti, Eugene Galekovic, Marcelo Carrusca, Craig Goodwin, Pablo Sanchez, Stefan Mauk, Mate Dugandzic, Jordan Elsey, George Mells, Bruce Kamau, John Hall, and Dylan Smith. • The Club would like to thank all the kids that were involved, and hope to see you again next year! • If you can’t wait until the end of the year, our April Football School registrations are open now!

Hyundai A-League Home Matches • We had a variety of mascots, ball boys and girls, and half-time game kids at our Hyundai A-League matches as well, all doing a fantastic job. • Modbury Vista and Adelaide City were involved for the Sydney FC and Brisbane Roar games respectively. • For those local football clubs that are interested in being involved in our upcoming matches and into next season, don’t hesitate to contact the club and find out how.

AFC Champions League Play-Off • The ACL has come and gone, but that didn’t stop MetroStars getting involved in our ACL play-off match. • MetroStars had a fantastic bunch kids 58 |

involved at half-time, and loved the chance to showcase their talents on the pitch in front of a packed crowd.

Japanese Visitors • The Club was lucky enough to host some of the up and coming Sport Scientists from Japan at the Adelaide United Training Centre, where they got to see our best talent, as well as meet quite a few of the players and coaching staff personally. • Our High Performance Manager, Greg King, spent some time with the students explaining a week in the life of an Adelaide United footballer, which they absolutely loved.

Local School Visits • With schools back to it in South Australia, it

gave a few players the chance to visit some of the future talent that’s being produced right across the state. • Cardijn College was first on the agenda visiting some amazing Year 8 and 9 talented players. Bruce Djite and Michael Marrone put them through their paces with a gruelling training session. • Westport Primary was next on the list with Tarek Elrich, Marcelo Carrusca, and Stefan Mauk running the session. The kids were football players specifically and the three United stars set up some fantastic exercises to showcase their skills. • If you want to see some of the boys in action, follow Adelaide United’s official Snapchat where you will see some amazing behind the scenes action. Search aufc_official.

Carnevale • Carnevale was a great chance for the Club to give back to the Italian community. • Iacopo La Rocca and Michael Marrone were the main showcases, but a number of other players got involved including Dylan McGowan, George Mells, Jordan Elsey, and Craig Goodwin. • We met a lot of amazing people at the event and Iacopo and Michael awarded prizes for the two teams that featured in the Football Tournament’s Grand Final. • The final was taken out by Adelaide City in an incredible penalty shootout win against MetroStars, that finished 12-11!

| 59

WESTERN SYDNEY WANDERERS FC Twitter: @wswanderersfc Website:





60 |

A insight to the history of the Australian A-League amazing Western Sydney Wanderers courtesy of Sports World Magazine


he NRMA Insurance Western Sydney Wanderers FC is a football club which has been established to represent Western Sydney in the Hyundai A-League since April 2012. The constitution of the club preserves its founding principles of “for the people of western Sydney, by the people of western Sydney”. The official club logo incorporates the key elements of the Western Sydney landscape; the mountains, valleys and winding river system that run throughout the region. The badge captures the unity and intertwined multicultural community that the Wanderers represent. The home jersey, comprised of the classic red & black hoop jersey with white shorts and black socks, provides Western Sydney Wanderers FC with a distinctive identity in the Australian sporting landscape. Dubbed “Australia’s newest, oldest club” in respect to the long history of football in the region, the Western Sydney Wanderers have, through their name, a linkage to the first ever game of football played in New South Wales on 14 August 1880 between the King’s School and the Wanderers in North Parramatta. The club was wholly owned by Football







