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There’s no question that gel insoles provide great comfort. But even though they feel great, there are trade-offs: flat gel insoles are often bulky and just don’t have the deep heel cupping and arch support needed for lasting comfort. That is until now. Using the contours of our best-selling TOTAL SUPPORT™ Insole, we’ve built a gel insole your customers will love: Spenco® ProForm Gel. Ultra-Thin Gel cushioning with flexible arch support. Maximum margins for you and fantastic value for your customers.

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Yes, This is Spenco

This is Sp enco A co today llectio : n of footw casu ear, a l insole acce s and ssorie s that easy are to me rcha and ndise sell. G reat Terrif pricin ic cu g, stome r ser vice.

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4 SPORT CHALET Reaches Community Through Outreach, Charity and Environmental Efforts



SGB STOCKING STUFFERS For Retail Profitability and Customer Satisfaction – It's TimeTo Stock the Shelves for the 2012 Holiday Season!



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OCTOBER 8, 2012 |


Through Outreach, Charity, and Environmental Efforts, Sport Chalet Reaches the Community By Aaron H. Bible

1.3 million pairs of shoes were collected by customers of Sport Chalet for Haiti

"We participate in dozens of events and charities on a local level,” said Sport Chalet director of marketing David Hacker. “Basically each store is allowed to reach out to individual organizations within their community.” Sport Chalet supports charities including the Special Olympics, Challenged Athletes Foundation, and Soles 4 Souls, to name a few. The company’s community program is designed to give back to local communities and help fund non-profit programs in schools ranging from elementary through college. Sport Chalet’s Team Sales Department also supports youth in the community through charitable ventures, league nights, field preparations and coaching clinics. The company’s regional fleet of stores is also renowned for their collective 4 | OCTOBER 8, 2012

While the Southern California-based retail chain Sport Chalet may be best known for its outstanding internet shopping experience, robust in-store selection and expert service at its 54 locations, many also know the publicly traded company for its local, national and international outreach.

environmental record. The company believes in a responsibility to save energy, reuse materials and sustain the environment by reducing its dependency on non-renewable resources. “We endeavor to reduce negative impacts on the environment, health and comfort of our customers and employees, while improving overall facility performance,” Hacker said. “We protect the environment by recycling reusable materials, which greatly reduces the amount of material that would ordinarily end up in the landfill. Sport Chalet annually recycles an average of about 2000 tons of reusable materials such as cardboard/white paper, wood pallets, and defective products composed of plastics and metal.” According to the

ENGINEEREDFOR THEPERFECTFIT The Sof Sole® Fit Series was created to easily identify foot and arch types, resulting in an informed purchase of an insole engineered specifically for your foot. hIGh-rEBOUnD EvA FOAM specific duromeTer densiTy changes wiTh arch Type, offering opTimal supporT for specific needs.

AnATOMIcAl nylOn plATE provides TorTional sTabiliTy while mainTaining flexibiliTy and range of moTion. The nylon plaTe’s durabiliTy offers resisTance To cracking and compression.

Arch hEIGhT Tailored arch heighT complemenTs biomechanics of each fooT Type for ideal sTabiliTy and comforT.

cK MESh TOp cOvEr abrasion resisTanT maTerial wiTh anTimicrobial properTies which inhibiTs growTh of bacTeria and fooT odor.

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David Hacker, Director of Marketing Sport Chalet

company’s website, its distribution center recycles approximately 72 tons of cardboard, 4 tons of plastic and 16 truckloads of broken pallets each month. Each store features a “Sustainable Store Design.” They use HVAC systems that use no CFC refrigerants, found to be a major cause of the depletion of the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer and contribute to the greenhouse effect (global warming). Regarding energy conservation, the company participates in numerous utility-sponsored programs to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources. “Sport Chalet’s energy conservation programs have reduced consumption of non-renewable energy sources on an annual basis by over 30 percent,” Hacker explained. All Sport Chalet distribution center lights are on carefully planned automatic timers. “This equates to reductions in electricity by 7,075,000 kilowatts, natural gas by 104,000 therms, diesel fuel by 250,000 gallons. One example of how we accomplished this was by installing EMS (Energy Management Systems) in more than half of our stores and our distribution center to reduce light levels during daylight hours in facilities with skylights and improve overall HVAC efficiencies.” The company instituted a mandatory "lights off" directive in its stores, distribution center, and corporate offices: if no one is using a room, the lights are turned off. Employees are encouraged to carpool to work and carpooling is mandatory for offsite meetings. Bike racks at the front of all stores 6 | OCTOBER 8, 2012

