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MAY/JUNE, 2011

Ernie Edwards of the Pig Hip Restaurant, of Route 66 fame, is ailing and we decided to send him a giant card or two from his Sports Leisure travel family

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Mark shares information on new and current adventures

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Just One Man’s Opinion Here’s to All the Moms, Especially Mine May brings May flowers, May Day (an old Midwest tradition), Memorial Day and Mother’s Day. (I guess if you didn’t begin with an “m,” May just wasn’t your month.) I believe most people love spring flowers. If you lived part of your life outside California, you could have been a part of a Maypole celebration, or left treats for your neighbors, as part of the regional customs on May 1st. Memorial Day is important, for it’s one way we honor those who lost their lives in the service of their country. They made the ultimate sacrifice and it is fitting that we pause each year to remember their deeds. That leaves Mother’s Day. Father’s Day comes in June, and while it’s certainly worthy of toast to dads, it has never quite held the wider appeal of its sister holiday six weeks earlier. Get dad a ticket to the ballgame and tell him you love him and generally, you’re good. Mother’s Day is a little different. For this is the one day of the year you get to honor the person who brought you to the dance: your mom. So this year I’d like to do something I can’t ever remember doing before. I’d like to salute my mom. Born Jean Hayes, in a small town (a really cool small town) in Iowa, married to a man who went to fight in the Korean War, finding herself in Omaha with an infant son at the age of 20, she is my/our mom and she is the best.. Fast forward from that scene in Omaha to Sacramento, California seven years later. Jean is a single mom with three small children, at a time when single parents weren’t as common as they are today. In fact, you could say our society didn’t approve of single mothers. Certainly women in the workplace hadn’t broken the glass ceiling.


Sports Leisure Vacations / May –June 2011

My mother is a very intelligent lady. She spent most of her professional career working as a stenographer/secretary for the State of California. I remember thinking once or twice back then that she seemed to be a little brighter than some of the men she worked for. But she had three kids to provide for, and we were always her first priority. We never had the luxury of a car when I was growing up. Couldn’t afford one. Mom took the bus to work, I brought the groceries home on my bicycle. Brother and sister pitched in as they could. We rode bikes, or the bus or we walked. Not nine miles uphill every day as the story goes, but still, we weren’t afraid to hoof it a mile or two. Times were tight for us back then. We never went hungry, but we ate a lot of potato soup (homemade) or macaroni and cheese from the 25th of the month on. We always had a Christmas, but I remember one year my bike was stolen in December. It was quite a blow to our family (because now we had no form of transportation). On Christmas Eve, a sheriff’s deputy appeared on our doorstep with a beautiful almost-new bicycle. Mom made it happen somehow. She always did. There was never enough money to go around, especially late in the month. Mom was a magician with dollars, but sometimes decisions had to be made. I remember one time, when there was literally five dollars left in the family kitty. It was the 28th of the month, so help was on the way. But on that day, payment was due for the Boy Scout camp out which would take place on the weekend. Mom had come home the previous day with a long run in one of her stockings. It was her last pair and she had to go to work the next day. Proper women wore stockings without runs in them in state offices back then. But there couldn’t be both a Boy Scout camp out and new stockings. I shall never forget mom giving me the five dollar bill to take to the scout meeting that night. Nor will I forget watching her the next morning as she slid the stocking with the huge run in it up her leg as she dressed for work. Only

the best of moms make sacrifices like that one. It was not the only time something like that happened. It’s just the one I remember the most. Mom taught us to appreciate little things. When I got my first car, an old ’62 Ford Falcon at the age of 16, it was like winning the lottery. Our family finally had wheels and it was a whole new life. Until I was 22, I thought “steak” was something the butcher ran through the tenderizer and then mom coated with flour and fried in the pan. New York Steak? Never heard of such a thing. “Was it dipped in flour?” I think I asked the waiter… We grew up knowing the value of a dollar and about scratching to get by. When Sports Leisure Vacations started, mom answered the phone (an extra line was put in her home) on the days I took the bus to Reno or Tahoe. She baked cakes for many of the first buses and even was the tour director on a trip to Great America one time! As many of you know, good moms must fill many roles. Some have more tools to work with than others, but that’s not always the difference. The difference is love. Or perhaps the old stocking she wore to work. To all mothers, to all who have mothered (teachers, school nurses and secretaries, next door neighbors, babysitters, to name a few), and especially to my mom, I wish you the happiest of Mother’s Days. May there be many more. Don’t forget to take dad to the ballgame. And so it goes…

Mark Hoffmann, CTP


Will celebrate 32 years of touring on June 8-9, 2011

Clayton Place Calling all theatre lovers! As you may be aware, a treasured Sacramento institution is in trouble, but we have the power to help them out. In preparing my mind to write the article before you, I decided to do a little research. A quick Google search on the words “music” and “circus” produced nearly 230,000 references. In the first 50 or so I scanned, a vast majority were not about just any music circus, but our Music Circus. Our beloved summer theatre may have a short season, but her history is long, impressive and amazingly starstudded. It appears the genre of music circus-style performances began in New Jersey in 1949 when theatrical innovator St. John Terrell set up a tent for a full summer, giving locals the type of performances they knew and loved best: Light opera – what we today call musicals. As familiar as this all seems to us now, it was cutting edge in its day. “Real” theatre had never been performed in the setting of a one-ring circus. The idea of theatre-in-the-round, that is a centered stage completely surrounded by seating, was new. Without wings, backdrops and elaborate scenery and props, shows had to be entirely reconceptualized – stripped down to the bare essentials. Actors were equally challenged with no upstage and downstage; no clear point of entry or exit. Which way was front? But these challenges rewarded patrons with extremely honest theatre where the talent of the actors alone carried the story. Plus, everyone enjoyed a center orchestra seat. Gone was the concept of class distinctions in theatre seating. The music circus, also commonly called a “tune tent,” was born and began to take the nation by storm. Enter Russell Lewis and Howard Young. Before WWII, they had together produced

eight Broadway shows and 27 national tours before answering Uncle Sam’s call. After the war, they relocated to the west, but kept a keen eye on the theatre scene in the east. Local philanthropist and theatre-lover Eleanor McClatchy also had her eye on the east. When the three met, it was a match made in heaven. Talent, experience and money make an unstoppable team. In 1951, Sacramento’s Music Circus took the stage with a 10-show summer season in a tent erected in a downtown parking lot, the fourth music circus in America and the first west of the Mississippi. As they say, the rest is history. In the past 60+ years, generations of Sacramentans have been entertained by over 400 productions “under the tent.” Stars have risen from this modest setting. Cabaret’s famous MC, Joel Grey, got his start in the tent playing an impish Huck Finn in the 1960 production of Tom Sawyer, and Madeline Kahn delivered a rather comic Magnolia in Show Boat in 1969. Actors, already stars in their own right, have flocked to the tent to hone their skills as only this intimate, theatre-in-the-round setting can provide – Bob Hope, Liberace, Tony Bennett and Carol Channing just to name a few. At the height of the music circus phenomenon, there were some 40 “tune tents” scattered around the country. But to even the greatest performances, final curtains must fall. Terrell’s New Jersey big top folded in 1970. In 2000, only three remained. Today, there is only one. Can you guess where? Sacramento’s Music Circus exists today as a tribute to her visionary founders, Lewis and Young. Subsequent leaders, first Leland Ball and now Richard Lewis (son of the cofounder), have added their energy and expertise. Changes over the years have been both subtle and dramatic, most notably the construction of the Wells Fargo Pavilion in 2003, a permanent “tent” which is thankfully air-conditioned, a real plus on a hot summer’s night. Music Circus is the cornerstone of

California Musical Theatre, the non-profit organization which also brings us great traveling road shows throughout the year with Broadway Sacramento, as well as more intimate performances at the Cosmopolitan Cabaret on the K Street Mall. Outreach programs focused on the youth of our community assure that the next generation will appreciate live theatre just as much as we do. Great leadership, actors and scripts are only part of the equation. Mrs. McClatchy understood the necessity of financial resources to bring great theatre to Sacramento. Now all of us are needed to keep it here and going strong. Once a beautiful theater needed our help, but we did not respond. We cannot allow Music Circus to disappear the way the Alhambra did! Will you consider becoming a subscriber, or even just going to see a few shows of your choosing this summer season? Many of you are already subscribers. (Thank you!) Maybe you’ll consider introducing a friend to Music Circus by inviting them to a performance as your guest or by becoming a donor. You’ll get your name in every program for a tax-deductible donation of as little as $100. Get complete information at or by calling (916) 446-5880. Dial “0” for the receptionist and ask her to put you through to the right party. Be sure to tell them Clayton sent you. “Your Tour Guy,”

Clayton Whitehead, CTP Vice President and Theatre Patron

Were you on the 2010 New Orleans/Biloxi trip? If you were, your Stone County pottery creations can be picked up in the office. Call Clayton if you have questions. Sports Leisure Vacations / May– June 2011    


The Customers Always Write Dear SLV Thank you, thank you for the lucky draw at Preview Day this morning. A meal at Rudy’s is always enjoyable, and so much more as a gift from SLV. Just another of the many reasons why we appreciate what you do. Thanks again, Jeff and Donna Barnickol Ed. Note: At our gathering at KVIE the 1st and 2nd of April, the door prizes were $50 gift cards to the Fat Family Restaruants or to Rudy’s Hideaway a few miles from our office. Lena Fat has long been a strong supporter of tourism in our city, and Rudy was a Sports Leisure Traveler before his passing a number of years ago. We thought it appropriate to include these two longtime local businesses in our door prize drawings. Congratulations to the 12 winners! Hi Mark, On our almost ill-fated trip to the Queen Mary in February we saw a rainbow just before reaching the Grapevine. It had rained most of the way down. I got out my camera and took a picture. I thought I slipped my camera back into my carry on but it went on the floor. I noticed it was gone as soon as I got to my cabin. I immediately told Clayton and he notified All West. The next morning he told me it had been located and I picked it up a week later at the SLV office. Thanks to Clayton for getting my camera back and another great trip. Amy Lou Rath Ed. Note: What an adventure the Queen Mary group had. Their flight to Los Angeles was canceled, so our All West friends jumped to the task and had a bus at the airport for us in record time. The group drove to Southern California (hey, hotel rooms and meals and all were waiting, so we had to go), arriving that evening. Clayton reported the group took everything in stride and were troopers about the whole thing. They got to the Queen Mary and the Scottish Festival and everyone lived happily ever after. Special thanks to Kristin and Ken at All West, who came to our aid in a flash.


Sports Leisure Vacations / May –June 2011

Dear Sports Leisure: I am one of the travelers with Sports Leisure in the 80-plus age group. So far I can keep up with the group, even though I use a cane. I try to book tours that I think have the least walking and standing. I have read your comments about having a travel companion if you need assistance and I fully understand that, however, I feel I am not at that point yet… Most of my tours are day, overnight or 2-3 days now. My reason for contacting you is, could you note in the itinerary if there is a lot of walking involved or standing (i.e. standing when listening to a docent in a museum, etc.) or should I phone the office and ask before booking? Thank you for planning such interesting, fun tours for all of us. Regards, Lenore A. Larbig Ed. Note: This is perhaps the most asked question – How much walking/standing is there? It’s a tough one to answer, because one woman’s block is another woman’s mile. Ten minutes standing in one place is an issue for some, where it wouldn’t be for others. That’s the reason we have resisted a “rating” system. One size wouldn’t fit all. Not just Lenore, but any traveler reading this, if you see a tour and you are wondering about stamina or mobility issues, don’t hesitate to call or send us a note by e-mail. We will do our best to give you an idea of what the itinerary includes. Because we know many of our travelers personally, we can often give you straight up opinions. We aren’t perfect, but we want you to get the most out of the dollars you spend with Sports Leisure and we will do our best to match you with the right trip. Hi Mark: Just got the baseball letter today, and I’m thrilled beyond telling about the choice of seating for the Giants ball games. You can certainly count on me as one customer for the View Level seats. I’ll be doing several games this season instead of just the one. Thanks again!! Donna Jennings

