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Coaching turmoil on the hilltop December 16-22, 2011 Volume 10, Issue 18

By Dic Humphrey C O R R E S P O N D E NT























Just a couple of weeks ago, the SMU football program seemed to be hitting on all cylinders. After 25 years of ineptitude, SMU finished 2011 with a 7-5 record, including a win over a ranked team, and was heading to a bowl game for the third straight year. The oral commitments for the 2012 recruiting class comprised an impressive list, a continuing upgrade of Mustang talent inflow since the arrival of June Jones as head football coach. The recent football success had thrust the Mustangs into consideration to join the Big East Conference, a clear financial upgrade from Conference-USA. There has even been speculation about expanding Ford Stadium in anticipation of growing football crowds.

season and has looked lethargic and disinterested. His strategic decisions during games have also come into question. He is supposed to be a strong developer of quarterbacks, but has failed to recruit a top flight quarterback prospect. Indeed, this year's team failed to win eight or nine games largely because of disappointing quarterback play. This fall SMU ran out to 5-1 record including a win over a ranked TCU team in Ft. Worth. From there, SMU was soundly thumped by Southern Mississippi and Tulsa. They also lost a very winnable game to Navy, and finished just 2-4 over the second half of the season to make the final record 7-5. That's good enough for a bowl, which is not to be discounted lightly, but it is still disappointing after the quick start and is not really a step forward for the program.



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HOW QUICKLY THINGS CAN CHANGE! Wednesday, December 7 was supposed to be a red letter day for the Mustangs as they scheduled a 4:00 PM press conference to announce the acceptance of SMU's invitation to join the Big East, wringing in a new era for Mustang athletics. Early that day though, creditable media outlets began reporting that Jones would shortly be named the new head football coach at Arizona State University. It appeared to be all but a done deal. Even more damaging was the prospect of the best recruits in this year's anticipated class switching their non-binding oral commitments to the Sun Devils. Jones, who apparently was taking the bulk of the current coaching staff with him to Phoenix, appeared to be wrecking the SMU program on his way out the door. Later that afternoon, word came down that Jones's deal with Arizona State had reached an impasse and would not be consummated. Jones's agent, Leigh Steinberg, indicated that the deal was down to just a few “tweaks”; but for public consumption, the deal breaker is said to be a buyout from Jones' SMU contract, which exceeds $2.0 million. Obviously $2,000,000 is more than a “tweak”, and equally obviously, there was another explanation as to why the ASU administration soured on hiring Jones. Jones at least for now is back at SMU, but unquestionably, serious damage has been done. There was already growing dissatisfaction with Jones's coaching among some SMU supporters despite the overall success on the field. He offends many by wearing Hawaiian leis at home games, as if he regrets leaving his former employer the University of Hawaii. At times, the team has not looked prepared to play this

4 December 16-22, 2011 | The Sports Page |

It is curious as to why Jones would even want to leave in the first place. He is certainly being paid like a big time state school head coach, and his annual income is scheduled to increase with the increased conference revenues from joining the Big East. The school has catered to his whims. Admission standards have been lowered to accommodate recruiting more talented athletes. He has downplayed the traditional SMU mascot - Peruna - in favor of two real Mustangs that now share billing with the Shetland pony that has been loved by SMU fans for almost 80 years. Earlier this year, Jones complained about the positioning of the lights at Ford Stadium being a problem for receivers, and new lights were installed within days, despite the fact that SMU had no night games remaining on the 2011 home schedule. Wednesday's events tilted many more SMU supporters into the detractors' camp. There

is even a hawkish contingent that wants him fired immediately. There is likely damage done to the recruiting class, many of whom have to be wondering about the stability of SMU's coaching situation. At a minimum, Jones has some serious fence mending to do with players, the administration and alumni. Every Monday, Jones meets with boosters at luncheon to talk about the team. This past Monday's luncheon was the best attended of the year. The press was not allowed, but reports from boosters that did attend were that Jones was there with Athletic Director Steve Orsini in a show of solidarity. He wore a red shirt with an SMU logo, which he never wears on the sideline during games. NOTHING TO SEE HERE...MOVE ALONG Jones claimed there never was an offer from ASU and that Orsini was kept apprised of the situation at every step of whatever happened with ASU. Undoubtedly, he is playing a semantics game with his claim that no offer was made. He reportedly said that he was committed to SMU until they either won the Big East or until Orsini fired him. He also assured the boosters that there was no problem with this year's recruiting class. Certainly the Jones regime at SMU is a success. After a 25 year drought, going to a bowl game each fall has become an expectation, not a hope. The talent level in the program is clearly superior than it was when he arrived four seasons ago. The events of last week, particularly the rumored wrecking of the program by undermining this year's recruiting class though have at least caused a pause in enthusiasm. Monday's booster club meeting was greeted with skepticism by many boosters, but is a step in the right direction. There are still many more steps needed to restore the confidence Jones enjoyed just weeks ago.





















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The Metroplex is a sports fan's dream - great pro sports, college powerhouses and some of the best high school sports programs in the country and we deliver it all with typical Texas hospitality. -Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price on D/FW being ranked the No. 1 sports area in the U.S.


Cowboys owner Jones has Coach Garrett’s back Despite that the Cowboys suck, despite the team blowing five fourth-quarter leads, despite that the head coach has been crucified for being moronic in managing a win to a loss at Arizona and despite all the scrutiny concerning the secondary and fourth-quarter penalties, coach Jason Garrett’s job is secure.

something worth discussion. We are really just getting started. We’ve made the first step out of the blocks in Jason’s career as coach of the Dallas Cowboys. I do intend, if there are mistakes made, then, I want to be around for the rewards when they’re corrected. And he’s the guy that can correct them.”

