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Last year I had the pleasure of sitting beside a lady from England, who is a regular visitor to Barbados and never misses the opportunity to visit Holder’s Hill. I asked her if she watched polo back home and she said it never crossed her mind. She said the polo experience at Holder’s is as much social as sporting and she loved the relaxed atmosphere and ambience of a unique setting with lovely people and a glass of wine. It made me think do we really appreciate what we have? Holder’s is very special, and so are the other polo grounds in Barbados as they all have beautiful settings and when a polo game is in play it is an experience to be savoured. Much of that is because our lifestyle is very relaxed and laidback and while the sound of thundering hooves might suggest otherwise, an afternoon at polo is a time to switch off from the stress of everyday life and chill out. The world has changed a lot in the past few years and understandably this has meant a few changes in Barbados polo, but it has not diminished the enthusiasm and expectation every new season brings. This year we welcome back our good friends from Cheshire and the Villages and another set of new visitors and friends. We also welcome our spectators-young and old, local and visiting, return visitors or regulars. You create the atmosphere and help build the ambience that makes our polo matches so unique and we appreciate it. Finally, a word of thanks to a number of people who contribute to this publication and allow it to be provided free of charge. Top of the list are the advertisers, who still see the value of marketing in tough economic times. They support polo and we hope you will support them. Thanks also to Lisa Davis for her stunning photographs, Julie at 809 Design, and to our editorial team and guest contributors. Polo Barbados is all about polo on the island with a little bit of spice from the wider polo world in appreciation of what a wonderful sport we enjoy.

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2014 Barbados International Polo Season DATES



JANUARY Thursday Saturday Sunday Thursday Saturday Sunday

16 18 19 23 25 26

January January January January January January

FEBRUARY 11 February Tuesday 13 February Thursday 16 February Sunday 18 February Tuesday 20 February Thursday 23 February Sunday


Roger Gooding Memorial - 6 Goal Roger Gooding Memorial - 6 Goal Roger Gooding Memorial - 6 Goal Roger Gooding Memorial - 6 Goal Roger Gooding Memorial - 6 Goal Roger Gooding Memorial - 6 Goal-FINAL

Holders Lion Castle Apes Hill Holders Lion Castle Apes Hill

BPC USA (The Villages) Tour BPC USA (The Villages) Tour BPC USA (The Villages) Tour FINAL BPC Ladies Tour BPC Ladies Tour BPC Ladies Tour

Holders Holders Holders Holders Holders Holders

DATES MARCH 2 Sunday 6 Thursday 9 Sunday 13 Thursday 16 Sunday 18 Tuesday 20 Thursday 23 Sunday 25 Tuesday 27 Thursday 30 Sunday APRIL 1 Tuesday 3 Thursday 6 Sunday 8 Tuesday 10 Thursday 13 Sunday 15 Tuesday 17 Thursday 19 Saturday 26 Saturday MAY 3 Saturday 10 Saturday 18 Saturday 24 Saturday 31 Saturday



March March March March March March March March March March March

BPC Cheshire Tour BPC Cheshire Tour BPC Cheshire Tour FINAL BPC Barbados Open 8 Goal Tournament BPC Barbados Open 8 Goal Tournament BPC Barbados Open 8 Goal Tournament BPC Barbados Open 8 Goal SEMI FINALS BPC Barbados Open 8 Goal FINAL Lion Castle Tour Lion Castle Tour Lion Castle Tour

Holders Holders Holders Apes Hill Lion Castle Holders Apes Hill Holders Lion Castle Lion Castle Lion Castle

April April April April April April April April April April

Apes Hill Tour Apes Hill Tour Apes Hill Tour Apes Hill Tour Apes Hill Tour Apes Hill Tour Lion Castle Tour Lion Castle Tour Lion Castle Tour Club Matches

Apes Hill Apes Hill Apes Hill Apes Hill Apes Hill Apes Hill Lion Castle Lion Castle Lion Castle Holders

May May May May May

Club Matches Club Matches Club Matches Club Matches Presidents / Kearns Trophy

Lion Castle Apes Hill Holders Lion Castle Holders




Polo People Some captured moments from the 2013 Barbados Polo Season... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

Alex Cole Cristian Chaves Andy Dowding & Jonathan Simpson Harry Manning Lisa Venezia & Teddy Williams Lee Cole Isabella Dickson Angela Melville Roddy Davis & Stewart Campbell Chanda & Richard Gooding with Annika Povey Luis Clerici with his son Santiago Wayne Archer & Roddy Davis Nico San Roman & Cherie Edghill Richard Deane Joshua Archer Gina-Li Davis, Ashleigh Deane & Jennifer Deane Charlie Williams Teddy Williams Kent Cole, Harry Manning & Richard Deane Danny Atwell & his wife Nicola Atwell Scarlett Cole
























Players’ Handicaps


Danny Atwell 4

Cristian Chaves 4

Pablo Crespin 3

Jamie Dickson (3)

Teddy Williams 3

Wayne Archer (2)

Marc Atwell 2

Alex Cole (2)

Adam Deane 2

Salvador Duggan 2

Jeff Evelyn 2

Richard Gooding 2

Lucas Nicolao 2

Philip Tempro 2

Jamie Jim Roberts 2

Bruce Bayley 1

Luis Clerici 1

George Gemmell 1

Oliver Williams 1

Stephen Williams (1)

Ramon Alvarez 0

Philip Atwell 0

Richard Deane 0

Roddy Davis 0

Stewart Gill 0

Damian Luke 0

Ryhs Odle 0

Rebecca Walters 0

Sir Charles Williams 0

Jake Bayley -1

Angelique Edwards -1

Christansia Evelyn -1

Vicki Gonzalez -1

Nicholas Jordan - 1

Jason O’Selmo -1

Gary Shepherd -1

Joshua Archer (-2)

