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1. General Company Descriptions



E-Magazine 2.1.1


Product and Services

Structure and Feature

Media Productions 2.2.1

Style and Design




How to make profit




Sport Marketing


Event 2.5.1

How it works

2.6 Agency and Productions

2.7 Others 2.7.1

To improve entertaining level of the game


Power of Media




New generations of Players / Coaches / Sport Particular

2.8 The challenges


Operational Plan / Marketing Plan


Operational Plan


Marketing Plan


Reference Research


Management and Organization

5. Financial Plan


Executive Summary

6.1 Benefits of Company

Sports-Fans Media 1. General Company Description

Sports-Fans Media is a sports media company providing information, entertainment, development, and marketing of sports game and sports product. In particular, basketball will be the main focus and yet estimated to extend onto various sports in Malaysia. The mission is to improve quality of sports and attract box ticket and coverage, as well as increase awareness of people about the particular sports game. Besides, the company also aimed to improving basketball industry and sport industry in Malaysia. The mission of Sports Fans Media is to become the leading sports marketing company as well as sport Media Company in Malaysia Basketball and soon venture into various less-popular sports. The company vision is to be ASEAN leading basketball Media Company providing services from top to bottom.

2. Product and Services The early development of Sports-Fans Media is relying on providing information and content about sports game. Besides, Sports Fans Media also aimed to be the sports media industry leader in providing entertainment and multimedia content to the market where helps to branding up the image of sports and stimulate interest. A few example of related references as below: Sina, Bleacher Report, The Mars Reel, BallisLife, Fan piece, and Sports Illustrator. Details analysis of the web sites will be discuss in later chapter. Moreover, Sports-Fans Media will be a sports event company where in charge in organizing, develop, and oversee the quality of events as well as supervise the room for improvement. Below, the discussion will breaks into different sections, including ‘E-Magazine’, Entertainment / Media Production, Merchandizing, Sport Marketing, Event covering and organizing event.

2.1 E-Magazine The earlier idea of the web site is an ‘E-Magazine’ style of informational news source domain.

The inspirations come from traditional basketball magazine that hardly could find in Malaysia, most of the available basketball magazine in market are from Taiwan and Hong Kong (Chinese), and from USA (English), however, the Chinese basketball

magazine such as XXL and Hoops do not supply latest editions in Malaysia, usually were 3 months late.

The ‘internet web site’ will become our main based of the operations, it opens up opportunity for more variety of creativity involve. The theme of the web site has to be trendy, informative, user friendly, and attractive.


The Structure & Feature

In summary, the directories, category and navigations of the web site are the foundations on how to make the web site systematically functions and work well for audiences needs. The expectations of the content will be including overseas basketball information, mainly from NBA, and local basketball information. The important feature of the web site is very much similar to informational web sites for blog reading; article sharing, typical online news sources web sites. Moreover, example like ‘9gag’, which featured a great sense of browsing pleasure, was also an attractive feature. Another important feature of the web site is interactivity and role-playing. In order to increase popularity and content building, to hired online volunteer writers to startup their own blog about the topic can helps to generate alternative content. The use of multimedia functions such as video blog, images, flash game and sort on will play a big role in the feature of interactivity of the web site as well. A. Information and content Information and content is refer to any information, news, articles, video, images, trivia, and any kinds of related information will need to be input in the web site. This is to improve variety of content of the web sites. As mentioned earlier, to recruit online writer for blogging in the web site would also generate alternative content and allow discussion, debates and sharing information among the users. This information is mostly from oversea basketball such as NBA, FIBA, and any other interesting stories about basketball.

For local basketball, we do not have much available information, as we will need to generate content by our own through covering events, feature story, news covering, and sort on. This is also the sections where most of the operations profit, business opportunity relying on.

B. Social Media Marketing The web site will massively rely on social media marketing in promoting the company itself, attract businesses, develop content, and develop fans based and sort on. In another words, Facebook page (NBA Trivia and News…Mars Reel…), Twitter (Recruiting news sources), Linked, Youtube, Vimeo, Search Engine Optimizations

C. Oversea Basketball The big picture is all about NBA. The content of NBA, and also other basketball league might involve will come from online news sources such as ESPN, Yahoo, and sort on. However, we would also like to generate alternative contents for this section by ourselves, as well as from other web site, through apply permission for using the contents.