encourage employees and customers to bike to work and to shop. Delivery schedules are arranged to ship multiple store orders on one truck, delivered at night during off-peak traffic hours to avoid adding to congestion. Sport Chalet annual reports are printed on recycled paper. And the company encourages all vendor partners to ship goods through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in support of these ports' air pollution control plans. Sport Chalet is also well known for its support for the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), which has raised thousands of dollars to help physically challenged athletes lead an active lifestyle over the last 18 years. “They initially approached us looking for the

collection for Soles4Souls. We collected 10,000 pairs - nothing too big - then the tragedy in Haiti happened,” Hacker said. “S4S called us that morning and asked if we would do an emergency collection on the west coast. We launched it in stores within the next 48 hours. And what happened next was truly remarkable.” “I decided we wouldn’t wrap a promotion around it (something like, bring in a pair of shoes and get 20 percent off a new pair)…I thought that would cheapen it. S4S asked what goal I was setting. I figured, two full weeks, three weekends…I would set 20,000 pair as the goal. They said that would be amazing. After the first


standard sponsorship…basically writing a check. But in talking with them and hearing how much they were doing, I wondered why I had never heard of them before, and perhaps they would be interested more in what I could do for them from an exposure standpoint than a check-writing standpoint,” said Hacker. “And that’s how our partnership was formed. We promote CAF to our loyaltyprogram members online and in-store, both promoting their events and telling their stories. We even used two of their athletes in our winter online look book. We had an entire page dedicated to CAF in one of our holiday gear guides last year, which was inserted in millions of Sunday newspapers in December,” he continued. “We don’t actually sell the product on the page, but we wanted to show our customers just how expensive this stuff can be. Writing a check is easy… any company can do that and feel good that they’re helping out, but sometimes if you step back, you can find a way to be of more value to an organization.” Another incredible initiative the company accomplished was the collection of shoes for Soles for Souls (S4S). “We had had a shoe

weekend, just four days into the collection, we had over 26,000 pair. This was going to get big. Very long story short, in just two weeks our wonderful customers brought in over 1.3 million pair of gently worn shoes,” Hacker recounted. “Our stores had big packs stacked to the ceiling; backrooms were stuffed, we were running trucks to stores almost every day to try and keep up. We sent over 50 trailer trucks of shoes to the S4S distribution center. It was the largest collection of shoes that S4S had ever seen. This little specialty retailer with 54 locations made a difference. Actually, we were just the enabler, it was our customers…churches, girl and boy scouts, community groups…and little kids going door to door in their neighborhood collecting shoes. Customers still talk about it. We all hope we never see another tragedy like Haiti again, but if we do I know our customers will come through again.” “At the end of the day this little West Coast retailer was able to collect more shoes than any other S4S national partner,” said Hacker. “So it doesn’t matter how big you are, it really only matters how determined you are to make a difference.” ■

OCTOBER 8, 2012 |


8 OCTOBER 2012 8 | OCTOBER 8, 2012



By Aaron H. Bible


here’s no reason to miss the sleigh when it comes to consumers’ hunt for the perfect stocking stuffers. Take a look at these industry-vetted ideas for gift items with the latest technological advances in design and construction, solid retail margins, and good value for the end user. With 75 percent of retailers predicting a strong Fall selling season, according to Hay Group global consulting, it’s time to stock shelves for the holidays.

