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No sport captures the off field razzamatazz like polo. It’s different things for different people and while some spectators get absorbed in the on field action, many others prefer the camaraderie of the clubhouse, the bar or a picnic on the perimeter of the pitch. It’s a great place to meet new friends, socialise with old friends or be entertained. Celebrities abound, but they take it in their stride and if we have more photographers than any other sport on the island we are a long way from a paparazzi culture. We are too laidback for it and this allows our Celebs to fit seamlessly into mainstream nonchalance.

WELCOME PAMELA HILES EDITOR We are very proud of the polo experience we offer in Barbados because it is diverse and very special. Where else would you get several quality polo fields within a short distance of each other and each with its own character and aesthetic beauty? The splendour of Barbados polo is its relaxed and convivial ambience and yes, it is as much social as sporting.

And therein lies the reason why so many visitors and locals come to simply enjoy a quiet afternoon with friends and family. Many people contribute to the Barbados polo product and each in their own way brings something important to the table. Polo field owners and players make huge contributions as do the sponsors and advertisers, but let’s not forget the people behind the scene who look after the horses, the social facilities and who help market the sport. Polo Barbados plays a small part in that process and has been doing it for 15 years so we would like to thank all our advertisers, writers and contributors, who support our publication and the visitors who carry it all over the world. So, whether you come from near or far, please enjoy the publication and especially the polo. Pamela Hiles Editor

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contents Editors Welcome 2015 Polo Season schedule Players Handicaps Stickwork Another Season of Action Polo a Major Tourism Asset Rhys Odle 2014 that was the year that was Snakebite Team Rubis Sponsors in Action Understanding Polo Rules Hazel Jackson and the winner is.... 2015 president’s outlook Bajans in the Viilage and the winner is... The Ambiguous Polo Helmet Sunday Afternoon Bliss Polo News Diamonds are back in vogue

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Polo Barbados 2015 is published by Hiltop Publications Ltd. Production - Hiltop Publications Ltd, 11 Cottage Ridge, St George, Barbados Tel (246) 228-9122, Email - sportingb@caribsurf.com, Editorial - Clarence Hiles Advertising - Pamela Hiles Photography - Lisa Davis, Pam & Clarence Hiles. Design - 809 Design Thanks - The Editors would like to thank advertisers, the polo members and everyone who helped to produce this publication. Unless specifically detailed, all the editorial is attributed to the editors and accuracy was deemed correct when going to print. No part of this publication should be reproduced without the permission of the publishers. Copyright Polo Barbados 2015 COVER: - Lisa Davis 9

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Barbados International Polo Season DATES



JANUARY Sunday Tuesday Thursday Sunday Tuesday Thursday

18 20 22 25 27 29

January January January January January January

FEBRUARY 1 February Sunday Tuesday Thursday Sunday Tuesday


3 5 8 17

February February February February

Kenyan Tour Mount Gay Regatta Day / Kenyan Tour Kenyan Tour Kenyan Tour FINAL BPC USA (The Villages) Tour BPC USA (The Villages) Tour

Clifton Holders Lion Castle Lion Castle Holders Holders

BPC USA (The Villages) Tour FINAL / BPC Diamonds Intl. Battle of the Sexes BPC Diamonds Intl. Battle of the Sexes BPC Diamonds Intl. Battle of the Sexes BPC Diamonds Intl. Battle of the Sexes FINAL Roger Gooding Memorial - 6 Goal

Holders Holders Apes Hill Holders Apes Hill

DATES FEBRUARY 19 February Thursday 21 February Sunday 24 February Tuesday 26 February Thursday 28 February Saturday



Roger Gooding Memorial - 6 Goal Roger Gooding Memorial - 6 Goal Roger Gooding Memorial - 6 Goal Roger Gooding Memorial - 6 Goal Roger Gooding Memorial - 6 Goal-FINAL

Holders Apes Hill Lion Castle Apes Hill Apes Hill

MARCH 1 Sunday 3 Tuesday 5 Thursday 8 Sunday 12 Thursday 15 Sunday 17 Tuesday 19 Thursday 22 Sunday 24 Tuesday 26 Thursday 28 Saturday 29 Sunday 31 Tuesday

March March March March March March March March March March March March March March

BPC Cheshire Tour BPC Cheshire Tour BPC Cheshire Tour BPC Cheshire Tour FINAL BPC Barbados Open 8 Goal Tournament BPC Barbados Open 8 Goal Tournament BPC Barbados Open 8 Goal Tournament BPC Barbados Open 8 Goal SEMI FINALS BPC Barbados Open 8 Goal FINAL Lion Castle Tour Lion Castle Tour Polo Under the Stars EFG Tour / Lion Castle Tour EFG Tour

Holders Holders Lion Castle Holders Holders Apes Hill Lion Castle Holders Holders Lion Castle Lion Castle Apes Hill Lion Castle Apes Hill

APRIL 2 Thursday 4 Saturday 7 Tuesday 9 Thursday 12 Sunday

April April April April April

EFG Tour EFG Tour FINAL Lion Castle Tour Lion Castle Tour Lion Castle Tour

Lion Castle Apes Hill Lion Castle Lion Castle Lion Castle


Polo People 1














1 Howard Taylor & Keith Melville 2 Bruce Bayley & Philip Atwell 3 Sir Charles Williams 4 Vicki Gonzales 5 Salvador Duggan & Danny Atwell 6 Richard Gooding 7 Jimmy Roberts & Santiago 8 Luis Clerici, Santiago & Marc Atwell 9 Nicola, Danny & Ila Atwell 10 Wayne Archer 11 Jiimmy Roberts & Jamie Dickson 12 Philip Tempro




Players’ Handicaps


Cristian Chaves 4

Danny Atwell 3

Pablo Crespin 3

Jamie Dickson (3)

Teddy Williams 3

Wayne Archer 2

Marc Atwell 2

Adam Deane 2

Salvador Duggan 2

Jeff Evelyn 2

Jeff Evelyn 2

Richard Gooding 2

Lucas Nicolao 2

Philip Tempro 2

Ramon Alvarez 1

Bruce Bayley 1

Luis Clerici 1

George Gemmell 1

Harry Manning 1

Ryhs Odle 1

Oliver Williams 1

Stephen Williams 1

Philip Atwell 0

Richard Deane 0

Roddy Davis 0

Stewart Gill (0)

Damian Luke 0

Howard Taylor 0

Sir Charles Williams 0

Joshua Archer -1

Jake Bayley (-1)

Bjorn Bjerkhamn -1

Christansia Evelyn -1

Vicki Gonzalez -1

Nicholas Jordan - 1

Jason O’Selmo (-1)

Gary Shepherd -1

Ashleigh Deane -2

Camilla Williams -2

Linda Williams -2

stickwork wayne archer & cristian chavez

jimmy roberts


luis clerici

pablo crespin & nico roberts

danny atwell roddy davis

nico roberts



Another Season of Action & Entertainment “it is always wise to look ahead but difficult to look farther than you can see.� sir winston churchill


Salvador Duggan & Cristian chaves

The poetic words of Churchill seem appropriate for any sport that depends on so many variables not least the weather. There are many established components in Barbados polo that are tried and tested, but the dynamic is change and the arrival of new visitors on and off the field, new sponsors, new players and new committee members always creates a buzz of excitement at the start of every season. There are two inherent cultures within Barbados polo, albeit they are entwined because the grounds and the players are largely the same. Local chukkas are played at all the polo fields on the island far away from the publicity and razzamatazz associated with the International Season, which is the public face of Barbados polo and runs from January to

brothers Teddy & Stephen Williams

May and involves visiting teams from all over the world. Local chukkas allow the local players to play against each other and improve their skills and train their horses. They are also the first stepping-stones for new players to enter the sport and the chukkas are arranged informally and largely by invitation. The best players play in the big tournaments that involve visiting teams and this year we welcome teams from Kenya, Hickstead, Florida and England. We also welcome the popular visiting ladies who will participate in the Battle of the Sexes Tournament and welcome back sponsors Diamonds International who helped inaugurate the event 12 years ago. The Barbados Open in March will be the highest goal tournament of the season and there will be some innovation with “Polo under the Stars” at Apes Hill in March and the second year of a link with the big Mount Gay Regatta event in January. Hardy annuals include the visits of the Villages and the Cheshire Clubs while the Apes Hill, Lion Castle and Clifton polo fields will also have their own programs. The Roger Gooding Memorial Trophy in February will be played over six days largely at Apes Hill. Roger was one of local polo’s most likeable characters and died a few years ago and this tournament is a fitting tribute. Holders, Apes Hill and Lion Castle will host the bulk of the polo during the international season and one of the major challenges facing the polo owners is ensuring fixtures at grounds don’t clash with each other. This is largely done through the Barbados Polo Club Committee, the governing body of polo in Barbados, which includes all the polo field







Top left to bottom right: Luis Clerici and Stewart Gill Lucas Nicolao & Richard Gooding Philip Tempro Adam Deane being chased down by Danny Atwell

owners and is run like most sports clubs. This season Wayne Archer will enter his second year as Club President with Richard Deane continuing as Club Captain. Both are active polo players and it says much for their commitment to the sport that they continue to manage their dual roles with such aplomb. Finally, this is the 15th edition of Polo Barbados and any review of the first edition in 2001 will confirm the sport has come a long way in those 15 years. Despite its many challenges local polo continues to develop and play an important part in the Barbados sports tourism industry. Many visitors have been introduced to polo in Barbados and all across the world many people have been introduced to Barbados through the high international profile the sport has earned. This hasn’t happened by accident as it has involved polo field owners, players, administrators, grooms, sponsors, visiting teams, promoters, spectators, clubhouse staff, government and a plethora of people, who simply love the sport. Barbados polo has come a long way in the last 15 years.



