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As we turn the page on our 35th year, the Board of Directors are honoured to provide leadership and strategic direction to SportMedBC’s membership and staff in support of the Best People, Best Practices and Best Programs across this great province. Moving forward into the final year of our five year strategic plan, we are committed to offering more programs, services and educational opportunities that support our practitioner members while generating awareness of the sport medicine resources available to the sport system and all British Columbians. As with any organization that has been around for 35 years we must adapt to our ever changing environment. In the next few months we will amend our constitution to comply with the New Societies Act. With a growing membership and committed leadership team, board and staff, we will embrace this change and others while looking ahead to a very productive 2017-18. Thank you for your continued support and interest in SportMedBC.

Dr. David Cox Chair, SportMedBC

I am proud to say that I have completed my first full year as the Executive Director of SportMedBC. What an incredible year it was! 2017 marked the 22nd edition of the Vancouver Sun Run InTraining Program. Through our long standing partnership with the Vancouver Sun, we continue to support walkers and runners in their training leading up to the big day. Despite the harsh winter conditions, we saw excellent turn out with close to 2,000 participants in over 50 community clinics across the province. The Aboriginal RunWalk Program was also well represented at the Vancouver Sun Run with over 300 program leaders and their groups making up one of the largest teams in the race. Celebrating its eleventh year, the ARW Program has had a tremendous impact on indigenous communities throughout BC, encouraging participants to lead healthy and active lives, even after they cross the finish line. Sport Safety & Events Services continues to be an important ally to the provincial sport and sport medicine communities as well, delivering 80 sport safety workshops to over 450 individuals and providing medical services to over 10,000 athletes in the last year. As we move forward in the digital age, social media and online avenues will be crucial to our success. In this regard, we saw steady growth in both social media followers and website traffic. I’d like to say thank you to the Board of Directors for their support and trust and to the Staff for their cooperation and their great work over the last twelve months.

Robert Joncas Executive Director, SportMedBC

SPORTMEDBC TEAM Robert Joncas Executive Director

Amanda de Faye

Stefanie Bissett Manager, RunWalk Programs & Vancouver Sun Run InTraining

Manager, Aboriginal RunWalk

Philippe Saucier

(Covering maternity leave of Susan Nguyen)

Manager, SportMed Safety & Event Services

Annalynn Prince

Christina Lukianiuk

Coordinator, Aboriginal RunWalk

Lynn Kanuka

Coordinator, SportMed Safety & Event Services (Covering maternity leave of Kathy

Coach, SportMed RunWalk


Cathy Hudson

Nick Brown


Manager, Marketing & Communications

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dr. David Cox (Chair)

Anthony Findlay (Vice Chair)


Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Dr. Joseph Stern (Treasurer)

Kate Milne


Exercise Physiologist

Kim Cormack

Anita Wilson

Athletic Therapist

Message Therapist

Marc Rizzardo

Paul Dwyer


Athletic Therapist

Dr. Dory Boyer Orthopedic Surgeon



OUR VISION & MISSION BEST PEOPLE. BEST PRACTICES. BEST PROGRAMS. SportMedBC acts as a focal point for experts, applied expertise and programs. It serves the full continuum of British Columbians, spanning those oriented towards all levels of activity from Recreation to Fitness to Performance.

VISION To be recognized as a trusted resource for Best Practices in Sport Medicine, Exercise Science and Health Promotion.

MISSION Support health and performance through sport and exercise with the Best People, Best Practices, and Best Programs in Sport Medicine and Exercise Science for British Columbians.



OUR PARTNERSHIPS The support that SportMedBC partners provide is fundamental to our commitment to further enhance sport medicine and science activities in the province of British Columbia.

FUNDING PARTNERS We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through ViaSport and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture (formerly the Ministry of Community, Sport & Cultural Development).

SportMedBC and British Columbians also benefit from other partnerships that are integral to the delivery of our programs and services Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Council SportMedBC’s partner in the province-wide delivery of Aboriginal RunWalk. The Vancouver Sun SportMedBC and The Vancouver Sun partner to deliver the InTraining program through The Vancouver Sun Run. Fortius Sport & Health SportMedBC is a Premier Founding Partner of Fortius Sport & Health and the Fortius Athlete Development Centre. BC Games Society SportMedBC provides advice and guidance to host community medical services committees.