OCTOBER 8, 2012 |




ECO FRIENDLY WATER BOTTLES There are more eco-friendly water bottles on the market than you can shake a divining rod at. Make sure you have at least a few in your stocking offerings. MSRP $12-$14 Liberty Bottleworks products are the only U.S.-made metal water bottles out there, crafted from recycled aluminum by American workers, embellished by regional artists, and lined with an FDA-grade PureShield liner to allow tasteless beverage swapping and BPA freeness. The wide-mouth threadless top opening is easy to clean and to insert powders and ice cubes. An all-around awesome bottle for outdoor pursuits. For the seriously eco-conscious, Bamboo Bottle is in full swing these days, featuring three top options and more sizes coming soon. It utilizes a solid glass container for chemical- and taste-free drinking, sustainably sourced materials and highly limited production waste. The glass is 60 percent recycled and the insulating bamboo sleeve is sourced from scrap flooring material. It’s also very durable. One of the great outdoor innovations of the day, the Vapur Element features a patented flexible design that is lighter than rigid bottles and folds flat when empty to go virtually anywhere. Available in two sizes (.7L and 1L), the Vapur Element is foldable, freezable, washable and reusable. Vapur Anti-Bottles are 100 percent BPA free and made in the U.S. The Element is equipped with a new widemouth Supercap for convenience and a stronger, integrated attachment clip. Kid’s styles are also available for the holidays. Eco Bottle is thriving as well, also marketing the multiple-top approach, for those who like to drink their beverages in a variety of ways, even kid’s tops. Eco Bottles are 100 percent recyclable, wide mouthed for convenience, dishwasher safe, lined aluminum (BPA free of course). The unique triple lock top works well and stays closed in a pack.

SALOMON XPRO12 XTEND GOGGLES Entering the competitive winter-goggle market, Salomon brings style and innovation with the Xtend goggle line and the new Xpro12, offering 20 percent greater field of vision with a larger lens, improved fog control with the new Thermo Control System and improved fit with the custom frame concept. The line features double-frame construction SALOMON with three technology patents. MultiXPRO12 XTEND GOOGLES ple colors and lens coatings are available. MSRP $125-$165

SKINFARE TOPICAL NOURISHMENT A new Asheville, N.C. based company, is introducing an all-natural, organic skin salve called that works to rehydrate and repair everywhere you have skin. From chapped lips to dry skin, scrapes and bug bites, to anti-aging face protection, SkinFare’s blend of botanical oils including virgin cold-pressed coconut oil nourishes skin without synthetic additives or petro-chemicals. It’s a lightweight essential for adding to the daypack, purse or pannier the entire family can use, and it comes in a biodegradable paper tube that works just like a push-pop, all locally made in the Southeast. SkinFare will announce four additional formulas and expand sizes of the existing 1 oz. product in SKINFARE TOPICAL NOURISHMENT coming months. MSRP $10

PRINCETON TEC AMP 1LC The new, made in America, 45 lumen Princeton Tec Amp 1LC is compact and affordable, perfect for a tent PRINCETON TEC AMP 1LC or dive gear. It’s waterproof to 100 meters and features a carabiner loop for convenient clipping. The handheld LED light comes with a snap-on cone to convert the flashlight to marker light or small lamp (MSRP $18). The company is also launching its Apex Rechargeable headlamp, with 90 hours of burntime at 200 Lumens, a USB-charging lithium battery, two LED types and two large buttons. MSRP $150


SNOW PEAK MINI HOZUKI LANTERN Create romance without burning down your tent with the Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern, featuring an innovative Candle Mode that allows the LED to respond to sound or wind with a flicker of light. The new Mini Hozuki Lantern is a smaller, lighter version of the Hozuki, named for the sacred plant that was the original design for the ancient Chinese paper lantern. It combines functionality and beauty with three brightness settings (60 lumens on high) and a flexible silicon hanger and magnetic loop. Runs for 70 hours on lowest setting. MSRP $40



The new Gerber Survival Tool Pack is the latest innovation from the Gerber/Bear Grylls Survival Series. The package includes a full-size, fully-featured, multi-tool, compact emergency flashlight and fire starter all contained in a durable, molded locking carrying case that attaches to a belt or backpack strap. The multi-tool features twelve locking components and a durable grippy rubber handle. Tools include pliers (needlenose and standard), wire cutters, file, partially serrated blade, wood saw, multiple drivers, bottle opener, scissors, punch and bottle opener. It is six inches overall and weighs 11.14 ounces. The entire line is solidly built like other Gerber knives, axes and multi-tools, and has innovative design features concepted and approved by Grylls himself. MSRP $85