Ed. Note: Thanks Donna. If you don’t mind the walk, it’s a good place to watch the game. It’s a gamble, but those left field seats in the lower deck really aren’t the best, except for not having to walk or take the elevator upstairs. Now, Giants fans have a choice of seating. Appreciate your thoughts. Kevin will too. He worked hard on this. Dear Mark – I understand that Scott has recently worked up a trip into Utah and Colorado. However, it was not included in the material we received at the Open House at KVIE. We have traveled throughout New Mexico and Arizona many times. Utah and Colorado would be a welcome change. Claudette Wilson PS – The Open House was great, as usual! Ed. Note: The trip you refer to might be The Ultimate Red Rock Country Adventure. And you are right, it was one of the trips we didn’t talk about at the recent Open House. You can find it in the Tour Calendar in the back of this newsletter. It departs October 11th for 7 Days. It truly is one of the best trips ever, spending three nights each in Moab at the Red Cliffs Lodge and at the Gateway Canyon Resort in Colorado (near Grand Junction). You can see the entire itinerary on page 49 of your 2011 catalog, if you still have it; or go on line at or call the office and we will be happy to send you a copy. Scott had also talked about a second Colorado-Utah itinerary in last year’s catalog. That trip was postponed until 2012 in favor of the one mention above. Mark – Just returned from your Spring Open House… several of us were chatting about your recent newsletter comments on gratuities for tour directors and drivers. We noticed that you suggest a “raise” for extended tour escorts, but “reduced” the amount for day trip escorts and drivers. While we couldn’t find this is writing, we all agreed it had been recommended in the

past at $3-5 per day. Even this is only $1.50 each for the driver and the tour director, but still above the $1 per day to each you now suggest. I know it is a touchy subject, but a majority of your travelers will do as you suggest, and we hate to see your folks get a “reduction” in pay. Sally R. Ed. Note: Sally, thank you for your concern. Seriously, it’s nice of you to care about this subject. I went back to the last newsletter and here’s what I wrote in March: “For the record, we have recently revised our suggested amounts to $5-$7 per person, per day for extended tours for each member of the tour staff (right in the middle of what the reader had seen printed in a magazine). For day trips, I would suggest $2-$4 to each staff member. If you have two tour directors, the two staff members will split gratuities equally in all cases (unless a note in the envelope specifies otherwise). Some people throw in a little extra when they have an extra tour director, some don’t. It is never expected of you.” It’s nice of you folks to be so thoughtful. And should we ever forget to say it, thank you for your generosity. Sports Leisure staff are paid fair wages, but everyone likes being shown appreciation. Hope this clears up any confusion. Dear Mark & Clayton – Thanks so much for your entertaining preview of Sports Leisure trips at KVIE. The venue and food were wonderful. I enjoyed learning about the opportunities to travel with your wonderful team. Mom and I had a delicious lobster and steak dinner at Rudy’s Hideaway thanks to the door prize we won. Clayton, when it gets closer to the time you leave for New Zealand with your group, let us know, so

Get Well Wishes… We have some friends on the mend. To Stanley Gordon, Ed McAdams, Georgia McDonald, Nicki Johnson, Miss Rosa and Joan Robideaux; we send our best wishes for continued recovery from recent challenges, big and small. We are thinking of you.

I can assist your group with some tips and advice from an American who has lived and traveled all over both islands for over 20 years. Thanks again from both of us, Dave Orchard, Harriett’s son Ed. Note: How nice it was to have our dear friend Harriett come to Open House with her son. As luck would have it, they won one of the dining door prizes. Plus, now we have an additional contact for our New Zealand trip early next year. Welcome Dave, to the Sports Leisure family. (By the way, both the New Zealand tour and the Southeast Asia cruise are coming along nicely. Consider signing up soon if you want to be a part of either trip.) Dear Clayton – Thank you for the best trip ever! Fantastic. I really appreciate how well you take care of your “guests.” And of course, it’s a given you know your territory (Colorful Carolina Coast). Also appreciated the card you sent to us all. Looking forward to another trip with you. Shirley Thornton, Paradise Ed. Note: That Shirley is a fickle one. Just last spring, she was telling me how much she loved my trips. Now, I can see that Shirley has changed her tune and it’s kissing up to Mr. Whitehead. Just wait until you get on my trip next time, Ms. Thornton. Boy, are you ever in for a surprise… Dear Mark – On behalf of The C.L.U.B., I would like to thank you for your recent donation of the trip to San Francisco for our auction. We appreciate you thinking of this special dropin day care program for seniors with memory loss. It provides respite for the caregivers and stresses care, fun and stimulating activities for the participants. With your help, we will be able to buy the defibrillator we hoped to purchase! Dear Mark – We really enjoyed the presentation at our Chevron Retirees Luncheon on April 18th. It was very informative and covered quite a variety of things we need to know about. Thank you so much. Thanks also for the

toothbrush holders and alarm clock door prizes. Sincerely, Linda Patrick, Secretary Chevron Retirees Association, Sacramento Chapter To Whom It Concerns: Please consider this my official Retirement Letter. It is my understanding that my refusal to participate in certain activities on tour has made other people uncomfortable. I did not realize this. There have been many wonderful vacations with your group, all the way back to Branson in 2001! I do wish your group many happy travels near and far. Happy trails to all of you! Karen Cheng If you have a comment, suggestion or tour idea, we invite you to drop us a line. Due to space limitations, not all letters can be printed (others may be edited). Mail to: Sports Leisure Vacations Attn: Mark/Clayton 9812 Old Winery Place, Suite 1 Sacramento, CA 95827 Or e-mail Mark or Clayton at:

Remembering our friends… Goodbye to Elizabeth Over the course of 32 years in business, we have had almost 50,000 members in our Travel Club. None gave us memories like Elizabeth Monk left behind when she passed on April 6th. Our oldest member at 105, she was an active traveler well into her 100’s. A wonderful lady with a spectacular smile and level demeanor, she was an inspiration to us all. She is survived by her daughter Patricia, an active traveler. A memorial service will be held on May 26th. See you there. We honor the memories of these members of our travel family who have passed recently: • Donald Sall • Arlene Paule • Lucy Lainas • Filomena Failla • Julia Ramsey • Audrey Sienkiewicz Sports Leisure Vacations / May– June 2011    


The Human Side Learn, Laugh, Reflect 15 Lines To Make You Smile 1. My husband and I divorced over religious differences. He thought he was God and I didn’t. 2. I don’t suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.  3. Some people are alive only because it’s illegal to kill them.  4. I used to have a handle on life, but it broke. 5. You’re just jealous because the voices only talk to me. 6. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. 7. I’m not a complete idiot – Some parts are just missing. 8. NyQuil, the stuffy, sneezy, whythe -heck-is-the -room-spinning medicine.  9. God must love stupid people; He made so many. 10. Consciousness: That annoying time between naps.  11. Ever stop to think and forget to start again? 12. Wrinkled was not one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up. 13. A hangover is the wrath of grapes. 14. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance.  15. The trouble with life is there’s no background music.

Regarding Fuel Surcharges The recent spike in gas prices has made fuel surcharges a reality once more. We could not anticipate the huge jump and we must pass the surcharges on to our clients. For new tours announced for the first time in this newsletter, we have included surcharges known to us as of April 30, 2011. For previously announced tours, or tours that might experience additional surcharges for fuel, you will be notified prior to departure as to those amounts (if any). Our policy is to be fair and to pass on only the exact charges to the nearest dollar. If you ever have any questions regarding fuel surcharges, Mark or Kevin welcome your call at the Sports Leisure office.


Sports Leisure Vacations / May –June 2011

The Burrito $5.37! That’s what the kid behind the counter at Taco Bell said to me. I dug into my pocket and pulled out some lint and two dimes and something that used to be a Jolly Rancher. Having already handed the kid a five-spot, I started to head back out to the truck to grab some change when the kid with the Elmo hairdo said the hardest thing anyone has ever said to me. He said, “It’s OK. I’ll just give you the senior citizen discount.” I turned to see who he was talking to and then heard the sound of change hitting the counter in front of me. “Only $4.68” he said cheerfully. I stood there stupefied. I am 56, not even 60 yet? A mere child! Senior citizen? I took my burrito and walked out to the truck wondering what was wrong with Elmo. Was he blind? As I sat in the truck, my blood began to boil. Old? Me? I’ll show him, I thought. I opened the door and headed back inside. I strode to the counter, and there he was waiting with a smile. Before I could say a word, he held up something and jingled it in front of me, like I could be that easily distracted! What am I now? A toddler? “Dude! Can’t get too far without your car keys, eh?” I stared with utter disdain at the keys I began to rationalize in my mind. Besides, leaving keys behind could happen to anyone!” I turned and headed back to the truck. I slipped the key into the ignition, but it wouldn’t turn. What now? I checked my keys and tried again. Still nothing. That’s when I noticed the purple beads hanging from my rear view mirror. I had no purple beads hanging from my rear view mirror. Then, a few other objects came into focus. The car seat in the back seat. Happy Meal toys spread all over the floorboard.

A partially eaten doughnut on the dashboard. Faster than you can say ginkgo biloba, I flew out of the alien vehicle. Moments later I was speeding out of the parking lot, relieved to finally be leaving this nightmarish stop in my life. That is when I felt it, deep in the bowels of my stomach: hunger! My stomach growled and churned, and I reached to grab my burrito, only it was nowhere to be found. I swung the truck around, gathered my courage, and strode back into the restaurant one final time. There Elmo stood, draped in youth and black nail polish. All I could think was, “What is the world coming to?” All I could say was, “Did I leave my food and drink in here”? At this point I was ready to ask a Boy Scout to help me back to my vehicle, and then go straight home and apply for Social Security benefits. Elmo had no clue. I walked back out to the truck, and suddenly a young lad came up and tugged on my jeans to get my attention. He was holding up a drink and a bag. His mother explained, “I think you left this in my truck by mistake.” I took the food and drink from the little boy and sheepishly apologized. She offered these kind words: “It’s OK. My grandfather does stuff like this all the time.” All of this is to explain how I got a ticket doing 85 in a 40. Yes, I was racing some punk kid in a Toyota Prius. And no, I told the officer, I’m not too old to be driving this fast. As I walked in the front door, my wife met me halfway down the hall. I handed her a bag of cold food and a $300 speeding ticket. I promptly sat in my rocking chair and covered up my legs with a blankey. And you thought you had a bad day. $5.37!

Casino Daytrips, Overnighters, Ballpark Express Casino Mystery Overnighter May 26-27 Mystery Tours have been a proud tradition at Sports Leisure Vacations. Although it’s always difficult to come up with new locations that we have never before visited, there seems to be a new casino opening every month or, at the very least, a casino expansion. This quick getaway aboard SuperCoach III will visit three casinos and will overnight at one. Want some clues? We’ll go all the way around and come right back to where we started from. Over hill and over dale, but there won’t be any dusty trails. Wow, did you see what color that goose was? They look a lot alike but why are they considered twins? The tour includes lunch on the first day, overnight accommodations and the services of a Sports Leisure Tour Director. 300/350 Gold Passport Points $279 p.p./dbl.occ., $329 single

Piano Men Harrah’s Reno June 5-6 Harrah’s Reno presents Piano Men: a tribute to the songs of Billy Joel and Elton John, live on stage in the legendary Sammy’s Showroom. Performing with a high energy six piece live band, this incredible dual tribute show features spot-on versions of your favorite Billy Joel and Elton John classics. The show is highlighted by the fan favorite set which features both artists playing together on two pianos trading off lyrics on each song they perform. Each tribute performer adds funny performance bits, sing-a-long parts, and spontaneous humor. Your accommodations will be at Harrah’s. There will be an optional casino stop on day two at The Silver Legacy; those who go will receive $6 in free play and a $2 credit. 200 Gold Passport Points. $179 p.p./ dbl.occ., $199 single

The 2011 Ballpark Express For over 30 years, the BEST way to get to the ballparks in Oakland and San Francisco has been with Sports Leisure Vacations. The original Ballpark Express allows you to travel to the game in comfort without the traffic, tolls, gas and food stops, etc. Refreshments are served on board the motorcoach on your way to and from each game. You’ll enjoy Lower Deck seating for all A’s games. New for this year: your choice of Lower Deck Outfield seats (first price listed) or View Level Infield seats (second price listed) for Giants games. Please request your seating area when making your reservation. Several games are close to selling out but waitlists are available.

2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants Wed., Jul. 20

Giants vs. Dodgers

12:45pm $118/$103

Sun., Aug. 7

Giants vs. Phillies*


Wed., Aug. 31

Giants vs. Cubs

12:45pm $118/$103

Sat., Sept. 10

Giants vs. Dodgers


Wed., Sep. 28 Giants vs. Rockies (Fan Appreciation Day)



12:45pm $114/$99

Field Level (First Deck) seats are located in Section 132 in Left Field. View Level (Third Deck) seats are located in Section 317, behind home plate. * Includes a one-way ferry ride to the ballpark on board the Baylink Ferry from Vallejo. Return to Sacramento on board SuperCoach III.