SERVICE PARTNERS Cheeky Monkey Media Hudson Consulting Marilyn Payne Consulting Thomas L. Lutes, Barrister & Solicitor Tompkins, Wozny, Miller & Co.

BC Injury Prevention and Leadership Council SportMedBC is a member of the council. Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports SportMedBC incorporates drug-free sport messages into our programs and assists with the coordination and implementation of doping control services. Doctors of BC SportMedBC is a member of the Athletics Recreation committee. SportBC British Columbia’s membership lead for provincial sport organizations. The Province SportMedBC and The Province newspaper partner to deliver The Province Sports Academy.



OUR FRAMEWORK SportMedBC was established in 1982 as the Sport Medicine Council of British Columbia, which marked the beginning of what is today a professional network of nearly 700 sport medical and paramedical practitioners. Many of our basic operations and activities serve the province’s leaders in Sport Medicine, Sport and Exercise Science and Health Promotion, including our SportMed Directory and our SportMed Library. These resources are also designed to serve the larger community of British Columbians and Canadians who are interested in active living, from recreation and fitness, to performance.



SportMedBC provides access to Sport Medicine experts through its SportMed Directory of sport medical and paramedical practitioners, along with information on clinics employing qualified professionals. SportMedBC also serves to recruit, build and promote expertise in the field through SportMed Conferences and SportMed Professional Development, including its job board.

For most active Canadians, SportMedBC comes to life through its Sport Training programs, including its popular and internationally-regarded SportMed RunWalk programs. Tens of thousands of active British Columbians have been exposed to the SportMed RunWalk curriculum through the SunRun InTraining and Aboriginal RunWalk clinics offered throughout the province.



SportMedBC promotes sport safety and best practices for injury prevention and management through our SportMed Safety Program, providing the BC sport and athletic community with leadership, education and training. SportMedBC also offers coordinated services to athletes and teams, by providing medical coverage for various sporting events across the province and country.

SportMedBC is the leading promoter of applied expertise through its Sport Science Library, featuring a series of books and publications produced by SportMedBC and some of its leading practitioners. The Library also includes other recommended books, Online Resources, and information in the areas of Sport Nutrition, Sport Safety, Sport Psychology and Strength & Conditioning. 7


SPORT SAFETY & EVENT SERVICES From delivering 80 workshops to coordinating medical services to over 10,000 athletes, SportMedBC’s Sport Safety and Event Services program continues to promote sport safety and best practices for injury prevention and management, by providing the BC sport and athletic community with leadership, education and training.

Courses & Workshops The SportMed Safety Program delivered 80 sport safety workshops through 15 community locations including:

Athletic Taping - 22 Concussion Management - 26 Sports First Aid - 25 Sport Smart - 7

Provincial Committee Representation

Partnerships with the following groups and PSOs: SEAPARC BC Hydro Synchro BC BC Hockey Creekside Community Centre Coastal FC Cowichan Soccer Association Canadian Sports Business Academy Engage Sport North Terrace Youth Soccer Assocication Special Olympics BC St John’s Ambulance Crofton House School Pacific Sport Interior 8

PISE Softball BC Wayland Sports BC Wheelchair Sport Association Douglas College Special Olympics BC Pacific Coast Taekwondo Cross-Country BC Catholic Independent School Vancouver Archdiocese College of New Caledonia St-John Ambulance Yale Secondary School Simon Fraser University

• • • •

• •

TeamBC Mission Staff Medical Manager Viasport Safe Sport Advisory Group BC Injury Prevention Alliance Active & Safe BC Initiative | BC Injury Research & Prevention Unit BC Concussion Advisory Network BC Hockey Safety Committee

BEST PRACTICES. SportMedBC at the 2017 Canada Summer Games SportMedBC played a vital role in the coordination and delivery of sport medicine and science services for Team BC at the Canada Summer Games with our Safety & Event Services Manager, Philippe Saucier, acting as the team’s Medical Manager. Working closely with the Chefs de Mission and Sport Branch, Philippe coordinated all aspects of the SportHealth Program and assisted in the provision of performance enhancement services for coaches and athletes prior to and during the Games. BC finished 2nd in the overall standings with team record of 146 medals!

