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TIMES Florida Hospital Receives $20 Million Gift In a special ceremony on July 13 on the banks of Lake Estelle, Florida Hospital released five doves symbolizing the spirit of healing and hope that is embodied in a significant gift from noted developer, philanthropist and Central Floridian Alan H. Ginsburg and the Ginsburg Family Foundation.

Today, FH announced that the Ginsburg Family Foundation has given a $20 million gift to FH , the largest gift in our history. The gift will support the Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute to be located inside the new patient tower at Florida Hospital Orlando. "The power of this gift has more to do with the meaning than the money. This is a special gift that honors Mr. Ginsburg's late wife Harriet, his late son Jeffrey, and their family's continued commitment to providing a healing sanctuary for all those who need it," said Des Cummings, president of the Florida Hospital Foundation. In honor of this gift, the new 15-story tower currently under construction at FHO will be known as the Ginsburg Tower. The tower will be the tallest hospital building in Florida.

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July 13, 2007



Holler Unveils WPMH Gift

7 Florida Hospital First

When completed in fall 2008, the Ginsburg Tower will house the Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute, with the most advanced cardiovascular technology available, including one of the largest cardiac catheterization labs in the country, cardiac diagnostics, cardiac rehabilitation, electrocardiography and cardiac research. "As a physician, I want to work in a hospital that is constantly staying ahead of the curve. With this generous gift from the Ginsburg Family, we are going to be able to continue doing that and providing world-class care to our patients," said Scott Pollak, MD, co-medical director of the Electrophysiology Lab at FH.

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11- 14 Campus Updates

 (l to r) Des Cummings, Alan H. Ginsburg, Dr. Scott Pollak, and Randy Haffner

Story Continued on page 4 The skill to heal. The spirit to care.

pause for peace You Make A World Of Difference By Orlando "Jay" Perez, Assistant Vice President, Mission and Ministry One of my colleagues shared a story with me a couple of weeks ago that moved my heart. It affirmed for me the reality that every one of us makes a difference in the world, literally! God has given you qualities that make you unique. That is the beauty of diversity. But when we bring our different backgrounds, cultures and expertise into one focus and purpose, then we realize how much alike we really are and how much we need each other. The journey started in the ER when a 21 year-old from Mexico arrived looking like he was in bad shape. His friends said he had been like that for the past 3 days. The patient did not speak English and neither did his friends. A nurse from Puerto Rico took care of the patient and translated for the African-American physician what was going on. Then the chaplain, who was from Venezuela, came out to the lobby to talk to the patient's friends and got more information about the patient’s history and current situation. The Unit Coordinator, who was a caucasian nurse, set the orders, and a bed for ICU was requested. The patient was transferred to ICU, where a wonderful nurse from the Philippines took care of him. The patient needed an immediate procedure, which required a consent form. The nurse pulled in the phlebotomist, who was from Puerto Rico, as well as the environmental service employee, who was from Colombia. They helped translate the paper work and process for the patient. The patient was able to sign the form. The surgeon from the Philipines came in to do the procedure, a very caring physician from the Philippines. As the procedure was about to start we realized that there was a Filipino surgeon, a caucasian House Supervisor, a Filipino nurse, and a Venezuelan chaplain to translate and provide support to this now very scared patient from Mexico. When everything finished -after what seemed like the longest 25 minutes ever- we thanked each other and reassured our patient who was now more relaxed. He looked confident and peaceful that there was a team of caregivers who were all pulling together for him. He had the assurance that he was in the right place, with the right people; a place; where diversity comes together to provide healing and hope. God has given you unique qualities that make you different. But when we bring our different backgrounds, cultures and expertise into one focus and purpose, it is then that we realize how much alike we really are and how much we need each other. When that happens, then you understand how you really make a difference in the world!

Florida Hospital SDA Church Services

“Living Beyond Yourself” Women's Bible Study Ever wonder how you could possibly love as God loves, experience the peace that only He can give, know the joy that His presence brings, and so much more? Then join us for the "Living Beyond Yourself" women's Bible study by Beth Moore. This study has radically changed many lives! Come learn how you can live as God wants you to live. "Living Beyond Yourself" will be held each Tuesday night from 7 - 8:30 p.m. , July 17 - September 25, 2007 in the Welch 1 Conference Room at FHO (unless otherwise indicated). Workbooks will be available for $15. Kathy Cirilo, Spiritual Ambassador, will be the facilitator. For more information or to register, please contact Mission Development at 407/303/7711.

First Service Worship: Sat. 9 a.m. Bible Study (classes for all ages): Sat. 10:15 - 11:15 a.m. Second Service Worship: Sat. 11:30 a.m. 2800 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 407/898-0451

The Times is a biweekly publication for Florida Hospital employees and volunteers. Please submit requests to The Times editor via Email for articles, announcements, and calendar items Allow at least two weeks before the date you would like to see your information appear in The Times. Publication of articles is based on newsworthiness and applicability to FH employees. The Times editor reserves the right to edit any submissions. President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Lars Houmann Executive VP Business Development, Florida Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Des Cummings, Jr.


