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Golf at college doesn’t always require competition The unique aspect about the game of golf is that it offers a little for everybody. If you are a competitor, a PGA Professional, a volunteer, a club member, a ladies a long way to go if I was going to think about a scholargroup — there is always some way to be involved in ship. After struggling to improve as I’d hope, I figured I the game of golf. However, there is a growing number would pursue college the old-fashioned way. of competitors who find themselves at a crossroads at UNLV was one of the institutions I was looking at the end of high school. attending. Golf was the furthest thing from The average 18-year-old competitive my mind when I was considering what golfer dreams of receiving an NCAA scholto study. Fate, it seems, would have my arship. According to www.collegesports future mother-in-law contact me about a, there are 289 Division-I golf management program at the university. and 186 Division-II colleges offering men’s The Professional Golfer’s Association of golf scholarships, and 217 Division-I and 90 America (PGA), created a curriculum and Division-II scholarship options for women. a program geared towards training colA division-I men’s golf program can offer lege students in the game and business of 4.5 scholarships and 3.6 for Division-II. For golf. After four-plus years, I walked away women, there are six scholarships available with a bachelor’s degree from a four-year in Division-I and 5.4 in Division-II. That’s institution, and a Class “A” PGA status and a total of 1,970.1 men’s golf scholarships 16 months of mandatory work experience. available in the NCAA alone. For women’s For those high school graduates who want to stay golf the total number on offer in the NCAA is 1,788. around the game of golf, but don’t know how to do it These numbers seem generous; however, when you without competition. Well, my example shows there look at how many high school golfers there are in the is a way. UNLV isn’t the only university. Penn State, entire country, the light looks a little bit dim. Florida State, Arizona State, Clemson, and Methodist I was one of these individuals. I saw some minor just start the list of over 20 institutions offering the PGA success as a young junior golfer when I turned about Golf Management Program. Go to to see 16 years old. I was able to consistently break 80 and more about these programs. You might just find that even win local events. At 17, I qualified for the Junior World Golf Champion- your future in the game of golf isn’t coming to an end at ships and missed the cut. This lead me to believe I had all; it is really just beginning.

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Gary Xavier

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October 28, 2010



Issue 10, 10.28.2010  

Issue 10 hits the streets! We're in double digits!

Issue 10, 10.28.2010  

Issue 10 hits the streets! We're in double digits!