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It’s just a few more weeks and the Superbowl will be kickstarting the action. For those people who wish to bet on Superbowl, you need to know what sort of bets you want to make. A lot of fans are crazy when it comes to watching the game and betting on their favorite teams is just another way of adding the thrills and adrenaline rushes. First off, if you’re an avid fan who knows nothing about betting on football then we have lists of betting types that can help you bet on Superbowl. Straight Wagers The team that was wagered on must win by the point spread given at the time of the wager. For straight wagers, the odds are #1.10 to win $1.00 unless otherwise indicated. “No Action” is for games that ended up as ties and money is re-deposited back into your account. Things can get unpredictable and events may change so expect that the point spread may fluctuate at any time. Let’s say a player wagered on the Broncos -7 $110 to beat the Giants +7 The player only wins if the Broncos win by more than 7 points, getting $100 as reward. To total payout would be $210 including the wager amount. In the case that the Broncos only win by 7 points then it’s a “No Action” and the wager is returned. The player loses if the Broncos wins by less than 7 points. Totals Betting This is the combined score of both teams for games wagered on, all totals lay $1.10 to win $1.00 unless it is otherwise indicated. Ex: The bettor lays $220 on the OVER in the Patriots/Giants game. The total for the game is 45. If both teams’ combined score is more than 45 then the player wins $200. In the case that the combined score is equal to 45 then the game is considered as “No Action” and the wager is returned. If the combined score is less than 45 then the wager is lost. Moneyline Wagers The team you placed a bet on must win the game. This is a simple betting type and the amount you lay depends and may vary for each game. The money line is that is read to at the moment of your wager is the moneyline you keep regardless of any movement.

Halftime The wager is placed on the odds posted for the second half of a game only. All wagers must go the full second half for action. All halftime wagers are calculated the same as a straight wager unless otherwise indicated. There are no teaser plays or buying of points on halftimes. First half lines are also available. Parlays In this type you can wager of up to 2 or more teams, up to 5 teams or propositions in no particular order. All teams wagered on in a parlay must win. If there is a tie, it reverts down to the next lowest number for payoff. Teasers This is similar to parlay betting except that here, the point spread is adjusted to your favor. This is a bet with a selection of more teams and the number of the teams selected and the number of points selected determines the payout odds. A “Tie” or “No Action” and a “Win” on a two team teaser shall constitute a “No Action” wager. A “Tie” or a “No Action” and a “Loss” on a two team shall constitute a “Losing g” wager. Ties on a three or more team teaser shall revert to the next lowest gambling bracket. A tie on a three team becomes a two team teaser for example. Teaser Payoffs/Odds for Football Football- points 6 6.5 7 2 teams 10/11 10/12 10/13 3 teams 16/10 14/10 12/10 4 teams 25/10 20/10 18/10 5 teams 40/10 35/10 30/10 6 teams 60/10 50/10 40/10 7 teams 90/10 80/10 70/10 8 teams 140/10 120/10 100/10 3 Team 10 point Football - 10/12 * All ties lose in a 3 team 10 point football teaser Futures and Propositions Future wagers depend on the outcome of events that happen each year and all wagers here are final. There will be no payouts until the conclusion of the specified season. Proposition plays are wagers based on the outcome of events that occur annually. Odds change daily and all wagers are considered action at the odds quoted at the time of the wager. Reverse Wagers

Reverses revert to individual If Bets. You can include up to 8 teams in a Reverse bet. The payoffs vary depending on the number of teams wagered on. A 2-Team Reverse pays 4/1, a 3-Team Reverse pays 12/1 considering that the wager is $100. Standard Reverse bets are Double Action; therefore in the event of a time the bet is still active. These bets are applicable to any football game and not only for the superbowl. Should you wish to make a bet on the upcoming big event, you already know different types of wagers to choose from.

Betting on the Superbowl 2012