URBAN CAPABILITY jlrcaribbean.com

Simpson Motors Limited, Warrens, St. Michael, Barbados Tel: 246-417-7777 | www.simpson-motors.com


adam deane

teddy williams being ridden off hard by cheshire player



POLO A MAJOR TOURISM ASSET “ The fool wanders, the wise man travels.” Thomas Fuller

The lure of sand, sea and sunshine in a peaceful tropical setting has kept Barbados at the top of the destination ladder for many years and attracted millions of visitors to our shores. For an island dependent on tourism as its major industry this has served us well down the years, but times have changed and in the modern world other destinations have come into vogue and Barbados has to fight harder to keep its loyal visitors and to open new markets. Polo in Barbados plays an important part in this process as the sport now has an international profile developed over the past 15 years. Barbados may not be the Mecca of polo, but it has established itself on the world polo map. Visiting teams and players have been part of the Barbados polo culture for decades, but it has only been in modern times that teams have come in significant numbers and from all over the world. That’s largely because the local polo scene has made huge strides to promote itself to a global audience by improving its polo facilities, promoting an international season, inviting teams from overseas and in return, going overseas to play in other countries. Within this movement there have been many significant contributors, not least the Barbados Polo Club, the polo field owners, the government, the players and high profile polo sponsorships like the Apes Hill Polo Team that dominated the English polo scene a few years ago and really put Barbados in the limelight. All this effort has combined to make polo an important contributor to our sports tourism product and also an important employer in local industry. Measuring polo’s contribution to Barbados sports tourism is not just a numbers game as the publicity generated to an international audience is immeasurable, and in the ultra competitive global tourism industry getting the name out there is a big part of the groundwork in bringing more visitors to the island. Some sceptics criticise the use of music icon Rihanna in the promotion of Barbados tourism, but there’s no doubt millions more people around the world now know where she’s from and that alone has introduced the island to a whole new world of social media and potential visitors. It’s an awareness that money can’t buy and in a similar way the rise of Barbados polo on the international polo map has done much to enhance the island’s sports tourism product.

johnny codrington

Barbados tourism is very proud of the high number of return visitors to the island and that’s another feature that is present within the polo scene. Our two most loyal visiting clubs are the Villages Polo Club from Florida and the Cheshire Polo Club from England who have travelled in large numbers for several decades in touring groups and as individuals. The Cheshire Club in particular travels with large numbers and because the polo fraternity comes from a high net worth community the visitor spend is high. This is a very important assessment tool within the industry as hotel/villa occupancy is only one measure of tourism performance and many experts in the field place visitor spend higher than any other factor.



To evaluate the increasing importance of polo to our local sports tourism product we need only look at the impressive list and varied origins of visiting teams in the last decade. These teams and their supporters have come from England, Ireland, United States, India, Argentina, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Kenya, Canada, Singapore, Jamaica and more. It’s an impressive array of sporting visitors unrivalled in other sports and it’s increasing every year as more and more polo people are intrigued by the rise in popularity of the sport in a Caribbean setting. And therein lies the biggest lure to potential visitors. Barbados polo might be the catalyst that brings polo people to the island, but they travel in numbers and you don’t have to play polo to enjoy this idyllic tropical destination. We have a the complete package for everyone and polo visitors often remark that the sport may have brought them here, but the beauty of the island and its friendly people are what brings them back. Polo plays an important part in the local sports tourism product and even in challenging times continues to expand and develop its international awareness.



rhys odle is one of barbados polo’s up and coming young players. we want to know more about this exciting young player so here are… 20 things you didn’t know about rhys odle


Who introduced you to polo? Kent Cole. Any favourite local players? Pablo Crespin. Do you enjoy playing against the ladies? I love it! What has been you best polo experience to date? Playing in a 26-Goal practice in England with Nico Pieres and Lucas James. Favourite polo destination worldwide? Out of the places I've played I would have to say England What sports do you like outside polo? Football, swimming, cricket, a bit of everything really. Favourite place to lime in Barbados? Probably Crane Beach. Have you a favourite singer? I like a lot of different music, but if I had to listen to a whole album, it would probably be Michael Buble. What’s your favourite restaurant and meal? TGI Friday's with a full rack of BBQ baby back ribs, with a chocolate brownie dessert. Have you a regular girlfriend? Yes, I have been with her for nearly four years now. Where did you spend Old Year’s Night? With Spice and Co in Holetown. What’s your dream polo team with you as captain? I would have to say Adolfo Cambiasso, Facundo Pieres and Gonzalo Pieres. Have you any polo dislikes? The politics! Have you a favourite pony? An Argentine Gelding I have called Bombula. What are you looking forward to most this season? I love playing here, so just about everything. Who in the world would you most like to meet? Will Smith and his family. I think they would be fun people to be around! What are your polo ambitions? I would like to one day be the best player in Barbados. How often do you play in the polo season? As often as I can. On average I like to play three times a week What happens to you when the Barbados polo season is over? I travel to the UK and play there for six months, then I travel to Argentina in October for a month, before coming home to play here again. If you could change anything in your life at the flick of a switch what would it be? I wouldn't want to change anything, I love my life.





Out & About 36


2014 that was

the year that was Barbados may not have moved forward too much in economic and political terms in 2014, but there was some significant change at the Barbados Polo Club and for new President Wayne Archer a year to remember. Wayne had a tough act to follow with the retirement of the affable Keith Melville, a doyen of Barbados polo with an amazing 39 years service as Club President on his polo CV. But like everything he does in life Wayne took on the office in his own quiet and inimitable way and almost seamlessly started a new era at the Polo Club. The demure Mr. Melville now sits on the ‘terraces,’ but remains a regular visitor to Holder’s Hill and there’s no doubt he will be delighted with the progress of his successor in the past 12 months. Inevitably a new leader brings change, and in some way rejuvenation, so the introduction of a playing President added an edge to many matches as Wayne Archer loves his polo and there was never any intention of him reducing his playing commitment to take on a more administrative role. The old adage that “if you want a job done well then give it to a busy man’ sits comfortably with the new President as he was also a former club secretary and already fully integrated into club committee culture and its many challenges. Like all polo seasons over the past 15 years the highlight of the 2014 season was the International Season from January to May, although behind the scenes the clubs has busy schedules and plenty of polo away from the glare and intensity of big crowds. The Roger Gooding Memorial is now the traditional start to the international Season although everyone in the polo world knows the preparatory work honing skills and getting the ponies fit takes several months and involves a host of grooms and coaches. The first big ‘Major’ was the Battle of the Sexes in February and since the Ladies were the reigning champions they were under severe pressure to retain their bragging rights. They stocked their team with a few new faces like the lovely


“Playing polo is like trying to play golf in an earthquake.� Sylvester Stallone ~ Actor

philip tempro

lucas nicolao

charlie walton from Cheshire



Karen Reese and Tiffany Busch, but the 2014 Virgin Atlantic Ladies team was put to the sword by the Digicel Men and it was Club President Wayne Archer who stole the limelight in the final game at Holder’s Hill with a bevy of goals in a 5-4 win to round off an emphatic 4-0 series victory. The popular Villages Club and the Cheshire Club made their traditional visits and renewed old acquaintances and built new friendships on and off the field. They remain the closest of friends and polo adversaries and the 2014 experiences did plenty to keep these long running visits something to savour for seasons to come. The Hyundai Cheshire Tour had a terrific climax with the teams level going into the last match at Holder’s in front of a large crowd. Barbados fielded a strong team of Danny Atwell, Teddy Williams, Phillip Tempro and Jeff Evelyn and the result was so tight that the local team’s handicap difference decided the outcome in their favour, much to the disappointment of the large travelling Lime Cheshire team’s support. Many polo purists regard the Barbados Open as the highlight of the season as it is normally played at the highest goal level and features a number of international players. The 2014 tournament was sponsored by First Citizens Investment Services (Barbados) Limited and although the tough economic environment has reduced the involvement of the overseas high goal players there were plenty of talented visitors in the teams to make it a special event. Defending champions Range Rover were the favourites when seven teams began combat in March, but they failed to make the final, which was contested by Max Kirchhoff’s enterprising Snakebite team and Stewart Gill’s strong Rubis team. It was a thrilling encounter where the Snakebite team won the day 6-4 with a team comprising of Christian Chaves, David Ashby, Max Kirchoff and Barbados Polo Club Captain Richard Deane.

luis clerici

Both Lion Castle and Ape’s Hill had their Tour games in April. The Hickstead Club from England lost their first games at Apes Hill, but restored some pride with a fine 6-3 win in the final game. Lion Castle hosted EFG Bank Haryana India Polo Tour who were last here in 2012, but once again the locals came out on top after several keen exchanges. Also in April the Scotiabank Rotary West Polo Challenge featured local and English teams and it was that man Archer again who grabbed the headlines with two late goals to clinch the series for Scotiabank Barbados. The local polo fixture list usually aligns a tournament in early March with the Sandy Lane Gold Cup Festival weekend, but in January the Barbados Polo Club broke new ground in partnership with the Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race Series. The tournament was called the Surf and Turf Lay Day Polo Challenge and as the name suggests it was held during a break in the sailing which allowed many of the crews to include polo at Holder’s Hill in their island tour experience. The polo followed a tour of the Mount Gay Rum Distillery and from all accounts the visitors had a great time at both events. In short, that was the year that was.

cristian chaves and jamie dickson



“The breakfast of champions is not cereal, it’s the opposition.” Nick Seitz ~ Author cristian chaves & ollie taylor


SNAKE BITE TEAM RUBIS There has to be something different about a team called Snake Bite and the hot favourites showed their teeth in style when they beat Team Rubis in the final of the First Citizens Barbados Open last year. It added another scalp to Max Kirchoff’s fine 2014 season when he also won the Victor Ludorum 6-Goal Series in England. Seven teams contested the premier event in local polo, which was 10-goal tournament and therefore did not feature any of the high goal overseas players who once dominated the series in its early years. However, there was still a strong international flavour with Salvador SanchezDuggan (Argentina), Christian Chaves (Argentina), Johnny Codrington (New Zealand), Michael Henderson (New Zealand), Max Kirchoff (Germany) and top players from England including Roddy Williams, David Ashby, Richard Thomas, Oliver Browne, Lanto Sheridan and the ebullient Gary Sheppard.

Teddy Williams with snakebites bearing down

ollie taylor


POLOBARBADOS The Barbados Open dates back to 2004 when Bruce Bayley hosted the first tournament at Clifton Polo Field. From the outset it captured the imagination of the polo fraternity, both local and overseas, and it quickly became the flagship tournament that projected the arrival of Barbados polo as an international venue. It certainly put the island on the global polo map because a number of highly skilled players were recruited to strengthen the local teams and also to help raise the standard of the local game. At the height of polo popularity and hype the Barbados Open was 16-Goal and the standard was comparatively high when compared to the local game of a few years before.

surprisingly they failed to get out of the blocks and the four teams that reached the semi-finals were Snakebite, Team Rubis, Team ICBL/Sport Lobster and Team Bulova led by the effervescent Sir Charles Williams. Snake Bite and Rubis won their semi-final ties and the Bulova Trophy for 3rd place was won by ICBL/Sport Lobster following a high scoring 6-3 exchange. Team Rubis pinned their hopes on Roddy Williams and Oliver Taylor in the final although Stewart Gill and Oliver Williams had performed well in the earlier games. Kirchoff’s strong Snake Bite team included the talented Christian

nico roberts

Team Snake Bites - David Ashby, max kirchhoff, richard deane & Cristian chaves


Salvador Duggan

Sponsors came aplenty and the spectators loved the intensity the competitive overseas players brought to the game, but like many good things in life it couldn’t go on forever. The backlash of global recession and less money and resources from both sponsors and polo sources inevitably dropped the benchmark and brought a new realism with more locally based players featuring for several years. However, things are now moving in the right direction and the inclusion of many of the English players last year has raised the benchmark once again.

