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Welcome to our Spring 2018 issue of Sports World Magazine


s the UK’s premier Sport x Lifestyle publication were taking things to a whole new level this year. Combining sport, fashion, culture, music, film and lifestyle together as one, the complete publication for both the player and his partner.  This issue we had the pleasure of being invited into Philipp Plein’s opulent home in Cannes, famously known as La Jungle du Roi. In the first of an exclusive two-part interview with the fashion industries ‘King of Bling’, Philipp Plein reveals what it’s really like to live in his neo-classical modern fusion house, tells us how he conquered the football world and busts the myths on fashion designers’ inspiration. Working closely with the independent newspaper we sent representatives to Miami to cover the David Beckham Miami project. Beckham launched his MLS franchise following the approval of their license but there were still few details on the project. There was no name. No badge. Not even a mention of a stadium. Yet just the mere presence of David Beckham was enough to get the MLS party started in Miami. Brazilian superstar Neymar became the world’s most expensive player when he joined Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain in a £198million mega-deal from Barcelona last summer. The Brazilian international admitted that seeing the iconic Eiffel Tower lit up in his honor after completing the switch was a humbling experience. But how do you spend a staggering £775,477 a week? We sent reporter Claire Bloomfield to the French capital to find out. We joined the popular Australian F1 driver, Daniel Ricciardo on his trip to talk about his world title ambitions, his ongoing contract saga and why he credits his family with keeping his feet on the ground. We were also granted exclusive access to the Red Bull

Directors Liam Milburn



SWM Team:

Racing’s headquarters find out what really goes on behind the closed doors of a Formula One team. Last year, a bitter war of words between David Haye and the Evertonian Tony Bellew in a heavyweight grudge match ended with a surprising result. This issue, Haye speaks exclusively with SWM reporter Nate Williams about his preparations for the rematch, his make or break aspirations to fight the current unified champion Anthony Joshua and his tips for any future I’m a Celebrity jungle contestants. Tyson Fury is back, but ignore the boisterous social media rants from his Land Rover, his witty epithets from his sports car, and his mesmerising dancing feet and movement videos from the gym. That is just the salesman. The real man is a giant heavyweight who genuinely understands the art of boxing. SWM chief boxing reporter Gareth Davies speaks to him on his return to the ring and what we can expect in 2018/19 The Feminine Touch produced by editor Megan, covers the latest fashion, interiors, cosmetic treatments, hair and make up, luxury travel and designated time sensitive features including wedding planning, as well as interviews with the girls, TV personalities and other celebrities. Amongst all of our dedicated features and interviews with the biggest stars on the planet we have the very best bespoke and luxury businesses offering unique and inspiring insights into their work, products and services. We hope you enjoy reading this issue just as much as we did producing it. Once again, thank you for all your support. Liam and Andrew Managing Directors, Sports World Media Ltd.

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Sports Reporter: Claire Bloomfield

Sports Reporter Nate Williams

Sports Reporter Gareth Davies

Editor | The Feminine Touch Megan Cant

Sales Executive Chris Harwood

Sales Executive Alistar Calzini

Special thanks: Philipp Plein, David Beckham, David Haye, Tyson Fury, Michael Keane, Danny Simpson, Phil Bardsley, Harvey Nichols, SM Creps, Made Clothing, Thomas Royal, John Terry, Sam Saunders, Liam Ridgewell, Laura Moore, Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull Racing, Finlay Todd, Waters and Gate, Getty Images, Time4 Diamonds, Chase Gregory, Air Charter Service, Coco Collection, Cavotagoo, Santa-Marina Mykonos, Iconic Santorini, Four Seasons, Hacienda Ibiza, Ocean Beach, Villa Honegg, W Hotels, Cap d’antibes, cf360, Signature Bespoke, Gregory Phillips, Asif Majid, Thorsten Nowak, Heritage Masonry, Luis Design, Portrait Pools, Robert Samuel, Sylka Carpets, Wilkinson Beven, Adept IS, Henderson Rowe, Ian Cooper, SPG Properties, Henley Shipping, ax supercars, Overfinch, S14 vip, Xclusiv Customs, Flint Insurance, GCIL Bullion, Viv Anderson, Play on, Million plus, Chris Haley, PCIA, Xclusiv Yachts, Artist Relations, Johnny Vegas, Dubai Key, Upbeat Vegas, Aspen Exec, Odyssey Connections, K9 Chaperone, Paramount Group, Paul Dummett, Pinnacle Risk, Gainford Group, Project 51 art studio, Overclockers, Radic8, Pete Blay, MRH Clinic, Toni Terry, Nicole Williams, Kaylee Ake.














































Philipp Plein: ‘I am not only a designer, a business man or an entrepreneur, I am everything at the same time…’ 16

Sports World Magazine founders Liam Milburn and Andrew Davidson were invited into Philipp Plein’s opulent home in Cannes, famously known as La Jungle du Roi


n the first of an exclusive two-part interview with the ‘King of Bling’, Philipp Plein reveals what it’s really like to live in his neo-classical modern fusion house, tells us how he conquered the football world and busts the myths on fashion designers’ inspiration. It’s clear from the outset that an interview with one of the industry’s most exciting talents isn’t going to be business as usual. It began by trading the damp and cold Tyneside skies for the glamorous French Riviera – and how many Monday mornings start like that... After being whisked from the airport to Philipp Plein’s palatial Cannes home by the German fashion designer’s personal chauffer, there was an overwhelming sense of stepping into a luxury hotel. After joining the fashion tycoon’s team for a light introduction and an extravagant three-course lunch – served with Plein’s self-branded champagne – in a separate guest house, the 40-year-old designer led the way through his sprawling two-villa estate to a sun-drenched terrace overlooking the swimming pool. Perched on a hilltop and boasting sweeping scenic views of the Cannes coastline, Plein’s villa hosted a resort show last summer that had all of the glitz and star-power that you would usually associate with a film premiere. To say that Philipp Plein loves a spectacle is quite the understatement. He commissioned an artist to spray-paint Winnie Harlow›s skirt on the catwalk, sat the likes of Eva Longoria in the front row, and had everyone from Floyd Mayweather to Paris Hilton on the hot pink runway. It’s already obvious this is a man who genuinely goes his own way.

“It’s my dream house,” revealed Plein as he admired his vast property and sat down at the table. “You know so much more about a person when you go to their home, it will tell you more about them than they will tell you personally. Going into someone’s house is very intimate. “This house I did all by myself. I like creating and doing things. I designed it all myself so it’s something very personal. “I did the same in New York when I got a house there, now I’m building one in Los Angeles”, added Plein, who has an ever-expanding property portfolio. “A house is like a collection. This in the South of France so it’s is a fun place and for many people it’s a holiday destination. The concept behind this property was to have a summer house. It’s a place where I feel comfortable and enjoy spending my time.” “I have mastered my own reality in many ways. I created my own world for me and that allows me to live in a way that is comfortable,” Plein said, as the waiter on-hand leaned in to top up our glasses. Plein makes sure guests are always served ‘champlein’ – champagne mixed with Red Bull – and this was no exception. “My lifestyle is not as glamorous and beautiful as it seems - it’s really hard work and I put in endless hours of work throughout the day and night. “It would be difficult to describe a ‘typical day’ because there’s isn’t one really. In my position I am very lucky because I have a 360 view across the global business. I am not only a designer, a business man or an entrepreneur, I am everything at the same time. u


“We now have nearly 800 employees working directly in my group and we have three brands. Managing these three brands is so challenging but that is what makes it interesting and exciting.” The Phillip Plein International Group that now includes the Philipp Plein, Plein Sport, and Billionaire Couture brands, were unable to compete in the beginning because the former law student admitted he had limited resources and experience initially. “We have always been an underdog from the very beginning and this is in our DNA. “People who don’t know me find it difficult to understand where I am coming from. I am just a dreamer and I am a believer. I believe in myself until the dreams come true... “I remember when I started out and there were always people saying ‘you will never succeed in what you are doing’,” said Plein, who began his career designing luxury dog-beds before moving on to jackets after customising a German vintage military jacket worn by his sister. “It is very easy for other people to judge, but they should have the balls and try it by themselves,” he said. “What I enjoy most is being labelled the ‘rebels’ and that’s because we are not playing by the rules and fitting into the industry’s system. “They always label me a rebel or a bad-boy because I never accepted the industry and never really wanted to be part of it,” explained the award-winning designer who spent 14 years building up his business. “Every industry is dominated by a few key players – it’s the same in the media, for example. The big players don’t want other people at the table so you always have to fight with everyone for your market share. “Doing business means growing up and understanding that the world out there is tough, really tough.”

But it looks like he’s already cracked it. Everyone from Barcelona’s unbeatable maestro Lionel Messi to record-breaking Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo, Arsenal’s recent recruit Pierre François Aubameyang and Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud have all been seen donning Plein’s iconic menswear – many of whom have since become friends, rather than just clients. “I do what I believe in – and when I do something I do it for me first of all and then I hope and assume that other people like it, too. “My inspiration comes from everywhere. People are full of bullshit when they say they have to go to somewhere like India to get inspiration. “You can get inspiration when you’re on the toilet,” laughs Plein, who is noticeably candid when discussing the strange politics of the fashion world. “You just have to be willing and open-minded to see the inspiration when it’s there.” Plein claims that “when you buy a brand you buy a dream, an emotion, a name” and the Munich born game-changer believes it’s important to reveal his story to help potential clients appreciate where his own brand fits in to an already crowded luxury label scene. “We need to share journey more than other brands. For example, when you talk about Louis Vuitton you don’t need to explain further because it’s a well-known and established brand. “When you talk about Philpp Plein there are a lot of people who still don’t know the brand, or the positioning of the brand. We’re still the new kids on the block for many so it’s very important for us to tell people our story. “I think it’s always great to have a stage to reach out to people that share the same philosophy with you,” added Plein, who began a leading partnership agreement with Sports World Magazine in 2017. “The people who like this magazine are people who like sport and also have a keen interest in


fashion and this is obviously the target group. “It’s a great opportunity for us as a young brand to share our story and our vision with the readers.” Plein admits he’s keen to continue exploring opportunities within the football industry and is eager to foster further collaborations with players going forward. “It’s difficult to say who I would like to work with,” paused Plein. “There are so many young talented players, and older talented players, too. It’s tough. I don’t want to say too much yet, but we are working on something at the moment.” “We’ve also have signed a new sponsorship with AS Monaco. They are considered an underdog team, too and recently approached us about working together. “They have a small fan base but they are a different kind of football fans - the hooligans here come with their Ferrari or Bugatti,” laughs Plein. “They’re a cool team, it’s a young team and they have some good players. Last season they made a good amount of money [after being crowned Ligue 1 champions in 2016-17] and the manager Leonardo Jardim is pretty cool, too. With a capacity of just over 18,000, Monaco’s Stade Louis II stadium is one of the smallest in Europe’s top five leagues, but Plein says the club are working on a youthful overall and the fashion tycoon is looking forward to adding a few signature special touches of his own. “They’re trying to renovate the stadium in Monaco which is difficult as the stadium is very limited and they have to play there despite the building work that is going on,” he explained. “We’re hoping to build a really nice lounge there too for VIPs. We are planning to host a ‘Philip Plein Cup - a friendly cup competition in the future, too.” Whilst Plein was relatively coy about naming footballers he’s lining up on his wish list for future

projects, he offered some interesting insight as to why so many players throughout world football are seen wearing his bold creations. “On the field football players all have to wear the same clothes, it is a team sport. But off the pitch they are like rock stars,” he explained. “They have their bling, their trophy girlfriend, a sports car, [or two] and they look like a rapper in some instances. “They are young, successful and they have money- they don’t want to look like their manager with suits and ties, or look boring, they want to stand out. This is why I think they find the brand [Philip Plein] attractive. “It’s sports stars in general who have this attitude, it’s not just football players. We see more and more athletes in America with the same outlook, too. “Players in the NBA for instance often have a problem with the size and getting clothes that fit so they like to choose clothes that are custom made for them. “But they want the same bling and cars - it’s a lifestyle in general.” Plein has become known for his flamboyant and innovative designs - which are playful, colourful and often jewel-encrusted. “The concept of Philipp Plein was strong, aggressive and loud. Now brands like Gucci have the bling, too. We started the bling era and now everyone is going in that direction,” he admits. “We have started to set a trend for other brands. I would go as far as to say we pretty much started the bling era.” “Fashion has to be fun, this is what it is all about - the freedom to wear whatever you want to wear.”

monster truck to crush d cars and a hired a chairoplanes ride in recent years - have arguably become as much a part of his trademark as the striking clothes themselves. Speaking to broadcasters at New York fashion week in February, Plein went as far as likening a fashion show to “a happy funeral” and claimed “the few people who are still powerful in this industry are like dinosaurs.” But perhaps it’s that honest and outspoken attitude that has won him the legions of fans who have made his brand so successful in a relatively short period of time. In the second part of Sports World Magazine’s exclusive series, Plein opens up about his early career struggles, reflects on his success and discuss his close friendship with boxing’s biggest star Floyd Mayweather...


The sheer ambition of Plein’s catwalk shows - or performances - given he’s commissioned a









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Swim In Style What was the inspiration behind your new SS18 collection. Design Director: Laura Moore This season our aim is to really make a big impact on the swimwear market and ensure Thomas Royall is a brand to be remembered. We’ve worked extremely hard to make a statement this time around developing new prints with unique graphics, stand-off colours, adding our signature style whilst collectively working together to develop these into our new collection. The main inspiration was to make a visual impression that will get Thomas Royall on the map so we designed a collection based on both vibrant prints and photographic imagery to enable us to stand out. The direction of the themes has been to continue with our signature butterfly designs, reworking some of our best sellers and adding in some new animal concepts along with a twist on captivating nature and its beautiful form.

With this said, we are now super hyped to be able to showcase the new arrivals of our ‘Women’s Bikinis’ and little ‘Girl’s Swimsuit’ ranges. These have been the biggest development for Thomas Royall since our last collection and after popular demand, we can finally say, these are now in stock! We worked closely together to make these new products look good, feel good and fit perfectly into our SS18 collection. These new ranges sit so well on our newly designed website along with matching Father and Son and now matching sets for all the family! It’s sounds crazy to think that we’re now at a stage where we can showcase the full range to everyone and it feels better than ever! We’re super proud of this collection as it’s our best to date and we hope the feedback and reaction will continue to be positive and exciting throughout the year. Ultimately our biggest challenge was getting the new collection together and being able to shout about, now it’s our time to shine and get the new products on all the right people! The directors of TR; Liam, Sam and John are of course, fully fledged brand ambassadors as you can imagine and have plenty to shoot about. Here’s their reaction to the new arrivals so far;

What’s your favourite print from the new collection and why? Liam: The ‘Montego’ design with our bold

pineapple print is one of my favourites at the moment. I personally think it stands out from any of our current competitors and you just know it’s a Thomas Royall print. Sam: I’m going for the ‘Zambia Zebra’ design as it’s a pretty cool print and something we haven’t done before. John: I’m a big fan of our signature prints so for me it’s got to be the ‘Costa Rica’ design with the black background and pink florals, this works very well on the matching bikini too.

What matching set will we be seeing you and your family in this summer? Liam: For me and the family, it’s going to be the ‘Zambia Zebra’ design as we love the blue, black and white contrast which will work so well on me and my boy whilst out on the lake.


Sam: So, for me, it must be the ‘Costa Rica’ design which is one of our signature prints. This black and pink butterfly design tends to be a customer favourite and this year we’ve recoloured it! John: We’ve already been spotted in the ‘Jet Black’ combos this month and hoping to get away so we can wear our ‘Costa Rica’ sets too. With the new addition of the girls and women collection this year, which design to you think will be a best-seller when launching this summer? Liam: I’m backing our ‘Montego Pineapple’

design again as I just know it’s going be a best seller especially as it has matching products for all the family. Sam: I’m keen to see how the ‘Montego Pineapple’ print does especially in the men’s matching shirt and short combination as we’re hoping it will be a real head turner this summer. John: I’ve got a good feeling about this summer and hoping one of our best sellers will be the ‘Vancouver’ speed boat design as its very eye-catching and vivid.

Where will you be hoping to jet set this summer and be spotted in Thomas Royall? Liam: Sadly, I’m playing through most of the

summer but me and my family will be on the boat on Lake Oswego rocking TR so keep an eye out for us on social media! Sam: Portugal is going be a big number for me this summer as I’m hoping there’s a bonus taking money off the lads on the golf course! Of course, some down time from playing will be needed so I can get my TR’s on! John: As always, we will be doing a family break away and revisiting Portugal. It has the nicest beaches, some of the best restaurants and you just can’t beat the weather.

Men’s Fashion


Sam Morgan

Owner at SM Creps The cool kid on the block providing all things personal shopping. Supplying limited, rare and sold-out clothing and sneakers to all the players. What made you get into personal shopping and what has made you so successful so far? The initial reason I got into personal shopping was because of my love and strive for fashion. When you have a passion for something, it gives you that extra drive to go forwards with it. My success so far, I would put that down to the effort I put into this, without a doubt. If I hadn’t / don’t put as much effort into this business as I have done / do, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in. Additionally, my efficiency, I tend to sort and fulfill all orders extremely quickly, even offering same day hand delivery (at a cost) in London. For example, I’ve had calls from South London in Cobham, and I’ve sorted and delivered the shoes in less than 90 minutes. Not a lot of personal shoppers, if any, offer this sort of service.

What are your plans for the future and where would you like to take the brand? For plans about the future, I haven’t thought about the future just yet, firstly I need to get my a levels out of the way, and I will go from there.

First of all Sam, thank you for taking your time to speak to us. Tell our readers more about what you do?

At such a young age you have done fantastically well to create this in such a short space of time what advice would you give to someone starting there own business?

I’m a personal shopper, offering and sourcing the latest fashion on the market. I tend to offer clients items; however, clients also send me photos asking me to sort a certain item or a particular style for a night out. In this case I will put together an outfit for the individual, most suited to where they’re going / what they’re doing.

Firstly, if you want something, go for it, put the effort in, as you will get out, what you put in. Additionally, be unique, don’t follow what other people are doing, do something new and professionally.

We have followed you and your brand over the past year and it has been incredible to see you grow. What would you put this down to?

Who is your favourite football team? SM. Arsenal

Determination and hard work. People think that a business grows over night, however, this certainly isn’t the case. I’ve been ‘reselling’ for 3 years sub making this Instagram account, from the age for 13. It’s all about how much you want something.

At the moment what are the hottest trainers? The “ten” Off-White x Nike sneakers, Gucci Ace, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga.

What are your favourite clothing brands?

Being a personal shopper to the footballers and also still studying how do you manage to do both?

Amiri, Vetements, Fear Of God and Fendi

What is your favourite thing about Sports World Magazine?

Here’s the question everyone asks me! It’s particularly difficult to balance time between studying 3 a levels at school and running a business on Instagram. The main key is to be disciplined, whether it’s setting time aside for school homework/revision or time aside to sort customers orders, I need to be extremely time efficient.

Personally, my favourite thing about sports world magazine is the variety of services that you guys offer, such as the private travel services, and the private villa’s enabling clients to have an amazing holiday!

Thank you for speaking to us today Sam and we wish you all the very best of success in the future. Follow Sam and his business on instgram @SM _ Creps 32

Men’s Fashion



Watches & Jewellery


“Chase Geissel, President of Chase Gregory Jewelers, is a prominent Los Angeles jeweler whose main focus is designing hand crafted one-of-a-kind pieces that are both sophisticated and edgy. He has designed over 10,000 original pieces that were commissioned by famous professional athletes, distinguished royal families, and entertainment superstars.

Chase Gregory Jewelers • /chasegregoryjewelers

@chasegregory • Tel: 310-400-6095

Watches & Jewellery

“Chase’s uncompromised quality, exclusive designs, and elevated attention to detail have gained notoriety amongst in-the-know jewelry collectors; as well as America’s top wedding magazine, The Knot. “Using direction from a client’s creative style, Chase is able to produce a custom piece with the perfect blend of personalization and superior craftsmanship.”

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privately. Increased baggage allowances also allow you the flexibility to take whatever you need on board, from golf clubs and ski equipment to fragile items and oversized luggage.

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Clients of ACS in the past year: Ballon D’Or winners, Champions’ League winners, World Cup winners, World Cup Golden Boot winners, International team captains and Olympic Gold medallists.

A few price examples, based on 6-8 passengers: London to Ibiza return: prices from £15,000 London to Nice return: prices from £14,000 London to Dubai: prices from £60,000 London to New York: prices from £80,000.00 London to Miami: prices from £90,000


SWM recommends Luxury Vacations It is that time of year when the weather is just slightly starting to warm up and you start to think about your vacation planning. This issue we have put together an amazing selection of resorts for you to divulge and start to get excited about this year’s holidays. All of these fabulous hotels and resorts are our partners and so if you are interested in visiting, please do not hesitate to contact us to make your booking for you on or via instagram @sportsworldmagazine Time to get planning…

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

Iconic Santorini Similarly to Mykonos, the picture perfect postcard image of steep white cliffs, blue tipped houses and the still Aegean Sea comes to mind when you imagine Santorini. For this very reason, Santorini is quickly becoming one of the most desirable places in the world to visit. The Iconic Santorini is an authentic boutique cave hotel that is situated in the most spectacular hillside setting. It is undoubtedly a small piece of heaven. The stunning hotel is the most elegant and tranquil retreat with five residences including the Iconic Suite, the Cliff Suite, the Cave Suite and Caldera Suites. This suite includes your own private outdoor jetted pool so you can look out over the Caldera from your room. There is no better way to experience this white washed, magical island than with Iconic Santorini.

Alternatively, Cavo Tagoo Mykonos is another iconic, luxury resort on this breathtaking little island. This hotel proposes chic barefoot luxury as they combine the Cycladic tradition with contemporary architecture and those jet set vibes of Mykonos. The infinity pool is one of the most amazing I have ever seen with the most incredible views of the picture perfect Aegean sea. One of the larger villas in the hotel boasts two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a spa bath and even a private infinity pool to ensure all of the tranquility and privacy you imagined is a reality. This upscale hotel is everything you expect from the island, carved into the white rock of cliff-sides.

Santa Marina Mykonos The stunning white cliffs and blue seas Mykonos are top of our must visit list this summer. Santa Marina Mykonos is a stunning resort with rooms, suites and villas. There is a private beach, incredible infinity pool and even an ultra chic Reef Boutique to ensure your are ready for the beaches of Santa Marina. With restaurants and bars that have some of the most amazing sea views on the island, Santa Marina prides itself on being one of Mykonos’ premier gastronomy and entertainment destinations. The Buddha-Bar Beach restaurant serves Seafood and Asian cuisine whilst there are more casual lounges too with all day dining and cocktails. This beautiful resort is quiet and secluded so guests can enjoy their stay in privacy too. You might even get to swim with some of the VS angels and supermodels as Alessandra Ambrosio and Bella Hadid have recently stayed here...

Villa Honegg Spa days just got a whole lot better with the exceptional Villa Honegg. This impressive hotel is an exceptional five star property, set high above the awe inspiring Lake Lucerne in the heart of central Switzerland. This peaceful hotel has only 23 rooms that boast the most stunning, panoramic views of the lake. The spa in the hotel is one of the best in Switzerland with an outdoor heated pool to soak up those incredible views. The spa is equally as beautiful inside as well as out with a still, relaxing indoor pool with loungers and panoramic windows so you can enjoy the view indoors too. This has to be one of the best places in the world to take some much need “you” time and indulge in the tranquility of this phenomenal place.


Cap d’Antibes Beach Hotel Antibes is a small resort town between the luxurious Cannes and beautiful Nice. It is a tranquil, serene place to stay, a short distance from the much busier and livelier Cannes. Nestled in the heart of Antibes is the five star Cap d’Antibes Beach Hotel. This hotel offers all of the luxury you expect from the Cote d’Azur: outstanding views, the finest cuisine and a private sandy beach. There is also the magical Summer Beach Wellness facility, a dedicated area for well being with an infinity pool to overlook the Mediterranean. Whilst in Antibes, a must is Hotel du Cap Eden Roc for lunch. This iconic 19th century mansion is a must onn the South of France bucket list. This wonderful corner of the earth is without doubt a great place to visit and stay for your summer vacay.

Luxury Travel Coco Collection Maldives The picturesque and unmistakable white sand and turquoise water of the Maldives has made this paradise a must visit. The Maldives is the most luxurious and beautiful destination whilst remaining so secluded and private that you feel as though you have the waters of the Indian Ocean to yourself. It is a real Honeymoon destination! The Coco Collection specialises in five star resorts which redefine luxury and embody the magic of this heavenly location. There is something for everyone to fall in love with on this truly idyllic island. Experience this tropical paradise for yourself in your choice of one of Coco’s three islands: Coco Privé Private Island, Coco Bodu Hithi and Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu. Our choice would have to be Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu as it encapsulates everything you imagine the Maldives to be with the beautiful water bungalows overlooking the lagoons and atolls. Heaven.

Four Seasons Dubai The hot, white sands, luxury shopping, glamorous hotels and fabulous nightlife has led Dubai to be one of the most popular holiday destinations for our readers. Dubai really is the best place in the world to indulge in the best of both from a holiday: the spectacular sky line, brunches, social scene and shopping ensure there is so much to do there yet there is such a peaceful, private side to Dubai with the beautiful white beaches and clear blue sea. With temperatures soaring to huge heights in Dubai, there are so many ways to escape from the burning sun - including in the world’s biggest shopping malls! What a wonderful excuse to shop.

W Hotel Barcelona The short plane journey makes Barcelona an ideal city break and the beauty of this city is the combination of sunny beaches and sea views with world class shopping, food and nightlife. Passeig de Gracia is essential on your trip for exclusive designer shopping. The leafy trees and celebrated architecture are reminiscent of the ChampsÉlysées and the shops along this road include Prada, Louis Vuitton and Valentino. Barcelona is also home to some of the best tapas - you must try Gourmet Tapas by Sensi when you visit! There are an array of sky bars with fabulous views and the finest sangria to enjoy - Grand Hotel Central is stunning with the best infinity pool that stretches over the rooftops of the city. The iconic W Barcelona is the place to stay and the landmark of the city, located on the beachfront with suites providing exceptional, panoramic views of the city and sea. The W Wet Deck at the hotel is perfect for daytime sunbathing and transforms in to one of the city’s hotspots by night too. If you stay in Barcelona, it simply has to be the W.

The Dubai Mall plays host to over 80 luxury designer brands including Max Mara and Chanel. The amazing Four Seasons Resort is situated at Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach, the perfect location between the lazy, beachfront tranquility and the fast paced vibrancy of downtown Dubai. There are 11 restaurants, lounges and nightclubs on site and two outdoor pools. To ensure ultimate relaxation on your trip, the hotel boasts Dubai’s best spa experience too. What more could anyone want?

