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Build brakes Increasing your throwing velocity actually starts with the muscles which slow down the arm and shoulder



October 1, 2013

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arm/shoulder strength: justin dudley The decelerating muscles of your arm, the brakes for your arm, need to be the primary focus for all baseball players. Strengthening these vital decelerating muscles will protect your arm from injury as well as increase your throwing velocity. Yes, you heard that right. Strengthening the decelerating muscles will actually improve your ability to accelerate a baseball. That may sound crazy, but your body doesn’t want to hurt itself and will only allow you to accelerate your arm to the point where it can slow it down. The force created at the shoulder immediately following the release of the baseball (distraction force) has been measured up to 1.5 times the players body weight. So if you weigh 200 pounds, the decelerating force at your shoulder can be up to 300 pounds on every pitch. Multiply that by 100 pitches in a game and you can understand why the muscles on the back side of the shoulder are sore. Ron Wolforth has a great analogy for this: He says “it is like driving a Ferrari with no brakes.” How fast are you going to drive? Crossover Symmetry protocols target these essential decelerating muscles in a practical, structured and time efficient system that can be done right on the field. Crossover Symmetry protocols and throwing itself are great ways to strengthen the decelerating muscles for the arm, you just have to do it smart. Much like any activity, if you overdo it without being prepared, you are putting yourself at risk. For more velocity or questions on the shoulder call (303) 403 0126 or viist ✪ Justin Dudley is an in-house Physical Therapist for Crossover Symmetry, based in Denver.

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BA Issue 73, Oct. 1, 2013  
BA Issue 73, Oct. 1, 2013  

Bay Area Issue 73, October 1, 2013