Chaves and David Ashby with local knowledge from Popular Barbados Polo Club Captain Richard Deane. The early exchanges were evenly shared and the 2-2 halftime scoreline suggested it was either team’s to win. As always when the stakes are high the fortunes swung like a pendulum and another six goals were scored in the final two chukkas, much to the delight of the noisy spectators. But when the hooter sounded it was Snake Bite that held the advantage 6-4 and were crowned champions.

Team Range Rover entered the 2104 tournament as defending champions and with the exciting Danny Atwell leading their attack they had high hopes of retaining the trophy. But

It was the third year of First Citizens Investment Services sponsorship and arguably the most exciting to date. Roll on 2015.

Snake Bite held the advantage 6-4 and were crowned champions. Roddy Williams and David Ashby


Sponsors ‘in Action’ The Barbados Polo Club is eternally grateful to the sponsors for contributing to keeping the sport of polo a fun and exciting afternoon out.







polo rules

“I think you enjoy the game more if you don’t know the rules. Anyway, you’re on the same wavelength as the referees.” Jonathan Davies ~ International rugby player The best polo matches are played with very little intervention from the umpires, but always remember this is a very competitive sport and it’s human nature that some players will push the rules to the limit! At best polo is a fast free-flowing game with few stoppages, but at worst it can be tedious and slow if the whistle is continually being blown. However, the umpire has to act when rules breaches are committed to preserve the integrity of the game, and in some cases to ensure safe and fair play. Some polo rules can be complex and difficult to understand, but once you grasp the basic principles then you will have a good appreciation of what’s happening. And when you understand what’s happening you’ll enjoy polo even more. Each team has four PLAYERS. There is no option to change a player unless serious injury or illness prevents a player from continuing. There are two UMPIRES on the field dressed in black and white shirts and a REFEREE in the stand to arbitrate if they don’t agree on a decision. Although it often sounds otherwise the CAPTAIN is the only player allowed to discuss a decision with the umpire. The etiquette and culture of polo requires total respect for the umpires. The GROUND is normally 300 yards long and 160 yards wide with a board along each side marking the boundary. The ball is out of play once it goes over the board, but the players are allowed to ride over the board while the ball is still in play. If the ball goes out the umpire will perform a THROW-IN by throwing the ball down the middle of the two teams that are lined up alongside each other. This is also the way the game is STARTED and RE-STARTED in the centre of the field. A CHUKKA is a period of seven minutes play after which a hooter or horn will blow, but play continues until the ball goes out of play or 30 seconds has elapsed. Then another horn blows to signal the end of play. In Barbados matches are usually four chukkas. The TIMEKEEPER is the sole judge of the period of play and will stop the clock when a player dismounts or when the umpire blows his whistle. There are three minutes between each chukka for players to change their ponies and get refreshments, and five minutes break at halftime.


The PONIES normally play one chukka each afternoon, but players are allowed to change their pony at any time. Play normally stops when a player asks the umpire to change a pony. There is no limit to the height of a pony. Although called ponies they are really horses.

of a penalty goal for a very bad infringement to free hits at varying distances up to 60 yards. There are no corners in polo, and when the defending team hits the ball over their own line then the attacking team gets a free hit from the 60-yard mark in the centre of the field.

HANDICAPS reflect a player’s ability and the higher the handicap the better the player. Individual handicaps range from -2 to 10 and matches are usually arranged so that the total handicaps of each team are similar. Where there is a difference the weaker team is allowed the difference as a start.

Players are permitted to RIDE OFF an opponent, but must not charge in at an angle.

The COMMENTATOR is an important person in polo, as he has to keep everyone informed on what’s happening, and provide ad-lib entertainment. At least that what our own Jonathan Simpson does! The most common FOUL in polo is a player crossing the line of another player and this is not easily seen from the sidelines. The basic principle is right-of-way, which is established by the line of the traveling ball and a player that is following the ball on that line has the right of way and any player that crosses close enough to be deemed dangerous is guilty of a foul. Fouls are penalized by the award of PENALTIES and these vary depending on the severity of the offence from the award


Players are also allowed to HOOK an opponent’s mallet if they are on the same side of their opponent’s pony as the ball. It looks unfair, but it’s not! SPECTATORS form an important part of the game and in addition to their support, many spectators go onto the field at halftime to stomp divots created by the hooves of the ponies on soft ground. During play it is important that spectators stay well clear of the boards, as ponies travelling at high speed are extremely dangerous. At the end of the match the teams gather in front of the clubhouse for the traditional PRESENTATION OF PRIZES and thanks of appreciation The CLUBHOUSE BAR is where all the best polo is played, and where many highlights of the game are exaggerated as the evening progresses.


Hazel Jackson is a 24-years old English 2-goal polo player who has played all over the world including three previous visits to the island. She tells us what make Barbados so special for a visiting player‌ 51

HAZEL What are you looking forward to most on your return in 2015? I am really looking forward to coming back due to a number of things. First of all, the island is beautiful and I love the Caribbean in general. The atmosphere in Barbados is so positive and everyone is so welcoming. The horses are great and the standard of polo is highly competitive, and perhaps most importantly- we need to beat the boys again! What is your personal polo program this year? My plan this year is to work in England for six months for our season there. I work for Emlor Polo Team and I will be playing some ladies tournaments in the UK. After the English season I plan to go to France for the Ladies Open tournament in Chantilly, and then I may go to Singapore or Malaysia for the ladies tournaments there. Usually around late October I head back to Argentina and play the season in Pilar, Buenos Aires until December time. The Battle of the Sexes Series is unique in polo. Do you enjoy playing against the men? For me personally, I love playing against the men, I have spent a lot of my polo career playing in mixed polo as well as ladies polo. I love the challenge and the standard when you play against the men. It's a great way to show your real potential and there is never a need to hold back. I must admit, out of all the countries I have played in, Barbados is the only country which holds a 'Battle of the Sexes Tournament,' it's so nice to be a part of it.


POLOBARBADOS Polo in Barbados is far removed from the higher echelons of international polo but it now has a global presence. What do you feel makes it special? I think the fact that Barbados is such a small island yet the standard of polo is so impressive. It is incredible that it has over three very active clubs, good polo fields and everyone is really well mounted. The locals are so passionate about polo and they invite many international players to come and play. There is a very competitive atmosphere on the field, but it’s also relaxed off it because there won't be many times where you won't see all the players in the bar afterwards. A lot of things combine to make it special and of course, the fact that it is such an exotic island makes it an unbelievable location to play. How do the local polo facilities rate with some of the other venues you play at? The polo facilities are most impressive. The fields cope very well with the amount of polo played and it's nice to have a variety of clubs to hold each tournament. The different venues are all beautiful and all have their perks. In England I play at a club, which has more than ten pitches, so you can imagine how easy it is to spread the polo out. However, the whole setup in Barbados is well organised with great sponsors onboard and this really makes a nice day out. Outside polo what does Hazel Jackson get up to when she’s in Barbados? I have had the most incredible times in Barbados on my previous visits and have spent a lot of time at the beaches because they are stunning! I have been snorkelling, surfing, had the most amazing trips on Mr. Taylor’s catamaran, and eaten unreal seafood (Lobster Alive has to be my favourite). I also went to watch the cricket, which was brilliant, and I have also been to the races. In addition to soaking up the sun, I’ve also taken road trips to the East Coast, spent a few nights on 2nd Street and enjoyed all the beautiful hotels, which have hosted us. I have so many great memories of Barbados and I’m hoping to make some more this year.




and the winner is... A lot of Polo got played during the Barbados 2014 polo season... we showcase just a few of the winners over the season. 2



1. Barbados vs Cheshire - Team Hyundai - Philp Tempro, Teddy Williams, Danny Atwell, Jeff Evelyn receive their prizes from Hyundai representatives. 2. First Citizen Bank Barbados Open winners & runner ups Team Rubis: Oliver Williams, Ollie Taylor, Roddy Williams, & Stewart Gill, First Citizens Elizabeth Morgan and Team SnakeBite : David Ashby, Max Kirchhoff,Richard Deane & Cristian Chaves

3. Team Hyundai - Rhys Odle, Adam Deane, Marc Atwell & Jamie Dickson 4. Team Cheshire (UK) - Johnny Codington, Lucy Taylor, Steve Jones 5. Buttlas 8 Goal: Wiining Team ICBL - Stewart Gill, Lucas Nicolao, Alex Cole & Nico Roberts





2015 PRESIDENT’S OUTLOOK Another season and another set of expectations-when it comes to May what will you hope has been achieved? First and foremost we have many people involved in the sport that we have to keep satisfied. It is important that all players, both local and international, are given the opportunity to play good quality polo in a professionally run environment. We also have other categories of club membership and the general public, who we also have to make sure are satisfied. To achieve this we require a dedicated support team covering all facets of the organization including bar management, field management, marketing and of course our sponsors, who are at the top of our list. We must ensure our sponsors get a good return for their investment and this will be achieved by ensuring our afternoons of polo run smoothly and at the end of the day everyone involved is satisfied. When we meet these objectives we have achieved! you are a 'working President" in every sense with your playing and administrative commitments. Did this work out satisfactorily last year? There were no issues, everything went to plan. I was able to balance my playing commitments with the "Presidential Duties" and sometimes both together. What are the major challenges facing Barbados polo in 2015? Like any other sport we have to keep the crowds interested and give them the desire to return. Who wants to repeatedly go to watch any form of wayne archer sport if the entertainment value is inferior? It is important that the quality and level of the game remains at the highest level. Besides this, polo is a very social scene. We cannot become too blasÊ in the way we operate so we have to always think of little initiatives off the field to make our customers say " polo was fun, let's go again"


Charlie Walton & Teddy Williams

The Archers look like they can field their own family team this season. Unfortunately not this season as I am on the bench yet again recovering from another operation on my shoulder. Of course, it would be nice to play with the family at sometime, although apparently I shout at them too much when I play. If only they would just do as they are told! Are there more young players taking up the sport? Besides my son Josh, who is coming on well, there is Jake Bayley, who continues to improve and is playing really well. We also have a couple of young ladies in Christania Evelyn and Ashleigh Deane, who are improving all the time. My daughter Zoe is very keen and can hit the ball pretty well at stick and ball, but her


father is a little over protective, so she has only played a few chukkas at the club and will play more at home for now. I can also see a number of youngsters running around the club now, who I am sure will be up on a horse before we know it. The future looks bright! Have you any personal goals this season? I would love to see wider cross section of Barbados people come to watch polo. There are so many Barbadians I speak to who have never been to watch a game. Once you can get a basic understanding of the sport it is one of the most exciting games to witness. And besides the game there is a vibrant social side as we always have a fully stocked bar and everyone is welcome! So, at the top of my personal goals this year I will be trying to attract new people to polo.