Not all stocking stuffers have to fit in your stocking, and this burly yet affordable boot bag from Colorado-grown Mountainsmith will hold all of your other stocking stuffers plus keep your layers, helmet and boots (up to size 13) tidy and ready to go. This cube-inspired sysMOUNTAINSMITH tem has all the usual BOOT CUBE Mountainsmith quality materials and fits into the company’s Modular Hauler Systems. It features an adjustable strap, innovative ventilation, a front pocket and goggle pocket, and a reinBLACK DIAMOND DIGITAL LINER GLOVES forced bottom with drain The new Black Diamond Digital Liner Gloves are ultralight holes. MSRP $40

BLACK DIAMOND ORBIT LED LANTERN Designed for ounce-conscious backpackers, climbers and travelers, the Black Diamond Orbit LED Lantern packs 45 lumens of bright, non-glaring light in an ultra-portable package. A DoublePower LED works with a dual reflector system and frosted globe to illuminate everything from tentbound reading to pre-dawn racking. The unique dimming switch provides the optimal amount of light and helps conserve batteries, while the collapsible, double-hook hang loop attaches to tent ceilings and tree branches alike. It runs on NRG2 Rechargeable Battery Kit (sold separately) or 4 AAAs. MSRP $30

and windproof with conductive material on the thumb and index finger, allowing gloves-on use of touch-screen devices. While the technology is not new, this is an innovation from Black Diamond ideal for those who are accustomed to using glove liners, ideal for mountaineering, cycling, and playing in consistently low temps. They feature a Gore Windstopper Edge shell for lightweight wind protection, a goat leather palm patch, and YKK digital thumb and fingertips. MSRP $50



OCTOBER 8, 2012 |







RIDER SANDALS The Rider Dunas II N is a comfortable flip-flop featuring a classic, synthetic-leather upper, a soft, waffle-textured EVA insole, and an extra-soft fabric toe, making it a popular casual sandal (MSRP $30). The Cayman III is a casual piece and shows off its sport-surf influence with a contrasting stitched upper and extra-soft toe. The EVA insole’s soft, waffle-textured and Flexpand outsole add an extra dose of comfort (MSRP $32). For women, check out the Insight and the Zen (MSRP $47), featuring sport-surf influenced design, EVA insoles, light-weight style and comfort.

Balega’s Ultra Light No Show Sock has a reinforced cushioned heel and toe for comfort and durability, along with a broad elastic arch support in both the arch and ankle to firmly keep the sock in place. Its heel tab aids in preventing the sock slipping into one’s running shoe, while Balega's left/ right construction method BALEGA ULTRA LIGHT NO SHOW SOCK ensures a comfortable fit. (MSRP $12). Balega’s Hidden Dry 2 Sock features a microfiber blend with ultralight Drynamix material for featherlike comfort and durability (MSRP $12), while the Enduro Quarter 2 Sock employs Vtech arch support technology in moisture management Drynamix yarn with a sleek look. MSRP $11





Flip-flops actually make the perfect stocking stuffer and year-round gift, as so many travel southward during winter months. As with all Patagonia products, you can feel good about their purchase, and this particular model is made with recyclable materials and without animal products. The wide synthetic-leather thong is supportive and strong, it features a durable polyester jersey mesh lining, a soft high-density PLUSfoam footbed and outsole. They have a soft flex and great traction on wet surfaces; available in men’s and women’s. MSRP $50


BEARPAW The highly successful Loki II Women’s Slipper from BEARPAW features soft suede uppers with a shearling collar that is easy to maintain and offers the utmost in comfort. Sheepskin lining regulates body temperature to keep feet temperate, and the sheepskin footbed provides additional softness and reduces foot fatigue. The durable rubber outsole makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoo uses. MSRP $50



KEEN A86 TR For a beautifully styled, lightweight, minimalist shoe for any terrain out the back door, the KEEN A86 TR’s make a great addition to your quiver. These urban-inspired trail shoes feature a breathable textile mesh upper, removable high re-bound EVA footbed, ultralight compression-molded PU midsole, 3-mm multi-directional traction lugs, a non-marking rubber outsole, welded TPU support and weigh in at 9oz. MSRP $90