Federation Australia for its start-up phase from 2012 till 2014. During that period an independent Board of Directors and Management ran the Club with Lyall Gorman, former head of the Hyundai A-League, taking up position as the Club’s inaugural Chairman. On 17 May 2012 former Socceroo and proud Western Sydney native Tony Popovic was appointed as the Club’s Head Coach putting together a team in under four months who would go on to be crowned Premiers in their debut season, which included a record 10-match winning streak and 14-match unbeaten run. On 1 July 2014 the Club license was officially transferred from Football Federation Australia to a consortium of owners headed by Primo Group CEO Paul Lederer and includes Director of Sabre Sports United Jefferson Cheng, Pirtek director and head of international business, Glenn Duncan, and David Slade, a partner in the Australian arm of the UK retail chain TopshopTopman. Under the new structure Lederer was appointed Chairman of the Western Sydney Wanderers while John Tsatsimas took up the role of the Club’s first CEO following his role as General Manager of Football and Chief Operating Officer since the Club’s inception.




@dubai_key | | +971501493285 | | @dubaikey | facebook/dubaikey

| 61

MLS Club Insight Exclusive

Sports World Magazine spoke to Rob Thompson, Executive Vice President at Sporting Kansas City FC on all things positive both on and off the fields for the club. How long have you been involved and what first attracted you to the club?

What are the clubs ambitions for the next 5 years?

Do you have any favourite memories from your time with the club?

I have been involved with the club since 1997, the second year of Major League Soccer. We had just transitioned from The Kansas City Wiz to the Kansas City Wizards, played our games in an NFL stadium (Arrowhead Stadium), had a rainbow moniker and a small, loyal fan base. I was first attracted to the club as the potential of the team and League were so great and the opportunity to start my career as someone who could make a difference right away was very appealing.

We want to win championships, serve the community, be leaders on the business side and create unforgettable memories.

Winning the MLS Cup in 2000 and 2013 are

How is the general mood down at the club at the moment?

into winning. However, the relationships formed

What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your role? I would not say there are challenges, but there are always strides we need to make to continue our growth and goals we need to hit. We always say that creating the best fan experience in sports is imperative for us and we are constantly working on this. We also want to continue to increase our supporters and tap into a large segment of casual fans, turning them into ardent supporters. It is rewarding to hear the crowd on gamedays and how much passion they have for the team. Another microcosm is around social media. A challenge can be monitoring all of the players to make sure they are professional without taking their voice away and it is rewarding to see them connect with our supporters and extending our brand.

What are your plans for the offseason? The funny part of working in sports are the people who think after the last game of the season that we just go on vacation until the next season starts. The off-season is incredibly busy preparing as we always need to adapt and be on the forefront of new ideas, new technology, etc.

SPORTING KANSAS CITY Twitter: @SportingKC Website:

62 |

We are currently in Tucson, Arizona for preseason spring training. The mood is fantastic and the players all get along very well. Training sessions are competitive and the team should be very deep this season. When you have a 10-month season, personalities play a huge part in the success of a team and organization. So far, this has been one of the best groups I have seen which is extremely promising.

obviously up there as favorite memories because a lot of work from a lot of people go over the years is my most treasured memory.

Regarding your facilities (training and match day), does they receive favourable comments from visiting teams? Are you keen to expand/ improve on what you currently have? We have the best soccer stadium in North America and the atmosphere is always amazing.

How important is youth to the club?

Visiting players are typically envious of the

The youth are very important to our club in every phase. We have a Sporting KC academy where we continue to add teams; we recently signed our fourth homegrown player Daniel Salloi. It is also a market we try to develop into fans. Our primary base are millennials, but the group before them is also very important to us.

set-up and coaches alter their gameplan when

Would you consider the club to be a community club, if so what work does the club engage in? Of course; all of our owners are from Kansas City and committed to the area in many ways. We emphasize local and community in all we do, starting with our foundation: The Victory Project. The Victory Project is an initiative from Sporting Kansas City that unites players, staff and fans to help children thrive through life’s challenges. Our players did over 250 community appearances last year and are excited for what is to come with our newest partner, Children’s Mercy Hospital (we just renamed the stadium Children’s Mercy Park).

they play in Kansas City. It is also the most tech-savvy stadium in the United States. We do constantly try to improve our experience for our supporters. We have sold out 70 consecutive games and we don’t plan on this streak breaking.