Oakland Athletics

Kenny Rogers & Ribs

Wed., June 1

Athletics vs. Yankees 12:35pm $108

Featuring John Ascuaga’s “Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off” September 2-3 By now Kenny Rogers has become such an icon that it’s easy to forget how he got here. The songs on his popular album “42 Ultimate Hits,” which brings together the top songs of his career from the late ‘60s to his current return to the charts, offers a crash-course reminder that Rogers is a star because he excels at his craft. Just look at the titles: “Lady,” “Ruby,” “The Gambler,” “She Believes in Me,” “Islands in the Stream,” and “We’ve Got Tonight.” His sweetly raspy vocals are instantly identifiable – Kenny Rogers sounds like nobody else. Your accommodations will be at the Silver Legacy where you will receive $5 in slot play and a $3 food credit. There will be an optional departure this evening for John Ascuaga’s Nugget for the Annual Best in the West Rib Cook-Off for those who choose not to see Kenny Rogers. On Day 2, everyone has the chance to attend the Rib Cook-Off, one of the largest rib competitions in the world. Beside the great food there will be music and arts & crafts with over 200 booths. Return to Sacramento at 2pm and arrive back to Sacramento between 4-5pm. 275/300 Gold Passport Points. $259 p.p./dbl.occ., $289 single with show, $179 p.p./dbl.occ., $209 single without show

Sun., June 19 (Father’s Day)

Athletics vs. Giants



Thurs., Sept. 22 Athletics vs. Rangers 12:35pm $102 (Fan Appreciation Day) All games: Field Level Seats located in Section 107, in Right Field, just past First Base.

The Champagne Express to Tahoe Harvey’s Casino Thursday, May 19; Tuesday, June 14 or Monday, July 18 Our monthly trip to Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Casino on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe includes a 6-hour stay with a slot credit of $20 and a free buffet or $7 food credit. You must belong to Harvey’s Total Rewards program to receive the bonuses. $40

Visit us anytime on the web at: Sports Leisure Vacations / May– June 2011    


Day Trips and Theatre Outings Mumm’s The Word Tuesday, May 17 Enjoy a delicious and delightful day at Mumm Napa Valley for a tour and tasting of its award-winning sparkling wine. Visit its beautiful garden, the gallery of fine arts photography, and experience stunning views of the surrounding vineyards. At the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, lunch awaits in its historic Greystone Restaurant. Finish the day with a short stop at the Marketplace in Yountville to browse its variety of culinary and gift shops. $162

Explore the Embarcadero Tuesday, May 24 Join our expert San Francisco guide Craig Smith for an exploration of an area we use for almost all our visits to San Francisco: “The Embarcadero.” The second departure of this popular new tour will traverse the everchanging picturesque coast from bridge to bridge. Beginning at the Ferry Building, learn the history of the waterfront, stroll the public walks and piers, and take in the sculpture and art works that enhance the area. Lunch is included at the Fog Harbor Fish House on Pier 39. $103

Beat the Heat in San Francisco Tuesday, June 7 Here’s a fun new itinerary in anticipation of our typically “warm” summers. Explore San Francisco at your own pace with visits to The Ferry Building and its popular Farmer’s Market, Pier 39, and/or Union Square. The motorcoach will shuttle you from point to point based on demand. Shop and have lunch where you want, when you want. At the end of the day, take the ferry to Sausalito for a brief visit before returning home. $85

You Have a Date for Lunch… on the Lake Wednesday, June 8 Experience the beautiful neighborhood of Lake Merritt in Oakland. Begin with a tour of the historic Paramount Theatre, one of


Sports Leisure Vacations / May –June 2011

the finest remaining examples of Art Deco architecture on the West Coast. Lunch is a real treat on the shores of the lake at the Lake Chalet, sister restaurant of the Beach Chalet in San Francisco. End the day with inspiration at the Cathedral of Christ the Light, a beautiful 13 story high house of worship constructed of glass, Douglas Fir, aluminum, and lots of natural light. $124

Glass, Fish & Ships Thursday, June 9 Begin with visits to Nourot and Smyers Glass Studios in Benicia. The studios are known for outstanding quality and value in vivid colored original designs. Next it’s lunch at The Dead Fish Restaurant overlooking the Carquinez Straights – a silly name but great food! Following lunch, cruise around the US Navy’s “Mothball Fleet” aboard the m/v Journey. You cannot board any of the naval vessels but it is a great way to see some of America’s powerful and historic ships. This tour is limited to 30 so reserve soon! $135

The Full Monty East Sonora Theater Saturday, June 25 Sierra Repertory Theatre brings back Broadway’s smash hit musical about six buddies with a desperate plan to get their lives back together. When they see how much their wives enjoy a male strip show during a “girl’s night out,” unemployed steelworkers in Buffalo, New York come up with a bold way to make some quick cash. It’s a slam dunk musical sensation with a giant heart. Please note: this performance has brief nudity and strong language. Lunch is included at the historic National Hotel in Jamestown prior to the 2pm matinee. $123

An Evening with Cloris Leachman Gallo Center, Modesto Monday, June 27 From her earliest television appearances on the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” and her own hit spinoff “Phyllis,” to her movie comedies

like “High Anxiety” and “Young Frankenstein,” to her recent stardom on “Dancing with the Stars,” it’s easy to see that Cloris Leachman is at home anywhere there is an audience. The Academy Award-winning actress and winner of 9 Emmy Awards brings a lifetime of stage stories to the Gallo Center in Modesto. The evening features video clips, music and, of course, an actress who tells it like it is. Dinner precedes the 7pm show at the Canal Street Grille. $142

“The Rock” Thursday, June 30 The sights and sounds of Alcatraz come alive during your visit to “The Rock.” Cross over the Bay Bridge and travel along the Embarcadero to the Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch at one of the area’s oldest restaurants, Scoma’s, where you will have a choice on site from a limited menu, including the fresh catch of the day. Our cruise departs for Alcatraz mid-afternoon with time on the island for exploring on your own with the included audio tour. Return to Sacramento following your visit. $127

Floating by the Bay Tuesday, July 5 Begin with a visit to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco followed by a scenic ferry ride across the bay and past the Golden Gate Bridge to the community of Sausalito. Tucked along its protected shore is a hodge-podge of the most unique floating homes you have ever seen. All individually designed and renovated over the years, no two are alike. Visit four of the homes today on a private tour and have a chance to speak with the owners that live in them. These homes will be close together and any steps will be minimized for your comfort. Lunch is at your leisure in Sausalito. $122

Cruising Into History Saturday, July 9 San Francisco Bay is one of the most historically significant regions of Northern California. The embarkation point for

explorers, immigrants and gold miners, home to military forts and bases of several countries, and possessing a style and character all its own, the region is a product of its timeline. Discover the stories of the bay on board a piece of floating history, the USS Potomac, once the presidential yacht of Franklin Roosevelt. Enjoy a two hour cruise on board along with time for shopping and lunch at your leisure at Jack London Square in Oakland. $109

Teatro Zinzanni Sunday, July 10 Experience Teatro ZinZanni in San Francisco with a matinee performance of “love, brunch, and chaos.” A blend of European cabaret, circus, and vaudeville, Teatro ZinZanni has something to amuse, please, and delight everyone! While savoring a delicious three-course brunch, experience non-stop entertainment of music, magic, mischief, dance, divas, and zanni humor. Enjoy a little free time at Pier 39 following the performance. $156

On The Lincoln Highway Sacramento – San Francisco – Sacramento Monday, July 11 See the historic highway, America’s first improved trans-continental road, on this day trip from Sacramento. There are two official “Lincolns” in and out of Sacramento. South from Sacramento went the original Lincoln, over Altamont Pass to Oakland and finally to Lincoln Park in San Francisco. Lunch is included in San Francisco, then return via the I-80 route, but with tons of off-freeway detours. A portion of the proceeds from this tour will benefit the California Lincoln Highway Association. $114

Gardens of Golden Gate Park Tuesday July 12 or Thursday, August 11 Spend a lovely summer day enjoying the many beautiful and extraordinary gardens of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. With our local guide, we’ll begin at the historic Conservatory of Flowers, home to colorful and exotic flowers and plants from around the world. We’ll also visit the windmill, Rose

Gardens, the hidden Shakespeare Garden, and conclude at the exquisite and graceful Japanese Tea Gardens. Lunch is included at world-famous Cliff House Restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean. $136

Filoli’s Garden Thursday, July 14 You are sure to take pleasure in the beautiful blooming roses and annual flowers of this lovely award-winning historic garden in Woodside. The 16-acre estate is a masterpiece of color and architectural design. Begin with a hosted luncheon served al fresco on the tennis court; then following lunch enjoy a guided tour of the estate gardens or wander the grounds on your own. A garden shop and visitor’s education center are also available for your perusal. $128

ABBA: Arrival with the San Francisco Symphony Davies Symphony Hall Saturday, July 16 Celebrated as the world’s greatest ABBA tribute band, ARRIVAL doesn’t miss a beat expressing the chart-topping hits and colorful costumes the original band made classic in the 1970s. ARRIVAL performs ABBA favorites including “Dancing Queen,” “Money, Money, Money,” “Waterloo,” and others that catapulted the original group to international super stardom. This is a one-night-only featured performance of classic tunes with the exceptionally talented San Francisco Symphony during its popular Summer Series. Dinner at the popular Franciscan Restaurant precedes the 8pm performance with orchestra seating. $159

Billy Elliot Orpheum Theatre Saturday, July 16 or July 23, Sunday, July 31, or Wednesday, September 14 Winner of 10 Tony Awards including Best Musical, this hit Broadway show comes to San Francisco’s Orpheum Theatre for a limited 3-month run. Still playing in London where it premiered in 2005 and New York where it opened in 2008, Billy Elliot is a joyous celebration of a young boy’s dream

of becoming a dancer. Set in a small British town, his desire and aspirations to achieve his dream inspire his family and community, changing all their lives forever. With drama and comedy, exciting choreography, and music and lyrics by Sir Elton John, it is memorable theatre. Please note: This show contains strong language and adult themes. Seating is in the orchestra for all performances. A box lunch is included on board the motorcoach for Wednesday trips with a no-host dinner stop following the performance. Saturday and Sunday departures include a no-host lunch stop prior to the show. Wednesday – $156, Saturday & Sunday – $167

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Forum Nevada Theatre in Nevada City Sunday, July 17 “Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight!” Sierra Stages in Nevada City presents Broadway’s greatest farce and one of the funniest musicals ever written – the perfect escape from life’s troubles. Based loosely on the comedies of Roman playwright Plautus with the infectious energy of classic vaudeville, the show centers on the trials and tribulations of three Roman families as told by a slave named Pseudolus, a role made famous on stage and screen by Zero Mostel. Lunch is served at the Northern Queen Inn in Nevada City prior to the 2pm matinee at the historic Nevada Theatre. $112

Picasso in San Francisco Tuesday, July 19 The de Young Museum hosts a rare exhibition of more than 100 masterpieces by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso from the permanent collection of the Musee National Picasso in Paris. Featuring sculptures, drawings, and paintings from his Blue and Rose Periods to Cubism and Surrealism, they represent every phase of his renowned career. An audio-guide is included to enhance your experience. Lunch is onyour-own in the museum café and there is an optional shuttle to the Legion of Honor in the afternoon to explore its permanent collection. $90 Sports Leisure Vacations / May– June 2011    


Tahoe: From Shore to Summit Thursday, July 21 A sellout every summer, our annual trip to escape the heat of the valley to enjoy the cooler weather up at “The Lake” is back. Start with a luncheon cruise on board the paddlewheeler MS Dixie II as she plies the waters of the southern edge of Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay. From the shoreline we go to the tree line with an exhilarating ride on the Heavenly Valley Gondolas. The entire Lake Tahoe Basin lies at your feet from the observation deck located at 9,000 feet. $145

Beach Blanket Babylon Club Fugazi, San Francisco Sunday, July 24 Our May departure sold out so it just goes to show you there’s nothing quite like Beach Blanket Babylon. San Francisco’s longestrunning staged comedy show pokes fun at everyone – politicians, celebrities and other folks in the public eye. The songs are hilarious, the dancing wonderful, and the hats are really, really big! Reserved seats are upstairs in this historic theatre in the center balcony. Enjoy an included lunch at the Piazza Market Restaurant. $149

Show Me the Money Tuesday, July 26 Travel to San Francisco for a day exploring the financial area that developed the western expansion of the United States as well as our great State of California. Included in our walking tour are stops at the Bank of California, Transamerica, Wells Fargo, the Merchant Exchange Buildings, the Pacific Heritage Museum, Norton’s Vault, and the Julia Morgan ballroom. Lunch is included at the beautiful Garden Court Dining Room inside the historical Palace Hotel. $137