When asked about the job security of Garrett were the Cowboys to fail to reach the playoffs, owner/general manager Jerry Jones commented, “It’s really not even

True, Garrett is not Wade Phillips by any account. Garrett has more control over day to day operations of the team. Garrett has the respect of the team. Garrett motivates

the team. But Garrett hasn’t lived up to the personal and Ivy League intellectual hype that clamored around his entry into head coaching in the NFL. Garrett is 12-9 as head coach of the Cowboys. As head coach, Garrett’s management has been horrendous: See Arizona; dumb players that can’t seem to learn the playbook (i.e., Dez Bryant). On offense, Garrett’s play-calling has often resembled a mediocre Madden player: See abandoning the running for the deep ball

late in games. Despite that the Cowboys suck, despite the head coach, despite the players, despite the mishaps of 2011, despite it all, the team is Jerry’s and Garrett is Jerry’s coach. To admit personal fault in poor decision is something Jerry Jones can’t muster. While by no means the hapless pack that is the Cowboys falls totally on Garrett’s shoulders, it lies somewhere. But for now the heartbreak that is being a Dallas Cowboys fan will stay in place.

MLBPA head backs Braun after positive PED test In the face of accusations of the use performance-enhancing drugs, Baseball’s union head reiterated that the public should wait for all the facts before making any conclusions about the reigning NL MVP


Ryan Braun. The Mlwaukee Brewers’ star tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance, which he’s appealed. The case will be heard before an arbitrator, which likely won’t be until next month at

the earliest. If upheld, Braun would face a 50 game first offender suspension. Players’ association leader Michael Weiner said in a statement Tuesday that the agree-

ment is designed to protect a player from “a rush to judgment,” adding, “fairness dictats that Ryan Braun be treated no differently.”


Stars’ owner gets re-alignment in his first week After just a handful of days on the job, Gagliardi puts Stars in better geographical position. by RICHARD S. POLLAK, The HOCKEY ATTITUDE SPECIAL CONTRIBUTOR New Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi has done in one week what the two previous fumble bump owners couldn't do in 17 seasons! The Stars will finally be in a new division with a Midwestern favor and with much more favorable travel distances. The new alignment (subject to the Coyotes remaining in Phoenix not Quebec) will see our Stars competing against all Eastern and Central time zone opponents in a New 8 team conference. FANS WANT TO SEE THE LEAFS! "8000 Toronto Maple Leaf fans in Dallas,Texas,can't be wrong," according to Bruce Levine,studio host for the Dallas Stars on KTXA Television and The Ticket Radio broadcasts. We needed realignment

and needed it now! It was great to sit in the Press Box for the first time all season with a full house just like in the good old days when Jeff Cogen packed the American Airtlines Center with 221 consecutive sell out crowds. Unfortunately, it wasn't because the Stars are leading the Pacific or there’s an NBA strike. It was because the visiting team was the Toronto Maple Leafs and hockey fans were excited to see someone else come into the AAC Building besides Calgary,Phoenix and San Jose. There are so many more hockey fans in Dallas that hail from the Midwest and Eastern time zones to attend Stars games than on the west coast or western Canada. It's ridiculous,"The Dallas Stars have played Toronto only 6 times and Phoenix 52 times," according to Dallas Stars GM Joe Niewendyk. We are also guaranteed to see the Top Stars of the NHL like Crosby,Ovechkin and Brodeur at least one time per season, each and every season at the American Airlines Center. BRAND NEW PLAYOFFS FORMAT Along with a new conference alignment will come a new playoff format designed to keep natural rivalries playing against each other during the first two rounds of the play-

offs. The top four teams in each Conference will qualify for the playoffs. The first-place team in each conference would play the fourth-place team in the same conference; the second-place team would play the thirdplace team. The four respective Conference champions would meet in the third round, with the survivors playing for the Stanley Cup. The makeup of the yet-to-be-named four conferences is as follows: * New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Washington and Carolina * Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Buffalo, Florida and Tampa Bay * Detroit, Columbus, Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, Minnesota, Dallas and Winnipeg * Los Angeles, Anaheim, Phoenix, San Jose, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Colorado

SLAPSHOTS: CONGRATS TO KIRK: I mention the naming of Kirk Muller as the new head coach of the Carolina Hurricanes because he was my top choice to be the next Dallas Stars head coach after Marc Crawford. Muller is a player's coach ,just as we are finding out about our own new Stars Coach,Glen Gulutzan.The Stars are buying into his system unlike taskmaster Marc Crawford who unsuccessfully tried to for 2 years to institute a antiquated style of play. Unknown to most of the Stars followers, there was a revolt of the veterans of the team both in the locker room and on the ice against Crawford. How else does a team slide from 1st place to not making the playoffs in 4 short weeks. It was a known fact in the Press Box that Captain Brendan Morrow "made efforts" to have the soft spoken,squeaky voiced nice guy on the outside Crawford , (who was a raging antagonist inside the locker room )replaced

Dallas fans must praise new owner Tom Gaglardi for finally bringin us Re-alignment! | The Sports Page | December 16-22, 2011


6 December 16-22, 2011 | The Sports Page |



MavVirus in remission for Dallas fans Mavs front office has just the prescription for nervous fans. Follow the Fish on twitter at @FishSports and at

enough to give,'' you are MavVirus-plagued, forgetting the glow of that Larry, thinking too small and thinking too fast. Don't get ahead of yourself here.

by Mike Fisher FISH You and your Mavs are going to get your hearts broken. The end of the rainbow always leads to LA or NY, and your MavVirus so poisons your system that not even a title cures it. Lamar & Vince? Maybe. Dwight & Deron? They shouldn't even try … because YOU might get your heart broken?

Oh, and they are in possession of the Larry O'Brien Trophy, too. THE ROSTER ISN’T SET YET "We're going to be a dangerous team and our goal is to mold into, once again, a championship team,'' coach Rick Carlisle says from Mavs HQ. “Those things take some time, but I'm excited about this group and I don't think we're done yet.'' I don't think so, either. Maybe the leading candidate to acquire Howard is New Jersey. The Clippers seem to be closing in on Paul. But there are always going to be prizes to chase and nobody chases them better, and handles Asset Management better, than Mavs owner Mark Cuban and GM Donnie Nelson and staff. If your first cynical thought is, "Aw, Dallas doesn't have

You don't have to love all the moves. But the execution of a plan, created with immediacy as the new CBA was being formalized, is a wonderful thing to watch. Get something for Tyson. Feel good about Haywood as today's starter. Be in the bidding for contingency plan Sam Dalembert. Be on the phone with Chauncey Billups if he clears waivers. Swindle the Lakers out of Odom for nothing. Get Kidd to endorse the idea of a reunion with Vince. Replace Cardinal with Brandan Wright, and then get Cardinal to come back anyway. Get Rudy in here (The Spanish Armada apparently is catching some headwinds) and he replaces Peja. Hurry up and see if Roddy B and DoJo can do what JJ and DeShawn did. “We're dangerous,'' Carlisle said. WHAT’S COMING NEXT? Are there more dominoes to fall?