If you had to use your club as a role model of success, which part of your club do you feel succeeds the most and what advice would you give other clubs and there members? We are much more than a soccer organization as we have endeavors in events, technology, social aspect, facilities, concerts and more. We are leaders in merchandise, experience, and other metrics, and it is such a fantastic place to work as we set high goals, take risks and have fun.

Sportsworld Ad 124mm x 180mm(4.8" x 7.08").qxp_Layout 1 3/15/16 8:58 AM Page 1

We get a KICK out of Sporting KC! And we are proud support to our home town soccer team. We know team work is the key to success – in soccer and in hospitality. The players work to support each other to win the game and our staff works as a team to ensure that every guest feels like a winner. Kansas City’s premier soccer team and Kansas City’s Premier hotel… now that’s a great team! 200 W. 12th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105


| 63

MLS Club Insight Exclusive SAN JOSE EARTHQUAKES Twitter: @SJEarthquakes Website:

Sports World Magazine met Jake Pisani - Senior Coordinator & Media Relations at the San Jose Earthquakes to talk about his role at the club and all things positive both on and off the field. Q1) How long have you been involved and what first attracted you to the club? I originally joined the team in April of 2013 as an intern before later returning on a full-time basis in February of 2015. I have always had a passion for soccer and having the opportunity to work for my local MLS club is very exciting.

What are the clubs ambitions for the next 5 years? The club certainly has high standards and goals for the future. With an experienced, successful head coach and an increasingly deep and talented roster, the Quakes have their sight set on adding a third MLS Cup to the trophy case in the near future.

How important is youth to the club? The team’s youth system is a very important aspect of the club, especially in recent years. In addition to hiring experienced, high-profile coaches to lead the academy, the Quakes are also planning to build a new complex specifically for the youth teams. Head coach Dominic Kinnear also started an annual tradition in which the club’s U-18 squad plays the first team on the Avaya Stadium pitch to kick off preseason. It’s a great event for both teams and the fans.

Would you consider the club to be a community club, if so what work does the club engage in? The San Jose Earthquakes are definitely a team that is deeply rooted in the community. Among the numerous community initiatives the club is involved with is Get Earthquakes Fit. The program, which is sponsored by Sutter Health, is designed to help youth live active, healthy lifestyles by instructing and supporting teachers to encourage students to make physical activity a regular part of their day. The Quakes also help underprivileged children and families throughout the Bay Area attend matches. In fact, the team donated over 11,000 tickets last year alone!

64 |

Do you have any favourite memories from your time with the club? It’s always a memorable experience to open a new stadium, especially one as highly anticipated as Avaya Stadium. But my favorite experience outside of that would be when the club hosted Manchester United for a week during the 2015 season. The Quakes and United met on July 21, 2015 as part of the International Champions Cup North America. United then had a match scheduled four days later against FC Barcelona, so they stayed and trained at our facility in the meantime. I got to assist with several press conference involving Louis van Gaal, Wayne Rooney and Chris Smalling.

Could you let me know a little more about the formation of the club, any significant events and dates in your recent history? The history of the team can be traced back to 1974, when San Jose joined the North American Soccer League. Then in 1996, the San Jose Clash (as they were known from ’96 to ’99) played host to the first ever Major League Soccer game – a 1-0 win over D.C. United on April 6. The team switched back to the name ‘Earthquakes’ at the conclusion of the 1999 season and proceeded to win two of the next four MLS Cups in 2001 and 2003. The club has also claimed two Supporters’ Shields for the best regular season record in MLS in 2005 and 2012.