Zoe Archer -2

Ashleigh Deane -2

Camilla Williams -2


Sir Charles Williams & Marc Atwell

Cristian Chaves

stickwork Alex Cole

16 Philip Atwell

Joshua Archer

Pablo Crespin showing his stick skills

Cesar Polledo

Danny Atwell being hooked by cristian chaves

17 Martin Jauregui hooks

Jake Bayley

Danny Atwell on the ball with Mike Henderson looming


Painting the Polo Picture Danny Atwell under the gun from Mike Henderson

Many spectators visit their first polo match in Barbados and many repeat visitors don’t watch it anywhere else but here. For whatever reason international polo is not easily accessible in other parts of the world, which is why Barbados polo is very special. Spectators are the lifeblood of the International Season because they provide the atmosphere that sets our local scene apart. The Headquarters of Barbados polo is Holder’s Polo Field, which is home to the sport’s governing body-the Barbados Polo Club. Polo has been played at Holder’s for nearly 50 years after the club moved from its historical base at the Garrison. In the mid 1960s The Kidd family generously accommodated the move and until modern times this was the only polo ground on the island. However, at the turn of the century there was an influx of new members, many prosperous young entrepreneurs who had discovered the sport and had the financial resources to expand and develop it. Their energy and vision gave Barbados polo a fresh impetus and over the past decade new polo fields at Clifton, Apes Hill, Lion Castle and Buttals have been created to meet the demand of the increased membership. As a result of this growth polo in Barbados completely changed its culture and although local chukkas continued amongst the members, the highlight of the annual fixture list became the International Season. New sponsors were attracted to the sport and spectators came in Rhys Odle

Luis Clerici & Stewart Gill


POLOBARBADOS hundreds to watch games. The relaxed atmosphere and social interaction was widely appreciated by visitors from overseas and it soon became very popular to be seen and to enjoy polo on a Sunday afternoon. The Barbados Polo Club and the other polo field owners

Salvador Duggan

The hallmark of Barbados Polo is its hospitality. Teams and clubs from all over the world have visited the island over the past decade...


responded positively to the winds of change and huge commitments were made to put Barbados polo on a steady path of growth and prosperity. The Barbados Polo Club is affiliated to Hurlingham in the international world of polo, but organizes and administers local polo from Holder’s Hill and liaises with the other polo field owners when hosting major tours. All the polo field owners are represented on the Polo Club Committee and although each polo field is autonomous in status, everyone works for the benefit of the sport in general. The two most prestigious offices in the club are Club President and Club Captain, positions currently held by Mr. Wayne

Archer and Mr. Richard Deane respectively. The club is open to Lady and Junior members, both of which have grown in numbers in recent times. Like all old sports clubs the history of the Polo Club is littered with personalities and a strong family culture. Family names like Williams, Deane, and Atwell have maintained a presence over several generations, and recentlyretired Club President Keith Melville held the position for a staggering 39 years and has been a member for over 50 years. Keith, along with Sir Charles Williams and Kent Cole were the backbone of the club for many years. Sir Charles is without doubt the sport’s and perhaps the island’s, most flamboyant character. A self-made business tycoon his passion for all sport is unequalled in the Caribbean, and his love for polo goes well beyond the bounds of passion. Still playing at over 80 years old he is an inspiration to everyone associated with the sport. The hallmark of Barbados polo is its hospitality. Teams and clubs from all over the world have visited the island over the past decade and in return Barbados polo players have travelled extensively in the opposite direction. The Cheshire Club from England and the Villages Club from Florida have a special bond that dates back several decades, but many teams from India, South Africa, Australia, England, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland and the Caribbean have been warmly received. The beauty of Barbados polo is an adherence to the etiquette and traditions of the sport, which ensures it is staged with considerable decorum and aplomb. In the top international matches the teams are presented to the dignitaries in front of the clubhouse, anthems are played by regimental bands, prayers are said and the dulcet tones of Commentator Jonathan Simpson ensure the magic of the occasion is not lost on any visitor. Wine, champagne, beer and High Tea abound in the clubhouse, which over the course of the afternoon builds up into a cauldron of noise and congeniality. It is unique and is there any clubhouse seat to match the rooftop at Holder’s Hill on a Sunday afternoon as the crimson Caribbean sun sets softly on the West Coast? Things might be a little tighter in economic terms these days, but polo in Barbados is still very special and Holder’s Hill often seems like a sanctuary hidden away from all the stress of modern life. We hope you get a similar vibe.


POLO RULES MADE SIMPLE Don’t let anyone confuse you….polo rules are simple to understand for the spectator! After all, it is the players that really need to know the rules and when they break them, the umpires are there to award penalties. Watching the action should be as simple as it needs to be. Each team has four players and they can change their ponies as often as they like. The matches are normally played in four sessions called chukkas and each chukka lasts seven minutes playing time. The clock is stopped when a player dismounts or leaves the field so seven minutes playing time can be much longer. The pitches can be as long as 300 yards and as wide as 200 yards, which is about the size of two football fields and the goalposts at each end are eight yards apart. There is no height restriction to scoring a goal as long as the ball stays between the posts. Scoring a goal is an important part of the game as the teams turn round and play in the opposite direction every time a goal is scored. This is to avoid one team having an advantage due to weather or slope conditions. It also keeps everyone on their toes! The confusion about the rules comes with the award of penalties for foul play, as very often these fouls are difficult to determine from the clubhouse or boundary. Most of the fouls relate to players coming across another player. The simple rule is that players chasing a ball have the right of way down the line of the ball and anyone crossing that imaginary line commits a foul. The umpires determine the existence and the severity of a foul and in the worst cases a tap-in goal may be awarded or in minor fouls a free hit from 60 yards might be the penalty. Opposing players have to stand still some distance away from the free hit to allow the player a clear shot at goal. Players who hook the mallet of their opponents aren’t committing a foul although many spectators don’t think it is fair and the same could be said for riding off an opponent. This happens when two players are chasing the ball and one decides to veer his opponent off so that his chasing teammate coming behind can take up the ball without a challenge. It doesn’t look sporting, but as long as no elbows are used it is deemed ‘fair play.’ As long as you have a working knowledge of the rules of polo you will enjoy the game. Commentators always provide useful assistance, but even the silver-tongued voice of Barbados polo Jonathan Simpson gets the odd thing wrong here and there. When in doubt leave it to the umpires-they are not always right but they make the decisions!


