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Top 5 gifts we'd like to give to bay area sports teams Merry Christmuhquanzakkuh, and a Happy Festivus to the rest of us! We here at SportStars are overcome with the spirit of the season, and we’re feeling in a giving mood. So we won’t make you wait for any jolly, redclad, white-bearded offensive linemen to come hurtling through your HVAC unit to start doling out the holiday cheer. Here are the top five gifts we’d give to local sports franchises. 1. The Warriors: Consistency. Any chance we could get Klay Thompson to just post his 20 and 4, as opposed to, say, 35-7 one night and 5-1 the next? And would it be too much to ask to go through one flippin’ season without a significant injury to a big man? Really? 2. The 49ers. Consistency. Are we a running-and-defense team? Or are we a light-it-up, zone-read-pistol team? Who’s got identity-crisis better than us? Nooooo-body! 3. The Raiders. Consistency. Sensing a theme, are we? Well, aren’t you clever. Howzabout we pick a quarterback. And settle on a coach. General Manager anyone? Frankly, the only thing consistent about the Silver-and-Black right now is in the loss column. 8+ for 11 years and counting. Just whatnow, baby? 4. The Giants. Consistency. Next thing you know, Sabean will be snapping up aging, injury-prone outfielders and overpaying for past-their-prime starting pitchers… oh. Wait. Nevermind. 5. The A’s. Consistency. Well. Okay. You’ve got us there. If there is one constant with the A’s, it’s change. And boy did Billy throw us for a loop already this offseason. Smith, Balfour, Blevins, Weeks, Choice, Anderson. Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone. Welcome Gregerson, Johnson, Gentry, Punto, Kazmir. Did we trade Stomper yet? Pretty sure we couldn’t be more surprised if he announced that they were moving to Lodi and changing their colors to chartreuse and saffron. — Bill “the hobgoblin of little minds” Kolb. Ho ho freakin’ ho.

“We’re almost playing more games than the NFL. It’s nice to go to the state game, but how much can your kids take? Some of these kids played 16 games last year, and now they’re going to play 16 again? We’re happy! Don’t get me wrong, but we’re human, and you get tired.”

— Central Catholic-Modesto football coach, Roger Canepa, after his team defeated McClymonds-Oakland 17-14 to win the CIF Div. IV Northern Regional championship on Dec. 13. The win allows the Crusaders (14-1) an attempt at defending their CIF Div. IV State Bowl title on Dec. 21 against Bakersfield Christian (12-2).

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The number of consecutive football games that De La Salle has played against Northern California opponents without a loss. With its CIF Open Division Northern Regional victory over Folsom on Dec. 14, the Spartans improved to 247-0-2 against NorCal opponents since a December 1991 loss to Pittsburg. De La Salle will put a 67-game winning streak against California opponents on the line when they face St. John Bosco-Bellflower in the CIF Open Division State Bowl on Dec. 21.

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December 19, 2013



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SJ Issue 78, Dec. 19, 2013  

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