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A WORD FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR I am extremely pleased to announce that the upcoming ski season will mark the 25th anniversary of the Adaptive Sports Foundation. Starting in January 2019, we will be celebrating our past while looking to the future. Without a doubt, we can state that the ASF’s founder, Peter Treacy, had it right. None of our accomplishments over the last 25 years would have been possible without the tremendous generosity and dedication of our many volunteers and donors. I hope this newsletter will touch your heart because in 2018, more than 200 volunteers joined the ASF with the shared goal of wanting to make a real difference. Thanks to the commitment of our volunteers and the expertise they have developed over the years, we can set our sights even higher. Our goal is to bring memorable fun-filled days to as many disabled people and their families as possible. I hope you enjoy reading this issue of our newsletter and can count on your support. Without your generosity, the ASF would not be the success it is today! Steve Charbonneau Executive Director

Encouraging inclusion through sport! WINTER 2018 We have been making people smile since 1994, all thanks to our volunteers, donors and partners. Our regular adaptive ski program is the largest of its kind in Quebec. Thank you for believing in our mission.


ASF | Newsletter Fall 2018

A WELL DESERVED TRIBUTE For the 24th year in a row, Lillian and Fred Korman welcomed us to their mountain at Owl’s Head. Since the ASF’s very beginning, the Kormans have allowed us to bring thousands of participants to the mountain to enjoy adaptive skiing and improve their quality of life. We would like to take advantage of our 25th anniversary celebrations to pay tribute to this incredibly generous couple. Before passing on the torch to a new group of investors, the Kormans were honoured by Canadian Adaptive SnowSports (CADS) with the 2018 Ski Resort of the Year Award. We extend our most heartfelt thanks to Fred and Lillian and wish them all the best in their well-deserved retirement. On the picture: Fred Cuplinskas, Lilian Korman, Fred Korman & Lucy Davis

CELABRATING 25 YEARS! We certainly cannot celebrate 25 years of ASF activities without applauding the tireless efforts of a special group of men and women who generously volunteer their time to improve the quality of life of our participants. We are pleased to share with you the 25th anniversary logo that will be used throughout 2019 to recognize the wonderful efforts of all ASF volunteers and employees. It is especially thanks to your donations that we can claim to set the bar for adaptive downhill and water skiing in Quebec. We invite you to stay informed of the various activities we will be holding throughout the year.

A RECORD DAY! The Adaptive Sports Foundation and the Starlight Children’s Foundation of Quebec accomplished something truly remarkable this year. During the 2018 Ski-O-Thon this past March 23rd and 24th, 70 young people got a chance to ski despite their handicap. For the event, the ASF showed up at the Chantecler ski resort with an army of volunteers and specialized equipment in tow. The smiles on the children’s faces (and on those of their parents, chaperones and volunteers) are proof that we are making a real difference in people’s lives.

C 2018




The ASF was proud to help make the 2018 CADS Festival at Mont Saint-Anne a success. A dozen ASF volunteers were on-site to teach adaptive skiing, provide snowmobile transportation and manage equipment. Thanks to one and all!


ASF | Newsletter Fall 2018

2018 ASF GOLF TOURNAMENT The ASF held its 4th annual golf tournament on Saturday, June 9th, and raised a record $30,000. We are extremely grateful to the many sponsors who donated to our cause and to everyone who took part. None of this would be possible without you, so we hope to see you again next year!

A SUMMER FILLED WITH HAPPINESS! Participation in the ASF’s water activities nearly doubled this summer, which kept our summer program volunteers very busy! We had over 20 days of activities during which participants could hone their water skiing, kayaking or paddle boarding skills. Our mobile unit was often on the move and each day of activities brought dozens of smiles. For us, that’s all that matters! We are privileged to count on the support of our donors; thanks to them, were were able to serve nearly twice as many participants as last year. As our summer program continues to grow, your donation will allow us to achieve our financial goals.

WE WILL REMEMBER OUR FRIENDS Carolyn Oliver | 1981-2018 It was with immense sadness that we learned of the sudden passing of our friend Carolyn. She was a passionate and generous woman whose enthusiastic smile brought happiness to everyone around her during her all-too-brief life. Our sincerest condolences to Carolyn’s family and friends.

Marc Langelier | 1945-2018 On June 24, 2018, Marc Langelier passed away at the age of 72. Marc was involved with the ASF as a volunteer for many, many years, and we extend our condolences to his entire family.