Hacienda Na Xamena Ibiza Although this island is known for being one of the world’s most hedonistic party islands, there is so much more to discover in Ibiza. The beaches are some of the cleanest in the Mediterranean and those sunsets are arguably unparalleled throughout the world. Hacienda Na Xamena is a remote resort, encapsulating the exotic magic of Ibiza on top of a majestic cliff. The largest and most luxurious suite in the resort is the Na Xamena suite, including two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a Jacuzzi and hammam with its own personal terrace, sunbeams and mini pool. It is a real mini haven - the ultimate retreat. Whilst in Ibiza, it would be silly not to experience some of the world famous partying of the island. For the ultimate beach club experience, it has to be Ocean Beach, located on the west coast of Ibiza in San Antonio. This place creates a lavish experience for fun in the daytime sun and drinks by the iconic Balearic sunset later in the evening. For exclusive rates and beach club reservations at Ocean Beach, please contact us.

If you would like any more information about any of these destinations or need any help at all with planning your holiday, please contact us on or reach out on Instagram @sportsworldmagazine


COCO COLLECTION SPECIALISES IN CREATING TRUE BOUTIQUE LUXURY ON SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLANDS IN THE MALDIVES. WE ARE FROM HERE – OUR AUTHENTICITY IS INNATE. Our corner of the world is our everlasting muse, and our care for and contribution to our ecology and community is genuine. Three islands comprise our brand. Coco Privé Private Island offers guests the chance to

escape to an entirely private island. Coco Bodu Hithi translates island life into contemporary sophistication. And Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is dedicated to the inspiring beauty and natural wonder of the Maldives.

Luxury Travel

cococollection | | +960 333 6611

Luxury Travel

A timeless experience… Situated on a spectacular hillside setting literally carved from the ancient volcanic cliffs, Iconic Santorini, a boutique cave hotel graces the highest point of this famous caldera.

Consistently rated among the world’s most romantic islands, Santorini is an idyllic location to elude the stress of daily life and this serene retreat is no exception. Set in the picturesque postcard village of Imerovigli, this revered property offers warm Hellenic hospitality and sublime views. Embracing the spirit of the Cyclades, traditional cave residences combine the finest contemporary amenities and authentic Greek styling. Lavish offerings include all-natural COCO-MAT® 4-layer beds, luxurious Aesop® bath products, dedicated WiFi routers, personal loungers and table seating facing the Aegean. Our much-loved daily breakfast is served to your terrace at any time of the day desired so sleep in without missing out on breakfast. The passionate island chef insists on the best local ingredients and encourages visitors to pass by his open kitchen for a look at what’s cooking. Standing out as a premier choice for dreamy honeymoons, romantic escapes and relaxing getaways, the Iconic family welcomes guests as visiting friends. A stay in this haven of tranquillity is always at your pace and will leave you with unforgettable memories to be cherished. This truly unique hotel continues to be recognised with international accolades for the consistency of quality and sincere personalized service. Iconic Santorini has proudly been voted Greece’s Leading Boutique Hotel at the World Travel Awards for the last four consecutive years.

Iconic Santorini, a boutique cave hotel Imerovigli, Santorini, Cyclades, Greece | |

Santa Marina, a Luxury Collection Resort, Mykonos


ocated on the southern tip of the Greek island of Mykonos, only 3km from Mykonos Town, Santa Marina Resort & Villas, a Luxury Collection Resort, Mykonos comprises of 114 luxury accommodations and has unequalled views across the only private sandy beach on the island. Expanded beyond its original footprint, summer 2017 saw the introduction of a new and inviting infinityedged pool, the new Ginkgo Spa, 12 new stylish accommodations offering panoramic sea views, alongside elegant suites with private pools and 3 new Villas. Framed by the Aegean Sea’s iconic panorama, Santa Marina’s new and inviting infinity pool Oasis Pool & Lounge encapsulates the resort’s ultra-stylish ethos. Furnished with comfortable sun loungers, and canopied sofas, alongside an expansive sunken area with soft seating, the architecturallydesigned space offers the perfect backdrop for relaxation and socializing.

Bringing its signature atmosphere to the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, BuddhaBar Beach is an Aegean interpretation of the world-famous lifestyle experience. Elevated above Santa Marina’s private beach, the seafront setting creates an alluring backdrop for the renowned combination of first-class dining, smooth sounds and inspired cocktails. Offering signature Asian fusion cuisine, alongside celebrated Buddha-Bar specialities, the scene evolves and adapts throughout the day. It’s during Mykonos’ iconic sunset that the venue truly comes to life, with world renowned DJs spinning stimulating beats and exceptional BuddhaBar mixologists serving inspired cocktails into the night. Offering privacy, comfort and relaxation, the 13 unique villas at Santa Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort, Mykonos command elevated positions across the hillside and enjoy panoramic views of the

Santa Marina Resort & Villas, Ornos Bay, Mykonos, 84600, Greece Tel: +302289023220 | Fax: +302289023412 Email:


Aegean Sea, Ornos Bay and surrounding islands. There is a choice of two, three, four and six bedroom villas, with private pools and outside terraces furnished with teak sun loungers, chairs and tables, presenting the ideal location for al fresco living. Villas’ guests can take advantage of the butler services offered. Uniquely designed to offer a state-of-theart spa experience, the new 423m2 Ginkgo Spa, combines a neutral aesthetic with flowing water features to create a balance of energy and calm. Purity pervades throughout the five treatment rooms as highly-trained experts administer a menu of enriching therapies using bespoke ESPA & Phytomer products that reflect the unique geography and culture of Mykonos. Also it offers an authentic mosaic-tiled Hammam, sauna, relaxation areas, fully equipped gym, as well as a hair salon and manicure & pedicure rooms.

Luxury Travel


Cosmopolitan 5 Star Mykonos Hotel



Resting into a wondrous cliffside in Mykonos town, the legendary CAVOTAGOO draws world travellers into a seductive realm of sensuous pleasures. A realm of unpretentious class, style and glamour, seamlessly blending the elements of Cycladic tradition with the magnificence of contemporary architecture, the jet-setting vibes of Mykonos and the notion of chic barefoot luxury. A 5 star Mykonos hotel proposing a breadth of undisclosed luxuries, exuberant services and lip-smacking gastronomic proposals that will sure lure prestigious guests into a dream-state of mind. Welcome to the seductive and sensual world of CAVOTAGOO...

Luxury Travel

Close to the best of Dubai For details visit

Delight your soul between heaven and the sea The Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza, is the perfect fusion between the sky and the sea: perched at 180 meters on the top of a cliff, with a surrounding unspoiled nature, rich in exquisite scents and charming views, this Mediterranean luxury destination represents the ultimate relaxing experience. When in the late 60s many European artists and hippies flew into the “Pearl of the Balearic Islands” wishing to live close to nature, the Polish-born Belgian architect Daniel Lipszyc and his wife built this peculiar finca, with the visionary desire to integrate they guest house into the surrounding luxuriant vegetation. A real challenge in a time when there were no roads, no water and no electricity!

Now that their dream has become reality, it is recognized to be the most magical, elegant & prestigious resort on the island.

concierge service, bell-boy service, valet parking, laundry service, currency exchange, room service 24h, baby sitter and much more.

More than a hotel, Hacienda Na Xamena has 77 rooms and suites, each one with its own Jacuzzi facing the glistering Mediterranean Sea. Some categories also offer a private mini pool, the maximum of exclusivity every traveler could wish! The Hacienda Na Xamena has two restaurants, a lounge, indoor and outdoor spa, three swimming pools (two outdoor and one indoor), several terraces with sundeck chairs and chill out sofas, a business center, fitness room, tennis and football court, volleyball court as well as mountain bikes. All the essential services of a classic luxury hotel are all available: 24-hour reception, free Wi-Fi,

Travel arrangements, guided tours, sport activities and excursions are also among the usual tasks the team is happy to provide. The Posidonia Spa cuddle its visitors in a peaceful bubble, with its unique outdoor balneotherapy adventure “Cascadas Suspendidas” leaning out to about 170 meters high on the cliff. The distinguished beauty brand SkinCeuticals brings the knowledge of science on the island and proposes rejuvenating facial and corporal treatments. The wellness professionals also dispense a wide range of massages, treatments and yoga classes.

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Even the fussiest taste buds will find their happiness in the By the Pool and Eden Restaurants, where the well-known Spanish Chef Fran López proposes a very healthy &fun cuisine, mainly prepared with products from local organic markets when not directly from their own patch. Their 2018 menu is going to put particular focus on the vegetarian and vegan needs that concern many delicate palates more and more. Dining on their terrace is going to be a must of the summer! The Eden Lounge is a perfect place to sip a drink and nibble some tapas while enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets of Ibiza. It opens towards June until the end of October, occasionally it hosts some musical events: it is recommended to contact them to know the next dates and gigs, a great occasion to live this chill-out atmosphere. The Hacienda Na Xamena is also a perfect location for any special event: weddings, seminars, celebrations‌ the original character and style of the property emphasize every event and make it an absolute achievement. The outdoor amphitheater overlooking the beautiful cliffs and Mediterranean Sea heightens emotions during the marriage ceremonies, which are proposed and tailor-made from 50 persons in a package

including either a cocktail or a dinner. For the banquet, the Hacienda Na Xamena recommends the extraordinary Eivissa room with natural light and genuine olive trees.

team members take care of their guests: the staff is young but well trained and is there only when desired, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.

From the first booking enquiry until the journey back home, the Hacienda Na Xamena

Welcome to Hacienda Na Xamena, heaven on earth.


























Luxury Travel

The boutique hotel in the heart of Switzerland Hotel Villa Honegg is a 5-star Superior Hotel with 23 rooms furnished to excellent standards. High above Lake Lucerne you will find relaxation and privacy in a unique setting Enjoy our exclusive service at an altitude of 914 metres above sea level

villahonegg |

| +41 (0)41 618 32 00

Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel






Luxury Travel



*****, Restaurants & Plage

RÊVER D’ÉVASION AU CAP D’ANTIBES BEACH HOTEL Une crique à l’orée du Cap d’Antibes, un hôtel, deux restaurants, un Summer Beach Wellness et une plage de sable fin nichés entre le « Port Gallice » et le « Port du Crouton », un panorama grandiose embrassant les îles de Lérins et le massif de l’Estérel, tout est fait pour vous faire succomber. Le Cap d’Antibes Beach Hotel est une invitation au luxe et au raffinement. Ce lieu unique d’un hectare, les pieds dans l’eau, est une escale d’exception au Cap d’Antibes. Lieu de détente par excellence entre amis ou en famille, avec sa plage privée de sable fin et ses terrasses, il offre un choix de restauration raffinée avec son restaurant gastronomique (1 étoile au Michelin) « les Pêcheurs » et son restaurant de plage « le Cap ». Depuis sa première ouverture en Mai 2009 avec un nombre de chambres plus limité, ce Relais & Châteaux s’est offert un agrandissement en 2016 et se compose désormais de 35 chambres et suites à l’architecture contemporaine et aux lignes épurées avec sa végétation méditerranéenne qui a le charme et la fraîcheur d’un jardin baigné par la mer. Chaque chambre dispose de son propre jardin privé ou d’une large terrasse surplombant la Grande Bleue d’une part, ou le pittoresque «  Port du Crouton » d’autre part. Luxe ultime, les deux suites Design et Executive qui éblouissent par leur confort et leur décoration. Combinées, elles forment un ensemble de 2 chambres de plus de 130 m2 surplombant la mer avec accès privé, et jacuzzi privatif à l’intérieur avec une vue sur les îles de Lérins à couper le souffle. A mi-chemin entre Cannes et Nice, le Cap d’Antibes Beach Hôtel est à seulement 25 minutes de l’aéroport international de Nice Côte d’Azur. Cet établissement de charme est doté d’un accès facile et rapide par voie maritime. Le Cap d’Antibes Beach Hotel est l’une des adresses les plus prestigieuses de la Côte d’Azur.


10 Boulevard Maréchal Juin 06160 Cap d’Antibes, France Tél. : +33 (0)4 92 93 13 30

CAP D’ ANTIBES BEACH HOTEL, YOUR DREAMING ESCAPE A little cove at the beginning of Cap d’ Antibes, one hotel, two restaurants, a ”Summer Beach Wellness” area and a fine sandy beach nestled between “Port Gallice” and “Port du Crouton”. A stunning panoramic view overlooking the Lérins Islands and the Estérel mountains, everything you could possibly dream of. Finest gastronomy and leisure by the private beach combined to five-star service … all temptations that Cap d’ Antibes Beach Hotel has to offer. Right on the water edge, this unique site of almost 2.5 acres is a famous address in Cap d’Antibes. With its garden and private sandy beach, this is the perfect venue to unwind with friends or family. It offers a large range of gourmet experiences with its gastronomic restaurant “Les Pêcheurs” (1 Michelin star) and its beach restaurant “Le Cap”. Since its first opening in May 2009, this “Relais & Châteaux“ property has been extended in 2016, and now offers 35 rooms and suites featured with refined lines of contemporary architecture surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. Each bedroom benefits from its own privacy with a private garden or a large terrace overlooking the sea for some of them or facing the picturesque “Port du Crouton” for the others. Ultimate luxury, one of the Design Suite can be combined with the Executive one in order to constitute a 130 sq. meters two bedroom apartment, overlooking the Mediterranean sea. This Double suite provides a private access, an indoor jacuzzi with an outstanding view over the Lerins islands. Halfway between Cannes and Nice, Cap d’Antibes Beach Hôtel is only a 25-minute drive from Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport. Ideally located on the seafront, it is also easily and quickly reachable by boat. This is one of the most prestigious addresses in the Côte d’Azur.

FITNESS RETREATS Bringing together the best professionals from every area of health & well-being

At CF360 we’re passionate about creating a positive and healthy environment where people and businesses can thrive. We provide bespoke fitness retreats for both individuals and companies, mixing physiotherapy and exercise with educational talks and fun activities to re-energise your body and your mind. We offer retreats in only the most beautiful of surroundings: Spain, Dubai, Bali, Sri Lanka and India. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate ‘healthy’ retreat, an intensive training camp, or would like to embark on a relaxing golf or spa holiday, our retreats offer the best in service and destination.


Luxury Travel

LUXURY GRANADA FITNESS RETREATS Our Granada fitness retreats are based at Silverfield Villa, an ultra-modern contemporary mansion, it occupies an enviable position at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Did we mention it covers 6 floors, is over 14,000 sq ft, has it’s own indoor pool, outdoor infinity pool, gym and cinema!

All of our retreats can be tailored to match your needs including golf, cycling, canyoning, skiing, spa packages, nutrition, cooking and other activities.

MARBELLA FITNESS RETREATS Our Marbella fitness retreats are based at Mike’s Gym Marbella, a purposebuilt training facility set in the heart of Southern Spain. It boasts amazing views of the beautiful coastline and breath-taking mountains, and a world famous assault course! | t: 0800 999 7055 | e:



No badge, no name and no stadium but the Miami dream is alive for David Beckham as he talks signings, managers and academies


eckham launched his MLS franchise following the approval of their license but there were still few details on the project There was no name. No badge. Not even a mention of a stadium. Yet just the mere presence of David Beckham was enough to get the MLS party started in Miami. “It is with tremendous pride that we welcome Miami to Major League Soccer,” Commissioner Don Garber said. And with that, the 300 members of the Southern Legion, a very excitable fan group who’ve been dreaming about this moment ever since Beckham first went public with his intentions on February 5th 2014, boomed out their delight, serenading the former England captain and members of his ownership group. In 2020, they will finally see this team take to the field. Beckham took to the stand and spoke emotionally. He’s waited four years for this and wasn’t about let the moment pass. “It’s been a hell of a journey,” he said as son Brooklyn watched on. “Painful at times. I’ve got to be honest, it was very difficult. There were times when I sat back and thought, ‘This isn’t going to happen. It’s too difficult, too hard, too many bumps in the road.’ But I don’t give up. Nothing in my career came easy.” This glitzy affair which included video messages from the likes of Usain Bolt, Jennifer Lopez, Hollywood superstar Will Smith and Neymar, had all the kind of razzmatazz a global icon like Beckham is sure to bring to the table. A lot of questions, however, remain. Overtown, the controversial site of the proposed stadium which has been met with huge local opposition, was not mentioned once during the 45 minute homage to MLS in Miami. Questions about the state of the project, when it will begin and when it will end were swatted away by Garber afterwards. There have been legal challenges to the way the land was sold too

with litigation on-going. “I am confident we will have a stadium on that site,” Garber said. A name, crest and staff appointments will all happen in due course, the MLS stressed with the fans set to enjoy input into the decision making. Beckham too spoke of being good neighbours and not wanting to barge into the city and start throwing his weight around. The Londoner is well aware of the difficulties and opposition shown by many. He doesn’t want to make enemies. Far from it. “This is a positive story,” he said. “I want to make people happy.” One way the former Real Madrid midfielder aims to do that is by creating a state-of-the-art academy which will see local youngsters thrive and realise their sporting ambitions like never before. Beckham, of course, knows all about watching players explode through the ranks. The famous ‘Class of ‘92’ at Manchester United, a group of which he was part of, are a testament to what can be achieved with kids - no matter what Alan Hansen thought at the time. Of course, MLS and Miami needs star names. Garber made the point that 13 franchises and 14 new stadia have been created since 2007, the year Beckham arrived at the LA Galaxy from Real Madrid. Big names sell tickets and get the marketing men exited. Cristiano Ronaldo’s name was put to him but Beckham wasn’t giving anything away other than confirming best friend Gary Neville would not be his manager. “He talks too much,” smiled Beckham. What he did say however will strike hope into the hearts of all young players in Miami and beyond. “I have already had so many calls from top players and of course you need to bring some superstars in,” Beckham admitted. “There are so many names I would love to bring in. We want to


reach for the stars. Miami needs a star and that’s what we plan on doing. “Cristiano Ronaldo? You’d have to ask him but my dream is to create a state-of-the art academy where we have a hotbed of talent and bring kids through just like we did at United. That will make us so proud. We were a unique group of kids who saved United so much money over the years. “We all came in during 1992 and were very successful. We were only successful because of the players we came in with - Roy Keane, Eric Cantona etc. as well as a manager like Alex Ferguson. “That’s where my experience comes in. I understand the academies where you save money - I am talking like an owner now! - and where you bring these talented kid through. If you can do that it would be incredible. “The ownership group have made it clear, my role is to look for the right manager. It’s doesn’t have to be a big name, I am not saying it’s not going to be but I want to focus on the philosophy of the club and the team. That’s what I want to build towards.” Naturally, Beckham will forever be associated with Old Trafford and though his eyes were firmly on his Miami prize, it was impossible for him to escape events closer to home. Alexis Sanchez’s move from Arsenal certainly caught him on the hop. “A player of his stature and calibre has obviously come from a big club like Arsenal and then to move to a massive club like Manchester United, that for me makes me proud to be a Manchester United player because we want great players and exciting players,” he said. “It’s great to see him run a United shirt and I’m sure he’s going to be successful. I still find it hard to believe it’s actually happened. It’s amazing.” You could say the same thing about soccer in Miami.

Credit: Steve Brenner, Independent 2018.


Credit: Steve Brenner, Independent 2018.

Dav i d B e ck h a m ’ s M i a m i ML S v e n t u r e : Owners, team name & everything you need to know


avid Beckham and Marcelo Claure are the newest Major League Soccer club owners, but what do we already know about the franchise? David Beckham spent five seasons in Major League Soccer, playing for the LA Galaxy where he won two MLS Cup trophies. The former England international now intends to return to U.S. soccer once again as part of an ownership group that will bring top-tier soccer back to Miami, Florida. The Miami Fusion were the city’s last MLS team, operating from 1997 to 2001, winning the MLS Supporters’ Shield in their final season. However, since then, there has been no MLS team in the area, with the closest franchise operating in Orlando. The newest MLS franchise has been confirmed as the league’s 25th team. Co-owner Jorge Mas had earlier mooted the January 2018 date, indicating that the latest MLS expansion team would be finally introduced to the world. “We had super, super productive meetings in Kansas City,” Mas told the Miami Herald . “I’m very excited for what we can bring the Miami soccer fan, and we’ll have some big news to announce in Miami in the near future. “Being a native, I’m a Miami guy 1,000 per cent, and I want to make this a really special team with a really special fan experience.”

Who owns the Miami MLS team? David Beckham is just one owner of the Miami team, and is part of an ownership group called Miami Beckham United. The group also includes American Idol producer Simon Fuller, Sprint CEO Marcelo Clure and former Toronto Maple Leafs owner Tim Leiweke. Beckham’s group also includes Los Angeles Dodgers owner Todd Boehly, as well as Jorge and Jose Mas of MasTec and SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son. The latter three joined the group in December 2017, taking its total member tally to eight. When Beckham moved to the LA Galaxy in 2007, he received a purchase option from MLS which would allow him to establish a future franchise for $25 million rather than the usual $150M cost. In 2014, he decided to exercise this option, and has been granted permission by Miami-Dade County to build a new stadium in downtown Miami.


What is the name of Beckham’s MLS team? As of yet, the new team does not have an official name. However, the ownership group has used the names Miami Vice and Miami Current when referring to the franchise in presentations. The name Miami Vice is a reference to the 1980s television crime drama, which was re-made as a Hollywood film in 2006 with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx. It had been believed that Beckham might pay tribute to his playing career with Manchester United and call the team Miami United, but there is already a semi-professional team in the city with the same name. U.S. website BigSoccer ran a poll in 2016 where fans could vote on the team’s name, with 26 percent choosing International Miami or Inter Miami ahead of other options like Athletic Miami, Athletic Club Miami and AC Miami.

When will they play in MLS? The Miami team is just one of five new expansion teams as Major League Soccer looks to expand to at least 24 teams by 2020. It aims to further increase this amount to 28 over the next decade. As well as Miami, new teams were created in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Minnesota and Nashville as part of the latest expansion. Atlanta United began playing in MLS in the 2017 season, finishing fourth in the Eastern Conference in their debut campaign. Minnesota United also played their first MLS games in 2017, finishing ninth in the Western Conference with just 10 wins from their 34 league games. Los Angeles FC are due to join the Western Conference for the 2018 MLS season, and drafted Joao Moutinho with the first pick of the MLS SuperDraft. The Nashville franchise could begin playing in MLS as early as 2019, but will likely not join until 2020 at the earliest. The league has confirmed Miami will begin play in the 2020 MLS campaign in a temporary stadium. What is an expansion team? Miami will become Major League Soccer’s 25th team, with the league having expanded multiple times since its foundation in 1996. When it began, MLS had just 10 teams, but had expanded to 12 teams by 1998. Tampa Bay Mutiny and Miami Fusion both left the league in 2002 due to financial reasons, returning MLS to 10 teams. Following the success of the United States at the 2002 World Cup, MLS began to grow again, with many more teams joining as it expanded multiple times. New teams joined every year between 2007 and 2011, and by 2016, the league comprised of 20 teams. By 2020, the additions of Atlanta United,

Minnesota United, Los Angeles FC and a new franchise in Nashville will see MLS have 24 teams competing for the title. In December 2017, the Nashville expansion team was announced as part of the next phase, with the aim of growing the league to 28 teams. The 24th team will play at the Nashville Fairgrounds in Tennesse, where there are plans to build a new 27,500-seat stadium. Miami will be the 25th team and will play their debut season in MLS in 2020. Bids have come from three other cities to complete the remaining teams for the 28-team expansion: Cincinnati, Detroit and Sacramento. There has also been interest from Indianapolis, Charlotte, Raleigh and Phoenix. Who plays for Beckham’s Miami team? Beckham himself is now 42, so, unfortunately, he is probably too old to play for his own team. It is also unlikely that he will take up a managerial or coaching role with the team, preferring to stay behind the scenes with the other owners. As of yet, there are no confirmed players for the team, but when they enter Major League Soccer, they will likely have roster allocation for eight non-domestic players under the current MLS International Roster Slot rules. They can expand or reduce those slots by making trades with other MLS teams. Miami will also be allowed sign three designated players, whose salaries are not counted towards the MLS salary cap. When LA Galaxy signed him, Beckham was a designated player. They will also be eligible to take part in the MLS SuperDraft ahead of their first season, which sees expansion teams given the first overall pick.


Can you tryout for Beckham’s Miami team? When the new team is fully founded, it will probably be possible to tryout for a spot on the youth roster. Many Major League Soccer clubs hold open tryouts for their reserve and junior teams in order to find new talent from the local areas and further afield. For example, Beckham’s former club, the LA Galaxy, held open tryouts in Los Angeles in January 2018, and had sessions in South Korea and in London and Manchester looking for worldwide talent to join LA Galaxy II. The tryouts are usually open to males between 18 and 25 and involve matches, drills and other events to assess player ability. They are attended by the club’s scouts who are looking to identify future stars or squad members.


Take in the city skyline over a meal at the Eiffel Tower French President Emmanuel Macron treated his guest Donald Trump to a lavish dinner at Le Jules Verne Restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower during his visit in 2017. Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse’s menu boasts exceptional contemporary French cuisine with unrivalled views of Paris, so it’s not difficult to see why this venue is popular with high-profile folk.

TOP 8 THINGS TO DO IN Inspired by Neymar


razilian superstar Neymar Junior became the world’s most expensive player when he joined Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain in a £198million mega-deal from Barcelona last summer. The Brazilian international admitted that seeing the iconic Eiffel Tower lit up in his honor after completing the switch was a humbling experience. But how do you spend a staggering £775,477 a week? Sports World Magazine sent reporter Claire Bloomfield to the French capital to find out... Here are the top 8 things to do in Paris beyond the Louvre, inspired by PSG forward Neymar.


Splash out on a suite at the Peninsula Paris Perfectly situated on the chic Avenue Kléber, just a short stroll away from the Arc de Triomphe, the historic 200-room Peninsula Hotel is a vision of Parisian luxury, lavishly decorated to combine style, technology and comfort. The largest suite of the hotel is an authentic Haussmannian-like residence spanning a whopping 3425sq ft. Every element of this spectacular and vastly spacious suite has been designed to ensure the safety and privacy of the hotel’s most prestigious guests, hence their client base including numerous wealthy individuals and world-famous celebrities. The millennial in you will love the gadgets at this property: from the fully-customised interactive digital bedside and desk tablets to the state of the art audio visual centre featuring a flat-screen Blu-Ray 3D LED TV and the Japanese-style toilets. L’Oiseau Blanc is one of six eclectic restaurant and bar options at The Peninsula Paris. Located on the 6th floor and offering a stunning view across Paris’ most famous landmarks and a beautiful summer terrace, this is one the city’s most exclusive dining experiences. This palatial hotel also includes an award-winning Spa, offering tailored treatments by ESPA and Biologique Recherche, allowing guests to refresh and revitalise body and mind in sumptuous surrounds. It sounds like the perfect escape from paparazzi or 50,000 Les Parisiens supporters… For more information or to make a reservation, visit: paris



Shop ‘til you drop on Rue St Honoré


ue St Honoré is one of the most upmarket shopping streets in Paris and is close to 2 kilometres long, running through the first and eighth arrondissement. It is dedicated almost exclusively to all the major fashion houses like Dior, Givenchy and Hermès. On the nearby Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré you’ll find lots of well-known brands mixed in with more niche designers.