Regarding your facilities (training and match day), does they receive favourable comments from visiting teams? Are you keen to expand/ improve on what you currently have? The facilities are definitely among the best in Major League Soccer. Avaya Stadium, the team’s new $100 million venue, debuted in 2015 to great fanfare for both playing conditions and fan experience. The locker rooms are first class and the training facility, which is walking distance away, just received a brand new pitch.

| 65

MLS Club Insight Exclusive Sports World Magazine caught up with Chicago Fire Soccer on their fantastic youth community foundation P.L.A.Y.S

CHICAGO FIRE SOCCER CLUB Twitter: @ChicagoFire Website:


he Chicago Fire Soccer Club announced that the Chicago Fire Foundation’s P.L.A.Y.S. (Participate, Learn, Achieve, Youth Soccer) program will expand from 12 to 16, adding four public schools across Chicago. “We are thrilled to expand P.L.A.Y.S. for a second-consecutive year and further benefit the lives of Chicago youth,” said Chicago Fire Owner and Chairman Andrew Hauptman. “P.L.A.Y.S. is part of a comprehensive plan to improve our community through the transfer of meaningful skills in a fun, safe environment. Through this program, you can really see the tangible impact we can have as an organization and witness what soccer can do to enrich the lives of others.” Created in 2013 in partnership with World Sport Chicago, the program integrates soccer with social and emotional learning (SEL) to not only help kids learn and enjoy soccer, but also strengthen academic performance. In 2013 and 2014, the ten-week program served 256 third through fifth grade boys and girls at eight schools. “The Chicago Fire Foundation has been dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of underserved youth in the Chicagoland area since 1998,” said Chicago Fire Foundation executive director Jessica Yavitz. “It has been great to see the impact of the P.L.A.Y.S. Program over the last few years, and we couldn’t be more excited to further expand this program by 40 percent in 2016 and continue to serve as a leader in sports-based youth development in our community.”

66 |

P.L.A.Y.S. integrates soccer and a curriculum focused on instilling grit as a means to grow social and emotional learning (SEL) skills of youth. Research into grit has shown that kids with a high degree of emotional control, goal setting and attainment, cooperation, respect, communication and teamwork are able to more effectively handle adversity and perform well in school. Since its creation, P.L.A.Y.S. has organized over 70,000 hours of soccer for underserved youth in Chicagoland. This spring, over 500 youth will participate in the program with the expansion. The students participating in the program engage in 10 weeks of instruction via five out-of-school hours each week, plus an additional four game days. The 12 schools returning are: • Bradwell School of Excellence • Herzl School of Excellence • Chalmers School of Excellence • Piccolo School of Excellence • Curtis School of Excellence • Casals School of Excellence • Deneen School of Excellence • Sherman School of Excellence • Tarkington School of Excellence • Marquette School of Excellence • McNair School of Excellence • Gresham School of Excellence

The four new schools include: • Tonti Elementary School • Armour Elementary School • Spry Elementary School • Castellanos Elementary School

ABOUT THE CHICAGO FIRE FOUNDATION The Chicago Fire’s goal on the field is to play hard and win. Its goal off the field is to contribute to the quality of life in Chicago and its surrounding communities. Through the Chicago Fire Foundation, the Fire is able to give back to the community by leveraging its resources and expertise in the area of soccer to provide sports-based youth development and direct-service programs to Chicagoland’s underserved communities. Since 1998, the Chicago Fire Foundation, the charitable arm of the Chicago Fire Major League Soccer Team, has made significant contributions to enhance the lives of disadvantaged youth throughout Chicagoland. To date, the Foundation has donated more than $1.8 million dollars in grants and contributions. The Chicago Fire Foundation raises funds through events such as the annual Season Kickoff Luncheon, the Commemorative Jersey Auction, and 50/50 Raffle. For more information about the Chicago Fire Foundation, visit community.

INTRODUCTION TO AUCKLAND CITY FC Auckland City Football Club is based in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. The club competes in the eightteam ASB Premiership which is the highest level of domestic football in the country. This new competition was formed in 2004. Auckland City have won the competition in six of the 10 years since its inception. Auckland City FC is an amateur club with most players having full-time occupations outside of football.