BAJANS IN THE VILLAGES Barbados vs The Villages November 2014 United Health Care International Polo Week The annual invitation was received from The Villages for Barbados to send a team to play in the United Health Care International Polo Week which took place on Friday 21st and Sunday 23rd November 2014. A team of five Bajans were able to make it which included Ringer Mark Atwell (2) Old Timer Harry Manning (1) The face of Polo Stephen Williams (1) his lovely wife Linda (-2) and wonder woman Christansia Evelyn (-1). The first match fielded Christansia Evelyn, Mark Atwell, Harry Manning and Stephen Williams who played well together and fought hard against The Villages team of Lord Lyall (1.5) Joe Watkins (0) Jason Passcarella (1) and Jason Cashin (1). The first day was a well won victory for the Barbados team with a 7-5 win.

scoring for team Barbados bringing the score equal at 2 all at the end of the first chukka.

The series culminated on Sunday 23rd November, which brought brilliant weather and huge crowds to watch the Bajans play. The husband and wife team of Stephen and Linda Williams playing for the first time together representing Barbados were joined by Harry Manning and Mark Atwell. They played against great family friends and regular visitors to Barbados of Paige Boone (1) and Andy Moran (0.5) who were joined by Janis Passcarella (-0.5) and Ringer Del Walton (3)

Walton and Boone quickly took over and by the end of the third chukka USA were leading 8-2. The final chukka saw Moran scoring another goal for the USA before good team play by the Bajans helped Harry Manning put in another three goals for Barbados with an end score of 9-5 to the USA.

Stephen who has not competed in the Villages for 11 years made his presence felt early in the opening chukka by scoring the first goal. Del Walton and Paige Boon each scored for team USA before Williams made a superb pass to his wife Linda who quickly took the ball down the field

The Bajans were mounted on local ponies for the IPW provided by members of the Villages Polo Club. However, polo is not only about what happens on the field. The hospitality that was received along with spending time with old friends and making new ones is what keeps us using polo as an excuse to see each other again. We look forward to welcoming the Villages back in January 2015!



and the winner is... Barbados 2014 polo season: presentations and celebrations...

1. Battle of the Sexes Mens Team - Winners Team Evian Joshua Archer, Wayne Archer, Adame Deane & Oliver Williams


2. Republic Bank Roger Gooding Challenge Trophy Jimmy Roberts, Anthony King, Roger Gooding, Alex Cole, Stewart Gill, Ralph ’Bizzy’ Williams 3. Team Scotiabank Marc Atwell, Adam Deane, Luis Clerici & Vicki Gonzales 4. Villages Team - Justin Baisch, Jim Parr, Paige Boone, Stuart Campbell 5. Scotiabank: Oliver Williams, Wayne Archer, Alex Cole Roddy Davis 6. Team Mangobay: Richard Gooding, Philip Tempro, Peter Odle, Teddy Williams, Danny Atwell.









Polo is not a sport that courts controversy so it seems incongruous that the stylish and fashionable polo helmet should be the source of so much diverse opinion within the sport. The problem relates to safety, or in the case of many of the old style polo helmets, the lack of it. Serious accidents are rare considering the amount of polo played worldwide and the dangers involved. However, when they occur they tend to be serious and two particularly horrendous falls in 2014 have re-ignited a contentious debate that has been raging for over two decades. In February the popular Mexican Carlos Gracida was knocked unconscious in a freak accident after his horse had been accidently hit in the head by a mallet and fell. The 53 year-old former 10-Goal star of the Nineties was immediately rushed to hospital, but died a short time later from his head injuries. Carlos was a hugely popular player and a member of the great Gracida polo dynasty. He was also a close friend of the British Royal family. Several months later Brazilian Juracy Santos suffered a horrendous head injury at the Guards Polo Club in London and has been in a coma ever since. The Santos tragedy sparked widespread calls for action from the game’s governing body the Hurlingham Polo Association led by highly-respected polo journalist Aurora Eastwood. But to date the HPA has declined to legislate on this particular issue although it has given clear instructions to wear mouth-guards and goggles. Why it has stopped short on helmets remains a surprise given the potential severity of a polo head injury. Ironically the Board of

Governors of the United States Polo Association (USPA) succumbed to safety calls in 2012 when it introduced NOCSAE safety standards. The NOCSAE standard was developed by the Wayne State Dept. of Neurosurgery in 1988 after consultation with the USPA. The findings and tests were updated in 2011 with the aim of protecting the rider against falls, blows to the head and crush injuries. The debate will bring back painful memories for top local players Stephen Williams and Harry Manning and their families as both suffered head injuries in falls. The debate within the sport is essentially personal choice versus mandatory directives. The USPA have given a clear directive to players under their jurisdiction, but the HPA has yet to follow their lead. However, the Guards Polo Club has not waited for their governing body to act and after experiencing the horror of a devastating injury to one of their players the club has given its members firm instructions to use helmets that meet European safety standards.


POLOBARBADOS It seems strange to neutrals why this issue should be contentious given the potential risks, but many players hold the belief they should be allowed to make up their own minds similar to cricketers, who have the right to decide whether to wear helmets or not against hostile bowling. Some of the top players also get attached to a particular polo helmet and are superstitious about changing, while others are preoccupied with fashion and wish to parade the manufacturer’s most stylish products in lucrative sponsorship contracts. Their opponents concede the modern safety helmet is perhaps not as stylish as the old helmets, but they point out that many of the safety experts say the old helmets give no more protection than a baseball cap!

Inside padding of a Casablanca Helmet

Falcon Polo

Nobody is claiming the new safety helmet designs will eradicate head injuries, but the evidence in United States shows the number of serious accidents have been significantly reduced since 2012. Other safety experts point to the evidence of seatbelts and airbags in cars, which were very unpopular when introduced, but have been very important in reducing serious injuries in car accidents.

DAVID STIRLING IS THE BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR FALCON POLO HELMETS. HE IS A 10 GOAL PLAYER RANKED NO 3 IN THE WORLD. The cost of a polo helmet varies from US$150-$600 depending on design, material and style, but the safety advocates argue what does cost matter if it can save a life? Also, if all the governing bodies adopt the same principles on safety then everyone will be wearing a similar style and not look out of place.

Charles Owen

La Martina


Falcon Polo in Florida is one manufacturer that has been at the cutting edge of helmet technology since 1988 and they place a big emphasis on the importance of reducing the potential concussive damage. Sergio Falcon also suggests a helmet’s lifespan should be a maximum of five years or immediately after an accident, whether damage to the helmet is apparent or not. Other equestrian sports like Eventing, Show Jumping and horseracing have already adopted safety helmets and several manufacturers have introduced more stylish polo helmets that meet safety NOCSAE standards, but until the HPA acts it seems the decision on which helmet to wear will remain a matter of choice. That means there is no need to inspect or police helmets, but if all the polo governing bodies or insurance companies throw their weight behind the safety campaigns then the dear old umpires are going to have to make pre-match inspections!


Sacha Cabral is Retail Director of Wine World one of the major wine retailers in Barbados. We asked what’s happening in the wine world and how her products fit into the polo scene…


SUNDAY AFTERNOON BLISS You are involved as a retailer as well as an advertiser and sponsor in many local sports. What makes polo special? The Polo season is a unique time of year, which brings together both locals and visitors to enjoy not only the sport, but also outdoor activities in beautiful weather. For Wine World, polo creates an opportunity to reach visitors and locals alike who are social and have high discretionary income. Polo is special because our products are enjoyed in an exciting and lively atmosphere, which adds to the overall pleasure of the experience. In your experience are more people drinking wine these days? Most definitely! Wine in Barbados has taken off in the past few years for a few reasons. First, the emergence of sweeter wines, which are more pleasing to new wine drinkers. These sweet wines then lead consumers into drinking drier styles of wine. Secondly, wine is much more affordable in Barbados as opposed to hard liquor due to import taxes. This means you can enjoy a good quality bottle of wine for under $30 as opposed to vodka and whisky, which can be priced sometimes as high as $100 or over. Wine presents good value for money and gives consumers many choices and ability to experiment. Polo has an “upper crust” culture all over the world. Does this fit comfortably into the market you target? Certainly, our target market overlaps nicely with polo spectators and participants alike. While our target market spans a much larger cross section of Barbados, polo gives us a wonderful opportunity to feature higher quality wines. Our partnership with polo over the years has given us access to a unique niche market. What are the top three most popular wines in Barbados in 2015? Sweet red wine, Moscato and Pinot Grigio. Of these three, two are sweeter in style, which appeals to the local market and is representative of the new trend in wine. Pinot Grigio is a drier style of white wine, which is very popular for drinking as an aperitif or with a light meal.


Champagne Lanson Black Label Brut n.v. Lanson Black Label Brut is lively in the flute, with a fine stream of persistent bubbles. Its fresh fruity aromas combine with hints of toast and honey. On the palate, bouquets of ripe fruits and citrus create a sensation of opulence yet lightness. A bubbly with finesse and smooth texture. Delicious as an apéritif or with sushi. Awarded 90 points by Wine Spectator.

Billecart- Salmon Brut Rosé n.v. Enjoy a bubbly with fine bubbles which rise slowly. With a twirl of your glass you’ll notice a pale salmon pink colour. On the nose, aromas of red fruits and fresh pear appear. Further described by Wine Spectator as “bright and elegant, offering appealing flavours of ripe black cherry, raspberry and orange peel with hints of toasted raisin bread.” Fresh, with a long finish and beautiful texture, this Rosé may be enjoyed on any occasion.

Prosecco Lamberti Prosecco Extra Dry Lamberti Prosecco offers a lovely balance. This wine displays aromas of refreshing and crisp mineral notes complemented by fruit flavours of green apples on the palate. The finish is long and polished. An ideal complement for classic mashed potato dishes.

