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2011 - 2012 ANNUAL REPORT

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THIRTY YEARS OF LEADERSHIP SportMedBC is proud to be celebrating 30 years of leadership, public awareness and education in the areas of sport medicine, sport science and sport training. Since 1982, we have been committed to promoting sport health and acting as a focal point for experts, applied expertise and programs. With practitioner support, we have come a long way towards our vision of helping to create a comprehensive, highly-integrated sport medicine network serving active Canadians. Three decades ago, visionaries in our field such as Dr. Doug Clement and Dr. Jack Taunton championed the creation of a network of sport medical and paramedical leaders. That SportMedBC network has now grown to 600 strong. More important, the fields of sport medicine, sport science and sport training the three pillars of SportMedBC have grown, developed and evolved to the point where they permeate all aspects of the promotion and development of sport. There is no market segment on the continuum of sport represented in the Canadian Sport for Life model, from entrylevel youth to professional athletes and Olympians to Masters Games athletes, not served, impacted or otherwise influenced in some way by practitioners of sport medicine and exercise science. The best is yet to come and the upside is huge for sport medicine, sport science and sport training. We mark our 30th Anniversary by ushering in a new strategic partner in athlete development and health promotion: Fortius Sport & Health. We should be proud of the 30-year history of SportMedBC. Yet we should be more bullish than ever about the next 30 years, thanks to partners such as the BC Sport Agency, the Government of British Columbia, The Vancouver Sun and the many more that have helped make our province one of the hotbeds for sport medicine and exercise science in North America and that will continue to do so in the years to come.

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SportMedBC Annual Report 2011-2012







Message from the Chair CEO Report SportMedBC Board of Directors and Staff

Clients Partnerships Acknowledgments

Sport Medicine Sport Science Sport Training





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Role, Mission, Vision Highlights The Future

Best People (including the SportMed Directory) Best Practices (including the SportMed Library) Best Programs (including SportMed Safety, Performance, Nutrition & RunWalk)


Highlights in 2011-2012 AUGUST Performed Medical Manager duties for Team BC at the Western Canada Summer Games.



Developed and initiated delivery of new concussion management workshop.


Reached over 90 BC Aboriginal communities through SportMed Aboriginal RunWalk.


Provided on-site medical support for 48,904 runners & walkers in Vancouver Sun Run.


Forged a new partnership with the Aboriginal Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Partners Council.


Worldwide release for Beginning Runner's Handbook (4th edition).



B OA R D O F DIRECTORS Governance and policies are led by a 10-person Board of Directors elected from our professional membership.

Dr. David Cox Psychologist Summerland - Chair

Dr. Joseph Stern Podiatrist Vancouver - Treasurer

Dr. Jim Bovard Physician North Vancouver

Leslie Clisby Massage Therapist



Message from the Chair On behalf of the Board of Directors, management and staff of SportMedBC, I wanted to acknowledge and congratulate all of those who have contributed to 30 years of growth, development and evolution in sport medicine, sport science and sport training here in British Columbia and, for that matter, across Canada. I cannot help but put the spotlight on a podium of milestones and defining moments in our history as we gather for a 2012 Annual General Meeting that marks the 30th Anniversary of SportMedBC. Of course, we would not be here today without the vision, inspiration and leadership of those who recognized the importance of injury prevention and treatment decades ago and worked together to create the sports first aid program that led to the creation of SportMedBC in 1982 and in turn, what is now a network of 600 dedicated practitioners that represent our fields throughout the province.

Campbell River

Dr. Christopher MacLean Biomechanist Vancouver

Marc Rizzardo Physiotherapist

The second milestone in the history of sport medicine in British Columbia was the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Jack Taunton, Dr. Mike Wilkinson, Dr. Rick Celebrini and countless others from our SportMedBC network, Vancouver 2010 was heralded by the International Olympic Committee as having the best sport medical services platform in the history of the Olympic Games. That is arguably our greatest achievement and it was a shared experience that had much the same boost on our profession that it had on the country at large. It was golden.


