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Good on the course, but even better in life The First Tee has nine core values, which are taught to the students to instill values and morals. One I follow very closely is integrity. Essentially, integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. This could be on the golf course, as sometimes one must call a penalty on themselves. But it could also be when hanging out with friends, or when at school. Recently, a close friend was caught cheating on a test. Though the consequences were terrible, she could have made the right decision and had integrity. But just not doing something because it has consequences isn’t the point. We must look at our own moral compass and find for ourselves what will keep us from doing the wrong thing. I believe that the reason the First Tee emphasizes integrity, is because it is a major part of our lives.

It is our responsibility to do the right thing no matter what situation we are put in. As we grow older and mature, we become more aware of and are faced with more situations where we must force ourselves to make the right decision. In that constant battle of right and wrong, integrity helps right prevail. We must understand integrity to play golf the right way, but to live our life the right way, too.

age, know the sport they want to participate in. Tiger Woods is the quintessential example of this rare type of athlete. Youth development depends heavily on a child’s exposure to many opportunities for growth. When I was young, I really enjoyed playing basketball, football, kickball, and soccer with my friends at school. I gravitated towards golf and martial arts and pursued them based on my experiences with the other sports — because I just wasn’t as good at the other activities. Involving your son or daughter in a variety of competitive opportunities is what parents need to be focused on. Young athletes also need to be exposed to the value of teamwork and work ethic at an early age. This allows a young athlete to experience two

very vital emotions: disappointment and victory. A variety of activities allows a child to begin making decisions about what they find enjoyable. By the age of 12, as the begin transforming into young adults, children begin to favor certain activities over others. Be supportive and trust your parenting skills enough to know that you’ve raised an individual that desires to do something they love.

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Eddie Estrada

Eddie Estrada is a senior at De La Salle High. He has been a member of The First Tee Contra Costa for six years. Contact him at

Notes From The Pros is a regular feature compiled by Gary Xavier (Northern California Junior Golf sports administrator) and Dave DeLong (PGA professional and director of instruction at Boundary Oak GC). Contact them at the following addresses: or

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November 25, 2010



Issue 12, 11.25.2010  

An even dozen and the football playoffs are here!

Issue 12, 11.25.2010  

An even dozen and the football playoffs are here!