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M I S S I O N STAT E M E N T Sports Spectrum Global is a multimedia ministry with the purpose to impact people by connecting faith and sports in a relevant way, ultimately directing people, with resources for discipleship, toward a personal, loving God who demands Christ-centered lives.

WHAT WE DO INTERNATIONALLY We help sports ministries across the globe by allowing them to use our staff and media platforms to share the love of Jesus through sports in their native country and language. The purpose is to spread the gospel through Sports Spectrum’s digital platform and magazine while utilizing organized and viral campaigns. Through our digital platform, the information cannot be confiscated and destroyed, thus having the potential to grow organically through social media across the globe.

OVERVIEW From the beginnings of Sports Spectrum in 1985, when we were called Sports Focus, to now, our mission has remained the same: to tell stories of eternal importance and, therefore, reach the lost with a message of hope and also to encourage believers and disciple them in their walk with Christ. Since the conception of the magazine, we have seen that there is a great need for relevant, dynamic content that is totally sports-based and has a faith-based focus. Through our experience, we found the need for professional content, photos, and layout that shares the gospel through sports. The international digital magazine is a resource for ministries around the world, providing them with an opportunity to create resources and content through Sports Spectrum Global to further develop and grow their local sports ministries. Meanwhile, the stateside magazine is printed quarterly in addition to its eight digital issues.

SPORTS SPECTRUM MAGAZINE MISSION STATEMENT Sports Spectrum magazine seeks to highlight Christian athletes of all sports and levels to help motivate, encourage and inspire people in their faith through the exciting and challenging world of sports.



• The Training Table provides daily sports devotionals

The Stateside Digital magazine produced twelve

that many use for discipleship and growth.

times a year presents a growth opportunity to

• Thought-provoking and challenging columns.

reach the masses because it can be accessed on

• Special columns by outside ministries or writers

computers, tablets, and smart phones; churches and

that discuss everything from fitness to sports

youth organizations are able to engage and distribute

ministry philosophy.

the digital magazine through their own networks

• Full feature stories on athletes and their faith. • Entertainment and pop culture content that complements the sports focus.

while utilizing their personal code.



HISTORY OF POWER TO WIN Power to Win has been partnering with churches and groups on Super Bowl Sunday for more than 20 years. During this time, more than 65,000 people have made commitments to Jesus Christ, and thousands more have recommitted their lives to Christ. In addition, during the last decade, churches have hosted more than 60,000 Power To Win outreach parties on Super Bowl Sunday. The annual Power To Win video profiles a coach, NFL player or NFL players who are a great example of character and faith. The project has profiled Tom Landry, Reggie White, Mike Singletary, Joe Gibbs, Irving Fryar, Darrell Green, Aeneas Williams, Kurt Warner, Darren Woodson, Trent Dilfer, Tony Dungy, Shaun Alexander, LaDainian Tomlinson, Derrick Brooks, Jeff Saturday, London Fletcher, Hunter Smith, Chris Canty, Justin Tuck, and Chase Blackburn.

OTHER SPORTS SPECTRUM MINISTRY TOOLS SPORTS SPECTRUM POCKET MAGAZINE A miniature version of Sports Spectrum Magazine that is useful in large venues and is available at a minimal cost to share encouraging and challenging faith and sports stories from the magazine. Also includes the Plan of Salvation. PRO BOOK A gospel tract featuring the NFL schedule, a feature story, and the Plan of Salvation. It’s used throughout the season to encourage and challenge believers and non-believers. TRAINING TABLE A daily sports devotional to help disciple, encourage, and challenge believers—new and old—in their faith walks. Many people use the Training Table as a way to connect non-believers to sports and faith.

SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AND YOUTUBE We are active in the social media and have large followings on both Facebook and Twitter: (Facebook: SportsSpectrumMag; Twitter: Sports_Spectrum). Furthermore, on our YouTube Channel, we feature online interviews with athletes. WWW.SPORTSSPECTRUM.COM A landing page with the hub for faith and sports content nationally and internationally. Within the website, there are testimonies of athletes and other outstanding faith-sports content.

GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES STATS • According to FIFA, 265 million people play football (soccer) around the world. • In the 2010 World Cup Final, 3.6 billion people watched the match between Spain and the Netherlands. • In the United States, more than 35 million children play organized sports each year. • Hundreds of millions of people watch sporting events each year, and more than 192 million Americans identify themselves as sports fans.

OUR IMPACT We are ministering to hundreds of thousands of people through our magazine, Power to Win, and the work we do internationally. Countries we are currently impacting: United States, Canada, Kenya, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, the Far East and more that will be coming on board soon. We see our reach easily growing beyond 1 million people, whose lives will be forever changed because of faith through Christ, sports and your financial support.

“… I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” John 4:35, KJV

PARTNERSHIPS Help Sports Spectrum Global make a difference in the lives of people around the world. Sports can serve as a tremendous platform and the fields are white for harvest, but we need you! • Please consider giving by going online to and click “donate.” • Call us toll-free at (866) 821-2971 for further information. • Want to know more on how you can impact the world? Email