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State’s top organizations form TJGA Special to Sportspage Weekly



























The four organizations operating the state’s most prominent junior golf programs have formed the Texas Junior Golf Alliance, a new partnership that is designed to give junior golfers greater access to top tier competition statewide and ease the burden of travel expense. Texas Golf Association (TGA), the Northern Texas and Southern Texas Sections of the PGA of America and the Houston Golf Association (HGA) have formed a group whose goal is to simplify qualifying for the Legends Junior Tour’s statewide high profile events. Collectively each year the four organizations provide playing opportunities to more than 6,000 junior boys and girls in 500-plus tournaments. The PGA Sections have been holding the Texas State Junior Championship since 1922.





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Since 2006 the TGA and the two PGA Sections have grown the Legends Junior Tour, which offers boys and girls special events for more advanced players, including multi-day tournaments. Adding HGA, which has been promoting junior golf since 1957, allows an even greater number of talented players into the mix. Entry eligibility for Legends Junior Tour events will now be determined by a statewide points list, which will be available on each Texas Junior Golf Alliance member’s website. Publisher / Founder Dan McVicker Editor /Art Director/Staff Writer Scott Rozsa VP of Business Development Chad Floyd (214) 881-0129


Contributing Writers Kate Delaney, Mike Fisher, Dic Humphrey, Tom Ward, Bo Carter, Mike Kravik, Todd Kaufmann, Richard Pollak

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Juniors will have dual membership in their respective programs and the Texas Junior Golf Alliance for a single membership fee. Each organization will offer a select number of Texas Junior Golf Alliance Points Tournaments in their respective 2012 schedule.. Northern Texas PGA (15 events), Southern Texas PGA and HGA (8 events each) and TGA’s Legends Junior Tour (14 events) combine to offer 47 points events. Competitors may also accumulate points in the seven open and one invitational events operated in Texas by the national American Junior Golf Association (AJGA). “The junior golf landscape in Texas can be intimidating and expensive to negotiate for beginning players and veterans alike,” said Rob Addington, Executive Director of the Texas Golf Association. “Everyone involved hopes this will clear the path toward advancement while reassuring them of the quality of the events they are competing in.” “Growing the game and easing the financial burden and travel demands on players

4 January 20-26, 2012 | The Sports Page |

and their families can be nothing but a winwin situation,” said Steve Timms, President/CEO of the Houston Golf Association. The STPGA has a beginner’s program for youngsters starting at age 6 and the NTPGA at age 7. While 6-11 year-olds will not be competing in statewide events, they will be educated in the opportunities afforded by the alliance. “Being in the program can serve as a roadmap to newcomers to the game,” said Mike Ray, Executive Director of the Southern Texas PGA. “In fact, it certainly will give them something to look forward to as they progress.” “Kids in this program will no longer have to travel all over the country to participate in quality events,” said Mark Harrison, Northern Texas PGA Executive Director. “We’ll have outstanding competition, conducted at the highest level of administration, on a wide variety of exceptional golf courses. This is a great day for junior golf in Texas.” The Legends Junior Tour operates as part of the Texas Golf Association and its Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. Since its inception in 2005, the Tour has provided over $250,000 to promote junior golf initiatives and exposure to the game to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity across the state. The Legends Junior Tour is home to such prestigious events as the HP Byron Nelson Junior Championship, Texas Cup Invitational, Jackie Burke Cup and Texas State Junior Championship. For more information, contact the Legends Junior Tour at (214) 468-8955 or visit Northern Texas PGA Junior Golf Foundation - Founded in 1983, the

Foundation is committed to introducing and promoting the game of golf to children of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds throughout north Texas and instilling in them the positive, character developing traits for which the game is so well known. For more information, contact the Northern Texas PGA at 214-420-7421 or visit The Southern Texas PGA Foundation founded its Junior Golf Program in 1992 and provides youth in southern Texas broad opportunities to experience the game of golf, develop their talent as players, themselves as individuals and promote scholarship benefits to as many qualified students as possible. Boys and girls ages 6-18 are provided the opportunity to participate in one of four age and skill specific operations within the program. The program had over 3,000 juniors enrolled in the 2011. For more information please visit us at or call us at 832442-2404 Houston Golf Association - Established in 1946, the organization has been conducting a junior golf program since 1957. It also operates the Shell Houston Open PGA TOUR event as well as other amateur competitions in the Greater Houston Area. Contact Dianne Overstreet (281-454-7000, for additional information. Texas Golf Association was founded over one-hundred years ago (1906) as a nonprofit membership organization to promote and advance the game of golf in Texas by providing a wide range of services for the benefit of its member clubs and their individual members, and for all golf enthusiasts across the state.growth.





















Mavericks at Hornets 7:00 PM FSSW

Lightning at Stars 7:30 PM FSSW

Stars at Wild 8:00 PM TXA-21

Americans at Sundogs 7:05 PM

Americans at Sundogs 7:35 PM

Suns at Mavericks 7:30 PM FSSW

Timberwolves at Mavericks 7:30 PM FSSW

Ducks at Stars 7:30 PM FSSW

Sundogs at Americans 7:05 PM


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The Metroplex is a sports fan's dream - great pro sports, college powerhouses and some of the best high school sports programs in the country and we deliver it all with typical Texas hospitality. -Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price on D/FW being ranked the No. 1 sports area in the U.S.

By Vance Gonzales/Correspondent/

Foreclosure in motion on home of O.J. Simpson The housing market in Florida is grim, even for an incarcerated former football star like O.J. Simpson. Turns out, Simpson is dangerously close to losing his four-bath home south of downtown Miami due to foreclosure. Yep. According to court records in MiamiDad County, JP Morgan filed for foreclosure in September. In response, Simpson’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss the case. Since November there hasn’t been any further action on the case. Property records indicate that the 4,233square-foot house which Simpson bought in 2000 was purchased for $575,000. Today it’s valued at $478,401. Ouch Juice! Even worse, is that property taxes aren’t cheap in sunny Florida either, about

$9,000, which Simpson did pay in December, from jail.

wrongful death. Naturally, then, this all goes full circle up thru today.

Indeed, the 64-year-old former football star and actor is locked up in the clink on a nine-to-33-year stint stemming from a 2007 armed confrontation with sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room, resulting in Simpson’s conviction of kidnapping, armed robbery and other charges. He’s appealing the conviction.

This is because the attorney for Goldman’s father, Fred, said Monday the bankruptcy case played directly into the Simpson foreclosure. “No surprise at all,” said David J. Cook, the Goldman attorney in San Francisco who has spent years attempting to collect the judgment.