It's a good thing Cuban and Donnie don't think like you do. The Mavs have been dealt into the high-stakes Dwight Howard game as Orlando is granting negotiation permission to three teams: The Lakers, the Nets and the defending champs, who are attempting to reload quickly as they acquire Lamar Odom from the Lakers, seal a deal with Vince Carter, finish up some beneficial tinkering with Tyson Chandler's departure to the Knicks, express happiness over the early camp work of Roddy Beaubois, await the arrival of newcomer and prospective 2-guard starter Rudy Fernandez, offer high praise for Brendan Haywood, push Orlando for Howard and maintain an eye toward adding another premier puzzle piece in Deron Williams.

If you don't trust my evaluation, can you please trust his?

By the time you read this, much might've changed. (This NBA moves fast!) But anyone saying or writing that Superstar-to-Dallas is impossible is wrong. They were likely the same skeptics who never accepted the possibility that the Mavs would even end up in the conversation. … the same skeptics who didn't believe Dirk would ever be a stud … the same skeptics who didn't believe the Mavs would ever win a title. You won a title. Your team boasts Cuban, Donnie, Kidd, Odom, Jet, Marion, Larry O'Brien and … The UberMan. How the heck can the sky be falling when it is propped up at the corners by Cuban, Donnie, Kidd, Larry O'Brien and … The UberMan? MAVS PLAYING FOR KEEPS I pushed hard all last week the idea of this being “The SuperTeam Era.'' You think Mark Cuban doesn't see what Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert sees? You think Cuban doesn't have a powerful distaste at the thought of joining Cleveland as one of the NBA's 25 “Washington Generals''?

Listen to Nowitzki's review of his own front office and his history of wheeling-and-dealing: “Donnie has the knowledge and Cuban always has got some stuff (up his sleeve),'' Dirk said. (Cuban) finds ways to get around the rules. ... We'll have to wait and see.'' I wish Mavs fans could put their MavVirus in remission for just a while, that Larry O'Brien Trophy serving as what should be a cure for it all. Take an aspirin, y'all. Rub some dirt on it. You can't win if they don't play.

So the Mavs are pushing. Bending. Bullying. They played the game in the most polite of ways last summer when they stood in line for days outside The LeBron Store and were never allowed inside the velvet ropes.

Are you scared the Mavs will fall short on Dwight, fall short on Deron, fail with Odom, fall short on winning back-to-back titles? You might be right about those things happening, but you are wrong to be frightened of the Dallas Mavericks' efforts.

This time around, they are leaping over the rope, bulldozing the store, and trying to take all the merchandise inside.

What would you rather they do, not make the efforts at all?

“Mark and Donnie, they make things happen,'' Carlisle says. “Time and time again they make things happen. At this time of the year I don't think of another owner or GM I'd want in the foxhole trying to put a team together.''

Follow the Fish on twitter at @FishSports and at | The Sports Page | December16-22, 2011




A Christmas golf gift that keeps on giving by Tom Ward S P E C IAL C O NTR I B UTO R

Christmas is nearly here and with people in the gift giving mood I thought I would tell you about one of the greatest gifts I ever received and it happened on the golf course. Twenty years ago I was invited to participate in a golf tournament in Denver, Colorado and stage a golf clinic for all the guests prior to teeing off. That afternoon, I was paired with the tournament host named whose name was Steve Minot who was a good friend with my buddy that asked me to come to Colorado in the first place. When Steve got out of the cart to hit his opening tee shot I came to the realization immediately that this round would be unlike any other I had ever played. Steve was on crutches as he hobbled over to his ball that a fellow player had already placed on the tee for him. He proceeded to drop his crutches and with driver in his hand made his golf swing, hitting the ball right down the fairway. After he made contact with the ball he landed face first on the ground. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I immediately rushed over to help him off the damp surface which still had early morning dew on it. I couldn’t believe anyone else in our group wouldn’t come to his aid. In a few moments, I would understand why they were reluctant to help. As I reached out my hand to help lift him up he waived me off, saying “I can do it myself.” It became quite apparent he didn’t need my assistance and was fiercely independent. Throughout the rest of the round, this strange and unique occurrence happened on every hole and nearly every shot, with the exception of when he putted. Can you imagine playing 18 holes of golf and

falling down to the ground after every swing? Needless to say, his pants, shirts and arms were covered with grass stains and mud by the time we finished. Interestingly enough, on every third hole, everyone in the tournament scramble had to hit a series of awkward shots like hitting a shot standing on one leg, putting blindfolded, chipping with one arm, hitting a shot sitting down on a big rubber exercise ball and so on. You see this annual event was for the Colorado chapter for the Physically Challenged. In every group that day was a member of the organization with a physical disability (such as M.S. Blindness, Polio, Loss of limbs, golfers with prosthetics, etc.) This particular tournament was a fundraiser for their cause. As much as they appreciated everyone writing a check for their worthwhile organization, I believe more importantly they wanted all the participants to get a feeling of what they experience on a daily basis. On that day, walking in their respective shoes(so to speak) gave me a greater understanding of their plight and it motivated me to help these golfers play great golf despite their disabilities. When you see people hitting shots with those limitations, you can’t help but feeling inspired. Suddenly, my own aches and pains seemed meaningless and trivial in comparison. After the round, I helped Steve with his balance which not only got him more distance, but kept him from falling down after every shot. I’m happy to tell you Steve plays to a low single digit handicap these days, and almost never falls down anymore which is sure to save money on his cleaning bills. Another great bonus for me was that I was able to work on others that day after the tournament that had physical disabilities like