D. Local basketball Local basketball information such as competitions, players background, history of Malaysia basketball, basketball clubs, contributors, current situations, future prospect, the all around coverage and stories about Malaysia basketball industry is the main part of the web site operations, to improve local basketball industry, attract advertiser, sponsor, and building up portfolio for businesses opportunity.

For event management references:

E. How it makes profit through ‘E-Magazine’?

In this section, the ability to make money through the news sources is through online advertiser or sponsor that might be interested in invest on our web site as advertiser, or message sponsor. In any chances, the feature article could also stand a chances to sell it to out sources publisher / newspaper.


Where to seek for cooperation for E-Magazine? Relevant organizations and associations will be the main sources of information. Sport Fans Media will act as an online media platform to sell their information, as a form of advertising / media exposure. The target will mainly on local basketball events, organizations, or basketball club. Besides, oversea information from NBA / or any relevant information will need to be acquired from online news sources site, such as Bleacher Report, ESPN, NBA Sina, Yahoo Sports, and sort on. Moreover, seek for talented writer to write feature article, as well as recruit passionate basket-baller to blog in the web site as featured writer / featured blogger. The main league is the target, which are ASEAN BASKETBALL LEAGUE in this case. ABL is a newly growth basketball league in ASEAN region. The target is to become the official media production / information company of ASIA / ASEAN biggest basketball league.

2.2 Entertainment / Media Production Multimedia content is the key role in the branding of web site. It stressed on few important aspect, including interactivity, user friendly, mobile friendly, eye catchy, entertain and involvement. This parts also the core to grabs attentions and stood out from the others.

2.2.1 Style and Designs Images-centric content (Pinterest, 9gag, ESPN homepage) is the theme. Images, moving pictures, eye catchy typography, will be the theme of the web site. It also main parts of ‘multimedia’ of the feature, where every links, directories, navigations will mainly build upon images or video. The example including ESPN, NBA teams web sites, Sina Sports and sort on.

2.2.2 Content Develop and shares ‘Top 10’ video, highlight videos, create interesting video (bloopers…etc). Besides, if the plan serves, the company would also produce video for ABL (refer to NBA, Ballislife). Besides, produce viral video about sports / basketball that might attract people attentions, such as ‘Uncle Drew’ / ESPN on NBA commercials, and etc. Moreover, seek for opportunity to produce commercial for organizations or sport product. Another part is Fans Zone. The sections where the fans own their authority in produce content, video, ‘fans based-produce’ content allow sharing, exchanging, playing games, and sort on. (Refer to / / )

2.2.3 How to make Profits Entertainment or media productions will be parts of the big pictures to generate profits. Media productions is considered to be parts of ‘sport marketing’ / commercial for clients. Moreover, to produce viral video or social video is also a way to market the company itself and grab attentions. The important concept is to create a branding image, and attract as much viewers as possible.

2.3 Merchandizing Merchandizing is a good ways for image branding and also profit makings. However, it has a lot to do and more risk to take due to competitiveness (Hoopstation, Xballer), limit of market, and also potentials of losing money. It has good potentials, the idea is come from ‘BallisLife’ which is a basketball fashion brand / basketball organizations that sells good and products as well as a form of basketball community. The style of the products should be not only focus on sports wear, but more into fashion / casual style, such as Adidas. Sells sports good, and design an unique brand of sport products. Refer to BallisLife.

2.4 Sport Marketing Sport marketing will be the part to generate tactics, strategies and to promote sport product and brands reaching more specific target audiences, as they needs. The target clients are sport product, health product or even sport drinks. The company needs a proper plan and package, which will able to convince clients to, authorizes the company for their marketing strategy.