ASF | Newsletter Fall 2018

ASF AT THE 2018 BROMONT ULTRA For its 4th year at the Bromont Ultra, the ASF brought two Dahüs, which successfully tackled the 80 km of trails. Twelve people with disabilities and over a 100 runners relayed every 6 km during this large-scale philanthropic activity, which raised $27,300 for ASF this year. Our special thanks go out to the organizers, who allow us to take part in this inclusive race. We also have some surprises in store regarding the Dahü; details to be announced this spring.

"CHANGING LIVES ONE RUN AT THE TIME" “I’d just like to thank you and tell you how much happiness you have brought to Maëlle’s life, and to ours. Thanks to you, we’re proof that handicaps do not stop people from having fun and challenging themselves. A huge THANK YOU to the dedicated volunteers, especially their contagious enthusiasm. You are changing people’s lives one run at a time. Thank you for everything!” Mylène, mother of Maëlle Cyr

SKIING TO BREAK OUT OF ISOLATION For several years now, the ASF has gladly supported the rehabilitation process of wounded soldiers. ASF's Injured Soldiers Sport Camps provides participants an opportunity to socialize as they challenge themselves through sports activities that help them regain their confidence and get back in shape, all with the aim of providing them a new tool for their psychological and social rehabilitation.

This past winter was even busier, with two camps organized. First, a dozen veterans from Soldier On/Sans Limites skied at Owl’s Head with a team of dedicated ASF volunteers. The ASF was also approached by Supporting Wounded Veterans Canada (SWVC) to organize a ski camp at Bromont, montagne d’expériences for a dozen veterans. It was the 9th alpine ski camp the ASF has organized for wounded soldiers. Thank you for continuing to believe, just as we do, in this program.

This summer, the ASF’s mobile unit and some 20 volunteers headed to Camp Papillon in Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez to offer an unforgettable experience to 12 members of Soldier On / Sans Limites.

Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez: Soldier On / Sans Limites

Owl’s Head: Soldier On / Sans Limites

Bromont, montagne d'expériences: Supporting Wounded Veterans Canada

www.adaptivesports.ca 4

ASF | Newsletter Fall 2018

PARTNERSHIPS THAT WILL GO A LONG WAY Thanks to the collaboration of numerous partners, we are able to travel to children living with disabilities from partner organizations and let them have fun with water sports or downhill skiing. These partners all share a common mission: to offer children with disabilities new opportunities and encouragement to reach their full potential. The people we work with have big hearts and want to improve people’s lives; but above all, they want to see them smile. Our mobile unit allows us to go to wherever participants may be. Fondation Papillon

Fondation Fusée

Starlight Children's Foundation Quebec

Even though we are extremely fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers each year, we want to keep growing so that we can offer activities to as many people with physical disabilities as possible. To do that, we need your help. Become a volunteer today! For more details, call us at (450) 243-5985 or visit our website.


MEC RACES ON FOOT...AND IN A DAHÜ! The Dahü certainly got a lot of mileage this past year. By partnering with MEC races, the racing team of CFP Pierre-Dupuy participated in 7 events across Quebec. Eight people with disabilities were able to tackle the trail, including 3 students from the Marie-Victorin school board during one race.

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admin@adaptivesports.ca ASF | Newsletter Fall 2018



Donations received between Novembre 1, 2017 and Octobre 31, 2018

Platinum ($25,000-$99,999) • Bromont Ultra • Larry Rooney (donation in kind) • Mackay Projects inc.

Gold ($5,000-$24,999) • Aliments Medaillon Inc • Anonymous • Anonymous (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • The Bensadoun Family Foundation • Les Brasseurs West Shefford • Brian & Anne Edwards • Fondation Daniel Moquin de l'Espoir • Fondation Fusée • Fondation J. Armand Bombardier • Sylvain Hotte • Jacques Leveillé • R.Howard Webster Foundation • RMR Association Quebec Branch No. 14 Poppy Trust Fund • Sobeys • TELUS Corporation • Robert & Susan Winsor • Zeller Family Foundation

Silver ($2,500-$4,999) • Association québécoise pour le loisir des personnes handicapées • Autoparc Stanley • Edgar Hyperlodge • Royal Canadian Legion, Dorval Air Services Branch No. 245 • Douglas Scott • Société Générale Capital Canada Inc.