Season 2013/14

Season 2014/15

FIFA Club World Cup: 3rd

The 2013/14 season saw the club complete an unprecedented clean sweep of domestic honours lifting the treble of ASB Premiership title, ASB minor premiership and ASB Charity Cup trophies, a triumph that included a record 8-1 semi-final aggregate win over arch-rivals and defending champions Waitakere United over two legs. In a tightly contested grand final, Auckland City FC triumphed 1-0 over Team Wellington at Kiwitea Street, to confirm its first domestic national club title since 2009. That achievement went alongside Auckland City FC’s record fourth consecutive Oceania title, a victory that was far from straightforward with the team nearly eliminated at the group stage, before edging a nervy semi-final victory over Tahitian champions AS Pirae over two legs. The Kiwi champions completed the quadruple by beating Amicale 3-2 on aggregate in the final in a match where goalkeeper Tamati Williams saved a penalty in the second leg that set-up a thrilling finale when Emiliano Tade notched the decisive goal three minutes from the end of a memorable season. To top off a stellar year at Kiwitea Street the club’s Academy side also claimed the ASB National Mens’ Youth League title for a record fourth time thus ensuring the club’s trophy cabinet was indeed brimming at season’s end.

Last season, Auckland City FC enjoyed its highest ever placing at the FIFA Club World Cup by winning the bronze medal after a penalty shoot-out win over CONCACAF champions Cruz Azul. The Navy Blues had earlier beaten Tetouan Moghreb on penalties in the playoff round before downing CAF Champions League winners ES Setif 1-0 in the quarter-finals. A narrow 2-1 defeat to CONMEBOL champions San Lorenzo in extra-time bundled the New Zealand champions out of the competition at the semi-finals, within touching distance of a FIFA Club World Cup Final against Real Madrid. Skipper Ivan Vicelich was honoured with the competition’s Bronze Ball award behind Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid while Tim Payne and John Irving also picked up Man of the Match Awards. On the regional scene the Navy Blues won the inaugural OFC President’s Cup beating Amicale 2-1 in the final at Trusts Arena in West Auckland and then made it five continental titles in a row by beating Team Wellington on penalties in the OFC Champions League Final in Suva, Fiji. The win equalled Real Madrid’s record of five consecutive continental titles set in the 1950s. The season trophy haul was completed with an ASB Premiership Grand Final victory over Hawke’s Bay United at Kiwitea Street making it the club’s sixth domestic title in 11 seasons and their first successful title defence since 2005/06 season. The club was also shortlisted for a Halberg Award.

OFC Champions League: Winners

FIFA Club World Cup: 7th OFC Champions League: Winners ASB Premiership: Winners Minor Premiers: Winners ASB Charity Cup: Winners

68 |

OFC President’s Cup: Winners ASB Premiership: Winners Minor Premiers: Winners ASB Charity Cup: Runners-Up

ACFC HONOURS OFC Champions League Winners 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 (7) OFC Presidents Cup Winners 2014 (1) ASB Premiership Winners 2004/05, 2005/06, 2006/07, 2008/09, 2013/14 & 2014/15 (6) ASB Premiership Runners-Up 2010/11 & 2012/13 (2) ASB Premiership Minor Premiers 2004/05, 2005/06, 2009/10, 2011/12, 2013/14 & 2014/15 (6) ASB Charity Cup 2011 & 2013 (2) ASB National Youth League Champions 2006/07, 2008/09, 2012/13 & 2013/14 (3) FIFA Club World Cup Appearances Japan 2006, UAE 2009, Japan 2011, Japan 2012, Morocco 2013, Morocco 2014, Japan 2015 IFFHS Oceania Club of the Decade (2001 – 2010) Sport Auckland Team of the Year 2006, 2010, 2011 & 2012

| 69



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Largest Tickets Marketplace Tiksar - New serious competitor acquires market shares in the field of online ticketing service. Company that was launched in January 2016 aims to strive into leaders before 2017.