2.5 Event The company not only cover events or competitions of others, but also aim to organize more basketball events such as 3 on 3, basketball camp, street ball performance, skills challenge, 3 point shoot out, product launching, and so on. The event should be alias with others major event such as ABL, MBL, basketball show and others. (Such as Fan zone for Manchester game) Besides, the company also aims to organize huge basketball event like what Xballer did before, in return to attract bigger name of players from different places, such as NBA, China, Taiwan and others. The events aim to improve people awareness about basketball, increase exposure, popularity of the sports and as well pushing the industry. By doing this, it helps to improve quality and standard of players, providing alternative career path in basketball / sport industry, such as professional sport management, sport media and sport marketing.


How it works The initial plan is to find a long-term partner for cooperation’s relationship. (Like NBA-Gatorate / TNT / etc etc) / (Xballer – Ninetology).

The important steps to take is cover basketball competitions / events actively in return of free publicity of the web site to attract audiences and readers. This is crucial for building fans based and also among the most important first steps to start of the company.

2.6 Agency & Production In any chances, the company would also plan to develop potentials person to be spokesperson of the sport games, and also seeking chance to involve players into commercials, events, and so on. (Such as NBA cares / Commercial shooting / TV shows / Magazines / etc)

Besides, the company also plans to be the agency for licensing, organizing events from oversea. Moreover, the company also seeks opportunity to produce media content, such as commercial, short viral video, event video,

2.7 Others 2.7.1

To improve entertaining level of the game To organize more events, to helps the industry to be more active and increase its exposure, as well as helps to builds up a healthy life style through sports (kind of campaign), not only able to helps to increase the awareness of basketball but also increase the potentials to grow basketball or sport industry. A research about how Malaysian willing to pay for sports content will need to be conducts.

A. How? More competitions means more opportunity for players to practice and gaining experiences, which also helps them to be more prepare and more confident in their future in pursuit their career as professional sport players.


Power of MEDIA

Manipulates of media is big part of the whole marketing strategy in future. Media helps to build up image, through generates exposure, shaping concepts, message contents, visual effects, which helps to boosting the industry. The company also very much rely on social media, which is less cost and can be efficiently used for maximum effects. The repetitive used of social media need to be constant, attractive, interactive and aggressive to attract audiences into the group.


Broadcasting Broadcast of competitions is exciting, but not in every occasion. The target of the company is to be the official media partner of ASEAN biggest basketball league and ASIA major basketball event / competitions. In simpler words, the company vision is to be ASEAN leading basketball Media Company providing services from top to bottom.


New generations of player / coaches / sports particular The company not only hopes to be a big part in growing Malaysia basketball industry but also aims to train new generations of player, coaches and any sport particular in a higher standard which might possibly compete in an international standard.

2.8 The challenge General existed competitors in Malaysia are Hoopstations, Xballer, MVP marketing, and some might not be discovered yet. The main challenges are looking for partners, helpers and also build up a fans base.

The plan of the development of company is a long term project, which might be tough to begin with because of lacking of experience in marketing, lacking of times (most probably most of us will work on this on spare time), lacking of financial support at the moments, and others. Looking for partners / helpers is hard because the person need to be a passionate basketball lover and also willing to scarifies spare time and taking the risk on no profit making for a long terms. Building up a fans base will takes long time. The web site has to be constantly being attractive, aggressive, informative and entertaining to attract audiences, which would able to start others plan. At the meanwhile, looking for business partner for event covering, organize events, looking for opportunity in being a official media partners and so on is also another tough challenge which need a good team with good plans. Besides, existing competitor had been in the industry for quite a long time and has limited market potential at the moments. The task of the company is not only try to taking over their market place, but also to expand the industry so the industry can be improve as also the company. The strength and different of the company from competitors is the all-roundedness. The company aim to be a completed sport media company which providing services from INFORMATIONS, MERCHANDIZING, MEDIA PRODUCTIONS, SPORT MARKETING, EVENT COVERING, AND EVENT ORGANIZING.

3. Operational Plan / Marketing Plan The operations need a plan. It needed to startup with research and analysis on what existing company in Malaysia been doing, as well as other news resources web site content, structure analysis. The following section will describe how the company would be operates and how to market the company for business opportunity.