Bronze ($999-$2,499) • Anonymous • Anonymous (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Capinabel Inc.• Construction Vergo 2011 inc. • Pierre Coté • Howard Davidson & Guylaine Leduc • Durabac • Exxel Polymers • Fondation Bergeron-Jetté • Fondation Gustav Levinschi • Fondation Jean-Luc Gravel & Brigitte Breton • The Velan Foundation • Mitch & Anne-Marie Garber • Margarita & Christopher Gardiner • Diana Gardner • Louis Gendron & Olga Soutyguina • IBM Canada Ltd. Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs (in honour of Sara Fournier) • IGA Extra Gazaille (donation in kind) • The Lawson Foundation • Claire Léger • Peter Letko & Deborah Josephson • Luc Maurice • Sally McDougall (in memory of Doug McDougall) • Nuera inc. • Physical & Occupational Therapy Undergraduate Society of McGill • Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 98 Poppy Trust Fund • Royal Canadian Legion,Sutton Branch No. 158 • SR Potton (donation in kind) • Starlight Children's Foundation Canada • Succession Lucien Hotte • The Velan Foundation • Ville de Bromont • Boyd & Susan Whittall • Dr. Janet Wilson & Dr. Michael Quigley • Erik Wright (in honour of the marriage of Caitlin Phillips & Mikkel Paulson)

Supporters ($1-$999) • 1832 Asset Management L.P. / Dynamic Funds • 3708209 Canada Inc. • William Abbott • Louis-Marie Achard • Valerie Aitken • Jennifer Ankcorn (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Anonymous (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) (27) • Anonymous (in memory of Dominique Noiseux) (3) • Anonymous (in memory of Marc Langelier) • Anonymous (in honour of the marriage of Caitlin Phillips & Mikkel Paulson) (5) • AquaBlanc Inc • Nicolas Babkine • James Baillargeon (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Katherine Baker (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Greg Baldock (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • James Ball • Joy & Ernie Banks • William & Janet Barakett • Barnes Magasin Général (donation in kind) • Julie Beauchesne • Anne Beaudoin • Chantal Beaulieu • Michele & James Beckerleg • Luc Bégin • André Bélanger (in memory of Marc Langelier) • Luc Bergeron & Lucie Coté • Éric Bessette • Olivier Bigler & Isabelle Gariepy • Bijouterie Lavigueur (donation in kind) • Biron Groupe Santé • Donald Bissonnette & Deane Brebner • Evelyn Blackwood-French • Véronique Blain Gregoire Blais • Lionel & Patricia Blanshay • Bopied Tendance (donation in kind) • Stephanie Bouchard • Fanny Boulais • Audrey Bourgeois • Lorraine Briscoe • Broadreach Headquarters (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • James & Barbara Brodeur • Michael Brokamp • Brome Bird Care inc. (donation in kind) • Brulerie Virgin Hill inc. • Leigh Bulmer (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Bruno Burrogano • Kathleen Byrns • Caisse Desjardins des Militaires • Francois Carlier • Martin Caron • Yvon Carrier • Barbara Perry Cartmel • Barbara Perry Cartmel (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Mary A. Cartmel • Charles G. & Suzan Cavell • Centre HiFi Sherbrooke (donation in kind) • CG & CO • Calvin Chan • Claude Charette • Steve Chartier • Hubert Chretien (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Club de Football des Alouettes Montréal • Comptoir Familial de Knowlton • Construction Pierre Morency Inc. • Construction Éric Labbé • Les Conteneurs Ecomax • Effie Coté • Elizabeth Coté (in memory of Marc Langelier) • Elizabeth Coté (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Jacinthe Coté (in memory of Dominique Noiseux) • Julie Côté (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Lynne Coté (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Josée Coupal (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Cowling • Sally Craig (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Bev & Gary Crandall (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Timothy & Sally Crocker • Véronique Corbeau • Alain Daigneault & Lyne Loiselle • Peter Dalfen • Mike Dandenault • Eric M. David • Gabrielle Davidson • Lucille Davis (in memory of Dominique Noiseux) • Germaine Deichmann (in memory of Timon Deichmann) • Jean Pierre Delisle • Guy Delisle (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Patrick Delisle (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Jolyane Desjardins (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Marc Deslandes • DGSYS Inc. • Caroline Dillon & Charlie Nicol • Ronald Domachevsky • Dôme de Morphée (donation in kind) • Acier & Métaux Doucet • Chantale Doyon • Genevieve Draper Hauser • Diane Dubeau • Kassandra Dubuc • Laurence Duffar • Janie Duguay • Duke CA inc. • Tania Dupont • Ann Dupont • Jean-Paul Dussault • Keith & Debbi Eaman • École Bel Essor (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • École Marie-Rivier (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Brian & Anne Edwards (in memory of Gabriel Dumas) • Enso Yoga Inc. • Équipe CMR Longueuil (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Équipe du CMR St-Jean-sur-Richelieu (in memory of Carolyn Oliver)


