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Smart Events and Venues Are Driven by Smart Solutions F&Box Delivery System is an innovative event food delivery method that makes the real improvement for fan experience. eFAN platform – how Bluetooth Smart can help maximizing fan experience Nowadays the generation of the most active consumers being at the same time participants of mass events and sports events is defined as between ages 15 to 34, called generation Y. The Millennial generation has completely different expectations towards offer and experience they expect participating in sports and entertaining events. The new generation of fans requires experience based on new mobile technologies. People need platforms and mobile technologies which support and enhance Fan Experience and make participation in an event more engaging – otherwise they might get discouraged. If a fan gets more experience during an event itself,

he will participate in it with greater pleasure than he would have sitting at home in front of a TV set. It is why Fan Experience is one of the ways to fulfil the stands and thus to increase the income from an event.

events. F&B is also important because it generates considerable amount of matchday revenue. So there is a positive correlation between good experiences related to F&B on-site consumption and the service turnover.

How eFAN solution helps? Very Good Conversions – using The functions of eFAN combine the iBeacons at PGE Arena Gdansk potential of Bluetooth Smart and Since December 2014 eFAN platform Smart Devices to make the in-venue helps generating positive experiences experience more for fans, using 8 out of 10 fans engaged relevant, easy iBeacons and seamless themselves in the reaction technology to for fans. It’s all with to the message scoring it communicate about relevant attendants during communication positively or sharing with Lechia Gdansk’s and creation of games at PGE their friends. innovative services Arena. There are which eliminate all difficulties 16 beacons deployed around and affecting fans, such as queues and on the arena itself. Every matchday crowds around points of interest, communication campaign involves especially F&B stands during mass different messages conveyed to fans in

1 Can your fans order F&B easily via mobile app? Now make your fans collect food orders in seconds! Boost your fans event experience and eliminate long lines to F&B stands with F&Box delivery concept. You can easily integrate it into your event and venue app as a new, alterative order delivery option.

2 When fan chooses F&Box Delivery option, order is assigned to the closest, empty F&Box. F&B worker receives delivery request. When food is ready, F&B worker knows which F&Box should be used to deliver the order.

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SportsPro Magazine - September 2015 Edition  

SportsPro Magazine - September 2015 Edition