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FCS Summit to meet in Frisco in Jan. December 2-8, 2011 Volume 10, Issue 16
















The Division I Football Championship Subdivision Summit, a unique business gathering of university presidents, athletic administrators and other key stakeholders, will be held Jan. 6 in conjunction with the 2012 NCAA Division I Football Championship Game in Frisco. The second FCS Summit follows last year’s successful gathering of approximately 150 guests in Frisco that led to subsequent meetings of FCS presidents, commissioners and athletic directors, all intent on ensuring the future well-being of the NCAA’s highest level of championship football.

ing of commissioners, athletic directors, coaches and NCAA staff. “We all know the prominent role football plays on our campuses and have seen how it has been at the center of most of the recent conference membership issues,” said Colonial Athletic Association Commissioner Tom Yeager. “It is of critical importance for everyone in the FCS to become engaged in those football issues that ultimately affect our entire athletic program and sometimes by default, other members of our conferences. The FCS Summit provides the opportunity to have this important national discussion.”












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Supported by the NCAA, the 13 Division I FCS conferences, NCAA Football, and NACDA and its affiliated FCS Athletic Directors’ Association, the FCS Summit focuses on the important issues related to the subdivision, including its championship playoff. “The FCS Summit is quickly becoming a key event for the subdivision,” said Kyle Kallander, commissioner of the Big South Conference and current FCS vice president of the Collegiate Commissioners Association. “With the landscape of intercollegiate athletics rapidly changing, and critical issues such as championship expansion, FCS enhancement, and CEO leadership to discuss, this year’s Summit is a must attend for FCS members.” FCS presidents, athletic directors and conference commissioners from around the country, as well as NCAA staff, television executives and other key football stakeholders are scheduled to attend the Summit. The Summit will feature interactive sessions addressing Presidential Perspectives on the Championship Subdivision and the future of the NCAA Division I Football Championship. “The first FCS Summit was a great success, as it re-focused stakeholders on the importance and future viability of the subdivision,” added Tom Burnett, commissioner of the Frisco-based Southland Conference, “As the first event exceeded everyone’s expectations, it also spurred national discussion among presidential leaders, athletic administrators and coaches.” The 2011 Summit was followed by the organization and meetings of an FCS CEO Group that includes two presidents from each of the 13 conferences, and the FCS Athletic Directors Association Round Table at the 2011 NACDA Convention in Orlando. Further, the NCAA has recently organized a FCS Working Group, consist-

4 December 2-8, 2011 | The Sports Page |

THE ALOTIAN CLUB TO HOST 2013 WESTERN AMATEUR The 2013 Western Amateur will be held at The Alotian Club, one of the nationís premier golf courses, Western Golf Association and Alotian Club officials announced today. Opened in 2004, The Alotian Club, in Roland, Ark., is ranked No. 14 on Golf Digest's biennial ranking of "America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses." The course was built by Little Rock businessman Warren Stephens and was identified by Golf Digest as the best new private course in the country in 2005. ìWeíre very fortunate to be able to bring our world-class amateur championship to such a highly-regarded facility,î said Vince Pellegrino, vice president of tournaments for the Western Golf Association. ìThe Alotian Club has received accolades since the day it opened. We expect our field of top-ranked amateurs will be thrilled to have an opportunity to compete on such a prestigious course.î

Renowned golf architect Tom Fazio designed the course, which measures 7,480 yards from the championship tees. The course plays 6,780 yards from member tees and 5,385 yards from forward tees. The courseís signature trait is elevation change, with the most dramatic coming at the sixth hole with a 100-foot drop from the tee to green. For The Alotian Club, hosting the 111th Western Amateur championship will provide a high-profile platform to showcase the courseís beauty and challenging design while also highlighting the clubís support of caddies and the WGAís Evans Scholars Foundation, which grants college scholarships to deserving caddies. ìCaddies are an integral part of the history and tradition of golf. That's why I wanted a caddie program at The Alotian Club,î Stephens explained. ìSince 1930 the Chick Evans Scholarship Program has sent 10,000 caddies to college, including two from The Alotian Club who are attending Northwestern University today. Hosting a first class competition and supporting scholarships for caddies made the decision to welcome the Western Amateur to Arkansas an easy one." The Alotian Clubís two current Evans Scholars, brothers Joe and Kevin Evans, both are majoring in economics at Northwestern. Joe is a junior, and Kevin is a freshman. ìWe anticipate continuing to partner with The Alotian Club in developing more young caddies who will qualify for the .championship.





















Stars at Coyotes 7:00 pm TXA 21

Americans at Mavericks 7:05 pm

Americans at Blaze 7:05 pm

Stars at Avalanche 8:00 pm FSSW


Senators at Stars 7:30 FSSW

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The Metroplex is a sports fan's dream - great pro sports, college powerhouses and some of the best high school sports programs in the country and we deliver it all with typical Texas hospitality. -Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price on D/FW being ranked the No. 1 sports area in the U.S.

By Vance Gonzales/Correspondent/

Paulina Gretzky - way cooler than her dad! Yes, indeed, The Great One of Hockey has a little Great One, a little lady who’s making a name for herself over Twitter these days. Paulina Gretzky, the 22-year-old daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, has dabbled in music and acting before but that was before her true calling came about: Posting provocative photos on Twitter.

“As Gretzky’s name was linked last week with the potential sale of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, it’s possible the news raised the profile of his daughter’s racy online photographs. Her dad was born and raised in Brantford, a far cry from Hollywood nightlife that has attracted his eldest daughter. Before her Twitter was clsed, she tweeted “Having a nice sit down dinner with my dad about social media…haha#SIKEEE(sic.)”

Sadly, she never became a music sensation, but she has become an Internet legend. As The Chive headline noted above its gallery of 34 scantily clad cleavage-filled Paulina Gretzky images: “Paulina Gretzky is using the Twitter machine properly.” Only problem, of course, is that old man Gretzky wouldn’t stand for it, or so it appears.

Now, as we all know, Wayne Gretzky summarily rejected the Hollywood lifestyle, having never once dropped his stick or unlaced his skates to party during his time in Los Angeles. Nope. not once. The Puritan from Brantford they ‘im. Either way, the Paulina Gretzky Twitter account is no more. All we’re left with are the outstanding contributions she’s made over social media posts. And God thank her for them.

Paulina Gretzky’s Twitter feed has been deleted. And David Graham of the Toronto Star pieces together a neat little timeline that suggests Wayne Gretzky may have encouraged it?