Senior VP of Marketing and Planning . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sy Saliba The Times Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .LaShonda L. Eaddy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Holler Family Gives $1.5 Million Gift to Winter Park Memorial Hospital Bird's Eye View of Maitland Reveals Surprise Announcement On June 22, Holler and Classic automotive group announced a $1.5 million gift to Winter Park Memorial Hospital (WPMH) by spelling the amount in - you guessed it - new automobiles. It took nearly 50 automobiles to complete all those zeroes on a school athletic field near Interstate 4 in Maitland. The Holler family's $1.5 million gift is one of the largest in WPMH's 56-year history and will support the hospital's new $24 million, 55,000-square-foot Women's Health Center. The first phase of the three-story center, an expansion of the Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place that extends from the third floor of the current hospital was recently unveiled. The new 18-bed unit - the first addition of patient rooms to WPMH since the 1970s - features private mother/baby suites with hardwood floors, interactive flat-screen televisions and beds for family members. When complete, the first and second floors of the Women's Health Center will feature 18 additional patient rooms, state-of-the-art imaging technology and services, and conference space. The Holler family, owners of the Holler and Classic dealerships and long time Winter Park residents, donated the money to ensure continued quality patient care for women - particularly expectant mothers and their babies. Juliette A. Holler said the gift was inspired by the fact that three generations of Hollers were born at WPMH. "We wanted to give back to this very special place," Holler said. "Our most fervent hope is that our family's gift will ensure that Florida Hospital will continue to have the facilities and equipment needed to provide our community with state-of-the-art care. We encourage other local families to invest equally in this important community asset." The hospital will commemorate the gift with the construction of a fountain at the facility's entrance. Family member Christopher Holler, a gifted sculptor, will design the fountain. Holler has long served on the hospital's Foundation Family Board of Directors. WPMH Administrator Ken Bradley said the Holler Family Fountain will be a symbolic reminder of the new life beginning at the Women's Center every day. "With the help of this generous gift from the Holler family, we will be able to continue to provide excellent patient care and an enhanced patient experience for mothers and babies," Bradley said. Patients moved into the Baby Place on July 2.

We Can Make a Difference! Through our partnership with Partners in Education, Florida Hospital and every employee can make a difference in the community. It's as simple as buying a backpack and filling it with the supplies necessary for a child to make it through the school year successfully. It's extending God's grace to our community. Backpack Options: ŒPurchase a backpack(s) and the supplies. (See Office Max ad for additional savings.) ŒPurchase a filled* backpack (suggested retail value of $40) from Office Max on "Backpack Day" on your campus for $25 plus tax. ŒPurchase backpack coupons in the cafeteria with your Florida Hospital badge to be redeemed on "Backpack Day." (Coupons can be purchased only with payroll deduction or cash.) Office Max will be on each campus on the following days from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Please contact your campus coordinator for more details. Backpack Day Schedule: FHO: July 18 and July 25 FHEO: July 19 FHCH: July 20 WPMH: July 23 FH Altamonte: July 24 FHK: July 26 FH Apopka: July 27 Kathryn Van Norman, FH Altamonte (TL: 835-1169) Carliss Brown, FH Apopka (TL: 833-1014) Lorella Gilbert, FHCH (TL: 843-4451) Wylette Robinson, FHEO (TL: 832-6854) Tammy Celeste, FHK (TL: 834-6655) Ayslinn Husebo, FH WPMH (TL: 838-7033) Stephanie A. Jones, FHO (TL: 831-6503) (Maitland, Centra Care, Bedford, Foundation, Pioneer Bldg., Office of Design and FH College) The 2007 Backpacks for Kids campaign runs Monday, July 16 through Friday, July 27. The final collection day will be Monday, July 30. For more information, visit the FH Intranet, Department Information/SHARE/backpacks for kids 2007, or call the Mission Development office at 407/303-7711, ext. 6503, if you have any questions. *Please Note: Filled backpacks will include most of the items on the supply list. The remaining items need to be purchased by the employee to complete the backpack.


Florida Hospital Internal Communications

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C LOSE UP Clinical Performance Improvement/Accreditation Services

Improving the quality and safety of patient care is an ongoing process at Florida Hospital. The Clinical Performance Improvement/Accreditation Services (CPI/AS) team is essential in administering many different programs that work toward that goal. CPI/AS oversees patient quality for the whole organization, with CPI coordinators present on all seven campuses. The team consists of 50 employees who work diligently to administer eight programs, in addition to managing more than 25 current performance improvement projects. CPI’s eight programs include APACHE, Data Management/Clinical Decision Support, Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Development, Physician Peer Review, Campus Support for CPI, Accreditation, and Evidence Based Practice. Below is a brief description of each program and its function: ŒThe APACHE program collects data on intensive care patients and analyzes the outcome for each patient. This program helps move patients through the system much more quickly and efficiently as well as identifiying areas in which the organization can improve patient outcomes. ŒThe Data Management program collects and transmits quality indicators which are published for public review by such organizations as The Joint Commission and CMS (Medicare). ŒThe CPOE program is developing computerized order sets for physicians to use when the system is launched. The team has developed more than 100 order sets in collaboration with Adventist Healthcare System. ŒThe Peer Review program administers the physician peer review process. This teams works with the physician staff to ensure that our patients are receiving quality care. ŒCampus CPI Coordinators serve as a liaison between the system and campus. This team performs tracers, facilitates campus-specific performance improvement projects and participates on the campus Evidence Based Practice pathways teams. ŒThe Accreditation program consists of the organizational experts on the Joint Commission Standards. In addition, its members operate FH’s ongoing survey readiness process, consisting of Patient Tracers and Environmental Readiness Rounds. ŒThe Evidence Based Practice (EBP) program developed the nine EBP pathways which Florida Hospital uses. They are: hips and knees, stroke, spine, coronary artery bypass graft (CABG), heart failure, acute myocardial infarction (AMI), pneumonia, and pediatric pneumonia and asthma. This team continues to participate with the clinical specialty areas to revise and improve the EBP pathways. "Our goal is to perform our duties in such a way as to extend the healing ministry of Christ," said Gayle Leonard, Administrative Director of Clinical Performance Improvement and Accreditation Services. While CPI/AS does much of its work behind the scenes, it plays an essential part in ensuring that our patients receive the best care possible at Florida Hospital.