3.1 Operational Plan The beginning parts of the company will be operates mainly for ‘E-Magazine’ content purpose. The reasons is straight forwards, it required lesser manpower that need to be fully committed to the works. The operation in this stage can be support by partime or volunteer writer who like to share information and create content

about the sport they love in social media. In a simpler way, it’s like opened up a blog for the writer for particular contents. Before that, the website and social media platform has to be developed. The designations of logo, banners, taglines, images and branding have to be developed.

It estimated to take about half years to develop a certain fans base. However, in the middle of this stage, to generates localize content might necessary needed event coverage such as competition and events. These job can be in freelance / contract based, however the company will pursuit a long-term cooperative relationship with the official associations such as KLBA, MABA, and so on.

Moreover, when the fans based is good enough to attract advertiser or business, it’s time to shift ‘full time’ company operations. It is referred to in a way the company will need proper marketing strategy and sales to attract business in other sectors as planned, including merchandizing, sport marketing, media productions, event coverage and organizing events. In this stage, the company will needed proper man money, operation teams and content writer to operate.

As the company on the right track, marketing and sales team also helped to company to growth, it then needed to develop strong bond and relationship with potential sponsor, partners for business opportunity. The relationship such as ‘Xballer – Ninetology’ which successfully organize few big events in past year.

The company targeted to be official media partners for different events and competitions, including ASEAN Basketball League. Besides, the company also always seeks opportunity in international stages, such as cooperating with bigger league such as NBA, Europe League and others.

The target of the company is to growth into a one-stop media company that providing services for sports information, products and goods in international levels, and also be the leader in this industry and helps to grow the industry.

3.2 Marketing Plan

How to market Sport Fans Media? The designed approach is to promote it via social media, as the beginning. Facebook pages, Twitter, Youtube, and web page will be widely use for sharing information and content generates. Besides, take advantages by becoming the media partner of competitions and campaign in returns of free publicity. For example, Sport Fans Media will do coverage for the KLBA U-16 competitions and write 2 full feature articles, in return of publicity in main banner, media coverage as official / co media partner. Moreover, sales and marketing to look for advertiser to advertise in Sport Fans Media web page.

3.3 Marketing Plan There are several companies doing the similar works in Malaysia, including Xballer, MVP marketing, Hoopstation, and Sports Pro Marketing.

A. Sport Pro Marketing

Sport Pro Marketing is a Penang Based sport marketing company actively organize basketball event in Penang and also working on social media marketing on their own brand image in Facebook. Their works is basically organize basketball event at the moment and also do live feed of Penang basketball competitions.


XBaller has it’s own brand in producing and merchandizing sports products such as Jersey, T shirt and etc. As they stated, they offer wide range of basketball appeal for individual fashion needs. They do have clients and dealers from oversea and they also selling their product in different country. Besides, they have few clients wearing their brand including KL Dragon. They also actively organizing basketball event from small scale to big scale such as Ninetology NBA stars basketball tour.

C. Hoopstations

Hoopstations is a famous basketball store in Malaysia selling basketball fashions, and products. They do organize events and also do sponsor for some local teams.

D. MVP Marketing

MVP marketing is one of biggest competitor where they mostly working on basketball events, competition and related works. They do sports and event management, printing and design, media planning and also event related works.

3.4 References research Sina Sports, ESPN, Bleacher Reports, Sport Illustrator, Fans Pieces, Ballislife

A. Sina Sports Sina is a China based online news sources web site that has diversity of information. Sport Sina was a very good sections of its operations where it does provide various kind of information and updated frequently. It has attractive multimedia content and interesting article where they also enable readers to blog regards the related topic, and they will be able to discuss, eventually will grow into featured writer. The most successful parts in VC reviewed is they has very good translated informations from ESPN / Yahoo / NBA / Twitter and so on. They also has featured content montly / weekly produced by themselves, such as reports of featured stories.

B. ESPN NBA ESPN is a world leading sports company where has diversity of content and also a very good system of operations and design.

ESPN is the ‘ultimate versions’ of the company trying to achieve. It has everything goods to refer at. The best part VC had reviewed is they have good system to make money (subscriptions…) Statistic information and convenient directories.