Hoops Coach Roy Williams pissed at fans It's an unwritten rule in the world of sports that you don't criticize the paying fan. Take cheap shots at coaches, players, officials, media and everyone in between, but those who bear the cost of paying for a ticket are bulletproof. An exasperated college basketball coaching icon has broken this rule in a big way.

Roy Williams lashed out following North Carolina's 90-80 loss to UNLV over the weekend in Las Vegas. The coach told listeners to his radio show that he was not pleased with the crowd near the Tar Heels bench. North Carolina fans sold prime tickets from the school's booster club to Runnin' Rebels fans.

"If you sell our tickets, your tickets that you get to the Rams Club to somebody else, and they come cheering for UNLV, I've got no use for you. And that's as blunt as I can put it. People have a right -- but not our people. You're either with me or you're not. There's no middle ground," Williams said, according to News 8 Las Vegas.


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Ten Takes on the 2011-12 Dallas Mavs Now that the lockout is over, it’s time to assess our World Champs for the upcoming season.

5 Nope, I'm not seeking savings by Amnesty'ing Big Wood. Not this year, anyway. Know the rule: Teams can use the Amnesty provision in any offseason as long as a) the player was signed before July 1, 2011, and b) must be on the team's current roster.

6 When I dig into the NBA's new CBA proposal, I see a victory for the owners. I see not a great variation from what was on the table months ago. I see a push for parity (not enough to make Lakers want to become Timberwolves, but a push). But while I see all that, I ultimately don't give a flip who "won.'' Did the owners crush the players? Did the players' antitrust threat work? I don't care. Basketball is back. That means YOU AND I won. And that's the side I was always on.

By Mike Fisher FISH

7 In this condensed 66-game season, Every team will play at least one back-to-back-to-back set (meaning three straight nights), and up to three back-to-back-to-back sets during season. That is neither an absolute plus nor an absolute minus for Dallas. Will the “old guys'' get tired during a 66-game crush? Or will experience and depth allow them to survive?

Ten Takes On The Dallas Mavericks' juggling of time, money and personnel as they gear up for a Dec. 9 sandwich of free agency and training camp and a Dec. 25 'Mavs Event of The Centuries' when they begin the season at the AAC on Christmas Day, on national TV, to begin their title defense with the villainous Miami Heat the opponent:

I know this: Bad teams who think 66 games and b2b2b's will make them less bad are wrong. More demands will make bad teams more bad.

1 Tyson Chandler is sign-able. Really, it's less troublesome and complicated than most think. The Mavs can keep their budget as it was last year and keep their cap impact the same, too, by signing TY to a deal that starts at about $10 million annually. It's market-value, it's similar to the big contract he played on previously, and it keeps the championship fam together.

8 I'm told that following a recent procedure on his foot, Roddy Beaubois is three weeks away. Is there an echo in here? Is Roddy B not “three weeks away'' into perpetuity? 9 When the dust settles, it'll be interesting to see if Dallas' title, KIDDIRK's leadership and Cuban's playerfriendly rep wins the Mavs a big-name veteran at the $1mil minimum. Any names at this point would be guesswork. But the Mavs have moved into that strata where the Grant Hill types take notice, correct?

2 In fact, using the same budget boundaries, Dallas can re-up all five of its desired FA's: Chandler at $10 mil, Caron Butler at $6.5 mil, Barea at $4 mil, DeShawn at $4 mil and Cardinal at $1 mil.

10 No, the Mavs aren't signing Howard, Paul, or D-Will via free agency next summer? If the Mavs keep the pedal to the metal in order to win this year -- as they should -that stuff is not happening.

Among that group, only Butler is a true complication, as he is a) flirting with the Miami Heat and b) coming off a knee injury that might cause you to think $6.5 mil is too risky. 3 The full NBA schedule is slated to be released early next week. Meanwhile, it looks like we're readying for two preseason games. The Mavs (and everybody else) would get the same team twice. Home-and-home. Regional pairings. So, for quickness, efficiency and entertainment, it's probably Rockets-Spurs, Hornets-Hawks and MavsThunder, right? 4 Rudy Fernandez, acquired in trade from Portland on draft day, has a chance to be the starting 2-guard here. But first he needs to Show Up and Shut Up. The Spaniard keeps making homesick sounds, making the fact that he has a 'distension on the left popliteus muscle' the least of his worries. (It's a mild knee injury. No big deal. But with Rudy, everything is awfully drama-queeny.

But ... the idea of being in an eventual sign-and-trade mix is viable.

This is an ace in Mark Cuban's hand. There is no Mavs contract now that is unwieldy for a title-contending club. Having a standout at backup center at about $7 mil is a special value right now. But, if the status of the club changes and one becomes unwieldy, out comes Cuban's ace. And, at the future time, out goes Brendan Haywood or whomever else is overpaid and underperforming on a noncontender.

That is, assuming those guys remain on the market until the summer of 2012. As it stands, according to various "sources'' and "scoops,'' all three of them are going to end up signing with a) the Knicks, b) the Lakers, or c) in some unprecedented move allowed by a new CBA complication, Howard, Paul and D-Will will sign with both the Lakers AND the Knicks.

Follow the Fish on twitter at @FishSports and at | The Sports Page | December 2-8, 2011



In NFL playoffs, go with the dark horse By Mike Kravik C O R R E S P O N D E NT As the corridor to December opens, the Green Bay Packers are the clear Alpha Male of the NFL and the obvious choice to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Probable suitors from the AFC would include the New England Patriots or the Pittsburgh Steelers. Parity is the driving force of the NFL. “On Any Given Sunday” holds real meaning. The length of the season and layers of playoffs keeps hope alive for teams that can get on a late season roll. While it's true that that the two (think New Orleans v Indianapolis in 2009) best teams will sometimes meet in the Super Bowl, it's just as likely that a mystery guest will make an appearance and win a championship. In the last decade, there have been several teams staggering aimlessly through the regular season that came out of nowhere to win the Super Bowl. o In 2001, the New England Patriots were 5-5 but ran the table and won a Super Bowl. o The 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers had a 7-5 record, made the playoffs as a 6th seed but didn't lose again and won one for the thumb. o The 2007 New York Giants went 10-6, backed into the NFC playoffs as the fifth seed and went on to win the Super Bowl. o Through 14 games of the 2010 season, the Green Bay Packers were 8-6

yet they made the playoffs as the 6th seed and still won the Super Bowl. If NFL Parity defeats NFL Obvious in 2011, which team is now a legitimate candidate to be this year's dark horse? GIVE ME THE DALLAS COWBOYS If you talk to Cowboys fans this season about the team, many of them quickly adopt a Wile E. Coyote persona. They just know that pesky Roadrunner is about to drop the Acme anvil on their heads. This isn't the cocksure mindset fans had in 2007 when the Cowboys had the number one seed in the NFC playoffs. A lot of anvils have been dropped on heads since then and Cowboys fans seem conditioned to believe the worst is going to happen. Having team expectations managed for this fan base is not necessarily a bad thing. It's tough enough to win in the NFL without having to deal with extra pressure. I'd rather be that stealth team entering the playoffs instead of the team carrying a burden of expectations. The Cowboys proved this year in New England and in San Francisco they can compete with and beat elite NFL teams. With their NFC East bunk mates in disarray, the Cowboys appear likely to win their division but are they capable of making post-season noise in January? CUE “THE NATURAL” MUSIC FOR MILES AUSTIN. In 2009, Austin became a game-changer the moment (5th game) he was featured more prominently in the offense. Coincidence or not, a Cowboys team that started the season 2-2 reeled off 9 wins in

