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I00 yards rushing, 14 games with at least one touchdown, a 5. 1-yard average that was the second-highest for the league rushing leader since 1997. Nobody has scored more touchdowns in a season-27 rushing, one receiving. He keeps every football he carried for a touchdown. Alexander, who received 19 of the 50 votes for MVP, is the first Seahawk to wi n the award. He's just the fourth

professional athlete in Seattle to be named a league MVP. Accompanying all the touchdowns, the slipped tackles, the bounce-to-theoutside moves for added yardage, is his grin. In a game of grit and attitude, Alexander freq uentl y fl ashes his mega-watt smile. Whether he's in the huddle, on the sideline, or on the bottom of a pile, he'll do the unexpected. He'll smile. He's a contrad iction to the

image of an NFL running back that says be nasty, be mean, and be angry. Detinitely, don't smile. "That's just me," Alexander says about his good-natured approach to the game. "The smile doesn't mean I'm not trying. But I think people see me run for 150 yards in a game and see me smiling, and they think I'm not trying." Alexander's disposition is a reflection of who he is- a Christian. Raised in a

4 Super Shaun. In his first Super Bowl appea rance, Shaun Alexander, being pursued on this play by Joey Porter of the Steelers, ran the ball 2 0 times for 95 yards.

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2006 septemberoctober