Cristian Chaves

Dignitaries meeting the Cheshire Polo Team before the match

Jamie Dickson

Spectators tramping down the divots at half time


Bruce Bayley


Although it doesn’t always look like it, there is etiquette within polo that separates it from all contemporary sports. Such is the high standard expected from polo players, that virtually no other sport can match it, even in the squeaky clean and highly-principled world of professional golf. Perhaps it was its military background or the high skills required by highland horsemen to participate, but polo has always adhered to its own discipline and a willingness to play within the rules and in the spirit of the sport. Players dress properly, they are kitted out with appropriate gear, they adhere to the umpires and their decisions and they respect each other on and off the field. Discipline is an integral part of military life so the etiquette displayed by the cavalry officers who spread the game all over the British Empire came as second nature. When the game moved away from its military surrounds it was copied by amateurs who loved the fun and challenge of competitive equestrian sport and who wanted to preserve its decorum and dignity in much the same way as the dashing cavalry horsemen. Dress was fundamental and although uniforms were often used by the military, other teams still adhered to a common dress code to ensure everyone knew who was who and the spectators were not confused. This tradition has stood the test of time and it would be unthinkable in modern polo to have teams with different tops. Helmets tend to be optional, but in the best-turned out teams they all conform to the same type and colour. What makes the sport of polo special is its style and preservation of tradition. The players line up together and present themselves to the dignitaries in the clubhouse prior to play and on many occasions a special guest is introduced to the teams. Regimental bands are part of the preliminaries and when appropriate, National Anthems are played to add dignity and prestige to the occasion. Prayers add a sombre and chilling atmosphere before play and when all the pomp and ceremony is over the teams gather at the centre of the field to commence play. But the etiquette still remains and as the players prepare for action the spectators settle into their seats with a glass of wine or High Tea, delicate little sandwiches, cup cakes et al. Out on the field the two Umpires are normally dressed in similar Black and White attire and their whistles hold the key to everything that happens in the ensuing chukkas. Good players don’t question an Umpire’s ruling and even when there is a difference of opinion, etiquette demands a third opinion and that is provided by an Umpire in the clubhouse. His decision is final. Of course, in the heat of battle players will appeal and grunt and groan with their adversaries, but the really good players are above such triviality and observe the traditions of the sport, which demand the Umpire’s decision is sacrosanct. Rarely would an umpire have to discipline a player for anything other than a rules infringement and the thought of a player being sent off

for ungentlemanly conduct goes against all the best traditions of the sport. It is simply not done. And what other sport would allow an opposing player the opportunity to recharge his or her batteries during a game? This is an integral part of the game and although it can stop the continuity of the play, the action temporarily stops when a player Cristian Chaves

dismounts, falls off the pony or asks the Umpire to change horse. The same respect is shown when a penalty hit is being taken as everyone stands still to allow the player a free hit before the action takes off again. At the end of play both teams shake hands with each other and the umpires and then gather together in front of the clubhouse for the presentation of awards, speeches and in due course celebrations. After this stage the formal side of polo is officially finished and the social side takes over. Understandably it operates with a lot less decorum and etiquette although the tradition for revelry and camaraderie lives long. However, by that stage only the strong and the brave remain!



Cesar Polledo


Philip Tempro & Marc Atwell

handicaps explained One of the great mysteries for spectators in polo is the handicap system yet it is a simple mathematical description of the quality of a player. In much the same way as golf determines its best exponents as those who play off the lowest handicaps polo players are rated by goals on a scale from minus 2 to 10. All players who start the game are given a novice handicap of -2 Goal and can rise to 10-Goal if they become world class. All the 10-Goal players are polo Gods and most originate from Argentina the Mecca of the sport in modern times.

The purpose of the handicap system is to allow players to improve their game and to produce a level match where players of similar standard play against each other. Because polo is a team game this can be achieved through the handicap system where the aggregate total of the handicaps of the four players on each team can be matched to the opposition. A good Match Maker will do this to avoid a top quality player playing against a Novice player as the difference in ability would be embarrassing and the risk of accident would be much higher. Henry Lloyd Herbert introduced the Handicap system to the sport in 1890 when the United

States Polo Association was formed. It was quickly embraced all over the world and in modern times the Hurlingham Polo Association acts as the parent polo for a large number of British and International polo clubs. There are less than a dozen 10-Goal players in the world and virtually all of them come from Argentina where the Herguy and Astrada families have produced some of the best players to grace the game over several generations. Not only has Argentina played the pivotal role in developing the quality of the top players, but it is also the best place to get high quality polo ponies, as their breeding is top class. Horses are



Oliver Taylor being chased down by Salvador Duggan

shipped all over the globe and many polo enthusiasts Argentina and at some of the major events in the travel to South America to purchase and to enjoy the world there are no restrictions and teams can play sport in a unique setting where polo is as much a anyone they want. These are the most amazing passion as the national sport of football. matches where the standard is mind-boggling. Polo is an expensive sport in which to participate One myth that needs to be dismissed is the belief because of the high costs to purchase and maintain that the number of goals in a player’s handicap is the a stable and this may explain why over two thirds of number he/she is expected to score in a match. This the people who play polo have a handicap of less is not the case as a player’s handicap is determined than 2 Goal. To reach a higher by his/her overall contribution and standard requires a lot of ability, worth to the game including All of the top financial support and dedication. horsemanship, skill, strategy and matches Barbados has several players with in many cases goals scored. The in Barbados are in handicaps above 2 Goal, but anyone governing body of each club reviews at 5 Goal and above is usually a the medium band of handicaps at the end of each professional player. season and they can be moved 4 - 12 Goal polo... Match Makers will try and arrange either up or down. matches at low, medium and high The ideal scenario is that teams goal levels. This means they will field teams where are matched equally but when this is not possible the total handicaps of the four players are within cer- the difference in goals is given to the lesser team tain bands. The basic level will be in the up to 4 Goal so the match starts on equal terms. For example, if and the highest level will be 17 Goal and above, the the Caribs have a team handicap of 10 and the maximum being 40 goal, where every player on the Arawaks have a team handicap of 12 then the Caribs team has a hanicap of 10 Goal. All of the top matches will start the game two goals up. in Barbados are in the medium band of 4 - 12 Goal However, once the actions starts handicaps mean and at the highest level will feature high quality nothing as the team with the most goals at the end players from overseas to strengthen teams. In will be the winner.