“Downtown” An architectural tour of San Francisco Tuesday, August 2 “Forget all your troubles, worries, and cares” for a day downtown discovering what makes San Francisco the greatest city in the United States for architecture. Because of the 1906 Earthquake & Fire, San Francisco


was able to redesign its downtown for the 20th Century and continues to do so. Our tour includes some walking and driving, stops and visits, indoors and out, old and new, modern and familiar. A three course lunch is included mid-day at the Fog Harbor Restaurant at Pier 39. $101

By Land & Sea Tuesday, August 9 Enjoy a variety of travel experiences as we journey first by land on our own SuperCoach III to the historic Ferry Building in San Francisco. Originally opened in 1898, it has been extensively remodeled and continues to serve as a transit terminal for travelers to and from the city. With San Francisco City Guides leading the way, learn of the architecture, history, and present day usage of this city icon. After the tour, enjoy leisure time to browse, shop, and lunch on your own before boarding the Oakland/Alameda Ferry for a short voyage by sea to Oakland. Our travel adventures conclude with a scenic and relaxing train ride home to Sacramento aboard Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor. $109

The Ladies Man East Sonora Theatre Wednesday, August 10 The current season continues for the Sierra Repertory Theatre Company. In Belle Époque Paris, the recently married Dr. Hercule Molineaux tells “one, tiny, little, hardly noticeable lie” to cover an innocent but embarrassing indiscretion. From that single untruth tumbles a cascade of increasingly convoluted deceptions, misunderstandings and mistaken identities, all adding up to a hilariously zany and charming farce. Lunch precedes the 2pm matinee at the National Hotel in Jamestown. $118

Gertrude Stein & Friends SF Museum of Modern Art Monday, August 15 As American expatriates in Paris when the 20th century was young, Gertrude Stein and her brothers were among the first to recognize the talents of avant-garde painters like Henri Matisse, Paul Cezanne, Toulouse-Lautrec, Pierre Bonnard, Pablo

Sports Leisure Vacations / May –June 2011

Picasso, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir to name just a few. We refer to these brilliant artists as “masters” but to the Steins, they were just friends whose pictures they loved and admired. Premiering at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this summer before traveling on to New York and Paris, this is a rare opportunity to see “The Steins Collection” of legendary masterpieces. An audio guide is included for your enjoyment of the special exhibit with time for lunch and to explore the permanent collection. $91

Treasure Island Thursday, September 1 Every tour to San Francisco takes us through a small portion of Treasure Island, but this time we will stop and stay to visit and explore this historic treasure in the Bay. With Craig Smith as our guide, learn its history, see its present day activities, and experience its magnificent views of San Francisco. A three-course lunch is included at the U.S. Job Corp Culinary Academy before going into the city to see the famous Diego Rivera Expo mural that was relocated from Treasure Island to San Francisco City College. $100

Cirque du Soleil’s Totem Sunday, October 30 or Thursday, November 17 The always entertaining Cirque du Soleil comes to San Francisco with its newest traveling show to continue their tradition of amazing feats and brilliant productions. Presented in its own colorful tent adjacent to AT&T Park, Totem explores the ties that bind man to other species, his dreams, and infinite potential. With its group of international artists, colorful costumes, original music, and stunning showmanship, an afternoon of Cirque du Soleil is always memorable. The Sunday show provides a box lunch on the coach en route to the 1pm performance. The Thursday show allows for some free time in the Union Square area for a late lunch on your own before the 4pm performance. To take advantage of favorable pricing, all tickets will require payment by August 18. Sunday – $149, Thursday –$140

The Barber Pole, or Once Over Lightly An overview of highlights from future Sports Leisure Vacations For details on any tour, check the accompanying Tour Calendar, call our office or visit us at In this month’s column, Mark offers his thoughts on what he considers ten of the coolest trips on our calendar. In no particular order, Mark’s favorites are: 10. The Ultimate Red Rock Country Adventure – October – Picture this: you spend three nights at an exclusive resort owned by the man who founded the Discovery Channel, in a canyon of Colorado. Each morning, you awake in the shadow of monolithic red rocks, marking your special destination in Gateway Canyon, outside Grand Junction. Then you travel by coach for a day to get to your second destination, near Moab, in Utah’s red rock country. Stay three nights at the Red Cliffs Lodge. Scott Angeletti is your Tour Director on what is the best itinerary of the year. Just One Man’s Opinion. 9. “The Sound of Music” in Leavenworth – August – Imagine traveling (by train from Seattle) into the mountains of Washington State, to a lovely Bavarian-style village, and included on the itinerary is an outdoor performance of The Sound of Music in a setting that feels like you’ve gone to Bavaria. Hasn’t become a nationally known attraction yet, but it will. Our group is filling fast. 8. Lake Quinalt, the Olympic Peninsula and Long Beach – August – Ramona leads you into Olympic National Park. It’s one of her favorites. On a six day trip, you’ll see the longest beach on the west coast (two nights in Long Beach, WA) and enjoy a gentle walk through a rain forest. This trip features one of my personal lodging favorites, The Inn at Port Hadlock, a wonderful boutique property on the shores of the Hood Canal/ Puget Sound (which can also be found on the Victoria trip). Long Beach, Washington, is an often overlooked destination. This is a real sleeper with a great tour leader. 7. Mark’s Berry Weekend – July – The

deadline will soon be upon us for this fun 3 Day adventure. Ever pick your own marionberries? Ever eat one? Ever take three days and just stroll weekend markets and watch an old time baseball game? Been to Mt. St. Helens with an expert guide? Last call for a trip to the greater Portland area (2 nights Vancouver, Washington) for a “berry” nice time. Besides, it’s my trip and it is one of the best we offer. 6. “Billy Elliot” – July, Aug., Sept. in SFO – Having seen the movie and the show on Broadway, I must admit it’s one of my favorites. The story of a young man in search of his dream, it will touch your heart. Along with Mary Poppins here in town in June, it’s one of the two best of the year in Northern California. 5. Victoria & The Lavender Festival – July – Chris takes you into Canada, to dine at legendary Butchart Gardens, ride a double decker bus, meet the queen, enjoy high tea at the Empress…then enjoy a stop at a lavender farm and a night at the Inn at Port Hadlock. A first day visit to Pike Place Market in Seattle. What’s not to like?

Victoria’s Inner Harbor and Empress Hotel

4. The Real Hawaii – October/ November – With hotel prices on the rise, this will be the last year for our best Hawaii itinerary in 30 years of island visits. Ever hold a sea horse? Taste a star fruit? Drink organic vanilla-flavored lemonade? Visit Shangri-La? All of these, and a host of luxurious Marriott Resorts to stay in, are part of this tour I will host. It’s the side of Hawaii you always wanted to see. Oh, I almost forgot. The new World War II Valor in the Pacific Memorial at Pearl Harbor is also featured. This is the upgraded, newly reopened Pearl Harbor

Memorial. You owe it to yourself to visit one more time and go on board the battleship Missouri, where the armistice was signed. Did I mention lunch with a view at the St. Regis on Kauai? Sorry, so many wonderful things, I keep leaving them out! 3. Poland & Prague – September – I recently returned form a visit to Prague, which resulted in an upgrade of the hotel there (pays to go ahead and check things out when you can). Poland is an amazing country, which many people have missed. Krakow and Prague are two of Europe’s classic cities. Very limited space available. 2. Christmas Concerts in Washington, New York & Boston – December – A new tour that was invented while traveling with a group. Someone asked about seeing the Boston Pops at Christmas time and we started brainstorming and this trip was born. Already a dozen have registered, just from our Open House. Holiday concerts at the Kennedy Center (Ten Tenors), Radio City Music Hall (Rockettes) and Boston Symphony (Pops Christmas concert at Symphony Hall). Three nights DC, overnight NYC, two nights Boston, Christmas lights, music, it’s one of the best ideas to come along in years. 1. Circle British Columbia – July – This tour with Ramona offes you the chance to travel by coach the length of Vancouver Island, by overnight ferry to Prince Rupert, BC, and by train to Jasper National Park. Not the cheapest tour of the year, but quite possibly the best. We only offer this itinerary every 5-6 years to a maximum of 20 travelers. Honorable Mention – Two tours that are virtually sold out probably would make this list, but they have only 2-3 seats left (Canada Coast-to-Coast by Rail and Ferries and Towns of Old Cape Cod). Both are likely to offered once again in 2012. Super Day Trip Around Town – Take a new friend to Music Circus or a Broadway show in Sacramento this year. With the economy, numbers are off and so are dollars. I agree with Clayton. Let’s not let part of our culture die from a lack of support.

Sports Leisure Vacations / May– June 2011    


New Vacations and Getaways Broadway Pops in the Pines Featuring the Bear Valley Music Festival 2 Days • August 3-4 Travel up into the mountains to a rustic setting to enjoy the sounds of a full symphony orchestra, under the direction of Carter Nice, as it plays the finest familiar sounds of Broadway. The Bear Valley Music Festival offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the wonderful sound of music high in the hills, surrounded by rocks and pines, from your reserved center orchestra seating within the covered tent. Travel to the festival along historic Highway 49 and the designated Scenic Byway Highway 4, continuing home along Highway 49 and visiting some of the little towns along the way. 1. The trip to Bear Valley begins with a stop in Sonora at the beautiful Union Hill Inn for lunch and a walk through the gardens. Continue directly to Bear Valley Village checking in to the Bear Valley Lodge in late afternoon. Stroll around the area and have an early dinner before the evening performance. Our hotel is located at 7100’ elevation, within walking distance from the festival site, in the village. Enjoy the mountain lodge experience with the classic rustic open post and beam structure and granite fireplace in the main lounge area. (L) 2. Enjoy the brisk morning air before a later departure than usual. Your journey along Highway 49 will remind you of Mark Twain‘s tales of jumping frogs and gold nuggets as we visit Angels Camp, Jackson’s Gate and Sutter Creek. Lunch is included at the Volcano Union Inn followed by a stop at the fascinating St. Sava Church, the first Serbian Orthodox Church in the west. A brief visit to Sutter Creek to browse the shops concludes our day along Highway 49 before returning to Sacramento. (B,L) The tour includes roundtrip transportation aboard SuperCoach III, accommodations, three meals, all tours and attractions listed, and the services of a Sports Leisure Vacations Tour Director. Please note: due to the unique nature of the Bear Valley Lodge,


we have a limited number of double-bedded rooms (10). Please call early. 550/600 Gold Passport Points. $515 p.p./dbl.occ., $570 single $ave $25 until May 24

The Chicago Sports Weekend Cubs baseball and Norte Dame football 4 Days • September 1-4 H Highlights H • Cubs-Pirates at Wrigley Field • Norte Dame home opener at South Bend (vs. South Florida) • Celebrity host Kelly Brothers of KCRA/ KFBK – special Chicago “financial” day as you visit a major trading center • 3 nights Hotel Seneca, a beautiful accommodation just off the Miracle Mile, a terrific location in downtown Chicago • City tour, free time for Sunday shopping • Welcome dinner at Harry Carey’s, breakfast each morning, post game football dinner • Round trip air, door-to-door service • 2100/2250 Gold Passport Points 1. Fly to Chicago, arriving in midafternoon. Check into your hotel and relax before dinner at a Chicago sports landmark, the restaurant once owned by the late Harry Carey. Known for great steaks and chops, it’s also the home of countless baseball and

other sports memorabilia. Get acquainted with the group and meet your guest host at a reception before dinner. (D) 2. Your choice: Spend the morning with Kelly as he takes you on a financial “behindthe-scenes” tour in Chicago, or just enjoy the shops of Michigan Avenue. Then head to Wrigley Field in late morning for the afternoon game between the Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Back at the hotel, your evening is free. Many restaurants (and a great food court) are within a short walk. (B) 3. Depart this morning by coach for the two hour ride to South Bend, for the game between Notre Dame and South Florida. After the game, participate in the traditional chapel services if you wish. Return to Chicago by coach in late evening, with a dinner stop en route. (B,D) 4. Check out of your hotel by noon. For those who wish, we’ll have a fun casual lunch at a downtown landmark and then take a narrated tour of the city. Or, if you choose, store your luggage on the bus and spend the afternoon shopping. Once again, it’s your choice. Your return flight leaves from Midway Airport about 6:30pm, connects in Denver and arrives in Sacramento about 10pm. (B) $2065 p.p./dbl.occ., $2245 single $ave $100 until May 24, limited to 30 travelers

The Cubs at Wrigley Field and the Fighting Irish at Notre Dame: a fantastic sports weekend