Steve. Over the years, I continued to go back and it was exciting to see the growth in all the people I had the opportunity to help. Regardless, of the cards that life dealt them, they continued playing a sport they enjoy and play to a high level, many of them sporting a low handicap. A lot of the golfers have told me they continue to beat many of their

create limited people. Working with Steve and the others many years ago gave me an idea to incorporate hitting shots on one leg, with one arm, on my knees, blindfolded, and many other off-balance and unique shots in my golf exhibitions and teaching seminars. The crowds always like the so called “trick shots”, but I tell them that these are really just good drills that all of them can do to help improve their game. You see that ball doesn’t care how tall you are, how old you are, man or woman, whether you have one leg or one arm. The beauty of the sport is that it doesn’t discriminate and that’s why it’s one of the greatest equalizer in all of the sports. Over the past two decades I had the opportunity to help thousands of golfers with physical challenges. Just in the past 6 years I’ve had the honor of teaching some of our U.S. Military men & women who have returned home from war with life changing injuries that have gravitated towards the game. Golf has become an excellent tool to help them in their physical & mental rehabilitation.

friends who have no physical limitations. Steve and his friends showed me that there isn’t anything a person can’t do if they have their heart in the right place. Throughout my travels around the world doing golf clinics and events I often hear golfers complaining using such worn out expressions, like “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks: or “I’m too old”. I’ve pulled some of these people aside and let them know that the only limits they have are in their mind, and limited thoughts

Finally, I find it a bit ironic, because I’ve been fortunate in my career to study and learn from some of best golf pro’s in the business. As great as all those wonderful golf professionals were in taking me under their wing and mentoring to me they couldn’t have taught me what my buddy Steve did. Through my friendship with him I received one of the greatest and most priceless gifts that I could have ever imagined and it keeps on giving because it’s a lesson of a lifetime. Happy Holidays!

Tom Ward can be reached at


Open Every Day

124 East Worth Street Historic Downtown Grapevine 817.481.4668

WE HAVE TICKETS! BOWL GAMES, MAVS CALL US! 8 December 16-22, 2011 | The Sports Page |




Mavs fans to give Odom a warm welcome By Kate Delaney S P E C IAL C O NTR I B UTO R

ODOM BRINGS SOME FAMOUS BAGGAGE TO DALLAS Have you heard that the Kardashians are coming to town? Yes, it's true even dancing machine and little brother Rob is looking for a crash pad in Dallas. Why? Brother- in-law Lamar Odom is taking his “A� list family along with him to the Mavericks. Thank you Mark Cuban! Imagine the attention that will rain down on the city as so many in the country can't help but try to keep up with the Kardashians every week through the magic of reality television. Cuban is already on the record saying he likes Khloe the best - good answer since she's Odom's wife. Sister Kim is no stranger to the Big D, not too long ago she was the squeeze of cowboy receiver Miles Austin. The 32 year old 6-foot-10 Lakers forward

took the long road in a trade getting to Dallas; one he didn't expect to be on this Holiday season by the way. Here's what happened, originally Odom was part of a three team deal that would have sent him to New Orleans instead he was dished to the Mavericks and it his request.

Odom says he was shocked by news of the possible trade and while he didn't want to slam New Orleans, thought it would have been a step down - going from a contender to starting all over again. Lucky for Odom NBA Commissioner David Stern nixed that deal in the interest of the Hornets and that's what sent Odom into Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak's office looking to be traded. He obliged and the seven year Laker and last year's Sixth man

award winner takes the floor with Dallas when the season rolls out. Mavs coach Rick Carlisle was excited about the move and he could be dead-on in his assessment of the new addition saying Odom, Dirk Nowitzki and Shawn Marion may be the best forward trio in the NBA. I can't wait to rub it in to my Beverly Hills attitude friend Annie who lives and breathes the Lakers - her team is retooling while mine is preparing for another NBA Championship. COWBOYS MIGHT BE SKIPPING THE PLAYOFFS These Cowboy losses are getting tough on my marriage - for the second week in a row a Dallas loss has rendered my husband mute for several days into the week. While silence can be golden, like most women I enjoy conversation; lately most of my chatter aside from my radio show has been with my golden retriever Mahalo. I can't really blame him - this is getting ridiculous.

the loss and it was simply mystifying. Three quarters of the game, between blitzing and crazy schemes, the defense stops Eli Manning and the Giants! Then, when it counts the most in closing out with a win they sputter, choke and practically hand New York the NFC East title. Manning was never sacked in the game and running machine Brandon Jacobs made Dallas pay when the focus was on Hakeem Nicks or Victor Cruz. Jacobs ended up with over 100 yards and that put his team in the driver seat in the end. A Cowboy win would have given the team a two game leg up on the Giants, instead it's a fight to the end. These last three games against Tampa, Philly and New York are key to Dallas making it into the post season. How much do you want to bet it comes down to the final game in Meadowlands? Kate Delaney hosts "America Tonight," which airs from 11p.m. - 2a.m. on KKGM 1630AM.

Once again the defense played a role in | The Sports Page | December 16-22, 2011




Time to go bowling: breaking down the local games by BO CARTER SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT It literally is the “most wonderful (bowl) time of the year…” Roses are blooming, oranges are budding, and cotton is flowering as 35 postseason clashes begin with Saturday’s three bowls to begin a 23-day binge challenging even to the most fanatical football follower.

Toss in the four semifinalists playing for the coveted berth in the 35th annual NCAA Football Championship Subdivision title game (formerly NCAA I-AA) in Frisco, and you have the possibilities of No. 1 nationally and area favorite Sam Houston State (130), Montana (11-2), Georgia Southern (112), and North Dakota State (11-2), and fans cannot wait for a veritable Metroplex football feast on Jan. 6-7.

running of Dennis Johnson (101 carries for 637 yards, three TDs) and ace receiving of Jarius Wright (63 catches for 1,029 yards, 16.3 yards per reception, and 11 TDs). The Wildcats counter with All-Big 12 quarterback and do-it-all Collin Klein (145-of251 passing for 1,745 yards, 12 TDs along with 293 rushes for 1,099 net yards and Big 12-most 26 TD carries) and diminutive RB John Hubert (5-7, 185 pounds) with 188