$20 Million Gift is Largest in Florida Hospital’s History Continued from cover Mr. Ginsburg, a native Central Floridian, believes in philanthropy close to home and regularly gives to organizations that have meaning to him. "Every gift should be an invitation to inspire others to embrace the cause, and in this case, it is providing funds for God's common ground, the hospital," Ginsburg said. "I believe in Florida Hospital's mission of providing total care, including the mind, body and spirit." FH is in the midst of our Centennial Campaign which officially kicked off in November 2006. With the Ginsburg Family's gift, FH has now raised $92 million toward our $100 million goal. "In order to remain on the cutting edge of health care and to meet the needs of the residents we serve, FH needs the philanthropic support of the community," said Terry Newmyer, chief development officer for the Florida Hospital Foundation. "The members of the Ginsburg Family are examples of selfless donors who remind us that giving is about a lot more than money - it is about meaning."


Florida Hospital Internal Communications

Sweet Solutions As FH employees, we must always think of innovative ways to improve the overall patient experience. Some may think this task is more difficult for those who do not provide direct patient care; however Uriel Cruz has found a way to do so. Uriel, Executive Chef, Nutritional Services, first started working at FH in 1984 in the Nutritional Services Department, washing dishes and making runs to patient rooms. Uriel joined the military shortly afterward, but returned to FH in 1989 and worked in the Pharmacy while he attended culinary school. Now, as Executive Chef of Nutritional Services, Uriel is responsible for the patient menu. During a committee meeting, someone asked, "How do we show [patients that we] care," and Uriel thought of a sweet solution…individually made desserts. "It may seem like a small thing, but patients in the hospital look forward to their meals being delivered each day they are with us,” Uriel says. “And for many, the dessert is often the best part of the meal. We want our patients to be pleasantly surprised when they see the personal desserts created for them and know that we really care about their experience here." Previously, chefs prepared large sheet cakes each day that were cut into pieces to make desserts for patients. However, the desserts were sometimes inconsistent because one patient might get a soft middle piece and another patient might receive a harder corner piece. Sometimes the sizes of the pieces varied, and sometimes there was a lot of cake left over. Now, patients can look forward to pineapple upside down cake, chocolate raspberry torte, pecan pie, flan and Valencia orange cake, to name just a few. After coming up with the idea of individual desserts, Uriel had to ensure a successful launch of the new desserts. He started by reviewing the current menu and seeing what patients liked and disliked. Next, he developed recipes and added new twists to some "age old" goodies. He made sure they were easily duplicated by cafeterias throughout the system, but also tasted great. This process took nearly one year to complete! Lastly, Uriel had to share the new decadent desserts with his Nutritional Service partners throughout the system for taste testing and feedback. This is a great example of how "thinking outside the box" can help FH provide the exceptional patient experience that we all strive for. In addition, we are better stewards of our resources through this innovation because it uses fewer products, and prevents the waste that mass production can cause. "This is really the beginning of a journey to advance our menu and improve the food we offer our patients,” Uriel says. “While the food we serve is very tasty and nutritionally complete, our menu has not changed in 15 years. We are in the process of going through the menu and recommending several changes that will enhance it. We had to start somewhere, and we thought it was best to begin with dessert - most people's favorite part of the meal and the proverbial icing on the cake." Since their introduction in June, the desserts have been receiving rave reviews, but the work does not stop there. Uriel is still working to make sure that we give our patients the best product possible and making improvements where necessary. He also credits this sweet success to the the bakery staff members for their expertise and dedication, for making this all possible. Congratulations to Uriel Cruz for charting new waters and exemplifying great service to our patients.

5 Florida Hospital Internal Communications

Pink Ribbon Winner is a multipurpose discount program offered to FH employees. It offers multiple discounts including: 10 percent off origination and processing fees up to $500 on mortgages (buying or refinancing). We also offer on real estate up to $500 (buying and/or selling), discounts with participating retailers who are partnered with the program. You can visit the Web site or contact Doug Spinella at

This week’s winner for displaying the pink cancer awareness magnet on his/her vehicle is a Green Mercury Mountaineer license plate number:

J04 XVE To collect your prize, call 407/303-8244.

Lose Weight and Feel Great!