Karma is, however, a bitch. You remember, right? Of course, everyone remembers when Simpson was acquitted for the slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman in 1995. But what most forget is that later a California civil jury levied $33.5 million in damages against Simpson for Goldman’s

In 2007, Simpson received $750,000 for a ghostwritten book under his name titled “If I Did It,” Cook said. Eventually, a Florida bankruptcy judge awarded rights to the book to Goldman, who released it, which ended up selling some 150,000 copies. Around $350,000 of Simpson’s money went to pay down a line of credit linked to his Miami-area home. However, the bank-

ruptcy trustee filed a so-called clawback lawsuit against the bank that sought return of the money as ill-gotten gains. Cook said when the bank paid the money, Simpson’s mortgage was raised to offset the cost. “It was just a matter of time before he would lose the house,” Cook said. Even from behind bars, Simpson is earning an income from his NFL pension and another retirement account that is shielded from creditors under federal law. Residual payments from Simpson’s movies (“Naked Gun” series and “The Towering Inferno”) go to the Goldmans. Still, there’s not enough juice in the bank to keep the creditors off Simpson’s home now, it appears. The end is inevitable. And Karma always carries with it a swift bite.

Rangers- Darvish deal down to the final hours With the deadline to sign Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish set at 4 p.m. central time on Wednesday, the Rangers still had not reached an agreement at noon, central time. Apparently, general manager Jon Daniels and members of the Rangers front office worked thru much of the night with Darvish’s agents—Arn Tellem and Don Nomura—to get the deal done. As of Wednesday morning, without an agreement, negotiations were still underway. ESPN sources indicated that the club was confident a deal would get done before the deadline. Time is of the essence, obviously. But the sun was ever closer to setting on the deal midway thru Wednesday.

And a deal isn’t complete till all the details are finalized and signed. Either way, Japanese media members (one ESPN source assigning the number at 25) were waiting in the lobby in center field for much of the night. Apparently, the Rangers even provided pizza and beer to accompany shelter form the cold, according to another report. Still, if an agreement isn’t reached, Darvish would play in Japan in 2012 and the Rangers would be off-the-hook for the $51.7 million posting fee to Darvish’s team, the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters.



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MAVS trying to get Odom to go “all in” by Mike Fisher FISH

Lamar Odom wears his heart on his sleeve. He wears sneakers with names scribbled on them, so he wears his heart on his shoes, too.

(Odom says the cousin was murdered) and while he was there, was a passenger in a car involved in a traffic accident in which an allegedly out-of-control motorcycle struck and killed a 15-year-old pedestrian. In two of our conversations with Odom, he used that “Basketball is Life'' phrase, and it apparently means more to him than a slogan on a t-shirt. On one occasion, Lamar said, “It's a humbling game. It's a humbling experience.

LO DOESN’T FIT IN 3-D PLAN readers know the goal. It is "The 3D Blueprint," it involves a way to add Dwight and Deron to Dirk, and it's more important that the feelings of one person. But in addition to Lamar and that “cloud of death'' that he feels hangs over him, there is a downside to the 3D Blueprint and majority of the roster living under a cloud of uncertainty.

“There's a saying, 'Basketball is Life,' Odom tells us. “And in life, you always got to be prepared for the unexpected. You never know. And that's why you can't put all your eggs in one basket.'' We haven't gotten around to asking L.O. about the scribbles. But we've discussed at length his belief that “Death always seems to be around me.'' And as he and his Dallas Mavericks prepare for tonight's meeting at LA against his old Lakers team, we think we have insight into the Mavs, those eggs and that basket, too.

On one hand, there is no excuse for everyone not playing hard. This is why they get paid millions of dollars, a chance at another title is at stake, and selfishly, buy-out candidate Lamar and the rest must knowing they are auditioning for new contracts.

This Dallas Mavericks team is unique in about six different ways. NOT YOUR NORMAL DEFENDING CHAMP The 2011-12 Mavs are an oddity, a defending champion moving forward rapidly with a roster that bears limited resemblance to the team that won the title. … and a roster poised to soon be greatly altered again. So far, we're talking about an active roster turnover of 50 percent and five key outgoing players as the Mavericks face the unenviable task of playing title defense while integrating so many new faces and doing so without a full training camp. And next year? Another overhaul, as most everyone on this roster not named “Dirk'' might be jettisoned. In our staff's multiple visits with L.O. -- the ex-Lakers standout who has struggled mightily to fit in with the Mavs -- he's spoken warmly and frankly about his feeling that "Death always seems to be around me," as he phrased it for the LA Times. Lamar's mother died of cancer when he was 12. The grandmother who raised him passed away in 2004. Lamar buried his own child, a victim of SIDs at just shy of seven months, in 2006. This summer he traveled to New York for the burial of a 24-year-old cousin with whom he was close

Odom is among the Mavs who face a looming specter of wholesale turnover - and maybe of feeling “unwanted,'' if you will -- as a result of two factors. One, almost certainly by Mavs braintrust design, many on this roster are in the final year of their contracts. Two, the Mavs telegraphed their long-term plan in the offseason by deciding not to offer multi-year contracts to soon-to-be departees Chandler, Barea, Stevenson, and Butler.

On the other, the realization that this group is more ephemeral than most could undercut any potential chemistry and cohesiveness the Mavericks might achieve this year. Is uncertainty part of the problem? Has anybody stopped to ponder the ramifications of potentially 75 percent of the locker room realizing they might be Dead Mavs Walking?

Life is the same way. You can win the jackpot, and then lose somebody close to you. Basketball is life. I'll continue to live, be a better man, and be a better basketball player as well." Later, in our one-on-one talk, he said, “There's a saying, “Basketball is Life. And in life you always got to be prepared for the unexpected. You never know. And that's why you can't put all your eggs in one basket.'' We initially assumed Lamar was speaking on the passing of his loved ones - and preparing for the changes that come with that. But now we wonder … “You can't put all your eggs in one basket'' … Is there tucked inside that chestnut some deeper explanation for why Odom has played so ineffectively since his season-starting trade from LA to Dallas?

Odom has talked of variety of factors that weigh him down. He recently told reporters, "Some things happen that took me away from the game; took some time off. You've got to be right mentally as a person first before you do any of this." There are a lot of reasons he's not “right mentally.'' Going into Monday's visit to LA, you had to wonder if Lamar being in the “wrong uniform'' could add to the reasons. The Mavs have a challenge. They must convince Lamar Odom to go ahead and take the risk -- to “put all his eggs in one basket.''

