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January 2018 Issue #62

Functional Training. . . Thinking Outside the Box strong against the functional “weak” woman. If we were to put them on a repetitive stair climbing test with ascents and descents, the so called “weaker” female would surpass the strong man. Why is that? It boils down to their varying degrees of musculoskeletal system function. By Matt O’Shagnessy and Christine Lapierre


oo often we divide our bodies into subcategories when we train (i.e. leg day, chest day, etc.). Although muscle isolation training proves to be successful in bodybuilding, big bulging muscles look better than they perform.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being muscular, however, muscles without functionality are limited in their ability to respond to spontaneous environments. The female in this example has a more varied degree of function. She is agile and unrestricted to a box. So What is Functional Strength?

Functional strength is the strength that got us through everyday life and survival thousands of years ago. Historically, the movement patterns which allowed us to survive and thrive in our natural habitat consisted of walking, jogging, running, pushing, pulling, twisting, bending, lunging, squatting, and grasping.

Let’s say Mr. Muscle can lift x number of pounds over his head. It is really meaningless in the overall definition of functional strength. Functional strength is developed through complex movement patterns, not over-rehearsed, overcoached lifts in a never changing environment. The athlete, warrior, or Principles of Functional Training outdoor enthusiast embraces change and challenge, while Mr. Muscle → Functionality is a state in needs comfort and consistency which we pursue physical excellence for a happy workout. Dare we say without inappropriate side effects. stronger isn’t necessarily better? It is the ability to run your joints A Great Example of a Simple Test through full range of motion without Let’s take an experienced weight pain, stiffness, or restriction. lifter who is muscular, bulky, and




incorporates movements that involve ** One of the most important multiple plans and multiple joints things to note is that the degree instead of individual muscles with of function varies between each the use of machines. individual. Some individuals need to → Functional training uncovers work hard to maintain strength and muscle weaknesses, imbalances, and speed, while some barely practice faulty movement patterns, caused by and thrive. Some stay lean without weak links in the kinetic chain, and work, while others work continuously to maintain what they have. Some corrects them. never focus on flexibility and stay → Functional strength is flexible, while others maintain purposeful. There is a reason behind strength. No matter what the goal, the movement in your daily life or functionality is the key to success, sport. It can help the elderly perform and having your own individualized everyday activities with more ease, or program is absolutely essential. the athlete control his body through We encourage our readers too awkward and unforeseen positions send us any topic /question they more effectively. would like us to cover or dissect. → Functional strength is practical Please send topic or questions to: and adaptable. It can carry over into a variety of activities such as Fit From Within consists of jumping to get a rebound, staying in a good defensive stance, or putting personal trainers Matt O’Shaugnessy and Christine Lapierre. Together, we the groceries away in the cabinet. posses over 20 years of experience → Functional training requires in both the fitness and health care the coordination of balance, control, field. Our services include: Oneproprioception (internal sense on One Personal Training, Group of where you are in space), and Training, Nutritional Guidelines, the appropriate timing of muscle Periodized Training Programs, contraction. Sport Specific Training Programs, → Functional training increases and Functional Range Release. For core stabilization. With increased more information on services email core stabilization we are better able us at and be to move our bodies through multiple sure to check our Facebook page; Fit planes. In fact most physical activities From Within require stable core muscles. By David Murphy

Johnny Bower was the original Johnny Hockey for me.


ocial media was recently flooded with pictures of one of the all-time greatest Toronto Maple Leafs, Johnny Bower, upon his passing away at 93. Hockey fans of all stripes speak about Bower with great reverence.  You could hate the Leafs but you couldn’t hate Johnny Bower.

My favourite story with him involves me sitting with him and fellow all-time great Bobby Hull after being the MC for an NHL alumni game.  I was the successful bidder of an autographed photo of Hull in front of the net with Bower in goal and the puck in mid-air behind Bower but not in the net.  Bower claimed the puck hit the post and Hull quickly retorted “you didn’t see the puck until you looked at the picture”.  And both roared with laughter as I picked up my jaw off the floor (I was in awe of both of them)!  Every person who stopped by the Murphy Man Cave heard the story of that photo for as long as I had it.  I donated that photo to a fundraising event several years ago.  I hope the new owner cherishes it!    Johnny Bower was a true gentleman and a great story teller and why wouldn’t he be?  He was the hockey version of Crash Davis (from the Bull Durham movie

– a career minor leaguer but the best one never to stay in the big leagues) until his mid30’s when he finally found an NHL home in Toronto.       Bower’s number is retired in Cleveland where he spent nine seasons in the American Hockey League as a one of the best that league had ever seen.  His number sits along with the greatest Maple Leafs as part of their ring of honour at the ACC.    He won four Stanley Cups with the Maple Leafs (including their last one in 1967) at a time when most players are retired – he finally hung up the blades for good at the age of 46 in 1970.  And keep in mind; he was a goalie when masks were rarely used!    I’m proud to have had the opportunity to have a beer with him and listen to some of his stories.    Johnny Bower – gone but never forgotten!

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Issue No62  

Sports Energy News, Cornwall, Issue No 62, Mike Piquette

Issue No62  

Sports Energy News, Cornwall, Issue No 62, Mike Piquette