Watch the world go by from a café in SaintGermaindes-Prés

Café culture is a vital part of the social scene in the French capital. You should head to Saint-Germain-des-Prés, situated at the heart of the chic sixth arrondissement, for the best people-watching spots in the city. A pitstop at the Emporio Armani Caffè on the famed Boulevard Saint-Germain with delicious treats by double Michelin-starred chef Massimo Tringali is a must-do this summer. Even the walls in the elegant venue deserve a best-dressed gong and are clad in pewter metallic leather with a mirror strip.



Celebrate a victory in style

Not even a broken foot aided with crutches can stop Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar from partying. The forward was pictured entering a nightclub with girlfriend Bruna Marquezine whilst in Brazil in March. More surprisingly, coach Unai Emery suggested he wasn’t concerned about the player’s late night antics. A little closer to his Ligue 1 home, and on the doorstep of the Arc de Triomphe, L’Arc has become Paris’s top hip-hop dance club and the number one nightspot to be seen in. Designed by Lenny Kravitz, this restaurant, bar and club is widely considered as the holy trinity of upscale entertainment.


Neymar is frequently draped in chunky jewellery when photographed off PSG duty so he’ll be no stranger to our next spot. Place Vendôme, an octagonal place in Paris’ luxurious first arrondissement, was once a political powerhouse but is now a showcase of some of the world’s finest jewellers. From sparkling diamonds, rubies and emeralds to extravagant watches, this is the perfect place to add to your glittering collection.

Throw a lavish party that will make the back pages

Neymar celebrated his 26th birthday with a glitzy bash at Pavilion Cambon in the French capital’s first arrondissement with teammates, family and celebrity friends all in attendance. This luxurious venue is set in the heart of the triangle formed by Opera, Madeleine and Vendôme places. PSG captain Thiago Silva, and teammates Edinson Cavani, Kylian Mbappe, Dani Alves, and Kevin Trapp were among those who joined in the Samba star’s lavish celebrations. Dinner was laid on for almost 200 guests, plus there were performances from Brazilian singers, a BMX show and breakdancing.


Add to your stylish watch collection

Enjoy a few home comforts at the city’s finest Brazilian restaurant Neymar revealed he’s a regular at a small and authentic Brazilian restaurant and cocktail bar called Boteco. You’ll find at 48 Rue de l’Echiquier in Paris’ tenth arrondissement. When you pass through the doors of Boteco, you might as well be stepping into Ipanema: think exposed brick walls and a distinct Franco-Brazilian vibe. Be sure to order a caïpi-maté (rum, iced mate, lemon juice and thyme syrup) whilst you’re there.


A psg dream come true The Paris Saint-Germain Academy is one of The Peninsula Paris’ most exciting and elite experiences for families. Through a unique partnership with Paris Saint-Germain, The Peninsula Paris offer their guests the opportunity to fulfill the ultimate football dream. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which transports guests to the worldrenowned Parc des Princes stadium where they will be personally escorted onto the pitch by their favourite player and presented with a signed football, football shirt and mascot. As if that is not enough, participants will also receive two VIP tickets to an upcoming home fixture. Prices start from 20,500 euros for one adult and one child.

We are expanding – literally! Onwards and upwards!


or the past three years they have been operating from a boutique in the beautiful Holts Parade, inside Liverpool’s India Buildings. Circumstances meant that they were recently offered the opportunity to move to the largest tailoring house in the north west in Liverpool water street. Never one to pass up a challenge or opportunity for growth, Mo Adoussa, Managing Director and Master Tailor; snapped up the chance to move and expand, investing in the current infrastructure and expanding the overall team. The interior of the new showroom is luxurious, to say the least. No expense has been spared when it comes to the finishing touches, as luxury has no price measure and Mo has personally overseen every last detail. Sumptuous carpets and heavy antique furniture compliment the lifestyle that Mo promotes with his handmade, bespoke suits.

Although the soft opening was in February, Mo alongside the new expanded team are hosting a lavish opening event at the end of March 2018. Tony Bellew the WBC Emeritus Champion will be “punching” Sugar Glass for Signature Bespoke on the opening and also attending are our long standing celebrity special guests and loyal customers; Champagne & Canape reception; and a few surprises along the way, the movers and shakers of Liverpool and beyond are in for a night to remember. Something to look out for in the coming months, is the birth and launch of the Signature Bespoke Ready-to-Wear collection. “Threads by Signature Bespoke” will offer a more casual style, a weekend wardrobe for those who appreciate luxury at affordable premium prices.






yuspaces yuspaces

T: +44 (0)20 7129 7851


“ only those who design the absurd will create the impossible” Asif Majid, YU Spaces & Partners

w w w. y u s p a c e s . c o m

STAIRWAYS TO HEAVEN SWM PROPERTY & DESIGN PARTNER ASIF MAJID CEO & FOUNDER OF AWARD WINNING DESIGN & BUILD PRACTICE YU SPACES & PARTNERS TALKS ABOUT HOW STAIRCASES TODAY ARE BECOMING THE MAIN DESIGN FEATURES IN MANY HIGH END LUXURY PROPERTIES. Over the years YSP have established a reputation for both designing and building some of the most cutting edge properties around the world. The company UK based has worked on many projects abroad on behalf of their clients. Having worked on several ambitious staircase projects for luxury homes. ‘I think the staircase is a real piece of interest because it’s the most disruptive piece of architecture. The room is just a box and the walls are generally flat.’ The material is key when looking at the atmosphere you want a staircase to create. We have designed and fabricated staircases from all sorts of materials ranging from wood, steel, stone and glass. Glass is an amazing material to work with as it brings the light down, but it’s kind of scary. When considering a staircase you should consider the warmth you want to feel; do you want the stair to feel like a piece of timber or do you want it to feel industrial? or do you want it to feel slow or graceful? Think of the orientation when you

emerge from the top or the bottom, what are you seeing?’

idea of how the staircase will fit into the space.

In the following article will look at the various stages involved from design to installation in creating, in some cases works of art.

With design technology these days the client can get a visual idea of both size and proportion which are hard to visualise from drawings alone. At this stage changes can be made by the client if they wish to do so.

Before visiting a client, they will inform us as to which style and material they wish their staircase to be built in. It’s generally one of four options which are wood, steel, stone or glass. Wooden staircases are the most common staircases installed but

Once the client approves the drawings we then send them off the designs to the structural engineers who do the calculations and specifications necessary to obtain the feasibility of the staircase

“a bespoke staircase can make an architectural statement that can give your home a fresh identity” metal and glass are becoming popular. In our initial consultation we will have sketches and photos prepared with the style of staircase the client is interested in. From the brief and once the client approves the sketch concept we will then produce CAD and 3D drawings to give the client an

through the weight, load and distribution. The structural report without doubt is the most essential element of any staircase design, especially those being fabricated in steel or glass. Many of our designs are unique in nature so the correct calculations are critical.


Once the design has been approved work will commence in the relevant workshops, this starts by constructing a mock-up of the wall where the staircase will be installed so when the staircase arrives on site it fits perfectly as it’s very difficult to make any changes once on site as each piece is bespoke. On any one staircase there can be up to three separate fabricators ranging from glass, steel and joinery so both drawings and coordination are extremely important. Once the staircase is complete the next step is the actual logistics with regards to delivering on site. Prior to the installation a full site survey is done as to how the staircase will enter the property. On several occasions we have required some roads having to be closed off to allow cranes to hoist the staircases in through the roof. There have been cases where doors and windows have had to be temporarily removed to allow for access into a property and in many cases the staircases are dismantled and assembled on site. We hope now this gives a greater insight and better understanding as to how these amazing projects are put together and the time and expertise involved. If you would like to know more or have any particular questions regarding any of the designs featured please feel free to contact us.



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Contemporary architecture and interiors for a RIBA award-winning new build in Berkshire

From a new build luxury home, to the restoration of a heritage site or a retaining wall for a civil engineer we provide a wide range of services on projects large or small. Heritage Masonry is an award winning, nationwide stone masonry company based in Skipton, North Yorkshire. Our primary services include bespoke stone masonry, restoration, conservation, dry stone walling and external stone works. We have worked on many diverse projects such as church restorations, large scale mansions and stately homes, weir restorations, city centre regeneration projects, new build housing and civil engineering work. All of our tradesmen are highly skilled, trained and time served in their respective sector with some of them achieving Master Craftsmen status. We have many years of experience in our industry, and have worked hard to build up a first class reputation for the exceptional quality of our work and services that we provide. Heritage Masonry can be part of your project as sub or main contractors. Please contact us to discuss your next project and arrange a free consultation. CONTACT US Heritage Masonry and Conservation Ltd, Unit 1, Devonshire Place, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 2LR Tel. 01756 63 63 93 Email.



Luxury home, GARY NEVILLE, MANCHESTER Client: Gary Neville, Footballer Project: All external works to include dry stone boundary wall, circular viewing platform, wall design, paved area & stonework to front of home

LUXURY HOME, MIKE ASHLEY Client: Mike Ashley, retail entrepreneur and owner of Newcastle Football Club New build of a large luxury house and all external stone work.

We were recommended to Gary Neville by an architect we had previously worked with, the brief was to create a new landscaped area and stonework to the front façade of his home. After several meetings with the client we designed a folly, a circular wall with a paved viewing area that can be accessed via the paved walkway. This would provide the client with a unique and attractive outdoor feature.

Heritage Masonry were awarded the contract to build a luxury home for Mike Ashley. Set in large woodland grounds the house was built using reclaimed brick with Yorkshire stone features including quoins, heads, sills and balconies.

A dry stone boundary wall was built around the property which included an arched stone inlay feature made from reclaimed, professionally cleaned and restored stone which was bedded into the boundary wall. The front façade of the home was rebuilt with new bespoke stone masonry features to the door and window surrounds.

On completion of the build, we were asked to undertake the external works. This included a large paved forecourt which was built using tumbled sets to create a circular pattern as designed by the client’s architect.

The driveway and parking area to the front of his home was constructed using Tegula blocks.

Due to the complexity of producing the planned design it was considered by many not possible as the radius of the pattern was too acute. We appointed our expert external works masons to complete the project within the timescale and to an exceptionally high standard. Our sister company Yorkshire Stone Supplies provided all the stone for the project, delivering three articulated wagon loads every week over 12 months.



Please come and visit our showroom with meeting facilities at Store Street, 82


Bollington, Cheshire SK10 5PN. Tel 01625466200. 83

A Deco inspired guest powder room designed by Wilkinson Beven. Providing a comprehensive interior design service for luxury homes throughout the UK and for extensive international projects. Wilkinson Beven create exiting residential interiors formed on an architectural approach to design. Delivering luxurious private homes for discerning clients, ski chalets and beach-side villas. All our work reflects meticulous attention to detail from initial concept stages through to final completion. ¡ 0121 622 7366 ¡



Our team of designers and engineers was commissioned to create a complete set of furnishings made of granite or marble. It appears that we have made the impossible possible and designed all furnishings using these one-of-a-kind materials. From concept to creation, we are your enthusiastic interior partners. To bring extraordinary projects to a successful conclusion, we will also be pleased to collaborate with your interior architect.

Welcome to

Robert Samuel Bespoke Interiors



obert Samuel is an innovative bespoke fitted furniture company based in Southport. We have over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of fitted furniture nationwide. We specialise in manufacturing and installing bespoke furniture for around your home including kitchens, bedrooms, dressing rooms, home studies and cinema rooms. Using the latest materials and technology we offer an extensive product range with styles both modern and traditional for schemes to suit every type, size and age of home, from the latest vinyl finish, incorporating hinged, glass or mirrored sliding doors, to the more traditional painted and timber styles. Robert Samuel draws on a wealth of experience to create stunning designs that contain original features which can be tailored to suit your individual specification. Transform your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, studies, sitting and dining rooms to make them stylish, functional and comfortable. Loft spaces, asymmetrical rooms and alcoves can be incorporated to realise their potential, adding character whilst increasing their storage capacity. We can help you choose from a variety of options to transform your living areas into a beautiful special home reflecting both your needs and personality. We also specialise in accommodating media equipment, radiators

and boilers that fit aesthetically into elegant yet functional furniture and room designs. At Robert Samuel we thrive on providing our clients with the finest quality bespoke furniture for any project in your home. Our reputation is built on our quality and customer service. We take the time to listen and understand our clients’ needs, likes and dislikes, in order to achieve their requirements. No matter how big or small the project we are totally committed to help create an amazing transformation. We provide a design and installation service nationwide. From project management to a full interior design service, Robert Samuel can help you create an inspired living space.



Robert Samuel Bespoke Interiors

If you are interested in how Robert Samuel Bespoke Interiors can help you to create inspired living spaces call us on 01704 535 244 | E: /robertsamuelbespokeinteriors Robert Samuel Bespoke Interiors, 12 Forest Road, Southport, PR8 6ST 89


Home Automation

The world’s finest luxury home cinema and entertainment rooms Book your appointment in our private showroom at Contact: 01344 512018 |


Apartments and penthouses to enjoy space, comfort and qualities of villa living without any worries. Only 28 amazingly large 3 & 4 bedroom residences, front line to the Mediterranean Sea. These “Perfect Homes” adapt a new lifestyle using the most innovative design together with the latest technology and quality materials, many of which have been specially created. Positioned on a plot of almost 20.000 m2 front line to the beach on the privileged New Golden Mile between Puerto Banus and Estepona, you have this High Security Gated Complex with exclusive access to the beach with fingerprint access control. All homes are facing the sea with amazing windows and enormous terraces for endless views of the Mediterranean Sea. The open plan concept of living integrates modern living with nature, connecting your space to the sea. The innumerable qualities and equipment chosen with exclusively designed details need to be seen and experimented, every detail has been taken carefully considered and taken care of.

Each apartment includes a minimum of 3 up to 4 large parking spaces with direct access into a private “basementstorage” with window for natural light and ventilation. This is finished in the same qualities as the apartment and is directly connected with each of the individual homes through a private elevator. Gardens are of a modern design still conserving a Mediterranean essence. Swimming is possible all year round thanks to its large dimension outdoor heated pool with waterfall maintained by salt chlorination system. The infinity side of the pool gives the final touch, allowing an amazing visual integration of waters, swimming pool and sea. • 3 bedroom apartments start from 405 m2 to 431 m2. • 4 bedroom apartments offer 548 m2 to 813 m2. • Prices €2,044,000 to €4,040,000

LE T US FIN D YOU R IDE AL PROPERT Y w w w. iancooperestates .com 92

Property Investment

Located in La Zagaleta, one of Europe’s most desirable addresses, a truly unique property which redefines the contemporary residence with more than 2,000m2 of light-filled, luxurious living space on three floors, complete with spa, indoor infinity pool, gym, cinema, and a garage worthy of a car collection. The interior design flows seamlessly out onto spacious terraces around its outdoor swimming pool and chill-out bar, with breathtaking panoramic views over Marbella and the Mediterranean to Gibraltar and the African coast.

If you always aim higher, demand only the very best, and have the vision to appreciate the finer things in life, here is where you can experience a whole new level of luxury living on the Costa del Sol.

La Zagaleta offers everything a discerning property owner could ever wish for: two 18-hole golf courses, two clubhouses, an equestrian centre, tennis courts, a private heliport, and 24-hour security to watch over its gated community.

• 9 Baths

• 8 Beds • 2.230m2 Built • 5044m2 plot • 328m2 Terrace • €14.5m

LE T US FIN D YOU R IDE AL PROPERT Y w w w. iancooperestates .com 93

Ultimate party guide: Puerto Banus, Marbella Puerto Banus is known as the playground of the rich and famous, and the summer months are simply one long party Where on earth? When people talk about going to Marbs, what they really mean is that they’re off to party in Puerto Banus. The Spanish equivalent to St Tropez, it’s known as one of the most luxurious resort towns in the world and boasts an endless supply of restaurants, bars, clubs and shops to keep you entertained throughout your stay. Marbella’s hotspot, Puerto Banus, can be found in a marina located on the southwest coast of Marbella on the Costa Del Sol, Spain. In recent years, Puerto Banus has earned itself a reputation as being a playground of the rich and famous and celebs and royalty alike have all been papped here enjoying the sun. Catering for the world’s rich and famous means Marbella has some fantastic eateries that not only offer an extensive selection of cuisine, but also offer a brilliant night out. Nikki Beach is just a €30 taxi journey from Puerto Banus and represents everything cool and glamourous about beachside chilling. This is where Marbella’s exclusive crowd can be found and is universally known for their fun vibes and good food (and they’ve opened in Ibiza). La Sala promises the ultimate social and dining experience day and night, and they don’t disappoint with an extensive menu and a lively crowd. Soak up the atmosphere on their decked terrace, opt for private dining, or sit right in the middle of it all with one of their bar-side tables – it’s up to you. If you’re into your Japanese food, Namazake is set within the Marbella Club

and has a reputation for being one of the best Japanese restaurants in the area. It’s also right next door to Suite nightclub, so it’s the perfect starting point for a night of debauchery. Where to shop: The shopping in Puerto Banus is second to none and you can expect to find endless rows of boutiques and high-end designers, including Dior, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Bvlguri. Just be sure to make sure you go with space in your suitcase! Where’s the party? In the summer months you’ll be spoilt for


choice when it comes to places to party, and if you’re looking for a good few days of luxurious, hedonistic fun then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Sintillate Marbella has been around for years and have earned themselves a stellar reputation for being Marbella’s best-known party organisers, with nights at some of Puerto Banus’s most sought after. Pangea is one of the most popular preclub destinations, with a large, open-air terrace and plenty of space to mingle. It’s also handily positioned on the marina front, and attracts many a yacht owner

Property Investment

looking for the party. Newscafe is also a popular place to start out for drinks, and 2013 sees them open their brand new and exclusive members terrace. If you’re looking for somewhere to carry on the party, there are plenty of clubs to choose from. Tibu is just a short walk from the marina and has a uber-sleek and upmarket vibe in the club, with an openair terrace to chill when you need some space. Aqwa Mist sits directly under La Sala and boasts a large VIP area, including a secret VIP room out the back with it’s own hot tub. Other nightclubs include Sleek, Funky Buddha and Olivia Valere, once known as Marbella’s most exclusive nightspot, so your nights will be far from dull. Head on your holiday at the right time and you’ll be lucky enough to be there for one of the infamous daytime Sintillate Champagne Spray parties hosted at Ocean Club, which happen on several dates throughout the summer. This is indulgent hedonism at its true core and people often plan their trip around this party, so if you can make it down, then this will definitely be a pool party you won’t forget. Sala Beach also hosts numerous day parties throughout the summer, as well as being the perfect place to chill in the day. They also have yachts that are available for charter throughout the summer if you book in advance. So whether you want to sightsee, dolphin watch, or simply lounge on board with a glass or bottle of champagne, there are different price structures to suit all, making it a perfect luxury.


SGP Property, who are you and what do you do? SPG Property Ltd was founded by Spencer Gower in 2016. As a RICS qualified general practice Chartered Surveyor, Spencer has over 20 years’ experience working in the UK commercial property industry and during that time he has worked for large property asset management companies. SPG Property specialises in asset management and property management services across the UK commercial property industry. We focus on providing pro-active asset management to maximise value and income for both landlord and occupier clients. We pride ourselves in offering a high quality ‘one stop’ service to all of our clients to ensure we maximise their returns on investment. We provide a number of services that include:Asset Management Services - We provide comprehensive short and long term asset management plans on new and existing properties and portfolios which highlight asset management initiatives and we then work with our clients to provide strategies to ensure they are implemented. These services include working and building relationships with tenant occupiers and dealing with all aspects of individual leases. Development Advice - If our clients are looking at ways to further develop and enhance the value of their property we can identify development opportunities for existing assets or we can evaluate development opportunities prior to the purchase of a new property, in each case to achieve increased income and capital value. Each initiative is appraised financially to ensure viability and meet investment targets. Investment Opportunity Advice - We will source investment opportunities that are in line with pre-agreed asset management plans that set out the required financial returns. Agency & Professional Services - We also provide a comprehensive letting and leasing service that find solutions for vacant space to achieve the market rents and assist in creating rental growth. These services also extend to lease renewals and rent reviews. Property Management Services - We provide an in house property management service dealing with the day to day running of individual properties and portfolios. This includes the demanding of and collection of rents and service

charge monies on a quarterly and monthly basis, service charge management including the preparation of service charge budgets for multi tenant buildings and comprehensive planned maintenance programmes. Client Reporting - We believe it is essential to provide regular reports to our clients that are tailored to their individual requirements giving detailed assessments of how each property or portfolio is performing. This allows us to measure performance against asset plans to ensure targets are being met.

What types of property do you specialise in? We specialise in all UK commercial property assets including retail, leisure, offices and industrial. The retail sector consists of shopping centres, supermarkets, retail warehouses and high street shops. This sector can be classed as more risky than other sectors because it is seen as being more volatile. Lease lengths tend to be shorter than other sectors with terms averaging around 5 years, however with good proactive asset management investors can expect higher returns on their investments. Investment in the leisure sector which includes cinemas, restaurants, gyms etc. is seen to be less risky due to longer lease terms which are normally in excess of 15 years. The office sector is purpose built for business and provides strong returns for property located in major towns and cities. As with leisure, occupiers tend to demand longer lease terms which provides steady income for landlords. The industrial sector is also seen as slighty risky due to the nature of the buildings and the type of occupier although recently there has been an increased demand for space in the logistics sector, partly due to the on-line shopping boom.


Proactive asset management is essential when investing in this sector and as with retail, the returns are generally higher for clients.

Why should people invest into the commercial property sector? What are the benefits? Investing in commercial property is a way of spreading and diversifying risk within your investment portfolio. Commercial property does not correlate with other asset classes such as cash, bonds and gilts and equities which means property values are not normally affected by what is going on in the stock market and therefore move independently and values tend to be less volatile providing a steady return on investment. There are a number of options when considering investing in commercial property. Direct Investment - This option is usually a route for private investors and HNW individuals to get exposure to the commercial property market. Direct Commercial Property Funds - These funds are a more common way of investing in commercial property by way of units trusts. These funds tend to balance their portfolios across the different property sectors which allows smaller investors to gain exposure to the commercial property market. Indirect Property Funds - This is effectively investing in shares of a collective of property companies listed on the stock market. There are a number of reasons why investing in commercial property is beneficial. Commercial property provides a steady income stream for clients on well managed assets Diversification in investment is always key to minimising potential losses.

Property Investment Therefore spreading risk by investing in commercial property helps reduce these risks. Commercial property is seen as a stable investment and can provide regular annual capital growth, higher rental income and good return on investment.

What additional services do you offer for a potential investor ie a professional sports athlete or HNW business owner? We believe that working closely with clients and fully understanding their requirements is essential to delivering the required results. Our clients will always have a Director working on their portfolio who will be a direct point of contact in relation to their particular portfolio. We believe this gives confidence to clients knowing that they will always have a senior person delivering the required results. We understand that professional sports athletes do not work the typical Monday to Friday ‘9-5’ and we believe it is essential we can be contacted at times that are convenient to them.

What is your main USP? What makes your company different from the rest? Most property advisory companies split the services we offer into different departments which can result in clients dealing with 3 or 4 different people who are often less experienced, junior members of the team. At SPG Property we pride ourselves on having a personable approach to working with clients and at the outset of a relationship with a new client we work hard to understand the client’s key drivers and goals. We are determined that our clients will always be working with a Director within the company who will always be their main point of contact. We always want to make the effort to get to know our clients away from the office as we believe this helps to build successful long term working relationships. We strongly believe that this approach goes a long way to working more efficiently and helping clients maximise their returns.

What does the word success mean to SPG? This is one of those questions that means different things to different people. In our opinion success is trying to keep things as simple as possible, having an understanding of our clients’ requirements, showing understanding which results in good working relationships, having the courage to make tough decisions (or deliver tough messages to our clients), providing the energy required to achieve the desired results, delivering the high quality service that is expected and having the strength to deliver on the desired outcomes.

Commercial Asset & Property Management Services m. 07825 532455


E l i te S p o r ts :

D I S C R E T I O N A RY F U N D M A N AG E M E N T Henderson Rowe handle the whole investment process for you from start to finish, from the initial transfer to regular reporting by your own personal manager. WHAT WE DO

made by an investment team with years of

We are an independent, owner managed investment firm. We cater for High Net Worth, long-term private investors and mid-sized institutional clients with a range of portfolio investment solutions. We focus on investing in assets that are most likely to increase in value over time, and avoiding large permanent losses along the way. Our cost structure is fully transparent. We do not lock-in our clients’ money or charge exit or entry fees.

experience in valuing and managing financial


about your portfolio’s progress, but will ensure

Fundamental analysis is at the heart of everything we do. All our decisions are

we are managing your money correctly by

assets. We don’t have bloated marketing departments pushing in-house products. All of our investment ideas are researched and developed in-house and are always aligned with our clients’ investment goals. Our services are fully bespoke and your investment objective is always aligned with ours. All our investment managers are fully qualified and will not only keep you informed

talking to you about your situation.


Property Investment


carefully designed offering for the individual. We work alongside other professionals who understand the unique needs of elite sportspeople, creating a highly experienced team around you. With Henderson Rowe you will learn about the work we do with you and you will be part of a group that supports you and your family through a broad understanding of your circumstances. We employ an investment approach developed and managed by our central investment team. Our co-founder Giles Rowe and Artur Baluszynski, who between them have over four decades of investment experience, determine our investment strategies and select our investments in a way that is transparent, effective and easy for you to monitor. At Henderson Rowe we build things to last, whether that be our portfolios, our reputation or our relationships with a close knit group of highly valued clients.

enderson Rowe was founded in 2002 with the aim of doing things a little differently. We understand that our clients are unique individuals and so each portfolio is built according to your specific needs. We establish true long-term partnerships with our clients and stick with you whatever the climate. Our relationships are formed through sharing our knowledge and experience, and are built on trust. The investment manager who welcomes you to the firm will be the same person who looks after you and your families’ money for years to come. We believe in our investments, know they perform well and don’t take any unnecessary risks with our client’s money. We do this by keeping it simple – avoiding complexity in our investments and providing transparency in what we do – to give you peace of mind. When it comes to catering for people with a high profile in sports, we adapt our trusted investment approach into a high quality and

Important Information: When investing, your capital is at risk. The value of investments may fall, as well as rise, and you may not recover the amount of your original investment. Some investments may be subject to sudden and large falls in value and you may realise a large loss equal to the amount invested.

