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Perhaps you’re wondering what the events that are involved with horse betting are. Aside from the the regular horse races, we have Preakness stakes where people can bet on horses they choose. Each May annually, particularly in Mid May, the top race horses, jockeys, trainers and racing enthusiasts in the nation gather at Pimlico race course in Maryland for the annual running of the Preakness Stakes. Preakness betting is included in sportsbooks online that offers people to bet on horses such as This very thrilling and adrenaline pumping race event for horses often don’t get the coverage that it deserves, despite being the all important second leg in the Triple Crown horse racing challenge, where the Kentucky Derby winner has to defend its title. The winner of this race gets an all expenses paid trip to the Belmont Stakes, not to mention taking a place in the long and detailed history of American horse racing. That is why horse betting aficionados should pony up their bets at their favorite sportsbooks online and make this year’s Preakness Stakes one to remember and brag about, of course. Rookies don’t have to be intimidated with this horse racing event since it’s just like any horse race events where people can bet on horses the way they know how. Wage types are the same. You can still bet on your favorite horse by using the bet types you are familiar with. One of the most popular bets is taking the Kentucky Derby Champion to win again at the Preakness. In this case, you’d be placing a “Win” bet, which pays if your horse is the outright first place finisher of the Preakness race. The following are popular bets used in the Preakness betting event such as the basic straight trifecta or to bet on horses who will take the top three places and the superfecta bet where a bettor only needs to pick the top four horses in the correct finishing order. Superfecta may be a bit complicated than the trifecta bet but it is considered to be cheaper. There are “ten cent” superfecta wheel bets and they are very popular among horse bettors. This is their way to hedge out their bets and minimize risks, while at the same time maximizing their payout potential. Much like the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico is mainly a big party, with celebrities, VIPs, and horse owners crowded around the infield.

Bet on Horses at the Preakness Stakes Betting Event