Dr. Jim Verners Chiropractor Victoria

Dr. Mike Wilkinson Physician Vancouver

Isabel Grondin Physiotherapist Victoria

Kate Milne Exercise Physiologist Vancouver

The third milestone, in part a legacy of the integrated approach taken to serving the Olympic athletes of Vancouver 2010, is the creation of Fortius Sport & Health. We are proud to be the Premier Founding Partner of Fortius Sport & Health and the three entities that will collectively help us elevate our fields to the next level: the Fortius Foundation, the Fortius Institute and the Fortius Athlete Development Centre, with the flagship facility situated in the City of Burnaby. It's a major milestone for sport medicine and exercise science because it represents an investment of tens of millions of dollars into our sector. The capital campaign alone for the Fortius Athlete Development Centre is $61 million and the lead donation of more than $23 million made by Vancouver businessman Scott Cousens is the single largest sport philanthropic gift in Canadian history. Yet with initiatives such as Fortius Sport & Health and others, the future has never looked brighter for those of us committed to the promotion of sport health on the strength of the best people, best practices and best programs in sport medicine, sport science and sport training.

Dr. David Cox, PhD 4

M A N AG E M E N T & S TA F F Lynda Cannell President & CEO

President & CEO's Report The Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League have much more than the team doctor and trainer they had in tow when they made their first run to the Stanley Cup final in 1982, the same year SportMedBC was founded 30 years ago. The NHL franchise now has an arsenal of strength and conditioning expertise, physiotherapists, sport psychologists, nutritionists and even a sleep doctor employed to help its players achieve optimal performance as individuals and as a team. The Canucks have invested considerably in training equipment and amenities at Rogers Arena and will invest even more in their new practice facility, planned for space at what is now Plaza of Nations. The same can be said of the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League, the Vancouver Whitecaps FC of Major League Soccer, the Vancouver Canadians of the Northwest League of Minor League Baseball and even the Vancouver Giants of the major junior Western Hockey League. The Lions are serviced by several of the veterans of our SportMedBC network; same with Major League Soccer's Whitecaps. The Whitecaps' commitment to their players extends to their residency prospects and will be headquartered at their new training centre at the University of British Columbia. Thirty years since our inception, SportMedBC practitioners are now everywhere in the sport system and in the pecking order of professional sports in BC and across the country. Members of our network have long-standing relationships with national team and provincial team programs in Canada. As we mark our 30th Anniversary, we have many reasons to be proud of our professional not-forprofit society, from our Sports First Aid program to SportMed RunWalk and Sun Run InTraining and from our on-site medical coverage program to the new SportSmart injury prevention and performance tips workshop series for parents and coaches.

Sandy Manske Director, Finance & Administration Alison Cristall Director, Business Development Mike Martignago Manager, Communications Shannon McBurney Manager, SportMed RunWalk Jean-Sebastien Hartell Coordinator, SportMed Safety Susan Nguyen Coordinator, SportMed RunWalk Lynn Kanuka Coach, SportMed RunWalk Patricia Chuey Senior Consultant, SportMed Nutrition

Yet more than anything, we can take great pride in you: The practitioners and professionals who have dedicated yourselves to sport medicine and exercise science and made your mark on our pro sports franchises, national and provincial team programs, training clinics for everyday British Columbians and, of course, on Vancouver 2010. We look forward to working with you to continue to promote and develop our fields in British Columbia and across Canada and to help make a difference for the hundreds of thousands of athletes, weekend warriors, recreational players and fitness buffs who benefit from your expertise and, moreover, your dedication to and passion for your profession.

Lynda Cannell, M.P.E. 5

Best People. Best Practices. Best Programs.



As our partnership approaches nearly 20 years, the Sun Run InTraining program by SportMedBC continues to assist in making the Vancouver Sun Run one of the most successful 10K RunWalk events in the world. Their running and walking programs lead the way in promoting physical activity, health and fitness. JAMIE PITBLADO Vice-President Promotions & Community Investment Pacific Newspaper Group

SportMedBC works both within the core provincial sport system and in some cases, national sport federations and in the larger community of other groups and individuals involved in sport and active living, from community centres and colleges and universities to professional sport franchises and associations to individual athletes of all ages and levels of ability.