11 games (including a win at undefeated 13-0 New Orleans) and won their first playoff game in 15 years.

comedy starts to happen on the sidelines. Remember Wade Phillips and his StayPuft Marshmallow coat?

Fast forward to 2011 - Austin has missed several games to hamstring injuries in 2011. Coincidence or not, two of the best games the Cowboys have played this year were in San Francisco and New England with Austin in the line-up for both games.

During the Thanksgiving game with the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions Coach Jim Schwartz went out on a fashion limb when he broke out a dark disco- ball patterned / faux hoodie letterman sweater that had a big blue D slapped on the side.It's by far the funniest thing I've seen a coach wear this year. It looked like Schwartz either made a Seinfeldian “Pirate Shirt” promise to somebody's soft talker girlfriend or lost a bet.

Dallas has soldiered on without Austin for most of the year (behind a mostly stellar season from Tony Romo) but in the process has stumbled upon offensive serendipity. Rookie Demarco Murray has been a spark and given the team a legitimate running game that keeps opposing defenses honest. Laurent Robinson, pulled off the waiver wire, has become a favorite target of Romo. I'm not pinning all hopes on Austin's return but the addition of a true home run hitter to an already balanced offense should do nothing but help. Defeating the Eagles in the 2009 playoffs removed the can't-win-in-the-post-season dark cloud that had engulfed the Cowboys in previous years. Sweeping four inferior opponents in November means the Cowboys are properly focused and relaxed. That's a good place to be for a very talented team headed to December. BUMP 'N RUN Twenty-something years ago, somebody in the NFL wised up and mandated that coaches start wearing NFL gear on the sidelines. For the most part, NFL coaches look fairly sharp because their options are limited.As the season marches forward and the weather starts getting colder, fashion options expand and unintentional

I doubt my family was the only one in America to see the halftime show of the Dolphins / Cowboys game and hear somebody say “Who is Pitbull?” OLD MAN COSTAS Bob Costas is one of the greatest sports broadcasters ever and although he's now 59 years old, he could still pass for somebody in their early 40's. During the Pittsburgh / Kansas City halftime show he had a rare misstep when he went on a rant over Stevie Johnson's tasteless end-zone celebration that mocked Plaxico Burress. Costas sounded like an old man on his porch screaming at kids, before railing on end-zone celebrations today he called “calculated displays of obnoxious self indulgence.” Give me highlights, breaking news or some kind of smoking hot Erin Andrews look-a-like at halftime. Don't give me an old man whose formative years were in the late 60's and early 70's spouting a hypocritical lecture about obnoxious self indulgence.


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Former Catwoman Prowling the Links by Tom Ward S P E C IAL C O NTR I B UTO R

When former Miss America Lee Meriwether was only 13 years old she made her first hole in one. Unfortunately, it was a hole in her dad’s mouth she made by knocking out some teeth with a golf club. He was trying to make a correction in her backswing and reached in at the wrong time. Her father never had any plastic surgery to get rid of the scars; Lee said because it was a great conversation piece at parties. It would be awhile before she picked up a golf club again. That’s because she was busy winning the Miss America pageant( 1955)and working on the Today show( 1st woman’s editor on air)with Dave Garroway. Also, starring in a number of television series like Batman( She portrayed Catwoman in the 1966 movie version), Time Tunnel, Barnaby Jones, Mission: Impossible to name a few. Her movies roles were impressive as well co-starring with the likes of John Wayne, Rock Hudson,


Buddy Ebsen and Andy Griffith. Live theater continues to be Lee’s first love and I can tell you from personal experience watching her perform in ‘Nunsense’ when she was here in Dallas a few years back she’s a fantastic actress!

ning. When the producers asked the stars who played golf no one responded. Finally, I spoke up and told them I played some golf when I was young, and I know how to hold a club.” They told her, ”Good-You’re it.”

These days when she’s not busy acting or doing charitable work you’ll find her at home back in her native California with her husband actor/playwright Marshall Borden. Ironically, Lee and Marshall met in Texas down in San Antonio where they were both performing in a theater production there. Lee said, “He’s always trying to coax me to go to the golf course with him because he’s an avid golfer.” I first met Lee and Marshall when I was out in L.A. a few years ago with my wife and we had lunch at the Beverly Hilton. Lee told me how she got drawn back into golf after a long layoff. In the 1970’s there was a TV show called ‘Battle of the Network Stars’ that was very popular, featuring celebrities from different television shows competing against each other in sporting events like swimming, volleyball, tennis, bowling, cycling and run-

Lee reluctantly participated and went on to win the closest to the pin contest, beating the likes of the late Sonny Bono. After that she was getting invites to participate in numerous charity golf events all across the country. At first she told me

she was hesitant to play because she hadn’t really learned all the rules, but she soon discovered the scramble format and was hooked on the game. One of her greatest highlights playing in those charity golf tournaments occurred a few years ago as she was playing in the group behind blind performer Tom Sullivan. “ It was so inspirational watching him play and how well he did,” she said. Her husband Marshall, who’s a talented golfer who plays about three times a week and periodically goes with Lee to play in some charity golf events. If you want your next golf tournament to be a real success and some real class to it, you can’t go get any better than to invite Lee Meriwether. Just make sure you don’t try to mess with her swing or her claws might come out—remember, she played Catwoman. Finally, I asked Lee if she has ever made a hole in one on the course? In her perfect Catwoman voice she murmured, ”No, But wouldn’t that be Purrfect!” Tom Ward can be reached at