iksar, is a relatively young ticketing service company that unites people that want to buy high demand and sold out tickets to the world’s most popular events with those wishing to sell them, by that, offering to its end users a kind of social marketplace. The advanced security issues and 100% guaranteed tickets together with relatively competitive markups makes company outstand their competitors and provide clients with the much better customer service. Founded in October 2015, Tiksar aims to reach significant market share of the world ticketing service providers by outbidding its main market competitors. According to Online Event Ticket Sales market research, economy slowly rebounds and consumer spending is moving forward, respectively in the next five

74 |

years the number of event tickets purchased online will rise as well, thus increasing number of sales in the related field. Tiksar is the primary point for sellers and buyers of tickets to the world’s major entertaining events. Tiksar sellers and buyers are spread globally and are allowed to select their own currency for the more convenient payment process. Professional customer support team is also available to help users with any query that may occur during purchase or sales process. Tiksar guarantees that both sellers and buyers are protected as we use a secure transaction system and transparent payment process. Currently Tiksar operates with all variety of world’s major entertaining events including tickets for Rio Olympic games 2016, NHL, NBL,

NBA, KHL, English Premier League and other major football competitions, etc. (more events information at: Besides that, with the overall trend towards mobile commerce, Tiksar offers convenient and userfriendly optimized website, that allows users to buy & sell tickets with any modern device connected to the internet 24/7. Mr. Smith, the Director of Communication said: “By providing such platform as Tiksar we are able to position ourselves as the best in class online ticketing service. With more than one million tickets available for thousand events across the globe, we are striving to provide the best possible online ticketing service to our clients and partners. We have an excellent business that is 100% uptime and best in class service with lowest markups apart from our competitors”.

Launch Insurance Brokers Ltd

Launch Insurance is a specialist broker who provide sports, media and high net worth professionals with insurance policies ranging from motor, household and career ending.


aunch Insurance provides its clients with a 24/7 contactable client manager with invaluable experience and knowledge within the insurance industry. Having a wealth of experience working with individuals in niche professions, we understand our clients’ needs and the importance of acting in a professional and efficient manner. Our clients include TV, Media and Sports professionals in addition to others that have a variety of complex and detailed insurance requirements. We ensure every client is given a bespoke service according to their needs, delivered with the utmost confidentiality and loyalty. Our dedicated team always offer a personalised and proactive approach resulting in a service you can trust.

Career Ending and Income Protection Insurance Launch insurance can offer career ending insurance for professional footballers. The

76 |

basis of a Career Ending Insurance Policy is that of which compensates the policyholder in the event of an accident injury or illness that prevents him or her from continuing their career as a professional. The cover can either produce a tax free lump sum payment or an income until the player is able to resume their sport again.

Household Insurance Launch insurance brokers have access to the leading household insurers in the UK offering supreme cover for those special bespoke items whether it be jewellery, fine art, sporting memorabilia or the purchase of your new home. Our client managers can offer a personal home visit to assist and advise on what level of cover is needed and what security measures to take to reduce the risk of an unwanted event.

Motor Insurance Launch Insurance Brokers have exclusive access to specialist motor insurers so all your requirements can be met. We can offer the following.

• Comprehensive driving other cars • Agreed value • Courtesy car • Full UK and EU breakdown cover • Choice of repairer • Foreign use up to 90 days • Legal expenses cover With our experience we understand and know that new and young drivers can find it troublesome to get insured but this not need be an issue as one of our insurance providers use the most up to date technology with a telematics scheme.

Preferred Suppliers At Launch Insurance we have a selected list of preferred specialist suppliers, which have been carefully tested, tried and have passed the test for our clients. We can help put you in touch with suppliers ranging from car dealers, tracker companies, claim specialists, life style management companies and many more.


Garden television the ultimate luxury that completes your garden Sunshine, fresh air & television For too long there’s been a choice. Enjoy your garden or enjoy your television... but not both. Well, not anymore!

With the experience gained creating outdoor screen experiences at prestige sports stadia and entertainment venues we have developed visanté. A stunning addition to your family and social life.

from £150,000 - bespoke build and finishes. SCREEN SIZE 3.1M X 1.9M




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