Ruffino Prosecco D.O.C A crisp and intensely fruity bubbly. The Ruffino Prosecco has a bright straw yellow colour and shows notes of apples, pears and citrus. This bubbly can be ideal as an apéritif and is very versatile as a food companion. A perfect match for pizza, fish and shell fish dishes as well as white meat dishes.

Alternative Sparling Yellow Tail Bubbles An Australian sparkling wine which offers vibrant aromas of tropical fruits, with hints of cut flowers. Its fizzy texture is balanced with tropical sweetness which makes Yellow Tail Bubbles effortless to enjoy. Can be served at any occasion or enjoyed with salads or light desserts.

Cristalino Rosé This Spanish Cava has beautiful aromas of cherry, raspberry with delicate hints of mineral. Precise and juicy in the mouth, enjoy lively flavours of strawberries, spices and herbs. A versatile sparkling wine that is excellent on its own or with fried appetizers such as calamari or light desserts such as crème brulee.

TAPAS RESTAURANT on the south coast for great food and a fun atmosphere All the best restaurants have stood the test of time, virtually from the day they opened. Being successful in this highly competitive business is reflected in numbers, bums on seats and difficulty getting a booking. It may be stating the obvious, but busy restaurants are busy because they are not just good, they are very good. After six years in the business Tapas Restaurant on the South Coast is not the ‘new kid on the block,’ but a buzz fine dining experience that combines an idyllic beachfront location with superb food, convivial atmosphere and quality customer service. The menu is original, varied and enticing, the atmosphere relaxing and friendly, and the ambience modern, colourful and trendy. Staff are friendly, helpful and attentive, never intrusive, but always available, hallmarks of quality customer service. Tapas Restaurant doesn’t have to blow its own trumpet because its many satisfied customers already do that. This is a warm and friendly diner that is a must for a quiet romantic meal, group dinner, family get together or just about any other reason to eat out. And it doesn’t have to price itself in the heavens to be exclusive-it is popular because it is good!



Polo News THE 2015 BARBADOS POLO CLUB COMMITTEE PRESIDENT - Wayne Archer VICE-PRESIDENT - Bruce Bayley CLUB CAPTAIN - Richard Deane VICE CAPTAIN - Danny Atwell SECRETARY - Stewart Gill TREASURER - Harry Manning COMMITTEE MEMBERS - Alex Cole, Richard Gooding Philip Tempro, Danny Atwell, Roddy Davis & Teddy Williams

TAKING A BREAK OBITUARY - GARY MORSE Gary Morse was the visionary businessman who transformed the Villages in Florida into one of the largest retirement communities in the world. The Morse family is well known to local polo members as they have been strong supporters of the Villages Polo Club and continue to have a strong presence. Gary was 77 at the time of his death in October last year, and left behind a legacy of successful businesses and strong support for the Republican party.

INJURIES This year we see sidelined due to injuries, Wayne Archer who had surgery on a shoulder injury and Josh Archer recovering from surgery on a broken finger. Josh hopes to be back out by mid February but Wayne unfortunately will be out for most of the season.


Unfortunately we will not be seeing Alex Cole on the polo field this season. He is taking time off from the sport. But we are sure we will still see him on the sidelines supporting match fixtures. We hope to see him in the saddle again soon.

CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to Sarah and Teddy Williams on the safe arrival of their third child, an adorable baby boy. Stephen Andrew Meade was born on October 12th, 2014 weighing 6 pounds 13 ounces.


WEDDING BELLS It was a busy year for weddings last year. The first celebration was the marriage of Oliver Williams to Danielle Gittens on Saturday 1st March, 2014 at his parents beautiful country home, Apes Hill Plantation. Then it was Salvador Duggan and Emma Lawsons turn to tie the knot with a exquisite ceremony and reception at his family’s Estancia in Open Door, Argentina on November 15th, 2014. And finally Luis Clerici married his longtime girlfriend at the private property of Bruce and Liz Bayley, the stunning Clifton Plantation on 6th December, 2014. Congratulations to all the couples and we wish them many years of health and happiness.

Emma & Salvador ‘Chulo’

Danielle & Oliver

Luis ‘Guille’ & Julie


DIAMONDS are back in

VOGUE “Diamonds never leave you. Men do!” Shirley Bassey ~International Music Artist 75

It’s been three years since Diamonds International sponsored the popular Battle of the Sexes Series, but they’ll be welcomed back with open arms as this was a sporting association that went far beyond the normal boundaries of sponsorship. The Battle of the Sexes Ladies tour is now an integral part of the international polo season and it started way back in 2003 when their visionary Managing Director Jacob Hassid and local player Monique Archer got together to make plans to boost the ladies game. At the time polo on the island was booming, but it was essentially a man’s world so Jacob and Monique came up with the idea of ladies playing the men in a novel series that was provocatively branded “The Battle of the Sexes.“ It was not only an instant success, but history has shown it has stood the test of time and remains a huge favourite with both the players and spectators. Another key reason for its success was the high quality marketing Diamonds International brought to the table through some of the best-known international brands in their industry. Not all sporting sponsorships fit comfortably, but in this instance it was a marketing dream for Diamonds International and a great opportunity to boost ladies polo. At the time there were only a few local players actively involved namely Monique and her sister Angelique, Natalie Cheeseman and Vicki Gonzalez with a few inquisitive young polo off-springs on the horizon. The ladies game needed a boost and the men were very encouraging although a few macho personalities took a little persuading before they embraced it. One reason for the reluctance in some quarters was the apparent mismatch in playing standards, but Monique and Jacob quickly solved that problem by introducing a few talented ‘imports.’



The female ‘hired guns’ have been an integral part of the Battle of the Sexes success story and over the past 12 tournaments they have not only levelled the playing field, but they have done everything that was envisaged from the outset by raising the profile of the ladies game and encouraging the younger players to get involved. In the early days the ladies game was also boosted by the involvement of top international model Jodie Kidd who played with her family at Holder’s Hill against the Williams family. The other important ‘promoter’ was a young Lucy Taylor who had a strong family pedigree and was well known in the local polo scene through the Taylor family’s close involvement with the Cheshire Club and their annual tours to Barbados. Lucy has not only been an important mainstay in the team since the inaugural year, but she has helped bring some amazing female polo talent to the series in the early years. These included Emma Tomlinson, Milly Scott, and the Vesty sisters Nina and Tamara. Add the fiery Marianella Castegnola from Argentina and the ladies were on par with the men and they showed it on the field. The Battle of the Sexes captured the imagination of the spectators all of whom unashamedly supported the fair sex as the perceived underdog. Big crowds gathered for the initial showdown in 2003, but far from being out of the depth the enthusiastic ladies romped home winners and retailed their title the following year. That was enough for the men who showed a lot more commitment and aggression in 2005 to win the series and then retain it the following year. Since then fortunes have fluctuated although going into 2015 the men still hold a slight advantage. Interestingly, ladies polo in recent years is not a new phenomenon in Barbados as some very distinguished names appear in the Polo Club archives. A few decades ago the Barbados polo belles of the day included Angela Melville, Dianna Clarke, Penny Deane, Anne Deane, Grainne Kearns and Margaret Leacock. This great collection of famous polo surnames was supplemented by occasional visits from the brilliant England player Claire Tomlinson, arguably the best lady polo player in the world at her peak. And so as we enter 2015 with bragging rights slightly in favour of the men and with sponsors Diamonds International at the helm we can truly say the Battle of the Sexes is back in vogue.



robert peirce & peter odle


patrick husbands on major marvel

The International Polo Season starts with a bang in January, but for our friends at the Barbados Turf Club horseracing picks up where it left off in December for the first of its three seasons on Saturday 3 January 2015. Horseracing and polo in Barbados have had a close affinity for over 100 years and many visitors to the island enjoy the action at the Garrison as much as on our polo fields. In the old days all of the polo ponies were former racing horses that had either grown old or decided they weren’t the racing type. A few racehorses still find their way into polo in the modern era, but most of the polo ponies in 2015 have either been imported from strong polo bases like Argentina or locally-bred and trained specifically for polo. But the ponies and the spectators are not the only links between both sports as some of the leading lights in both disciplines have dual status.

OVER AT THE TURF CLUB “No horse can go as fast as the money you put on it!” Earl Wilson ~ Professional Basketball player

Sir Charles Williams owns the largest stables on the island and they include a fair number of both racers and polo ponies. Sir Charles is one of the top breeders and owners in Barbados and the famous blue and yellow CO Williams colours feature regularly on jono jones, sir michael stoute & patrick husbands the winner’s podium at the Garrison. Barbados Polo Club Captain Richard Deane, Diamonds Jonathan’s successes were predictably more modest from a International sponsor Jacob Hassid and our effervescent polo much smaller stable, but he did saddle the Sandy Lane Gold commentator Jonathan Simpson are three other polo celebs Cup winner and he’s regarded as a coming trainer who may just as well known around the Turf Club as Holder’s Hill, be the one to watch in 2015. Apes Hill or Lion Castle. Jacob and Michal Hassid from Diamonds International have Richard had a great year in 2014 and was narrowly beaten been tremendous supporters of both equestrian sports in the into 2nd place by defending champion trainer Victor last decade and their return to polo this season will be warmly Cheeseman. Ironically Richard saddled 16 more winners than welcomed. They sponsor a number of top races including the his rival, but the title is decided on race earnings rather than popular Boxing Day meet that attracts a lot of local and wins so although he had 43 winners he still fell $23,000 short visiting spectators over the festive season. Peter Odle of of Victor at the end of the year. The trainer’s title is just as Mango Bay is another popular sponsor in both codes. keenly contested as the top jockey, top breeder or top horse titles and Richard’s expertise played a big part in deciding the For those people who haven’t been to a race meeting at the other winners. Pride of place went to his top horse the Asha Garrison they are missing a terrific day out. A race meeting Syndicate-owned “Just a Fashion” who won seven times in may lack the finesse and sophistication of a polo tournament, 2104 and “Markos” who won five times. but that’s what makes it special. A day at the races usually involves nine races and a bevy of associated activities that



There are a number of big races during the three racing seasons but the most exciting event is the Sandy Lane Gold Cup Festival held in early March. It is the dream of everyone connected with racing to be part of a winning Sandy Lane Gold Cup team and that dream came true for Jonathan Simpson last year when Major Marvel romped home. Jonathan was the local trainer for the American entrant and had the favourite superbly finely-tuned on the big day.