Follow the Fish on twitter at @FishSports and at | The Sports Page | January 20-26, 2012




Catching you up with golf’s colorful lingo by Tom Ward S P E C IAL C O NTR I B UTO R

When people I meet for the first time ask me what I do for a living, of course I tell them I’m a golf pro. Unlike most professionals in the business, I don’t work at a golf club anymore ( private or public), and I no longer play tournament golf like a P.G.A. touring pro. Usually, I’m busy traveling the globe staging golf clinics teaching players from all walks of life (beginners to winners on the professional tours). Also, I setup and run numerous charity golf events throughout the world for worthwhile causes that are near and dear to my heart.

you’re up to speed on the golf lingo being used on the golf course these days. I want you to play great golf and be culturally hip with your colorful dialogue while you’re playing the game with your friends and associates. I’ve got a few suggestions for you that I hope can be of assistance, however I implore you use some discretion when applying these quips as some of them may not be appropriate depending upon who you are playing with that particular day. Golfers as a group, from my experi-

1.)If you hit a wicked slice with your shot and got away with it, that’s commonly called an ”O.J.” 2.)A ‘Rock Hudson’ is a putt that looks straight, but it isn’t. 3.) If you’ve over-clubbed a shot, well, that’s a “Rodney King”. 4.) “Pee Wee Herman” is when you’ve hit a shot that had too much wrist action. 5.)A shot that goes where no man has gone before is known as a “Captain Kirk”. 6.) A ‘Sonny Bono’ is when you hit your shot straight into a tree. 7.) “Paris Hilton” is what you call it when you’ve had a very expensive hole. 8.)”Robert Shapiro” is a

I’ve learned to turn my ‘vocation into a vacation’ so to speak, because of some of the exotic and beautiful locations I am fortunate to visit. I like to joke with people that I’m so lucky to have a job in a sport where I spend my whole day around hookers and my wife doesn’t say a word. Currently, We’ve been experiencing some unseasonably warm temperatures here in the Metroplex and golfers are breaking out their sticks to take advantage of this spring-like weather. Many golfers are playing with new equipment they’ve received over the Christmas holidays and are anxious to try out their new clubs. NEW YEAR...NEW LINGO Along with new clubs comes renewed hope that players both young and old will reach new heights in their personal goals on the links. This year outside of the golf tips and celebrity profiles I will be providing for you I think it’s important

ence, like to tell stories and take jabs at their playing partners when the opportunity arises. One Final note: Please keep in mind that all of these one liners are meant in good fun.

mulligan at a Jewish club. 9.) “Lorena Bobbitt” is a nasty slice. 10.)A “Suicidal” or ‘killer” swing is a “Jack Kevorkian”. 11.) A “James Joyce” is a putt that’s impossible to read. 12.) When your ball goes into the water and then suddenly

jumps out, that’s a “Ted Kennedy”. 13.) Butt ugly and in the sand is a ‘Yasser Arafat”. 14.) A “condom” is a shot that’s safe, but doesn’t feel very good. 15.) “Princess Grace” is when you should have used your driver. 16.)”Princess Di” is when you shouldn’t have used your driver. 17.)”Oprah golf”: One thin shot, one fat shot, thin, fat, thin, fat and so on. 18.) A dead yank is called a ‘Mickey Mantle”. 19.) A “John Kennedy Jr” is a ball that doesn’t quite make it over the water. 20.) A putt that shaves the hole is called a ”Brazilian”. 21.)A “Bo Derek” can have two meanings: 1.)A perfect shot 2.) or a score of “10” on a hole. 22.)If you hit a shot that goes far to the right of your target that’s called a “Rush Limbaugh”. 23.) A “Nancy Pelosi” is a ball that sails way to the left and out of bounds. 24.) A “Jimmy Hoffa” is a ball that you’ll never see again. 25.) “Linda Ronstadt” is a drive that over shoots your opponents. As in: Hey, buddy! I just blew by you.( Blue Bayou) 26.) “Mick Jagger” is a putt that lips out of the hole. 27.) “Weapons of Mass destruction” is a term for your golf clubs when things aren’t going well. 28.) “Ground breaking ceremony” This is when a player chunks his or her drive off the first tee. 29.)A sadistic greens keeper who is responsible for difficult pin placements is called “Marquis De Sod”. 30.) ‘Aerosol man” is a golfer who sprays their shots a lot. Well, those are a few examples that should help you get started. I’ll supply you with plenty more as the year progresses. Finally, Let’s hope that your clubs will do all the talking on the course by playing great golf this season.

Tom Ward can be reached at


Open Every Day

124 East Worth Street Historic Downtown Grapevine 817.481.4668

WE HAVE TICKETS! MAVS STARS CONCERTS CALL US! 8 January 20-26, 2012 | The Sports Page |





you say air balls? However - you had to know that the Kardashian clan would be in full force as this was perfect fodder for their reality show.

by Kate Delaney S P E C IAL C O NTR I B UTO R

A road trip back to LA with Lamar Odom on the floor for the first time back at the Staples Center not wearing a Lakers uniform; he scored 10 points.

So, the good news Mavs fans is the defense is clicking as was evident the other night against the Lakers. Even holding the Lakers to just seven-points in the third quarter! Check this out: Dallas held Kobe Bryant to just 14 points; he had been averaging 40 points for the last four games. Unfortunately, Dallas didn't get the win.

I laughed out loud when I saw a shot of Khloe Kardashian sitting in second row seats cheering for the Mavericks. To the credit of the fans who watched last year's sixth man for seven years, they gave him some props: a standing ovation when he jumped into the game in the first quarter. After the game he said it was surreal - I bet.

Derek Fisher's 3-pointer with 3.1 seconds left allowed the Lakers to escape with the 73-70 win, snapping the Mavericks fivegame win streak. Honestly, the other things surrounding this game in LA were much more entertaining than the game itself. In fact overall it was a sloppy, ugly performance on both sides of the ball - can

ANOTHER REUNION LOOMING This Saturday might be a bit surreal for another former Maverick J.J. Barea as he'll be in town with the Timberwolves. So, for at least a few minutes he won't be trying to stop Dallas he'll be celebrating during the ring ceremony. Barea was such a huge part of the Mavericks


Championship run and a fan favorite I'm sure he'll feel right at home for at least a few minutes. LET'S GO STARS I might have to rent a cot this weekend at the ACC because not only do we have the Mavericks at home for a celebration weekend but the Stars are still in town. Boy, does my favorite hockey team need a win after a thrilling game but disappointing finish against Detroit in a 3-2 overtime shoot-out loss. Keep in mind that the two top centers for the Stars have been out; Jamie Benn had an appendectomy last Sunday could be back in a few weeks and Mike Ribeiro nursing his knee is on injured reserve. Look for a call up to fill Ribeiro's skates. Finally, Brendan Morrow was able to shake off the scoring blues; he netted a power play goal in the first period his eighth of the season. It had been a twelve game drought for the superstar captain let's hope he has his mojo back.