12 | OCTOBER 8, 2012

TEVA WINTER CASUAL BOOTS New from Teva for fall and new for the iconic brand is the winter-casual boot line the Lifty. The Chair 5 for men and Jordanelle for women are great for travel as they pack down to the size of an athletic shoe. A removable liner with 3M Thinsulate Lite Loft insulation has its own thin outsole for walking around the bar or the condo. Designed to be comfortable like other Tevas, yet winter-based and insulated, the departure may bridge the four-season gap for the brand. MSRP $170


NEWTON RUNNING TERRA MOMENTUS The Terra Momentus All-Terrain Trainer is available in new colors in men's and women's, ideal for trail and transitional running, inspiring a natural running posture and stride thanks to a near-level profile and biomechanical sensor plate that allows you to feel the ground while still enjoying cushioning and protection from roots and rocks. Newton's unique Action/Reaction technology under the forefoot offers dynamic shock absorption and energy return. The Terra Momentus transitions smoothly from trail to path to road. The high-traction outsole and actuator lugs grip well and the closed-mesh upper keeps out debris while remaining breathable. MSRP $175


14 | OCTOBER 8, 2012


YAKTRAX RUN From Yaktrax, maker of winter footwear traction devices, comes the first removable winter traction device specifically for runners. The new Yaktrax Run features removable/replaceable spike plates with spikes at key strike points in the forefoot, with the Yaktrax SkidLock coil in the heel for additional traction at end stride. Featuring ergonomically designed leftand right-shaped devices, the Yaktrax Run slips on to and conforms to the shape of each shoe. Size medium weighs just 7.8oz. per pair. MSRP $40






ZEAL iON GOGGLES Created for documenting adventures on snow with the highest performing optics, the latest ZEAL iON Goggles captures 1080p HD ZEAL ION GOGGLES quality videos while on the move or standing still. The iON shoots up to 8MP photos providing HD imagery without having to take gloves off. Images can be integrated quickly onto social media outlets or downloaded for editing (MSRP $399). Also check out the Z3 GPS Collection of Zeal goggles, featuring Recon Technology and integrated speedometer, tracking and messaging, the most advanced headwear out there. Goggles are helmet compatible, UV coated, impact resistant and anti-fog.



The Pro Trek line from Casio is evolving and the PRG550 is equipped with the Triple Sensor: Compass, Altimeter, and Barometer/ Thermometer. A solar panel combined with a large capacity rechargeable battery enables these solar timepieces to run under any light with no battery replacement. Multi-band technology receives time calibration signals automatically from transmissions around the world and adjusts for Leap Year and Daylight Savings. Moon and tide graph aid fishing and surfing. Direct operation of sensors and one-touch button operation are enhanced with large displays. Button guards eliminate accidental operation and stainless steel screws at joints reinforce connections. Water resistant to 100 meters. MSRP $300

TIMEX MARATHON GPS The Timex Marathon is an affordable GPS watch for runners or walkers who simply want speed and distance on their wrist during a workout. It offers GPS capabilities to display pace, speed and distance and stores up to 30 workouts and displays calories burned. It comes in three colors for men and women and is an affordable and innovative product for the price, great for those looking to get into running or those looking for a minimalist device. MSRP $99 TIMEX MARATHON GPS

16 | OCTOBER 8, 2012

HIGHGEAR WEATHERPORT Highgear’s new compact weather-resistant WeatherPort is the ultimate adventure travel and camping tool, featuring a barometer with weather forecasting, a thermometer with 12-hour temperature and humidity recall, a digital compass, a calendar and world time with Daylight Savings option (MSRP $50). Highgear was founded in 1999 with the commitment to provide outdoor and fitness enthusiasts with innovative solutions for any adventure, known for incorporating highly accurate and user-friendly designs along with competitive HIGHGEAR WEATHERPORT prices in all of their products.