The running of the 2014 Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup

combine to make it a melting pot of action all around and inside the course. You can sit in the stands and watch the horses in the parade ring before they race around the track and finish virtually under your nose. You can watch the race from anywhere around the course or inside the course where there are plenty of refreshments and activities to keep you occupied between races. And if you are really lucky and well connected you can watch from the luxury of a hospitality box and private grandstand. It doesn’t get any better than that!


A popular visitor to polo matches when he’s home is Patrick Husbands, the best jockey the island has ever produced. Patrick plies his trade at the Woodbine Racetrack in Canada, and returns for big races like the Sandy Lane Gold Cup where last year he recorded his fourth Gold Cup win on Major Marvel. It was another epic season for Patrick as he won 170 races at Woodbine to recapture the coveted Sovereign Award for Outstanding Jockey for the seventh time. Weather permitting there will be eight Race Days during the first racing season in 2015 starting on Saturday 3 January and finishing on Saturday 30 April.



One Year in Review 85

Sanctuary S Outrides

2014 has been a very active year for HORSE. Despite heavy and unexpected rain we had a successful fundraiser and we thank Peter Odle, Roddy Davis and Kent Cole for the use of the magnificent Lioncastle estate. The Royal Barbados Police force, the show jumpers and the polo players showed what true equestrians are made of as they braved the torrential rain to provide entertainment for the spectators. One of the highlights of 2014 was the launch of our Ride to Rescue program. We have been able to retrain some of our rescues and they are the gentlest of souls. We began our scenic rides in exchange for donations and this remains an option for any of our locals or visitors. This presents a chance to come and interact with our rescues and take in some of the most scenic areas of our beautiful island. This program has an equally if not more important purpose. We formed a wonderful relationship with the Learning Centre. We have been thrilled to see the joy brought to these beautiful children and young adults, some of whom have special needs. Robert Pierce, our Sanctuary Manager, has fully embraced this and whether the children wish to groom the horses and just go for a walk while being led, or they enjoy the challenge or learning to trot and handle these horses under their own power, the excitement and enthusiasm is palpable to see. This program along with our continued efforts to save horses and educate the public would not be possible without our wonderful donors. This program in particular has been made possible with the help of the Maria Holder Memorial Trust. For this we are truly grateful. Our current rescue population sits at 16 and we have very kindly been loaned a second paddock. One of our immediate goals is to secure more land nearby for grazing. Almost all of this year’s rescues have come during the peak of the dry season. Rehoming is an aspect we would really like to see an increase in numbers. Needless to say, our standards are very stringent as to whom we are prepared to allow the rescues to go to. The person must meet a criteria to ensure they are able to care for these horses who have been nurtured back to health. We have had some success and some very suitable homes but the intake of horses is still higher than the rate that we can rehome.

We W e invite you to tour the beautiful and sscenic heart of Barbados on o the beloved rescues rescues of

Please call or email to o book your ride. W We ew would ould be delighted to have you y join us with your family, family mily, friends or corporate group. gr g oup. Our professional professionall guides will accompany accompan ny you on your ride thr through ou ugh paradise. We We look forward forw forwar ward to welcoming you to our sanctuary and having hav ving you be a part of the e salvation of these wonderful won nderful animals. Your Your visit v will always y be remembered remembered and appreciated. appr ppreciated.. . Dukes Dukes, s, St.Thomas, B Barbados




horse while leaving the other mortally wounded on the beach. A nearby homeowner then contacted a private horse owner and the RSPCA and the poor horse had to be euthanized on the spot but only after enduring unspeakable pain and suffering. We remain committed to see this type of cruelty come to an end. It is our hope that parents of children can become involved and be vigilant as to what their children are doing. It is our hope that through identifying who these ex racehorses are and making this information known, that the public can put pressure to ensure the original owners take appropriate steps to rehome their horses and not just dispose of them as they currently are doing. It is important to say that there are many excellent owners who look after their horses and would never consider giving them to anyone unless they are certain they will be given loving homes and kept as they should be. Many of these people are who allow us to operate. This problem is not an impossible one to solve. If we can continue to work together with the Turf Club, the Private sector, Government, the Media and General public this is something we can see become a thing of the past. Sadly we still see cases of unspeakable cruelty and this shows us that despite a decrease in the number of cases seen this year, we still have our work cut out to educate. Sadly the chief offenders stem from the original owner of these magnificent horses who are negligent when the time comes to find homes for these horses and they will give them to the first person to ask for them without caring whether that person has the wherewithal or knowledge to be able to adequately provide for them. From there they are often passed along from person to person until they end up either tethered in areas with no food or water and they are often ridden and raced illegally often while lame or injured. Sadly there was recently one such case on Brighton Beach that involved two boys racing illegally and while doing so one of the horses broke it’s leg. They proceeded to strip the bridle off and race away with the one remaining


We have made contact with World Horse Welfare, based in the UK and they have agreed to share their experience and guide as to what they have done that has worked for their charity in the UK. Any knowledge we can gain in how to improve the plight of horses will help us do our jobs here better. If we can save even one horse from an awful fate and educate one child at a time, we will reach our goal. We ask for your support in helping us to continue our work here in Barbados. Help us end cruelty and continue to educate children and adults so these truly inspirational animals may live their lives in an appropriate manner. Whether it be in sponsorship of our event, donations of feed, joining us as a spectator at our event in February, every little bit helps us to exist.


Churchill and The Emperor of Games

“I got through the polo without shame or distinction and enjoyed it so much.” Winston Churchill, 10 January 1927 in a letter to his wife Clementine Admiralty House, Malta (It followed his last polo game at the age of 52) Polo has always had an aristocratic image and given the cost to buy or stable horses in the modern era, it is an image that is unlikely to change. Many famous people have played polo dating back to Persian nobility, powerful Indian tribesmen, British cavalry officers, famous actors and actresses, the Royals and the rich! From showbiz we have had a long list of participants including Walt Disney, David Niven, Stephanie Beacham, Sylvester Stallone and Tommy Lee Jones. We had General George S Patton of US Army fame, and from the British Royal family in the modern era we have had Prince Phillip, his son Prince Charles, and his grandsons Harry and William. Australian media magnate Kerry Packer made no secret of his wealth, just his taxes, and poured millions of dollars into his greatest sporting passion. But perhaps the biggest celebrity to sit on a polo pony was Sir Winston Churchill, arguably the greatest personality of his era, perhaps any era? Churchill left an indelible imprint on history and will forever be remembered by mankind as the impregnable force that defeated Nazism and Fascism and preserved the free world. What is perhaps not as well known was his passion for polo. We all associate the Churchill persona with a heavy rotund cigar-waving balding character wearing a smart suit and tie and carrying a walking stick. We don’t associate him with the dashing young cavalry officer who was first introduced to the sport in 1895 after taking a commission with the


POLOBARBADOS 4th Hussars at Aldershot. A year later the regiment was posted to India and polo became an integral part of his military and sporting life. It is ironic that a shoulder injury on arriving should have thwarted his early participation and although it plagued him most of his life it also illustrated the fierce determination he had to set aside adversity and overcome immeasurable odds. The shoulder injury was so inhibiting that he had to strap his right arm to his chest to stop the shoulder from being displaced, but anyone who thought the impediment would dampen the vigour and ferocity of his play was very mistaken. Churchill played to the limit although he bitterly regretted the injury prevented him from using a sword. As a substitute he carried a pistol for close combat. Polo became an obsession with Churchill in India and with other officers of similar mind they frequently played 8-12 chukkas a day. At the time the Inter-Regimental Cup was the major tournament amongst the British regiments, but the 4th Hussars with a onearmed player were not seen as a major threat, especially by the slick and highly-skilled 19th Hussars. It has been said by historians that Churchill treated polo like war and rather than hit the ball he attacked it ferociously and slashed at it. He trained meticulously for games and he prepared his strategies with great detail in much the same way that he skilfully plotted World War II campaigns. It was said he “Loved polo most in the world next to war!” But Churchill’s ailments didn’t stop with his shoulder, he also suffered a severe hand injury from an errant bullet splinter


and he damaged both ankles in a fall the night before the Inter-Regiment tournament at Meerut in 1899. He offered to stand down, but his fellow officers refused and although he was severely restricted he made his presence felt in physical exchanges and actually scored two goals in the final game. Against the odds the 4th Hussars won and became champions of India and there was no prouder player than Churchill. These tournaments were high society gatherings with much pomp and glory and Winston revelled in the limelight. Churchill never lost his love of polo, the “emperor of games” he called it, but politics and the Great War took his career in a different direction after India and there was much less time to indulge. He played his last game in 1927 at the age of 52, a comparative youngster when compared to Harold Smith of South Africa who was aged 75 when he entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2004 as the oldest competitive polo player after taking part in the South African Championships at Bloemfontein on 12 September. And where does Harold stand when compared to our own Sir Charles Williams who participated in the Barbados Open last year as the spritely age of 82. Perhaps in Churchill’s own words-“Time will not age them.”










B C Q S I n t e rn a t i o n a l Ba rb a d o oss Property Pr operty and Development pment Consultants thr throughout oughout ughout ghout Latin America and nd the Caribbean Orena


St. Lawrence Main Road

Call +1 246 428 8091



Christ Church

Email infobarbados@bcqs.com




Visit www.bcqs.com


2015 POLO

A SPECTATOR’S PERSPECTIVE James Gardiner is CEO of Citycorp Insurance Company ltd. and a keen follower of local sports. He and his wife Caroline are regular polo spectators so we asked James a few questions about polo from a spectator’s perspective…

How often do you go to polo? We are regular visitors and go at least twice a month, sometime more. It’s a great spectator sport. Also Caroline loves animals, so is particularly interested in the ponies. Have you a favourite ground or a favourite tournament? We like Holder’s Hill and Apes Hill the best because they are both lovely settings and we can park close to the ground, which allows us the option to watch some chukkas from the car if we wish. What are looking forward to this season and are there any particular polo days you like better than others? We always enjoy the action and the high level of skill these fine players have. Riding a horse at speed and hitting a small white ball with such accuracy and control is very entertaining. We particularly like the really competitive top tournaments-as when Cheshire visit-when the skill level is high and both teams go all out to win. Do you always watch the action on the field or tend to socialize more off it? There’s always a bit of both at polo, but even if we are meeting friends we still like to watch the games. Sometimes we stay afterwards at Holder’s, which has a lovely post-match atmosphere. Are there any things you’d like to see improved? Not really. We feel the polo people have done a lot in recent years to make the sport very accessible and the facilities at the top grounds are very good. The new grounds have also helped Holder’s because the pitch now has time to recover compared to a few years ago.