WILL HE OR WON'T HE The Rangers have some news on signings that include two right-handed relievers; Mike Adams gets $4.4 million and Mark Lowe takes $1.7million. Perfect timing as this week was pitching camp out in Arlington, held mostly for young prospects, but the core group of the pitching staff made appearances. The big question still hangs over the Rangers - Will they sign Yu Darvish? The clock is more than ticking and we're all getting a little nervous. Rangers Manager Ron Washington seems to be down playing the Darvish signing and who can blame him as he is constantly being asked by the 25 year old Japanese pitcher. He told reporters the other day as only he can put it -“We either bring him into the fold or move forward.” That pretty much sums it up folks. I for one have my fingers crossed. Kate Delaney hosts "America Tonight," which airs from 11p.m. - 2a.m. on KKGM 1630AM.


Up and down - the saga of the Benn Brothers by Richard S. Pollak, The Hockey Attitude SPECIAL CONTRIBUTOR While Dallas leading scorer Jamie Benn is selected to go up to Ottawa to represent the Stars at the 59th annual NHL All-Star Game,his brother Jordie heads back down to the AHL Texas Stars. BENN THE LONE STAR ALL-STAR Benn has been named as one of 42 players selected to participate in the 2012 NHL AllStar Game and Weekend, to be held at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa.The 42 AllStars will play on Sunday, Jan. 29 at Scotiabank Place (3 p.m., CT . The 12 NHL Rookies, along with the 42 All-Stars, will participate in the 2012 Molson Canadian NHL All-Star Skills Competition TM on Saturday, Jan. 28 at Scotiabank Place (6 p.m., CT. The Stars first line center, who is only 22, will be making his first NHL All-Star Game appearance. He has skated in each of Dallas’ 41 games and leads the team in scoring with 13 goals and 29 assists totaling 42 points.

He also leads the club with 13 multi-point games and 117 shots on goal. Earlier this season, the Victoria, BC native became the only player in Dallas Stars history to register his 100th career NHL point before his 23rd birthday (22 years, 89 days old). Despite optimism from the Press Box braintrust, older brother Jordie, who was a +1 in his only appearance on the Dallas Blueline has been sent back to the minor league. It appeared that he would ONLY remain with the big club until Sheldon Souray returned to the lineup. Unfortunately for the older Benn, But very fortunate for the fans in Dallas, Souray's scheduled return was ahead of plan. It appeared to the majority of the media in the AAC Press Box that veteran NHL Defenseman Adam Pardy, who is -10 in the plus/minus while only playing sparringly and never on a powerplay or penalty kill would be more likely to head to Austin. Here's what Benn can look forward to: following the overwhelming success of its debut at last year's All-Star Weekend in Raleigh, the 2012 Molson Canadian NHL All-Star Player Fantasy Draft TM will be held on Thursday, Jan. 26 to divide the All-

underwear in Dallas for Canada) I ran into Brett at the Atlanta airport. He was on a scouting mission for Ice Hockey Players in the Bahamas during All-Star break.

Stars and Rookies into two teams. Captains for each team will be announced next week. Ottawa will be the host city of the 2012 NHL All-Star Celebration. the celebration will begin Thursday, Jan. 26, with a variety events planned throughout the national capital region. This will be the first All-Star Classic that I have missed covering in the last 5 years! Offered the choice of Ottawa or Puerto Vallarta in February, I am going to follow in the footsteps, or should I say sandals, of my all-time favorite Dallas Star, Brett Hull and go to the 80 degrees in Mexico. Two years ago, while I froze my BUTT OFF in Montreal ( Do not buy long

Attending the NHL ALL-STAR GAME in Montreal was amazing as the city celebrated it's 100 years of Professional Hockey. Imagine sitting in the hallowed locker room at Montreal Goalie's Carey Price's locker staring up at the team photos of the Montreal Canadiens last 10 Stanley Cup Champion teams and gazing at pictures of Montreal Canadien Goalie Legends:Jacque Plante, Gump Worsley, Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy. Even I could have registered a shutout. But this year,I will be sunning and funning in PV as I promised that Co-GM that I would never report on his All-Stars scouting mission to the Bahamas until NOW! SLAPSHOTS AND BOBBLEHEADS: The first 10,000 fans attending the Jan 24th game against the Anaheim Ducks will receive a Steve Ott Bobblehead. | The Sports Page | January 20-26, 2012




Conference Championship match-up breakdowns Ron Gronkowski - 90 receptions (5th), 1327 yards (4th), 17 touchdowns (1st)

Special to Sports Page Dallas



Ravens - Pass YDS (19th); Rush YDS (10th); OPP Pass YDS (4th); OPP Rush (2nd)

Baltimore Ravens (12-4, 4-4 away) at New England Patriots (13-3,7-1)

Patriots - Pass YDS - (2nd); Rush YDS

Saturday. The Patriots jumped out to a 14-0 lead and rolled to a 45-10 mashing of Denver, as Brady threw for 363 yards and matched an NFL postseason record with six touchdown passes. While Brady was able to pick apart the Broncos' defense, a repeat performance against the Ravens may be harder to come by. Baltimore ranks third in the NFL with

When: Sunday, 2 p.m, CBS Line: New England -7 / 50 Last meeting: October 17, 2010 at New England. (Patriots win 23-20 OT) Go To Guys Passing: Ravens: Joe Flacco - 312-542 (25th), 3610 yards(12th), 20 touchdowns (13th) Patriots: Tom Brady - 401-611(4th), 5235 yards (2nd), 39 touchdowns (4th)

career gaining 437 total yards from scrimmage with 100+ yards in each game played. New England allowed 117.1 yards rushing per contest this season and gave up 144 last week. On paper, that would seem like an advantage for the Ravens.