Sports Leisure Vacations / May –June 2011

Astoria, Oregon Celebrates 200 Years of History 3 Days • September 16-18 Our annual late summer visit to the Oregon Coast is a little different this year, as we take a break from the central coast and make a visit to the northern coast. The city of Astoria, a hardy seaport on the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Columbia River, turns 200 years old this year. (Remember, Lewis and Clark camped just south of Astoria, just a few years before the first settling party arrived.) Colorful doesn’t begin to describe Astoria, it’s a classic small town. Fly to Portland to begin the weekend, and take a coach ride through the mountains and over the Columbia River to Astoria, arriving Friday evening at the Shilo Inn for two nights. Dinner and a short history talk are on the agenda. On Saturday, visit the Fisherman’s Festival, see the Astoria Air Show, walk through the historic reenactment at Fort Stevens State Park. This evening, attend a concert starring Judy Collins (of Send in the Clowns fame). Sunday morning, depart Astoria after a short visit to the Sunday market. Lunch is included on the way back to Portland for your flight home. A very leisurely 3 days, with an oppor­ tunity to be a part of history. It’s 200-year Homecoming Weekend in Astoria. It will only happen once! The package includes all your meals (7), airfare and door-to-door service. $1095 p.p./dbl.occ., $1260 single $ave $35 until May 24

Traditional Small Town Christmas Celebrations – A Mystery Tour 6 Days • November 17-22 For the holiday season this year, we humbly present a very special Mystery Tour experience. The Christmas Mystery is always the most popular of the year. Early reservations are advised. The holiday season is grand. It’s a wonderful time to get out and share the joy of life and the season with friends; in this case friends you haven’t even met yet. We’ve chosen one special small American town that carries a unique holiday distinction. Its neighbor villages offer

A holiday show at Radio City Music Hall is like no other

additional opportunities to discover small town hospitality and holiday cheer. Three small towns in all, each with a distinctive flavor. One will offer you the opportunity to share in the most traditional of American holiday traditions. You’ll even trace the lives of two beloved historical figures, one very connected to Christmas. We can’t tell you any more than that, except to say that this will be very different from any previous Christmas Lights Mystery. Note that we’ve dropped the “lights” name from the itinerary, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see some magnificent light displays. We just want to make the focus a little different this year, on the people and the destination, rather than the twinkling. As was noted last year, Christmas lights from inside a vehicle are what they are. Oh, and one other thing. We are going to shower you with gifts. You may not need to do Christmas shopping when you get home, you are going to have so much loot. In a unique twist, you’ll be participating in a very special gift giving program that helps the families of American military troops. It’s a cold weather destination, early in the season, and it will be one of the most memorable trips in our 32 years. The itinerary includes EVERY meal, 15 in all, plus airfare, door-to-door pick-up and your old buddies Mark and Chris to shovel the snow… we mean show you a good time!

2600/2900 Gold Passport Points $2595 p.p./dbl.occ., $2875 single

Thanksgiving in New York Visit the Big Apple at the most wonderful time of the year! 6 Days • November 20-25 H Highlights H • 5 nights at the Westin Times Square • Tickets to two hit Broadway shows, plus the option of one Off-Broadway show, The Fantastics • Radio City Music Hall’s Rockettes Christmas Spectacular • 5 memorable meals featuring dinner at Sardi’s & a spectacular Thanksgiving dinner cruise • Theatre talk with nationally-syndicated critic Peter Filichia • City driving tours with expert local guide • Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island • Round trip airfare to/from New York • Home pick-up and return • Tour Director: Clayton Whitehead • 3650/4000 Gold Passport Points 1. Be transported from your front door to Sacramento Airport for your cross-country flight. As Thanksgiving ushers in the Christmas season, you’ll be in the middle of it all with a 5-night stay at the trendy Westin Times Square. 2. Joined by our entertaining and informative local guide, sightseeing today

Sports Leisure Vacations / May– June 2011    


features Midtown and Downtown with stops at Battery Park, Trinity Church, Wall Street and the World Trade Center site. Take a break from touring at mid-day to dine at historic Fraunces Tavern, George Washington’s favorite restaurant! (Remember this was our nation’s first national capital.) Here you’ll be joined by syndicated theatre critic Peter Filichia to learn what’s hot and what’s not on the Great White Way. In the evening, you’ll have the option of seeing the longest-running musical in theatre history, The Fantastics, preformed “Off-Broadway” on Times Square. (L) 3. Join your Tour Director for a morning adventure to Liberty and Ellis Islands by subway and ferry. The afternoon is yours for personal exploration. How about a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or shopping on famed Fifth Avenue? Dinner at world-famous Sardi’s Restaurant is followed by a performance of the Broadway show of your choice. A list of recommendations will be available this summer to assist you in making your selection. (D) 4. Uptown is highlighted on today’s guided tour, with stops at Central Park, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center. Ice skating, anyone? The family-style Italian lunch at Carmine’s is a New York tradition. You won’t leave hungry! Tonight your curtain rises on Anything Goes, the sensational Cole Porter musical starring Broadway greats Sutton Foster and Joel Grey. (L) 5. It’s the exciting Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Join the anxious throngs on the streets or watch on television in the comfort of your room. In the afternoon, journey to Radio City Music Hall for the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, where you’ll enjoy center orchestra seating. A traditional Thanksgiving dinner cruise follows aboard the elegant glass-roofed Bateaux New York featuring excellent food and great sightseeing as the stars come out over the Big Apple. (D) 6. A morning behind-the-scenes tour at Radio City Music Hall is followed by a quintessential local experience – lunch at a real New York deli. You can enjoy half a milehigh pastrami sandwich now and brown bag the rest for the flight home. The short


The Rockettes? Almost! The lovely ladies of the Palm Springs Follies decked out for the holidays.

trip to LaGuardia Airport is all that remains as your Thanksgiving in New York comes to a close. (L) $3605 p.p./dbl.occ., $3995 single $ave $150 until May 24 Add The Fantastics for an additional $50 per person

Holiday Lights of the Desert Featuring a Christmas show with John Davidson at the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies 3 Days • December 6-8 (tentative dates) H Highlights H • Ride the tram through “Wildlights” a holiday lights festival at the Living Desert • Laugh and sing along during a special holiday performance of the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies, featuring John Davidson • Enjoy lunch at the beautiful historic Mission Inn, in full splendor adorned with holiday elegance • Ascend Mt. San Jacinto aboard the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway • Relax for 2 nights at the conveniently located Spa Hotel and Casino Resort • 3 Meals: 2 lunches, 1 dinner • Door-to-door transportation • Roundtrip airfare, Sacramento/Ontario 1. Be picked up from your home by Carey Transportation and taken to the airport for your late morning flight to Ontario. En route

Sports Leisure Vacations / May –June 2011

to Palm Springs, pause in Riverside for a late lunch at the historic Mission Inn which will be beautifully decorated for the holidays. Continue to your desert hotel, located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs and convenient to all the boutiques and restaurants along Palm Canyon Drive. This evening, a short drive to Palm Desert takes you the Living Desert, home of “Wildlights”, a holiday lights festival featuring over 750,000 twinkling lights. Enjoy a tram ride through the animal park and the holiday atmosphere complete with a Candy Cane Lane, Santa’s Village and Mrs. Claus’s Kitchen before returning to your hotel for the night. The Spa Hotel and Casino – 2 nights (L) 2. You may decide to enjoy the leisurely pace of the desert this morning, do a bit of shopping along Palm Canyon Drive or join us for a trip to the top of Mt. San Jacinto. The view from the gondolas of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway are spectacular, with windows all around and the rotating floor providing you with a 360-degree view of the valley as you travel up the mountainside. You may even see a dusting of snow on the mountain! Return to the hotel in time for lunch before the afternoon matinee performance of the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies. The “long-legged lovelies and follies gents” (55 to 85 years young) will be kicking up their heels to the music of the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and Christmas carols. They will be

joined this holiday season by the exciting singer and entertainer, John Davidson. You can enjoy the entire show from your premier center orchestra seating. After the show walk across the street for a fine dinner at the Kaiser Grill, a Sports Leisure favorite. (D) 3. Continue the leisurely pace of the desert this morning before departing for the charming historic downtown district of Redlands. Lunch is included at Joe Greensleeves, a little bistro that is quickly becoming a Sports Leisure regular for our Southern California excursions. Following lunch, return to Ontario for an early afternoon flight, arriving into Sacramento at 4:55pm. (L) Prices available after June 1st. Call and place your name on the Priority Notification List today!

The Capital, Kennedy, Rockefeller, Rockettes, Boston Pops Christmas Celebration Featuring a host of holiday icons 7 Days • December 8-14 H Highlights H • Tickets to holiday concerts at the Kennedy Center in Washington, Radio City Music Hall (The Rockettes) in New York and the Boston Pops Holiday Show at the Symphony Hall in Boston • Ride the Acela express train from Washington to New York • 9 meals, deluxe accommodations • Round trip airfare Sacramento to Washington/from Boston • Door-to-door airport service • 2950/3400 Gold Passport Points Never before has there been a line-up like this one. Fly to Washington, DC, where you spend three nights in an Embassy Suites hotel in the city. For two nights, you’ll enjoy a variety of guided and self-chosen sights, and each evening we’ll treat you to dinner and a lovely holiday celebration (like Mount Vernon or the Nation’s Christmas Tree or a concert at the Kennedy Center). Your second stop is New York City and we’ll get there via the Acela Express Train from Washington. It’s a brief stay, just overnight at the beautiful Westin Times Square, but

long enough to see the tree at Rockefeller Center and the Rockettes perform at Radio City Music Hall. Your third and final stop is Boston, the home of the Boston Pops Orchestra, which offers a holiday concert each year that can only be described as memorable. Your two night stay at the Embassy Suites includes time for holiday shopping, a little sightseeing and the Pops concert. Three holiday concerts, celebrated Christmas trees and holiday traditions, all on one great tour. Join Mark for this wonderful trip along the east coast at holiday time. $2950 p.p./dbl.occ., $3380 single $ave $125 until May 24

An Apple Farm Christmas

Inn – 2 nights (L) 2. Christmas Eve begins with a morning drive along the coast and a visit to magnificent Hearst Castle near the village of San Simeon. In the evening, join Sports Leisure elves for the Christmas party and gift exchange. Following a holiday dinner feast, you may enjoy the option of services at the historic San Luis Obispo Mission located downtown on the square. (D) 3. Say goodbye to the Apple Farm midmorning on Christmas Day, returning via San Jose with a lavish holiday brunch at the Fairmont Hotel. (BR) This tour includes door-to-door service, deluxe transportation aboard SuperCoach III, accommodations and attractions as listed above, along with three meals, jolly elves and holiday activities. Christmas cheer is yours at no additional cost. 950/1100 Gold Passport Points. $925 p.p./dbl.occ., $1055 single $ave $25 until May 24

Spend the holidays with an old friend 3 Days • December 23-25 There are many tempting reasons to select this trip. Two nights in the fourdiamond comfort of the Apple Farm Inn, a true Sports Leisure favorite, is perhaps Proud members of the reason enough. Just imagine how beautiful it will be at Christmastime. The decorations are simply breathtaking, and the hospitality beyond reproach. Then there are the people, friends both old and new, who will also come along for the ride. Our fraternity of Christmas travelers is a wonderful group of folks, and there’s always room for new members. 1. Begin with a leisurely drive aboard our comfortable SuperCoach III to San Juan Bautista for a casual lunch and a visit to the historic mission. Watch out for the San Andreas Fault in the backyard! Upon arrival in San Luis Obispo, take in the holiday beauty of your hotel home before heading off to Oceano and the popular Great American Melodrama offering a hilarious evening hosted by heros, villains and damsels in distress, all with a yuletide flair. Apple Farm The holidays are a special time at the Apple Farm Inn