BC Soccer

 PacificSport Centres (Kamloops, Nanaimo, Prince    

George, Fraser Valley) BC Lacrosse Association Gymnastics BC BC Games Society Coaches Association of BC

NOTE: SportMedBC works in cooperation with the Canadian Sport Centre Pacific on the Integrated Performance System (IPS) to develop and implement sport health monitoring and services for targeted athletes and sports.

                 

Athletics (Middle Distance) Cycling Diving Figure Skating Judo Para-Alpine Ringette Rugby Shooting Snowboarding Speed skating Swimming Triathlon Volleyball Water polo Wheelchair Athletics Wheelchair Basketball Wrestling


   


Field Hockey Canada Canadian Soccer Association Canadian Para Alpine Ski Team Tennis Canada Individual national level athletes in a variety of sports

LOCAL CLUBS, TEAMS & COMMUNITY CENTRES 63 Community Centres serving as Sun Run InTraining venues  120 Aboriginal communities across the province (including 36 Band offices, 15 Aboriginal Schools, 12 Aboriginal Societies and 27 Aboriginal groups and 4 Community Health Centres)  Royal City Hyacks Football Club  SFU Track and Field 


              

UBC Human Kinetics Simon Fraser University Kinesiology University of Victoria Capilano University University College of Fraser Valley College of the Rockies Douglas College Langara College Trinity Western University Crofton House Charles Hays Secondary West Point Grey Academy Mulgrave School McRoberts Secondary Kelly Road Secondary Collingwood secondary school

EVENTS  BC Soccer Provincial Teams Program Training               

Camps BC Lacrosse Tier I Field Lacrosse Provincials BC Lacrosse Tier II Lacrosse Provincials Western Canada Summer Games Kamloops Vancouver Sun Run Scotiabank Half Marathon CSA National B Coaches Camp BC Soccer NTC Camps and exhibition matches Richmond Elementary School Track and Field Surrey Elementary School Track and Field Henderson Elementary School Track and Field BC Lacrosse Bantam Lacrosse Provincials BC Lacrosse Girls Lacrosse Provincials BC Lacrosse Midget Lacrosse Provincials BC Lacrosse PeeWee Provincials BC Soccer Provincial Teams Program

GENERAL PUBLIC More than 13,673 individual logging on to private communities and training groups at



PARTNERSHIPS BC Sport Agency The new centralized agency responsible for sport funding and development in British Columbia.

Fortius Sport & Health SportMedBC is a Premier Founding Partner of Fortius Sport & Health and the Fortius Athlete Development Centre slated for opening in Burnaby, B.C. in the spring of 2013.


SportMedBC provides on-site sport safety support and technical development and is a strategic partner in the delivery of SportMed Soccer, a program of training tips and resources for players and their parents.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The support that SportMedBC partners provide is fundamental to our commitment to further and enhance sport medicine and science activities in the province of British Columbia. FUNDING PARTNERS BC Sport Agency

British Columbia Gaming Commission

BC Games Society SportMedBC provides advice and guidance to Host Community medical services committees.

BC Medical Association (Athletics & Recreation Committee) SportMedBC is a corresponding member of the committee and has worked closely with the physicians to bring SportMed RunWalk into their offices.

Province of British Columbia

PROGRAM PARTNERS The BC Ministry of Health (Aboriginal Healthy Living Branch) Williams Health Group Urban Poling

BC Injury Prevention and Leadership Council SportMedBC is a corresponding member of the council

Thomas L. Lutes, Barrister & Solicitor Emblematica Brand Builders

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport SportMedBC incorporates drug-free sport messages into our programs and assists in the coordination and implementation of doping control services.

SportBC The primary link to the provincial sport organizations focused on sport insurance and other administrative services.

MEDIA PARTNERS The Vancouver Sun The Province The Sport Market on Team 1040

Aboriginal Healthy Living Branch, Ministry of Health Bringing walking, running and leadership development to aboriginal communities throughout the province.

Aboriginal Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Partners Council SportMedBC's partner in the province-wide delivery of Aboriginal RunWalk.


Best People. Best Practices. Best Programs.