Blueliner Souray turning heads in comeback year Once thought to be finished inthe NHL, Sheldon Souray is performing at an All-Star level this season. by RICHARD S. POLLAK SPECIAL CONTRIBUTOR Dallas Stars GM Joe Niewendyk was challenged by the hockey world for taking the risk of signing veteran defenseman Sheldon Souray. Last season, everyone in the NHL passed on the opportunity to claim the former NHL All-Star off waivers from Edmonton forcing the 35 year old to toil in Hershey of the AHL for most of the season after multi-differences with Oilers' management. For my first article, writing for the Dallas Sportspage Weekly,I wanted to make a bold prediction: I say that Souray will be named an NHL All-Star, again and Comeback Player of the Year,as well! I am not skating with my head down with the puck on predicting Souray's success in 2011 with the Stars. The NHL Brass has already put his name on this year's Ballot for the

All-Star Classic in Ottawa with only 20 games played into the season. AN OFFENSIVE D-MAN Souray leads the Stars defensemen with goals,assists,shots and points even before admirably stepping in on the power play replacing the injured Alex Goligoski. Defensively number #44 was suppose to be the 5th or 6th defenseman, at best, but he is playing as a top two defenseman, leading the team in checks,block shots,penalty minutes and is the only rearguardsman, I see, who stands infront of the net and clears out the opposition. Souray deserves to be an All-Star and his performance on ice dictates his Top Two and Power Play status. Not so amazing,Souray leads the Stars in power play goals. Armed with one of the hardest shots in hockey. I was fortunate to see him play in Montreal at the All-Star game in 2009 as part of the Canadians 100th year anniversary Celebration. Souray was one of the finalist in the slapshot competition. Souray's first taste of being a Dallas Stars came in Frisco at the Dallas Star's Season

Ticket Holders Exclusive First Ever Stars Alumni game. When asked by Dallas Stars Radio play by play man Ralph Strangis,at the bench, about how he feels being a Dallas Star, Souray exclaimed," I'm probably older than most of the Stars Alum playing in the game,I know I'm older than Modano and can't skate as fast as Mike." Souray hasn't been a slouch on defense, his veteran experience and savvy makes up for any lack of speed and I challenge his complaining about lack of speed skating. He's just a wiry veteran hoping the opposition reads his quotes. SUPERSTITIOUS SOURAY Souray has his superstitions,he's always the last player on to the ice during warm ups and at the start of the period. His top two defensive mate, Stephane Robidas says," he's great to play with, his defensive skill allows me to skate with the puck forward on offense." Now when asked by Dallas Stars Color Commentator Darryl Reaugh during the 5 game losing slide, about the Stars tumble, Souray humoristly quotes the famed Charlottetown Chiefs Player- Coach,

Reggie Dunlop, by saying,"WE'RE WORKING ON IT." This season, the swift Dallas Stars Media Staff has added a new statistic to their player profiles with their Twitter Accounts.If you'd like to follow Sheldon's Tweets go to: @SSOURAY. I am excited to be back,once again, on the local beat,able to be covering the Dallas Stars on a weekly basis with the best local sports print outlet in North Texas.In addition to my International correspondent responsibilites with the Fishler Report ,out of New York. It is my honor and challenge to be able to share with my local hockey followers in Dallas, my insite and opinions on the Hockey we love! ,

SLAPSHOTS: GREAT GOALIES RECEIVE REWARDS: Dallas Stars Netminder Kari Lehtonen was named 2nd Star for the entire NHL for the first month of play.In Allen, both CHL American's goalies, Marco Cousineau and Brian Mahoney-Wilson have won the Goaltender of the week awards. | The Sports Page | December 2-8, 2011




The Mavs are back - but what will they look like? WHAT DOES THE NEW NBA CBA MEAN, AND HOW DOES IT AFFECT THE MAVERICKS? by SCOTT ROZSA STAFF WRITER For fans of the NBA, and more specifically, fans of the Dallas Mavericks, last Saturday morning's announcement that the owners and the Players Trade Association - remember, the players had disclaimed, not decertified, the players union and had thus become a “trade association” - had come to an agreement to begin the season, was the final act of a chain of events that was eerily reminiscent to a kid going home for Christmas break after his first semester of college.

the greatest Spring that this franchise has ever experienced, but now it's time to move on. What players are even still on our roster? Do we have money to sign our free agents? Wait, who are our free agents? Is Roddy B's foot healed? What does the new CBA even say? Well, drop a couple Alka Seltzer tablets in the glass and read on as I try and fill in the blanks. COULD YOU PLEASE BOIL DOWN THE

Revenue split: The players will receive anywhere from 49 percent to 51 percent of basketball-related income based on revenue projections. The split is set on a base case of 50 percent, with the players receiving 60.5 percent of every incremental dollar beyond the targeted amount. Contracts renewals are restricted to five years for Larry Bird rights players (players who re-sign with their previous teams) and four years for others.

That's where we are Mavericks fans. We had

Annual salary increase limited to 7.5% for Bird players, 4.5% for non-Bird. Teams may use a $5 million, four-year maximum mid-level exception if they don't exceed luxury tax threshold by $4 million. Teams more than $4 million over threshold limited to $3 million for 3 years. New $2.5 million exception for teams under the salary cap. Rookie pay scale remains the same. Sign/extend-and-trade deals remain available to teams (think Carmelo Anthony deal from last season.)

For NBA fans in general, last season and especially the 2011 playoffs were among the best the league has seen in eons. For Mavs fans, the march through the playoffs was like going home, seeing all your old friends, going out partying every night and blowing off steam. Then came the Finals against the hated Heat - a dream match up against the franchise that had dashed your championship hopes just five years ago. Getting another chance at them was like the college kid hooking up with the one babe that he had been pining over for years. After a New Year's Eve party for the ages, he finds himself in bed with his dream girl and closes the deal. Like the Mavs, he gets to hold the trophy and brag to his friends. Getting the news that the NBA was back was thrilling, and then almost instantly confusing, much like waking up hungover, in a complete fog trying to piece the previous night's events back together. “Man, last night was the best of my life, but where the hell is my wallet and cell phone?”

benchmark criteria of: first, second or third team All-NBA twice, an All-Star starter twice or league MVP.

Teams now have only three days, rather than a week, to match restricted free agent offers from other teams. Minimum team salary must be at least 85% of salary cap for the first two years of the deal, and 90% thereafter. Basically, owners will not be allowed to collect revenue sharing dollars and simply pocket the money. Each team is granted one “Amnesty” card to use on a player currently on its roster. The “get out of jail” free” card does not have to be used this season.