ASF | Newsletter Fall 2018

Supporters ($1-$999) continued • Equipment Boni inc. (donation in kind) • Fairmount Le Chateau Montebello (donation in kind) • Familiprix, Lac-Brome (donation in kind) • Érick Falardeau • Véronique Farqet • Sandy Farr (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Pierre Fauteux & Helene Drolet • Fidelity Investments Canada • John & Jane Fisher • Susan Fitzpatrick • Flex Chef (donation in kind) • The KCMN Velan Foundation • Fondation Papillon • Fondation R. Howard Webster (donation in kind) • Fonds de Solidarité FTQ • Nathalie Fortier • Lisa Foster • G.J. Ménard Amenagement Paysager • Paul Gagné • Martine Gagnon (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Dario & Elizabeth Galindo • Brian & Nancy Gallery • Mélissa Garnier • Patrice Gaudreau • Jean Francoys Gauvin • Myriam Gehami • Jocelyne Gendron • Janet Gill • Dave Girardin • GoPhysio • John Greene (in memory of Patricia Greene) • Nathalie Gregoire • Catherine Gregory Helene Grenier (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Griflin Investements Inc. • Groupe Novatech inc. • Groupe financier MR Inc. • Lyne Guerard (in memory of Marc Langelier) • John & Karma Hallward • Christine Hanley (in honour of the marriage of Caitlin Phillips & Mikkel Paulson) • Paul Harrison • Marc Hébert • Hermitage Club (donation in kind) • Pamela Hill (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Todd Hirtle (in honour of the marriage of Caitlin Phillips & Mikkel Paulson) • Josée Houde • Julie Houle • Intact Assurance • J.A. LeSieur inc. • J.H.C. Investments Inc. • Susan & Serge Jacques • Charles Janecek (in memory of Dominique Noiseux) • Wanda Jarjour-Giacobbi (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Elizabeth H. Johnson • Ron & Janet Jones (in memory of Carol Jones) • Anthony & Barbara Kalhok • KDC Knowlton - Les Emballages Knowlton, inc. • John Keays & Louise Rioux • Sheila Kerr (in memory of Peter Kerr) • Claire Kerrigan • Knowlton Lions Club inc. • Knowlton Players • Caroline Labbé (in memory of Marc Langelier) • M. & Mme Yves Labbé (in memory of Marc Langelier) • Michele Laframboise • Laiterie Coaticook (donation in kind) • Josée Lamalice (in memory of Dominique Noiseux & Doug McDougall) • Josée Lamalice (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Paysagistes Chantal Lambert • Mario Landry • Langelier Assurance • Patrice Laplante • Nathalie Lapointe • Louise Lapointe • Jean LaRoche (in memory of Marc Langelier) Sportium Laval • Louis Leblanc & Sophie Boucher • Legion Royale Canadienne- St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu Filiale# 79 • Louis Lemay • Lettrage Graphico Tech inc. • Monique Levasseur (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Patrick Levesque (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Michael Levinson • Cynthia H. Lewis • Susan Liebrecht • LJH Ventes & Services • Charles Loader (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • William Loader (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Robert Loignon • Nancy & Howard Lowry (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Clément Lussier & Lise Bessette • Mackenzie Investments • Maison Blanche • Thierry Maigret • Christopher Maley (in honour of the marriage of Caitlin Phillips & Mikkel Paulson) • Malouin Assurance • Isabelle Marcoux • Marie-Élaine Hvizdak inc. • The Masonic Foundation of Quebec, District of St. Francis Masonic Association • Massey Vanier High School • Judith Matte-Thompson (in memory of Julie Matte) • Sally McDougall • Sally McDougall (in memory of Dominique Noiseux) • McKay Groupe Conseil Inc. • Peter & Joan McKinnon • James & Danielle McMullan • Daniel Mcsween • Doudja Mekamcha • Maurice Mercier • Marie Mercier • Myrna Mercier P • Vicky Messier • Hans Meyer • Construction Mikado • Christina Miller • Michelle Miller (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Shawn Mimnaugh • Jan Mingie (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Scott Mingie (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Mitchell Mingie (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Ministère de L'Éducation & de L'Enseignement supérieur • Marcel Mongo • Dominique Morin • Julie Monty-Demers • Georges Morin • Eve Morissette • Susan Moss (in memory of Frank Moss) • Moulées B.P. • Johanne Murphy • William Murphy (in memory of Dominique Noiseux) • Diane Nicole • Elizabeth Nixon (in memory of William Stavert) • Coureur Nordique • Nuera inc. (donation in kind) • Judith & Philip O'Brien • Lawrence O'Connell • Christopher Oldland • L'Optik Farhat • Peter Owen (in memory of Dominique Noiseux) • Prakash Panangaden (in honour of the marriage of Caitlin Phillips & Mikkel Paulson) • Allan Pangborn (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Isabelle Paradis (donation in kind) • Jean-Guy Pariseau • Alex & Joan Paterson • Paysagement Mercier • Manon Pelletier (in memory of Marc Langelier) • Pierre Pelletier • Cyril Pepin (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Claude Perron • Thomas & Carolyn Perry (in memory of Bliss Cartmel) • Picher Beaumier Services Financiers inc. • Chantal Pichette (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Barbara Baer Pillay (in honour of the marriage of Caitlin Phillips & Mikkel Paulson) • Placements Robert Boyer inc. • Benoit Poirier • Marcel Poulin (in memory of Dominique Noiseux) • Timothy Price • Fred Promoli (in memory of Carolyn Oliver)

