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Rapid Fire

Cameron Santos California Baseball

Lake Lutes Jesuit Basketball

More excited for baseball or NCAA Tournament Baseball


Favorite animated movie The Incredibles

Trending What’s hot this week in the world of stuff that’s hot Neil Young (ask your parents, kids. Or have them ask their parents) has a new music service out that will change the way you listen to music. Just like the 10,000 music services before it did. Keep rockin’ in that Kickstarter world, Neil. A 4.4 Earthquake rocked Los Angeles. Russia is flexing it’s imperial might. Where’s Will Smith when you need him? (You can leave Jaden at home for this one, Will)


Favorite pro venue you've been to

Angels Stadium

Angels Stadium & Staples Center

Favorite breakfast food Sausage Biscuits

Sausage/Egg Bagel from Noah's Bagels

Have you ever bought a CD at an actual store Yes


It’s March Madness! That wonderful time of the year where everybody thinks you care how their brackets are doing. (Spoiler alert: Nobody cares about your brackets.) It’s NFL free-agency time. We’d like to congratulate the Denver Broncos on winning the Championship of March which will look great next to that trophy they won in February …. oh, wait. It’s the 10th Anniversary of Lost. The producers this week finally laid to rest a popular fan theory: The castaways were not dead the entire time. NBC, however, was dead during the entire decade.

Hello, Newman. The Interwebbery contained reports that Seinfeld star Wayne Knight had died in a car crash. As with every celebrity that dies these days, he didn’t die.



March 20, 2014

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