NEW CBA TO TERMS I CAN UNDERSTAND? I can try. Basically it can be distilled to the following details:

10 December 2-8, 2011 | The Sports Page |

Maximum salaries for players after their rookie deals expire are limited to a maximum of 30% of the team's salary cap if he remains with current team and has met

Luxury Tax: previously, teams paid a dollarfor-dollar tax when they surpassed the luxury tax threshold. For the first two years of the new CBA, that will remain the same, however after that the tax becomes far more punitive. Teams will then pay $1.50 for each dollar over the threshold up to $5 million; $1.75 for every dollar up to $10 million; $2.50 up to $15 million; $3.25 up to $20 million and an additional $.50 for each addi-

tional $5 million over. Ouch. To sum up, the owners succeeded in somewhat regulating player movement by making it more favorable financially for players to remain with their current teams. However, the far more stringent luxury tax rules that kick in in 2013 may scare owners away from committing to any large longterm deals immediately. WHO ARE THE UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS FROM DALLAS' 2010-11 ROSTER? Dallas only has 10 players under contract for the upcoming season, with six unrestricted free agents that they must figure out what to do with. Unfortunately, several of them are players that were vital to their championship run last year: Tyson Chandler (29, $12.6 million 201011 salary). Chandler's stock rose dramatically after his defense helped lift the Mavericks to last season's championship which is why the Mavs hope to re-sign him. Dallas could lower its salary-cap hit by using its amnesty provision on Chandler's backup, Brendan Haywood. J.J. Barea (27, 1.815 million in 2010-11). Barea's value may be inflated around the league after he performed so admirably in the playoffs. Caron Butler (31, $10.56 million). The knee injury he suffered last season may reduce the amount he can demand, but there is no arguing his talent. DeShawn Stevenson (30, $4.15 million). His fearless attitude, defense-first persona and timely three-point shooting would be missed if he were to leave. Brian Cardinal (31, $854k). How much do you want to pay for taking charges and bench cheer-leading? Peja Stojakovic (34, $402K). May have reached the end of the line. Couldn't get on the floor against the Heat last year.

WHAT IS THE CURRENT MAVERICKS CAP SITUATION, AND WHO CAN WE KEEP? According to, the Mavericks current payroll sits at just over $63 million, not including any of the players listed above. The luxury tax threshold will likely be $70.3 million. If Cuban were to spend as freely this season as he did last season, and the tax penalties that will kick in in two years were in place now, he would be on the hook for over $126 million this year! Luckily for him, he has a couple seasons to

massage the roster to avoid that ridiculous price tag. Additionally, several players will be coming off the books next season, dropping the team's commitments in 2012-13 to $44.6 million. Maybe the Mavericks accept the luxury tax penalties they would incur this season in signing Chandler to 5-year, $50-$60 million deal and Barea to 5 year, $25 million deals (remember, the Mavs can offer one more year than any other team), then that would bump their payroll this season to $78-$80 million. They would also have a large amnesty chip in their back pocket (either Brendan Haywood or Shawn Marion's roughly $9 million cap hit) that they could play to reduce their overall payroll during one of the campaigns when the harsh tax regulations hit. Butler could be brought back at a discounted rate, and likely for less than max years, as he is working his way back from a terrible knee injury. The only way role players Stevenson and Cardinal will be back is by accepting discounted offers. Communication between players and teams began Wednesday morning, and once the free agent signing date of December 9 hits, player movement will be fast and furious. A whole off-season crammed in to a week! What is the new schedule for the shortened season going to look like? We just discovered Wednesday that the Mavs would be playing an abbreviated preseason schedule - just a home-and-home with the Oklahoma City Thunder to tune themselves up for the condensed regular season slate. The one regular season game we do know is confirmed is the ultimate Christmas gift: the Miami Heat at home for the championship ring (or whatever Cubes is going to be presenting the players) ceremony and banner raising. If the memories of last June had faded for LeBron, Wade and Bosh over the past six months, they will come rushing back that afternoon. We are told that the regular season schedule will consist of 66 games running from December 25 through April 26 and will comprise 48 conference games and 18 nonconference tilts. Each team will be required to play at least one back-to-back-to-back set of games, but not more than three such sets. The Mavericks play in far and away the NBA's toughest division; all five teams finished comfortably over .500 and if the schedule is weighted heavily with division games, Dallas could find themselves at a disadvantage. After sifting through all of this data and potential roster moves, I'm feeling a lot like that hungover kid who just wants to crawl back under the covers. At least until the real games start! | The Sports Page | December 2-8, 2011



Biggest moves in MLB to be made in DFW Baseball avoids any possibility of labor strife. by TODD KAUFFMAN S P E C IAL C O NTR I B UTO R the

This year, general manager Jon Daniels and CEO Nolan Ryan won't have to travel far to meet with agents, front office personell, and members of the media during the 2011 Winter Meetings. In fact, they will get to sleep in their own beds at the end of the night. It's because everyone who is anyone in Major League Baseball will converge on Dallas, Texas and the Hilton Anatole Hotel for the winter meetings. This is usually a time when the biggest movement during the off season takes place. For the Texas Rangers themselves, it could be their best chance to make a few more big splashes after the signing of former Minnesota Twins' closer, Joe Nathan a few days prior to Thanksgiving. There are plenty of names on the radar

including their own free agent, C.J. Wilson, relievers Chad Cordero and Jonathan Broxton, and a few other starters like Mark Buehrle who have also made their way through the Texas Rangers rumor sheets. The Joe Nathan signing wasn't enough for fans, though no signing really ever is. Especially with it's guy who just turned 37 and went through Tommy John surgery just a year and a half ago. They want to see Daniels and Ryan do more and, with the meetings in their own backyard, it might be a comfortable enough environment to look at it like home field advantage. While most look at the Nathan signing with more questions than answers, it gave the Rangers the opportunity to move Neftali Feliz from the back of the bullpen to possibly the front of the rotation. It also gave this front office the ability to show Wilson and his agent, Bob Garber, they aren't desperate to re-sign the left hander to the kind of money he's looking for. But while the Rangers will try to play this


off as they are more than willing to ride the rotation the way it is, in no way is Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan "okay" with what they have. They know full well the rotation, as well as the bullpen, is not better than last year. In fact, it may be worse than what they had going into the playoffs. While Joe Nathan seems like a nice piece to have in the back end of the bullpen, especially with the amount of experience he has as a closer, next to Mike Adams who will undoubtedly have the eighth inning role, the Rangers don't have the kind of solid relief corps that would make a manager smile. In fact, it might be quite the opposite. Do the Rangers really have faith in the likes of Yonishori Tateyama, Koji Uehara, Mark Lowe, and Scott Feldman controlling the pivotal sixth and seventh innings? The answer to that, though quietly, is probably a resounding, "no." But the bullpen isn't the only thing that is cause for concern. Neftali Feliz has never pitched more than 70 innings since being

called up to the big leagues back in 2009. Yet, somehow, the Rangers now expect him to pitch close to 200 innings or possibly more? They expected the same out of Alexi Ogando last season and while he started out one of the hottest pitchers in the big leagues, his late season flame out was the direct result of having never pitched that many innings in his entire career. That being said, it would make sense that the Texas Rangers may in fact look to bring in another starter. They need another arm that can spell Feliz and his lack of experience and even Ogando's second year of experience. Without that, this team may not only not return to the World Series for the third straight year, but they may not even return to the playoffs. The winter meetings are only a week away. Hang on to your baseball bats, this could be the most off season movement we've seen in a very long time. Follow Todd’s reporting from the Winter Meetings via Twitter @sportspagedfw.