C. Bleacher Reports Bleacher report is a unique online basketball news information site where most of the information and content are self produced, featured writing and interesting content. The best part VC had reviewed is it’s content, it often has article such as ‘Top 10 xxx…Top 50 xxx’ which really works on generated interest to read.

D. Sport Illustrator Sport illustrator is a magazine company where they also featured their content in online. They have a consistent design with their physical magazine, where they have various diversity in their web site.

E. Fans Piece Fans Piece is a Hong Kong news web site / forum allows fans to share and discuss basketball news. It does have feature blogger and writer to produce good content and constantly posting video. VC reviewed their strength is their featured writer content where it has diverse information to read. Particularly they has a artist who drawn unique ‘slam dunk comic’ style of graphics which is something really attractive.


Ballislife Ballislife is good at their design. They not only sharing information’s but they also do produce own video or music about basketball. They are more like an all around Basketball Company to produce media content, merchandizing and organize event, pretty much what the company trying to do.

4. Management and organization At the moment, the company wills properly relying on social media platform, to develop audience based on available information in Internet, including overseas and local. The task is to maintain the web site constantly and attract audiences. Asides of available information from Internet, to produce original content such as article and video is needed task to grabs audiences. At this stage, the company will need few people to maintain the web site, which can work on it on spare time flexibly.

In summary, the two partner: VC and Wai will be the decisions makers (Yet to be estimated any new partner). They will make decisions for operations of the company including marketing plan, media productions, IT innovations and productions, content, merchandizing, event management and so on. They will be different department as the table above. However, each department work task will be overlay. For example, an event organized by SFM, will be cover by Content department, broadcast and video will be under media productions.

5. Financial Plan

6. Executive Summary Sports Fans Media is not only a company, but an organization created by Sport Fans, for sport fans. Sports is the most powerful activities that bring joy and togetherness, it is a passion of life

that the creator wanted to glue his career with this passionate joy. Besides, it targeted to builds the phenomena of sports – life style in Malaysia, and promotes sport to Malaysia and other country.

6.1 The Benefits of the company could provides -

The first company in Malaysia providing all around services for sport organizations, events, organizers, products and most importantly the sport game itself. The SFM provides services from generating content in E-magazine form, event coverage, event organizing, sport marketing, merchandizing and media productions, which is a one-stop solutions and strategist for sport’s sake.


Sport Fans media is form by a group of young, energetic sport fans who had high passion on sport game, particularly basketball and all kind of sports. We like to work for our highest passion of our life and believe it, we know what are the things sport fans expecting and how to turn someone felt in love with sport games.


We are not only intended to pushing the sport industry to its peak but also helps to brand it up into a trendy, modern style that attracts not only local markets. The vision is to build it up into international stages, the game itself, and your products.


Sport Fans Media has great sense of arts and creative mind. We tend to showcase things with visual, Sport Fans Media has background and network with few talented and creative production houses, which know what you, and the markets want from us.







Web Site Configurations

27 March 2014

End of April

Done by Wai &


Layout, Design, and Directories of Web Site.



Finalize Logo Design, Branding Slogan, Image.

27 March 2014

End of April 2014


Set up Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Vimeo account.

Starting of April 2014

Middle of April 2014


Looking for advice from the industry

Starting of April 2014

1. Looking for Coach Lee, ask for his advice and helps, relation with MABA, KLBA, etc. 2. Email to local sport magazine / basketball industry, asking for inquiry for cooperation’s. 3. Email to Overseas sport magazine / web site to look for advice. 4. Contact basketball related organization / person for advice and helps on building this business.

Someday in April 2014.

April / May 2014.

Within April 2014.

June 2014.

VC, looking for help if necessary

Sihang brother.

After getting advice from Coach.

5. Seek for basketball help from organization such as FIBA.


Study and Research on NBA international movement. Adam Silver policy.





To be the first agent / media to bring in NBA into Malaysia / South East Asia. 5.

Study and research on ABL. Potential movement and policies that might opened up new opportunity.

Sport fans media proposal  
Sport fans media proposal