© 2017 Henderson Rowe is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Henderson Rowe is registered in England and Wales, company number 4379340.


High End Removal, Shipping & Storage Services for Elite Footballers – Internationally Discreet – short, medium, and long-term storage of items Henley can provide a photographic inventory of all items that need to be stored, this means that you can keep track of what items are in storage always. Equally when you would like something delivered from storage, tracking it and arranging this makes the whole process a lot smoother. The items can be stored for short, medium, or long-time requirements. All items will be packed professionally so that the items are kept safe during storage.

Delivering purchases from galleries and auction houses

About us and what Henley can do for Henley Shipping is a specialist moving, storage, shipping and relocation company for private individuals requiring discretion and professional handling of high value design furniture, artwork, antiques and luxury clothing in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Henley Shipping also work with interior designers daily facilitating storage, quality checking and delivering of all items to site with a white glove service. All the moving staff are professional, discreet and used to working under Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Stress-free moving experience Moving to a new house or relocating to or from another country can be a stressful time and people choose to use Henley Shipping to minimise the stress. They take care of everything from start to finish. Whether you are moving locally or abroad, Henley

If you are purchasing items from high-end showrooms, galleries, or auction houses within the UK or internationally, Henley Shipping will arrange professional collection, packing and shipping of said items to get them back to your property in a safe and efficient manner. Henley also provide professional collection, packing and shipping services for artwork internationally. Shipping have all the necessary skills and expertise to make the process a stress-free experience. Once a site visit has been undertaken and the estimate has been confirmed, Henley will manage the whole process to ensure your precious time can stay focussed on work and the family. All items and clothing will be put away at the new property and moved into the client’s desired locations.

How Henley pack and keep your items safe during the move Every item being moved will be professional wrapped and packed to completely minimise the opportunity for potential damages. For incredibly fragile items we will pack items into a bespoke plywood case to keep the item safe during transit. These items will also then be ready to go straight into storage should you not need every item at the new property.



Talk to us today for further information and a bespoke estimate If you are planning on relocating in the UK, Europe or Worldwide then call Henley Shipping today and speak to one of the Directors who will talk you through the step by step process and get a site visit booked to provide a bespoke estimate. Equally if you have storage requirements or any other art moving requirements then please do not hesitate to call Henley Shipping today. (t) +44 (0)208 611 2516 (e) (w) London | UK | Europe | Worldwide “DELIVERING WITH A WHITE GLOVE PROMISE – INTERNATIONALLY”


The Range Rover modified by Overfinch Redefining an icon since 1975. T: +44 3330 063 083 E: A: 151-153 Park Road, St Johns Wood, London NW8 7HT




Overfinch have unveiled a striking new look and complementary range of options to accompany the 2018 Range Rover face lift. A bold and confident design package has been created to maximise the visual impact of the vehicle. A deeper and more assertive front-end style incorporates an exposed carbon fibre air dam and the Overfinch signature LED running lights to give a confident, cohesive stance. Optional carbon fibre side sills, tailgate badging and a new range of bespoke palette options offer a greater freedom of personalisation than ever before.

The Overfinch commitment to distinctively designed interiors has been elevated once again with this model year. The new seat designs, crafted in the finest of British leathers, are offered alongside an increased range of trim and bespoke enhancement options. The final choice remains, as ever, yours. Overfinch are now taking orders on 2018 model. To learn more, or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch via our website or by phone. The Overfinch VIP service means that an appointment can be arranged at home, office or the training ground – convenience and discretion is assured.

To find out more about the 2018 Overfinch, please contact: Jonathon Spofford Relationship Manager, Entertainment T: +44 3330 063 083 E:




Phil Bardsley Looking at life after football from a business point of view

SWM: Ignition Card, Tell us what its all about? PB: Yes so I will just give you a bit of an insight on what the Ignition card is, it’s a membership discount card for everyday motoring use and the car enthusiasts with offering a wide range of discounted products ranging from everyday use to outright purchasing of a vehicle.

SWM: ‘Life After Football’ a big topic that’s always of interest to our readers, how will this business set you up? PB: As a footballer playing for over 20 years, I have always thought that the experiences that I have gained on and off of the pitch have both kept me grounded, maybe a bit of that comes from my working class background helping me to understand the values of money and this enables me to try and help others save money in their every day motoring lives.

SWM: What kind of discounts and benefits does having the card poses? PB: The card poses discounts of up to 50% off at Halfords, 50% off at National Tyres, over £500 off purchasing a vehicle and up to 30% off car leasing. We are currently negotiating gaining a discount for purchasing petrol on behalf of our members.

SWM: With the football industry offering such a short career, at what point do you start planning for life after football and how do you do it? PB: I don’t ever stop planning for after football, its always in the back of your mind for when you retire. I have been really fortunate and have worked extremely hard to be able to stay at the highest level for so long. Coaching is something that I have always considered but the opportunities are limited, the experience that I have gained would be beneficial to help other young players achieve their dream and play at the highest level, on the other hand business opportunities outside of football have and will always interest me.

SWM: What inspired you to target the automotive industry? PB: Being a key in motoring myself, I saw an opportunity where my friends and family didn’t receive the benefits of being a footballer and receiving the luxury deals, I felt that there was a market where everybody can reduce their motoring costs. As a footballer I felt that I have always been paying over the odds for every aspect of my motoring. SWM: As a current professional footballer, how will this help your business? PB: Being a current premier league footballer for over 12 years, I have made a lot of friends and colleagues that will help to get the Ignition Card name spoken of far and wide, The national coverage will only benefit everyone with the fantastic deals that we offer.

SWM: What are your plans for the first 5 years in business? PB: If I could be half as successful in my off the field interests as I have been on the field with Ignition card I will be extremely happy as our memberships will grow over the next 5 years our members benefits and discounts will grow with it.



SWM: With your wife Tanya already very successful in business and TV, how could she help you access the female market? PB: Yes, Tanya has been obviously very successful, she has worked extremely hard over the last 5 years growing her brand. we are both from extremely well grounded families and we both understand the value of money and life. When I first mentioned the idea of Ignition card to Tanya and Julie (My mother in law), Julie was jumping around with excitement asking where did she need to sign up. SWM: What does the word success mean to you, both on and off the pitch? PB: Success for me is to obviously continue playing at the highest level possible as long as possible. Success off the pitch is to be healthy and for all of my family to be also. SWM: What is your favourite things about Sports World Magazine? PB: I really enjoy reading the magazine, to see the great deals and the fantastic offers that the magazine brings and obviously the lads too, they’re always great to be around and always a pleasure to talk to.



COMPETITIVE SPIRITS Entrepreneur Kevin Burns needed a hero. His innovative and ultra-sexy supercar club AutoXotica was off to a great start. But, for the former British Olympic swimmer and Commonwealth medallist, there was something missing. A truly exciting brand ambassador. Enter British F3 Champion Enaam Ahmed, tipped as ‘the next Lewis Hamilton’.

24 September 2017, Donington Park: From AutoXotica’s trackside viewing platform, Burns had just watched Enaam Ahmed destroy Ayrton Senna’s record of 12 wins to clinch the 2017 British F3 title. As Burns interviews Enaam at AutoXotica HQ, we discover something remarkable. How the legendary Brazilian inspired a kid from Edgware Road... and how Donington Park lies at the heart of their story. 108


aggression and fearless attitude is something that inspires my driving style. It has given me the attitude I have today towards other competition.

KB: You exploded onto the scene when you won five major titles in 2014, including the CIK World and European championships. What amazes me is that you were only 14. What did your friends think? EA: Well, to be honest, most of my friends didn’t really know I raced as I kept it a big secret.

KB: Your will to win and to be the best. This is one of the main reasons we thought you’d make the perfect brand ambassador for AutoXotica Supercars. What attracted you to AutoXotica? EA: I think you’re a top guy for starters. When I first saw AutoXotica at the Autosport Show, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. The team is great, very efficient and clean cut and it’s a real pleasure working with the guys. Everything is new which is nice, like the mezzanine VIP lounge with a view of the cars and the trackside viewing platform for members.

KB: A humble hero, just like Aryton Senna was. But tell us about 2017! Highest amount of points everachieved in the series. Biggest winning margin over second place. Youngest driver ever to win three races and set three fastest laps over a weekend. EA: It was a dream come true to win the British F3 championship. To have my name up with some of the best drivers in motorsport was pretty special.

KB: Glad you like us and the view of the cars! Speaking of which, what’s your all-time greatest supercar? EA: Lamborghini Huracán Spyder.

KB: And right here at Donington, you break Senna’s record of 12 wins en route to the Brazilian winning the British F3 campaign in 1983. How did breaking that record feel? EA: Special. Donington is the heart of British Motorsport. To break Senna’s record here, the scene of that unforgettable lap of his in 1993, felt incredible, like I would forever share a piece of history with a phenomenal driver.

KB: When I was training for the Games, I remember the dark, early morning starts and lonely hours in the pool. What’s your fitness regime like? EA: Usually I train twice a day. Morning is gym work and afternoon is swimming, which is one of my favourite sports.

KB: I think I might have the answer to my next question already. What driver has inspired you the most? EA: Aryton Senna, no question. His

KB: Can’t beat swimming like I always say. Final question, where do you see yourself five years from now? EA: Either in Formula 1 or a taxi driver.

Entrepreneur and former British Olympian and Commonwealth medalwinning swimmer Kevin Burns is MD of AutoXotica Based in Donington Park, AutoXotica offers unique and exclusive long and short term supercar club memberships, in addition to bespoke VIP driving days, off-roading and much, much more. 109

CARS TO THE STARS THE COMPLETE SERVICE IN SOURCING LUXURY CARS S14 VIP Limited, Luxury Car Sourcing Specialists offer an unrivalled personal service to ensure your full requirements and specifications are met. From preliminary enquiries through to the safe delivery of your desired car, S14 VIP Limited will provide a smooth and pleasurable experience. One call is all it takes.



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Specialist vehicle services XCLUSV Customs provide a professional service specialising in vehicle conversions, in car audio, vehicle security as well as bespoke projects in line with your needs. With over 20 years experience in the industry you can rest assured our standards will be as high as your expectations. About Us We offer a unique service working with our customers from the start to ensure our work is in line with your needs. We can offer advice depending on your initial ideas and will work closely with you throughout to ensure you receive the best possible outcome when your project is complete. With more than 20 years experience in the industry we are able to provide a high quality service backed by professional expertise. Vehicle conversions Our Mercedes V-class conversions are second to none. We pride ourselves in offering a quality product that meets your expectations. We have a portfolio of conversion designs to choose from or we can work with you to tailor a conversion to your individual needs. We will also do our best to incorporate your own unique ideas for an original upgrade to your V-class.



In car audio We provide the ultimate in-car audio experience incorporating the best quality sound equipment with our bespoke design service. Your system will sound amazing whilst looking great too. Using full DA HD technology that allows you to play pure clean sound as it was created so you can enjoy every musical detail. This breakthrough technology delivers sound quality at its best using stunning 24-bit resolution. Vehicle security As professional certified installers of high quality award winning vehicle tracking systems we can improve your vehicle security giving you the peace of mind that comes with stolen vehicle recovery. Tracking devices use GPS, GSM and GPRS to send information to the to the Secure Global Telemetric Control Centre and enable the police to locate vehicles even when hidden in underground car parks or containers. We use only high quality products that have been assured by Thatcham and are recognised by vehicle insurance companies. Bespoke projects With a range of skills and years of experience in the industry we have the know-how to apply our expertise to just about any bespoke project. From unconventional conversions to design solutions we provide a unique service based on your individual needs. The sky is the limit! Get in touch to discuss your ideas. Contact Us Get in touch to find out more about our service. Tel: 07968 653696 Email: Website: @xclusv_customs


IMAGE CREDITS: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool , Thomas Butler / Red Bull Content Pool, Infiniti Red Bull Racing / Red Bull Content Pool, Red Bull Racing / Hisense

Daniel Ricciardo: ‘I want to be sitting here with a big trophy’ Shortly after the end of the 2017 season, Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo returned to the Baku City Circuit, the scene of his sole victory in his last campaign, and one of the greatest moments in his Formula One career so far.  Sports World Magazine’s chief reporter Claire Bloomfield joined the popular Australian on his trip to talk about his world title ambitions, his ongoing contract saga and why he credits his family with keeping his feet on the ground…


aniel Ricciardo is often considered one of the most outgoing and effusive drivers on the Formula One grid. He could also prove to be one of Lewis Hamilton’s biggest threats in 2018 - although it’s no secret his car’s reliability issues still must be addressed if Red Bull have genuine title hopes this season. His current deal with Christian Horner’s team is set to end later this year and the 28-year old Red Bull racing driver has made it clear that he’s in no rush to solve his on-going contract dilemmas. Recent rumours suggest that both sides have since agreed a deadline. But, whilst he ponders his Red Bull future alongside his younger teammate Max Verstappen, who penned a deal last October to keep him with the team until 2020, Ricciardo reveals there’s one target for this year that certainly hasn’t changed. “Next year I want to be sitting here with a big trophy, the biggest one we can get,” said Ricciardo, as he climbed into the blacked-out

chauffer driven car heading for FK Qarabag. The popular Australian is paying a visit to the top flight Azerbaijani-side during their afternoon training session. “That’s my target and I hope we can be in a position to finally fight. We’ve been in a position to win races but never enough to be in the title, so that’s what I want.” “I’ve given it thought over the last few years but a world title is still definitely the goal, you know. I love racing and I have fun racing but I’m still here for that big success,” he admits, after revealing he won’t follow in Nico Rosberg’s footsteps and retire immediately after securing his long awaited prize. “I said I’ll only ever retire like that if the win comes when I’m like, 38 or something and then I’ll say, I’m done! If I was to win this year I’d definitely stay on...” “I believe that if I’ve got the equipment to do it, and the team around me, then I’ve got it within myself to deal with the pressure or the expectation of success that comes with it.”


But much of the driver’s future will depend on how the 2018 seasons pans out, and if the Australian can’t see himself winning that allimportant championship with Red Bull, he will likely consider jumping ship to either Ferrari or Mercedes, if they’re willing to take him. Red Bull have already made significant gains on last year’s car and showed an impressive pace during winter testing and again during the first race weekend of the season in Melbourne in March, so watch this space.

BACK TO BAKU The highlight of Ricciardo’s 2017 campaign came at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, as he took the flag with a remarkable recovery drive, after a lowly grid position and having dropped to 17th at one point in the race. It might even be described as one of the most remarkable comebacks in recent Formula One history – and it’s Ricciardo is eager to relive as the car makes it way through the city’s congested streets.


The Azerbaijan Grand Prix joined the racing calendar in 2016 with capital city Baku playing host to the fastest street circuit in Formula One racing, on a layout designed by renowned track architect Hermann Tilk. At 3.7 miles long, Baku City Circuit is the second-longest on in Formula One after Spa, with it’s standout feature undoubtedly the terrifyingly narrow section of track at turn eight known as the Castle Chicane and runs past the fort walls of the Old City, a designated World Heritage Site. With the cars 20 centimetres wider than the 2016 season, the narrow turn eight (just 7.6 meters wide) became even trickier. «For me the race was even more chaotic because I thought it was over after five laps,” explained the Perth-born athlete. “We had a break problem so I came coasting into the pits and I was ready to take my gloves off because I thought it was over. “We had a break problem a few races earlier in Russia so it wasn›t unfamiliar for us at that point in the season. Two hours later I won the race. Seb [Sebastian Vettel] and Lewis [Lewis Hamilton] had their altercation, Seb gets a penalty and Lewis› head-rest comes loose. He adds: “It was a fiction Formula One race. If you gave it to Hollywood and asked them to write a plot for a race, that›s more or less what they would have come up with.” Sadly for Ricciardo his post race celebrations didn’t stretch much further than the «shoey», his muchloved podium ritual. “Unfortunately I had to fly out soon after the race in Baku because I had a simulator session the next day so I couldn’t really celebrate… but my team did,” revealed the Aussie. “And actually, after some of the stories I heard, I was glad I wasn’t there. I told the guys, ‘I have to go back, but do one for me’. I think a few of them missed their flights, they were in a bad place,” laughs Ricciardo, who joined Red Bull Racing by replacing Mark Webber at the start of the 2014 season. This year the Azerbaijan Grand Prix has been switched to the slot previously held by the Russian Grand Prix on April 29. As a result of the reshuffle, Sochi will be hosting its race in September, with a view to also avoiding a clash with the football World Cup taking place in the country during the summer.

After last season’s inspiring victory, an incidentfilled race, road rage on the track and a war of words off it (between Hamilton and title rival Vettel) Ricciardo says he is particularly looking forward to the 2018 edition. “This race was crazy enough in the dry, so if it’s wet, a wet Baku in April - I am kind of scared to think about how it is going to go,” jokes Ricciardo. “It will be mayhem in a great way I am sure, so I am looking forward to whatever conditions are thrown our way.»

FAMILY FIRST But Red Bull’s frontman admits his racing fame comes at a price, and that’s on top of the number of camera phones constantly in his face at any given moment. It’s the distance from his family and the limited time they can share together that plays on Ricciardo’s mind the most. “Obviously it sucks being away a lot and not seeing my family as much as I would like. My sister had a baby and he’s the first grandkid of the family and my nephew - I want to see him so much more than I can. “My nephew actually started making car noises before he could talk so we might have a problem there,” he laughs. “But the positive of that is that when you do hang out you spend quality time together. I think when you see someone every day you often take the relationship for granted.” Ricciardo openly discusses the pitfalls many sportsmen fall into as a result of not having sufficient guidance when it comes to managing multi-million dollar contracts and endorsements, and considers himself ‘fortunate’ to have people around him who can help to keep his feet on the ground. Typical of Riccardo’s humble and generous nature, lavish shopping sprees are not the first thing that comes to mind when a cheque rolls in. “The coolest part of the financial gain from making money from racing is those things you can do for your family. You can buy a nice car or whatever, but being able to say, ‘alright Mum, Dad, let me bring you all out to LA’ (like I did during my last summer break), having the ability to do things like that is amazing.” “I feel like I’m mature enough to not go off

the rails but that’s probably attributed to my upbringing and the people around me. “When my family come to a race, they’re not expecting to be wined and dined. It’s not like they’re saying, ‘our son is the main attraction here so treat us like royalty…’ He adds: “For sure, they enjoy the experience but they’re not riding off my success, they’re just being parents.” “My parents are really affectionate so there’s a lot of hugs and stuff when they eventually see me. They just tell me, ‘do what you do and have fun.’ Mum will say, ‘be fast, but be safe,” says Riccardo, with a broad smile. “But they’re super cool. I think the best thing that they’ve given me is trust. They are never really telling me what to do or what to think. “I had good discipline as a kid and now they don’t really feel like they need to give it to me. They were a bit more strict on me than my friends’ parents, but I see where it’s helping me now. I think my parents did a good job... whatever book they read anyway...” laughs Riccardo, as the car pulls up at the Azersun Arena.

For more information on how to purchase tickets and plan your stay in Baku for the 2018 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix please visit: 115


INSIDE RED BULL RACING Sports World Magazine’s chief reporter Claire Bloomfield was granted exclusive access to the Red Bull Racing’s headquarters in Milton Keynes to find out what really goes on behind the closed doors of a Formula One team.


ormula One is the ‘most impossibly brilliant sport to be involved with’, according to Red Bull Racing. It is ‘glamour at two hundred miles an hour, magic in an aerodynamically efficient package,’ they say – and also the keeper of a thousand secrets. Despite the bold branding you typically associate with Red Bull, their F1 HQ is pretty unassuming from the outside – after all, it’s set in a Milton Keynes industrial estate. But don’t be fooled. Inside this sprawling complex is a mixture of fast-paced workshops, luxury furnishings and hi-tech computer wizardry, plus a ‘Hall of Fame’ with a full set of the team’s former cars on display from RB1 right through to RB13. Building One is the team’s original home – in fact, we’re told if you sand away the blue paint and you may see a flash of green or white beneath. It houses design upstairs and initial manufacturing in the workshops below. Building Two houses the team’s race bays, where the cars are put together (and taken apart) by the garage crews.


They even have a replica pit box where they can practice stops over and over and over again. Ah, so that’s how an F1 team learn how to pit stop in under two seconds. Building Three is the latest addition to the Red Bull Racing home. It includes a state-of-the-art machine shop and composites facility.

WELCOME TO THE OPS ROOM Red Bull’s AT & T Operations Room, supported by Hisense is one of the most exciting and exclusive areas of the headquarters. It’s also comes with a number of restrictions and high-level security. Think, 007 and you’ll be almost there. This mind-blowing room comes into its own whenever the race team are away from base. The room is tiered, Mission Control style, and is used by Red Bull’s engineers when the cars are on track somewhere around the world. The key to making the Ops Room work is a data link to the circuit: the engineers working in Milton Keynes receiving the same information as those working at the track. Given the regulatory restrictions on the number


IMAGE CREDITS: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool , Thomas Butler / Red Bull Content Pool, Infiniti Red Bull Racing / Red Bull Content Pool, Red Bull Racing / Hisense

of team personnel at the racetrack, plus the logistical challenge of the F1 hectic season, the value of the Ops Centre continues to rise. Whatever the conditions at a circuit, the team back at base will be able to support the race team from a position of rather more comfort and perhaps slightly more objectivity than might be the case were they crammed into a truck or the back of a garage. But Red Bull Racing are leading the Formula One pack in terms of innovation and technology, hence why every device capable of taking pictures was handed over on the way in. There’s no chance team chief Christian Horner is willing to let a single

secret slip through the net when they’re eager to knock the dominant Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton off their title-winning perch. The race team at HQ have 9.6m by 3.6m LED screen provided by Hisense – and it is almost the size of a double decker bus. This exclusive piece of technology allows the team the opportunity to improve car performance in real time by making strategic decisions based on data reports and feedback that have been collected. The screen, which is made up of panels and took nine days to build, is operational from Friday to Sunday over race weekends, with up to 400GB of data being transferred from the track to the HQ.


Insurance as it should be Flint Private Clients provides a bespoke insurance concierge service for our most discerning clients. We cover not only luxury cars but your most prized assets too: watches, art, yachts, homes and even commercial property portfolios.


ailoring your insurance starts with a complimentary review of your individual circumstances over the phone or face to face at a setting that suits you. We take the time to understand your insurance requirements and make a full recommendation, finding you the best possible cover and a more cost effective insurance solution. We have a wealth of experience in looking after high profile sports, entertainment and business people so really un-

Home & C ontents Prestige cars Jewellery & Watches Art collections Property portfolios Overseas property

derstand the importance of complete discretion and confidentiality. Our first-class service does not stop once cover is taken out. Your dedicated client manager is on hand 24/7. Moreover, in the event of a claim they’ll take care of things, ensuring the process is as quick and painless as possible.

Call us anytime on

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“As a footballer finding suitable motor insurance used to be a real hassle. Endless telephone calls lasting for ages to be told “sorry, we cannot help you”. Then I found Ellie at Flint, insurance is no longer an issue. Now she helps me with everything from my watch collection to my property portfolio.” – Premier League footballer “I’m often overseas competing so arranging insurance was always a problem. Being able to contact Mike at a time that suits me has made my life much simpler” – A professional golfer “It became clear very quickly that most insurance brokers do not understand the lifestyle of a professional sportsperson. I own multiple homes and cars so being able to talk to a single broker about all my insurance needs has saved me time and money. Darren has been a real find.” – Former Champions League Winner 118

isk olutions

rance Solutions

isk olutions

rance Solutions

Commercial Business Insurance


We can’t promise we’ll make Insurance interesting, but we do promise to deliver a first-class service which will save you time and money


Bespoke Policies & Exceptional Cover

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Simple. Intelligent Insurance Solutions


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Bespoke Exceptional Cover Flint Insurance is one ofPolicies the UK’s&leading independent insurance brokers Established in 1982, it is an award winning privately owned business Flint Private Clients is a trading style of Flint Insurance who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority no. 304868.


Because Life’s not just about taking part You can either dream or live the dream - investing in Precious Metals can protect what you already have & help reach for what you don’t. GCIL experts in Bullion Investments.