Thanks for helping us change lives through sport!

Supporters (1$-999$) continued • Marie-Pier Prud'homme • Treacy Redmond (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • John Regan • Restaurant Subway Quebec Ltee • Restaurant Lucca (donation in kind) • Revay & associés limitée • Jamieson Ritchie • François Rivard • Ian Robert & Maryse Lacasse (in memory of Dominique Noiseux) • Robin Badger Pottery (donation in kind) • Hélène Rodrigue • Ropack Inc. • Ian Rose & Melanie Lange • Rotoplast • Rotoplast (donation in kind) • Jean-François Rousseau • Roxton Temple Stuart Ltd • Johanne Roy (in memory of Marc Langelier) • Samuel Roy • Mylène Trottier Roy (in memory of Marc Langelier) • Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 99 • Royal Canadian Legion No. 128 • Royer (donation in kind) • Alan Rutherford & Diane Lavigne • Alexandra Ferrier Ryan & Colin Ryan • Gerard Salvas • Pat & Henry Schreiber • Sécurité GMR Inc. • Robert & Shirley Seymour • Shefford Investissement • Adam Shine & Brigitte Roy • Hugues Simon • Serge Sinclair • Sean Sirois • Ski Town Brossard (donation in kind) • Beverley Taber Smith • John Godber & Christine Smith • Sophie Thibault Photographie inc. (donation in kind) • Les Spiritueux Ungava (donation in kind) • Sports Bromont (donation in kind) • Marc St-Jean • Jason Stafford (donation in kind) • George Standish • Amanda Stanec (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Holly Stevens (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • William Stewart • Peter & France Stone • Stuart Webster Design • Frank Sullivan & Anouk Cree • Michael Svensson • Patricia Swatton (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Gerard & Rachel Taillon • M. & Mme Jean-Denis Talon • Robert Thomson & Johanne Bolduc • Thule (donation in kind) • Alphonse Touzin (in memory of Dominique Noiseux) • Townshippers Association inc. • Peter & Joan Treacy (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Pascal Tremblay • Simon Turcotte • Melissa Turner (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Sheila Turner (Masterson) (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Margarita Tzavelakos (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Université de Sherbrooke (in memory of Marc Langelier) • Johanne Vaillant (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Johanne Vallerand (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • David Vasilevsky (in honour of the marriage of Caitlin Phillips & Mikkel Paulson) • Annie Vassel Badra • Dina Vescio (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Ville du Lac-Brome • Brian S. & Eva Waldron • Emily Webster • Sally Webster • Judith & Philip Webster • Rob Wennington (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Robert & Dorothy West • Frank White (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • William Latter School (in memory of Carolyn Oliver) • Leigh Williams • Melodie & Henry Yates • Michael Zakuta

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2018 ASF Newsletter  

2018 ASF Newsletter