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Custom Tablecloths - Made to your specifications Specializing in Fitted Vinyl Tablecloths, Bridge Game Tablecloths, Poker Tablecloths, Fitted Picnic Tablecloths, Holiday Custom Tablecloths.

Enhance the look of the interior with elegant covers • You can choose Heavy Duty Vinyl Tablecloths, Suede Game Tablecloths, Casino Felt Poker Tablecloths. • Our Custom Furniture Covers and Outdoor Patio Tablecloths are made to fit and stayput on your furniture and are available in Weather Resistant • Outdoor Fabrics as well as Heavy-Duty Vinyl and Outdoor Nylon Vinyls.

Our Services • Welcome to Millwood ‘s Internet Boutique • Sports and home is an affiliate of Millwood Enterprises, bringing you Creative Accessories for the sports enthusiast as well as Unique and Creative ideas for your home. • We offer Quality Unique and Creative Gift ideas: Sports Gifts, Gifts for the Home, Holiday gifts and more……..

Latest Trends and Styles for Home Accessories •

In addition to our on-line catalog, We cater to your specifications! So, if you’ve been looking for a special item that you have in mind and can’t find just exactly what you had in mind, feel free to email us and give us the description, and we will do our best to create the gift that you desire!

If you are a retailer, we would be happy to provide you with the products you are looking for. Just CLICK HERE to get the necessary information for ordering from our Wholesale Catalog.

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Outdoor patio furniture covers  
Outdoor patio furniture covers  

Sports and Home Accessories is committed to offer designer and fitted sports and home accessories. The company offers table covers which are...