The continued development of SportMed Soccer through its online resources is an exciting step for parents, coaches, soccer leaders and most important players. Through social media and The Province Sports Academy, SportMed Soccer provides the necessary training tools and tips that truly benefit those involved in the sport. With SportMedBC's experience in RunWalk and InTraining programs, our partnership offers the opportunity to deliver valuable sport medicine, sport science and sport training information BJORN OSIECK Executive Director of BC Soccer


SportMedBC was established 30 years ago as the Sport Medicine Council of British Columbia, which marked the beginning of what is today a professional network of close to 600 sport medical and paramedical practitioners. Many of our basic operations and activities serve the province's leaders in Sport Medicine, Sport Science and Sport Training, including our SportMed Directory and our SportMed Library. Those resources are also designed to serve the larger community of British Columbians and Canadians who are interested in active living, from recreation and fitness to performance.




Best People

Best Practices

Best Programs






Sports First Aid Workshops


Research Papers

Athletic Taping Workshops

Athletic Therapists

Academic/Medical Reports

Concussion Management Workshops


Products and Technologies

On-Site Event Coverage

Massage Therapists

Audio and Video Resources



Professional & Volunteer Opportunities

Athlete/Team Services


Nutritional Plans and Recipes

Athlete Assessment Protocols


SportMed Online Communities

Nutrition Education & Counselling

Exercise Physiologists

Sport Safety & Injury Prevention



Sport Nutrition

Athlete/Team Counselling



Education Workshops

Fitness Appraisers

SportMed Soccer

Menu Resources


PLUS 12 additional program-specific networks

SportMed RunWalk

Mental Performance Consultants

SunRun In Training

Strength & Conditioning Specialists

Aboriginal RunWalk


RunWalk Online Nordic Walking



Best People. Best Practices. Best Programs.



SportMedBC has been an essential part of the success of The Province Sports Academy. Our instructional project was created to provide resources for players, coaches and parents, and we needed outside experts to help with that. The SportMedBC team provides us with excellent and current content that has benefited thousands of young athletes, parents and sport administrators across British Columbia. PAUL CHAPMAN Senior News Editor, The Province


SportMedBC, a professional not-for-profit society comprised of sport medical and paramedical practitioners in British Columbia, promotes leadership, public awareness and education in the areas of sport medicine, sport science and sport training.


Practitioner network grows to 600 practitioners in 2011-2012

SportMedBC's Performance Manager supports Team BC at Western Canada Summer Games

OUR MISSION Promoting Sport Health on the strength of the BEST PEOPLE,

BEST PRACTICES and BEST PROGRAMS in Sport Medicine, Sport Science and Sport Training.


SportMed News & Views distributes news stories and perspectives every week to a growing audience of subscribers

Our social media strategy incorporates Facebook and Twitter to promote the latest research, news and ideas in sport medicine and sport science



GROWTH By serving as a focal point for experts, applied expertise and programs, SportMedBC serves the full continuum of British Columbians, spanning those oriented towards all levels of activity from Recreation to Fitness to Performance.

OUR VISION A comprehensive, highly-integrated sport medicine NETWORK and


The strong partnership between Coaches BC and SportMedBC is natural as both organizations are education and training leaders in their respective fields. The incentive that Coaches BC members receive on SportMedBC safety courses has allowed us to extend the relationship to our members, ensuring BC's coaches have access to the highest quality education in the field of sport safety. LAURA WATSON Executive Director / Technical Director, Coaches Association of British Columbia

professionalism, innovation and responsiveness.


Aboriginal RunWalk attracted 1,600 participants from 90 communities across BC

99% of SportMed RunWalk participants would recommend the program to a friend

SportMed Performance supports Tennis Canada's elite junior program based out of the North Shore Winter Club and coached by Oded Jacob

SportMed Safety programs delivered to 498 participants



Best People. Best Practices. Best Programs.


The Best People


It's been our pleasure to collaborate with the team at SportMedBC on both the Vancouver Sun Run and the inaugural SeaWheeze Half Marathon in 2012. The staff and crew are professional team players and embrace a great sense of customer service while keeping the athletes safe and able to achieve their goals.

2011 - 12 Highlights


Delivery Methods: 

SportMedBC Directory

Professional Development Opportunities

On-site Event Medical Coverage engagements

Dr. SAM GUTMAN President, Rockdoc Consulting Inc.