Receive a FREE body composition analysis at the Florida Hospital Fitness Center July 16 - July 20. The first 25 visitors will also receive a Healthy Living Cookbook. Stop by and learn about the new summer offerings that include 30 minute personalized exercise programs such as strength (including stability ball), cardio and flexibility instruction. Participation also includes weekly nutrition information. Payroll deduction available. Jump-start your weight-loss program today! Florida Hospital Diabetes Fitness Center Hours: Mornings: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6 a.m. -12:30 p.m. Tuesday/Thursday - 10:30 a.m. -.12:30 p.m. Monday - Thursday - 1:30 p.m. -7 p.m. The Moses Law Firm P.A. is a full-service Afternoons: law firm offering FH employees 25 percent off 2520 N. Orange Ave. - Across the street from the Medical Plaza at FHO. Call 407/303all legal fees. The goals of Moses Law Firm 2552 for more information. are to help you do more, enjoy more and simplify your life. Please contact the firm at 407/87-LEGAL. You can visit the Quality Inn at Heritage Park, which offers FH employees 15 percent off rack rates. It has 152 oversized guest rooms with free wireless internet access. There are meeting places available, an outdoor swimming pool and children's playground. You can visit the Web site at

Hair Connoisseurs Salon & MediSpa is your one stop convenience on location or at our lake-front MediSpa. Hair Connoisseurs will guide you to the right hairstyle and offers cutting edge cosmetics, facials, massages, nail treatments and much more. FH employees will save 50 percent off their first visit and 20 percent off thereafter. You can contact us at 407/786-4247 or check out the Web site at Sprint Wireless Advantage Inc. is offering FH employees a 20 percent discount on their monthly service with Sprint whether they are a Sprint customer or a new customer. You can contact Raushan Simmons at or visit the Web site at for more details.

Florida Children's Hospital Sponsors the Orlando Repertory Theatre's Target Family Fun Festival

Your passport to family fun this summer begins in Loch Haven Park with the first Target Family Theatre Festival July 14 - 22, 2007. Coordinated by Orlando Repertory Theatre, this festival includes live theatre, exhibits and activities for young audiences and families. Orlando Shakespeare Theater, Orlando Science Center, Orlando Museum of Art, the Mennello Museum and Orlando Theatre Project are also participating with special programs and discounts. The festival kicks off with the Family Party in the Park, from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Saturday, July 14. Come be a part of the activity as Loch Haven Park comes alive with free performances on the outdoor stage, bounce houses, fire engines, face painting, and games on the lawn sponsored by Florida Children's Hospital and Centra Care, Radio Disney and the Orlando Philharmonic's Instrument Petting Zoo. Pack your blanket and lawn chairs because the party concludes in the evening with The Muppet Movie, brought to us by Orlando's Enzian Theater. Find detailed information about the festival, including a complete schedule of activities, at or by calling 407/896-7365 ext. 1.

6 Florida Hospital Internal Communications

Florida Hospital Performs Its First Kidney/Pancreas Transplant The first patient to undergo a kidney/pancreas transplant in the greater Orlando area is looking forward to a bright future after having surgery at Florida Hospital Orlando on June 27. The 40-year-old woman says her life changed the moment she awoke from the operation -- a procedure that wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of an organ donor. "Daily shots. Insulin pumps. It's all I've ever known, and now, my life will never be the same. It will be different, and I am very excited about that," said Kathy Malley of Edgewater, Florida. Nearly 36 years after being diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes, Malley began considering the possibility of transplantation, and the first place she thought of was Florida Hospital. "I knew Florida Hospital had a good reputation. I trusted them, and I was right in doing so," she said. The kidney/pancreas transplant was performed by Florida Hospital Transplant Center's Dr. Michael Angelis, chief surgical director of transplantation services, and Dr. L. Tom Chin, surgical director of liver transplantation services. Dr. Uday Desai, medical director of pancreas transplantation services, oversees this particular program. "Kathy is living proof of the power of donation and transplantation. We're so excited that our new services are making a difference in her life, and we look forward to doing the same for others," Angelis said. The Florida Hospital Transplant Center has transformed lives for more than 30 years through personalized care of patients awaiting transplantation. The program offers kidney, liver and kidney/pancreas transplantation services, patient and professional education, and dedication to those in need of lifesaving organ transplants. Last year, more than 28,000 lives were saved due to the generosity of organ donors. Today, nearly 100,000 children and adults await this special gift.

The Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute Presents: Emerging Trends 2007 The 2007 Emerging Trends in Interventional Cardiology Conference, hosted by the Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute, will be held Sunday, August 19, at Disney's Yacht Club Resort from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. The conference is designed for CV technologists, cardiovascular surgical nurses, critical care nurses, radiology technologists and respiratory therapists, and will feature physician presentations on a number of topics, including: ŒAlternative Medicine ŒControversies surrounding Drug Eluting Stents ŒCarotid Stenting ŒCongestive Heart Failure Pharmacology

ŒAfibrillation ŒMinimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery ŒBroken Hearts Syndrome ŒNanotechnology

Attendees are asked to bring their license number with them in order to receive accreditation credits for participating. The cost of the conference is $75 for non-FH employees, $60 for affiliates and $50 for FH employees and students. Those attending can pay via check (made payable to Florida Hospital) or charge by faxing a registration form to 407/303-8225, attn: Scott Felker. You can also mail your registration form with check or credit card number to: Florida Hospital-Cardiology Education 2520 N. Orange Avenue Suite 200 Orlando, Florida 32804 c/o Scott Felker If you would like to use payroll deduct as your method of payment, please call Scott Felker at 407/303-8240 or Email at for the necessary paperwork. Save the date, August 19, for the Emerging Trends in Cardiology 2007 Conference, and learn from the experts about the very latest trends in Cardiovascular Treatment!