While the original three tilts of 2011-12 arouse curiosity this weekend, Metroplex fans have a trio of blockbusters plus the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision Division I title outing on Saturday, Jan. 7, at Frisco’s Pizza Hut Park to lead into the Allstate BCS championship on Jan. 10 in New Orleans. NOT JUST THE COTTON BOWL ANYMORE The “granddaddy” of Metroplex postseason games occurs on Friday, Jan. 6, in primetime (7 p.m. airtime) as No. 6 Arkansas (102 overall) of the Southeastern Conference tangles with surprising No. 8 nationally Kansas State (10-2) in the highest-ranked encounter at the 76th annual AT&T Cotton Bowl at Cowboys Stadium in Irving. Before that the Armed Forces Bell Helicopter Bowl completes its two-year visit to SMU’s Ford Stadium on Friday, Dec. 30, in a 11 a.m. (CST) ESPN telecast between BYU (9-3) and Tulsa (8-4). Three days later on Jan. 2, the second TicketCity Bowl continues a 76-year tradition of games at historic Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas when Houston (12-1) and Penn State (9-3) at 11 a.m. (CST) on ESPN. That’s a combined record of 58-15 among six NCAA Football Subdivision teams, which have been ranked as high as second nationally and were in contention for conference titles virtually all season.

career passing totals of 715-of-1,164, 9,258 yards and 78 TDs since 2009. FIRST GAME WITHOUT JOPA SINCE 1965 In the TicketCity Bowl, entering just its second game but with a marquee intersectional matchup, Penn State plays its first bowl game without College Hall of Fame head coach Joe Paterno at the helm since 1965 while the Cougars seek a fulltime replacement for former head coach Kevin Sumlin, who accepted a post with Texas A&M on Dec. 10. Texas Tech edged Northwestern 45-38 in the inaugural TicketCity slugfest at Cotton Bowl Stadium on Jan. 1, 2011. The rest of the bowl season stacks up with just one key rematch – and this one is for the national title. No. 1 LSU (13-0) has the unenviable and mostly monumental task of downing No. 2 Alabama (11-1) in the Allstate BCS championship at the Mercedes-Benz Dome in New Orleans on Jan. 9. Interestingly, in 19 rematches of regular-season games over 142 seasons of college football, the team that lost the opening game came to win 15 times. That may not be a good omen for coach Les Miles’ Fighting Tigers.

The AT&T Cotton Bowl has a pair of Top 10 opponents for the first time since the 1994 contest between Texas A&M and Notre Dame and matches two teams, which have not met in football since Arkansas topped the Wildcats 28-7 at Little Rock. LOOK FOR FIREWORKS These are entirely different, high-octane teams from their 1960s’ counterparts as the Razorbacks, making their 12th Classic appearance and seeking their first win in the 76-year-old standby since a 27-6 verdict over Texas in 2000 (the first game played in the Millennium on the morning of Jan. 1), rely on the passing of junior QB Tyler Wilson (257-of-407 for 3,422 yards, 63.1 percent completion rate, and 22 TD tosses),

10 December16-22, 2011 | The Sports Page |

carries for 933 yards and three TDs. Earlier in the week, BYU and Tulsa open the area college bowl season on Dec. 30 with more anticipated fireworks on offense. In the previous seven meetings of these traditional powers (the Cougars lead the series 6-1), the schools have combined for 81 points and 934 total offense yards’ averages with freewheeling skill players.

BOTH LOCAL SCHOOLS BOWLING In other bowl activity, Metroplex favorites TCU (10-2) overall returns to lovely San Diego for a Dec. 21 tussle with Western Athletic Conference Coach of the Year Sonny Dykes’ (son of popular retired Texas Tech coach Spike Dykes) Louisiana Tech Bulldogs in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl at Qualcomm Stadium, 7 p.m. (CST) on ESPN.

BYU looks to QB combo Riley Nelson and Jake Heaps with total passing stats of 243 attempts, 414 completions, 2,919 yards, and 19 scores while Tulsa counters with Gilmer, Texas, three-year starting QB G.J. Kinne (a former Texas QB and three-year starter for the Golden Hurricane) with staggering

SMU (7-5) makes its first postseason trek to Birmingham, Ala., to face Pittsburgh (6-6) of the Big East Conference (which has accepted the Mustangs as a member in 2013 football) in the BBVA Compass Bowl on Jan. 7 at noon (CST) in another ESPN national telecast.

COMPLETE 2011-2012 BOWL SCHEDULE Sat., Dec. 17 – Gildan New Mexico Bowl, Temple vs. Wyoming, Albuquerque, N.M., University Stadium, 2 p.m., ESPN

Sat., Dec. 31 - Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas, Northwestern vs. Texas A&M, Houston, Texas, Reliant Stadium, noon, ESPN

Sat., Dec. 17 – Great Idaho Potato, Ohio vs. Utah State, Boise, Idaho, Bronco Stadium, 5:30 p.m., ESPN

Sat., Dec. 31 - Hyundai Sun, Georgia Tech vs. Utah, El Paso, Texas, Sun Bowl, 2 p.m., CBS

Sat., Dec. 17 - R+L Carriers New Orleans, Louisiana-Lafayette vs. San Diego State, New Orleans, La., Louisiana Superdome, 9 p.m., ESPN Tue., Dec. 20 - Beef O' Brady's, St. Petersburg, FIU vs. Marshall, St. Petersburg, Fla., Tropicana Field, 8 p.m., ESPN Thu., Dec. 22 – MAACO Las Vegas, Boise State vs. Arizona State, Las Vegas, Nev., Sam Boyd Stadium, 8 p.m., ESPN Sat., Dec. 24 - Sheraton Hawai’i, Nevada vs. Southern Miss, Honolulu, Aloha Stadium, 8 p.m., ESPN Mon., Dec. 26 - AdvoCare V100 Independence, Missouri vs. North Carolina, Shreveport, La., Independence Stadium, 5 p.m., ESPN Tue., Dec. 27 - Little Caesars Pizza, Purdue vs. Western Michigan, Detroit, Mich., Ford Field, 4:30 p.m., ESPN Tue., Dec. 27 – Belk, Louisville vs. NC State, Charlotte, N.C., Bank of America Stadium, 8 p.m. ESPN Wed., Dec. 28 – Military, Air Force vs. Toledo, Washington, D.C., RFK Stadium, 4:30 p.m., ESPN Wed., Dec. 28 - Bridgepoint Education Holiday, California vs. Texas, San Diego, Calif., Qualcomm Stadium, 9:00 p.m., ESPN Thu., Dec. 29 - Champs Sports, Florida State vs. Notre Dame, Orlando, Fla., Florida Citrus Bowl, 5:30 p.m., ESPN Thu., Dec. 29 - Valero Alamo, Baylor vs. Washington, San Antonio, Texas, Alamodome, 9 p.m., ESPN Fri., Dec. 30 - Bell Helicopter Armed Forces, BYU vs. Tulsa, Dallas, Texas, Gerald J. Ford Stadium, noon, ESPN Fri., Dec. 30 - New Era Pinstripe, Iowa State vs. Rutgers, Bronx, N.Y., Yankee Stadium, 3:30 p.m., ESPN Fri., Dec. 30 - Franklin American Mortgage Music City, Mississippi State vs. Wake Forest, Nashville, Tenn., LP Field, 6:40 p.m., ESPN Fri., Dec. 30 – Insight, Iowa vs. Oklahoma, Tempe, Ariz., Sun Devil Stadium, 10 p.m., ESPN