Gold Bullion

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Playon is a global network of sports professionals set up with the aim of maintaining their value after retirement


he list reads like a who’s who of some of the biggest stars of English and European football over the last three decades: Bryan Robson, Steve McManaman, Emile Heskey, Paul Walsh, Andrew Cole, Gary Lineker, David James, Mikael Silvestre, Robbie Fowler, Chris Waddle, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Yaya Toure, Teddy Sheringham, Ally McCoist and Ian Wright. Were that lot to throw their medals on the table the weight would disturb the world’s precious metals markets given that they accumulated no less than 89 major honours and collected 738 caps between them. Some made a bigger splash than others during their careers. Robson skippered Manchester United in season 1992-93 to the first of Sir Alex Ferguson’s thirteen Premier League titles and was Captain Fantastic of England 65 times in an international career spanning 90 appearances. McManaman is the most decorated Englishman to have played abroad having won the Champions League twice with Real Madrid as well as two La Liga titles. McCoist won 20 gongs as a Rangers player and played 61 times for Scotland while Toure is still at it. The four-time African player of the year with 100 caps for Ivory Coast will leave Manchester City this summer in search one final hurrah as part of a glittering career that has seen him triumph with Olympiacos, become a Champions League winner at Barcelona and collect two Premier League titles as one of the icons of Manchester City’s rise to pre-eminence in English football over the past decade. Pep Guardiola’ side were champions in waiting by January meaning Yaya is heading for a new club with a third title gong. Yaya, Robson, McManaman and McCoist are only a few examples from a list of sporting serial achievers - great entertainers, great goal scorers and in many cases both – who also now happen to have one other thing in in common. For they are all united under one flag as ambassadors of Playon, the first company in the world set up for the players, by the players to help sports stars

United… former Old Trafford stars Andrew Cole (left) and Playon CEO Viv Anderson

transition into retirement while creating a raft of new opportunities for them with the help of the exclusive playonPROapp They and over 200 other ambassadors, female as well as male, from across a sporting spectrum that encompasses not only football but cricket, golf, badminton, rugby, boxing and horse racing with veteran jockey Franny Norton one of the growing company’s warmest advocates. At the helm is the legendary figure of Viv Anderson. He won the old European Cup twice with Nottingham Forest. He became the first black player to represent England. In 1987 he became Ferguson’s first signing at Old Trafford. He is now CEO of Playon, working alongside commercial director Trevor Steven (pictured right on England duty), yet another of Playon’s stellar collection of household names, having been a central figure during an astonishing three – year period at Everton as he lifted two league titles, the FA Cup and the Cup Winners’ Cup before helping Glasgow Rangers to seven Scottish titles. The common misconception is that sporting stars, when they call it a day, head off happily into the glow of a sunset lit by the fortunes they have earned. And some do. But anything but all of them. Many suffer in all sorts of ways. Many, indeed, find themselves part of a growing phenomenon in world sport. Depression and disillusion are widespread as, suddenly, former


sports pros wake up to the reality that they are on their own. There is no training regime, no dressing room, no daily banter. Divorce is commonplace, so is bankruptcy. Alcoholism and drug dependency can take hold. Two decades or longer of being in the public are replaced by loneliness and feelings of rejection while there is another void to fill – that of earning money. Anderson knows how it goes. He says :“Players earning £40,000 a week, they will be bankrupt within five years of retiring. You’ve got houses and cars and holidays – you still want to live the lifestyle. If somebody gives a footballer £100, they’ll spend £101. We’ve all fallen into that trap. “And when you get to 35 or 36, unless you’re a Beckham or a Gerrard, your agent is on to the next shiny thing. Thank you very much for the last 20 years, goodbye. The clubs are going: ‘We’ve paid you £40,000 a week, you can look after yourself.’ So that’s gone. And you’re sat there thinking: ‘Who else is there to look after me?’ There’s no one. It’s only you.” Changes to the age at which UK – based players can access their pensions have also hit hard. In 2002 the government scrapped a rule that allowed sportspeople to collect private pensions at the age of 35; since 2010 they have had to wait until they reach 55. That age is scheduled to keep rising – those playing now will have to wait until they are at least 59. Anderson adds :“I got my pension at 35 but now if you finish then you’ve got this 20-year gap and you’re left thinking: ‘Well I’ve lived this lifestyle now, and I’m waiting for this big chunk of money to come in, but I’ve got another 20 years. So I’ve got to do something, I’ve got to get a job.’” Problem is there are not that many out there for retired sports stars. Some get coaching jobs, most don’t. Other avenues have to be explored. Lineker is a shining example of what can be achieved by joining the media as the face and voice of Match of the Day and

Life After Football

Check out Viv Anderson’s invitation to become an ambassador and join one of the most exclusive apps in the world – and the very first of its kind in the world of sport. The possibilities are endless and so are the opportunities with the playonPRO app. Joining is so easy, membership is ultra- secure and the rewards come on so many different levels. A crucial part of what Playon stands for is re – connection for sports stars who lose that special sense of cameraderie and team spirit and maybe even their identity from their days competing at the highest level. The playonPRO app brings all of that back. At a click. For those current pros who sign on – registration and on-going membership costs nothing – there is also the added bonus of being able to contact those retired who can pass on loads of advice. Playon ambassadors now create phenominal reach. Between them they have a staggering 75M social media followers but with new members growing fast that number is expected to reach a quarter of a billion before the end of 2018. Being on the playonPRO app is not something any self – respecting sports

person would want to ignore because stacking up are exclusive offers, invites and connections. Playon ambassadors can not only save money, they can make it, too. The app is SECURE at what is known as bank level, guaranteeing that the network is a very safe space. HIGH-LEVEL SOCIAL NETWORKING on the invite – only device allows ambassadors to chat and create, working with fellow members and a collection of blue chip and high quality companies in partnership with Playon. The app will also feature all Playon EVENTS as well as carefully selected partner events. This includes Playon’s international tours and tournaments. Check out the app at playonpro. net or take up Viv’s offer of exclusive membership included in this Playon presentation. Playon with Playon. Join the biggest and best sports club of its kind in the world!

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INVITATION Viv Anderson invites sports pros everywhere current or retired to join the fastest growing most exclusive club of its kind in the world as illustrated in Sports World Magazine. Simply go to hit the membership section fill in your contact details and

Sportsworld Magazine directors Andrew Davidson (left) and Liam Milburn on a marking job with Viv Anderson at Playon HQ

Wright often joins him on the Beeb as well as doing newspaper columns and other broadcasting. Yet it is just about the money. It’s about the whole vibe. That’s why Playon has rapidly become the go –to place now for hundreds of sports pros. Andrew Cole was happy to be part of Playon for another reason. The former Manchester United goal machine went through what he calls “hell” before his nephew

Viv will be in touch.

Alexander donated the kidney that saved his life last year. His recovery has been helped by being part of the exclusive club run by Anderson and Steven. He says : “Just having that bit of banter again, knowing there were people out there rooting for me and ready to support me and my family if I needed them, it made a big difference. The mantra of Playon is #strongertogether. That is exactly what we are.”


Systemic Change Chris Haley, managing director of The Aurea Partnership, is a former corporate financial adviser who now specialises in providing clients with support on a more personal level


o you remember what was taking place in August 2008? The 29th Olympic Games opened in Beijing and the domain was registered. In January 2009 Slovakia officially became the 16th member of the Eurozone and adopted the euro; also that month the Bitcoin Network came into existence. In March 2010 Hurt Locker won best film at the Oscars and Bitcoin was worth $3c. In February 2011 the Arab Spring saw Hosni Mubarak resign as Egypt’s President and Bitcoin was worth $1. Long time ago? Not really! A fair few things have happened since – including the extraordinary rise of Bitcoin value until just before Christmas. Bubble? – you bet! People often moan about the things that we have little or no control over; Inflation – now on or around 3%, fuel prices, increased borrowing rates, 20% fewer $ and 30% fewer euros since November 2015. Borrowing costs up – set to rise further but little or nothing in return by way of deposit rates. Rail fares rising seemingly out of control.


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Rapidly growing consumer debt and national debt – despite contrary comments from Government. Expressing debt as a % of GDP is fine so long as GDP rises but as BREXIT continues to frustrate and annoy and March 2019 is coming into view, what of the future? Credit cards have evolved only slightly since 1946 and cost insurers millions in fraud reparations – the cost of which is passed on of course! Governments print money at will and earn seigniorage; equity values recently exceeded $100tn [talk about a bubble] but the traditional, “unable to do anything about it” correction is either complete or still on going. The FCA regulates an industry, which seemingly always manages to make a profit for…the financial services industry. The Bank will cover the first £80,000 of our savings if it goes bust but what happens from April 2019? And HMRC can raid our bank accounts if they believe we have underpaid and we then must prove they are wrong. I refer to the above as the “System” - not unlike the subject of the movie The Matrix. But what if we could change things? Where we controlled our lives, our money, our identity. What if there as an alternate system which ensured absolute security in transferring anything of value – including money. A system that protected our money, its value not dependent on Government economic policy and Central Bank strategy. Satoshi Nakamoto is widely credited as the inventor of Bitcoin but he also created the first commercial Blockchain in 2008 - which is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. The first work on a

cryptographically secured chain of blocks was described in 1991 by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta – so the concept is far from being new; it will, however become the norm. By 2020 Dubai plans to conduct all government business by Blockchain. 80% of the world’s banks are developing their own Blockchain. Google changed information and Facebook changed friendship; Apple changed communication

BUT a far more significant change is coming… Technology is changing money We are moving away from commodity based [physical] value and moving towards network based [digital] value Fiat [no intrinsic value] money has major problems; worldwide debt has reached distressing levels. Credit Cards first appeared in 1946 – technology has barely changed but credit availability worldwide has been severely abused. Centrally banked currencies are engaged in competitive devaluation and it’s been reported the price of gold may be being manipulated to conceal inflation. Worldwide people are using less cash to pay; credit and debit cards remain popular BUT are increasingly being used via smartphones. Smartphones and digital transactions now go hand in hand. Digital currency and fiat currency already co-exist but digital currency will only continue to grow. u



Lifestyle Management Blockchain is the future of transactions Blockchain is a mutual distributed ledger that keeps digital assets completely secure - creating new possibilities for money; it removes the risk of theft, hacking and duplication – it has NEVER been hacked. It allows people everywhere to transact safely and securely. It is the only reliable system to validate digital transactions transparently and globally

“…one of the biggest IT inventions of our time” Bitcoin began it all; it does have limitations and is steadily losing market share. As the prototype – like all first inventions, what follows is more advanced. Think about the phone you had before your first smart phone. Early adopters have made millions – despite its well-publicised fall in value it is still worth over $8,000. From a $3c start. Usability A growing number of firms are offering services to the new adopters encompassing advice on when to buy and sell and which currencies to trade – Bitcoin being the primary asset. Despite being around for nearly 8 years Bitcoin is still only accepted by 400,000 merchants worldwide. Imagine, however a digital currency which provided true usability; where we could shop anywhere in the world, pay using our digital currency but where the merchant chose to be paid in his/her preferred currency. Where the transaction took 6 seconds and where there were no merchant fees – so crippling with credit cards. Imagine being able to shop – using your smart phone – buying goods and services anywhere that accepts Visa and MasterCard – in over 60m outlets. Then reflect on being able to transfer all cryptocurrencies to this ledger. In the future? Actually June 2018.


Let us manage your money so you can enjoy the view.

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Call us on 020 7519 4969, to talk to an independent financial adviser. MillionPlus Financial Planning is a trading style of Million Plus Financial Planning Limited, an appointed representative of Sense Network Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Million Plus Financial Planning Limited’s firm reference number on the financial services register is 568556. Million Plus Financial Planning Limited is registered in England and Wales, company number 07793474. Registered Office: Bell Lane Office Village, Bell Lane, Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire HP6 6FA



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MillionPlus is a trading style of Million Limited. Registered Office: Bell Lane Office Village, Bell Lane, Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire HP6 6FA.

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economic environment, where growth is stagnant at best and banks have major problems with non-performing loans. Now, we could let all this get us down. There’s still a lot to be worried about with the world economy. The truth of that statement can’t be denied. However, Parker & Corcoran take a different approach to the world. As little as twenty years ago, many of the things we take for granted did not exist in any meaningful sense. The Internet. Mobile phones. Electric cars. All-pervasive media. There’s so much we could list. Each one of these new developments brings with it amazing new opportunities to grow your savings. In our opinion, there has never, ever been so many different and diverse ways that individuals and organisations can make large

Parker & Corcoran Investment Associates is a boutique investment consultancy. We pride ourselves on offering our valued client base a range of different investment options to suit both the amount they have available to invest and the level of return they wish to receive. In 2008, the financial world changed. Savers have traditionally been rewarded for their prudence by banks and financial institutions. However, the new economic climate has meant that they have been and continue to be punished by incredibly low savings rates. On a wider scale, central banks have pushed interest rates to near- or below-zero. Traditional investments like gilts or corporate bonds produce next-to-no return in an


Wealth Management

profits from a relatively low investment base, in such a short amount of time. The opportunities out there are simply staggering. So, this is the way that Parker & Corcoran do things. We have a wealth of experience you can draw upon. We have built and continue to build an enormous database full of investors, high net worth individuals, angels, entrepreneurs, funding partners and more. We’ve taken the time to get to know each person. We’ve spent time with each company getting to know what they like. We all speak to each other regularly. We enjoy presenting opportunities and investments to each other. It’s the way that big business has always been done. Through networks. Through shared interest. What makes Parker & Corcoran different is that our clients will have the same chance to make these amazing investments that the people

and companies on our database can. There’s so much to be optimistic about. Work with us to access these superb alternative investments. Our aim is to produce high returns for you whilst lowering risk as much as possible. We are a friendly, approachable and dedicated team, operating openly and transparently. Before we offer anything to our network, we carry out rigorous due diligence and market research. If we’re not happy with it, we won’t offer it to our valued clients and partners. How we work?

We devise a solution alongside our clients that is built around their requirements and goals, whether they are short term or long term. From many years of hard work, PCIA have created long-established relationships in the investment industry that our clients are able to benefit from.

Our Mission We live with one purpose: to help you succeed. A responsible, transparent and reliable business. Providing a service that we can proud of.

Tax Planning

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PCIA can help with various ranges of tax planning, from the straightforward options that everyone should be aware of, to more bespoke arrangements for those with a more complicated setup.

Securing funding for a development or project can sometimes be time consuming and extremely difficult, if you do not have the right contacts. PCIA work closely with a number of sources, and can assist in securing funding for the most complex of projects.

As an exclusive investment consultancy, PCIA work closely with a number of reputable product providers, giving our clients the opportunity to earn a solid return on their investment, whilst lowering their risk.

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Xclusive Yachts is back ‘Bigger and Better’ this year at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2018 It is that time of the year again where speed, luxury, excellence, hard work and elegance reunite! Xclusive Yachts is excited to host the legendary race that every driver dreams of winning at Monte Carlo on the 26th and 27th of May. The two day luxury hospitality event on board the sensational super yacht ‘Blush’ previously owned by F1 legend is something that cannot be missed! The premium berthing at the ‘Kennedy Pier’ offers stunning unparalleled views of the iconic race and also has large plasma screens across the yacht for live coverage. This section of the track is the prime location to capture the entire exhilarating atmosphere of the race and soak up the heart of Monaco. Every year Xclusive brings in high profile celebrities on board to attend the two day hospitality event on the luxury yacht. Last year’s special guests included Alesha Dixon, Tinie Tempah, Amir Khan, Chris Snr & Jnr Eubank, Damon Hill, Martin Brundle, and Prince Harry attending in previous years. That’s not all! Xclusive Yachts also hosts the final race of the 2018 grand prix season on the 24th & 25th November - The F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the Yas Marina circuit. This year will feature international artists Craig David and Skepta perform live on board.


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About Xclusive Yachts: Xclusive Yachts is the largest and most recognized yacht charter company in the UAE with over 10 years of chartering experience. It operates with the largest fleet of self-owned yachts in the UAE, each unique in their own way. We believe in offering unique services to our guests and have a dedicated team of professionals with over decades of experience in the marine industry. Having received over 15 awards of excellence from the start of operation, Xclusive has set the industry benchmarks & standards’, making us pioneers in yacht chartering. They are also rated 5 stars on Trip Advisor and Trust Pilot.

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The man star athletes trust Johnny Vegas on his life as a VIP concierge


hen the alarm clock goes off, Johnny Vegas stretches, not ready to face daylight yet. He extends his hand to the nightstand, picks up his phone and starts answering the flood of Whatsapp messages. He doesn’t have a regular 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. job. His work starts as soon as he picks up the phone and ends when he falls back to bed – sometimes at 8 a.m. the next morning. “This business is tricky. When I stop, it stops everything. I can’t stop, there are bills to pay,” Johnny shrugs. When it comes to his clients, Johnny could pull put his phone and show you a jawdropping contacts book full of A-list sports stars. He knows them all, from Newcastle’s Deandre Yedlin to England Rugby Union player Kyle Sinckler. It took a while for him to reveal the identity a couple of the high-profile athletes he works with, because the 31-year-old takes his job very seriously. “You have to be cautious, especially with the media. We are very cautious before we do something. We protect ourselves,” explained Johnny. The Las Vegas-born businessman (therefore the social name ‘Johnny Vegas’) is a VIP concierge, specialized in keeping sports stars happy. He lip-reads all their wishes and can even book a private jet instead of an Uber to bring you home after a wild night out – if you have the right amount of cash, of course. His company Kloudout, initially set up as a Las Vegas-based travel agency, has expanded into an extravagant concierge business. Kloudout works with globallyrecognised luxury brands, organising everything from Stag-Dos and holidays to ordering the rarest watches. “Theo Walcott came to Las Vegas for his bachelor party and I helped him organise that,” Johnny smiled, remembering the fun times. The young entrepreneur doesn’t measure his success by the numbers on his bank account, but by the smiles and recognition he receives day by day: “I take money out of my pocket in order to satisfy a millionaire. But he doesn’t ask me to do that. I do it because I want to show him I’m real, I’m genuine.” He loves wearing his black leather jacket – usually combined with black trainers and jeans – but it’s nothing too extravagant. Johnny describes himself as ordinary and humble, and the origins of his mind-set can be traced back to the beginning of his career. “I wanted to become a pilot so I stared working at hotels on the Las Vegas strip to

pay for aviation school. I did everything from valet parking to reception and I never really paid that much attention to the job, more to the people,” he shrugged. It was at the Cosmopolitan hotel where the young entrepreneur learned about his biggest talent – asking questions: “When I ask questions I know that I will learn something. I ask questions, I write it down and when I go home I Google everything. You never know who the person is that needs your help and I help them regardless.” Johnny once spotted a young man with a Louis Vuitton backpack standing in the lobby looking slightly lost. He went up to him asking if he needed any help and eventually one thing lead to another: “He told me he wanted to check out and go to another hotel. So I asked, ‘Why do you want to go to a different hotel? I’ll give you a nice price, I’ll take care of you’. I saved him money and I was honest with him. I didn’t even know who he was.” The person Johnny just gave a discounted room was Bournemouth defender Tyrone Mings. Before long, Vegas was introduced to rugby players Anthony Watson and Kyle Sinckler. Quirky and extroverted, Johnny got most of his contacts during the work at the hotel. It is not what you know, it is who you know, and because Vegas would help people without asking for something back, they remembered him. “I also met a guy named Kamal. We started talking and I told him my favourite player is Frank Ribéry. He said, ‘No way! You like Frank Ribéry? That’s my bro, next year when I come back I’ll bring you a signed jersey’. I was thinking, ‘Yeah, everybody talks, it’s Las Vegas and people can sell you something that doesn’t even exist’. “After a year, he waited for me with a little


bag that had a signed jersey of Frank Ribéry. I told him, ‘Hey, listen, anything you need in Las Vegas, I will take care of it for you’.” Kamal then asked Johnny to book a room for his friend. Vegas did so, but the room was so cheap that he paid for it himself. “I told him, ‘It’s taken care of, no problem. It’s on me’. He was so amazed that someone could do this for him and he told me someone is going to call you within this week.” Johnny said. He shook his head in disbelief when he explained what happened next: “I was sitting with my mother and I got a phone call. It said unknown and I never ever respond to a phone call with an unknown number. My mother made me pick up the call and someone on the other side said, ‘Hey, how you doing, my name is Samir Nasri and I’m coming to Vegas’.” His network has grown to such an extent that even Johnny himself finds it hard to digest. He now works with not only rugby and football players but also NFL and NBA players. Making the contacts is easy but maintaining them is harder. “Don’t be a fan, be honest and understand and respect their space. It takes time to build that trust and relationship. Instead of making money out of them, try to save them money”, he said. Kloudout, which was set up ten years ago with the help of his ex-girlfriend’s father Peter Kopecki, wasn’t always aimed at athletes. Kopecki, a successful German businessman, taught him how to make money out of the travel business: “He told me, ‘Why don’t you buy a room and sell it?’. I actually made a profit of 20 dollars. I was experimenting, but then I thought I could make this bigger. I want to do flights, I want to create package deals and create a brand. I was 19 or 20 by that time.”


Whatever they need there is no price tag on it. If I am able to make it happen, it’s going to happen.”

His contacts book grew and Johnny realized he should become more focused. More and more star-athletes started asking for his service and Kloudout was rebranded into a luxury company. Kopecki gave him the decisive advice: “He told me, ‘You have to focus on one lane, you cannot be all over the place’. He was my mentor and I think every successful person needs a mentor, someone who went through it first. But Kloudout has completely changed and we don’t work together anymore.” Johnny’s passion for sports had always driven him towards business. The main protagonists of the beautiful game have now become his family. One would think they are quite demanding, but in Johnny’s case he picks his clients wisely. If the holiday budget of $40k suddenly jumps up to $80k, Johnny tells his client’s the painful truth, but ‘no’ doesn’t exist in his vocabulary. Little things like bachelor parties start from $30k, but he has also organised a two-week holiday for a European athlete he doesn’t want to name for $600k. “I am with the guys daily, I understand their lifestyle, and I understand the background they come from. Being here with them has taught me a lot of things.” “For example, you don’t talk football with footballers. They live that life so there is no point in speaking about it. Some athletes want to talk about business, so they ask for my opinion, and others talk about fashion.” Johnny talks a lot of business with former Liverpool striker Ryan Babel and calls him

one of his mentors. As Babel is currently playing for Beşiktaş, Johnny pays him a visit in Istanbul every now and then: “I was with him in Turkey last month. We were talking about Bitcoins and about business. He mentors me, he is my age and he has been through life.” Babel introduced him to Marly Amaya, an incredibly successful sports marketing manager and host who works with NFL players and footballers. Without him, Johnny would have never met his family. “He introduced me to Deandre (Yedlin) and through Deandre I met Achraf (Lazaar). They gave me something I don’t think I could ever give them back. It is that trust, that loyalty and belief in someone. I don’t see them as football players, I see them as my brothers, my family. Whatever they need there is no price tag on it. If I am able to make it happen, it’s going to happen.” The trio has accomplished a lot together and realized a lifelong dream. They have set up the J.L.Y. foundation, a charity collaborating with Support Ethiopia to bring clean water to villages and prevent kids from dropping out of school. At a young age, Johnny has already reached many of his goals. But for him there is still a lot of potential: “I want to build an empire within this business. I want to make sure our foundation grows bigger and creates a sport camp that gives kids a chance to show their skills, the ones no one would ever look at.” For Johnny, only the sky seems to be the limit. “One day when I retire”, he said, “I will focus on myself and finally get my pilot’s license.”


playerliaison Who are we?

Player Liaison is a Private Concierge and Personal Assistant service based in London, but operating across the UK. We have a variety of clients and exceptional experience in dealing with globally recognised names from the world of sports and entertainment. Player Liaison is not a new business. We have been working within the concierge and personal assistant “world” for 20 years. Everyone we work with is experienced in their field, ensuring that you are looked after in the best possible way.

What do we do?

We work with a variety of clients predominantly within the sports and entertainment industries. We understand better than anyone that no two clients share the same requirements and we adapt fluidly to cater for every demand. In short, we are here to assist with your day to day lives, allowing you to focus on the important things, family and career. Whether that means booking travel, paying bills or helping to organise parties and celebrations, we are here to help you. Of course, it goes without saying that our contact base is expansive and diverse, spanning the many prominent luxury brands that our clients require. Whatever you need and wherever you need it, we will find it!

How do we work?

People use our services for different reasons. Some need day to day/weekly assistance in helping to run their lives, others just need to know they have a trusted and reliable source to contact during the year to book holiday or assist with house moves, events and larger purchases. When we meet with you, we’ll take the time to understand your needs before creating a bespoke working partnership that is tailored to your lifestyle. There’s no need to be referred to us and there are no ongoing fees if you don’t need them. Finally, our service is private and confidential. We don’t use social media and we have NDA’s in place with all our clients.

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Executive Luxury Chauffeur A

time, money and expertise. Just leave the driving to us. We can provide a regular or ad-hoc transportation service for your business throughout the UK including Carlise, Hexham, Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland and Middlesborough areas. Our reliable chauffeurs are professionally trained to provide you with the highest level of service combined with our luxury fleet of cars is sure to leave your clients impressed and your staff on-time. Account facilities are available and we take all major credit cards, so contact us now and arrive at your next meeting refreshed, prepared and ready.

re you looking for a professional chauffeur service to allow you to provide luxury transport services for yourself, your employees and clients to allow you to travel safely, punctually, confidentially and in great style? Our corporate chauffeur service allows you and your staff time to relax and put the finishing touches to your business pitch, write up your report or check your e-mails and messages. From simple meet and greet at the station or airport to long distance journeys around the country in one of our executive class BMW, you have the assurance that you and your staff are making the best use of your



We offer a very professional and reliable service and have extensive knowledge of the North East area as well as the rest of the UK. We provide an affordable service for various occasions including:

Corporate Car Hire

We specialise in professional chauffeur services for businesses in and around the north east. We provide a safe, punctual, confidential service.

Airport Transfers

We offer reliable and affordable airport transfers across the whole of the UK including Newcastle International, Leeds Bradford as well as Heathrow & Gatwick.

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Everyone wants their wedding day to be special. We cater for all types of wedding parties. From cars for the bride and groom to coaches for the guests.

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ell… with so many different reasons for people to visit London, we understand that many of your destinations will be varied across the city. Whether it be sporting event, awards ceremony, business or even a trip for leisure. Our drivers can be kept at your disposable for as long as you want, whether you want a simple transfer or to hire the car for a number of hours throughout the day. Thus, presenting a valid reason for using us whilst in London. When you drive yourself, it could become quite stressful, especially when you still have tasks to do, having to navigate the busy London traffic, especially in rush hour. Let us drive you, then you can use our in-car Wi-Fi to jump onto your laptop and write that last email before flying off to Dubai for a week. Should you have just arrived in town for pleasure, we can offer a multitude of different services. Working with a number of London Blue Badge guides, we can ensure you get the detailed tour with some of London’s history. You can ask our drivers to take you on a tour of London, due to their extensive knowledge through both the job and living in London for many years. You can be sure that our drivers will be able to show you some of London’s hidden gems. Some people like to take the reign themselves and direct the driver to particular landmarks that they, themselves, would like to see. Our cars based at both Luton and Stansted,

London’s two busiest airports for private aviation, alongside others in central London, we are perfectly located to handle all business trips and last-minute changes to any of your itineraries. Many of our clients like to book the vehicle and then keep the car to enable them to move around London stress-free and comfortably, some just want to book a transfer and be taken straight to their final destination. Always trying to ensure that clients meet a familiar face on their return bookings with us is something we always try to uphold. It allows the customer to become much more comfortable with a familiar face, which can only lead to a greater experience. Due to London heavy traffic through various time in the day, drivers can always advise what time is best to leave in order for you to get to your destination with ample time for your meeting, whatever that may be. Not only this, but they are happy to listen to alternative routes, especially if there is something you would like to see or somewhere you would like to stop en-route to your final destination. Another integral part of our job is understanding that a lot of our clients have strict deadlines to meet and therefore means that our drivers are flexible, they’re happy to, on your say so, get to your meeting a little quicker if possible. Numerous times in the past we have been employed to carry high profile clients for our security expertise. Having been trained by


ex-military personnel in the art of ‘evasive’ or ‘offensive’ driving. Should you require this service, we can supply cars from our normal fleet or in some cases, bring in armoured vehicles from an external source at the clients cost. Our services range from a close protection officer to accompany you at all times alongside a driver, a security driver or even a security vehicle following discretely. You will almost forget they were there. • 4x Mercedes S-Class • 6x Mercedes V-Class • Cars based at Luton, Stansted and Central London • 24/7 office with concierge • All types of bookings undertaken, business or pleasure



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David haye Haye speaks with Nate Williams for Sports World Magazine about his preparations for the rematch, his make or break aspirations to fight the current unified champion Anthony Joshua and his tips for any future I’m a Celebrity jungle contestants. 146



ast year, a bitter war of words between David Haye and Liverpool’s Tony Bellew in a heavyweight grudge match ended with a surprising result.