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Take the Train to the Rose Parade Travel to Southern California in the luxurious comfort of your own private railcar 4 Days • December 30 – January 2, 2012 H Highlights H The most comfortable rail excursion you have ever taken is waiting to deliver you to the nation’s premier New Year’s Day event, the 123rd Tournament of Roses Parade. Experience personal attentive service aboard your private railcar, The Silver Lariat escorted by Amtrak’s Coast Starlight, as the farms of the coastal valley give way to the stunning Southern California coastline. 1. Carey Transportation provides you with door-to-door service to the Sports Leisure office where SuperCoach III is waiting for you. After a short drive to Oakland, meet The Silver Lariat, hitched to the rear of Amtrak’s Coast Starlight. Once aboard and en route, enjoy three meals served in the comfort of your private seat of this beautifully restored railcar. A full staff will take care of your every need with the entertainment provided by the countryside and coastline, ever changing outside your window. Arrive in Van Nuys around 8pm and transfer to your home for the next three nights. Hyatt Hotel Long Beach (FB,L,D) 2. Begin the morning with a unique experience on the water: by gondola. Long Beach is home to Naples Island where authentic Venetian gondolas skim the waterfront. Lunch is included at The Lobster, on the pier in Santa Monica. The water views are beautiful. In the afternoon, we’ll have a mystery stop at a regional attraction. Maybe a museum? Who knows? Once back at your hotel, it’s time to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style. Dining, dancing, party favors are all part of the experience. And don’t worry about staying up late; as January 1 falls on a Sunday, the parade is held on Monday, January 2. (FB,L,D) 3. It’s New Year’s Day and you have a choice to make. Will you postpone that New Year’s resolution by starting the day with a lavish Sunday Brunch served in style aboard the Queen Mary, along with a visit to the nearby Aquarium of the Pacific? Maybe a daytrip to Catalina Island is more your style: a ferry


ride 26 miles across the sea with time for shopping and lunch on your own in Avalon? Or maybe you’re a kid at heart and up for a day of fun and exploration at Disneyland? Visit the original park, the new park, and Downtown Disney. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for the parade tomorrow. (FB,BR – Queen Mary option only) 4. It’s Parade Day so arise early and enjoy a box breakfast on your way to Pasadena! The 123rd Tournament of Roses Parade kicks off at 8am and your reserved seat is right along Colorado Boulevard. This year’s theme is “Just Imagine…” and the floats, bands and other entrants from all over the Western Hemisphere will be playing to that theme. Following the parade, lunch is served en route to the airport where you will meet your flight for the return trip to Sacramento. (B,L) This tour includes rail transportation to Southern California and return airfare, deluxe accommodations, 9 meals (1 box breakfast for parade day, 3 full breakfasts, 1 brunch (Queen Mary option only), 3 lunches, 2 dinners), reserved seating for the Tournament of Roses Parade, all attractions listed in the above itinerary, and the services of a Sports Leisure Vacations Tour Director. 2050/2250 Gold Passport Points. $2012 p.p./dbl.occ., $2212 single $ave $100 until May 24

The Colorful Carolina Coast Meander the beautiful Southern Atlantic coastline from Norfolk to Jacksonville 10 Days • March 20-29, 2012 H Highlights H • Visit North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Kitty Hawk, Wilmington, USS North Carolina and Tyron Palace • See South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach, Brookgreen Gardens, Charleston and Ft. Sumter • Enjoy Georgia’s first city, Savannah, and historic Jekyll Island • 2-night stays oceanfront on Myrtle Beach and in Charleston and Savannah’s Historic Districts • Overnights in Norfolk, Buxton (Outer Banks) and New Bern • 17 meals: 4 full breakfasts, 3 expanded continental breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners • Round trip air from Sacramento to Norfolk/from Jacksonville • Door-to-door airport service • Tour Director: Clayton Whitehead 1. Be greeted at your door by Carey Transportation for your quick drive to the airport. Fly east to Norfolk, your gateway to the Carolina Coast, arriving in the late afternoon. Hilton Hotel Norfolk 2. Your tour begins as you slip south of the Virginia/Carolina border and drive along one of America’s most unique and scenic

The Tournament of Roses Parade should be on everyone’s bucket list

Sports Leisure Vacations / May –June 2011

geological features, the Outer Banks. Your stops include the birthplace of flight, Kitty Hawk National Monument, and the great Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Dinner provided by the “church ladies” at St. John’s is a special treat. Comfort Inn of Buxton (FB,L,D) 3. A picnic lunch aboard the ferry steamer through Pamlico Sound highlights this day of travel. Your destination, New Bern, was Carolina’s Royal Capital City, where you’ll tour Lord Tryon’s Palace before checking into your riverside hotel. New Bern Hilton Hotel (B,L) 4 - 5. Say hello to Wilmington with a visit to the Battleship USS North Carolina for a tour and lunch. Beautiful South Carolina awaits you with her most popular spot for fun and sun, Myrtle Beach. Your home is an oceanfront condominium, complete with a kitchen. You can choose to have your meals in or out, whatever allows you to enjoy your stay to the fullest. Dinner and a performance at one of the Strand’s live musical theaters ends your second day. Beach Cove Resort – 2 nights (FB,L,D) 6. Brookgreen Gardens, the nation’s largest outdoor sculpture display, is your host for a beautiful morning. Continue south to Charleston for a harbor cruise to Fort Sumter National Monument, where in 1861 the first shots of the Civil War were fired and a nation was born. Your hotel is well-positioned on famed Meeting Street between the Battery and the City Market. Mills House Hotel – 2 nights (D) 7. Begin the day with a city tour by horse and carriage. Following lunch at the City Market, join Clayton for a stroll to the Battery, take in a museum or kick back in you’re historic accommodations where Robert E. Lee stayed in 1863! (FB,L) 8. Next, it’s off to Georgia and the shining city of Savannah. Following hotel check-in, embark on a progressive dinner with libations and appetizers passed on a river cruise, a traditional “Low Country Boil” served on Tybee Island for dinner and a visit to “Clayton Place” for Toot’s famous prune cake dessert. Staybridge Suites Hotel – 2 nights (FB,D) 9. A morning trolley tour passes sites related to Savannah’s rich past and

present, followed by free time for personal exploration. In the evening, a mouthwatering dinner of real Southern cooking at Mrs. Wilkes’ Boarding House is followed by a rousing display of music, dance and comedy at the historic Savannah Theatre. (B,D) 10. Depart to the south for Jekyll Island, the little-known Georgia hideaway of the rich and famous in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Dine in the historic Millionaire’s Village, then head to Jacksonville for your return flight to Sacramento in the late afternoon. (B,L) Prices available June 1. Call and place your name on the Priority Notification List today!

Putting on the Ritz in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast America’s most exclusive accommodations and finest food are calling you to the coast! Spring 2012 H Highlights H • 3 nights in the French Quarter at the Iberville Suites by Ritz Carlton • 2 nights oceanfront at the luxurious Beau Rivage in Biloxi • Scenic driving and walking tours highlight the beauty and history of each destination • Visit Beauvoir, the Jefferson Davis Shrine • Sunset cruise on the Gulf of Mexico • 10 fabulous meals including Court of Two Sisters and Brennan’s, 3 full breakfasts, 2 expanded continental breakfasts, 1 lunch, 4 dinners • Door-to-door airport transportation • Round trip airfare Sacramento/New Orleans • Tour Director: Clayton Whitehead 1. Following what many call “the storm of the century,” New Orleans is back, better than ever and ready to welcome you with open arms. And what a welcome it will be as your coach pulls up in front of the city’s finest accommodations, the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Two hotels in one, we’ll be staying in the casual and comfortable Iberville Suites, offering a separate parlor and bedroom for your pleasure. Dinner tonight is served at the famed Court of Two Sisters hidden away in the heart of the Quarter. Iberville Suites by

Ritz Carlton – 3 nights (D) 2. The morning opens with a true New Orleans tradition: Breakfast at Brennan’s. Save room for the Bananas Foster, a dish invented here. Take a walking tour of the famous French Quarter (which is actually Spanish, just one of the many curiosities the city holds), then you’ll have free time to continue your exploration on your own. (FB) 3. The morning is free to do as much or little as you please. In the afternoon, take a driving tour of the city, including areas destroyed and reborn in Katrina’s wake. In the evening, learn the secrets of great Cajun and Creole chefs at the New Orleans School of Cooking. (B,D) 4. Head east across the waters of Lake Pontchartrain to the great state of Mississippi. Biloxi awaits, along with your exclusive oceanfront accommodations and exciting casino action. Beau Rivage – 2 nights (B,D) 5. A morning tour of Biloxi and her sister city, Gulfport, culminates with a visit to Beauvoir, the retirement home of the one and only president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, a shrine though battered, proved too strong and proud to fall to Katrina’s fury. Enjoy libations aboard a sunset sailing cruise before your Farewell Dinner, serving up the bounty of the Gulf. We’re talking shrimp and oysters, y’all! (FB,D) 6. A visit to nearby Stone County, Mississippi proved to be the hit of our 2010 tour. Visit the state’s only certified goat farm, make a pottery dish, visit a true “nut house” and have lunch hosted by area storytellers to learn the rich heritage of the region. A drive back to Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans brings your adventure to a close. (FB,L) Dates and prices available later this spring. Call today and place your name on the Priority Notification List to save yourself a seat!

office hours: 8:00am – 4:30pm MON. thru FRI. Closed weekends & major holidays CLOSED TUES. 12:00pm – 1:15pm

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The Tour Calendar (Previously Announced Tours) “The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Symphonies” Each summer the Sierra Foothills burst with the sounds of a symphony as gifted musicians from around the world join together high in the mountains to play together at the Bear Valley Music Festival. Carter Nice, a familiar and well-loved musician within the Greater Sacramento region, returns this summer for his 27th season as the Conductor and Musical Director of the festival. In addition to bringing in friends from around the country to perform for two weeks, Carter and the festival host opera singers from Europe as well as the winners of the Van Cliburn Competition. The most popular night of the festival though, for the audience and musicians alike, is the Broadway Pops Concert. Everyone has a great time as the uplifting songs of mischief, mirth and love fill the big white tent under the pines. Another symphony is also performing this summer in the shadows of the mountains. Susanville, which is at the base of Diamond Mountain high in Lassen County, has the distinction of being the smallest town in the United States to support a full time symphony. Under the director of maestro Benjamin Wade, this orchestra was born in 1993 and has grown in talent and recognition over the past few years. As it continues to draw larger audiences and outgrow the venues for performing in town, the symphony also continues to expand its repertoire. This year the symphony is collaborating with artists to combine the beauty of ballet with the sounds of Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky. Susanville too has a night of fun and love as they celebrate all things American with a pops concert, playing a variety of rock-n-roll, show tunes, and patriotic hits. Join other music lovers this summer as Sports Leisure Vacations ventures off to enjoy Music on the Mountain (June 11-13) or Broadway Pops in the Pines (August 3-4). You will be sure to enjoy all the sounds of music that are floating through the hills and pines this summer. Check out the entire itinerary for the Broadway Pops in the Pines (Bear Valley Music Festival) in this issue of the newsletter and for the previously announced Music on the Mountain (Susanville Symphony) online at or call today for the complete itinerary.

SAVE THE DATE FOR TOUR PREVIEW DAY Sports Leisure’s Annual Tour Preview Day will be held on Saturday, August 27. As always, three shows will be available with some fun, entertainment and the debut of our 2012 Tour Catalog. Reservations are needed to attend and will be available beginning Friday, July 1 so please call the office or register online at More details will be announced in the July/August Newsletter.


Sports Leisure Vacations / May –June 2011

May 31 – June 2

3 Days

Sequoia & Kings Canyon Nat’l Parks

2 nights in the park at the Wuksachi Lodge. Guided sightseeing including the canyon, the famous Sherman Tree, Grant Grove and Zumwalt Meadow. 6 meals and transportation by SuperCoach III, Tour Director: Ramona Goodge, $965 p.p./dbl.occ., $1155 single June 11-13

3 Days

Music on the Mountain, Featuring the Susanville Symphony

The smallest town in America with its own symphony orchestra is our own Susanville. 2 nights Diamond Mountain Casino Hotel, 4 meals, Pops concert. $690 p.p./dbl.occ., $750 single June 17-24

8 Days

The Lincoln Highway – Cheyenne to Sacramento

Travel through Wyoming, Utah and Nevada, tracing the route of America’s first transcontinental highway. Laramie, Medicine Bow, ghost and company towns, monuments that have been on more than one highway, a tree growing out of a rock, one of the only pyramids in the country, the “Loneliest Road in America” (US 50 across Nevada is the original Lincoln), a chance to “tour” the metropolis of Eureka (population 483) and meet Crazy Wally. The last stretch of the road, with all the unique oddities you love. 16 meals, airfare to Denver, return home by SuperCoach III. Tour Directors: Mark & Chris, $2345 p.p./dbl.occ., $2615 single June 25 – July 2

8 Days

Yellowstone, Geysers & Ghost Towns

Featuring an extended visit to Yellowstone Nat’l Park; plus Grand Tetons Nat’l Park, Little Big Horn, (Buffalo Bill) Cody, Billings, Nevada City and Virginia City ghost towns (yes, in Montana), this trip has it all. See Old Faithful, the geyser pools, Lake Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Of course, wildlife can’t be guaranteed, but you’ll have every opportunity to meet our animal kingdom friends. 13 meals, air to Bozeman and from Billings, Montana, incl. $2965 p.p./dbl.occ., $3495 single July 12-16

5 Days

Victoria & The Lavender Festival

An old favorite returns by popular demand. Fly to Seattle, fast ferry to Victoria, 3 nights, Butchart Gardens luncheon visit, double decker bus tour, High Tea at the Empress, 3 nights Chateau Victoria, Sequim Lavender Festival, overnight Inn at Port Hadlock, 6 meals, airfare, Tour Director: Chris Galloway, $2045 p.p./dbl.occ., $2300 single Early Payment Di$counts are available on many of the adventures listed here. Check the back page for details.