Sat., Dec. 31 - Kraft Fight Hunger, Illinois vs. UCLA, San Francisco, Calif., AT&T Park, 3:30 p.m., ESPN Sat., Dec. 31 - AutoZone Liberty, Cincinnati vs. Vanderbilt, Memphis, Tenn., Liberty Bowl, 3:30 p.m., ABC Sat., Dec. 31 – Chick-fil-A, Auburn vs. Virginia, Atlanta, Ga., Georgia Dome, 7:30 p.m., ESPN Mon., Jan. 2 – TicketCity, Houston vs. Penn State, Dallas, Texas, Cotton Bowl Stadium, noon, ESPNU Mon., Jan. 2 - Capital One, Nebraska vs. South Carolina, Orlando, Fla., Florida Citrus Bowl, 1 p.m., ESPN Mon., Jan. 2 – Outback, Georgia vs. Michigan State, Tampa, Fla., Raymond James Stadium, 1 p.m., ABC Mon., Jan. 2 - TaxSlayer Gator, Florida vs. Ohio State, Jacksonville, Fla., EverBank Field, 1 p.m., ESPN2 Mon., Jan. 2 - Rose Bowl presented by VIZIO, Oregon vs. Wisconsin, Pasadena, Calif., Rose Bowl, 5 p.m., ESPN Mon., Jan. 2 – Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Oklahoma State vs. Stanford, Glendale, Ariz., ESPN, 8:30 p.m. Tue., Jan. 3 Allstate Sugar – Michigan vs. Virginia Tech, New Orleans, La., Louisiana Superdome, 8 p.m., ESPN Wed., Jan. 4 - Discover Orange, Clemson vs. West Virginia, Miami Gardens, Fla., Sun Life Stadium, 8 p.m., ESPN Fri., Jan. 6 - AT&T Cotton, Arkansas vs. Kansas State Arlington, Texas, Cowboys Stadium, 8 p.m., FOX Sun., Jan. 8 –, Northern Illinois vs. Arkansas State, Mobile, Ala., Ladd-Peebles Stadium, 9 p.m., ESPN Mon., Jan. 9 - Allstate BCS Championship, Alabama vs. LSU, New Orleans, La., Louisiana Superdome, 9 p.m., ESPN

For tickets, please go to:;; major conference sites. | The Sports Page | December 16-22, 2011




DFW sports fans endure brutal weekend by MIKE KRAVIK CORRESPONDENT Never before has the DFW sports fan been hit with as many negative haymakers as they were from December 8-11. CJ Wilson not only left the Rangers, he went to the Angels! Tyson Chandler, one of the biggest heroes from the Mavericks championship season, gone to New York. And the Dallas Cowboys, the last beacon of hope of a lost weekend…you've got to kidding me. DECEMBER 8, 2011 Nothing was official but that morning rumors were thick that CJ Wilson was leaving the Texas Rangers and was going to sign with either the Florida Marlins or the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I had a bad feeling the Texas Rangers were going to let CJ Wilson walk when they were dragging their feet during last off-season. Jon Daniels knew there were two likely outcomes when he did this.1) CJ scuffles and his price goes down 2) CJ proves 2010 was not a fluke, has another very good year and his price goes up so high the Rangers say they can't afford him.

mens are legendary and he's made it known he doesn't drink or do drugs. You also won't see pictures of CJ with strippers and whip cream telling the world he's number one randomly popping up on the internet. CJ Wilson is exactly the person you want leading a young pitching staff. Sure, he can sound like a self absorbed Valley Girl but in truth, he has a lot of tough Texan in him. I don't get it. The Rangers have a new wellheeled ownership group that is well aware of the sins of Tom Hicks. They're coming off two very long runs into the post-season so having enough money should not have been the issue. CJ's performance between the lines was stellar. He's a good guy off the field and made it known how much he loved his teammates and this area. Why would you let somebody this good hit free agency? Later that dreadful morning rumors were confirmed. CJ Wilson had signed a 5 year / $ 77.5 million contract with the Angels. So not only were the Rangers losing our staff ace but to make it worse, he was going to our chief rival in the AL West. And they also signed Albert Pujols? Awesome.

try and the streets of Compton, was the perfect fit for the goody two-shoes Mavericks. Good defense is all about effort and toughness which is exactly what the Mavericks showed in the 2011 playoffs. Gone was the soft “one 'n done” post-season mindset that had crippled so many recent Mavericks teams in the past and whaddya know, they won a championship.

There are exceptions but the big wall NBA stars have trouble pushing through is age 36 (it beat star players like Bird, Barkley, Erving, McHale). Dirk turned 33 last June. Dirk has always been Batman of the Mavericks but he's going to be making the transition to Robin sooner than later. Father Time remains undefeated and the realistic view with Dirk is that he should be a good to very good player for four years. History suggests anything else would be an unexpected bonus.

Word spread on Friday that not only was Chandler signing with the Knicks, Caron Butler had signed with the Clippers and JJ Barea was going to Minnesota. The main issue was the Mavs reluctance to offer more than a two year deal to any of these players.