Event Services BC Soccer Coaching Courses (B License, C License) High Performance Program Les Sinnott Tournament BC Basketball Club Championships Summer Series Hoop Fest 400-1000 athletes BC Australian Football League Volleyball BC U18 Provincials ~600 athletes BC Ultimate BC High School Championship Flower Bowl BC Championships Karate BC Canada Open Championships 600-800 athletes BC Wrestling “War on the Floor” event BC Lacrosse Field Lacrosse Provincials Box Lacrosse Provincials BC Speed Skating Western Elite Circuit #2 400-600 athletes

Okanagan Nation Alliance Junior All Native Basketball Tournament Over 800 athletes Surrey Athletic Association Track & Field Elementary Championships Metro Women’s Soccer League BC School Sports BC High School T&F Championships AAA Girls Soccer Championships BCSS Boys A Soccer Provincials Americas Masters Games Crofton House School ISAA Jr & Sr Field Hockey Championships ISAA Girls Soccer Provincials Next Generation Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Taekwondo Junior Championships Medical Chair | Organizing Committee Over 800 athletes representing 102 countries Team BC Canada Summer Games (Winnipeg) 9


SPORTMED RUNWALK Regarded as the best in their class, the SportMed RunWalk programs and services have been developed by Canada’s leading experts in Sport Medicine and built on the most advanced applied expertise in Sport Science.


Vancouver Sun Run InTraining Clinics Aboriginal RunWalk Program Pre/Post-Training Health Screening (HealthBeat) Online InTraining SportMedBC Nutrition

InTraining Program 2017 marked the 22nd year of SportMedBC’s Vancouver Sun Run InTraining Program, which has grown to include over 50 RunWalk clinics throughout the province of B.C. Despite the harsh winter season, the 13-week training program helped prepare 1885 participants to either run or walk the annual Vancouver Sun Run 10K race on April 23, 2017.

RunWalk Program Highlights •

Aboriginal RunWalk Program The Aboriginal RunWalk Program (ARW) uses a Train the Trainer model to improves the health and fitness of the Indigenous communities in British Columbia. By providing leadership training and support to our ARW leaders, they have the tools and skills to guide their participants to gradually build fitness levels in preparation for a 10K running or walking event. Since its creation in 2007, the ARW program has been successfully delivered with over 700 leaders trained, 10,000 participants and over 400 communities involved province wide. 10

1885 Vancouver Sun Run InTraining participants with 425 volunteer leaders at 53 community clinics across the province. 54 volunteer RunWalk leaders received recognition for their years of service with the program (Five years: 25; 10 years, 19; 15 years, 7; 20 years: 3) 159 trained Aboriginal RunWalk leaders mobilized 2520 participants from across the province to train and complete a 10km walking or running event. 300 program leaders and their groups participated in the Vancouver Sun Run as part of the Aboriginal RunWalk corporate team, one of the largest teams in the corporate division. Additional funding provided by the Physical Activity Strategy has resulted in new enhancements to the program including improved leader resources, increased onsite support to communities and a new ARW coordinator.


HealthBeat visited six communities around the province, including two new communities (Laxgalts’ap and Alert Bay), screening a total of 197 participants.

Four communities who received training from the HealthBeat staff last year were able to deliver a HealthBeat screening independently




supplies and successfully screened 46 participants across four regions. •

Healthy nutritional advice distributed to over 4,500 participants weekly through RunWalk.

“This [the ARW program] has made a tremendous impact on my life. I get out more, I lost weight and I socialized. It showed me that goals are possible. It showed me that I can achieve what I set my mind to. One of the best decisions I have made.” – ARW Participant (Kispiox)





5.8K Social Media Followers

695 Practitioner Members

411K Website Pageviews

1.8K Newsletter Subscribers

17 Sport Medicine Professions

Member of the BC Sport Communications Task Team

165K Sport Medicine Library Pageviews

8 Regions Across BC

Weekly InTraining Feature in the Vancouver Sun

23K Practitioner Profile views (25% Increase)

17K Online Community Members


2350-3713 Kensington Avenue Burnaby, BC V5B 0A7 T: 604-294-3050 E-mail: info@sportmedbc.com Web : www.sportmedbc.com

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SportMedBC 2017 Annual Report  

SportMedBC 2017 Annual Report