Rushing: Ravens: Ray Rice - 291 carries (3rd), 1364 yards (2nd), 12 touchdowns (3rd) Patriots B. Green-Ellis - 181 carries (21st), 667 yards (27th), 11 touchdowns (6th) Receiving: Ravens: Anquan Bolden - 57 receptions (47th), 887 yards (30th), 3 touchdowns (41st) Torrey Smith - 50 receptions (69th), 841 yards (36th), 7 touchdowns (20th) Patriots: Wes Welker - 122 receptions (1st), 1569 yards (1st), 9 touchdowns (6th)

(20th); OPP Pass YDS (31st); OPP Rush (17th) Quick Observation: Not only is New England 9-2 in the playoffs at home, a very tough place for the opponent to play by the way, but they also have an extra day to prepare after whipping the Broncos on Saturday. Coming into last weekend with three consecutive postseason losses, New England snapped that skid in emphatic fashion in the divisional round

10 January 20-26, 2012 | The Sports Page |

16.6 points and 288.9 yards allowed per game, and it led the conference with 48 sacks led by Terrell Suggs with 14. New England will be facing a Ravens team that seems unlikely to be intimidated by the Gillette Stadium surroundings as it seeks its first Super Bowl appearance since winning the championship in 2000. First and foremost New England has to stop Ray Rice, which they have never done before. Rice has played against New England 3 times in his

While the Patriots give up tons of yards (31st in the NFL), they are far more stingy allowing points (15th). Baltimore needs Ray Rice to keep the pass rush honest, especially after Flacco was consistently pressured by the Texans. The underlying question is can Baltimore's aggressive defense step it up, like it's done in big games much of the season? Tom Brady looks as motivated as any player in NFL history. It was vintage Brady Saturday night against Denver with six touchdowns and only eight incomplete passes for the night...Brady is as focused as he’s been all year. Ed Reed played a great game against Houston, but he and fellow safety

Brady photo:, Ray Rice photo:, Alex Smith:, NY Giants:


Rushing: Giants:Ahmad Bradshaw - 171 carries (24th), 659 yards (28th), 9 touchdowns (10th) 49ers: Frank Gore - 282 carries (4th), 1211 yards (6th), 8 touchdowns (12th) Receiving: Giants: Victor Cruz - 82 receiving (9th), 1536 yards (3rd), 9 touchdowns (T5th)

its upset victory over the Packers. The Giants will not be overwhelmed in the slightest going on the road again. The 49ers have lost only one game at home this season, and QB Alex Smith has played much better at home than on the road. The 49ers caused five turnovers against the Saints, which was as big a reason for that victory as anything. New York suffered a lot of minor injuries against Green Bay, and San Francisco has an extra day to prepare for this home game. These teams met in Week 10, with the 49ers squeaking out a 27-20

Hakeem Nicks - 76 receiving (18th), 1192 yards (12th), 9 touchdowns (T5th) 49ers: Michael Crabtree - 72 receiving (25th), 874 yards (32nd), 4 touchdowns (34th) Bernard Pollard will be tested like no other this week. Too much freelancing, and Rob Gronkowski/Aaron Hernandez will wear them out them. If the Ravens go two-deep, Ray Lewis and company will have to get depth and cover one of those tight ends, something Denver's D.J. Williams wasn't able to do.

Williams to complement the outside zone stuff for Ray Rice.

NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME New York Giants (9-7, 5-3 away) at San Francisco 49ers (13-3, 7-1) When: Sunday, 5:30pm, Fox

Vernon Davis - 67 (31st), receiving, 792 yards (36th), 6 touchdowns (23rd) 2011 OVERALL RANKINGS Giants- Pass YDS (5th); Rush YDS (32nd); OPP Pass YDS (29th); OPP Rush (19th) 49ers - Pass YDS - (29th); Rush YDS (8th); OPP Pass YDS (16th); OPP Rush (1st) Quick Observation: This game could very well come down to Eli Manning and his trio of receivers. When the Giants go three-wide with Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz, they are tough to defend because they can hit screens, go deep or run effectively with Ahmad Bradshaw, all out of the same formation. If San francisco’s best cover guy, Carlos Rogers, gets Cruz, then Nicks could be a handful, especially out of the slot. And if you double both of them, then Bradshaw should see a lot od swing passes? No team has been better against the run than the 49ers, however, particularly in the red zone. Brandon Jacobs is going to have a tough time running over anyone in what many believe is the best linebacking group in the NFL.

Final Facts: The Ravens' season may come down to one man: Terrell Suggs. T-Sizzle really is the potential difference-maker here. If he can rattle Tom Brady and get in the backfield with consistency, this becomes a vastly different scenario.....These two squads have met once in the postseason, with the Ravens storming Gillette Stadium after the 2009 season and spanking the Pats 33-14 in the wild-card round. Rice ran 83 yards for a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage.....The Ravens believe they can run the ball on New England ... and most teams do.....expect to see more power stuff with

Line: San Francisco -2.5 / 42 Last Meeting: November 13 at San Francisco (49ers win 27-20) Go To Guys Passing: Giants: Eli Manning - 359-589 (13th), 4933 yards (4th), 29 touchdowns (6th) 49ers: Alex Smith - 273-445 (12th), 3144 (18th), 17 touchdowns (17th)

The Giants have to find a way to neutralize Justin Smith, if that's possible. Doubling him will present issues elsewhere, and the interior of their line can be suspect at times. Manning seems to be playing on a different level, regardless, and his athleticism in making improvised plays under duress has been a constant on New York's surge to this point. The Giants held a hampered Frank Gore to no yards on six carries in that contest, and none of his five 100-yard efforts have come since. Smith completed 19 of 30 passes for 242 yards, one score and one interception. The Giants are playing great on both sides of the ball. They are a very hot team right now. New York was extremely impressive in

home win in a very competitive game. Quick Facts: The San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants have met seven times in the postseason, and the winner of the latest edition of this classic rivalry Sunday at Candlestick Park will advance to the Super Bowl....San Francisco is 4-3 in the postseason against New York, which won the lone championship meeting in 1990 at Candlestick to end the 49ers' chances of a third straight Super Bowl title.....Ten of the 12 previous teams to win their first two playoff contests by such a margin went on to win the Super Bowl. The Giants are 4-0 all-time in NFC championships....The Giants' Eli Manning, taken first overall in 2004, fell 67 yards shy of 5,000 this year. His play this postseason (607 passing yards passing, 6 touchdowns, one interception) has brought back memories of New York's 2007 playoff run in which he excelled en route to earning Super Bowl MVP honors. San Francisco took Alex Smith with the top pick in the 2005 draft, but he never found his footing until playing for his third coach in Harbaugh. Smith guided an offense that had the fewest turnovers in the NFL with 10, and he proved his mettle by leading the Niners to two touchdown drives in the final 2:11 last weekend. | The Sports Page | January 20-26, 2012



The Golden Era of sports documentaries by MIKE KRAVIK C O R R E S P O N D E NT

HBO has long been the gold standard when it came to making the sports documentary but ESPN finally pulled their knuckles off the ground and started to evolve when Bill Simmons changed the game by spearheading the “30 for 30” project in 2009.

the extent that he wasn't allowed to eat fast food. The documentary covers Marinovich's rise to USC and NFL followed by the inevitable fall and shaky recovery. “Unguarded” tells the story of Chris Herren, a basketball legend from suburban Boston who started abusing drugs in high school. The documentary details his high school days, his time at Boston College, Fresno State, the NBA and various stops across the globe. Herren hit bottom in 2008 when his car crashed into a cemetery with a heroin needle in his arm. Clean today, Herren found redemption by writing a book (“Basketball Junkie”) and lecturing others about his cautionary tale.

have hung out with Matt Damon's crew (“How 'bout dem apples?!?!”) in Good Will Hunting.

use an F-bomb as a verb, noun or adjective and there is a ton of smack thrown around during games.