Out & About The 2013 Polo Season promised patrons an exciting action packed afternoon. Tea and fashion shows with beautifully decorated sponsored tents were the entertainment off the field and celebration drinks for the winning team in the clubhouse.




POLOBARBADOS Helmet Fiberglass shell covered in either leather or cloth. Cushioned on the inside with a high density foam liner for comfort and protection. Polo Shirt Traditionally made from 100% cotton but performance fabrics such as DriFit and Coolmax more frequently used. Custom designed with Team names, sponsors and players position number. Glove Optional but provides the player with slip free, firm grip and protect from blisters. Most players use only on their right hand.

poloessentials Protective eye gear Protect the players eyes from polo balls, mallets and also help with the glare of the sun.

Whip Used to reinforce riders leg aids or as a training aid.

Knee Pads Used to protect players knees in ride offs and contact from ponies. Made from prime leather and lined with closed cell foam or wool felt for shock absorption. Stick or mallet The stick is made from flexible manau-cane and the head is made from white Tipa. Sticks generally range in length from 50� to 54� and can weigh between 160 grams and 240 grams. The top has a rubber wrapped grip and strap.

Spurs Attaches to the heel of the boot and used by riders as an aid to encourage the horse to move forward or laterally. 36

Boots Made of leather, traditionally came in various shades of brown but recently there has been a trend towards black. Function is to protect the players leg from balls, in ride offs and also provides a surface to grip the sides of the horse.

Electrical tape Used to keep tail braided up so no danger in getting tangled in mallet.

Saddle Can be made from leather or suede. Polo saddles are English style. They are a supportive structure and designed to balance the rider in the centered position on the horse’s back.

Over Girth Used to provide additional security in holding saddle in place. Wraps over saddle seat and around the horses belly.

Stirrups Made of metal. Attaches to stirrup leathers.Holds the riders foot. Used for balance and helping with leg control and allowing the player to come out of the saddle.

Blanket Available in a variety of colours and designs. Its use is to absorb sweat, cushion the saddle & protect the ponies back.


Bandages or wraps Usually made of fleece. Used to protect the horse’s leg from the ball and mallet.


Girth Keeps the saddle in place on the horses back. Attaches on both sides by two or three leather straps.

Breast plate Attaches to the saddle. Its purpose is to keep the saddle from sliding back.

Bridle The name for the entire headgear the horse wears which includes the bit and reins.

Polo Ball Made of white plastic. In the past they were made of wood. Weighs about 4 ounces and is about 3� diameter. When hit can travel at speeds of up to 100mph.

Reins Mainly made from leather. Attaches to the bit. Rider uses these to control their horse with stopping and turning. Polo bridles have two sets of reins. Top rein (snaffle reins) and then the bottom reins are either straight reins or draw reins depending on your horse and bit selection.

noseband Made from leather or Rawhide. Has several uses. such as keep horses mouth closed, aiding in stopping and can also be an attachment for martingales.


Changing of

THE GUARD On the face of it the 2014 Barbados Polo Club Committee doesn’t show a lot of change in personnel, but several moves are significant and reflect a Changing of the Guard in modern Barbados polo.

New President - Wayne Archer

The full committee isPresident: Vice-President: Club Captain: Vice-Captain: Club Secretary: Club Treasurer:

Wayne Archer Bruce Bayley Richard Deane Danny Atwell Stewart Gill Harry Manning

Committee Members: Alex Cole Richard Gooding Phillip Tempro Roddy Davis Teddy Williams Club Manager: Robert King


At the top of the pecking order the retirement of long-serving President Keith Melville and his very capable Vice-President Michael Stoute are major changes that will herald a new era in Barbados polo going forward. Keith has been phenomenal in the role of President and his 39 years in office is a record without precedent in Barbados sport. Both Keith and Michael are from the old school of Presidency and over the years they have been excellent ambassadors of the Polo Club and the perfect hosts who welcomed a plethora of guests over the years to Holder’s Polo Field. If Keith is to be singled out for his longevity in the position then it has to be said he carried out his duties with considerable aplomb despite the ever growing challenges of home and business life. There is an old adage, that if you want a job well done you give it to a busy man and in this instance the words could not be more accurate. Moving into new roles within the club are Wayne Archer and Bruce Bayley as President and Vice-President respectively. Both have been at the forefront of the resurgence in Barbados polo over the last decade and as playing members they will bring a new approach to their positions. Wayne steps down as Club Secretary to take up his new position and Bruce moves up from Committee Member. The 2014 Committee will have a new Club Secretary and a new Club Treasurer going forward. Stewart Gill fills the former position and the popular Harry Manning takes over from the equally popular Roddy Davis as custodian of the coffers. Thankfully Roddy won’t be lost to the administration as he remains on the Committee. Club Captain Richard Deane and Vice-Captain Danny Atwell continue in office, as will Committee Members Alex Cole, Richard Gooding, Phillip Tempro and Teddy Williams. One interesting ‘new kid on the block’ is Marc Atwell, which shows the Committee’s intent on embracing the younger members.

Martin Jauregui & Marc Atwell racing after the ball



Women Win the Battle When it first started in 2003 many people thought the Battle of the Sexes would be a short-term gimmick and something to humour the crowd as opposed to a highly-competitive annual series that would become an integral part of the local calendar. How wrong they were!