Despite the fact that the UNNA Luxury Resorts and Residences brand was only fully launched just over a year ago, the group has already firmly established itself as a well known and highly respected name in the world of luxury resort management. This is undoubtedly partly due to the burgeoning success of its first, fully completed resort, Saint Peter’s Bay; the impending official opening of Port Ferdinand, which has real potential to become the most spectacular development in Barbados; and the great excitement generated by Palazatte, the group’s third major project, an ultra-high net worth property that promises to be the most luxurious residence ever built in Barbados. However it is equally certain that another key factor in UNNA’s success in securing instant credibility is that the principal investors behind the brand have been operating highly successful enterprises in Barbados for over 40 years. In fact the dynamic Barbadian companies that form the group collectively rank as the leading private sector employer in the country today, with over 3,500 employees. Having conceptualized and created the island’s first residential marina, Port St. Charles, as far back as 1997, the group has since gone on to become the island’s leading developer and constructor of luxury residential and commercial real estate. Indeed, it was as an extension of that ongoing success that the investors founded UNNA Luxury Resorts and Residences as a management company to run the operations of its own world-class resorts and hospitality amenities. Recognizing Barbados’ inherent strength as a holiday destination that can provide an exceptional multigenerational experience, UNNA has committed itself to becoming the island’s leading villa specialists, offering an elevated level of amenities, service and enjoyment that can provide an unforgettable villa experience for families. The UNNA Luxury Resorts and Residences are all rich in amenities and, through dedicated training programmes, the group is successfully enhancing the natural hospitality of Barbados to a new level, where good-natured personality is complemented by a total commitment to ensuring that every guest is happy. UNNA has specifically chosen to locate each of its luxurious resorts on the scenic north-western coastline, in the vicinity of Speightstown. With superb beaches, an inherent culture of welcoming visitors and steeped in history, this area of the island still possesses a rare, genuine charm. Saint Peter’s Bay, comprising fifty-seven desirable homes, including six spectacular penthouse suites and three even more spectacular, deluxe penthouse suites, enjoyed its best ever year in 2014. Homeowners here have the opportunity to access a select number of berths at Port Ferdinand, which allow for duty-free importation of a yacht. It is also worthy of note that the neighbouring area around Saint Peter’s Bay is being gradually upgraded by UNNA, including the highly prestigious Palazzate, thus creating real potential for a future increase in property





values and assuring a pleasant local environment well into the future. Port Ferdinand, occupying a dramatic, 16-acre, inland waterway site, is an exclusive marina resort comprising 82 homes and 120 yacht berths. Phase One and Phase Two have already been completed and 46 luxurious waterfront homes are available for purchase. Each one has its own berth of a minimum 50 feet, but should an owner not require a berth it can be leased out. Primed to deliver an enviable vacation experience, Port Ferdinand offers an unparalleled range of services and activities, including the resort’s fine dining restaurant, ‘1359’, named after the Barbados latitude and longitude coordinates. Investors will appreciate that the purchase price of homes at both Saint Peter’s Bay and Port Ferdinand include an attractive suite of benefits; and residents also enjoy shared amenities at each property, which are easily accessible via the group’s own private water-taxi service. Thanks to vacation rental programmes at both properties, potential homeowners can enjoy the UNNA experience first hand prior to committing.

www.stpetersbaybarbados.com info@stpetersbaybarbados.com Tel: 246-419-9602

www.portferdinand.com info@portferdinand.com Tel: 246-272-2000

US and Canada: 1-866-978-6931/ United Kingdom: 0-800-097-0847



Camilla Williams

QUESTIONS YOU WANT TO ASK BUT DON’T WANT TO EMBARRASS YOURSELF What happens when a player falls off the pony? Hopefully he or she is not injured and is able to continue. However, the match stops immediately until they remount. What happens when a goal is scored? When a goal is scored the teams switch round and play in the opposite direction until the next goal is scored. What happens when a pony gets tired? Once the player realizes they will leave the field and switch mounts. There is usually only one schedule change of horses allowed. If a player wishes to change more than once play continues without them.



Teddy Williams

Jamie Dickson

What happens when the Umpires disagree? This doesn’t occur very often, but when it does they go over to the clubhouse and explain the problem to the third umpire and he makes the final decision. What happens when the Umpire blows for a foul? The game stops, a penalty is awarded and everyone gets to watch the star striker try and hit a goal from the penalty spot determined by the umpire. What happens when the players disagree? Not much! Some players shout all the time, but good umpires never listen to them. What do those numbers on the shirts mean? There are four players on each team, but the most active are usually numbers 2 and 3. Number 1 usually stays up front as an attacker and number 4 usually stays at the back as a defender, but that doesn’t stop players going where they want. The star player is often number 3. What happens when the commentator gets it wrong? We all have a little laugh as he tries to joke his way out of it, but we love his jokes! Nice fellow that Jonathan Simpson. What happens when the first horn goes off? This means there are 30 seconds left in the chukka. What happens after the final horn sounds? The players shake hands on the field, return the ponies to their grooms and head for the clubhouse bar where the presentations are made and they can talk about the match for hours and hours.



The Cruise There’s nothing ‘same old, same old’ about a cruise. It may be your second or your 30th, but it will always be a new experience and in most cases one that exceeded the last. For new cruisers there is always a buzz of excitement as cruising is a very different holiday experience than the traditional one base location and the thought of bedding down at sea and waking up in different locations is not something easily understood for the uninitiated. Perhaps the best way to describe a cruise is staying at a five-star hotel, going to the best restaurants in town, enjoying high quality shows and activities within a few minutes walk and waking up every morning in another wonderful destination with the option to explore many of its intricacies and attractions or simply enjoying a lazy day of self-indulgence and privacy on board or at a local cafe. Cruising gives you a lot of options and since you have already picked the places you want to go, you are already in holiday dreamland.


Buzz Setting aside the quality and quantity of food, the unparalleled customer service excellence and the wide range of activities available, the cruise dynamic is largely created by the design and elegance of the ship and the places you visit. Perhaps the buzz is not the same if you return to the same ship on a regular basis, but if that’s the case then you have already accepted it reaches the high standards you expect. High standards are the hallmarks of cruising and most ships feature modern design and furnishings, plus friendly and happy staff that understand the importance of going that extra mile in pursuit of customer excellence. In the past cruisers were identified as older, slower and rich. But in the modern world the demographic has dramatically changed. The industry still attracts the older, slower and rich, but their numbers have been dwarfed by a new generation of younger more active guests looking for new destinations, more entertainment and keener pricing. To their credit the cruising industry has adapted with bigger and better ships, more destinations, a wide variety of new onboard activities and attractive pricing. At the same time luxury has not been sacrificed and throughout the industry the cruise lines continue to raise the bar and produce a better product to satisfy and exceed a wide range of customer expectations.


Every cruise has its own attraction and experienced and knowledgeable Travel Advisors at Going Places Travel are experts in the field. Not only can they tailor a cruise to meet specific needs, their staff are sent on cruises and to destinations to judge for themselves. It’s a lovely perk in the business, but it’s also important research and the detailed information they accumulate is invaluable to the discerning customer anxious to evaluate every aspect of the package to ensure it meets their expectations. For example, this writer had never been to Venice or the Greek Islands and the only knowledge of Montenegro was of their international football team! As experienced cruisers we wanted a new adventure and since we going to be in the UK at the same time we planned to cruise we looked at several European options. Our final choice, the Celebrity Silhouette, was largely based on advice from the Going Places Travel staff, who knew the cruise first-hand and provided lots of extra information that can’t be in-


cluded in a brochure. Our itinerary was fly from the UK to Venice for a couple of days, board the cruise and then spend a week visiting Montenegro and the Greek Islands before returning for another two days in Venice. To say the cruise exceeded our expectations would be an understatement. It was magnificent. We ‘discovered’ a hidden gem called Montenegro, strikingly beautiful, unspoilt and welcoming. The Greek Islands were amazing with Santorini and the cable car ride to the top followed by the winding walk down amidst the donkeys an unforgettable adventure. Venice is Venice. Romantic, historic, unique, religious, political, quaint, and vibrant, all invigorated by a waterway culture. If ‘seeing is believing’ is your philosophy in life then get into cruising as it is one way to discover many parts of the world you may never visit except by cruise ship. And all this on a floating five-star hotel with a plethora of additional luxuries and options. SPOIL YOURSELF!

Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind. Of all the great beach vacations and spas in the

world, only The BodyHoliday offers you the very best of both in beautiful Saint Lucia. Tailor your vacation to your wishes and choose from a menu of wellness options, sports and gourmet pleasures. It’s all a body could ask for. To find out more call +1 758 457 7820 or visit www.thebodyholiday.com


Crane Private Residences


the art of island living New, private residence community sets standard in island living with an enviable array of world-class amenities and services.

Since 1887, the historic Crane Resort in Barbados has been famous for the ‘healing powers’ of the spectacular Crane Beach, cool breezes and the surrounding pristine, natural landscape of the island’s South East coast. In more recent times, the resort has been at the forefront of luxury resort living, effortlessly combining unparalleled living spaces with an unmatched lifestyle. Now, an exciting new Crane chapter is about to unfold with the introduction of a new l uxurious, residential community within the Crane Resort - The Crane Private Residences.

IMAGINE… Rising with the sun, your Sunday morning beginning with a blissful stroll through acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. Over to L’Azure Restaurant where majestic voices and sweet aromas combine and fill the air for the famous Gospel Breakfast, while the vista of Crane Beach’s soft pink sand and turquoise water is a backdrop that can only be described as ‘heavenly’. In the afternoon, the choice is yours: lounge poolside by the stunning waterscape of cascading pools and waterfalls, rejuvenate your body and mind at Serenity Spa, or even take in a game of tennis. Later, enjoy a late breezy lunch at The Carriage House. Indulge in a sweet treat from the Village Café while taking in the latest exhibit at The Village Gallery before the evening comes alive with The Village Fair – the nightly, open-air local craft market. Make it a night out and head down to L’Azure, D’Onofrio’s or Zen for a scrumptious dinner, or simply relax at home and order in room service. Then, to end the perfect day, join your neighbours and other resort guests for a few after-dinner cocktails in Bar 1887.