It's the same story to different groups but told chronologically with phenomenal editing. Herren's family and various friends are interviewed along with Jerry Tarkanian (his coach at Fresno State). There is footage showing SMU fans at Moody Coliseum calling him “junkie” and “druggie.” The entire time Herren keeps torching SMU with 3 pointers, dunks and killer assists while mocking the crowd.

The documentary not only gives fans a peek behind the curtains of both teams as they prepare but it also humanizes the players and coaches. You get to see them on planes, in restaurants and at home with their families at Christmas and New Year's Eve. This was the second year HBO has done this with the NHL and the result was once again excellent.

“The Marinovich Project” rates as one of my favorites while “Unguarded” checks in as very good and worth the view.

The premise of 30 for 30 was to celebrate a variety of different events that happened during the ESPN Era (1979-2009). Simmons pulled together several filmmakers and allowed them to tell a story where they had a personal interest or a story that had been largely forgotten. The film-makers were given creative control and the only requirement was to make a great film. The vast majority succeeded.

He was a charismatic, good looking quarterback who played in New York City. He had long hair, wore white shoes and played in the AFL which made him the perfect counterculture hero for the times. The dirty little secret is that Namath wasn't very good. Namath was 62-63-4 as a starter and had two post-season wins in a 13 year career. His big accomplishment was guaranteeing the New York Jets would beat the Baltimore Colts and then doing it. The year the Jets won the Super Bowl, Namath wasn't great - 15 touchdowns, 17 interceptions, 72.1 QB Rating - he was Vinny Testeverde. It's very easy to understand why the Colts, who were a truly great team, are still pissed about losing that game.

Subjects differed in variety and scale. The Gretzky trade from Edmonton in '87, Fernando-mania (Fernando Valenzuela's rookie year with the Dodgers) in '81, how fantasy baseball began, the recruitment / career of Marcus Dupree and the SMU Scandal of the early 80's were all portrayed. ON TO SOMETHING... Somebody in a corner office at ESPN must have thought “Hey, we got something here. Why stop at 30?” ESPN has since cranked out several more films using the same 30 for 30 formulas. “Catching Hell,” the story of Steve Bartman, Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS and Cubs fans came out last summer and was spectacular. This past December, ESPN released two more documentaries, “The Marinovich Project” and “Unguarded.” Both documentaries detail athletes who were fabulous talents at an early age and had their lives derailed by booze and drugs. Todd Marinovich was known as “RoboQB” when he was in high school because of the training and discipline he received from his dad (former USC player and strength coach with the Oakland Raiders) that started when he was literally in the crib. Marinovich's dad had him running several miles on the beach when he was four years old and controlled his diet to

HBO has another documentary scheduled for late January on Joe Namath. I'm wondering how HBO handles this because Namath may be the most single overrated athlete in the history of professional sports.

Neither documentary has a narrator. Marinovich (who may now weigh 160 lbs) tells his story while sitting on a beach indian-style and wearing a bathing suit. His family chips in along with various college and pro experts. Interspersed are montages of family videos showing Marinovich's childhood along with archived footage from his time at USC and the Oakland Raiders and various arena leagues. Herren's story unfolds as he tells high school kids, prisoners, military types and various addiction groups his story. He has a heavy accent and sounds like he may

12 January 20-26, 2012 | The Sports Page |

HBO NOT SITTING IDLY BY HBO didn't sit idle this December. The latest offering from their 24/7 series covers three weeks leading up to the Winter Classic (outdoor game between the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers played at Citizen's Bank Park) that was played on January 2. NHL players come off as the coolest men in the world. They're athletically gifted, wealthy, surrounded by beautiful women, tough as hell and somewhat grounded as well. What you also notice in 24/7 right away is that everybody in the NHL can

Sure, he was on bad teams in New York after the Super Bowl but when he was traded to the Los Angeles Rams in '77 (Rams had gone to 3 straight NFC Championships) he went 2-2 before losing his job to Pat Haden. When he was traded to the Rams, the New York media could no longer protect him and Namath quickly retired after the season. I know HBO does a great job with their sports documentaries but I'm wondering if they're going to do what most of the media did (overrate and protect Namath) or if they're actually going to tell the truth about the “struggling” he went through for the majority of his career.

“Unguarded” photo credit: ESPN Films/NY Times

For sports fans, there has never been a better time in terms of quality documentaries to choose from.



Signing of Yu creates logjam in rotation by Dic Humphrey SENIOR COLUMNIST

The Yu Darvish signing deadline came and went on Wednesday, and in the end, he signed with the Rangers. A month of negotiations, which went literally to the 11th hour, produced basic contract terms of six years for $60 million, an average annual value of $10 million. When combined with the Rangers' posting fee of $51.7 million, the average annual cost to the Rangers is approximately $18.6 million. Darvish is scheduled to arrive in the area and be introduced at a Friday press conference. Darvish's agents - Arn Tellem and Don Nomura - arrived Monday to finalize the negotiations. A report over the weekend indicated the biggest sticking point was contract length. Darvish wanted just five years to give him a shot at another jackpot when he is 30 years old. Texas favored a six year term.

sounds great on the surface. If a starter struggles or is injured, the team has a starter or two in the pen ready to step in. Practically speaking though, it is difficult for a pitcher to maintain the stamina to pitch starter innings, if the pitcher is pitching at irregular intervals for fewer innings out of the bullpen. A starter turned reliever may be “stretched out” to pitch five, six or more innings coming out of spring training; but that stamina will go away quickly if he doesn't continue the regular work of starting. This is one reason why major league teams in need of spot starters usually summon a pitcher from the minor leagues, where he has been throwing starter innings on a regular basis.