ORTOVOX ZOOM + AVI TRANSCEIVER The backcountry and sidecountry lover in the family will want the new Ortovox Zoom + Avi Transceiver in his or her stocking this year. It features smart digital threeantenna technology, an easy interface for beginner and intermediate users, and a contemporary design. It combines simple handling with the latest technology, with just two functional buttons and a large LED display. MSRP $299


HEADPHONES With so many earbuds on the market with so much hype, it’s hard to know what’s best. One interesting innovation are the a-JAYS One+ and a-JAYS Four, optimized for iPhones and endowed with flat, rubberized cables that don’t tangle and resist sweat. You can even download an app to work in conjunction with the one- or three-button attached remote (MSRP $60/$80). Also new are the high soundquality and eco-friendly House of Marley Headphones and audio systems (bags and accessories also available). The brand, from the minds of the Marley family, focuses on superior quality, earth-friendly materials, and contributing to causes such as Headphones range from basic in-ear buds to on- and over-ear professional devices (MSRP $40/$300). The new CordCruncher Headphones are uniquely designed for a tangle-free experience. An elastic sleeve allows the user to take command of cord length, which adjusts from 16 inches to 3.5 feet. Available in three colors. MSRP $25





OCTOBER 8, 2012 |







Headsweats’ hats and visors are a race staple these days, from the Ironman to the Tour de France. Its Marathoner Go Hats are made from a Coolmax Fabric shell and Coolmax Fabric terry headband to create maximum airflow and moisture transfer (MSRP $24). The SBR Hat is an embroidered version of Headsweats’ popular standard, the Race Hat, which is made from the same fabrics as the Go Hat. It remains a top seller because of its great fit, superior wicking properties and long lasting durability. MSRP $20

For the stocking, nothing beats winter cycling accessories like vests, gloves and other extremity warmers. And while everyone knows Gore the supplier, the consumer line of Gore products live up to the company’s name as well. The Mistral Glove is perfect for all cold-weather sports; while the Universal SO Headband is a classic piece for cycling and running featuring a Windstopper Soft Shell. The Windstopper Road Overshoes are the ideal accessory for the dedicated four-season cyclist, featuring reflective striping, and the Soft Shell will fold up nicely into the stocking and then into the jersey pocket.




18 | OCTOBER 8, 2012




Dahlgren’s dry, warm, comfortable and blister-free footwear this fall features lightweight dress-casuals to padded snowsports styles. Premium alpaca and durable merino wool combine with the proprietary ECO-Dri fiber to form moisture wicking, transferring, and evaporation zones in the company’s DriStride system. Unique fibers and design offer reduced friction, natural thermoregulation and a soft, bulk-free fit. The Multisport Compression sock is ideal for the active wearer (both men and women) with built-in graduated compression to promote circulation and enhanced energy. In addition to the DriStride system, the sock also sports Dahlgren’s new TechWeave ventilation and vintage styling for women and classic hues for men (MSRP $30). The Confetti sock, a women's style similar to the previously released Luckysock, offers a light cushion underfoot to provide support without bulk. Backed by Dahlgren’s state-of-the-art moisture management system, the Confetti sock is a perfect pick for work or play (MSRP $22). The Metro Tweed is the most popular men's casual sock with a traditional crew look (the original Metro design features an added cushion and comes in styles for both men and women). The tweed pattern is office-appropriate while the moisture-management system works to keep feet dry, comfortable and blister-free (MSRP $19). U.S.-produced Dahlgren Footwear was founded in 1978 as the original manufacturer of moisture management socks for athletes. The multi-patented Dri-Stride Tech system combines superfine alpaca for thermal regulation; merino wool for all-day resilience; and separate zones of hydrophobic Eco-Dri to remove absorbed moisture.