Despite a good start, Haye picked up an injury in the sixth round, allowing Bellew to beat the former WBA world heavyweight champion in the 11th round to pull off a big upset victory. The two heavy hitters will square off again in the same venue at London’s O2 Arena. First of all, David, thanks for speaking to Sports World Magazine. How has your recovery from injury been since the first fight? Can you take us through what happened? It’s gone okay thanks. My Achilles tendon ruptured. Plain and simple. I put my weight through it in the ring and it obviously wasn’t strong enough. It done SNAPPED! As they say. It’s happened to all sorts of athletes including footballers, basketball players and there was no particular reason, it’s just one of those things that happened. It was unfortunate but everything happens for a reason and I’m back, ready for another fight. What has been different this time around in your preparation for the rematch? I have a new team, a new mindset, a new philosophy on boxing and how I prepare. As a 37 year-old man, I can’t expect to be doing the same things I was 10 years ago, when I was the cruiserweight world champion. I’ve brought in a new coach called Ismael Salas, who has trained some of the best world and Olympic champions from Cuba of all time. I’m bringing a new Latino flavour into the gym and he’s been a real eye-opener for me. I’m hoping to figure out in the rematch why the first fight didn’t go how I believe it should have went. I’ve had to tweak and fine-tune everything and I believe the knowledge I have now will correct what I miserably failed to do in March. How will the rematch go then? What do you want to show people that you didn’t get the chance to show last time? The actual scorecards for the last fight at the point of my injury, I lost the first round but then won the next four. That can tell you a lot about

that fight. But having reviewed the fight the next day, I did not recognize myself. I did not know who that person was in the ring. It did not look like me and I was shocked at how poor I looked. Even though I was winning the rounds, the way I was struggling, the way I was missing and the way my feet were positioned was all wrong. I was watching the fight and saying, ‘wow, what’s happened to me? How did this guy get in the ring again?’ But this time, people will go, ‘aha, this is a different fighter.’ I want people to say, ‘this is a guy that can make waves in the heavyweight division.’ The guy that turned up in March last year wouldn’t have a chance against any of the top 10 heavyweights in the world on that performance. It was horrendous and some of my worst work. I’m not interested if I won the rounds swinging wildly because I want to show I’m a supreme heavyweight. There’s a lot on the line for you in this rematch with Bellew. If you win, it not only settles a score but it puts you in the mix with the big name heavyweights. If you lose, people will say you should retire. Will this be your last fight in the ring if Bellew wins again? I want to be the best in the world in the division but this year, my stock has never been so low. It’s up to me now to show the rest of the world I am the real deal.


Even if I knock Tony Bellew out in two or three rounds, if I turn on the TV and see ANYTHING like that guy in the first fight, I will retire and this is my last fight. I want to see someone who could beat Anthony Joshua. I want it to be so clear that my name starts getting mentioned with his. I want people to think I’m just as frightening as him in the ring. If the people don’t say anything like that, it’s for a reason and that means I probably can’t challenge him. Could you see yourself challenging Anthony Joshua in a future all-British clash if you win? Good question. When I came back to the sport, I was ranked in the top five heavyweights in the world with the majority of governing bodies. But since losing that fight and being out of the ring for another year, I’ve dropped off. Tony Bellew is in the top 10 now after his win against me, but when I reverse the last result and beat him, I’ll be back at the top of boxing and I believe I bring a lot to the table by doing that. This fight has already broken the records we set for sales at the O2 in the first fight so I bring a lot of money to the table. If it makes dollars, it makes sense and I make a hell of a lot of dollars. I can make the biggest boxing showdown in British history happen and that is me challenging the young unbeaten lion in Anthony Joshua. u

He’s three-stone heavier than me, a decade younger and we’re two different animals. He’s a supreme athlete but I’ve seen things in his style that my style could capitalize on. If I can recapture the form of old, that would be enough to beat him. How about the guy who beat Nikolai Valuev for a world title, the guy who knocked out Dereck Chsiora in five rounds? How about that guy against Anthony Joshua? That would make for an interesting fight. But I have to get rid of Bellew first. So you’re saying, you think that fight can definitely be made? The key to carrying on in this division is being better than I’ve ever been. British boxing is in a very healthy place and I’ve got to do my part by beating Tony Bellew and look supremely dominant and effective I have to rewind the clock as best as possible otherwise this is the last time you’ll see me in the ring. To take you away from the ring, let’s take you back to the jungle. The ITV reality show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Your friend Amir Khan was a contestant. You appeared on the show in 2012. What was your time like there? Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about being a future contestant? Just enjoy your time in the jungle if you go. Enjoy it and be yourself. Amir Khan’s gone in and I’ve known him since he was a 17 year-old kid so his kind and true personality did come through. There’s one thing I’ve realized in the jungle, and that is you can’t put an act on or the public will find you out very quickly. In my experience, It was like a health retreat for me when I went. You were on a nice diet, bar all the insects; living out in the wilderness with no bed or no telephones, no newspapers and no unnatural environment whatsoever. I found it quite therapeutic to be honest. The other thing I would say is try not to be too serious about it and be up for anything. Try not to be too shy also so just find a good balance of who you are. Expect an adventure in the literal and spiritual sense if anyone reading this does get to go. It’s a lot of fun and I wouldn’t do it again but I’d never take it back and I’m very glad that I got to do it. It also exposes you to a whole new audience who are not boxing fans and they remember you. I always get people asking for pics saying, ‘I can’t believe I’ve met David Haye from I’m a Celeb.’ So I’m very grateful for that experience and I’ll never forget it. Finally, win or lose, what are your plans after the fight? Is there anywhere you would like to go? I always go to Jamaica or in the Caribbean somewhere. I’ve been training since March 6 last year. Two days after my operation from the first fight, I was back in camp training. It’s been nonstop ever since apart from the injury set back. For me, I like to go somewhere completely alien. My fights probably won’t be shown in Jamaica so I can have a chill out and not be bothered by anybody. I’ve been there many times and it’s a great place to go. I love it there. I’ll recharge my batteries out there and then I hope to look at the possibilities of fighting again later in 2018.



I’ve had to tweak and fine-tune everything and I believe the knowledge I have now will correct what I miserably failed to do in March. 149






e’s back, Tyson Fury: big, bold, brash and belligerent. No change there, of course. But ignore the boisterous social media rants from his Land Rover, his witty epithets from his sports car, and his mesmerising dancing feet and movement videos from the gym. That is just the salesman. The real man is a giant heavyweight who genuinely understands the art of boxing. It will be a new Everest to climb for the 6ft 9ins tall fighter, reclaiming his belts, shedding the weight, getting himself fixed mentally. Let’s be honest, in his two-and-a-half years away from the sport since that great night in Dusseldorf when he eased the No 1 heavyweight spot in the world away from ageing champion Wladimir Klitschko, one of the finest performances away from home by in the history of British boxing, the landscape of the heavyweight division has changed dramatically. Fury was the leader; but that role has been usurped by one Anthony F Joshua. And right now, ‘AJ’ is pulling all the stops. It all sets up, therefore, for a monumental year, with the roll towards an inevitable Fury and Joshua showdown later this year, or even early in the next. Nothing is stopping them, other than Fury testing himself back into the waters; and the right promotional deal being drawn up. That won’t be a cakewalk, by the way. We know that Fury has his British Boxing Board of Control license back, we’ve all seen him putting pedal to the metal to shed weight and get back into the right physical shape, while the looming, and frankly depressing, presence of his case with UK Anti-Doping is now a thing of the past. But the question remains: can Fury get back to where he once belonged, the leading heavyweight on the planet?

Words: Gareth A Davies, Boxing Correspondent for The Telegraph and now Sports World Magazine For me, back in the mental and physical shape he was for Klitschko, he remains the No 1 heavyweight, and the most awkward to fight. In conversation with Fury, both behind the scenes and on stage at a Christmas dinner in front of the public in the Midlands for the company Show Fighter, I was privileged to have a genuine close up with the self-styled ‘Gypsy King’. It was intimate and exclusive. And was also as enlightening as it was mesmerising. We started with Anthony Joshua, now the holder of the IBF and WBA heavyweight belts, both of which Fury took from Klitschko. And which of course, like the IBF title, the Lancastrian never actually lost. One was stripped, the other two he relinquished as his life took a different turn. Depression followed by bingeing. “A lot of people think AJ can set about me easily,” Tyson told me as he signed 80 pairs of gleaming gloves on a table, stacked up on a long banqueting table in front of him. “I’ll tell you why I beat him. I’m not stronger than him,


don’t punch harder, he looks better than me, he’s got a better body than me. The one thing I have and he doesn’t are balls like king kong and the heart of a lion. There’s more passion and determination not to lose in the tip of my finger than there is in his whole body. I have the will and desire to never say never.” What those who do not know Fury may not realise is that he is not given to handing out abuse. Well, only if you’re David Haye. Fury really doesn’t like the London heavyweight he was twice scheduled to fight, before the Bermondsey man pulled out. But AJ, well, Fury just sees him as a rival - and indeed a novice. “I’m not going to say bad things about the fella. He has done extremely well and turned his life around. He has beaten everybody put in front of him and knocked them out. He has become the champion. I just believe I have the boxing skills to beat him.” “Look,” says Fury, delving into heavyweight history, as he often does.

“When Buster Douglas went to Tokyo to fight Tyson the odds were 100 to 1 on and Douglas knocked him out. Nothing is a foregone conclusion in heavyweight boxing. “Joseph Parker 9the WBO champion) has 18 or 19 knockouts of his own. I would have advised them not to fight Parker because if he gets beat he can kiss goodbye to the biggest British fight ever. If he has a loss he’s not unbeatable, is he? There won’t be the same interest in that fight if he gets beaten.” But he loves the fact that he, Deontay Wilder (WBC champion), Parker and Joshua are all unbeaten. “I think they are all very good in their own way. Each of them do different things really well. They are all young and ambitious. It’s an exciting division. I can’t say who is better. Time will tell the story. Time doesn’t lie. We’ll look back on this in five years and we’ve all fought each other and we’ll know who the real don of our era was.” They must do, he says, otherwise boxing will be making a mockery of itself. “Today people seem like they don’t want to fight each other. You have all these unbeaten heavyweights not wanting to fight each other. It makes heavyweight boxing shit. Back in the days of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and George Foreman, those guys fought each other plenty of times. It was what made their era so great.”

He sees Wilder and Joshua as the leading two at present. “They are both great world champions. It doesn’t matter which one I fight. But the biggest fight is the AJ fight. That has captured the imagination of the British public.” He’s right, of course. But I do know one thing. It will have hit Fury hard when The Ring magazine released him from being their linear champion at the end of January due to inactivity. I presented Fury with The Ring magazine belt up in Morecambe, Lancashire in February 2016, and will never forget the way he treasured that belt. As he said himself: “The Ring magazine belt is the only belt in history that connects the heavyweight champions together. Every champion from John L Sullivan through to me has held this belt. There are many world champions who have never held it. All the time I have that belt in my possession I’m the world heavyweight champion.” But it was the case with UK Anti-Doping having been lifted which created the greatest inspiration for Fury to get back on the wagon, back in the gym, shedding weight - and enjoying himself - with new, youthful trainer Ben Davison. “It was a massive weight lifted off my shoulders,” explained Fury. “It gives me massive motivation and inspiration to get fit and back to where I was. I’m just over the moon


“I have always studied the game. I didn’t want to be anything other than heavyweight champion of the world.”


I can get my belts back. I couldn’t be happier. It’s been two years of misery. I’m glad I’m leaving 2017. It’s hello 18, goodbye 17. Let’s get the party started.” Let’s be honest, it was a hard journey Fury made to that night in Dusseldorf against Klitschko. It came against the odds, away from home, in a difficult build-up week. “It was a long road,” he admitted. “It had started 27 years earlier when I was born. I was always going to be the heavyweight champion of the world. I don’t think anything that happened could have swayed me from that past.” “Even from a young kid I’d go to car boot sales and buy boxing video tapes and study them. They were from years ago. Black and white videos. I have always studied the game. I didn’t want to be anything other than heavyweight champion of the world. I didn’t doubt that for one second. Even when I got knocked down in a couple of fights, I still believed it. I don’t believe I’m just a one off. I have worked hard and have been determined and sacrificed. Anyone can do it if they put the work in.” But still it was a hard journey to the top. “I had a lot of obstacles and rocks in the road and I tripped over many times but always managed to get back up and continue on the path,” he explained. “It led me to Dusseldorf. I had three world title eliminators and fought everybody no one wanted to fight, travelled around the world boxing in different countries. I was rated in the top 10 for about five years without a world title shot. I was hunting Wladimir down for about four or five years, trying to get that fight. I always knew I could beat him. The fact I went to his home country and gave him a boxing lesson was so sweet. They tried messing around with the ring, gave me some terrible gloves that weren’t

punchers gloves. I was a 6/1 underdog to go over there and get the victory. When I finally got the win, it was like a fairytale. But it didn’t end like that, did it?” He recalled that moment after the fight, awaiting the judges’ scores. “I was in the ring after the fight and knew I’d done enough to win because I’d won most of the rounds. Even though I knew I did enough, we were out in Germany and they are notorious for robbing fighters. I thought to myself, ‘I hope to god they don’t rob me tonight’. I was waiting for ‘And the New...’ and I could hear people shouting that out in the crowd. When he said From the United Kingdom I was a bit shocked at first. I thought he was going to say Ukraine or something. It then sunk in. I thought, yes! He means me. It was a lifetime dream and goal achieved.” But a couple of media interviews later, Fury was under the microscope for all the wrong reasons. “It was a witch hunt straight away. Soon as I got back off the boat it was Tyson’s this, Tyson’s that. When people achieve something, a lot of people like to run them down. After the fight I didn’t have much motivation. I worked so hard to become world champion and I thought is this it? Is this what it’s all about? I was surrounded by a load of plastic bastards. It’s not for me all this. I didn’t really know what I wanted.” It really was a very dark time for him. Depression had enveloped the big man. “There was a period where I thought I can’t be bothered with living anymore. I thought to myself, I can’t be bothered waking up in the morning. Couldn’t really be bothered doing anything. I’d wake up and think ... ‘not again’. “I felt like that for a while and found out it’s called depression. Many people deal with it. It’s


very difficult coming to terms with waking up and not wanting to. Nothing mattered to me – money, kids, belts, family. That’s a dark place to find yourself in.” Fury knew he needed to break out of it, but didn’t know how to. He ballooned in weight to 27 stone. His life lacked meaning. Nor did he understand it. When he made his depression public, letters of support from around the world helped him. “I talked to people going through the same experience,” he explained. “I had a lot of people messaging me all around the world for advice and help. It’s good just to talk sometimes. It was inspirational for me to receive these kinds of letters from people asking me for help. I can’t go back to that dark place because I’ve got too many people looking for me to help them.” So here we are today. And Fury is now motivated again. “I’ve got a lot of weight to get off. It’s still a long road. I’ll have a couple of warm up fights against decent opposition to get match fit. Maybe I’ve not got it anymore. Two years is a long time. Who knows? Nobody knows until you have a fight and see how you look.” But Fury remains philosophical. And upbeat. “They say everything happens for a reason. Someone labeled it the four kings right now, four undefeated heavyweight fighters in myself, Joshua, Parker and (Deontay) Wilder. But I labeled it ‘three peasants and a king’. There’s only one king of the division. And that’s me.” We will find out, sooner or later, who really is the king of the crop? Many fans are simply pleased that the kid who first toppled Klitschko is actually back. The joker in the pack. The man out to prove everybody wrong. And many will be hoping that it is Tyson Fury who ends this period as the returning king of the heavyweight division. If he does so, it will be some story.

The Directors Club C

haperone K9 are renowned for supplying highly trained family protection dogs which are both a loving family pet and a fierce protector when circumstances dictate. Chaperone K9 are always looking to improve on perfection and have now introduced their latest Chaperone K9 service called the Directors Club. Directors Club clients enjoy an all-inclusive 12 month support package which provides both peace of mind and value for money as well as direct 24/7 access to one of the company directors. Only the very finest examples of dogs are sourced for the Chaperone K9 Directors Club programme. All dogs supplied through this package are of ‘best in breed’ show dog standard, with demonstrable evidence of their premium blood lines. From an early age Directors Club dogs live at home with one of Chaperone K9’s 4 company directors and undertake the most intensive training programme of

any dog supplied by the company. “Customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of Chaperone K9’s service. This new addition to the client offer reflects the company’s status as a market leader in the provision of highly trained family protection dogs and the ongoing care and development we pride ourselves upon.” Richard Osborn, Managing Director. Dogs supplied through the Directors Club programme are provided with a 12 month Care and Development Plan which guarantees a level of service that is second to none. Directors Club members have direct access to one of Chaperone K9’s company directors who they can call upon for advice and support at any time. Further benefits and services included within Chaperone K9’s Directors Club package include: • The collection and return of dogs from the client’s home to and from Chaperone K9‘s training and kennelling facilities.


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“we pride ourselves upon the provision of highly trained family protection dogs and their ongoing care and development” Richard Osborn, Managing Director

• Home visits from our expert trainers to provide any additional support and training required • The provision of intensive scenario protection coaching • Accompanied walks around a client’s local area to ensure successful transition in to their day to day life There are currently only 2 dogs available through the exclusive Directors Club programme, with a maximum of only 4 dogs provided annually. These are Cody, GSD and Marco, Doberman pictured. The price for Directors Club dogs can be provided upon application.


Our hugely popular Family Protection Dog and the bespoke Premiership Protection Dog packages continue to be available. The Chaperone K9 team use their expertise and experience through a consultation process to best identify the package most suitable to the needs of their clients. “The attention to detail and level of service from Chaperone K9 is outstanding. Having Buddy as part of the family provides both my wife and I that extra assurance and peace of mind and the guys at CK9 are always there for ongoing advice and support.” Phil Jones, Manchester United and England.

“The attention to detail and level of service from Chaperone K9 is outstanding.” Phil Jones, Manchester United and England

Contact us 07766758236 or 01455 552 106 •




Ian Brown - “Paramount Group has grown from strength to strength over the past 7 years. Originally created to deliver extremely high-end network infrastructure in a world that is ever demanding bigger bandwidth, the business has grown to encompass and engage multiple disciplines whilst retaining its original core values. This will never change; the end product is always the most important aspect to any project we deliver”


our focus. Continually growing with our partners and vendors allows Paramount Group to push the boundaries of ever emerging technologies and showcase the real integration capabilities. “Paramount Group has grown from a small County Durham based IT company to a now ever expanding international business. We work repeatedly with clients such as Thomson Reuters, Microsoft, Lexmark and of course Durham Cathedral. We work these clients on demanding and challenging projects because of our approach, ability and understanding of what is needed and what is possible” – Ian Brown High net worth individuals expect a certain level of understanding when it comes to protecting their homes. Our team of experts can design, deliver and maintain the most complex of systems so that the client knows they can rely on not only the items being installed but also our advice on an ongoing basis.

t Paramount Group we truly believe in designing, delivering and maintaining bespoke, client driven network, fire, security and audio-visual services. We understand that for most businesses and high net worth individuals, an out of the box approach undermines and under delivers on the available innovative solutions which can be achieved through a proactive and a consultive approach. Paramount Group focus on the technology of tomorrow and bring this to the forefront when designing and implementing services to our clients, ultimately reducing costs and over delivering time after time. Paramount Group envisage the services we deliver as a major aid to business growth and aim to build on our vast knowledge and expertise in a bid to work hand in hand with our clients. Delivering sustainable, scalable and fully future proof solutions is at the very pinnacle of





Pinnacle Risk Consultancy

Pinnacle Risk Consultancy provide high-end specialist security services to a broad spectrum of clientele worldwide.


ur field of expertise comprises of – Executive Personal Protection – Residential Security – Corporate and Private Investigations – Surveillance – Open Source Intelligence – Vetting and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. Former Royal Military Police & Service Personnel from hostile and non-hostile environments form a huge part of this unique company, catering for ultra high net worth individuals, royal families, celebrity and sporting personalities, and vulnerable professionals as well as corporate and commercial entities requiring specialist security services within the workplace. ‘Presence of Mind’ is key to our core values and we believe that the safety and the assurance provided by our experienced government standard licensed male and female bodyguards/field experts will deliver exactly that. At Pinnacle Risk Consultancy, we are passionate about providing our clients with a bespoke service to fully meet all of their prerequisites and specific requirements.

We adopt a contemporary approach with traditional values and apply ultimate discretion to the needs of every client. All of our operatives are carefully selected to ensure continuously high levels of service. All operatives are highly experienced, wellqualified and skilled individuals possessing the necessary lawful licenses to operate within the UK and the necessary personal skills to provide a seamless quality of service. We offer a complementary consultation to all prospective clients to ensure we are able to provide a comprehensive service that is tailor-made to each individual client’s specification. Threat and Risk Assessments are a fundamental element to all services offered by Pinnacle Risk Consultancy and is pivotal to the planning and engagement of the task. We operate within the UK, North, East, South and West, and worldwide. Should you wish to discuss your requirements further, please contact us.

Managing Director - Tracy Webster

T. +44 (0)20 7971 1990 | | 158


My story I am a former Royal Military Police Officer, who completed my service with an exemplary record. Upon leaving the Military I had a real passion and thirst to transfer my Police skills into the specialist security industry. Over the years I have been presented with rare opportunities that have afforded and enabled me to rapidly gain an in depth knowledge and a thorough understanding of close protection, surveillance techniques and undercover deployments, whilst maintaining the importance of performing within the legal parameters associated with these types of operations. Over the past years I have driven opportunities outside of the UK, which has built my strength in the ability to control and manage a significant amount of highly sensitive, and confidential security projects for a cross section of clientele. In 2016 Pinnacle Risk Consultancy was formed offering specialist security provisions. My success in the formative period gained momentum rapidly and my ambition now is to continue to develop and deliver these areas of expertise globally. The need and demand for these niche areas is very much present today, and together with the integrity of my professional teams, it inspires me to grow and expand Pinnacle Risk Consultancy amongst a diverse range of clients both old and new.

Executive Close Protection

At the heart of our business is the supply and management of experienced male and female government standard licensed (SIA) personal protection officers. All our personnel supplied possess a recognised medical qualification such as ‘First Person on Scene’ (FPOS)/ ‘First Response Emergency Care’ (FREC). We apply careful consideration when profiling our operators, ensuring each possess the necessary skills needed for a range of services required by our diverse clientele. Pinnacle Risk

Consultancy have the ability of affording clients with solo/IBG (Independent Bodyguards) operators, to a full team compliment comprising of either a diverse mix of both male and female, or single sex teams. Our organisation supports an International blend of ultra-high/high net-worth individuals/families, royal families, celebrity and sporting figures, industry executives and vulnerable professionals.

T. +44 (0)20 7971 1990 Residential Security

Residential Security forms one element of the responsibilities provided by a Close Protection team. Our Residential Security Teams are all highly trained and experienced personnel. We are able to provide this specialist service to a variety of spectrums such as – high net-worth families and individuals, corporate groups, vulnerable professionals, celebrity and sporting figures throughout the UK with a global reach. We can provide either day or night time security teams or a live-in member of staff who handles your security needs around the clock. Typically, such an arrangement can be linked with the full service close protection package including vehicles and drivers. Our approach is always flexible and adaptable to your lifestyle and needs. We ensure that the risk is assessed and evaluated from the outset, implementing structured ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ and ‘Assignment Instructions’ that precisely highlight all the necessary responsibilities and duties. This enables the appropriate level of safety and protection to be administered immediately.






Art & Design



Art & Design “Jay is a complete professional in his work. His creative ability is nothing short of amazing. He has represented Great Britain on an international scale in sport which makes him the perfect client for SWM�




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OXYGEN is being used more widely in sports but currently the supply is limited to disposable cans, tanks, chambers and medical generators. Until now...

INBair O2 delivers oxygen from a headset that sits neatly around your neck


Q: What’s better than driving a Ferrari? A: Driving a Ferrari with INBair O2 and being on your A Game when you get there

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Note: INBair O2 is not a medical oxygen concentrator and should not be used for any medical conditions.

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“Don’t play too much golf. Two rounds a day is plenty….!”


t the time of this article going to print the ‘first Major of the year’ will be underway. An invitation-only field of golfers, including the top 50 in the world, will be striding the fairways and greens of The Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia, USA - competing for an immortal place in golf’s history; a cheque for around $2m; and the iconic Green Jacket. And with the event done and dusted I’d like to think the newly crowned 2018 Masters’ Champion, spent most of the following 24hrs wandering aimlessly around his hotel room in a daze wearing nothing more than his pants, one sock, THE Green Jacket, and a smile as wide as the State of Georgia. But perhaps the greatest of this guy’s achievements will be the inspiration he’s given to each and every golf fan around the world – from the youngest with a cut-down 7-iron, to the oldest of the stiff-suited Members at The Augusta National - and all of us in between. Everyone will take to the fairways and greens with renewed enthusiasm following this curtain-raiser to the golfing season. And so let the play begin! At Golf EXV we’re no different. Not only is this where we stage the first of our client events each year, but we’re serious golf nuts and so The Masters never fails to get the juices flowing and inspire us to play more golf! Since 2002 we’ve been taking VIPs to Augusta not only for them to enjoy the event in person, but also for the fantastic hospitality, awesome golf experiences at the very best courses nearby, and elite coaching for those looking to learn from the best.

So what exactly is Golf EXV - and what do we do? Well, we’re not a golf holiday company or an event business. Golf EXV is an exclusive and influential golf network of high-profile personalities from Sport, Film, and Music – representing international singers, elite sports stars, and some of the biggest names in Hollywood. We have become a trusted Partner to our clients: creating personal relationships and delivering international VIP services. Essentially we take care of everything for our clients as they look to get the very best from the world of golf. Sometimes this involves organising trips to major events such as The Masters, other times we’re accessing elite venues for truly memorable golf experiences – and we even source Real Estate at elite golf developments around the world. On a one-to-one level with our clients we explore creative opportunities and even introduce commercial partners and potential golf sponsors. And with image and performance important factors we create and deliver elite coaching programmes both for golf-specific and personal development including strength and conditioning, nutrition, injury management and health and fitness.


With a long-established background in Personal Performance Coaching our Elite Performance Team combines expertise to deliver programmes either for aesthetics for filming and modelling; to withstand the rigours of action and stunt filming; or specifically targeted and designed strength and conditioning programmes for elite performance across all professional sports. And of course we include Tour coaches for golf improvement at the highest level.