That leaves six pitchers for five slots. Lewis, Holland and Darvish appear to be locks. SOMEONE’S GOT TO GO From there, the decision gets dicey. The team seems committed to Feliz as a starter; but if so, they will end up moving a proven starting pitcher commodity - either Matt Harrison (14-9, 3.39) or Alexi Ogando (138, 3.51 and a 2011 All-Star) - to the bullpen. Ogando was good out of the bullpen in 2010 and good in the first two playoff series last year in that role. Harrison also pitched as a reliever in 2010, and the Rangers are currently without a lefty in the bullpen.

That report seemed to indicate the deal was all but done. Nolan Ryan had commented at the team's winter fan fest weekend that he was confident that the deal would get done. However, on Wednesday morning when the deal had not been consummated, reports surfaced that the Rangers' confidence was waning. However, by mid-day Wednesday, reports began floating that the deal was basically complete. By 3:00 PM, the twitter world had exploded that completion of the deal was imminent.

WHAT ABOUT PRINCE? The signing of Darvish most likely precludes the addition of Prince Fielder. Much has been made of meeting between Ranger officials, Fielder and his agent, Scott Boras last week at the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort in Irving. Reports of what happened in that meeting range from “very preliminary” to “swimmingly well”. On the surface Fielder, a left-handed batter looks like a nice fit in Arlington with the Ballpark's jet stream that propels batted balls into the right field stands. He hit 38 home runs in 2011, and it is easy to project that figure into the 40's or even more with half his games played in Arlington. However, his inclusion in the Ranger lineup would undoubtedly take at-bats away from Michael Young and Mike Napoli. The net increase may not be all that startling. There is no question that Boras is scrambling after over-pricing his client in this year's free agent market. Boras is known for representing high profile clients and getting top dollar for them. However, his reputation has been tarnished of late when he lost two very high profile clients - Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. Failing to obtain the big bucks for Fielder will tarnish his reputation more.

IS THIS BEST FOR YU? In any event, a good case could be made that economically, Darvish would have been better served by playing two more years in Japan, then coming to America as a free agent instead of through the posting process. The law of supply and demand would boost his contract numbers as he would have a field of 30 Major League teams to deal with instead of one. Simple arithmetic would almost double the current contract, as the posting fee money would be going to the player and not his former Japanese League team. Texas already had five returning starters Colby Lewis, Derek Holland, Matt Harrison, Alexi Ogando and Scott Feldman. The Rangers have announced their intention to move Neftali Feliz into the rotation. After signing Darvish, the team now has seven human beings for five starting pitcher spots. Pitching coach Mike Maddux reiterated this week that a six-man rotation is not going to be an option. Shuffling starters to the bullpen for “depth”

However, it is still a long way to opening day and lots can happen. A year ago, everyone assumed that the Rangers' starting rotation would include Tommy Hunter and Brandon Webb, and that Harrison had little chance of being in the rotation. Harrison pitched his way into the rotation during spring training, while Hunter and Webb never started a game. The point is that the projected starting rotation going into spring training last season was considerably different from the one that started the season, and it could easily happen again this year.

It is largely assumed that Feldman is the first one shuttled to the bullpen, returning to the role he held late last year as the bullpen's “long man”. Recovering from a knee injury, he made eleven appearances, just two of which were starts last season.

This week, Harrison has been quoted as saying he wants to be a starting pitcher and feels that he has done enough on the field to merit staying in the rotation. Ogando said he wants to be a starter, but will do whatever the team wants him to do.

At this point, there simply aren't many teams that are candidates to add more than $20 million to this year's payroll. Fielder is said to really want to be a Ranger. Well DUH! Of all the teams rumored to have interest at this point, the Rangers are the only ones with a remote chance of making the playoffs. Fielder has to be wondering if his agent sold him a bill of goods with promises for the mega contract he was going to get this winter. At this point, his best course of action may be to drastically lower his contract demands, take a one-year deal, and try free agency again next year. | The Sports Page | -January 20-26, 2012


14 January 20-26, 2012 | The Sports Page | | The Sports Page | January 20-26, 2012


TICKET WINDOW Jason Terry visits with BAD Radio chances. Case in point Monday night against the Lakers, I hit the bucket to tie it up, and then Fisher obviously throws one in, but we still had an opportunity with me, Dirk, Jason Kidd, and Vince on the floor at the same time and one of us was going to get a good look at it. Vince had a great look, but it just didn’t work out for us.

BAD Radio Weekdays, Noon-3:00 PM Dan: You seem to have added a guy who is also not very shy, and feels like he can make a shot at anytime. Vince Carter seems to love that final shot, too. Is it weird to have more guys added? It used to come down to just you and Dirk taking that final shot… Jet: No, the more the merrier. Knowing that we’ve got five guys on the floor and four of them are willing and not scared to step up to the moment and take that shot, then you’ve got to like our

Bob: One thing about that game Monday night, I think both teams were at the end of a five game in seven nights stretch. Although, you’re not at the end of anything really, you’re just in a continuous 66 game loop, right? Jet: Yeah now it’s on and on and on. It’s crazy. Travel is rigorous, but all teams are going through it. I looked at San Antonio and what they’ve done at home, and I’m trying to figure out how they’ve possibly had nine games at home already. They’ve won them all. They’re another team in our division, and we’re looking up at them and we’ve got to catch them. The schedule will change, and it’s going to bite them in the butt too.

16 January 20-26, 2012 | The Sports Page |

We’ve just got to keep playing the games that come to us, and eventually our offense will come around and we’re going to be firing on all cylinders. The schedule is what it is, and you’ve just got to be ready. The teams that are mentally tough at this point are probably the teams that don’t have the best records right now. In the long haul, they’re going to be the ones that last in the end. The younger teams are going to get out to a fast paced start, but in the end it’s going to be the teams that have been through the wars and are the toughest mentally.

you taste it, then you’ve got to get another one. This year, the lockout through everyone off. There was guys going overseas, and guys didn’t know when to start working out. It was a tough thing to deal with, but we got through it and thank God we’ve got basketball now. It’s unbelievable. Dan: When you look at what the Mavericks did business wise this off-season, do you feel like you are not in their future plans?

Bob: I just wonder, over the summer it had to be different. When you end the season with a loss, it drives your whole summer workout plan. When you end it with a trophy, you might be inclined to put your feet up for a while, right?

Jet: Not necessarily, but it’s something that I always think about and I’ve expressed my feelings. I want to be a Dallas Maverick for life. At this point, it may not happen. In this business you could end up anywhere at any given time. You never know what’ll happen.