Performance and technology driven Craft introduces its Thermal Hat designed for the half marathoner - made of technical fabrics that offer excellent moisture transport, ventilation and protection. This thermal hat comes with an ergonomic design for optimal fit and comfort (MSRP $25). And the Craft PZ Head Band is ideal for fending off cold weather in a minimalist manner, made with Pro Zero fabric, an exclusive air-channeled polysester. One size fits most. MSRP $25



COLUMBIA SPORTSWEAR EXTREME FLEECE LONG SLEEVE HALF-ZIP Base layers make perfect stocking stuffers, and this new product from Columbia is guaranteed to please all involved. The fabric used for this Extreme Fleece product weighs almost the same as Columbia’s midweight fabric (about 180 grams) but has better insulating properties. It can be used as an extra-warm layering piece in freezing weather, or as a cold-weather workout top in warmer temps. It utilizes the company’s Omni-Heat and Omni-Wick technologies and is antimicrobial and ergonomically seamed, with thumbholes. MSRP $80



KARHU HEADWEAR From legendary footwear maker Karhu comes the 70s Beanie. This stylish piece of headwear is available in two color schemes. MSRP $35


SEASONFIVE ARM SLEEVES Arm Sleeves from SeasonFive fit well in a stocking and provide versatile protection from the elements with innovative Atmos 1.0 waterproof, windproof and sunproof (50 UPF) fabric, in addition to warmth and breathability. Ideal for cool mornings and seasonal temps, SeasonFive Arm Sleeves provide the same warmth and protection as a long-sleeve layer, but can be easily removed when warmer temperatures show their face during the day. Available in Charcoal or Black, unisex sizes XS-XL. MSRP $50




In the team sports category, athletes can look forward to receiving colorful, practical gifts in their stockings this holiday, in addition to licensed products featuring their favorite pro sports teams. By Fernando J. Delgado

Greg Baldwin, VP of merchandising at Schuylkill Valley Sports, shared his insight with SGB and revealed several buying trends and hot items for Fall. Schuykill Valley Sports typically defines a stocking stuffer as an item under $25. Just as with footwear and outdoors, team sports retailers anticipate socks being a hugely popular accessory. “Socks are hot right now,” said Baldwin. “It was a trend that started about a year ago, and it’s just continued to build. The trend for teenagers has been crew socks, switching out of the no-shows. They’re having to re-vamp their wardrobe and buy new socks, so it’s been a good item.” He explained that Nike has “raised the bar” with its Elite crew socks, providing a high quality sock at an affordable price ($14), leading parents and young athletes to buy 3-packs and 6-packs of socks in droves. ProFeet offers a similar crew sock – the Shooter Poly – for $10. “Amazingly, kids want the sock that has the swoosh on it,” he said. “We’re carrying both.” Socks aren’t the only footwear item that athletes will be finding in their stockings. “Laces are another item, believe it or not, that has been nice business,” stated Baldwin. “It’s an inexpensive way to switch up color and stand out. It’s a nice stocking stuffer that doesn’t cost a whole bunch and adds a lot of different looks to your footwear.” Laces such as the Implus Sof Soles are available in dozens of colors and retail for under $5. Team sports accessories overall are trending toward more color, and Baldwin anticipates brightly colored stocking stuffers 20 | OCTOBER 8, 2012

to accentuate uniforms, shoes, cleats, and apparel. “Look at what’s going on in soccer shoes. What used to be dominated by black with white is now anything but black,” he said. “If you look at my soccer wall, it’s orange, lime-green, pink, royal. And it’s even translating into football, a more traditional sport.” Baldwin also pointed out an increase in breast cancer awareness and the resulting demand for pink items by female athletes. Lacrosse players in particular are known for seeking out eyecatching, bright accessories. “You can outfit a whole team with black cleats, but it’s real simple to get color on them with either laces, wristbands, or socks.” Baldwin explained. Of course batting gloves are always a stocking stuffer staple, and this holiday season will be no different. New batting gloves from Franklin, Rawlings, Wilson and other leading brands will be in demand. Mouthguards are another increasingly popular item in the team sports category as safety gains ground. “We’ve sold a lot of mouthguards as stocking stuffers at $20 and under,” said Baldwin. “You’ve got color there too. Shock Doctor has certainly done a great job of elevating the price point, and they continue to innovate and have added a full color palette in their product line.” Baldwin added that his stores also offer MoGo mouthguards, a unique brand that has added flavor to its colorful mouthguards to stand out. Leading mouthguards include Shock Doctor’s Gel Max, Battle Sports Science’s Oxygen Lip Protector, Under Armour’s ArmourBite mouthguard, and Tapout, among other brands. Water