Florida Hospital Internal Communications

Florida Hospital Credit Union Update YOU ASKED FOR IT AND HERE IT IS . . .Two new programs just for you! Tiered share rates and New Money Market program! Starting Wednesday, August 1, 2007, dividend rates will be paid on all shares based on the account balance. The more you save, the more you will earn. Dividends will be declared and approved monthly by the Board of Directors. Also starting Wednesday, August 1, 2007, FHCU will unveil its new Money Market Program. This program will also pay dividend rates based on the account balance. Here are some of the features of the program: 1. No service fees 2. Minimum opening balance of $2,000 EARN MORE! 3. Dividends paid monthly 4. Direct deposit / payroll deduction Open a new money market account 5. Insured up to $100,000 by NCUA Starting August 1, 2007 Protect yourself against identity theft. How to protect yourself: 1. Never provide your personal information in response to an unsolicited request. 2. If you believe the contact may be legitimate, contact the financial institutions yourself. 3. Never provide your password over the phone or in response to an unsolicited Internet request. 4. Review account statements regularly to ensure all charges are correct. 5. Report all suspicious contacts to the Federal Trade Commission through the Internet at, or by calling 1-877IDTHEFT. FHCU will never solicit confidential information by phone or by e-mail. Get out of line with Direct Deposit! We wait in enough lines every day. Don't spend your free time waiting to deposit your paycheck. Have it deposited automatically into your account on payday with direct deposit! So what are you waiting for? Get out of line and sign up today! Branch Locations: Orlando (Main Branch) Altamonte Branch

East Orlando Branch

Maitland Branch

Winter Park Branch

601 E. Rollins Street

601 E. Altamonte Drive

7727 Lake Underhill Drive 900 Winderley Place

Orlando, FL 32803

Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 Orlando, FL 32822

Maitland, FL 32751

Winter Park, FL 32792






Fax: 407/303-7566

Fax: 407/303-5153

Fax: 407/303-6857

Fax: 407/200-4917

Fax: 407/646-7101

200 N. Lakemont Avenue

NBA Pre-Draft Camp Returns to Florida Hospital Celebration Health! The NBA was in town in June along with the top 2007 NBA Draft prospects for their annual Pre-Draft Camp. With the likes of Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, these prospects worked out and were evaluated by league coaches, general managers, scouts and front office executives. This was the second year that the camp was held in Orlando and Florida Hospital Celebration Health was involved. FHCH provided health screenings on the 80 NBA hopefuls that included blood, urinalysis, PPD, vision, MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray, echo, echo stress, and treadmill stress tests. A big thank-you goes out to the all the employees at FHCH and FHO, and to the following departments that played an integral part in making the medical portion of the Pre-Draft Camp a success: Engineering, Environmental Services, Fitness Centre, Imaging, Blood Lab, Nutritional Services, Patient Financial Services and Transcription. The weekend exemplified how the FH team goes above and beyond all expectations to please our clients. We would also like to recognize the physicians who took time out of their busy schedules to help assist: Dr. Mark Milunski, Dr. David Lowry, Dr. Douglas Meuser, Dr. James Scelfo, Dr. Dumois and his family practice residents. And finally a special thank you for the generous support from Quinton / Cardiac Science, Siemens, Mobile Sonix, and High-Tech Institute for their staff, medical equipment and the use of their cardiac stress test systems. With the advanced technology from these FH vendors, we had the capability to directly interface all equipment for real time results, something the NBA really appreciated.


Florida Hospital Internal Communications

i-Extend Information to Know There are only 2 more days until i-Extend goes live with Phase B at your campus! To communicate the latest information and prepare for go-live, i-Extend presents the fourth article in a series on Frequently Asked Questions. Please be aware of all the important information below. "What Command Center support will be available during go-live?" aFor the Sunday, July 15 Group B Go-Live, each of the seven Florida Hospital Campuses and Maitland will be affected. It is critical we provide appropriate communication and support to all affected staff at ALL campuses. aA Courtland Command Center will serve as the main command center with branches to smaller Campus Command Centers. aThe locations for the Campus Command Centers are: FHCH: Physician Training Room

FHK: Physician Informatics Office

WPMH: East Conference Room

FHO: Radiology Command Center

FHEO: Radiology Conference Room

FH Apopka: Training Room

FH Altamonte: 2E Conference Room aScheduled status calls at the Campus Command Centers will update all campus/department leadership, Advanced Super Users and Super Users, as well as i-Extend representatives of the system status during go-live. ŒThe representatives participating in the call will then communicate the key messages to their employees and co-workers. "How are we communicating with our patients?" aTent cards and fliers will be posted in the patient areas affeccted by the Phase B Go-live of i-Extend (ED, Radiology, Lab, PA/PFS and HIM) aPatients will receive the following information: ŒBeginning July 15, 2007, Florida Hospital will begin a conversion to a new electronic medical records system as part of our continuous progress in the delivery of our health care services. ŒWhile changes like these should go unnoticed during your hospitalization, we thank you for your patience and want you to know we are always striving to enhance patient care and improve patient safety and security. aPlease share the same key message as you care for our patients. Remember to be patient as changes may affect your work. These changes, however, should not affect the quality of care you provide. "How should I spiritually prepare for a successful go-live?" ai-Extend encourages you to "Go-Live with God." During implementation, meditate on the words of the prophet Isaiah, "The Lord will guide you always..." aAlso, feel free to pray the following: Heavenly Father, Thank you for your everlasting love and guidance. We are humbled to be a part of an organization whose mission is to extend your love and healing ministry. As promised through your prophet Isaiah, we ask you continue to guide us through the implementation and go-live of i-Extend. Calm our minds and inspire our spirits as we continue to provide the best care for our patients. Amen. For more i-Extend Phase B Go-Live information, please visit the i-Extend Go-Live Support Web site located on the FH Intranet. Click on the green banner bar listed above News & Information.