Vicki Gonzalez

Richard Deane

Christansia Evelyn leans in on Gary Shepherd

In 2014 the Battle of the Sexes Series enters its 12th year and it grows from strength to strength. Long gone is the condescending acknowledgement of females playing in a man’s world that perhaps coloured the early years when the Ladies dominated the first two encounters. These days the men appreciate the quality and tenacity of the fair sex on a polo field, a status that has been hard earned. That acknowledgement and a burning pride not be beaten from both sides has ensured the competitive edge and sporting spirit of this unique tournament has stood the test of time. For whatever reason the Ladies have always donned the Underdogs tag and as such the support from the large gatherings has been unashamedly biased. The spectators love the se-

ries and it has consistently produced the biggest crowds down the years. Historically the Battle of the Sexes concept was the brainchild of local polo player Monique Archer and sponsor Jacob Hassid of Diamonds International. They knew it was a winner from the outset, but although the spectators loved it, it took a couple of years before the macho men recognized the threat to their polo prowess. The original intent was to raise the profile of ladies polo at a time when polo in general was buzzing in popularity. There were only a handful of lady players in Barbados in 2003 and the idea was to generate more interest amongst the locals and to encourage the next generation to see a future in the sport.


Luis Clerici hooking Hazel Jackson

This year will be no exception as the Ladies eclipsed the men last year in the most dramatic circumstances in probably the tightest series to date. Rhys Odle being pressured by Hazel Jackson Salvador Duggan


It certainly achieved its original objectives and more, but with limited resources at local level it was essential to recruit from overseas for the tournaments. This was also a successful enterprise and over the years top players like Lucy Taylor, Emma Tomlinson, the Vesty sisters and the ebullient Argentinean Marianella Castagnola provided strong opposition for the men and thrills and spills aplenty for the spectators. Overall results don’t matter too much in this series as the bragging rights are handed down year to year and that’s part of the build-up when the teams arrive and prepare to do battle in mid-March. This year will be no exception as the Ladies eclipsed the men last year in the most dramatic circumstances in probably the tightest series to date. Digicel sponsored the men and Virgin Atlantic sponsored the ladies in the four-match series, which began with a win each and then a drawn game before the final play-off at Holder’s Hill. As usual there was a large crowd in attendance and everything was building up to a crescendo in the last chukka as the ladies took a 4-2 lead thanks to Hazel Jackson, Sarah Wiseman and Claire Donnelly. But the men were not to be outdone and the lively Marc Atwell scored twice to lock the match in the last few minutes. It went to the wire and Wiseman looked to have settled it right on the whistle, but the umpires deemed the horn had sounded just before the ball crossed the line. It was that close, but the 4-4 draw was still enough for the ladies to recapture the trophy on the basis of most goals scored in the series. If all polo tournaments provided as much fun and excitement as the Battle of the Sexes then the sport has an exciting future.


Sponsors ‘in Action’ Special cocktails, Champagne, free trips to London and delicious food were all part of the Sponsors packages for their guests at Polo. Not to mention trophies and prizes for the winning polo teams. The Barbados Polo Club is eternally grateful to the sponsors for contributing to keeping the sport of polo a fun and exciting afternoon out.





the intriguing

polo mallet In much the same way that a golfer selects his clubs, and a cricketer selects his cricket bat, a polo player will think long and hard before he or she commits to a particular mallet. The reasons are simplethere are too many variables and if you have the wrong mallet then it doesn’t matter how much ability and enthusiasm you have for the game, you won’t perform to the best of your ability at any level without the right tools.


The mallet is an intriguing piece of equipment and although spectators don’t fully appreciate its importance in the game, every player knows the value of a good stick. Advances in technology have transformed the modern tennis rackets, cricket bats, baseball bats, golf clubs and polo mallets to such an extent that comparing standards and players of different eras is like comparing apples with oranges. The standard polo mallet has relatively Gary Shepherd few elements, but customizing it to a Most high goal players prefer specific player involves traditional cane mallets, but a separate set of requirements that vary more and more quality from player to player. composite mallets are being The most important made ... personal elements are size and weight, because only the really top players can make best use of shaft rigidity and component. Even then the debate is still open on whether the traditional canes are better than the modern composites. Most high goal players prefer traditional cane mallets, but more and more quality composite mallets are being made and their overall qualities and durability may eventually win the battle. Also, the availability of top quality cane is uncertain in the modern world as more and more rainforests are being eroded and with them the important cane trees needed are being destroyed. It seems Fibercane is the logical way forward and as it has the option to be lighter and more durable. Consequently more and more players are moving with the times. The three main components of the mallet are the head, the shaft and the grip. Weight, rigidity and size reflect a player’s preference. The mallet head is made out of wood and different manufacturers use different wood. The Argentine Tipa wood is particularly good. From the clubhouse all heads look the same


POLOBARBADOS shape, but there are a number of variations popularity and as technology continues and they generally reflect the player’s to improve it seems inevitable that they preference and the position they play. will eventually take over. Most shafts are For example, a forward might prefer a set up with a Med/Stiff flex although lighter head as speed of shot is vital, some players will always search to while a defender might prefer a more customize a shaft to their individual closed face and heavier head as they preference. This can be a complicated have more time to set up the shot and and time-consuming process, especially will be looking for distance more than with a new type of shaft, but the end accuracy. That said, the best players result will be a shaft that the player likes would probably look for both! Overall and can play better with. the cigar shape tends to be the most The grip comes in different sizes and popular at all levels. much depends on the player’s preference. Head weight is very important as the However, the grip is also aligned to the lighter weight is more suitable to ladies rest of the mallet and it is important for and juniors, and they start at around a player to have the right size of grip for 160 grams. The average male player a particular weight and shaft and this uses a weight of 180-220 grams, more can only be done by testing a variety of for comfort than power, as the distance grips for feel, balance and comfort. you hit a ball is more a question of timing The size of mallets varies from 49 to than weight. Picking the right head 53 inches. And is largely determined by weight is not something taken in isolation the size of the horse. This is why you as players may also factor in the type of may see players changing their mallets The average male player shaft and its weight. For example, a when they change their mount and Fibercane shaft is lighter so it may carrying a stock of several mallets. Arm uses a weight of allow a player to use a slightly heavier length and hitting style are other 180-220 grams... head. Also the length of the shaft will considerations, but the main factor is obviously affect the overall weight. the size of the horse and finding the The shaft is an interesting piece of equipment. Traditionally the right comfort zone to strike the ball consistently. best players have used shafts made out of Manu Cane. However, Yes, the mallet is a lot more intriguing than it looks from the lighter and more durable composites are now increasing in behind the boards!

