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There are lots of things that one should understand before diving into hockey betting. That is, if you want to win most of the time. The intangibles that we are talking about here are about the assets and pitfalls of each team. Understanding these things will definitely give you an edge when it comes to handicapping games in hockey betting. This is where years of nightly dedication to following the sport are irreplaceable assets. The intangibles in hockey is quite numerous than any other sports and can be summed up in two words – TEAM CHEMISTRY. To further elaborate on what it means – the NHL is beyond fast and furious. This is the only major sport where the players in a team can be changed while on the fly, where one flick of the finger can changed the entire momentum of a game, where 59 minutes of desperately hard work can go down the drain with a careless pass. Taking care of a screw up is very unlike other sports where you can regain your dignity. Here, if you mess up, the only thing you can do is pray your team won’t kill you and eat you. You just have to pray as well that a teammate may save your butt. You also can’t really rely on the goalie since he won’t come out unless he’s hurt or your game is getting killed in the game. In hockey, every defenseman on the ice has to be to skate like a forward and every forward better be willing to throw himself in front of a slapshot. This is a team sport like none other. That means that leadership, sacrifice, effort and commitment have to come from every player who ties up his skates or that team has a problem. Problems in teams can happen so often and team players bickering and having a bit of rivalry can really affect their performance. Sometimes a team may have a problem with a new coach and may not follow the coach’s orders. Factors like these are important if you are betting on a team. Reading and researching about these nitty-gritty things is additional information that should give you an edge when it comes to hockey betting picks. Betting on a team that has serious problems getting along despite being ranked one of the best is still a risky bet. Hockey betting gives a lot of opportunities for bets so if you could spare a game for another because you are not well prepared or your heart’s not in it then do so.

Dealing With Intangible Assets in Hockey Betting