9 Florida Hospital Internal Communications

10 Florida Hospital Internal Communications

Trickletown Fair The Maitland campus Trickel building has now completed another one of its scheduled Mission events which promote unity and team spirit. On June 21, the Trickel building and its parking area were transformed into a carnival-like atmosphere for three hours where employees enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, cotton candy, snow cones, corn on the cob and popcorn all served by Port-A-Pit. Nearly 600 employees had an opportunity to observe or participate in team games. First, second and third place winners were announced for the patriotic hat and cake decorating contest, patriotic poetry contest and science fair exhibit. All proceeds from the White Elephant sale went toward Adopt-A-Family, Back Packs for Kids and the American Heart Walk. The event concluded with employees' names being drawn for gifts such as beach towels, iPod, digital camera, portable DVD player, candles and much more. Congrats to Benita Harrison, who was the first place winner of the patriotic poetry contest. This event was a huge success, thanks to the efforts of volunteers from Revenue Management and the PA/PFS department and its employees.

Ready to GO-LIVE On Sunday, July 15, ED, Radiology, PFS, HIM and the Lab will go live with Cerner. These five departments will be the first in the system to go live. FHCH will go live on Sunday, August 12.

Physician Satisfaction Survey FHCH had the highest participation in the physician satisfaction poll with 50 percent of FHCH physicians filling out the survey. Results of this study will be available in August.

Florida Hospital's Loch Haven OB/GYN Group Welcomes Dr. Mark S. Crider The Loch Haven OB/GYN Group is pleased to welcome Mark S. Crider, MD, to its medical staff. Prior to joining the Loch Haven OB/GYN Group, Crider practiced in Celebration for three years. Dr. Crider received his bachelor's degree in biology from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va., and his medical degree from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in Lexington, Ky. He completed his Obstetrics and Gynecology residency at Bethesda North Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Crider is also certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Crider's clinical interests include infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome and minimally invasive surgery.

Thanks to Sean Abel for his hard work in helping FHCH reach this level of participation!

Abdominal and Pelvic Pain? FHCH's new center for Complex Abdominal and Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CAPPS) provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program for the diagnosis, treatment and care of abdominal and pelvic pain that has been unsuccessfully diagnosed or treated. If you or someone you know could benefit from this program, visit and take a self-assessment.

Mission Trip Roatan A group of fellow FHCH/FH employees, doctors, and administrators will be leaving Sunday, July 15 for Roatan, Honduras.

Please keep this special team in your thoughts and prayers as they help create a facility that will make proper medical care available to the people of this small country. A BIG thank-you goes out to all who have contributed money, bought auction items, made cookies and cakes for the bake sale, or given garage sale items. With your help, the group is now within $5,000 of the $50,000 goal. If you would like to support this mission trip, please contact Dan Tilstra at 407/303-4668.

Neck & Back Pain? Know Your Options A FREE monthly seminar is being offered to learn the latest in non-surgical and surgical options for treatment of neck and back pain on the 2nd Thursday of every month from 6 - 7:30 p.m. at FHCH. To register, call 407/303-4545.

Florida Hospital Internal Communications


60 Minute Delivery Vision 2020 FH Apopka is delivering on its promise that patients will see a physician within 60 minutes in the Emergency Department. As a result, the "left without seeing doctor” (LWSD) percentage has dropped from an average of 4 percent to 2 percent during May, and June looks even more promising. "So far we are holding at 1.8 percent this month," says Ernesto Lopez, RN, BSN, CNO. Numbers for the "Door to Doctor" are also dropping from an average of 60 minutes in May to 56 minutes in June. The sense of urgency among the entire ED staff combined with a keen awareness of efficiency and timeliness has allowed Apopka to provide faster care to our patients.

Join FH Apopka as we continue on the journey to becoming a full-service community hospital by the year 2020. Enjoy an evening with friends and neighbors by celebrating Vision 2020, Shades of Autumn on Sunday, September 16 at the Apopka Community Center. The event features live and silent auctions, a four course dinner by Arthur's and great entertainment. For sponsorship information or tickets, contact Jon Nobles at 407/3039637 or

It's Back…packs for (TL: 835-2211) for more details. Kids 2007! SEEDS Update First day of school... A-Team lunchbox? Check. New Punky Brewster high-tops? Check. New Backpack enclosed with the essential shiny new G.I. Joe Trapper Keeper? Remember that heart-pounding feeling that a new school year brought when you had all the newest essential supplies? Be sure to provide an underprivileged student with a brand new backpack filled with the "Bare Necessities." The 2007 Backpacks for Kids campaign will run from Monday, July 16 through Friday, July 27. New this year, employees can purchase backpack coupons in FH cafeterias with their FH badges! Visit the FH Intranet: Department Information/SHARE/backpacks for kids 2007 to download the school supply list. More information and ideas will be shared in the Energizers. Call Kathryn Van Norman, Altamonte Coordinator,


We would like to say thank you to all the employees who have been generously donating to the SEEDS campaign to support the cafeteria expansion at FH Altamonte. To date, we have raised more than $68,000 to support this initiative. The expansion is set to start early next year. If you are not a SEEDS member and would like to become one, please contact Julie Crawford at 407/303-2810. Thank you!