So what can you expect to find in each edition of SWM? Through this dedicated golf section of SWM we aim to bring you closer to the world of VIP golf: closer to the elite services we provide, the Partners we work with, and in particular closer to our high-profile clients through exclusive interviews and content. We believe in golf being pretty cool and exciting – and because this reflects the brand and image of our clients you can be sure you won’t find any of the boring stuff you’ll find elsewhere! In this section you’ll be able to read about venues and locations around the world that are so exclusive you’re unlikely to find information about them anywhere else.


PREMIER LEAGUE GOLFERS: MICHAEL KEANE Earlier in the month Golf EXV Founder, Pete Blay, met up with Michael for a round of golf and chat at The Mere Golf Resort and he answered our quick-fire questions…

We’ll present you with playing opportunities that are simply too good to miss – and for those footballers out there who love their golf you’ll be able to find out everything you need to know about your golfing teammates and fellow professionals as we introduce our quickfire interviews and playing features. Check out our interview with Everton and England Defender, Michael Keane in this edition! We’ll also be introducing you to our team of coaches - kicking off in this edition with Lead Coach, Tim Blakely. Tim has been in the fitness industry for over 16 years. He has risen to the top of his field developing his own training and nutritional techniques drawn from his years of experience and applying critical thinking to the science of physical transformation and elite athletic performance. During six years’ service in the military Tim was a member of the team competing in the prestigious and famous ‘Field Gun Race.’ Tim joined Golf EXV as Lead Coach specialising in programmes for competitive athletes, and elite performers from the entertainment industry. Clients include Woody Harrelson, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, Tom Hiddleston, Gerard Butler, Ronan Keating, Geri Horner, Matt Lewis, Sam Claflin, Thandie Newton, Gareth Edwards and Colin Trevorrow. Tim will be writing an article in each edition with an insight to the ‘XV’ performance service we provide to clients.

Pete Blay: How old where you when you started playing golf and who got you in to it? Michael Keane: 8 years old. My grandparents played. And they got my brother Tom in to it. PB: First set of clubs? MK: Slazenger junior – and one of Tom’s hand me down Titleist drivers PB: Favourite club in the bag in those days? MK: Driver PB: Current Handicap? MK: 9 PB: Is that the lowest you’ve been? MK: Yes PB: What’s your lowest round/score? And at which venue..? MK: +4 at The Mere. Would like to add though I shot +8 at Torrey Pines (South) with a triple bogey on the 1st..! PB: Most memorable shot you’ve played? MK: Birdied 7th Pebble Beach (Plus that Hole in one at the 2nd hole of Heaton Moor Golf Club) PB: Strongest part of your game? MK: Putting PB: Favourite club in the bag right now? MK: 6 iron PB: Favourite pro golfer currently playing and why? MK: Tiger Woods. Grew up watching him play. Brings excitement to the game PB: Favourite pro golfer of all time? MK: Tiger Woods PB: Home club (membership)? MK: The Mere PB: Which team mates do you play with? And who wins most of the time? MK: Gilfi Sigurdson, Theo Walcott, Phil Jagielka. Best is Gilfi plays off 3 PB: Who would you choose as your dream 4-ball partners alive or dead? MK: Tiger Woods, Barak Obama, Roger Federer PB: One venue on your bucket list? MK: The Augusta National PB: Favourite design of course? MK: Parkland

Lead Coach, Tim Blakely.

For more information please contact our Management Team: Client Services & Memberships: Business Partnership Development: Sponsorships and Endorsements: Founder and CEO:

Check out Michael’s awesome birdie putt on the day and some more photos on Golf EXV’s Instagram @golfexv


Where sports stars cherry pick their hair treatments THE privacy of Tatton Park Estate and the tranquillity of its rolling countryside are an ideal setting for patients dealing with the distress and taboo of hair loss. At the heart of the estate, Cherry Tree Farm provides the comfort needed to make lifechanging decisions. Within the walled grounds of the farm the UK’s most exclusive hair transplant and restoration clinic offers a choice of treatments and the care necessary to help high-profile clients choose well. Like most of them MHR Clinic has reached the top of its industry through a combination of talent and professionalism. And that convinced Ryan Giggs OBE, Michael

Vaughan OBE and Michael Lumb to have their hair procedures carried out through the clinic. Most recently former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg chose MHR Clinic for his hair transplant and supplementary therapies. The Medical Hair Restoration Clinic offers a complement of technology and treatments, including follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplants carried out by world-leading hair transplant surgeon Ioannis Marmagiolis. Yet not every patient at MHR Clinic undergoes hair transplant surgery. Its additional offerings of the latest MHRA-approved medications, organic remedies and low level laser therapy have restored men and women’s hair without surgery. It is that measured approach to finding the best, tailored solution for each client that sets MHR Clinic aside from others in its industry. Director Craig Henton explained: “We don’t sell, we solve. MHR Clinic looks at all the

options available for each patient. Together we explore and identify which procedures and treatments will give the best, most natural results. “Sometimes it’s as simple as medication prescribed by our doctors. On other occasions a FUE transplant is the right approach and we guarantee its results. We can combine treatments to create quite incredible, lifechanging results.” One MHR Clinic patient who saw such results was former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan OBE. The Ashes hero underwent a 2200 follicle transplant combined with prescription and herbal medication, and low level laser therapy proven to stimulate growth and thickening of hair. “As a sportsman I know how important confidence is and my thinning hair was a concern,” he explained. “But MHR Clinic is the most advanced in its field

Wales Boss Giggs Joins the Team Wales football manager Ryan Giggs became a shareholder in MHR Clinic after seeing its prolific success rate with clients. The Utd legend invested because its hair restoration results “spoke for themselves”. The winner of 13 Premier League and two Champions League titles regularly returns to MHR Clinic for assessments and low level laser therapy to continue the growth and thickening of his hair. He added: “MHR Clinic is unparalleled in

expertise in this area. After restoring my hair with the professionals at MHR I couldn’t recommend the business enough to my friends and associates. I believe in the business. Investing in it was a simple decision. “And since becoming a shareholder I’ve seen the MHR team’s care, skills and professionalism transform many more people’s lives for the better. I enjoy being part of that because I know exactly how those clients feel.” MHR Clinic director Craig Henton added: “We were delighted when Ryan asked to join


the team. His treatment has been a big success. Having a prominent figure like Ryan involved helps us to grow the business and brand.”

Male Grooming

Clattenburg Gives His Hairpiece the Red Card FOR many years professional football referee Mark Clattenburg used a hairpiece to hide his hereditary hair loss. The ‘temporary hair system’ masked his lack of hair but looked artificial, stopped Mark living life to the full and left him low in confidence. So in 2017 Mark sought a permanent solution to his hair loss and, after visiting several clinics, chose MHR Clinic to give him back a full head of real hair. “The level of professionalism and care was apparent from the start. It was better than other clinics I considered. And it was also clear MHR Clinic was getting the best results for its clients.” Mark had an in-depth consultation with MHR Clinic director Craig Henton. He was given a bespoke treatment program consisting of revitalising pharmaceutical and herbal medications to nourish his donor site and a 4000 follicle hair transplant procedure, followed by further medication, lotions and low level laser therapy. He said: “There was no ill effect from the procedure. It was pain free. It was actually quite relaxing. And the additional treatments are no problem at all because now I have a full head of hair I want to look after it.” The World Cup ref, who has also overseen UEFA Champions League, Euro and FA Cup finals, now heads up refereeing for the Saudi

and its confidential assessment and consultation process took away the stress I felt about undergoing surgery. “The procedure was quick and simple, and after undergoing my transplant I’ve regained confidence to get on with life. It has been a huge success for me.” To learn more about the latest breakthroughs in hair restoration and transplantation, or seek advice about your own hair loss, call MHR Clinic on 01565 745344.



Arabian Football Federation. But he regularly returns to MHR Clinic for ongoing laser therapy and assessments. He added: “I’m only months into my treatment but I look back to my transplant and the change that’s taken place is incredible. Now I can gel my hair, style it and do things with it I’ve never been able to do in the past. “It takes me a little longer to get ready but the confidence I have now, walking around with a full head of hair, is phenomenal.” To read Mark’s story in full, and others like it, visit



MHR Knocks it Out of the Park for Batsman Lumb WHEN fellow England cricketer Michael Lumb saw the results of his pal Michael Vaughan’s hair procedures he immediately wanted to know where they were done. Lumb, who was thinning on top, had already considered a hair transplant but was worried what others might say. The hard-hitting batsman recalled: “When I saw Vaughany’s new head of hair I was amazed. It looked great and gave me the confidence to do the same for myself. It made the decision a simple one. “Working with the MHR Clinic team was an absolute pleasure. From the first consultation through the treatment and after-care, Craig and his team were unbelievable. “Nothing was ever too much trouble. They made the process as easy and trouble-free as possible.” The former Yorkshire batsman underwent a 1600 follicle hair transplant combined with prescription and organic herbal medication, as well as low-level laser treatment.

Call us to arrange a free no obligation, confidential consultation

Phone: 01565 745344 2 Cherry Tree Farm, Cherry Tree Lane, Rostherne, Knutsford, WA14 3RZ, UK 173



After regaining a full head of hair he added: “The results are there to see and I’m so happy I took action. I would recommend MHR Clinic to everyone concerned about their hair.”


Touch T

Feminine Megan Cant Creative Fashion and Lifestyle Contributor Sports World Magazine

he Feminine Touch of Sports World Magazine is here again ladies for our Spring 2018 issue. I am so excited that finally the warmer months are starting to arrive, especially after we have had such a long winter with snow in March! It is crazy to think that a year ago I started working on this with the magazine and it has come so far since then which is all down to my beautiful readers. Thank you so much girls! I feel super honoured that I can share with you my ideas on fashion, interiors and lifestyle as well as interviewing some of the most amazing, beautiful and successful women in the industry too. The whole process is still so exciting for me from initially choosing which articles I am going to be writing for each issue, the running Top 10 feature each time and of course meeting and talking with the women who we feature each issue. It is so much more than I dreamed it could be so here is to a year of The Feminine Touch and many more to come… This issue is of course filled with more fashion advice for the Spring, luxury holidays, a special feature on the coolest kidswear and a feature which is so exciting for me - the luxury wedding edit. As I mentioned last issue, I am getting married in around a years time (eek) and I am so excited to be sharing some of the fabulous venues, dresses, shoes, flowers… everything I have seen along the way on my wedding planning journey! We are looking at getting married in Spain and so over the upcoming issues, I will keep you all updated on planning weddings abroad and how to control that inner Bridezilla and let your wedding planner take over. Sound difficult? It is… For this issue of the magazine, I was thrilled to land an interview with the effortlessly beautiful

model and reality star Nicole Williams! This is one of my favourite interviews so far and it was a total pleasure to catch up with Nicole all the way over in Los Angeles about her wedding to Larry English, her fashion advice, her new swimwear line and how she stays out of the drama on hit US reality show WAGS on E! Thank you so much for your time Nicole. Girls, you are going to love reading the interview and finding out all details of Nicole’s wedding, including who designed her dress… think Project Runway! As promised in the last issue, we bring you our quarterly catch up with Toni Terry. Toni is going to be in each issue of the magazine and we caught up on her latest updates with The Buddy Workout, her advice for staying fit as a family and a little about the planning of her wedding to John Terry too to keep in with the theme of our special wedding edit. I am still so excited that Toni is going to be a part of The Feminine Touch each issue and hope you really enjoy reading the section dedicated to Toni each time. I love The Buddy Workout so if you haven’t got yourself a copy yet, you so should! My muse for this issue is none other than the stunningly beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. RHW is such a classic beauty and she radiates an unrivalled glow that the rest of us can only try to emulate. New mum Rosie welcomed her first baby, Jack, in to the world in June with her partner, actor Jason Statham. Baby mama goals, right? Rosie looked so amazing at the Tom Ford show during New York Fashion week in this nude dress and blazer that I had to feature her. Those lapels are to die. Megan x

s! ie d la e h t r fo is e n o This

I am so happy to be writing another issue for you all and I continue to love every second of what I do for my readers. If you would like to be involved in the next issue of the magazine, please do not hesitate to contact me on I hope you love this section as much as I do!


Touch Feminine


Your Wedding Journey Planning the Dream Wedding: from the Proposal to the Big Day… After getting engaged last summer, I have been non-stop thinking of all of the tiny details that I want to go in to my Wedding to make it the best day of our lives. It is something that I have thought about since I was tiny but it is incredible how much planning actually goes in to one day when you have to start looking in to it yourself. Weddings are the most personal experience and it should be a reflection of who you are as a couple, which makes writing an article on the dream wedding quite difficult!! I am so excited however for this feature as it so special for me to be able to share my ideas with you. I have tried to include lots of different things that I want to include in my own day and the lead up to it and also amazing little touches that I’ve seen in the most beautiful weddings that I have been to or seen online. I hope you enjoy reading and take things away to give your wedding a little bit of the feminine touch...

Proposals I think the most important thing about a proposal is that it is something special and personal between you as a couple and that it has meaning for you both. Ladies, we can’t really control this part of our wedding experience but men (if you are reading!) here are some amazing proposals that could inspire you to think of something extraordinary to help you ask the special question.

Paris Obviously I had to include my own proposal! My fiancé planned what was the most perfect proposal I could have ever imagined. I literally had not dreamt of this before and I had fantasised about getting engaged for years, as I think every girl does! As I said, I think a proposal is made special and amazing by having something meaningful to you both as a couple. Paris has always been my favourite city and it was one of the first places my fiancé and I went together when he surprised me with a trip on the morning of my 21st birthday. At the end of our summer holiday, we were in the airport waiting to board our flight home and he told me we weren’t going home but flying to Paris! Everyone always asks me if I knew we would be getting engaged when he surprised me with Paris, but I really had no idea - when it is you, you don’t expect anything like that to happen! We stayed in the Shangri-La and had a Duplex Suite with a terrace and an Eiffel Tower view. He surprised me with a private dinner on the terrace in the evening overlooking the tower and proposed as the tower lit up with the iconic, twinkling lights. It was such a special moment and I still well up when I think about it now. Visit to look at their rooms and suites, they are literally breathtaking.

The Maldives One of my best friends also got engaged last year and it is really wonderful that we get to share our bridal journeys together. Her fiancé proposed in The Maldives which was the most picture perfect engagement - it was literally like something from a movie! They stayed at the Anantara Dhigu Resort and he had booked a private island, just for the two of them, under the stars.

Santorini Our partners Iconic Santorini also provide a fantastic service for men wishing for the perfect proposal for their fiancée to be. The white and blue of the postcard like Santorini makes it one of the most desirable places to visit and this hotel is situated in a spectacular hillside setting that embodies the tranquility and luxury that we expect from this intimate destination. Iconic Santorini help to organise everything to make the proposal a dream: from a private photographer, flowers, a private table overlooking the Caldera at sunset… what more could a girl want? The evening consists of a four course meal whilst enjoying the romantic setting, just the two of you. It will without a doubt be an amazing night to remember and cherish forever.


They took a speedboat across the water and she was greeted with a table built into the sand with a private chef, overlooking the iconic turquoise waters of The Maldives before he surprised her with her amazing engagement ring. The Maldives is the most romantic and peaceful destination offering so much privacy for a couple to spend such special time together. Contact us to help plan your perfect Maldives trip on

Finding The Dream Dress

Touch Feminine

So far in the planning of my wedding, finding my dream dress has been so hard... I have been looking for over six months and I still haven’t found the exact one! I think the best thing to do is try on as many dresses as possible. Sometimes you get your heart set on a certain style and when you try it on, you’re disappointed as it just doesn’t look good on you. Be open minded! Try on as many dresses as possible and have fun with it... What better excuse to take your mum and bridesmaids out for a day filled with champagne and dressing up?! Take a little look at these beauties for inspiration...

Nektaria Nektaria was the first place that I looked for a dress and I can honestly say this is my “dream” brand. I have always imagined myself getting married in a Nektaria gown since I first found the brand years ago. This Australian luxury fashion label use the most delicate, fabulous fabrics from lace to silk to beads. They are the most beautiful, unique, couture dresses. My favourite is from the California Collection - the French senorita gown. The intricate detail, lace and beading takes my breath away every time I see this dress and I literally cried the first time I saw it. It features a trumpet style skirt with a sweetheart neckline and looks so stunning with a long veil. This dress comes as a skirt and top two piece and so you could change for the evening too. They are available to order from Nektaria to your measurements and have them shipped to the UK.

Caroline Castigliano Caroline Castigliano was recommended to me from a friend who had her dress made by Caroline and she assured me that I would be in good hands with this particular bridal designer. I am set on lace and so my favourite from Caroline’s collection was the Autumn dress, featuring beaded Chantilly lace, a deep low back and a luxurious full flare from the high leg. It is so delicate but beautiful and the opulent lace makes this dress a classic choice. There are stockists of Caroline Castigliano throughout the UK but their flagship store is in London’s knightsbridge. Here you can try on a range of Caroline’s dresses as well as discuss bespoke, made to measure dresses so you have full control of looking perfect on your special day.

Berta The glamour, elegance and sexiness of Berta dresses is unmistakable and this designer has really left her mark on the industry. My favourite style is the open back embroidery sweep train sleeveless wedding dress. This is such a beautiful dress and the appliqué detail is breathtaking. These figure hugging gowns are not for the shy brides but I think daring to wear a dress like this would be the best decision. I am in love! The Berta range is available at The Wedding Club in London and Birmingham.


the rings Boys, need a little help choosing an engagement ring? See The Feminine Touch diamond guide...

The Pear Cut Diamond

The Cushion Cut Diamond

The pear is my own favourite shape and I knew that this was the ring I wanted to wear for the rest of my life the first time I saw it. The pear shape diamond is often also referred to as a teardrop cut as it resembles a drop of water with a single point.

I love a cushion cut diamond and this particular shape was first introduced to the diamond market in the early 1800s making it a shape which really has stood the test of time.

This ring is quite unusual and exudes elegance and beauty. See Paris Hilton’s engagement photos for the biggest pear ring you will ever see!

The cushion cut is a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners.

The Princess Cut Diamond

The Round Cut Diamond A round cut diamond is unrivalled in the classic, brilliant shape that sparkles like no other diamond. They are the highest diamond in value for their timeless beauty and this is probably the most popular style that girls dream of for their engagement.

The princess cut diamond is increasingly popular and is currently the second most sought after shape. This shape is both traditional and contemporary and is a fool proof choice of diamond ring. The princess cut is iconic for sure.

Flower Walls Once you have found a dress and a venue, little things become big things and in my planning this includes stationary, favours, centre pieces and FLOWER WALLS. I am literally obsessed with flower walls and I need a full wall of beautiful white flowers as a backdrop for all of my photos on my big day. They look so pretty and there are lots of companies in the UK now that have flower walls available to hire. Alternatively, speak with the florist you have chosen or the florist at your venue and see if they could put something together. It would be so cute to match these flowers to the colour of your bridesmaids dresses too!

Favours I have seen lots of lovely favours whilst browsing Pinterest but here are some of my favourites. I love anything personalised and I think that having a personalised favour for your guests is a really sweet touch and will make each individual guest feel so special on that day. My fiancĂŠ and I are getting married abroad and so we thought it was even more important to say thank you to people for travelling with a really special favour. I found these Personalised First Class Travel Tags on my favourite site and they come in black or white leatherette with an initial in their signature font. I love the idea of getting my guests a luggage tag for their flight home as a little something for them to always remember their trip to our special day by. I also love the idea of Jo Malone travel candles for favours too, although this is probably more for your female guests. They are the perfect size for your guests to take home, they smell amazing and would definitely be an added luxury to their experience of your wedding day.



Touch Feminine

Part of the fun of planning our wedding so far has been looking round lots of different venues. This is something so exciting for you and your fiancé to do together and I would say this is definitely the first major step to take on your wedding planning journey. My fiancé and I are getting married in Spain and we have our hearts set on a location. However, we have LOVED attending the wedding open days at different venues in the UK and it is just the best opportunity to get ideas for your wedding and spend time together enjoying the planning stages. It shouldn›t all be stressful! Here are some of my favourite venues that I have seen...

Rudding Park, Harrogate Rudding Park is an award winning venue and is definitely one of the most beautiful venues in Yorkshire. The house itself is an elegant. listed building set within stunning, landscaped gardens which make the most stunning backdrop for your special day. The house has so many admirable features for your day including an imposing, grand staircase, full length windows with views of the gardens, a spacious room which can seat up to 200 guests and the most incredible in house florist. Rudding Park is also home to one of the finest spas in the UK so you can relax before the big day. This is a truly wonderful venue and would be an amazing choice for a traditional, white wedding. www.

Wynyard Hall, Wynyard Wynyard Hall is a beautiful, landmark venue in the North East featuring a 12th century chapel, magnificent rooms and stunning views of a private parkland and lake. The Hall boasts an elegant and traditional interior whilst the Grand Marquee is designed for much larger weddings, providing a blank canvas to create your own setting and style. My favourite part of this venue was the incredible terrace overlooking the lake - weather dependent, you really do not feel like you are in the UK here. The grand entrance to the hall is grand and regal, making the most striking backdrop for your wedding photos. This incredible venue is considered the North East’s most coveted destination and it would undoubtedly make a fantastic day for you both and all of your guests.

La Cabane at Los Monteros, Marbella I thought it would be lovely to write about and share with you my wedding venue! I remember seeing photos of a wedding at La Cabane literally years ago and I have had the photos saved on my phone since then. Described as the most elegant beach club in the Costa Del Sol, La Cabane is everything I want in a venue. I love the backdrop of the Mediterranean, the panoramic views and the sun! The whitewashed venue looks so beautiful at sunset too and the whole venue is exclusive to you which is something me and my fiancé really wanted to ensure. Not to mention the food choices are divine! View more online at

There is so much more to share with you all in planning for the big day and I will be sharing more on stationary, bridesmaid gowns and all importantly WEDDING SHOES in the next issue. Happy planning ladies! 179

I n t e rv i e w



they do some really cool bits, sometimes TK Maxx… you know I try and vary it! Nike is my favourite, Victoria’s Secret Pink is cool but if you are training a lot it is nice to get more high street brands…like in TK Maxx, you can get some wicked stuff there and H&M… a mixture of all sorts really!

Hi Toni! The last time we spoke The Buddy Workout was just about to launch. How have the first few months been and what kind of response have you had? It’s been really good! Really fun… Obviously I did Lorraine which I was absolutely petrified about but it was actually really good and I really enjoyed it. Obviously there is quite a few things in the book that people didn’t realise regarding my scoliosis, trying to have babies, my polycystic ovaries and things like that so the response I had from people was really interesting. I had lots of questions which I hope I helped people with and lots of lovely feedback. I’ve really enjoyed all of it actually, its been really nice! Aw, that’s great to hear! In the last issue, we talked about your recipe for the gorgeous chocolate orange and coconut brownies! Which are your other favourite recipes? The curry is definitely my favourite meal - it is so quick and easy to do and you can even do it in the slow cooker so if you want to leave it for the day and pop out, you can do that. It is a real family favourite! I can’t wait to try that one… With John being a professional athlete too, do you like to do anything with the kids to stay active as a family and do you have any ideas for people wanting to

As holiday season fast approaches, there is always a little more motivation to look good, work out, stick to your diet… do you have any holidays booked to work towards this summer? Normally, we spend quite a lot of time in Portugal which is basically every day in a bikini! My summer thoughts are that my day time outfits is a bikini so it is my body really that is my motivation when I am running or at the end of my “I can’t breathe anymore!” I think come on Toni you have to put a bikini on and it is definitely my motivation. We’ve also got a friend’s birthday coming up in Mykonos so again, I want to look nice for that. Holidays are definitely my motivation. stay active with their children on a weekend? Do you know what, with John being an athlete he keeps all of us in the family inspired to keep fit and eat well! As a family, we are always in the garden, even if it is raining we are outside! Whether it is kicking a ball around, we have our own basketball net which we play basketball with… it is just keeping it fun but active. I think the key is to have a giggle with your kids, get them in the garden. You only need a ball and you can have a game of footie or chuck it through a hoop. That is my advice. If you have animals like dogs, get them out with them - anything to be outside and try and have fun with it. Make exercise a fun part of your family life. You always look amazing even when working out - where do you shop for gym clothes? I get a lot of stuff from Nike which is one of my favourites but also to be honest I love H&M,


I really want to go to Mykonos, we will have to catch up about it next issue! As part of The Feminine Touch’s wedding feature, I thought it would be nice to find out a little more about your wedding with John! How did you find planning your wedding? It was really fun! Because of John’s job he knows hundreds more people than I know so a big part of it was making sure we invited all friends and family and people who live abroad so that was one thing! We talked a lot about it, I had lots of things on Pinterest that I liked, I always looked at magazines - I bought lots of wedding magazines! I went round quite a lot of wedding venues myself just to look at what sort of thing we wanted. Lots of research was the key! It was quite fun

Touch Feminine

and John loves things like that. If we decorate our house John is really involved and so it was important for him that we got everything right too. It was great that we were both massively involved with it. How did you decide on a dress? Deciding on what to wear was, like most girls find it, really tricky. I went from trying on a really slinky little dress to a great big dress to something in the middle... In the end it was actually a friend of mine that took me to a fabric shop and with the guy who designed my wedding dress, Steven Hawkes, we had hundreds of fabrics to choose from which made it even more difficult! I was going to go for ivory but he put gold up against my skin and being blonde at the time, I just fell in love with it and my dress kind of just developed. He knew I loved flowers so the skirt of my dress was actually little tiny flowers all sewn on. It was a real exciting adventure for me designing my own dress and it is something I will never forget. Designing your own dress sounds so much more personal! Do you have any advice on getting in shape for our brides to be reading this feature? My advice is like I always say, if you’re trying to get fit and become more healthy in life, take baby steps. Don’t try and lose a stone in a week or run a marathon after two running sessions! I think baby steps is really important. Try and have fun!

If you can work with a buddy, whether it’s your mums from school, friends, family, after work or on a weekend - the key is to work out with someone! It is so much more motivational if you work out with someone. Also, try and be positive... try not to get down about silly things in life and stick to taking small steps and having fun with it.


Megan’s SWM Fashion Charts Top 10 Must Haves this Spring What you can’t live without this season...


Tom Ford Santal Blush Signature Blend Tom Ford’s private blends are always at the top of my wish list and literally each time I go to Selfridges I find a new scent I want to try. This season for me, it has to be the Santal Blush. Of course we cannot buy a fragrance simply based on the packaging, even when it is as beautiful as this, but the blush pink and gold design reflect effortlessly the floral, exotic scent of this fragrance. With scents of creamy sandalwood, exotic eastern spices and top notes of florals and woods, this fragrance evokes unapologetic luxury and glamour with a “modern earthiness.” Tom Ford private blends are my go to for all of my Eau de Parfum needs and this choice is a perfect, addictive addition to your handbag this season. This fragrance is available online at at £158 per 50ml.


