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get mental: erika Carlson

Never too late to set performance goals Mid-season can be the perfect time to assess and reset your performance goals. If you didn’t take the time to set goals in the beginning, it’s not too late. The mid-season mark is a time to analyze your performance and set yourself up to succeed as the pressure of late and post season arrives. Here is a sample mid-season goal plan for a soccer player. Use it as a template to create a sport specific goal worksheet for yourself.

Conditioning Goals Are you as fit as you need to be? › Run 2x’s per week outside of practice

training/practice Goals › Maintain a level 8 (out of 10) intensity during practice. Be disciplined to work hard. › Increase speed of play in practice (get comfortable)

game performance Goals › Take on (at least) three defenders 1-on-1 › Carry the ball at speed › Take shots when there is a decent (but not a perfect) opportunity

mental performance Goals › Improve confidence through increasing fitness and intense training › Keep eyes up and find a path dribbling through traffic

Always write your goals (on paper or in your notes on your phone) so they are waiting there for you to evaluate after practice and games. Remember, one of the easiest ways to improve confidence is to make a goal plan and systematically follow through. Keep your performance goals realistic AND challenging, and you will be ready to compete! ✪ Erika Carlson is a certified mental trainer and owner of Excellence in Sports Performance in Pleasanton.

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February 21, 2013



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BA Issue 61, Feb. 21, 2013  

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