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Welcome to Impulse, your one-stop shop for gadgets, gizmos and gear. Compiled by staff writer Erik Stordahl, Impulse provides you with the latest and greatest and what’s currently hot on the market. This week we were royally hooked up by our friends Sklz, makers of trendy sports equipment. They massively furnished our digs for our Field of Dreams at the Bay Area KidFest, so let us take you on a tour of the goodies. What makes Sklz products so cool is that they’re compact, lightweight but constructed in a way that makes them durable. We have a feeling this equipment can stand the test of time enduring countless soccer trips, little league double headers, and basketball tryouts.

Rapid Fire ››

Now you don’t need to bribe your little brother or sister to rebound for you. What’s cool about the Rapid Fire is you can change the angle and any miss, even an airball, will come right back to you.

Quickster Golf Net ››

Who needs to hit the driving range when you can set this up in your backyard? It’s so sturdy even your mammoth drives won’t knock it back. Take it anywhere you want: golf practice, friends houses, birthday parties, etc.right back to you.

Goal-EE ››

D-Man ››

If you’ve got two seconds then you can assemble this soccer goal. So easy to use, portable, and sturdy that we’re sure it can outlast a thousand soccer tourneys.

Set up a couple of these and work on your ankle breaking skills, spin moves, kicking, passing, peripheral vision and more. It’s the ideal football practice companion.


This compact bench seats four athletes (or, 5-6 little athletes) comfortably. It folds up easily so you can stow it away and make room for the rest of your gear. This is a must-have for soccer since most fields don’t come equipped with benches.



May 23, 2013

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BA Issue 66, May 23, 2013  

Bay Area Issue 66, May 23, 2013

BA Issue 66, May 23, 2013  

Bay Area Issue 66, May 23, 2013