Results: 

SportMed Directory lists 599 Practitioners in 17 Professions practicing throughout the province (41% Sea to Sky, 14% Fraser Valley, 20% Vancouver Island & Central Coast, 11% Fraser River Delta, 11% Thompson Okanagan, 2% Caribou NE, 1% Kootenays).

120 practitioners trained to deliver Functional Assessment Protocols for IPS (59 in Vancouver, 9-Whistler, 10-Okanagan, 17-Vancouver Island, 2-Fraser Valley, 1-Caribou NE, 1-Kootenays).

Employment opportunities for 48 SportsAiders, 36 Therapists.

Supported TeamBC on-site at Western Canada Summer Games in Kamloops.

Recruited and coordinated 358 practitioners to provide on-site event medical coverage for local, regional, provincial and national level competitions.



The Best Practices


2011 - 12 Highlights

Resources & Online Communities

Delivery Methods:         Online Community Networks Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) Best Practices Newsletters Weekly News & Views Updates The Vancouver Sun The Province Sport Academy Drugs and Sport Hotline

Results:  features over 13,740 subscribers engaged in 31 different online networks.

350 articles, 95 recipes, 25 product reviews, 40 podcasts, 40 videos available in SportMed Library.

Weekly updates in News & Views on sport safety, injury prevention & more.

82, 360 visits to the website (up 10% from previous year).

Injury prevention information and guidelines circulated to 4,453 British Columbians weekly.

The Best Practices Newsletter distributed to 6,903 subscribers, including 70 PSOs.

SportMed RunWalk is highlighted weekly January through May in The Vancouver Sun, with SportMedBC advice viewed 25 million times.

SportMedBC's Social Media reach grows, with Facebook up 30% (1033) and Twitter doubling from 503 to 1093.

SportMed Community Networks and BC Directory of Practitioners are most visited pages on

SportMedBC plays a critical role in the development of Team BC athletes and coaches by providing sport science and medical services and coordinating practitioner support to facilitate optimal performances at Western Canada Summer Games and Canada Games. CHRIS GRAHAM Team BC Program Manager

The BCLA has had a great relationship with SportMedBC for many years. We appreciate the professionalism and organization of the SportMedBC staff and especially the knowledge and respect the trainers have for our athletes. We hope to continue with SportMedBC for many years to come. DARCY RHODES Technical Director, BC Lacrosse Association

“ 13


Best People. Best Practices. Best Programs.


The Best Programs


Our community has become more active because of the Aboriginal RunWalk program. Three great examples: A middleaged man recovering from a serious back injury; A senior who's pushed through the program despite cancer treatment; and a young lady who has quit smoking and has lost 25 pounds. These are all examples of how the ARW program has encouraged us to become fitter, healthier and stronger.

2011 - 12 Highlights


Delivery Methods: 

SportHealth Programming

Functional Assessments

Team BC Support

IPS Coach Support

ARW Leader from Moricetown



Coordinated services to assist PSO/NSO athlete development programs - physical, nutritional and mental preparation, monitoring of optimal health status, programming to prevent injuries and providing medical treatment referrals covering 15 sports, 2 Para-sports, in 6/8 regions of the province.

102 comprehensive athlete assessments delivered in 6 regions of the province

IPS Coach Support Triathlon (Alan Carlsson), Swimming (Vince Mikuska), Snowboarding (Andrew George), Cycling (Jeff Ain), Athletics (Britt Townsend), Figure Skating (Danielle Williams), Wrestling (Lyndsay Belisle)

Recruited medical practitioners to attend training camps and travel with teams.

Developed Team BC Drug Education plan.

Facilitated medical referrals for targeted athletes.

Coordinates support for Tennis Canada National Junior Training Program coached by resident coaches Oded Jacob and Ruben Alcantara based at North Shore Winter Club.




Being part of a Sun Run InTraining clinic makes me feel like being part of a RunWalk family. I've made some great friends through my years of participation. I'd recommend a clinic and the InTraining program to anyone.

