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It’s time to take Overtraining Syndrome seriously It is now very common to see young athletes train and compete in their respective sports year round. Not only do they play for their schools, they may play on a club team as well as participate in camps. Athletes are always looking to improve their skills/overall performance levels. But some athletes may be pushing themselves beyond the limit by exercising excessively without adequate rest periods. Our bodies have a hard time adjusting to this which may result in physical and mental changes which are not necessarily a good thing in this case. Overtraining syndrome has been associated with poor performance, exhaustion and chronic fatigue. Other clues to overtraining syndrome may be irritability, moodiness, depression, a change in sleep patterns, loss of enthusiasm for your sport as well as a loss of that competitive edge. Athletes who overtrain may complain of muscle soreness that doesn’t go away after several days, may be prone to frequent viral illnesses and injury. The most effective way to treat overtraining syndrome is to rest. Once you have gone through an adequate recovery period which may be anywhere from a few days to several weeks, you do not want to jump back into daily excessive workouts. It is better to take things slow and start light training on an every other day type schedule. To prevent something like overtraining syndrome from happening again you should consider getting adequate sleep, drink plenty of fluids such as water throughout the day, avoid extreme environmental conditions, rest at least six hours between exercise bouts and make sure you ingest adequate calories throughout the day. Kelli Adams is a physical therapist assistant and certified athletic trainer at Sports Medicine for Young Athletes, a division of Children’s Hospital Oakland with a second facility in Walnut Creek.



August 1, 2013

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