SHARE the Experience The following SHARE cards were received from grateful patients and an employee. Thanks for what each of you do each day to help extend the healing ministry of Christ. Carmen, you were a light to me from the moment I arrived here at FL Hospital. You express the most genuine care possible….You came to see

Florida Hospital Internal Communications

23rd Annual FH Apopka Golf Tournament Enjoy an afternoon on the links at Florida Hospital Apopka's 23rd Annual Golf Tournament. This fun-filled scramble will be held at the beautiful Zellwood Station Country Club on Tuesday, October 9 and Wednesday, October 10. Proceeds from this event benefit Florida Hospital Apopka's journey to becoming a full-service hospital by the year 2020. For sponsorship information or to reserve a golf slot, contact Jon Nobles at 407/303-9637 or

me countless times when you were not assigned! Each time I saw you in the hall, you would cheer me on and lift my spirit! You exude the grace of our LORD. He has made you a blessing in my life. Please continue to spread your cheer to others. You are wonderful! - Grateful Patient Louise went above and beyond when caring for my mother before she had her surgery. She offered her help and support to not only my mother but also to my father and me. It is obvious that she works to fulfill the mission of Florida Hospital. She is a great asset to the hospital. Michelle, Employee Good Morning! Thank you so much for the part each of you played in taking care of me. From the nurses and techs to the Environmental Services and Nutrition Staff, I am so happy to receive my care from individuals that show so much love and compassion in caring for me as a person and as a patient. I have never been treated so well by complete strangers. Each of you have come to feel more like friends…. I wanted to thank every one of you. - Grateful Patient

Nursing Excellence Awards Nurses are the primary care providers for those in our hospital, and we don't thank them enough for working 12-hour shifts (sometimes longer), the weekends or holidays. Our nurses forge lasting and trusting relationships with our patients and their families. They have the opportunity to interact with patients during an often critical point in their lives, and they do so with delicate care and heartfelt compassion. They are the ones on the frontline who may deliver good news or bad and face either tears of joy or tears of sorrow. Their graceful presence, tender touch, and smiling faces can warm the hearts of our most ailing patients.

who received an award in Nursing Excellence or who were nominated: Jennifer Salisbury, RN, Pediatrics - Nursing Excellence in Patient Care Award Mary St. Angelo, RN, Same Day Services - Nominee, Nursing Excellence in Patient Care Nettie Willman, RN, ICU- Nominee, Nursing Excellence in Patient Care Lelye Russell, RN- Nominee, Nursing Excellence in Nursing Education Lynn Bustramm, RN- Nominee, Nursing Excellence in Nursing Education Julie Prang, RN, Nurse Manager, ICU 4 West- Nominee, Nursing Excellence in Nurse Management

Welcome to the Team! FHEO would like to welcome our new Inpatient Rehab Manager, Cheryl Hill, PT. Cheryl is no stranger to the FHEO family, having split time between FHEO and FHO during her first two years with the organization prior to moving to FH Altamonte. In 1995, Cheryl became the rehab manager at FH Altamonte and has remained there until now. As Inpatient Rehab Manager, Cheryl will be responsible for managing the inpatient rehab team and will manage the deployment of the "Safe Patient Handling" program, a project she managed at FH Altamonte as well.

FHEO would like to recognize our nurses

Sher Bent, RN, Nurse Manager, Same Day Services- Nominee, Nursing Excellence in Nurse Management

Island Fiesta!

Back to School


We're excited to announce the Open House of FHK's new Surgery and Imaging Services departments. As part of this grand event, we will be having an island celebration with Caribbean and Spanish flavors. The open house will be Tuesday, August 7, from 4:30 - 7 p.m. at FHK Surgery and Imaging Services departments. Everyone is invited for complimentary desserts and beverages.

It's that time of year again to help Highland's Elementary School students prepare for the new school year. We will be providing them with fully equipped book bags to help give them a good start. A list of supplies for each grade will be put in your mailboxes. All book bags should be turned in to the school by Monday, August 13. Let's reach out to the community and make a difference one school at a time.

Respiratory Care is now located in the hallway between Nutritional Services and Engineering. The department sign is up to help remind you of the new location so you don't lose your way.

Off to an Early Start FHK pharmacy center would like to recognize its international student for the month of July. Burna Oliveina Dodi is in her final year of pharmacy school in Brazil. FHK is providing her with a four-week introduction to hospital pharmacy practice. She is the niece of one of our physical therapists and attends La Pontificia Universidade Cat贸lica de Campinas. Welcome to the family, Burna, we're happy to have you!


Florida Hospital Internal Communications

Don't Forget You only have three days left to participate in the Safety Culture Survey! Our goal is to have at least 60 percent participation, and we are very close to meeting this goal at 56 percent. We need your input to continue to improve our patient safety. For your convenience, you may drop paper surveys off in the Orlando Nursing Administration Office, 11th floor, Attention: Cynthia Ware and/or Patty Dalton.

i-Extend Update On Sunday, July 15, at 6:30 a.m., Group B will go live on Cerner for Radiology, Laboratory, HIM, PA/PFS and ED. ŒRadiology: Inpatient radiology orders will be entered into Siemens Clinician Access the same as today. Inpatient radiology orders will be reentered into Cerner, by radiology until our golive on Sunday, November 11. ŒLaboratory: Inpatient Lab orders will continue to be placed in Siemens/Suncare, the same as today. These orders won’t appear in Cerner, but the test results will appear in Cerner. ŒEmergency Department: The FirstNet

Organizer will have the patients in the correct locations in the respective EDs. The E-trac icon will be removed from the End Users screens. FirstNet, EKG and dietary orders will continue to be placed in Siemens Clinician Access. ŒED Registration - Quick Reg: PA will begin to scan the copies and present patient documents into i-Extend. ŒPFS/PA: PA, Outpatient and Inpatient Services will begin scannning patient orders, insurance cards, consent forms, authorizations and ID's into i-Extend. Registrations will be done in SunPort the same as it is today. ŒHIM: ED batch scanning begins in Cerner ProVision Document Imaging. They won’t be scanning ED discharges into DigiChart. ŒOutpatient Scheduling (OS): OS will begin scanning outpatient physician orders into Cerner PowerChart. Hospital staff will need to check both Cerner and DigiVault for orders before calling the physician office because orders may be stored in both systems.