Sir Charles Williams


Jamie Dickson



and the winner is... Barbados 2013 polo season: presentations and celebrations...

1. First Citizen Barbados Open - Winners Team Range Rover - Jason O’Selmo, Philip Tempro, Martin Jauregui and Danny Atwell


2. Team Timothy Oulton - Oliver Williams, Pablo Crespin, Jamie Dickson & Richard Gooding 3. Team Mini - Stewart Gill, Luis Clerici, Danny Atwell & Roddy Davis. 4. Team Range Rover - Winners of Buttals Invitational Jason O’Selmo, Philip Tempro, Martin Jauregui and Danny Atwell 5. Team Los Corks - Richard Gooding, George Gemmell, 6. Second Place Winners in the Land Rover Buttals Invitational: Luis Clerici, Carlos San Roman, Cristian Chaves and Bruce Bayley.








and the winner is... A lot of Polo got played during the Barbados 2013 polo season... we showcase just a few of the winners over the season. 2



1. First Citizen Bank Barbados Open Presentation for the 2nd and 3rd place winners - Team Mango Bay - Nico San Roman, Boddy Dundas, Jeff Evelyn, Rhys Odle, Team CGI - Bruce Bayley, David Ashby, Cristian Chaves & Max Kirchhoff 2. Scotia Bank 6 Goal Tournament presentation- Team CGI - Bruce Bayley, Cristian Chaves, Alex Cole, Jake Bayley. Team Lime - Stewart Gill, Richard Gooding, Jamie Roberts & Sir Charles Williams 3. Digicel Battle of the sexes mens player: Jake Bayley with Keith Melville 4. Team West Coast Villas Sothebys - Ashleigh Deane, Luis Clerici, Mariano Galvan & Pablo Crespin 5. USA Villages Team with USA Ambassador to Barbados and Keith Melville




Sir Charles Williams with his son teddy

a living legend sir charles williams

There are many ways to describe Sir Charles “COW” Williams, arguably the biggest and wealthiest personality in Barbados and an enigmatic, vivacious individual with a sharp tongue at his worst and an infectious laugh that could melt any debate. He’s a “love him or hate him” character, who has made a major impact on the lives of many Barbadians and remains as driven and ambitious as he was when he started out in business earning a modest $110 a month.



POLOBARBADOS What sets this dynamic man apart is his energy and drive, perhaps summed up admirably in the name of his sports fishing boat “Never Enough.” That’s the characteristic he has carried in his genes and perhaps explains why he owns the most horses, employs the most construction workers, and owns the most land. By his own admission everything has been hardearned and if this energetic 81 year-old has slowed down on the way, it is difficult to see where. An engaging conversationalist Sir Charles has an opinion on most topics and there’s never a dull moment when he’s in the company. His memory is incredible and it holds many little cameos of the ups and downs in his colourful polo career. He openly admits he was “foxed” in one particular tournament by an overseas player’s handicap, which was given to him as 7Goals, but was later turned out to be 5-Goals. He lost Sinatra classic “My Way” the tournament by one might be appropriate: goal and still feels it was “Yes, there were times, I'm simply down to the wrong sure you knew information given to him When I bit off more than I rather than merit on the could chew field. But perhaps his But through it all, when biggest disappointment in there was doubt a glittering sporting history I ate it up and spit it out was taking 12 horses to I faced it all and I stood tall England in 1990 to play And did it my way” with John Kidd, Johnny Sir Charles has certainly Wade and Jurasie Santos, done it all and for the most only to break a leg and part he’s done it his way, but have to return home after the beneficiaries have been reaching two semi-finals. extensive. They include many But there were many highs workers in his business Sir Charles Williams holding his own against Alex Cole to compensate, not least empire, charities, sports joining his sons Stephen clubs, individuals and the Polo and racing have and Teddy and grandson Oliver as three genBarbados economy. Polo and racing have been erations within Team Williams. And he has at the top of his list, not least because they been at the top of his fond memories of winning the Barbados remain his passions and it is remarkable list, not least because Open several years ago with Stephen, Teddy that at 81 he is still playing polo. But then they remain his pasand Fortunato Gomez Romero. Sir Charles is a remarkable individual Although we live in an era of great political without whom Barbados polo would never sions and it is remarkand economic challenges Sir Charles shows have reached the pinnacle of strength it now able that at 81 he is no negativity when it comes to polo and its holds. His stables are by far the biggest on the still playing polo contribution to the local economy- “We will island and in addition to his lifetime support have a lot of polo this year and it will continue of equestrian sport his impressive Apes Hill to grow as an important element within sports Polo Complex at Waterhall is the best on the tourism and earning much-needed foreign island. He also gave Barbados polo a huge currency for our country.” international boost when he sponsored the English-based Polo Barbados salutes a legend in Barbados polo-only 81 years Apes Hill Polo Team to some amazing successes several young. years ago. Sir Charles is a self-made man, the far-from-modest son of a farmer who had the energy, drive and vision to make the most of his ability in a world of limited opportunity. Today he wears many hats, and all with distinction. If his character could be summed up succinctly in words then the lyrics of the old Frank


USA Villages Vs Barbados Polo Club

Oliver Taylor


Polo Friendships are forever If there is one thing that has been repeatedly endorsed about Barbados polo down the years it is the warmth of the welcome to visiting teams and their friends. This is not a modern phenomenon, but an integral part of our Bajan lifestyle. Indeed our hospitality has been so good at times some of the visiting teams felt we spiked them before important matches to ensure Barbados would win. Who could ever believe that? More and more teams now come to Barbados in the modern era than ever before and the reason is that our facilities have improved, the standard of play has improved, and more people in international polo know about us. They also come because they have been invited, and that is possible because of the generosity and vision of some key people in Barbados polo, who have generously made their facilities and resources available to put us in the global polo map. Their vision and enterprise has enabled Barbados to reach the healthy position of being an attractive warm weather destination and many leading polo players and clubs have been delighted to come and enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of polo in Barbados. A wide variety of clubs and teams from all over the world have come and gone in recent years and many of the local players have visited foreign destinations in return. However, two clubs that have a special place in the history and development of Barbados polo are the Cheshire Polo Club form England and the Villages Polo Club from Florida.



