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bottom of the ninth and sent the game into extra innings, where they won in 14 innings. The Red Sox won in 12 innings the next night and sent the series back to New York trai ling three games to two. When Schilling shut down the Yankees in Game 6, it evened the series and set up the first time in baseball history that a team overcame a 3-0 deficit in the postseason, as the Red Sox won Game 7, 10-3. To cap things off, the Red Sox rolled past the St. Louis Cardinals, the team with the best record in baseball in 2004, in four straight games to claim Boston's first World Series title since 1918. It was a dream that had been floating around New England for the last 86 years. It wasn't one that was going to die easily or be accomplished without fanfare. "It's hard to state the intensity that


the fans of New England put on the Red Sox unless you've lived here," Day says. "I doubt there's anywhere else in baseball, or in any other sport, that's anything like this. "It's an intergenerational thing. You have grandfathers and fathers and sons passing it on. I've heard a bunch of people say they were afraid their father was going to die before the Red Sox won. How many other places would you hear that? "There's al so tremendous media coverage here, with talk radio and newspapers. It's not just Boston; it's all of New England. You have Hartford and Providence and other cities. I don't know how to put it into words, but the intensity of the fandom is without match." With the immense pressure of an entire region resting on their shoulders, it might come as a surprise to hear how


the Red Sox were able to overcome the adversity and finally wi n. "We relaxed and let our talent take over," Red Sox reliever Mike Timlin says. "We just decided to go out and play and have fun. That's exactly what "It's hard to we did, time and time again. We kept hearing that we had no chance. Nobody state the intensity that had ever come from 3-0 down. "Our attitude was, 'Let's win one.' the fans of The next clay, it was 'Let's win another New England one.' We went back to New York and put on the had a chance to do something historic. We won that one and we said, 'It's never Red Sox ... been done before, but let's see what we I've heard can do.' The pressure was all on them, people say they not on us." were afraid Schilling's comment on li ve televi- their father sion after Game 6 was one of several indications that the chapel program was going to that Day conducts for the Red Sox was die before the having an impact. And Day believes Red Sox won." that something he had been preaching WALT DAY all season long had something to do with the attitude of the Red Sox when they were down 3-zip. "We talked about how making glorifying Christ your motivation can help you through the ups and downs of professional baseball," he says. "It's a long season and there are going to be ups and downs. There can even be ups and downs in a short series, as we saw in the series against the Yankees." Day asked linebacker Don Davis of

""' Curt answers. Nobody thought Curt Schilling could pitch Game 6, not even j Schilling. But a j stitch here and a tuck there, and his ankle was strong enough to support him. Eight days j later, the Sox were World Series J champions (above).





2005 March/April  

Boston Red Sox (Cover Story)

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