SunRun InTraining Participant

Delivery Methods:      

Athlete Development Programs SportMed RunWalk including Vancouver Sun Run RunWalk Leader Training Aboriginal RunWalk Pre/post training Health Screening (HealthBeat) Sports First Aid Workshops

Results: 

Healthy nutrition advice reaches 4,453 British Columbians in 117 communities through SportMed RunWalk programs.

Nutrition tips for active individual contributed to The Vancouver Sun have been viewed 25 million times.

I hated running before I started this program. Now, I hate the idea of missing a run! With the encouragement and support of the leaders, fellow participants, and of course the program, it's made my transition from couch potato to athletic prospect a lot easier. SunRun InTraining Participant



Best People. Best Practices. Best Programs.


     

SportMed Safety (Injury Prevention)

SportMed RunWalk

Delivery Methods:

Delivery Methods:

Workshops (Sports First Aid, Taping) & course conductor training On-Site Event Medical Coverage Services Equipment & Supplies Loan Program The Province Sport Academy RunWalk Clinics and Leader Training SportMed Soccer

    

Results: 

Coordinated event medical support for 86 events province-wide assisting 75,000 participants.

Employed 36 sport medicine practitioners in 4 regions of the province to deliver Sport Safety programming.

Coordinated therapists for BC Soccer Provincial Teams Program.

Injury prevention and sports first aid education reaches 4,453 British Columbians in 117 communities through RunWalk programs.

Injury Prevention tips in The Province and The Vancouver Sun has reach of 25 million.

Injury prevention network posts reach 4,453 British Columbians each week

Best Practices newsletter delivered to 70 provincial sport organizations.

13 weeks of Injury prevention education tips in 35 Sun Run InTraining clinics across BC.

19 Sports First Aid and Taping Courses delivered in 7 out of 8 regions of the province to 439 participants.


Sun Run InTraining Clinics Aboriginal RunWalk Pre/post-training Health Screening (HealthBeat) RunWalk Online Communities The Vancouver Sun

Results: 

2,853 participants in Sun Run InTraining working with 688 volunteer leaders at 63 community centres across BC, including Kamloops, Peachland, Squamish, Sechelt and Bowen Island.

27 volunteer RunWalk Leaders received an award for 5 years of involvement, 15 volunteers for 10 years and 7 leaders for 15 years.

3 community centres recognized for 10 years of involvement and 6 for 15 years of involvement.

93% of SportMed RunWalk participants would participate in the program again and 98% would recommend the program to a friend.

The Aboriginal RunWalk (ARW) program engaged 1,599 participants and trained 128 group leaders in 90 communities.

30 groups created or attended local 10K events in their communities, including Quesnel, Chase, Agassiz, New Aiyanish and Enderby.

Implemented HealthBeat workshops (health screening protocols pre and post ARW training) in Masset, Skidegate, Victoria, Quesnel, Merritt, Hope, Hazelton and Vancouver.

Partnered with UBC's Cardiovascular Physiology and Rehabilitation Laboratory to conduct program research - ARW participant's physical activity levels increased from 46.8% to 83.4%.

20 active course conductors province-wide.





Robust resources and information in the areas of Sport Medicine, Sport Science and Sport Education are available to the general public at continues to gain in popularity and has seen a significant increase in traffic over the past fiscal year. Visits are up 10% from last year with 82,360 visits. In 2011-'12, SportMedBC's Community membership has grown to 13,673. The vast majority of these members are Canadian (90%), but we continue to see membership growth in the United States (2%), and other countries such as the UK (1%), Australia (1%) and Estonia (1%). The majority of Canadian members are from BC (96%), followed by Ontario (1%), Alberta (1%) and Quebec (1%). SportMed Community membership is well distributed throughout British Columbia.

Additionally, there are 290 different cities/towns/villages represented within these regions. Exemplifying the continued growth over the past year is the community of Hazelton, now with 774 active community network members (representing 33% of the population of Hazelton / New Hazelton combined). There are 599 practitioners (as of April 1, 2012) listed in the SportMed Directory. Regional representation of practitioners listed is as follows:

Community Membership in Regions Vancouver / Sea-Sky




North West


Fraser Valley


Fraser River Delta


Caribou NE


Van Island and Central Coast




SportMed Directory Listings by Region Vancouver / Sea-Sky


Van Island and Central Coast


Fraser Valley


Fraser River Delta






Caribou NE


Blood pressure before the InTraining program: 140/90. Resting heart rate: 70. After the InTraining program: 120/80. Resting heart rate: 58. Enough said!