Rookie Cowboys kicker can’t seem to miss Murray and offensive line leading the way for Cowboys. By Kate Delaney S P E C IAL C O NTR I B UTO R

BAILEY BOOTS EM' RIGHT THROUGH THE UPRIGHTS EVERY TIME I wonder if Dan Bailey realized when he got his shot at kicking for the Dallas Cowboys that he'd be a vital part of the Dallas offense in his rookie year. His 28 yarder in the 20-19 win over Miami last week has put him a step closer to a team record; he has made 26 straight fieldgoals, and one with more he goes into the record books. Either by winning by one point in regulation or overtime, without a doubt the Cowboys winning ways have all of the Metroplex on the edge of their seats. We can all thank the young kicker out of Oklahoma State for nailing the games the game shut. Now that the door has been kicked open

for Dallas to make a serious run at the playoffs, one of the team's coaches is creating some attention. Most notably defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who looks like a wild eyed Santa stalking the sidelines, is now being mentioned as a potential Head Coach for another NFL team. Is it just fodder for sports talk radio shows and sports columnist or will it be hard to hang onto Ryan? The rumors started to fly once Jack Del Rio got the boot from Jacksonville this week but that's all it is at this point. In typical Ryan fashion when he was asked over and over again by Cowboy beat reporters about bolting from the Dallas stable of coaches, he simply shrugged it off.

week before the NFC East Sunday night showdown against the Giants. MERRY CHRISTMAS MAVS FANS Speaking of matchups we can't wait to see, now that the NBA is back in business how sweet is it that the Mavericks are scheduled to host Miami on Christmas Day? Do you realize that the Mavericks will finally get their rings? Wow, it couldn't have been scripted any better by Mark Cuban's movie company. Jewelry, bannerraising, and the Heat at home in an afternoon game so we all have time to scoot back home for dinner - who needs presents? Nothing tops that one? BOSTON GOES WITH BOBBY V.

It's not a surprise that Ryan would make the list for potential head coaches for any of the vacancies that are sure to open up after the season. He has the swagger, the background and a Super Bowl ring that would certainly seal the deal. However, what's next for Ryan and the Cowboys is the Arizona Cardinals on the road with the potential to pick up win number eight a

12 December 2-8, 2011 | The Sports Page |

This is just too juicy not to mention. A former Ranger Manager is back in the dugout not for the Rangers but for Boston. Yes, its true Bobby Valentine takes over the reins officially, we think anyway, on Thursday. That's when he is expected to do the official press conference. Valentine cut his

teeth in his first managerial job in Arlington, but that was the mid 80's and boy, has his resume' blossomed since the early days. Stops include coaching stints in Japan and a pennant with the Mets in 2000. Valentine took the Mets to the World Series in the subway series where the Yanks walked off with the 4-1 series win. My favorite Valentine moment is when he was tossed from a game in New York in 1999 against the Jays in the 12 inning after arguing over a home plate call - do you remember the game? He came back into the dugout wearing a fake mustache. As Valentine knows it will take more than disguises to win over the hard scrabble Boston fans. God speed Bobby V!

Kate Delaney hosts "America Tonight," which airs from 11p.m. - 2a.m. on KKGM 1630AM.

THE SPORTS PAGE WEEKLY’S PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATORS Each week, we’ll ask some area media members to put their forecasting skills to the test. This season, TSPW publisher Dan McVicker, Scott Boyter, editor of TSPW, The mysterious Red Root, TSPW columnist Vance Gonzales and Roger Emrich, KRLD-AM Sports and oilman and former Texas Tech wide receiver Travis Price will pick vs. the line.

GAMES - 12/2-12/4 Southern Mississippi at Houston (-14) Syracuse at Pittsburgh (-11.5) Connecticut at Cincinnatti (-9.5) Iowa State at Kansas State (-11.5) Te x a s a t B a y l o r ( - 3 . 5 ) Georgia vs LSU (-12.5) Oklahoma at Oklahoma State (-3.5) W i s c o n s i n a t M i ch i g a n S t a t e ( - 9 . 5 ) C a r o l i n a a t Ta m p a B a y ( - 3 . 5 ) Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (-7) At l a n t a ( - 1 ) a t H o u s t o n Oakland at Miami (-2.5) D a l l a s ( - 5 ) a t Ar i z o n a Green Bay (-6) at NY Giants Detroit at New Orleans (-1) S a n D i e g o ( - 1 . 5 ) a t J a ck s o n v i l l e









Houston Syracuse Cincinnatti Kansas State Baylor Georgia Oklahoma State Michigan State Tampa Bay Pittsburgh Atlanta Oakland Dallas Green Bay New Orleans San Diego

Houston Pittsburgh Cincinnatti Kansas St Baylor LSU Oklahoma St Michigan St Tampa bay Pittsburgh Houston Miami Arizona Green Bay New Orleans San Diego

Houston Pittsburgh Cincinnatti Kansas State Texas LSU Oklahoma Wisconsin Carolina Cincinnatti Atlanta Oakland Dallas Green Bay New Orleans San Diego

Houston Pittsburgh Connecticut Kansas State Baylor LSU Oklahoma State Michigan State Carolina Cincinnati Atlanta Oakland Dallas Green Bay New Orleans San Diego

Houston Pittsburgh Cincinnatti Kansas State Baylor LSU Oklahoma Wisconsin Tampa Bay Pittsburgh Atlanta Oakland Dallas Green Bay New Orleans San Diego

Southern Miss Pittsburgh Connecticut Iowa State Baylor LSU Oklahoma Wisconsin Tampa Bay Cincinnatti Atlanta Oakland Dallas Green Bay Detroit San Diego

6-10 94-99(.451)

7-9 99-94 (.553)

9-7 101-92(.598)

11-5 102-91 (.621)

8-8 105-88 (.693)

6-10 95-83 (.598)