Hermès Oran Sandals

Hermès has long been one of my favourite high fashion brands - I fell in love with it when I first became obsessed with fashion and consequently, the iconic Birkin bag! In Barcelona around two years ago I first saw the Oran sandals and since they have been unmissable on Instagram. They are available in a massive range of 21 colours so it is no surprise they have become a wardrobe staple for fashion lovers. Their sleek, slip on style ensure they are so easy to wear throughout the warmer months yet add a touch of luxury with the classic H design from the label. I was assured by the lady in the Hermès boutique that this sandal will last me a lifetime. They are, in true Hermès stye, made with the most delicate care, making the hefty £485 price tag a little more appealing. This versatile investment can be worn so many ways - with denim cut offs and a cami, a day dress and oversized bag, bikini and kimono… the outfits are endless. My colour choices would have to be the black or gold with ecru stitching but there is literally a colour to go with every outfit. In fact, I’ll take all 21... Shop online at for £485

4 3

Gucci Marmont Matelassé Leather Belt Bag

If you had asked me a few years ago if I would have worn a bum bag it would have been a resounding, emphatic “NO” however this season, I have seen so many that I love and want! My favourite of the bum bags that I have seen is Gucci’s Marmont Matelassé Leather Belt Bag. The belt bag was first presented by Alessandro Michele in the Pre-Fall 2017 collection and is a rounded shape to be worn high on the waist or cross body. Whilst designed to be worn as bum bags, the style has been worn as tight, cross body bags by Bella Hadid, Kim K and Kendall Jenner. I will leave that up to you… What I love most about this particular bag is the ease with which you can wear it. You can throw this bag on with any outfit and with the signature GG in gold, this bag gives off all the luxury fashion feels whilst remaining so practical. You can forget asking your boyfriend or husband to carry this one for you when it gets a little too heavy after your shopping days.

Victoria Beckham Aviator Style Gold Tone Sunglasses

For me, sunglasses are the ultimate “must have” for spring and summer. Each year I love to treat myself to a new pair and think they can really transform a look. By wearing sunglasses you can change your whole outfit and add just a little high fashion to even the most casual, every day styles. Over the last few years, I have found myself adoring Victoria Beckham’s sunglasses collection more and more. VB’s contemporary and classic style is emulated beautifully in every pair that she presents. My favourite from this collection has to be the Aviator Style Gold Tone sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses have stood the test of time. Since the 1930s, they have been an essential accessory and the frame is one that suits everybody who chooses to wear them. This particular pair feature a gradient, pinky coloured lens with gold tone metal frames that are tipped with marbled acetate at the arms. I think I’m in love. Shop online at, retailing at £325


You can purchase this beauty online at for £765

Skin Lana Reversible Swimsuit What is more important for your vacay wardrobe than a good swimsuit? New York label Skin creates flattering, every day basics and the new collection now includes high quality swimwear too. Suffer from a case of overpacking? Their Lana reversible swimsuit offers two styles in one, saving space for whatever else you need to take with you. The swimsuit is figure shaping by design and sculpts your body to look the best it can. The high cut, high neck, backless design is typically Kardashian and accentuates your curves in all the right places. The black one piece is a swimwear staple and would style perfectly with your Oran sandals and an oversized straw hat. The reverse is a pale blush pink which would look amazing a little later in your holiday when you are sun kissed and golden brown. Shop online at for £120



Touch Feminine

Acne Studios Jacui Pop Cotton Poplin Shirt Dress

It is nothing new but a classic shirt dress is always a must have. Last year, my SS17 wardrobe revolved around a few shirt dresses that could be dressed up or down for any occasion and this one in white is a new, crisp take on a timeless style. The loose fit makes the dress perfect for day or night or even throwing it over a bikini as a cover up on your next holiday. I love these dresses with a tan, a chain bag over the body, sunglasses and some sandals. You could add a belt to tighten the dress at the waist… They are just so easy to wear! You could also dress it up with some statement heels and a clutch for an evening too. So versatile and so chic. Shop online at for £280


Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26

This particular toiletry bag has become somewhat of a cult phenomenon in the Instagram world of fashion lovers. Whilst it is designed by Louis Vuitton as a toiletry pouch, the size, shape and simplicity of the bag has transformed it into a coveted clutch bag that is just the right size to fit everything a girl needs in it whilst remaining perfect to carry round with ease. With the iconic monogram canvas, the bag really does go with every outfit. With this bag being so in demand, it has become increasingly harder to get hold of, making it even more desirable. I love this bag for a night out, under the arm for shopping, with your poolside essentials… it is such a must have from the timelessly loved Louis Vuitton. At just £280, it is no surprise that this piece is always sold out. Try your nearest Louis Vuitton store and check the website for this bag coming back in stock -



House of CB Nadia Black Lace Bodysuit

Underwear as outwear is huge already this year and it is only set to get bigger as we finally arrive at those spring and summer months. The highly coveted House of CB founded by the inspiring Conna Walker have been my go to for a night out dress/outfit for at least five years. This season, House of CB have released the most feminine, pretty and sexy lace bodysuit, available in black, white and mint. Lingerie is always an investment you cannot regret but with the aforementioned underwear as outwear trend only growing, this piece is a must have for sure. Style simply with high waisted, wide leg black trousers, a sharp black blazer draped over the shoulders and a YSL clutch for ultimate sophistication.

Khanum’s Kamila Hand Embellished Blazer Jacket

When I first found the Khanum’s clothing brand I immediately fell in love with their designs. Their delicately striking hand embellished jackets were the first of this kind I had seen and it is always so exciting to find something different in a market that is often oversaturated with similar styles and looks. Their jackets and designs are utterly beautiful, each one individually hand embellished with pearl, sequin and diamonté beading. This particular piece also boasts a silk outer fabric and opulent satin lining. The new collection for Spring brings more of the same stunning designs with lighter colours for this season. My favourite piece from the new collection is the Space Silver Hand Embellished Blazer. The pearl, diamanté and sequin beading looks amazing against the lighter hue of the jacket and this timeless piece could be dressed up or down so effortlessly. Style simply to let your jacket do the talking. You will not find anything like this elsewhere. Shop online at for £360

Shop online at for £59 or at your nearest House of CB store. Check their website for details.


Aquazzura Casablanca Sandal 105

On my never ending wish list, a pair of Aquazzura heels is next. As I’m sure all women are the same, heels are my weakness and there are always a pair I have my eye on. From Gianvito Rossi to Jimmy Choo, building up a collection of shoes that you can style with all of your outfits is a wardrobe goal of mine. This spring, Aquazzura are at the top of my must have list with their Casablanca Sandal 105. I love sticking to simple colours in the spring and unashamedly wear a lot of white when the sun starts to come out a little more. With sticking to simple colours, you can experiment more boldly with shoes and accessories. There is literally nothing else yellow in my wardrobe but I am dying for a pair of these sandals in the sunshine yellow colour. In a perfect velvety suede, the Casablanca Sandals has a belted ankle strap for cool and comfort, whilst their barely there style lengthens your legs. Available in azalea pink, carnation red and sunshine yellow, team any of these bold colours with a classic white shirt dress and a matching clutch to ensure you are summer time fine. Available online at





This issue I was lucky enough to spend some time speaking with Nicole Williams. Nicole is best known for being on ““WAGS”” a hit American TV series on E!. “WAGS” is a reality show dedicated to showcasing the daily lives of the wives and girlfriends of some of the most high end, professional athletes in the world. Nicole is a successful model, businesswoman and newly married wife to American footballer player, Larry English. I was so excited to catch up with Nicole about her life on “WAGS”, her new swimwear line and her beautiful wedding day. She was the loveliest person and I am so excited to share this interview with you all. Hi Nicole! Thank you so much for giving us the time to interview, we are all so excited to have you in the magazine this issue. So, our first question is: how much did your life change when you started appearing on “WAGS”? Although I’ve modeled my whole life, it is not like being on TV and putting your whole life on TV so when I chose to film for “WAGS” and make my life so open and available for everybody to look in on and to judge… I feel like the viewers think they know you and know your life and I opened my whole life to the world. I feel like it definitely changed a lot of things and you feel like you are under a magnifying glass the whole time, you know? You get people who love you, people who hate you, people who judge you… it’s just a mixture of different things. You are definitely in the limelight and you get a lot more attention drawn to you. As well as that, there are so many positives. Because of “WAGS,” I got to share with a lot of people what I am doing as a businesswoman with my new swimwear line, my work with PETA and a lot of different things. I got to share the business side of me, so that was fun! People get to know who I really am. How would you describe your style? Where are your favourite places to shop? I would say I am just more casual! I love being in sneakers, like a pair of Vans or Yeezy’s and a pair of jeans… I am very, very casual - out of all of the girls I would say I am the most casual. I have more of a street style. A couple of my favourite stores would be Zara or H&M, that is where I shop the most. Zara is my number one! I always find stuff in Zara.


I am so with you! Zara is my go to place to shop too… Nicole you always look incredible so how do you stay in shape? What are your best tips for our readers? I haven’t eaten meat in about seven years and I felt like meat really weighed me down and it made me unhealthy. I don’t eat any meat and I eat a lot of vegetables. I try to drink a lot of juices and drink a lot of water. It is super important. I like to walk everywhere I can especially if somewhere is close. I lived in New York for seven years and I never drove anywhere, so if I am not Ubering I am trying to walk everywhere. You wouldn’t believe how healthy and amazing walking is for your body. I hike and I walk and I make sure I am eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. While we are talking about staying in shape, where are your favourite places to vacay? The Rosewood Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen is one of my favourite places ever to stay. My husband and I were just there last month and it is amazing there. I also just got back from Jamaica, it was my friend Shanina Shaik’s bachelorette and I just realized Jamaica is one of my favourite places to go… It is amazing!! Literally everything. Tell us a little about your new swimwear line, Nia Lynn. Who is your brand designed for? What do your designs represent? When I first decided I wanted to start a swimwear line, I wanted to be a little different to most swimwear. My line right now, I have six pieces and this collection is my resort collection. It is very sexy, very bold - it is more like pool party in Vegas or a yacht in St Tropez. It is a lot of mesh and delicate fabrics so it is more like your lingerie swimwear.

Touch Feminine

Also, the one pieces are more like fitted bodysuits so you could wear them with jean shorts or a pair of boyfriend jeans. They’re just made to make a woman feel sexy. They have very high cuts and the cuts go way over the hip bone… they have a Brazilian style back too so they are super flattering on the butt! I wanted this first collection to be one of those go-to collections when you want to look amazing on your vacation, or on a boat party or something like that. That is what my goal was and I think I accomplished it! Me too, for sure. I love Nia Lynn and I know the readers will love your collection too. I love that the pieces are named after your friends! I thought that was so cute. Yeah! I named them after all of my friends. I made six pieces and I asked my girlfriends which is your favourite and they all had different favourites so I said you know what, I’m naming them after you. I made them try them all on and they just looked amazing. They are the best models! Yours and Larry’s wedding was literally so beautiful. I am planning my wedding too and I always look at your photos. How did you find the whole planning of the special day?! Did you consider yourself to be a bridezilla?! Well, at the beginning stages I was like this is easy… I have a wedding planner, I have lots of time… I was a little more laid back… and then, I think you start becoming a bridezilla when it gets to like two weeks before the wedding. You’re realizing OMG wait, this person didn’t confirm or this person can’t make it and now I have a spare chair! Like little things like that, you wouldn’t believe how much it gets you. I was in the make-up chair and people were calling me like “Hey, is it too late for me to come?!” and I am literally about to walk down the aisle, like ummm what the hell?! It turns you in to a bridezilla when you’re really not trying to be… You just want your day to be perfect so no matter how cool you wanna be about it, you want everyone to walk in to your wedding and be wowed, so it does make you a little bit crazy! I get it, you just want it to be perfect… You do, and you only get that one day - you don’t get to do it again so you want that day to be perfect. How did you decide on a dress? Did you always know what you wanted your dress to be like? Yes - since I can remember, I have always wanted a lace, beaded dress and my really close friend Michael Costello, from the moment we met, we talked about my dress. He was like I can’t wait until you find somebody, I can’t wait until you get married, I’m gonna make your dress… It’s just really cool to see how it all panned out because he really did end up making me my dream wedding dress and he also made all of my bridesmaid dresses! He made all of the dresses plus two other dresses that I changed in to for the reception, he really outdid himself. They were so beautiful. How are you finding married life? What is the best thing about being a wife? I think that your bond is the best thing… people ask me every day how married life is. I have strangers coming up to me all the time asking “How is married life?!” They feel like they know me as they watched my wedding and watched my

life so they run up to me and tell me they felt like they were at my wedding and it was beautiful!! So I feel like when they ask me how married life is, I just think your bond gets stronger and you feel more settled. Everything is still the same but you are just that much more in love. You’re ready to talk about family more seriously, you feel more settled and ready to take the next step. I’m so excited and happy for you both! You always seem to be able to stay out of the drama on the show... do you actively try and keep out of any bitchiness or is this just you as a person? I just do not like drama at all. I am allergic to bitchiness and cattiness and I can’t deal with it. It is just such a waste of time and I have so many other things to worry about than how somebody else feels about me. I don’t care! It is either we click and we have a bond and we become friends and that’s it… if you don’t like me then I’m not going to waste time arguing with you or talking to you or going to lunch with you, doing anything - we just won’t be friends and that’s just how I see it. I don’t like to get involved in anybody else’s drama unless it is something serious where I would have to pick up for my friend. You know if something isn’t right or isn’t fair, I would try to step in but for the most part, I just like to stay out of it. I think it is really bad energy and I don’t like to be around that. A quiet life is a happy life! Finally Nicole, what are your hopes and dreams for the future? Where do you hope to be in five years time? I always say and think about what would be my ideal future, but honestly the only things that matter to me are health and my family being healthy and also, being successful in anything I do. I am really heavily into my designing right now and I am trying to build up my brand, not only for swimwear but Nia Lynn the brand. I want to explore other areas… Health, happiness and success are all that really matters. In five years, I definitely want to see myself having at least one baby! Larry and I were talking about him taking it a little more seriously next year so I definitely hope to have a little one in about five years. So cute! You will be an amazing Mum… Thank you so, so much for your time Nicole. It has been lovely catching up and you have made me even more excited for my wedding planning now! Girls, you need to check out Nicole’s swimwear line Nia Lynn at - her pieces are so beautiful and will be perfect for the up and coming summer months. Follow @justtnic to keep up with Nicole on Instagram.


MAKE A SPLASH Hit the beach with our cherry-picked selection of designer swimwear, stylish cover-ups and must-pack holiday accessories from HARVEY NICHOLS. From corset-style cossies to cutesy wedge espadrilles, here’s how to turn the beach into a catwalk this summer.

Camilla floral-print brushed silk top

Céline oversized sunglasses



Emilio Pucci cotton-voile pareo


Lisa Maria Fernandez ruffle-trimmed seersucker bikini

Emilio Pucci printed bikini


£265 Loeffler Randall pompom raffia tote


Melissa Odabash embroidered kimono


Sophia Webster floral espadrille wedge sandals


£270 Melissa Odabash crochet-knit beach jumpsuit Zimmerman corset ruffle-trimmed swimsuit


Products featured are available from Harvey Nichols stores via Style Concierge or online at

Touch Feminine

FLAT OUT! Girls on the go rejoice ... style is no longer measured by the height of your heels. From Manolo Blahnik’s twinkly toes to Gucci’s cult loafers, stay grounded with this edit of fabulously fashionable flats. Aquazzura’s embellished mules deliver Instagram-friendly sparkle while the must-have Castañer X Manolo Blahnik collaboration will provide the backbone to many a stylish summer wardrobe. Whether you’re slipping into chic ballet pumps or luxe loafers, treat your feet with these beauties from HARVEY NICHOLS.

3 1







1 Aquazzura embellished mules, £555 2 Aquazzura sunflower mules, £455 3 Castañer X Manolo Blahnik espadrilles, £265 4 Gucci horsebit loafers, £495 5 Kenzo tiger-embroidered mules, £230



6 Loeffler Randall patent silver loafers, £430 7 Malone Souliers satin mules, £405 8 Manolo Blahnik satin flats, £715 9 No21 crystal satin sliders, £470 10 Valentino Rockstud suede flats, £615

Products featured are available from Harvey Nichols stores via Style Concierge or online at




This issue we caught up with the beautiful woman boss Kaylee Ramman, owner of the exclusive business Status Medal. We talked all things Status Medal, about Kaylee’s lifestyle and about her relationship with boyfriend Nathan Aké. To find out more about Kaylee’s business, take a look online at Thanks Kaylee! What is your business, Status Medal, all about? What is the story behind the business? Status Medal makes exclusive and luxurious giftsets and accessories, especially designed for those who have achieved the extraordinary. We wanted to create something special: our symbolic logo on our items represent all aspects of forming and maintaining good relationships, building towards more achievements and success in the future. Basically, our giftsets, accessories and jewellery have a motivating as well as a rewarding meaning, so it is the perfect gift for a special occasion. Besides, most of our items are made of solid 18k gold and embedded with diamonds, so it is a little luxury investment as well.

Who is the product designed for? Was there anyone in particular who inspired you to create this product? Not really anyone in particular, we just asked ourselves “What do you give someone who already has everything?” Then we brainstormed about giftsets and rewards and we noticed there were not really any brands offering giftsets and accessories with a symbolic and rewarding meaning. Then we also realised that in terms of ‘professional’ work relations, there are not really any special gifts- most companies give their employees wine, a special pen, etc. Our items represent something, so it is perfect for special occasions, from anniversaries to stand out performances of all kinds, as well as personal (romantic) occasions. Tell our readers a little about you. Have you always wanted to work for yourself? I actually always wanted to work in marketing or public relations for a major company or multinational. However, being with Nath makes it difficult to focus on a fulltime job at a big firm, as his career is so unpredictable. One year you can be here, next year you could move somewhere completely different. I have an international


bachelor degree, so luckily for me I can work anywhere, but I decided it would be easiest to start my own thing and work for myself. I am truly passionate about our brand and what it represents, and I can work from anywhere, no matter where we go so it is a perfect fit. How did you meet your Nathan Aké? How long have you two been together? We have been together for over 7 years now. We went to high school in the same city, so we met via mutual friends. Via our friends we got each other’s numbers, started texting and after we had our first date we were inseparable! We met when we were 15/16 years old so we basically grew up together, so even though we are still so young we have been through a lot together.

Touch Feminine

What are your hopes for the future together? Both of us are very ambitions so we obviously hope to make the most out of our careers and reach the highest possible. Other than that staying healthy and happy is the most important thing! I noticed your food blog on your Instagram page. Tell our readers about that.. What made you decide to become a vegetarian? Why do you like this particular diet? I have been a vegetarian for many years now. It is very important to me because I am against the inhumane and cruel way animals are treated for human consumption. Besides, I am really a nature girl so I care a lot about the environment as well. Being vegetarian is better for the environment and it is healthier because you consume more vegetables, nuts and other healthy foods. I started the blog as a hobby next to my job to share with people what I eat, and how easy it actually is to eat vegetarian. I hope to inspire people to eat vegetarian, even if it is only once a week- that will already make a huge difference! You must be super busy running your own business - what do you and Nathan like to do together to relax? Where are your favourite places to go in the UK and abroad? When both of us have a day off we mainly like to chill! We take our dog to the beach for a walk, grab lunch somewhere, see a movie in the cinema or cook a nice home-made meal from scratch together. We do not really have a favourite place in the UK, we quite like to be home to be honest! I love travelling though, we have been on the most amazing holidays together and I love exploring new countries and cultures together. Last year we have been to the Bahamas which was an absolute dream! Finally, what is your favourite thing about Sports World Magazine? This section of course! It is very inspiring to read the stories of other women in this sports world and see how they are building successful businesses while also taking care of their families and dealing with the unpredictable football careers of their partners. To keep up with Kaylee, follow @kayleerm_ on Instagram.


The most precious of investments Gold bullion, the ultimate safe haven investment, providing insurance against market risk whist offering wealth protection and the potential for capital growth, gold is the ultimate portfolio diversifier. In sporting terms gold equals the pinnacle of success, we feel that it can offer the same successful return in the investment world. Winners strive to be the best & have the best. Bullion Investments could help you look after what’s precious to you & generate returns to meet your goals. GCIL - The experts in Bullion Investment.

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Healthy Snack Boxes inspired by Naughty Treats With all of the delicious flavours but none of the bad stuff, our cakes are made from healthy gluten free ingredients such as Dates, Cacao Nibs, Almonds, Whey Protein , Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Pods, Coconut Oil,

Chai Seeds, Raw Organic Cacao, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Rape Seeds, Golden Linseed and Flax Seeds, Peanut Butter, Apricots, Gluten-free Oats, Raisins, Honey, Cashew Nuts, and Baobab Fruit.

Snack on Nutri-Bombz on the Go! Because our cakes come in trays of 3, they are ideal for taking to work, travelling in the car or as a preworkout or post-workout snack. They can be easily carried with you whether you are picking up the kids, running a 10k race or climbing a mountain!

So order your healthy snack subscription box today! 192

SIX EASY STEPS TO PUT THE VA-VA-VOOM BACK INTO YOUR DATE NIGHTS Date nights ever get, well, a little tired? Okay, so you both LOVE your favourite Chinese. But has it all become a little too predictable? Now’s the time to take the initiative. Why not totally surprise your other half (in a good way) and have the time of your life? It’s time to bring your A game.


Why mess about? Go for the jugular. Go for the flashiest Lamborghini you’ve ever seen. Treat your loved one to 9 laps in a choice of 3 supercars.


A day at Champneys Spa, your local Champneys, will have your partner sitting up and begging for more. Access to all the premium facilities plus a lush lunch? Taking charge has never felt this good.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it’s not just chequered flag winning drivers who get to celebrate a great campaign. Crack open the champers in a mezzanine VIP lounge at Donington, where you both can interact with a star-studded stable of supercars. Disclaimer: you have just raised the Best Date bar to a very challenging height.


Okay so that’s a Royal Marines saying. It works. Why overthink


You’re nowhere near done. Just down the road from you is the Heart of British Motorsport, Donington Park Race Circuit. Where Aryton Senna became a Grand Prix god with the greatest F1 lap of all time. Where Britain’s oldest racetack and an epic guided tour will have your partner in raptures. You have been warned.

Step 4. BREAK OUT THE BUBBLY Time to toast your success!


it, it’ll be hugely fun, you’ll have snaps and memories to last for ages. You can look, but you won’t find anything this exciting on offer. So go for it! Change your date night game and have fantastic fun doing it.


Why regret missing out on a great opportunity? To find out more, call 01332 415 355. You can also email or visit for a date to remember.

Shopping like the Cool Kids Luxury clothing for the most stylish children

Here at The Feminine Touch, I am all about looking and dressing fabulous but lately, the most stylish outfits I have seen are being worn by people much smaller than us… From North West to Instagram’s Baby Elle Style, there is so much outfit inspo for your kids to be the coolest on the playground! This issue, I bring you the best places to shop for your fashion forward kiddies from cutting edge, leading fashion designers to the cutest personalised accessories. Be prepared - your child is about to be way better dressed than you…

HA Mini My favourite girls over at HA Designs have launched HA Mini which is the cutest range of personalised accessories and clothing. Anything personalised is always a favourite with me and so it should be the same for your little fashionista! My favourite item from their collection has to be the HA Mini Personalised Children’s Ears Backpack. The ears shape is quite literally the cutest thing I have ever seen. This can be personalised with the name of your child and also comes in a range of colours - nude, red, black and blue. If only I was small enough to wear one of these... Shop online at, retailing at including personalisation.


Childs Play Clothing If there is one place you can be assured that your child is going to be the best dressed child ever, Childs Play Clothing is that place! They stock the world’s leading fashion houses in all of their miniature glory and I am loving it. Shoes are every girl’s weakness and what better place to start than with Sophia Webster. With Webster’s designs being so beautifully feminine, they make the perfect choice for your little girl’s first pair of designer shoes. My favourite are the Evangeline pre walkers in white with the iconic 3D butterfly wings in rose gold on the heel and a buckle strap over the foot. For the cooler girls, Guiseppe Zanotti have high tops for juniors and I am obsessed with this pair with a sparkling, matt glitter finish!! I really want to be a toddler again right now.

My must have fashion purchase is always a good coat and I am in love with this miniature Burberry trench. Burberry’s signature “Sandringham” double breasted trench coat design is the best investment for the Spring. There is nothing more quintessentially British than a Burberry trench and it is a classic look that will never not be in style. Just make sure your kid doesn’t get mixed up with one of the Beckham’s… Shop the luxury shoes and gorgeous trench online at or on Instagram @ childsplayclothing.



Touch Feminine

Ok, did anyone see the episode of KUWTK when Kim was in Dubai and bought herself a Horizon bag and North the matching mini version?! Ever since seeing that episode I have been so excited by this (entirely ridiculous) idea so here it is… Givenchy’s Mini Horizon Bag in Matte Smooth Leather. I’m pretty certain that Givenchy didn’t design this bag with a four year old in mind, but it has to be said that this will make your child feel super fashion forward when they realise how lucky they were to wear Givenchy to nursery... If you don’t already have one yourself, this is so justifiable. You can start the mother-daughter sharing early! Shop online at

House of LBD After what feels like the coldest winter, I am so happy that lighter nights are here and the warmer weather is coming. However, we’re not blessed to live in the warmest of climates and it so important to keep your babies warm obviously whilst looking stylish at the same time. House of LBD is my go to for my personalised pieces and there range for children does not disappoint. The House of LBD personalised scarves are monogrammed with initials and make the simplest of outfits look chic and now with scarves available for little ones, it would be so cute to match! How gorgeous are these two little boys in their scarves?

HERMÈS My Hermès Avalon blanket is without question my favourite home accessory that we have bought since moving in and if buying the matching baby blanket was a good reason to have a baby right now, I would have one. Hermès have the most adorable range of baby gifts including mittens, travel cases, baby buntings and even a bib! My favourite piece from the range though is of course the Adada Avalon blanket. This cashmere baby blanket mirrors the classic style of the Avalon throw but replaces the signature Hermès H with the cutest ever rocking horse.

Shop online at, mini scarves retailing at

The blanket is available in blue, pink and yellow and you can purchase the matching towels and face cloths too. I’m sold!



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We’ve been supplying private jets and helicopters to sports professionals for more than 25 years, and boast many of the biggest names in football as regular customers. Whether you need to get to the game or training on time, or are looking for a relaxing getaway with the family, we will get the right aircraft for you. As the official private jet partner of Sports World Magazine, we’ll make sure you get where you need to be in style.

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