July 15-17

3 Days

Mark’s Very Berry Weekend

Back despite being virtually ingored the first time around… something Mark still hasn’t gotten over. Fly to Portland, explore the farmer’s markets, try your hand at picking fresh berries to bring home, watch an 1800’s-style baseball game, fine dining, LOTS of fun! 5 meals, 2 nights Vancouver (WA) Hilton, airfare, Tour Director: Mark Hoffmann, $1035 p.p./dbl.occ., $1130 single July 20-25

6 Days

All Aboard for America, Train Fest 2011 in the Quad Cities

Sports Leisure’s 32nd Anniversary Trip features three scenic train rides, a visit to Train Fest 2011 and even a side trip to Ronald Reagan’s hometown in this 100th anniversary of his birth. Fly to Chicago, then ride by luxury first class rail to the Quad Cities on the Mississippi.The Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad, plus a trip from Quad Cities to Iowa City, a visit to Herbert Hoover and Mamie Eisenhower’s homes, 2 nights Des Moines, 10 meals, airfare incl. Tour Directors: Clayton/Mark, $2650 p.p./dbl.occ., $3000 single July 25 – August 1

8 Days

Circle British Columbia by Train, Coach & Ferry Boat

Fly to Vancouver, then cross the water to Nanaimo by ferry. The second day is spent on a coach, traveling up Vancouver Island, stopping at a place where goats eat on the roof (no kidding) and a wonderful forestry museum in Campbell River on the way to Port Hardy. Next up is the all day ferry boat to Prince Rupert, on the BC coast. After two nights in this rarely visited coastal community, you board the Skeena train, operated by Canada’s VIA Rail, for the ride to Prince George. After an overnight stay in a local hotel, reboard the train and continue to Jasper Nat’l Park in the Canadian Rockies. A two-night stay gives you a chance to discover this amazing mountain paradise. Air to Vancouver, returning from Edmonton, along with 9 meals included. Tour Director: Ramona Goodge, $3925 p.p./dbl.occ., $4440 single July 28-30

3 Days

Mystic Monterey & Gilroy’s Garlic

2 nights ocean view rooms at Monterey’s only beachfront hotel, lunch at the Steinbeck House, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Gilroy Garlic Festival, Monterey peninsula guided tour, 4 meals. $999 p.p./dbl.occ., $1189 single August 7-12

6 Days

A Land of Transformation and Mystery! West of Seattle lays the Olympic Peninsula, home to vast glaciers, hidden rain forests, miles of flat beaches and The Inn at Port Hadlock. Today the Inn at Port Hadlock is a beautiful hotel with a three-story art gallery located on the Port Townsend Bay. Views include not only the bay and marina but also gardens and surrounding forests. Yet it is the history of this unique hotel that many find interesting for like a phoenix, in 1978 it rose out of an abandoned alcohol plant to be transformed into the eclectic artminded hotel that it is today. Port Hadlock was established in 1870 when Samuel Hadlock started a sawmill near the site of the inn. Hadlock’s finished lumber was shipped to San Francisco and beyond as Washington’s great timber was needed to build the West. The other remnant from Samuel’s early days is the Northwest School of Wooden Boats. Craftsmen still practice this art and quite often a beautiful wooden boat is on display in front of the Inn for all to admire. In 1909 Samuel built an alcohol distillation plant. The idea was to make wood alcohol out of all the sawdust that he had from his lumber mill. This seemed to be a great idea except that the cost of production and the highly flammable product proved to be too much. Production costs and several fires eventually led to the closing of the production plant. Oh, and if you are curious about wood alcohol or wood spirits… you might be more familiar with it as methanol, methyl alcohol, or carbinol. Wood spirits are used in antifreeze, solvents, fuel and most recently in the production of biodiesel. Samuel Hadlock was just 100 years ahead of his time: today demand is outpacing supply. The story of the Inn at Port Hadlock is just one of the transfor­ mations that you will enjoy throughout the 6 day journey on the Olympic Peninsula in August with Sports Leisure Vacations. You will visit a land transformed by glaciers and rivers; by the very moss that drapes the trees and rocks. Perhaps you will even be transformed by a visit to the tranquil Hoh Rainforest, or peaceful Lake Quinault. Check out the entire itinerary for the Lake Quinault, The Olympic Peninsula and Long Beach journey either on page 21 of our 2011 tour catalog or call our office for a complete itinerary.

Lake Quinault, the Olympic Peninsula & Long Beach

Explore the mountains, beaches and rainforests of Olympic Nat’l Park while staying 2 nights at the Lake Quinalt Lodge in the park. Your 2 night stay in Long Beach, on the Washington Coast, features sandy beaches and fine dining. The Inn at Port Hadlock near Puget Sound is a quaint boutique hotel. 14 meals, airfare (to Portland, return from Seattle) included. Tour Director: Ramona Goodge, $2410 p.p./dbl.occ., $2715 single

The Hoh Rain Forest is ripe for mystery on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

Sports Leisure Vacations / May– June 2011    


4 Days

“The Sound(s) of Music” in Bavarian Leavenworth

Come to Washington, to the tiny mountain community of Leavenworth, which models itself after a Bavarian village in Europe. Ride the Empire Builder from Seattle, 3 at the nights Bavarian Lodge, see performances of The Sound of Music, in an outdoor amphitheater with a mountain backdrop, and My Fair Lady. Columbia River Museum, Ohme Gardens, Boeing Museum of Flight, airfare. $1585 p.p./dbl.occ., $1799 single Aug. 21-23

3 Days

The Laguna Pageant of the Masters

One of the hottest selling tours of the new year and we will only have this one departure, so don’t delay. 2 nights Marriott Newport Beach, premium seating at the Pageant, dinner prior to the performance, Sunday Brunch on arrival in Anaheim at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen (the folks from New Orleans’ French Quarter), behind-the-scenes of the pageant talk and luncheon. 3 meals, airfare included. $1190 p.p./dbl.occ., $1300 single Sept. 3-10

8 Days

Cruising Canada and the North Atlantic

Fly to NYC and enjoy two nights at the Westin Hotel (truly one of the finest at Times Square) and then board the Carnival Glory for a 5 night cruise to New Brunswick (Saint John) and Nova Scotia (Halifax). 15 meals, dinner at Sardi’s and a Broadway Show, airfare included $2740 p.p./dbl.occ., $3685 single Sept. 7-15

8 Days

Michigan & Mackinac, A Sports Leisure Tradition

The itinerary changes a little each year. This version features the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, an incredible collection of antique musical instruments near Traverse City, an all-day train ride into the remarkably spectacular fall colors of southern Ontario (which arrive earlier than their New England cousins) and an extended 3 night stay on Mackinac Island at the Chippewa House. Sightseeing on the island, 17 meals, the Bavarian Village of Frankenmuth, airfare to/from Detroit, all incl. Tour Director: Clayton Whitehead, $3125 p.p./dbl.occ., $3490 single Sept. 10-16

7 Days

Experience The Sound of Music Where it Belongs: Outside! Tucked within central Washington, surrounded by mountains and forest, the Bavarian-style community of Leavenworth hosts an annual summer musical that transports theatergoers back to the late 1930s with a story of a nun and a family of young singers joined together in a true story of love and survival. The Sound of Music is a classic musical performed every summer since 1994 at the Ski Hill Amphitheater, part of the Wenatchee Forest, above Leavenworth. It’s one of the most popular productions in Washington, drawing more than 20,000 people to the outdoor stage. Here, as the sun sets, Maria descends the hillside, singing, “The hills are alive …,” reminiscent of the opening cinematic scene in the Austrian Alps made famous by Julie Andrews. Of course, the village of Leavenworth is a terrific destination in itself! Only two hours from Seattle, yet a world apart from it, the breathtaking Bavarian-themes village is world-renowned for providing its guests with a unique and authentically German vacation experience. The awesome beauty of the majestic mountains and glacial rivers sets an unforgettable European-style atmosphere. Sometimes called “The Miracle Town,” Leavenworth’s inspiring story tells of the town’s determined rise from a failing economic spin in the 1920s to 1960s, into what has now become the highly popular, world famous Bavarian-themed class act! Always growing and expanding its possibilities, the village has attracted national and international attention for its stellar festivals, recreation, arts, and theater. For an amazing shopping experience in true Bavarian style, nothing comes closer to authentically European than the quaint and attractive village of Leavenworth! German-styled shops offer the best sausage, cheese, wines, chocolate, as well as cuckoo clocks, European nutcrackers or beer steins. You’ll also find an infinite variety of quality American items as you stroll the beautiful, seasonally decorated town center. PHOTO CREDIT: Stephen Hufman / Leavenworth Summer Theater

Aug 15-18

The Ferries, Islands & Towns of Old Cape Cod

Fly to Boston, overnight, then travel by ferry to Provincetown on the Cape (2 nights) and then to Hyannis (3 nights). Day trips (by ferry) to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, sights in Provincetown, Whaling Museum. 12 meals, air to Boston, return from Providence incl. One of our most popular new tours, Tour Directors: Mark & Chris. $3060 p.p./dbl.occ., $3420 single

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Sports Leisure Vacations / May –June 2011

The Sound of Music is the perfect performance for theatre under the stars

From Small Town to Cosmopolitan to World-class, Experience Three Unique Cities Traveling on Board Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Glory There’s nothing quite like a relaxing cruise: no packing up the car and no stopping at the local AAA office for maps or directions. Cruising allows travelers the freedom to unpack once and let their floating hotel deliver them from port to exciting port. This is especially true on a popular Sports Leisure cruise/tour that returns in 2011 and features three unique cities on the East Coast of the Unites States and Canada. Departing in September, our Cruising Canada and the North Atlantic tour features stops in New York City, Saint John and Halifax. Ever wondered what a town on the bay with the highest tides in the world would be like? You should visit the nearly 400-year-old harbor town of Saint John, New Brunswick. A billion tons of water moving in and out of the Bay of Fundy twice a day has created an overhanging reverse waterfall, sea caves, cliffs, and is home to a variety of fascinating marine life. From beachcombing and to riding the rapids, there’s something amazing for everyone to do in Saint John. Hundreds of miles of incredible coastline with majestic scenery from end to end qualifies Halifax as perhaps one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world. You’ll find the perfect blend of big city excitement, small town charm and natural pristine beauty. There’s plenty to see in Halifax: From picturesque fishing villages, to vibrant shopping districts. Not to mention impressive galleries and museums, historic sites, fine restaurants and colorful gardens. And what can be said about New York City? Stay two nights prior to the sailing of Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Glory at the Westin Times Square. Enjoy a sightseeing tour, dinner at Sardi’s Restaurant and an evening of spectacular Broadway Theatre, all included. Plus, have a free afternoon to explore on your own: Times Square, The Empire State Building, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the choice is yours. Your Tour Director will help make your independent arrangements.

