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tristeps: liz elliott

RUN recover Repeat

Build recovery into each season, phase, week, workout and set

Whew! You have all been working hard, and building your distances, loads and intensities. Now ti’s time for recovery. Recovery or rest doesn’t mean stop doing everything. It means you continue to workout consistently, and the same number of days you usually do, just with less intensity and load (the amount of stress you put on your muscles/body). After a hard build-up in any season, phase, workout or set — not just after races — you need to rest so all the small muscle fibers you have broken down can heal.   By doing so, your next build-up will be more productive, and help you perform better at your race.  For the fastest recovery after a hard workout, and to have the best performance at your race: 1. Replace fluids. 2. Eat properly. 3. Stretch. 4. Rest. 5. Perform active recovery. 6. Have a massage. 7. Take an ice bath. 8. Get high quality sleep. 9. Avoid over-training. 10. Use visualization, imagery and meditation. ✪ Liz Elliott was an All-American collegiate swimmer and is the head coach at Tri-Valley Triathlon Club.



March 20, 2014

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