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he Latinos in Action class at Falcon Cove is an excellent program in which students are given the chance to make a difference in the community. The students do numerous projects and hold charity events to help kids in need. As role models of the school, the members of Latinos in Action encourage their peers to make good decisions and demonstrate how to be better citizens for the community. Currently, Latinos in Action (LIA) is hosting a fundraiser for bicycles and helmets to distribute to students around Broward County. To raise the money, LIA is selling two lollipops for a dollar. 100% of the proceeds will be used towards buying bicycles to help students get to and from school each day. Eighth-grade LIA member Luis Diaz explains, “It’s nice to be able to help people. You feel great doing the right thing, and it’s an honor. There are kids out in the world who don’t have the money or resources to get nice things, so it’s great to be able to help those kids out. Every time someone buys a lollipop, I feel happy because that dollar is going to a kid in need.” October is Hispanic Heritage month. Latinos in Action students shared presentations of their countries of origin with the school. They decorated displays representing each country in Latin America and had a variety of cultural foods and snacks for students to learn about and enjoy. Hely Rodriguez, Falcon Cove Latinos in Action advisor, said, “When somebody represents their country, they do it for pride. When you represent your own country, you’re showing people where you’re from, and it’s a source of pride. You let them know what costumes

are worn, what kind of dresses they use, what kind of food they eat, etc. You have to make sure that you put your country in the best light.” Rodriguez went on to say, “The kids did a great job by doing that, and I think that they understood what being from that particular country means [to them]. They were able to educate everyone around the school on how to understand different cultures from Latin America.” In addition, Latinos in Action students are in charge of recycling for the school. The students in 4th and 8th period go around to each classroom every Friday and empty the recycling bins. They encourage students to recycle, reduce waste, and help the environment. It is a great initiative here at Falcon Cove to help the community and make the school a better place for students. “We go to each classroom, get all the recycling and take it downstairs to the recycling bins. There are different recycling bins [for the different materials] around the school. There are bins for paper, plastic, and cans”, they say. They continue to explain why recycling is important for the environment, “There are huge garbage patches in the ocean. We recycle so there is not as much.” The Latinos in Action program at Falcon Cove is an amazing program for students of Latino heritage. Students work to create a positive impact for the community and represent the Latin culture. They show patriotism towards their country, and what it feels like to be closer to the culture and lifestyle that their parents and family know and love. Falcon Cove Middle School is located at 4251 Bonaventure Blvd. in Weston. Their Principal is Steven Carruth. They can be reached at (754) 323-3200.

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Written by FCMS Journalism editor Shaivi Jhaveri



ith the 2020-2021 school year behind us, we are all still faced with the academic and social challenges caused by the pandemic. Last year was a uniquely challenging year for teachers and students, and it is no surprise that it has left its mark—on student learning and on student well-being. One of the biggest challenges facing our community, is how to close these achievement gaps for our young learners. Many students, especially in Kindergarten and 1st grade, are attending school for the first time, causing feelings of anxiety and stress. Helping our students overcome some of these challenges was without a doubt a priority. It wasn’t long before Manatee Bay Elementary’s PTA implemented a program that would do just that! Manatee Movers is a volunteer based program, designed to help MOVE students closer to their academic and social goals by providing extra support in reading, math, and SEL (Social Emotional Learning). The program was developed by former 4th grade teacher at Manatee Bay, Tammy Broderick, who saw a need to help both students and teachers bridge the learning gap by providing additional academic and social emotional support in a small group setting. The program provides students with targeted instruction focusing on areas of weakness in Phonemic Awareness, Phonics and Decoding, and Math in the lower grades, and Math and Reading Comprehension in the upper grades. Mini lessons/ activities are engaging, fun and interactive with the use of hands-on manipulatives, games and teacher-provided lessons to supplement classroom instruction. “My students look forward to Manatee Movers and don’t even realize they are learning because they are having so much fun,” says Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Vital. The

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) component of the program helps students build relationships and improve social skills as they share stories, play games and participate in team building activities. Manatee Movers is a great opportunity for parents to get involved in the school community. It gives parents a chance to build relationships with teachers and staff, as well as bond with their groups. Both students and volunteers look forward to their bi-weekly meetings with enthusiasm and can’t wait for their next meeting. Manatee Mover, Coco Banks, explains how the program has given parents a way to contribute in helping children catch up on lost learning. “I enjoy helping my small group of first graders work on their literacy skills. This is such an uplifting endeavor to be a part of!” she exclaimed. With more than a dozen dedicated volunteers, the program has reached grades K-3rd grade and is still recruiting as it hopes to span all grade levels in the near future. The program has received very positive feedback from both teachers and students. It truly takes a village. Manatee Bay Principal Hedman-Devaughn added, “This program has been a piece to the puzzle of closing the achievement gap. I love seeing the way these volunteers relate to the children. Tammy has done an outstanding job training them and working with our staff to provide the necessary materials. We are super fortunate to have such a caring and supportive parent base.” More volunteers can bring greater results. Please reach out to the school if you are interested. Manatee Bay Elementary is located at 19200 Manatee Isles Drive in Weston. Their Principal is Heather Hedman-Devaughn. They can be reached at (754) 323-6450