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July 2018 Issue #68

Swimming with the Sea Lions: Addisyn Ladouceur with the Cornwall Sea Lions Swim Club as a seapup. Diagnosed with ast year, eight-year-old Addisyn asthma at an early age, Addisyn Ladouceur began swimming was on medication and needed two

By Victoria Klassen


By Jim Riddell, Seaway Karate Club

Karate Komments


Summer Drills

ummer presents a challenge for most martial artists. With family vacations, seasonal sports, and various other fun outdoor activities there is offer little or no time for martial arts. To be honest, most martial artists would prefer to be on their decks, by a pool, or at the beach, to sweating in a dojo. Like many other clubs, Seaway Karate shuts down in July and August. This gives our members the summer off to participate in other activities and return rejuvenated in September. At our last class in June, we always provide a half dozen or so drills to our group that they may want to try during the summer. These drills are fun, innovative, take only a minute or two, and will help to maintain or even improve present skills. In your regular class you rarely get the chance to practise self-defence from positions other that a stable stand-up stance or a few ground defences on the mat. If you find yourself in a situation where self-defence is necessary, the odds are quite high that you may be in a sitting, leaning, or in a casual standing position. First let’s look at a casual leaning position. This could be with your back casually leaning against a wall, a bus shelter, a vehicle, or a pole just to give a few examples. The first thing is that if you have your arms crossed, do not tuck your top hand under the bicep of the other arm. This lock up your arms. Instead, just rest one forearm on top of the other. Now, standing with your upper back leaning against the wall, practise all of your various kicks. With your back or shoulder against a wall your kicks will be affected by your inability to lean. Practise each kick to see how far, how high, and how much power you can generate with each kick. Repeat the same drill leaning a shoulder against the wall. Experiment to find out what kicks, punches and strikes work best for you and then train them until it becomes habit and they can be executed without telegraphing them. From a sitting position – this could be from a lawn chair, in a coffee shop or on a park bench, etc. 1) sitting in a chair, visualize someone in front of you – practise 10 toe out kicks (heel in, toe out, striking with the bottom of the foot), - repeat with other leg. 2) Grabbing the seat of your chair (if on a park bench, put your palms flat), practise 10 front kicks with each leg. 3) Practise defending against an assailant from 3 different positions from your chair or bench; diagonally to your let or 9 o’clock position. Directly in front or twelve o’clock position, and then diagonally to the right or 3 o’clock position. Determine which kicks feel comfortable and would be effective. Finally we need to work on getting up from a seated position. Most people will rise from a chair by placing one foot beside the other similar to rising up from a squat. If an assailant properly times a push or a punch as you are rising, this can place you in a very vulnerable position. Instead, place one foot forward and the other foot back, lean your upper body forward, pushing off the ball of the back foot to easily rise into a balanced forward stance. Just a few moments of practice combined with awareness can help to make your summer a safe one.

pumps to keep her asthma under control. Now, Addisyn is off of her medications and is down to only one pump. “When she first started [swimming] you could tell she struggled,” explained Lysanne Ladouceur, Addisyn’s mother. “She would tire easy and sometimes cough but never complain because she loved the swimming. She has proven to us that she may be tiny but she is mighty.” As Addisyn became more involved in swimming, her asthma did not seem to affect her as much. During a swim Photo Submitted competition in June, the Brockville Splash and Grill, Addisyn came in first place in the 50m freestyle. we have game days in the water and Ladouceur said her daughter was full breakfasts all together.” of smiles and did not need her pump Swimming has become her passion before or after the meet. over other sports. Addisyn trains “I enjoy being in the water and with the Sea Lions twice a week for having so much fun learning new 45 minutes and she is also working things like flips, breaststroke, and on her level seven swim lessons. going fast,” Addisyn shared. “I like She said swimming is a great sport being part of the Sea Lions because I because it teaches discipline and a love swimming. I made new friends; healthy lifestyle.

Issue No 68  

Sports Energy News, Cornwall, Issue No 68, Mike Piquette

Issue No 68  

Sports Energy News, Cornwall, Issue No 68, Mike Piquette