RK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

TEAM RECORD LSU 12-0 Alabama 11-1 Oklahoma St 11-1 Stanford 11-1 Virginia Tech 11-1 Houston 12-0 Boise St 10-1 Arkansas 10-2 Oregon 10-2 Oklahoma 9-2 Kansas St 9-2 South Carolina 10-2 Michigan St 10-2 Georgia 10-2 Wisconsin 10-2 Michigan 10-2 Baylor 8-3 TCU 9-2 Nebraska 9-3 Clemson 9-3 Penn St 9-3 Texas 7-4 West Virginia 8-3 Southern Miss 10-2 Missouri 7-5


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5645 SMU Blvd. 214.368. 9212


1003 Collins St., Arlington


Poke's Neighborhood Grill 14831 Midway Rd. Addison 972.385.7653

972-549-4200 THESALTCLUB.COM

Addison, Arlington

1/2 price pizzas during cowboy games! | The Sports Page | December 2-8, 2011


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Army vs Navy Cleveland at Pittsburgh Kansas City at NY Jets Tampa Bay at Jacksonville New England at Washington Atlanta at Carolina Indianapolis at Baltimore Philadelphia at Miami Minnesota at Detroit New Orleans at Tennessee Houston at Cincinnatti Chicago at Denver San Francisco at Arizona Buffalo at San Diego Oakland at Green Bay NY Giants at Dallas


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14 December 2-8, 2011 | The Sports Page | | The Sports Page | December 2-8, 2011


TICKET WINDOW Mike Lombardi talks with The Musers

Dunham & Miller Weekdays, 5:30-10:00 am NFL Network and’s Mike Lombardi visited with The Musers last Tuesday. Craig: Let’s go back to Thanksgiving Day. The Cowboys beat the Dolphins, and that’s four in a row now for Dallas and they are all alone now in first place in the NFC East. You’ve got to like the position they are in…

Lombardi: I do and I think they’re getting better as the time goes on. I think the Giants have a lot of weaknesses. They have an inability to cover in the secondary, their lack of speed in the secondary, their lack of running game, and certainly Washington’s not a factor anymore and of course the Eagles were eliminated by the Patriots this weekend. I think the Cowboys are sitting in prime position, and I think the way the schedule goes down there’s a chance they’ll be the number two seed. San Francisco has two losses and the Cowboys have to make up two games, but they’ve got the tie breaker with them and anything can happen at the end of the year. George: Overall, how would you rate this year for Tony Romo? Lombardi: I think he’s been great. I think what he did against the 49ers was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen in all my years as an NFL executive. I think the ability to come back out there and will his team to victory was out-

16 December 2-8, 2011 | The Sports Page |

standing. Look, Tony Romo is going to throw some interceptions. He’s going to make some mistakes with the ball because some of the receivers he has playing for him make mistakes, and it’s very difficult to be coordinated when you don’t know where the receivers are going to go. Some of those are Tony’s mistakes and some of those mistakes are on the receivers. I think it’s that willingness to take some chances and willingness to make some plays is what makes him a good player. He’s played brilliantly the last couple of weeks. Craig: The Cowboys have finally found a great kicker in Dan Bailey. As an NFL personnel guy, how much value do you place on a place kicker? Lombardi: We drafted one in the first round in Sebastian Janikowski. Our owner Al Davis placed a huge importance on kickers. I think it’s really a factor of the game. If you want to control vertical field position, and you have a defense that can do that, then you need to have a kicking game that is strong. I

think if you build an organization, I think the first thing you have to do is build a kicking game. You want to win an element of the game, and if you have a good kicker then you can do that. It’s a value that you really can’t measure. It’s something that nobody wants to discuss, but it’s very important to put emphasis in, especially if you want to win championships. Craig: Ndamukong Suh had the incident on Thanksgiving Day. Do you think he has a screw loose? Lombardi: I think Detroit needs to handle him. Forget the league office; I think Detroit needs to send a message to him. He’s really being selfish. He’s putting himself first, and that behavior is really hurting his team. I think Detroit really needs to set the tempo, and make a statement to the locker room. His apology on Thanksgiving Day was so poorly done, and you wonder if he was even thinking when he made that apology. If I was in the Lions front office I’d suspend him for at least one game.



THURSDAY, 12/1/2011 NFL 301 PHILADELPHIA 7:20 PM 302 SEATTLE COLLEGE FOOTBALL 303 WEST VIRGINIA 7:00 PM 304 SOUTH FLORIDA FRIDAY, 12/2/2011 305 N, ILLIONOIS 6:00 PM 306 OHIO 307 UCLA 7:00 PM 308 OREGON SATURDAY, 12/3/2011 309 CONNECTICUT 11:00 AM 310 CINCINNATI 311 SYRACUSE 11:00 AM 312 PITTSBURGH 313 IOWA ST. 11:30 AM 314 KANSAS ST. 315 WYOMING 1:00 PM 316 COLORADO ST. 317 UNLV 1:30 PM 318 TCU 319 OKLAHOMA 2:30 PM 320 OKLAHOMA ST. 321 TEXAS 2:30 PM 322 BAYLOR 323 IDAHO 3:00 PM 324 NEVADA 325 NEW MEXICO 5:00 PM 326 BOISE ST 327 BYU 6:30 PM 328 HAWAII 329 UTAH ST. 7:00 PM 330 NEW MEXICO ST. 331 FRESNO ST. 7:00 PM 332 SAN DIEGO ST. 333 TROY 2:00 PM 334 ARKANSAS ST.





NFL 12/5/2011 375 SAN DIEGO 7:35 PM 376 JACKSONVILLE

Odds to win 2012 NBA Title Team


Heat 2-1 Bulls 6-1 Mavericks 7-1 Thunder 7-1 Lakers 7-1 Celtics 10-1 Spurs 20-1 Magic 20-1 Knicks 20-1 Blazers 25-1 Nuggets 30-1 Grizzlies 30-1 Hornets 40-1 Hawks 50-1 Clippers 50-1

76ers 60-1 Nets 60-1 Warriors 75-1 Rockets 100-1 Bucks 100-1 Pacers 100-1 Jazz 100-1 Suns 100-1 Kings 100-1 Bobcats 100-1 Wizards 100-1 Cavaliers 100-1 Pistons 200-1 Raptors 200-1 Wolves 200-1

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18 December 2-8, 2011 | The Sports Page |

