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In less than 2weeks, we will have the Superbowl again! One of the greatest and most exciting sports event around the globe. What team are you cheerin for? Here are some of our superbowl predictions that can help you Tom Brady, New England Patriots QB, has great chances to become the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL if he wins the SuperBowl this season that is. Another title would give Brady four for his career, which will definitely be a very remarkable feat in the era of free agency. Joe Montana is the legend of San Francisco 4934s and is often thought of as the best quarterback since he has four SuperBowl titles and Clutch Play in many important games, but he did that in an era when it was easier to keep teams together. Not to discredit Montana's accomplishments, but Brady has been successful with less talent and several different receiving corps and running backs. Tom Brady has managed to make receivers like David Givens and Troy Brown look like amazing players, and he even got good production out of Reche Caldwell. Brady ha salso never had an all-pro running back play alongside him for more than one season. Four Championships, two NFl MVPs ad multiple SuperBowl MVPs would give Brady the edge over the 49ers legend. A title for Brady this season could easily be the most amazing and impressive of his career. Wes Walker may be a great receiver but he is not a deep threat that scares defenses like Randy Moss. If teams perform their defensive game plan well, Welker can be stopped. With Chad Ochocinco and Deion Branch giving the Patriots very little this season, Brady has had to rely on two young tight ends to carry the passing offense in the red zone. Setting the record for most touchdowns in a single season by a tight end is Rob

Gronkowski with 17 and Aaron Hernandez had a fine season as well. To have a remarkable season despite having inexperienced and under-performing players on offense (for the most part) is truly amazing for Brady. The fact that the Patriots defense was terrible this season put even more pressure on Brady to perform well. He knew that the defense was bad, so he had to score at least 30 points in most games to win. Great thing with Brady is that he can win in any sort of style of offense and also under any circumstances. Having to adjust to playing with so many different receivers in his career yet still being a top quarterback, is a tremendous achievement. Are you betting on this Superbowl? We are definitely sure that these superbowl predictionswill help you decide on what team to bet to. Good Luck.

2012 Superbowl predictions: Will Brady Rise Again with Another Title?