bottles from all categories will be common in stockings this year. “Because we’re selling into athletic families, water bottles are an item that moms want to replace frequently,” Baldwin said. “Hydration has become a bigger category overall.” Licensed items featuring logos of professional teams will be found on many shopping lists. “Licensed products for us in the fourth quarter are a big category,” he stated. “Whether you’re giving someone from the office a gift of their favorite team, or mom’s picking that little something at the end of her list, that category has a multitude of items that fit the stocking stuffer price range.” Baldwin expects pennants, stickers, and posters featuring teams in the four major professional sports leagues to be hot, as well as the new Oyo Sportstoys - Lego-like minifigures made in the likeness of MLB and NFL players. “Legos have been hot, and the Oyo toys are certainly an offshoot of that trend,” he stated. Larger retailers and team dealers like Baldwin offer a wide selection of licensed apparel that will be purchased as gifts, including t-shirts and headwear. Memorabilia such as NFL mini helmets, license plates, drinkware, key chains and other items with logos of popular regional sports teams will be picked up during the holiday selling season. The wide array of licensed products - in addition to the hot team sports accessories such as socks, mouthguards, and water bottles - will lead to brisk holiday business at big-box retailers, specialty sporting goods, and team dealers this Fall. ■





1. Battle Sports Science’s Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard is an innovative new 3

product developed by dental, medical and athletic professionals to exacting standards. The mouthguard addresses a serious problem associated with lip protector mouthpieces: the lack of airflow the player can receive while using a mouthpiece. The Oxygen Mouthguard has a 293 percent larger breathing hole than leading competitors’ products, which allows for 184 percent better airflow to the player. MSRP $10


2. Oyo’s Sportstoys are minifigures designed to resemble Major League

5 6

Baseball players, and are new to the roster of officially licensed MLB products in 2012. The minifigures feature rotating forearms, bending knees, and the ability to hold a bat, glove and ball. NFL Football Oyo’s were made available for the first time at the end of September. MSRP $15

3. Riddell’s NFL Mini Replica Helmet is an approximate 1/2-scale version of the

standard NFL team helmet. This officially licensed mini helmet is made of an ABS plastic shell, face mask, realistic jaw pads and a chin strap. MSRP $27 4. ProFeet’s Shooter Sock is made of 68 percent polypropylene and features

moisture management, proving to be colorfast, durable, and light weight. Available in 6 colors schemes. MSRP $10-$12 5. Shock Doctor’s Gel Max Mouthguard is a top-seller that is easy to use and

has a universal fit for all ages. Protection and comfort are made possible by high impact shock absorption and an ultimate custom gel fit. Available in 11 colors. MSRP $10 6. Nike’s Dri-FIT Elite Basketball Crew Sock delivers support and comfort with

snug-fitting, sweat-wicking fabric. Features extra cushioning in high-impact areas and Dri-FIT fabric to help keep feet dry and comfortable. MSRP $14

9 7


7. Cutters X40 C-TACK Revolution Football Gloves are new, just in time for

the holidays. Featuring exclusive C-TACK Revolution Performance Grip material, the X40 is the best combination of performance and durability - with improved fit and a lighter weight. Proprietary technology and a reengineered process provides the strongest, most consistent and durable grip possible, while meeting the new NOCASE standard. MSRP $50 (Adult), $35 (Youth) 8. DeMarini’s Superlight Batting Glove is a new vibration-reducing glove that

features a one-piece leather palm for grip and durability and sting-stopping finger and heel pads. Available in youth, men’s and women’s sizes. MSRP $25 9. Implus’ SofSole Laces offer a variety of laces suitable for all shoes. From per-

formance laces for athletic shoes to casual and fashion laces, these products are high quality and are available in dozens of colors. MSRP $2.50-$5 10

10. Franklin’s LITE UPZ Foam Illuminating Football is suitable for ages 5 and up and available only on Franklin’s website ( MSRP $17 11. McDavid’s 651 Hex Forearm Sleeves offer superior forearm protection ideal

for football blocking or other contact sports. The sleeves employ 9mm Hex Technology and hDc moisture management technology. MSRP $25 (pair) 11

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