Philip Tempro

Paige Boone for the Villages

The Cheshire connection dates back over 40 years when the stunning polo facility within a visionary retirement residential late Mickey Moseley and Sir Charles Williams started a tradition community. Quite apart from the impressive polo complex, the that has stood the test of time and continues to evoke great fun Villages is well worth a visit just to holiday. Many of the Villages members are well known to spectators in and camaraderie. The popular Howard Taylor and his family took up the mantle in later times and they continue to play Barbados, who always enjoy the return of Lordy Lyall, Jim Power, Brad Limehouse, Andy Moran et al. Andy important roles within the club. first came to the island with his father in The Cheshire members travel in numbers 1965 and recalls with great affection how his and if one visiting club epitomises the value ...and he often polo-playing late father described the local of polo within the overall Barbados sports recalled that the scene; tourism product then it is our English visitors. best parties always They arrive in late February with their cherry“Dad said the polo was low goal but it was red shirts and from the moment they touch seemed to be the lots of fun. However, the parties were even down at Grantley Adams International Airport night before a better, and he often recalled that the best their presence is felt all over the island at polo, parties always seemed to be the night before match.� in restaurants, bars and supermarkets. And a match.� they play great polo too! Matches are keenly contested and in recent years Cheshire have Perhaps in some ways not much has changed! held the edge. Every year new clubs and friends from all The Villages Club also travel in numbers over the world come to the island to play and although the Barbados connection may be a little younger and enjoy not just the polo and the friendships, but all the than Cheshire it still spans over two decades and is just as lively pleasures that this unique and beautiful island has to offer. and friendly as it began. One of the unique aspects of the If you are here for the first time or a returning visitor we Villages connection remains the reciprocal visits by Barbados welcome you warmly and hope you leave with many happy members to Florida and a chance to enjoy a unique and and enjoyable memories.


Wayne Archer


New President Wayne Archer with retired president Keith Melville

meet the president Wayne Archer is the new Barbados Polo Club President and shares some of his views going forward with a warm and sincere appreciation of his predecessor.

You follow a President that was in office for 39 years. What do you feel your predecessor has contributed to the club in that time? “Uncle Melly� as I call him, is a gem of a man. He is a true gentleman. It's definitely going to be a tough one filling his shoes. For anyone who has played such an active role in a club while not actively involved in the sport for a number of years, they have a real passion and love for their Club. Having sat on the Committee with him for some 15-odd years I don't remember him loosing his cool once. He definitely has a cool and level head, which helped him keep the peace over the years. Whenever fires had to be put out we could always call on him to do it in a diplomatic manner. He just has this ability. His love to socialize and entertain people from all walks of life helped to raise the awareness of our game as he constantly entertained dignitaries that included Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, and Judges. You name it and he entertained them. He brought all of these personal traits to the table and definitely helped bring us to where we are today.

What qualities does Wayne Archer bring to the role? From the time I joined the Club as a player in 1996 I have been actively involved with The Committee of Management in one way or another. My first role was as Entertainment Chairman and I did this for a couple years followed by a number of years on the Field Committee and more recently as Secretary and Treasurer. All in all I would now say I have a pretty broad understanding of how most things work at the Club. Like quite a few other active players I am a secondgeneration player. I spent a lot of time as a youngster running around Holder’s so for me there is also a sentimental attachment to the Club. I would like to say that I have a pretty good relationship with the members and intend to keep it this way. I believe that in a position such a President, one has to be open-minded and fair and I am sure this should not be a problem for me. Besides this, I still have a huge passion for polo and more importantly horses. This helps to keep my interest alive!



Barbados polo has made huge strides in the last decade. Despite the current economic challenges is this the start of a new era?

Wayne Archer

I don’t believe so. However, I think it is very important that we continue to grow as a sport and to sustain the huge strides we have made in the last decade. Polo continues to grow in popularity throughout the world and I think it is important that we continue to develop and at the same time maintain the level of interest that we have all worked so hard to achieve. You are still an active player so will there be a conflict of interest on match days or can you combine both roles from the saddle? This is going to be the fun part! I still do play and have no intention of hanging up my boots just yet. I also have my son Josh, and daughter Zoe, who are both up and coming young players and I am really looking forward to playing and being involved in their polo in the future. I think there will have to be a balance. If I am selected to play on match days, I am a player and will have my game face on. Once that’s over I’ll quickly change gear. Uncle Melly has said he is still quite willing to contribute to the socializing side of things so I will be taking him up on his offer. He's already shown how good he is at it! The Barbados Polo Club and the Committee is representative of all the polo grounds. Are all the clubs working together these days? Most definitely and this has been the case for a number of years. We seem to have found a formula that works for everyone. Some years ago we formed a Fixtures Committee comprising of individuals from each field. We sit down together during the summer to set out the fixtures for the following season so that everyone has fair play. This has been working well so far.

... as a young player I was encouraged to play and was lent horses by Sir Charles, Richard Deane and Jeff Evelyn. They were very kind to me and helped me out as a beginner. Have you objectives that you want to achieve or do you see your position as symbolic rather than executive? I have some ideas in the back of my mind that I need to discuss with the Committee, but it is still early days. As a member, I don't plan to change my outlook towards the Club. In other words, I have always been willing to play any part where necessary. If the field needs marking and we are stuck, I'm prepared to do it and that’s my plan going forward - "Chief Cook and Bottle Washer," whatever it takes!