Jet: Not necessarily. You realize that you do have to get your rest in order to bounce back, and you don’t have your usual workout regimen if you were put out early. For us, what’s driving us is another trophy. Once you win one, and

Re-live The Mavericks incredible run to the 2011 NBA Championship in Bob Sturm’s “This Year is Different: How the Mavs Won it All - the Official Story.” Available at, iTunes and


Pizza lovers definitely need some DOUGH! by Richard S. Pollak, The Traveling Gourmet SPECIAL CONTRIBUTOR

each customer,offering the purist water in North Texas. I sampled a North Dallas favorite Pizza which was appropriately named "THE PRESTON HOLLOW" featuring Jimmy's Sausage,Calabrian Chiles & Carmelized Onions. Foodies can customize their pies with Arugula, Prosciutto, Fontina, Baby Artichokes,White Anchovies and Sopressata Salami ( a premium subsitution for Pepperoni) to top the Pizzaria's incredible House -made Fresh Mozzarella, Parmigiano Riggiano,Basil and Sauce which is on every slice.

With the National recognition of being featured on the Food Network's Diners,Driveins and Dives, Dough Pizzeria Napoletana in San Antonio has opened its second Paradise for Pizza in North Dallas. Triple D TV show Host,Guy Fieri, already made a special trip to their 2nd Authentic Pizzaria Napoletana while in North Dallas filming a new, to be announced, television show. Located at the Preston Forest Center, Dough combines a special soft-grain flour with their in-house filtered water, natural yeast and a special sea salt in the largest dough mixer in North Texas. This is all done in order to be in accordance with the strictest rules governing the use of the name "Authentic Pizza Napoletana." Baking for only 90 seconds, its creates their chewy crisp crust. while using only Mozzarella di Bufala and Plum Tomatoes. The pies that are baked in their $25,000

wood-burning oven imported from Italy maintains 825 degrees. With a hands-on Ownership constantly maintain quality through every step of the preparation process in the back of the house, you won't miss being amused to hear from the hands on management at the front of the house about the 8 week voyage of their oven from Italy. The perfect pie filtered water, which is 100% purified, is served in hand filled chilled bottles and poured tableside to

Bruschetta,or Caponata (Olive Spread) on Flatbreads there are featured Drink specials like an Italian Cherry Martini or Strawberry Beliini for $7. DOUGH is not only the finest Diners,Driveins and Dives Alumni that you will ever visit (and I should know because I've seen every show) BUT the most AUTHENTIC PIZZARIA NAPOLETANA in North Dallas!

NOT JUST PIZZA The Insalate ( salads) are all made with Bluebonnet Farms Bibb, Baby Greens, Arugula or their Romaine Lettuce and Rain Drop Farms heirloom Tomatoes with a choice of Truffle Oil ,extra Virgin Oil or Balsamic Vinaigrette. Every Tuesday through Friday from 2-6 PM, as you munch on the Cicchetti ( little Bites) for under $6 like:Margherita Pizza,Oak-Roasted Mushroom

DOUGH Pizzeria Napoletana: 111909 Preston Rd Dallas, TX 75230 (972) 788-4600


Mavs’ Lamar Odom a finalist for Olympics Special to Sportspage Weekly USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo announced today that Dallas Maverick Lamar Odom is among the 20 finalists named for the 2012 U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team. The official 12-man U.S. Olympic team roster will be announced later this year. Named as a finalist for the 2012 USA team were: LaMarcus Aldridge (Portland Trail Blazers); Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks); Chauncey Billups (Los Angeles Clippers); Chris Bosh (Miami Heat); Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers); Tyson Chandler (New York Knicks); Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder); Rudy Gay (Memphis Grizzlies); Eric Gordon (New Orleans Hornets); Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers); Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic); Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia 76ers); LeBron James (Miami Heat); Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves); Lamar Odom (Dallas Mavericks); Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers); Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls); Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat); Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder); and

Deron Williams (New Jersey Nets). Griffin was also officially added to the USA Basketball National Team roster. The 2012 USA coaching staff is led by Duke University ’s Hall of Fame coach Mike Krzyzewski, and serving as USA assistant coaches are Syracuse University ’s Hall of Fame coach Jim Boeheim, New York Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni, and Portland Trail Blazers head coach Nate McMillan. “The USA Basketball Men’s National Team program has come a long way as the elite list of players who are now part of our program shows. The selected finalists are a very, very talented group; the depth of the talent is extraordinary. This selection decision was as difficult of a challenge as I’ve faced since I took on the USA National Team program in 2005,” said Colangelo, who has served as the managing director of the USA Men’s National Team since 2005. “I feel like we have an outstanding blend of talents from the 2008 Olympic and 2010 World Championship teams that won gold. Reducing to the official roster limit of 12

players will be an even tougher decision, but we’ll evaluate how guys play during the 2011-12 NBA season and as we’ve done with our teams in the past, we’ll attempt to select the very best team we can.”

going to be extremely valuable. “These players have helped restore the winning tradition of USA Basketball while also gaining the respect of people around the world for the manner in which they have done it,” added Krzyzewski.

“Jerry has built an extremely deep and talented USA National Team roster of 35 players and I want to thank each player for their incredible commitment to being part of USA Basketball. Reducing to 20 players was unbelievably difficult,” stated Krzyzewski, who has coached USA National Teams to a sterling 48-1 record since 2006. “Aside from the obvious special basketball talents that all of these players possess, what struck me most about the finalists was their commitment to USA Basketball and the international basketball experience they have compiled. Among our 20 finalists, we have two players who possess 55 or more games of international experience, two with 40 or more international games under their belts and eight others who have played between 23 and 38 international games – that’s a lot of experience, which is

Three of the finalists are two-time Olympic medalists, including Anthony (2004 bronze and 2008 gold), James (2004 bronze and 2008 gold) and Wade (2004 bronze and 2008 gold). Eight of the selected finalists were members of the 2008 U.S. Olympic team that compiled an unblemished record of 8-0 and captured gold in Beijing, including Anthony, Bosh, Bryant, Howard, James, Paul, Wade and Williams. Four finalists – Anthony, James, Odom and Wade - were part of the 2004 U.S. Olympic team that earned the bronze medal. Ten finalists were members of the 2010 USA World Championship squad that went 9-0 and captured gold in Istanbul , Turkey . | The Sports Page | January 20-26, 2012


18 January 20-26, 2012 | The Sports Page |

Watch All The Games Here

8-42” flat screens cold beer great food

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2730 Commerce St.



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Poke's Neighborhood Grill 14831 Midway Rd. Addison 972.385.7653


Addison, Arlington

1/2 price pizzas during cowboy games! | The Sports Page | January 20-26, 2012


20 January 20-26, 2012 | The Sports Page |

The Sports Page Weekly  

A look at the NFC and AFC Championship games, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, SMU, and more.

The Sports Page Weekly  

A look at the NFC and AFC Championship games, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, SMU, and more.