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Strong Mind Having the proper mental outlook

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March 20, 2014

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can make all the difference in the world When it comes to strength training, everyone’s main goal is to become stronger. What people usually overlook is the strength of mind needed to accomplish that goal. It takes a strong mind to be able to stick to a proper training regimen through setbacks, lack of sleep, or injuries. It takes a strong mind to change your diet in order to accomplish your goals of gaining mass, losing fat, or enduring a long hard workout. It takes strength of mind to push past limits that your mind has set for your body, because it doesn’t think it’s capable. In other words, without the mind the body will never have the ability to truly gain strength. When trying to gain strength, the most important time for strength of mind is mid-workout. You’ve completed your first few sets, your body is starting to fatigue, and your muscles are starting to burn as the weight increases. It’s now your turn to approach the weight. Sweat drips off the tip of your nose and a stream glides down your forehead from your hairline to your chin. Your brain tells you, ‘You’re too tired. The weight is too heavy. You didn’t rest enough between sets. You’re not going to be able to complete the reps without a spotter. You just cant do it.’ This is the exact moment when strength can or cannot increase. If you’re capable of having the strength of mind to shut it all out and move that weight when the muscles burn, when the weight is heavy, and you inner voice is saying it’s too much, then you will be able to endure the path it takes to achieve the goal and increase your strength. ✪ Anthony Trucks is the owner of Trucks Training facility in Brentwood and covers weight training for SportStars.

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