SunRun InTraining Participant

SportMedBC's Sports First Aid course was very informative. As a new pee-wee hockey coach and a first aid first-timer, the instruction was clear, educational and timely. Covering things like on-site injury management and developing first aid kits from our knowledgeable and friendly instructor made for a great experience. SportMed Safety Course Participant

 The SportMedBC e-newsletter, Best Practices has a circulation list of 6,903 (including all PSOs and other

sport system representatives).  SportMed Safety

19 Sports First Aid and Safety courses have been taught province wide.

Sun Run InTraining Participants

Aboriginal RunWalk Participants



North West


Fraser Valley


Caribou NE


Fraser River Delta






Vancouver / Sea-Sky


Fraser Valley


Van Island and Central Coast



Best People. Best Practices. Best Programs.


of SportMedBC

I'm so happy to have been part of the HealthBeat program. It was great to have the opportunity to see the cholesterol readings and other important health statistics. It's an amazing program that is really important to our community. SportMed ARW-HealthBeat Participant from Haida Gwaii

THE 80's  1982: SportMedBC is founded and headquartered UBC.  1983: The BC SportsAid Program (Sports FirstAid) is initiated.  1984: Athletic Taping is incorporated as a module in the SportsAid Program.  1984: The SportsAider (SportMedBC's quarterly newsletter) is introduced.  1985: SportMedBC coordinates event medical support for the first Vancouver SunRun.  1988: SportMedBC launches a comprehensive provincial anti-doping program under the leadership of

Dr. Doug Clement.  1988: BC's "Best Ever" high performance athlete development program features science and medicine

support services.

THE 90's  1990: A high performance support program for Team BC is initiated in partnership with the provincial

government.  1992: BC SportsAid Program is delivered to registered fitness leaders as part of their compulsory training

for certification.  1995: SportMedBC publishes the "Athlete Training Diary."

 1996: SportMedBC relocates to Burnaby's Ice Sports Centre.  1996: The InTraining Program is launched in association with The Vancouver Sun Run.  1998: SportMedBC publishes the "Beginning Runners Handbook."  1999: SportMedBC is contracted by PacificSport (Vancouver) to develop a science and medicine support

program for targeted teams and athletes.

THE 2000's  2000: InTraining is launched in Victoria in association with the Times Colonist 10K.  2000: SportMedBC revises its mission and values statements in order to better position itself for the

challenges of the changing sport medicine and science environment and to better serve the athletes of British Columbia.  2001: SportMedBC hosts the International Skating Union's medical conference in Vancouver in conjunction

with the World Figure Skating Championships.  2002: The Beginning Runners Journal is published.  2003: SportMedBC develops and launches an innovative youth education program in partnership with the

World Weightlifting Championships.  2007: Launched Sun Run InTraining in partnership with the Honour Your Health Challenge in Aboriginal

communities across the province.  2009: SportMedBC named strategic founding partner of MultiSport Centre of Excellence Foundation.

THE 2010's  2010: SportMed Soccer launched in partnership with BC Soccer.  2011: SportMedBC upgrades social media program.  2012: Partnership with the Aboriginal Sport Recreation and Physical Activity Partners Council to deliver

Aboriginal RunWalk.  2012: Beginning Runner's Handbook (4th Edition) launched world-wide.

18 and its social media channels are a virtual resource centre for practitioners, coaches, parents, players, sports executives and administrators for the latest information on injury prevention, first aid treatment, nutrition, concussions and other sport training tips.







1325 East Keith Road North Vancouver, BC V7J 1J3


General Enquiries SportMed RunWalk SportMed Performance SportMed Safety

(604) 903.3880 (604) 903.3883 (604) 903.3880 (604) 903.3884

Toll Free (in BC)



(604) 929.3877


SportMedBC Annual Report 2012  

The Annual Report reviews SportMedBC activities from 2011-2012

SportMedBC Annual Report 2012  

The Annual Report reviews SportMedBC activities from 2011-2012