THIS COULD BE YOUR EVERY DAY. The Crane enjoys an unprecedented abundance of luxury amenities and services, but for many, it has become so much more. Naturally attracting like-minded individuals who prize peace, tranquility and natural beauty, there is a tangible sense of community that exists among owners, guests and staff. Ownership in The Crane Private Residences is a unique investment that pays dividends in the form of an enviably luxurious yet truly relaxed lifestyle, welcoming smiles and a lifetime of cherished memories. Uniquely positioned as a gated residential community within a gated resort, the masterplanned luxury development will consist of five residential buildings, each housing spacious two, three, and four-bedroom apartments (1,880 to 4,930 sq ft.). Spread over five acres, each building makes an impressive statement with clean architectural lines complementing the distinctly Barbadian coral stone finish on the lower floors. Ground floor residences boast large private pools, while penthouse residences include private roof decks that command sweeping coastal views, dining gazebos and swimming pools. Ideal for long-term living, the private residences feature underground parking from which an elevator transports residents directly to the foyer within their residence. First impressions are lasting, as panoramic views form the pièce de résistance of the generous, open-plan living space.


Bright and expansive, each residence features large kitchens complete with granite countertops and top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances; spacious, private patios perfect for dining, lounging and entertaining, as well as generously scaled natural stone bathrooms with large soaker tubs and glass showers. Residents wake up to a dream, as the grand master bedrooms face the same dramatic views as the living spaces, while the secondary bedrooms welcome in the lush tropical internal gardens. The centerpiece of the development is a private green space with park benches under shade trees as well as a BBQ pit for the occasional outdoor picnic. Enjoying the best of both worlds, owners will become members of The Crane’s established luxury resort community with its impressive array of world-class amenities and services that truly perfect the art of island living.

Monthly fees, structured similarly to traditional condominium fees, benefit from The Crane’s economies of scale and its unique vertically integrated approach to property management. An attractive and very well thought out rental management programme allows owners to enjoy a profitable return on their investment. Introductory pre-construction prices are currently approximately half of comparable luxury ocean front real estate in Barbados. The first phase of The Crane Private Residences has just been released for sale and the response has far exceeded expectations. Prices are expected to increase on a monthly basis.

For sales information, contact The Property Sales Office located at Crane Resorts, Crane, St. Philip, Barbados (246) 416-6560 property@craneresorts.com


AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY Over the past ten years there’s been a lot of interest in skin rejuvenation in Barbados and the good news is that many people now realize that the modern modalities for such treatments are available right here on island. We talked to local Dermatologist Dr. Blondelle Durant about the exciting field of Aesthetic Dermatology and put to her some of the questions many people are asking-

What does Aesthetic Dermatology entail in the modern world?

We understand the importance of sun protection. Now what is non-surgical rejuvenation of the skin?

The aim of Aesthetic Dermatology is and has always been to bring out the best in a person’s skin - the best function and the best appearance. It will often involve ways of rejuvenating the skin. There are some basic necessities which will never change namely sun protection and moisturizers. Today’s cosmeceuticals contain additional ingredients such as antioxidants, alphahydroxy acids, retinols and peptides.

It is rejuvenation of the skin without actually performing a surgical procedure – no cuts, no stitches. Remarkable improvements to skin surface discolorations, uneven pigmentation , textural roughening and even some wrinkling can be achieved by chemical peels , microdermabrasion, I ntense pulsed light (IPL) and lasers.

Why is sun protection so important?

We often hear the term “liquid lift” being used. What does this mean?

First and foremost the sun ages your skin. More than 80% of what many view as aging changes are actually caused by sun exposure over the years. Components of this ‘photoaging’, as it is called, include dark spots, white spots, wrinkling, dryness, loss of elasticity and thinning of the skin. What is even more serious is that ultraviolet light from the sun causes mutations in the DNA in your skin cells. This eventually will lead to pre-cancer changes and skin cancers. So any regime aimed at rejuvenating the skin must have sun protection as number one priority.

This is the production of a visible lift to the face by the use of a combination of Botox and fillers. Obviously, it is not going to produce results as profound as a surgical face lift, but many people can achieve a marked improvement in facial aging changes with just these treatments. The change can be quite fascinating. These days we don’t just use fillers to fill lines, we use them to replace lost volume, which occurs as the face ages. There are also several forms of skin tightening treatments using lasers or ultrasonic equipment. Often it is a combination of several treatments that will give the optimal result.

What should one look for in a sunscreen?

Some people associate Botox and fillers with a false look, a look of being “done”, and fear that everybody will know.

A sunscreen should have an SPF of 30 or higher and the label must say that it is Broad Spectrum and gives UVA and UVB protection. For activities that induce a lot of sweating and for use at the beach, your sunscreen should be water-resistant. But sun protection also includes other simple behaviours such as wearing a hat, long sleeves if you are working outdoors etc. But we need sunlight for our body to make vitamin D, don’t we? Our skin can make vitamin D, but I concur with the position of the American Academy of Dermatology , namely that our vitamin D can and should be obtained from our diet and/or vitamin D supplements, rather than from unprotected exposure to ultraviolet radiation.


The performance of facial injectible treatments is an art as well as a science. Apart from knowing the anatomy very well and understanding the properties and nature of the substance to be injected, the injector must be well versed in the art of creating an end result that is appropriate and natural-looking, and must be willing to discuss with the patient what needs to be done to produce such an end result. This is achievable with good training and experience. It is the only acceptable outcome, in my opinion. At what age should one start rejuvenative treatments? My belief is that it is never too early or too late to do something good for your skin.



Jamie Dickson

Salvador Duggan & Luis Clerici

Christansia Evelyn reaches for the ball

Grohe Blue® Pure is the alternative for purified, still water straight from your kitchen faucet.

#6 Canewood Industrial Estate St. Michael 246-627-0580 wolseley_showroom@live.com


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at polo






How to get there and clubs contact information

Holders Polo Field

Holders Polo Field Telephone: 432 1802 (Landline with recorded updates) Should you not receive the information that you require from this recording please Email: Clubmanager@barbadospoloclub.com

Lion Castle Polo Field

Lion Castle Polo Field Telephone: 622 POLO or 622 7656. (Landline with recorded updates) Should you have any further queries related to Lion Castle Clubhouse such as rental information for Weddings, private parties etc. Email: Clubhouse@Lioncastlepoloestate.com

Apes Hill Polo Field

Apes Hill Polo Field Telephone: 432 9550 or 262 3270 Should you have any further queries related to Apes Hill Polo Clubhouse such as rental information for weddings, private parties etc. Email: info@apeshillpolo.com



Behind the Scenes

STUNNING WATCHES POLO BARBADOS STYLE Just a small selection of some of the most classic and innovative time pieces available at these stores on island duty free

Style of the Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster Gold and precious stones

A celebration of watchmaking tradition- The Cellini Dual Time by Rolex. The new Cellini collection celebrates the most fascinating and exalting facets of Rolex's watchmaking tradition. MODEL CASE - 39 mm, 18 ct Everose gold, polished finish DIAMETER - 39 mm MATERIAL - 18 ct Everose gold, polished finish CASE BACK - Domed case back, screw down BEZEL - Double bezel, domed and fluted WINDING CROWN - Flared screw-down winding crown with Rolex emblem CRYSTAL - Domed sapphire crystal WATERPROOFNESS - Waterproof to a depth of 50 metres Available only in 18 ct yellow, white or Everose gold, the Pearlmaster is always set with diamonds or other precious stones.

stainless steel watch - mille miglia gran turismo 16 1/2� 7111 self-winding mechanical movement dial: black 2 arabics 8 index gray chronometer certified (cosc) power reserve approx. 46 hours 24 jewels, glareproofed sapphire crystal, water resistant to 100m, date, centre second, folding buckle


Available only in 18 ct yellow, white or Everose gold, the Pearlmaster is always set with diamonds or other precious stones. Model case - Oyster, 29 mm, Everose gold and diamonds Oyster architecture. Monobloc middle case, screw-down case back and winding crown Diameter - 29 mm Material - 18 ct Everose gold Bezel - Set with diamonds Winding crown - Screw-down, Twinlock double waterproofness system Crystal - Scratch-resistant sapphire, Cyclops lens (2.5x) over the date Water-resistance - Waterproof to 100 metres / 330 feet

rose gold/stainless steel watch - happy sport 11 1/2� sw300 self winding mechanical movement dial: silver, 4 roman numerals 1 sapphire = 0.17 ct 7 diamonds = 0.35 ct fc moving power-reserve of approx. 42 hours, 25 jewels, sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal back, date, water-resistant up to 30 meters,steel/gold bracelet

5 3 6 4 5 & %  $ " 3 &  1 3 0 7 * % & 3 4  * / $   / " / / :  " ( & / $ : O œ Ø Î Ì Ø Ä 7U XV W HG &DU H 3U RYL GHU V  , QF   L V  W KH O HDGL QJ 1DQQ\ $JHQF \ L Q %DU EDGRV   :H DU H D W U XV W ZRU W K\ V HU YL F H SU RYL GHU  XV HG E\ I DPL O L HV  L QW HU QDW L RQDO O \  :H DU H KL JKO \ U HF RPPHQGHG E\ U HSXW DEO H RU JDQL ] DW L RQV  DQG KRW HO V   :H W DNH W KH QHF HV V DU \ V W HSV  L Q V HF XU L QJ \RX DQG \RXU  I DPL O \ E\ KL U L QJ F HU W L ĆHG SU RI HV V L RQDO V  ZKRV H SDV V L RQ L V  F DU L QJ I RU  RW KHU V 

$Ø À Ì Ä k À ß Š Y k Ä Ì Š ˜ Y ‘ Ø c k Ì L YH , Q 1DQQL HV  DE\ 6L W W HU V  ZERU Q 6SHF L DO L V W  O W L SO H 6SHF L DO L V W  O L GD\ 1DQQL HV  z/ z% z 1H z 0X z +R  3DL U V  SHF L DO  1HHGV  &DU H HQL RU  &DU H XV HNHHSHU V  XV H 6L W W HU V  DQG 3HW  6L W W HU V  z $X z6 z6 z +R z +R


&DO O  


The Calibre de Cartier Diver watch is a must have for the discerning collector. A powerful accurate timepiece with water-resistance to 300 meters, this masculine sporty watch is powered by a 1904 MC movement. A thin caliber automatic that has 48 hours of power reserve with a rotor set of ceramic ball bearings.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is the original ‘sports watch’. The revolutionary idea of a wristwatch that could be turned around to protect the face was originally conceived of on the polo fields of India and ever since 1931, the ties between the legendary swiveling case and polo have remained ingrained in the very fibre of the Reverso, which has proved capable of constantly evolving and adapting to each new era.

Upper Broad Street, Bridgetown Tel: 430-2422 Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St. James Tel: 271-8233/34 www.DiamondsInternational.com








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Polo Barbados 2015  

Seasonal in-depth look into the sport of Polo in Barbados

Polo Barbados 2015  

Seasonal in-depth look into the sport of Polo in Barbados

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