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Train the core for stability, not good beach physique Most people don’t understand the purpose of core training. Most think the purpose is to attract the opposite gender, when in reality it’s to keep the body capable of transferring force throughout the entire kinetic chain (from feet to head and/ or hands). I find that when I am asked to create a core training program, it’s always about wanting to know what exercises will make abs look best, especially with summer approaching. Your core is composed of many different abdominal muscle groups and most are not visible from the front of your body, and the true purpose of your core is to make sure you can stabilize and transfer force from your feet up to your hands and vice versa. The core is the link, and if it’s weak you will be as well. Imagine trying to place a drink on a table held up by one singular wooden or metal cylinder. No problem right? Now imagine placing that same drink on a table held up by a singular pool noodle toy. Not so stable huh? The cores main purpose is to allow full functionality of the body. Not full functionality of your ego. When training your core, the “side effect” should be a great looking stomach, and the main goal should be trying to ward off future pain as you get older. Make sure to focus on strength and stability of the front abs, side abs, rotational abs, and you lower back muscles to get a strong well-rounded core base that allows you to be strong in posture and healthy well into your later years. Anthony Trucks is the owner of Trucks Training facility in Brentwood and covers weight training for SportStars.

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May 1, 2013



BA Issue 65, May 1, 2013  

Bay Area Issue 65, May 1, 2013

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