Congrats and Welcome


WPMH has a new Security Supervisor. Elizabeth Ortiz comes to WPMH from FHO, where she served as security supervisor for one year. Elizabeth is originally from New York and has a Masters degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Management. Please welcome Elizabeth. Remember to use the new numbers for Security assistance: Non-Emergency #1916 and Emergency # 7911.

Congratulations to Mindi Zaporteza, RN, for receiving the 2007 Odessa Chambliss Quality of Life Fund Award for Oncology Nursing and to Jasmine Elbadia, RN, for receiving the 2007 Nursing Excellence in Patient Care Award at the Leadership Appreciation and Awards event in June.


Maria Rizzo will be serving as the new Manager for Volunteer Services at FHO. Maria Rizzo has been with FH more than 13 years and was manager of the Altamonte/Apopka volunteers for the past six years. Please join us in welcoming Maria to the FHO team. Paul Mains has accepted the position of FHO Security Director. Paul comes with more than 30 years of law enforcement, public and private security training, and health-care security consulting. Paul is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and a Certified Security Consultant. He has performed hospital security assessments for five hospitals in Florida and developed the Training Orientation Program for Security (TOPS). Please welcome Paul to the FHO team.

Brenda Hutson has accepted the position of


Please welcome Pamela Pappa to the Winter Park team. She is the new Assistant Nurse Manager in ICU for the night shift. Pam comes to us from FHCH with many years of critical care experience. Welcome!

Operational Director for Expansion at FHO. She will manage the transitions into the new Orlando tower and work with affected departments. Brenda has worked at Florida Hospital for a number of years, with much time within our EDs at FHO, WPMH, FHEO and FHCH. Welcome aboard, Brenda!

Flag Day On Flag Day, June 14, the Marine Corps Color Guard raised a new flag outside the main entrance to the hospital. We were proud to have Lance Cpl. Christian A. Sanders, USMC and Sgt. Jacob K. Jordan, USMC from the Marine Corps Reserve Center, Orlando, do the honors. Lance Cpl. Sanders

Florida Hospital Internal Communications

served in Iraq from August 2006 to March 2007 and Sgt. Jacob Jordan just returned from his 3rd tour of duty in Iraq. We thank them for their presence here on Flag Day and for their service to our country.


classified ads Vehicles/Boats

3/1 in Ocoee 407/905-5245



$450/mo 407/474-7389

2004 Honda 250cc Rebel

Sanford 3/1 historic home w/

2/1.5 Altamonte Springs

2/2 2nd floor condo w/ screened

Furnished bedroom, private bath,

Motorcycle, red, $2,500.00

charm on double lot. 350K

Townhouse. W/D, fenced yard,

porch in Maitland. $1200/mo

n/s female,close to FHO & FHA.



security system 169K OBO 407-


$350/mo. & 1/2 utilities

1999 Jaguar XJR, black, 80K mi.

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407/896-4523 2003 Chevy Cavalier LS, 60K mi $7000 OBO 407/230-8920 4/2/2 w/ screen porch & pool 407/388-9874 or 321/2791270 Chaparal boat 1987 $600 407/919-9910 94 Nissan Quest, White 149 mi. $2,000 OBO 321/945-0243. Homes/Land for Sale

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community amenities.

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3/2 in Orlando $1300/mo. 407-

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407/620-2484 Looking for clean & responsible M/F, Close to Millenia mall. 407/595-8286

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cable/internet/utl. Avail: 9/1/07

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Miscellaneous Items Eddie Bauer double stroller. $85. 407/616-8498

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(Harmar AL500). $875 407/8140054. INVACARE power wheelchair w/ power seating $15K 407/2495193 Epson Color Printer $20 407/-

Florida Hospital maintains the Classified Section as a benefit to FH employees, medical staff and volunteers. FH does not endorse any of these ads submitted, nor does it guarantee a discount or the quality of the products. FH is not responsible for any problems that may arise from related transactions. FH reserves the right to accept or reject a submitted advertisement. Ads for personal business or services; childcare services offered; guns and vacation timeshares will not be published. Ads will not run for the same items more than three months consecutively. The Times editor is not obligated to call to confirm receipt of advertisements. Only current FH employees, medical staff and volunteers may advertise in The Times. *NFNSC = No Friday night or Saturday calls.

Classified deadline for next issue: July 16, 2007 Fax ads to 407/303-8225, interoffice mail to FH Marketing & Planning (Orlando), or Email If Emailing PLEASE DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS, and make sure to include your home phone number. PLEASE LIMIT ADS TO 20 WORDS AND NO PHONE CALLS

Florida Hospital Newsletter 2  

Florida Hospital Newsletter 2