Image: Getty Images

What's not to like about CJ? Between the lines he was a very effective starting pitcher the last two years. So many pitchers can't get over the mental hump of pitching in Texas but CJ found a way to not only survive but also thrive in Texas. Wilson doesn't have the miles on his arm a typical 31 year old starter might have when hitting free agency because he's only been starting for two years. His workout regi-

DECEMBER 9 After the NBA strike was settled, Tyson Chandler made it known he thought the new agreement would make it very difficult for him to come back to the Dallas Mavericks. Leading up to December 9, nothing had changed. Going into the 2010-11 season, the Mavericks needed a center that could give them solid post defense and controlled the paint. They also needed a culture change or in simpler terms, a bad ass. Chandler, who split his youth between living in the coun-

12 December 16-22, 2011 | The Sports Page |

The Giants had lost four straight games while giving up 131 points and were in a free-fall. Any compliments they received for the Green Bay loss was lazy analysis. On Sunday night there was blood in the water and the Cowboys had a chance to put the NFC East title on ice with a victory.

Fast forward, from sipping champagne on South Beach last June to the upcoming NBA season - if you're Donnie Nelson or Mark Cuban, what's your strategy going forward?

The challenge to the Mavericks front office is to find that new Batman while still remaining competitive with Dirk in his sunset years. The way to do that is to retain salary cap flexibility in the summer of 2012.

CJ Wilson went 16-7 with a 2.94 ERA in 223 innings in 2011.

Giants had played. I wasn't buying it.

Unlike the Rangers and CJ Wilson, I understand what the Mavericks are doing and why Chandler (and everybody else) had to leave but when a fan favorite and key member of a championship team leaves, it's still a dark day. DECEMBER 11, 2011 For some reason, I felt really good about the Dallas Cowboys playing the New York Giants this past weekend. We'd heard all week how similar the Giants loss the week before to undefeated Green Bay was to their 2007 loss to the New England Patriots. Somehow that loss to Green Bay was construed by some in the national media as being a positive because of how well the

Image: FS Southwest

With 5:41 left in the game, Dez Bryant caught a 50 yard td pass to give the Cowboys a 34-22 lead. Television cameras caught all kinds of high-five grab ass going on between the men in Jerry Jones' suite after Bryant's touchdown. The reaction in the Jones Suite was an accurate reflection of the fans. The season had been full of heartbreak but at that point it appeared as though the Cowboys were about to be rewarded (“We're going to win the NFC East!!”) for their perseverance. That's a wonderful feeling to have and is often a springboard to greater accomplishments. Details will be spared but within the next 15-20 minutes that feeling had been shattered in comical déjà vu fashion. After the game, cameras panned to the Jones Suite once again and everybody looked like they had just seen their favorite pet get hit by a car. Those of us who are fans of the Rangers, Mavericks and Cowboys spent that Sunday night pawing at the ground like Mike Tyson looking for his mouthpiece after getting jacked by Buster Douglas. By Monday morning we were collectively sitting on a bag of frozen peas with raw steaks over both eyes wondering what the hell just happened and whether or not the sun would ever rise again.

THE SPORTS PAGE WEEKLY’S PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATORS Each week, we’ll ask some area media members to put their forecasting skills to the test. This season, TSPW publisher Dan McVicker, Scott Boyter, editor of TSPW, The mysterious Red Root, TSPW columnist Vance Gonzales and Roger Emrich, KRLD-AM Sports and oilman and former Texas Tech wide receiver Travis Price will pick vs. the line.

GAMES - 12/17-12/19 Te m p l e ( - 6 . 5 ) v s Wy o m i n g Ohio vs Utah State (-2) Louisiana Lafayette vs. San Diego St (-5) Florida International (-3.5) vs. Marshall TC U ( - 1 0 ) v s . L o u i s i a n a Te ch B o i s e S t a t e ( - 1 4 ) v s . Ar i z o n a S t a t e D a l l a s ( - 7 ) a t Ta m p a B a y Wa s h i n g t o n a t N Y G i a n t s ( - 7 ) Seattle at Chicago (-3.5) Carolina at Houston (-6.5) Cincinnati (-6) at St Louis Detroit (-1) at Oakland New England (-6) at Denver NY Jets at Philadelphia (-3) C l e v e l a n d a t Ar i z o n a ( - 7 ) Baltimore (-1.5) at San Diego





Wyoming Utah State San Diego State Marshall Louisiana Tech Arizona State Tampa Bay NY Giants Seattle Carolina Cincinnati Oakland New England Philadelphia Arizona Baltimore

Temple Utah St San Diego St Fla Int’l TCU Arizona St Tampa Bay NY Giants Chicago Houston Cincinnati Detroit New England NY Jets Arizona Baltimore

8-8 113-112(.508)

12-4 123-102 (.705)





Temple Wyoming Temple Wyoming Ohio Ohio Utah State Utah State San Diego State San Diego State Louisiana Lafayette Louisiana Lafeyette Marshall Florida International Florida International Florida International TCU TCU TCU TCU Boise State Boise State Boise State Boise State Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas NY Giants Washington NY Giants NY Giants Chicago Chicago Seattle Chicago Carolina Carolina Houston Carolina Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Detroit Detroit Oakland Detroit New England New England New England New England NY Jets Philadelphia NY Jets Philadelphia Arizona Arizona Arizona Cleveland San Diego San Diego Baltimore Baltimore

9-7 120-105 (.64)

7-9 108-117(.42)

8-8 114-111 (.527)

8-8 115-110 (.545)

RK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

TEAM RECORD LSU 12-0 Alabama 11-1 Oklahoma St 11-1 Stanford 11-1 Virginia Tech 11-1 Houston 12-0 Boise St 10-1 Arkansas 10-2 Oregon 10-2 Oklahoma 9-2 Kansas St 9-2 South Carolina 10-2 Michigan St 10-2 Georgia 10-2 Wisconsin 10-2 Michigan 10-2 Baylor 8-3 TCU 9-2 Nebraska 9-3 Clemson 9-3 Penn St 9-3 Texas 7-4 West Virginia 8-3 Southern Miss 10-2 Missouri 7-5