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in tHE on tHE

WHERE TO WATCH YOUR FAVORITE TEAM COLLEGE ALL COLLEGE GAMES Draft Media Sports Lounge 400 N. Olive St., Dallas 214-777-6524 White Rock Sports Bar & Grill 718 N. Buckner Blvd. #108, Dallas 214-321-6979 Arkansas 1601 N. Central Expressway, Richardson 972.690.4867 Baylor Big Al's McKinney Avenue Tavern 2822 McKinney Avenue, Dallas 214-969-1984 Humperdinks 6050 Greenville Ave, Dallas 214.368.6597 Florida State BlackFinn 4440 Belt Line Road., Addison 469-374-7667 Iowa The Pour House 1919 Skillman St., Dallas 214-969-1984

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Texas Draft Picks Sports Bar & Grill 703 McKinney Avenue Suite 101, Dallas 972.993.3636 Humperdinks 1601 N. Central Expressway, Richardson 972.690.4867 The Pour House 1919 Skillman St., Dallas 214-969-1984 Reetz Pub & Grub 1411 E Campbell Road, Richardson 972-437-6216 St Pete's Dancing Marlin 2730 Commerce Street, Dallas 214.698.1511 Jake’s 5505 Belt Line Rd., Dallas 972.503.5253

Jake’s 515 Main Street, Ft. Worth Jake’s 6333 Camp Bowie Blvd, Ft. Worth

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Michigan State BlackFinn 4440 Belt Line Road., Addison 469-374-7667

The Pour House 1919 Skillman St., Dallas 214-969-1984

Jake’s 6333 Camp Bowie Blvd, Ft. Worth

Oklahoma St. The Pour House 1919 Skillman St., Dallas 214-969-1984

The Pour House 1919 Skillman St., Dallas 214-969-1984

Penn St. Angry Dog 2726 Commerce St., Dallas 214-741-4406

Texas A&M Down Under Pub 352 Town Place, Allen 469.342.3490

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Humperdinks 3820 Beltline Road, Addison 972.484.3051 Humperdinks 1601 N. Central Expressway, Richardson 972.690.4867 Humperdinks 700 Six Flags Drive, Arlington 817.640.8553

Purdue BlackFinn 4440 Belt Line Road., Addison 469-374-7667 SMU Humperdinks 6050 Greenville Ave, Dallas 214.368.6597 South Florida BlackFinn 4440 Belt Line Road., Addison

Pour House 1919 Slillman St Dallas 75206 214.824.1170 Skybox 1003 North Collins St Arlington 76011 817.795.2582 Lakewood 1st and Ten 6465 E. Mockingbird Lane Dallas 75214 214.826.0110

The Pour House 1919 Skillman St., Dallas 214-969-1984 Reetz Pub & Grub 1411 E Campbell Road, Richardson 972-437-6216 Texas Tech End Zone Sports Bar & Grill

Salt Sports BAr 321 Town Place Fairview, Tx 75069 972.549.4200 Buffalo Bills Down Under Pub 352 Town Place, Allen 469.342.3490

Humperdinks 3820 Beltline Road, Addison 972.484.3051

Jake’s 5505 Belt Line Rd., Dallas 972.503.5253

White Rock Sports Bar & Grill 718 N. Buckner Blvd. #108, Dallas 214-321-6979

Uptown Bar and Grill 2523 McKinney Avenue Dallas 75201 214.969.9433

Humperdinks 6050 Greenville Ave, Dallas 214.368.6597

Humperdinks 700 Six Flags Drive, Arlington 817.640.8553

NFL ALL NFL GAMES Draft Media Sports Lounge 400 N. Olive St., Dallas 214-777-6524

Pokes 14831 Midway Road Addison, Texas 75001 972.385.7653

End Zone Sports Bar & Grill 3033 W Parker Road, Plano 972-867-3400

Humperdinks 1601 N. Central Expressway, Richardson 972.690.4867

St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin 2730 Commerce St., Dallas 214-698-1511

TCU Humperdinks 6050 Greenville Ave, Dallas 214.368.6597

Draft Picks Sports Bar & Grill 703 McKinney Avenue Suite 101, Dallas 972.993.3636

Humperdinks 2208 W. NW Highway, Dallas 214.358.4159

Virginia The Pour House 1919 Skillman St., Dallas 214-969-1984

The Pour House 1919 Skillman St., Dallas 214-969-1984

Humperdinks 6050 Greenville Ave, Dallas 214.368.6597

Jake’s 6333 Camp Bowie Blvd, Ft. Worth

USC Hully and Mo’s 2800 Routh Street Dallas (214) 954-0203

Jake’s 2702 McKinney Avenue, Dallas 214.754.8001

Down Under Pub 352 Town Place, Allen 469.342.3490 Dallas Cowboys Big Al's McKinney Avenue Tavern 2822 McKinney Avenue, Dallas 214-969-1984

Jakes 5505 Belt Line Rd., Dallas 972.503.5253

Reetz Pub & Grub 1411 E Campbell Road, Richardson 972-437-6216

Humperdinks 2208 W. NW Highway, Dallas 214.358.4159

LSU Down Under Pub 352 Town Place, Allen 469.342.3490

St. Pete's Dancing Marlin 2730 Commerce Street, Dallas 214.698.1511

Jake’s 2702 McKinney Avenue, Dallas 214.754.8001

Kansas Big Al's McKinney Avenue Tavern 2822 McKinney Avenue, Dallas 214-969-1984

The Pour House 1919 Skillman St., Dallas 214-969-1984

Chicago Bears The Pour House 1919 Skillman St., Dallas 214-969-1984

Jake’s 2702 McKinney Avenue, Dallas 214.754.8001 Jake’s 515 Main Street, Ft. Worth Jake’s 6333 Camp Bowie Blvd, Ft. Worth St Pete's Dancing Marlin 2730 Commerce Street, Dallas 214.698.1511 Miami Dolphins Big Al's McKinney Avenue Tavern 2822 McKinney Avenue, Dallas 214-969-1984 New Orleans Saints Big Al's McKinney Avenue Tavern 2822 McKinney Avenue, Dallas 214-969-1984 Down Under Pub 352 Town Place Allen 469.342.3490 New York Giants Angry Dog 2726 Commerce St., Dallas 214-741-4406 Philadelphia Eagles Angry Dog 2726 Commerce St., Dallas

Catch All The Games Here! The Coldest Beer In Deep Ellum! 2 7 3 0 C o m m e r c e S t r e e t • D a l l a s , Te x a s 7 5 2 2 6 P h o n e 2 1 4 . 6 9 8 . 1 5 1 1 • w w w. d a n c i n g m a r l i n . c o m | The Sports Page | December 2-8, 2011


20 December 2-8, 2011 | The Sports Page |

The Sports Page Weekly  

The Dallas Mavericks are finally redy to get the seson started plus a look at the Texas Rangers and the MLB Winter Meetings held here in Dal...

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