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Three tips to help you prevent lifting injuries I recently made a trip to Russia, where I spent seven hours teaching at a huge fitness convention in Moscow. While there, I met trainers from several countries and learned a great deal about strength training and its uses around the world. One thing that made a significant impression on me was Americans’ view of taking care of the body while strength training over extanded periods of time versus the rest of the globe’s perception. The common thread was, they didn’t seem to think that far ahead. After hearing that, I spent time educating and teaching them tips and tools toward avoiding lifting injuries. I will share the tips with you now. ›› Warm up the muscle groups you will be using specifically to increase blood flow and joint fluid to allow proper motion when increasing weight ›› Use de-load weeks in your training periodically. This is where you keep the same program going but modify the weights way down and focus on stability and range of motion. This actively recovers the muscles and allows the nervous system to recover. ›› Include multi-joint, and multi-planar movements into your training to maintain range of motion, and minimize muscular compensation which could lead to injuries to other muscles by overuse in the incorrect pattern. For example, get a PVC or wood stick and put it above your head, then perform an over head squat. In the down position, lower the stick behind your head, raise the stick, then raise your body. You’re body will only last if you take care of it. So make sure to focus on longevity and training with the “law of the harvest” concept. When you plant seeds you don’t get the crop tomorrow, you get it over time with careful attention to the plants. ✪

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December 19, 2013

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