Sept. 18-30

13 Days

Poland & Prague – Castles & Classic Cities of Europe

Discover the magic of Poland and enjoy extended stays in Krakow and Prague. Fly to Gdansk (2 nights), the port city where WWII began and home of Lech Walesa, the Polish labor hero. Next is Warsaw (2 nights), Krakow (4 nights) and finally Prague (3 nights). Visit castles, the Czestochowa Black Madonna Shrine, St. John’s Cathedral (Warsaw), the mountain village of Zakopane, the Wieliczka Salt Mines, Auschwitz Camp (optional) and enjoy a Chopin concert. In Prague, explore a pedestrian friendly city with wonderful shops, concerts and castles. 22 meals, air to Gdansk with return from Prague (Luftansa/United currently, subject to change). $4995 p.p./dbl.occ., $5630 single, prices do not include fuel surcharge on air tickets, currently $320. Sept. 20-23

4 Days

Mendocino’s Colorful Coast

September offers the best weather on the coast. 3 nights Harbor Lite Lodge in Fort Bragg, Mendocino, Noyo Harbor, Mendocino Headlands and Botanical Gardens, evening of theater (“Same Time Next Year”), ride the Skunk Train (Calif. Western Railroad), all meals (10), transportation by SuperCoach III, $1150 p.p./dbl.occ., $1315 single Oct. 2-8

7 Days

Rockets, Balloons and Billy the Kid

Three balloon events at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta: Special Shape Rodeo, “Glowdeo,” and Mass Ascension. Upgraded seating in the Chaser Lounge. Visit White Sands Nat’l Monument. Tour the town of Lincoln made famous by Billy the Kid and experience the Sandia Tram with lunch. Includes roundtrip air, door-to-door airport transportation, 15 Meals: 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 3 dinners. $2395 p.p./dbl.occ., $2670 single, $50 EPD** Oct. 9-12

4 Days

Catalina Island Getaway

3 nights on Catalina Island at the renovated Pavilion Lodge – close to restaurants and shopping. Includes three island tours: Historic Casino Building Tour, Semi-Submersible Undersea Tour, and Inland Island Motor Tour visiting the Fox Island Habitat, and Nature Conservancy Center. Sunday Brunch and tour aboard the Queen Mary, lunch at the Tam O’Shanter. Also includes airfare, ferry to Catalina Island, six meals, including dinner at the Avalon Grill, and home pickup. $1420 p.p./dbl.occ., $1650 single, $25 EPD**

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Experience the tides of the Bay of Fundy during a cruise of Atlantic Canada

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Oct. 11-17

7 Days

The Ultimate Red Rock Country Adventure

3 nights at the Red Cliffs Lodge near Arches Nat’l Park and 3 nights at the Gateway Canyon Lodge outside Grand Junction. Both magnificent places to stay, with sights to see (Arches and Canyonlands Nat’l Parks, Gateway Automobile Museum, “Calamity Camp” ghost town) and fine food to delight the palate. 13 meals, airfare to Grand Junction, return from Salt Lake City. Limited to 25 travelers, Tour Directors: Mark and/or Scott. $2530 p.p./dbl. occ., $2920 single, $25 EPD** Oct. 15-24

10 Days

Canada Coast-to-Coast by Rail

Fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia, stay 2 nights, then ride to Montreal (overnight by rail, then overnight in Montreal), on to Toronto (day train, overnight in Toronto), ride The Canadian to Vancovuer through the Rockies. Lots of meals, airfare to Halifax, return from Seattle. $5195 p.p./dbl.occ., $5620 single, limited space available Oct. 16-18

3 Days

Dreaming of Santa Cruz

Two nights on the ocean at the Dream Inn in Santa Cruz. Sunday Brunch at Dolce Hayes Mansion and Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium. Explore the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and journey to Roaring Camp for a BBQ lunch and ride on a steam train. Discover UC Santa Cruz Botanical Gardens and Wente Vineyards. Home pickup, dinner at Shadowbrook Restaurant also included, one of four meals. $990 p.p./dbl.occ., $1150 single. $20 EPD**

Things to Know Before You Go: Airfare: On all trips where air travel is indicated, airfares are included in the listed prices. Home Pick-up: Our exclusive home pick-up is included on all trips listed here. Carey Limousines and their partners provide transportation to/from the airport or the Sports Leisure Vacations office. Meals: Please refer to the day-by-day itinerary for a break down of the included breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners. **Early Registration/Payment Discounts: Trips with a note like this after the price “$40 EPD**,” indicates there is a discount available for Early Registration and Payment. Please refer to the back page of the newsletter for more details on Early Registration/Payment Discounts. The Fine Print: Our Special Tour & Vacation Notes brochure contains the answers to many often-asked questions. A copy is sent with your reservations. Sports Leisure on-line: You are invited to visit our website at for more information on any tour listed here, or call our office and we will be happy to send you a detailed itinerary.

REMEMBER MEAL CHOICES When you receive your itinerary/confirmation for a trip, check to see if a meal choice is needed and take a minute to make your selection by calling our office or returning your choice with your payment. Thank you.

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Oct. 18-23

6 Days

“Fall” Over Laughing In Branson

Eight shows: Tim Conway, Andy Williams with Ann Margaret, Yakov Smirnoff, the Twelve Irish Tenors, Jim Stafford, Roy Rogers Jr., Presley’s Jubilee, The Hughes Brothers or a visit to Silver Dollar City. Five nights at the beautiful Hilton Hotel Promenade. Private chat with Steve Presley. Brunch at the Big Cedar Lodge and local sightseeing tour. 10 Meals; 4 breakfasts, 1 brunch, 5 dinners. Doorto-door transportation and roundtrip airfare direct to and from Branson. $2455p.p./dbl.occ., $2775 single, $25 EPD** Oct. 19-26

8 Days

Rails, Trails and Music of West Virginia

Brand new for 2011. Features two nights at the Greenbriar Resort, 3 scenic/historic train rides, fall colors in the mountains and 3 live music shows. Visit Ft. McHenry and the birthplace of the great Babe Ruth. 16 meals, airfare to/from Baltimore included $3025 p.p./dbl. occ., $3275 single, $35 EPD** Oct. 30 – Nov. 8

10 Days

The REAL Hawaii – Kauai, Oahu, The Big Island

Been to the islands before? Always talked about going back to see all the things you missed? The chocolate, mushroom and vanilla farms, the sea horse ranch, lunch at the St. Regis in Princeville, these are all part of our travels. Stay in Marriott Resorts (3 nights Kauai, 3 nights Oahu, 2 nights Waikoloa/Kona, overnight Hilo (only nonMarriott). See the beautiful new WW II Valor in the Pacific Memorial at Pearl Harbor. From shave ice to Doris Duke’s Shangia La, this is the REAL Hawaii. Limited to 20 travelers. 15 meals, all airfares incl. $3995 p.p./dbl.occ., $4770 single, $35 EPD** Nov. 5-10

6 Days

Tonopah, Laughlin & Las Vegas by SuperCoach III

Two nights Laughlin at the Golden Nugget, two nights Las Vegas at Paris. Brunch at the Forest Buffet at Harrah’s en route to Tonopah (overnight stay). Lunch in Beatty at the Stagecoach Hotel. Travel the Colorado River by jet boat to Lake Havasu with hosted lunch. Visit the Neon Museum. Six meals and door-to-door transfers included. $1230 p.p./dbl.occ., $1395 single, $25 EPD** Nov. 8-11

4 Days

Las Vegas, Fly Away to Paris

Fly to Las Vegas and spend 3 nights at the Paris Hotel where custom European furniture, rich fabrics and warm decorations give your room distinctive French feel. Guided tour of the strip and Freemont Street light show. Guided tour of Valley of Fire. See the new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. Visit the Neon Museum. Includes airfare, door-to-door transfers, three lunches. $1111 p.p./dbl.occ., $1250 single, $25 EPD**

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Jan. 20 – Feb. 7

19 Days

Southeast Asia on Holland America’s Floating Hotel

14-day voyage to China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Singapore. Experience the vibrancy of Southeast Asian culture on daytime shore excursions and retreat to the comfort of your accommodations aboard Holland America’s beautiful ms Zaandam each evening. See Ho Chi Minh City, the serene white sand beaches of Ko Samui, and enjoy carefree days sailing the open seas with a relaxed pace well-suited to the adventurous, mature, active traveler. Air travel and a twonight post-cruise stay in Singapore makes a total of 19 days. Ports of call (in order): Embark in Hong Kong, China (full day to explore); Halong Bay, Nha Treng and Phu My (for Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam; Sanya, China; Sihanoukville, Cambodia; Laem Chabang (for Bangkok), Ko Samui, Thailand; Singapore. The package includes door-to-door transfers, roundtrip airfare to Hong Kong/from Singapore, a 2-night post-cruise stay with sightseeing in Singapore, and 14 nights on board the ms Zaandam, with all meals included. Prices start at $4945 p.p./ dbl.occ., $5950 single for Inside Cabins, $5095 p.p./dbl.occ., $6290 single for Outside Cabins, $150 EPD**. Jan. 21-27

7 Days

Key West, Miami & The Everglades

Overnight Miami, tour of Miami Beach/Coral Gables, airboat ride in the Everglades, overnight Key Largo, Coral Reef Glass Bottom Boat Cruise, travel the intercoastal highway to Key West, 4 nights historic La Concha Crowne Plaza on Duval Street. Tons of Key West sightseeing – butterflies, Ernest Hemingway, The Little White House, lunch at the original home of the Sloppy Joe, a glamorous drag show and more. 13 meals, airfare to Miami, return from Key West. Limit of 25. $3375 p.p./dbl.occ., $3750 single, $35 EPD** Feb.19 – Mar. 7

18 Days

Kia Ora in New Zealand

Sports Leisure’s first exclusive visit to New Zealand! Explore at a moderate pace with four two-night stays along the way. Explore history at the Olveston House, Larnach Castle and the New Zealand National Museum in Te Papa. Beauty abounds at Glenfalloch Woodland Gardens, Paradise Valley Springs, and on cruises on Millford Sound and Lake Wakatipu. Visit the Waitangi Treaty Grounds and experience a TranzAlpine Rail Journey and Skyline Gondola and luge rides. City sights tour of Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, and Auckland. Includes air to Christchurch/from Auckland from Sacramento or San Francisco, first class hotel accommodations, 29 meals (15FB, 1L, 13D) including 4 specialty dinners: Maori Hangi and Concert in Rotorua, Haggis Ceremony in Dunedin, Walter Peak Homestead in Queenstown, and a special Farewell Dinner in Auckland. Plus door-to-door service. $5599 p.p./dbl.occ., $6549 single, $150 EPD**

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EARLY PAYMENT Di$count Coupon Early Registration/Payment Di$counts listed here expire on May 24, 2011; or may be withdrawn when 50% of the available space has been reserved. To receive the discount, you must pay in full within ten days of registration. If you accept this option, the monies paid, including the cost of Cancellation Protection, are returned to you in full if you cancel more than 60 days prior to departure for US and Canadian tours or 75 days prior for International tours, regardless of the reason for cancellation. Within the time limits noted above, restrictions on refunds apply. See the Special Vacation Notes & Information brochure for complete details Aug. – Broadway Pops in the Pines – $ave $25 Sept. – Chicago Sports Weekend – $ave $100


$ave $10–$40 per person on Cancellation Protection Valid only when used with the adjacent coupon on the tours listed. Your savings depend on the price of your tour. $ave $10 on tours priced from $451-$800, $ave $20 on tours priced from $801-$2250, $ave $30 on tours priced from $2251-$3500, $ave $40 on tours priced at $3501 or more. The regular cost of this protection is $15-$295, depending on the tour price. To receive the above discounts, you must pay in full within ten days of registration and purchase the protection at the time you pay for your tour. Within 60/75 days of departure (see Early Payment Di$count Coupon on page 23), coverage is limited to verified medical emergencies. Please refer to the Special Vacation Notes & Information brochure for details, or call our office.

Sept. – Astoria Celebrates 200 Years of History – $ave $35 Oct. – Rails, Trails & Music of West Virginia – $ave $35 Oct. – Ultimate Red Rock Country Adventure – $ave $25 Oct. – The REAL Hawaii, 3 islands – $ave $50 Oct. – Rockets, Balloons & Billy the Kid – $ave $50 Oct. – Catalina Island Getaway – $ave $25 Oct. – Dreaming of Santa Cruz – $ave $20 Oct. – Fall Over Laughing In Branson – $ave $25 Nov. –Tonapah, Laughlin, Las Vegas by SuperCoach – $ave $25 Nov. – Las Vegas Fly-Away to Paris – $ave $25 Nov. – Thanksgiving in New York – $ave $150 Dec. – Capital, Rockettes, Boston Pops Christmas – $ave $125 Dec. – Apple Farm Christmas – $ave $25 Dec. – Take the Train to the Rose Parade – $ave $100 Jan. – South East Asia on Holland America – $ave $150 Jan. 2012 – Key West, Miami, The Everglades – $ave $35 Feb. – Kia Ora, New Zealand!– $ave $150

TOUR UPDATE… A brief list of tours which are sold out, or have only a limited amount of space (10 or fewer seats, number in parenthesis) remaining. Day trips are not listed. Sold-Out Tours (waiting list available) May – Mountain Mystery Getaway June – The Lincoln Highway July – Jammin’ Through Montana’s National Parks September – The Two Nation Mystery Vacation Limited Space (10 or fewer seats) June – Yellowstone, Geysers and Ghostowns (2) July – Victoria and the Lavendar Festival (2) August – Laguna Pageant of the Masters (4) September – Ferries & Towns of Cape Cod (10) September – Poland & Prague (2) September – Canada Coast-to-Coast By Rail (2) January – Key West, Miami and the Everglades (4)