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TICKET WINDOW Mark Cuban visits with BAD Radio

BAD Radio Weekdays, Noon - 3:00 PM Mavericks owner Mark Cuban explained recent free agency moves. Bob: I'm not even sure how to process all of this information going in and out of your franchise, and even look at the team right now until someone tells me, "this is the team we'll see Christmas Day." Are we close to that? Cuban: Yeah, I think we're close, but you never know. A lot of things are

changing and the rules are different. That's changed the marketplace. As always we're trying to be smart about what we do, and take advantage of the fact that guys want to come play for us, and we want to be opportunistic. You have all the GM's trying to digest the new rules and collective bargaining agreement. Everybody is learning on the fly, and everybody is having to learn in about a week. Bob: How did the Lamar Odom thing happen? Can you walk us through that? Cuban: Sure, i'll give you the exact details. We got a call asking if we'd be interested in Lamar. We said yes, and they said they'd call us back. They called us back, saying here's the deal we're willing to do. Donnie called me and he said we can't get off any money, we'll have to take 100% of his contract into the trade exception, and I said, "Donnie, do it." It all happened about four hours. Bob: Why would they do that?

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Cuban: The rules are different. They've won two out of the last three titles, but the rules are going to be different and you can't look at it from the perspective of the old collective bargaining agreement. Their salary was somewhere around 91 million dollars so that's got to have some impact. Strategically you've got to look at all the elements for this year and for future years. Dan: Are you going to have big cap space next year, even with Lamar Odom? Cuban: Yes, that's the idea. We're not going to amnesty anybody this year, so we'll have all kinds of options next year. Bob: How does this team get stops? Obviously Tyson Chandler meant the world to this team defensively. Cuban: Yeah, but don't count out Brendan Haywood. When we originally traded for him you guys were talking about how great a defensive center he is and how he's a top five center in the league. Maybe not a big scoring threat,

but he blocks two shots a game and averages a double double. It all comes down to role, and we're confident that Wood can step up. Is he quite as mobile in the way that Tyson is? No, but he's a good shot blocker and can clog up the middle. We've actually added more scoring options, so we think with Rick's system we're going to get stops when we need to get stops, but we're a little bit more potent offensively. Bob: How do you see this team for this year trying to defend it's title? Cuban: It should be the same as it is every year. We want to be playing our best basketball and be healthy at the end and see what happens. Bob Sturm’s new book detailing the Mavericks’ championship run, This Year is Different: How the Mavs Won it All, is available now. Download a copy from iBooks, Amazon or other online retailers.



COLLEGE BOWLS 201 TEMPLE 12/17 1:00 PM 202 WYOMING 203 UTAH ST 12/17 4:30 PM 204 OHIO 205 UL-LAFAYETTE 12/17 7:00 PM 206 SAN DIEGO ST 207 FLORIDA INT’L 12/20 7:00 PM 208 MARSHALL 209 LA TECH 12/21 7:00 PM 210 TCU 211 ARIZONA ST. 12/22 7:00 PM 212 BOISE ST 213 NEVADA 12/24 7:00 PM 214 SOUTHERN MISS 215 NORTH CAROLINA 12/26 4:00 PM 216 MISSOURI 217 WESTERN MICH 12/27 3:30 PM 218 PURDUE 219 LOUISVILLLE 12/27 7:00 PM 220 NC STATE 221 TOLEDO 12/28 3:30 PM 222 AIR FORCE 223 CALIFORNIA 12/28 7:00 PM 224 TEXAS 225 NOTRE DAME 12/29 4:30 PM 226 FLORIDA ST 227 WASHINGTON U 12/29 8:00 PM 228 BAYLOR 229 TULSA 12/30 11:00 AM 230 BYU 231 RUTGERS 12/30 2:20 PM 232 IOWA ST 233 WAKE FOREST 12/30 5:40 PM 234 MISS ST 235 IOWA 12/30 9:00 PM 236 OKLAHOMA



-4.5 -5




-3.5 -1

-1.5 -1




-1.5 -2.5


237 TEXAS A&M 12/31 11:00 AM 238 NORTHWESTERN 239 UTAH 12/31 1:00 PM 240 GEORGIA TECH 241 UCLA 12/31 2:30 PM 242 ILLIONOIS 243 CINCINNATI 12/31 2:30 PM 244 VANDERBILT 245 VIRGINIA 12/31 6:30 PM 246 AUBURN 247 PENN ST 1/2 11:00 AM 248 HOUSTON 249 MICHIGAN ST 1/2 12:00 PM 250 GEORGIA 251 NEBRASKA 1/2 12:00 PM 252 S CAROLINA 253 FLORIDA 1/2 12:00 PM 254 OHIO ST 255 WISCONSIN 1/2 4:00 PM 256 OREGON 257 STANFORD 1/2 7:30 PM 258 OKLAHOMA ST 259 MICHIGAN 1/3 7:30 PM 260 VIRG TECH 261 WEST VIRGINIA 1/4 7:30 PM 262 CLEMSON 263 KANSAS ST 1/6 7:00 PM 264 ARKANSAS 265 SMU 1/7 12:00 PM 266 PITTSBURGH 267 ARKANSAS ST 1/8 8:00 PM 268 N. ILLINOIS 269 ALABAMA 1/9 7:30 PM 270 LSU







-2 -1



-3.5 -1.5



-7 -1







-11.5 -6

-7.5 -14


-4.5 -1.5

-5 -6.5


-1 -6.5


-7 -2.5


Odds to win 2012 NBA Title Team


Heat 2-1 Bulls 6-1 Mavericks 7-1 Thunder 7-1 Lakers 7-1 Celtics 10-1 Spurs 20-1 Magic 20-1 Knicks 20-1 Blazers 25-1 Nuggets 30-1 Grizzlies 30-1 Hornets 40-1 Hawks 50-1 Clippers 50-1 76ers 60-1 Nets 60-1 Warriors 75-1 Rockets 100-1 Bucks 100-1 Pacers 100-1 Jazz 100-1 Suns 100-1 Kings 100-1 Bobcats 100-1 Wizards 100-1 Cavaliers 100-1 Pistons 200-1 Raptors 200-1 Wolves 200-1

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