Can the Polo Club expand its playing membership by providing ponies for young players who want to get into the sport, but don’t have the resources? While this sounds like a very good gesture, financially I don't think its practical for the Club. Let’s face facts-every equestrian sport is expensive. There are polo clubs throughout the world who keep "school ponies" for this purpose, but unfortunately we don't have the infrastructure for this. These clubs also have to charge for the use of these ponies to recover cost. At the end of the day a horse costs money to keep. That said, as a young player I was encouraged to play and was lent horses by Sir Charles, Richard Deane and Jeff Evelyn. They were very kind to me and helped me out as a beginner. However, I realized that if I wanted to progress in the sport I needed to get my own ponies. I'm sure if there is a youngster who wants a break to try their hand at polo there are opportunities available, but they would soon learn that if they do get hooked, they would eventually have to find horses of their own. Apes Hill Polo Club has a polo school, which is efficiently run by professionals and offers a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to try their hand at the game.


things you didn’t know about CAMILLA WILLIAMS

Who convinced you to play polo? I think it was a natural step in progression, as the whole family plays. Tell us something you have always wanted to do? I have always wanted to go to Antarctica and see the penguins, but like for four months. Have you a favourite pony or ponies? Gitarrero is by far my favorite, but all of our ponies are fantastic so it’s hard to have a favorite. How often do you practice and play? As a beginner I try to get as much practice as possible, and get on a horse at least five times a week. With play, I never turn down chukkas, and luckily I have been able to get a decent amount at Apes Hill. I also enjoyed three weeks in Argentina in Late November / early December, which included a Ladies tournament. What are your polo ambitions and objectives? I want to do the best I can, and ideally I would like to play in as many countries as possible.

What is your favourite meal? Right now it has to be Waffles, I love breakfast. Are you superstitious? What number is this question? Who in the world would you most like to meet? Does it have to be a real person? Haha! Probably John Stuart, he seems funny enough. What is your favourite music? I like most music, but House music tops the list. The Lotto just dropped a million dollars into your handbag-what would you do with it? Is this before or after tax? I would invest all of it. Maybe use a little to go shopping of course. What is your favourite film? Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or Bridesmaids, kinda torn between the movie quotes.

Who are your favourite polo players in Barbados? My favorite player is Jamie Dickson. Not only is he a great player, but also he is also an excellent teacher and has a lot of knowledge and experience to share. After that it is the Juggernaut.

Outside Mum and Dad who is the person you admire most in life and why? Megan Degrood, have never met a person as strong as her. An absolute legend.

What do you like least about the polo scene? Hahaha, what is there not to like?

Where would you like to go on your honeymoon? Wait, why am I getting married?

What would be your dream polo team with you as captain? Me and the three Pieres brothers. Boom! Magic

If you had the power to change one thing in Barbados at the wave of a magic wand what would it be? Hahaha I feel like this is a loaded question. I think there are many things that need to be changed so I’ll just choose one, to ensure my answer will not offend anyone. So let’s start with the basics, the infrastructure could use some work, let’s magic wand that.

What has been your best polo experience to date? Playing with my best friend Rebecca in England and in Argentina. What is your favourite restaurant in Barbados? The Tides, hands down.


Where do you hang out when you are not playing polo? Crossfit246 and the Cigar Lounge in Lime Grove.

Thanks Camilla. Have a great season.

" On Fa c e book : Ea r t hwor k s Pot t e r y Ba r ba dos "

wwwƁ e a r t hwor k s ő pot t e r yƁ c om


News & Views THE 2014 BARBADOS POLO CLUB COMMITTEE PRESIDENT - Wayne Archer VICE-PRESIDENT - Bruce Bayley CLUB CAPTAIN - Richard Deane VICE CAPTAIN - Danny Atwell SECRETARY - Stewart Gill TREASURER - Harry Manning COMMITTEE MEMBERS - Alex Cole, Richard Gooding Philip Tempro, Roddy Davis & Teddy Williams

PRESIDENTIAL CHANGE Congratulations to Wayne Archer on being elected President of the Barbados Polo Club and many thanks for a remarkable job well done by retiring President Keith Melville. Wayne has a tough act to follow as Keith held the reins for 39 years and although it marks the end of an era, he will be delighted to leave the club in such a healthy state.

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK Local polo enthusiasts inside and outside the Williams family are delighted that Camilla has finally taken the bait and joined the playing ranks. Easily the best-looking of the Williams polo players she will strengthen the local ladies section and add another string to this amazing polo dynasty. ALSO playing in her first polo season Zoe Archer will take the field. Zoe has been around horses her whole life and will be the youngest playing polo club member at just 12 years old.

Zoe Archer


Camiila Williams

Wayne Archer, Lucas Nicolao, Harry Manning, Roddy Davis, Luis Clerici & Sir Charles Williams

ON A ROLL The Barbados team notched up another success on their most recent visit to the Villages and now hold supremacy in recent years after a long drought. The match was a close encounter, and came down to a penalty shoot out which was won by the Barbados team. The winning team was Sir Charles Williams, Wayne Archer, Lucas Nicolao, Luis Clerici and Harry Manning. Lucas Nicolao was named player of the match.

HARRY MANNING ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY The popular Real Estate Agent and excellent defender suffered a nasty fall over a year ago and there were doubts if he would ever get back in the saddle. But the doubters underestimated Harry’s resilience and his long fight back to fitness was confirmed when he travelled pre-season to the Villages and played for the first time since the accident. From all accounts it was the same old Harry-quiet, solid in defence and inspiring. Harry does not plan to play in tournaments this season but has not ruled out afternoon Chukkers. Welcome back Harry!


WEDDING BELLS There were two wedding Celebrations in the off season. Angelique Bjerkhamn married Derek Edwards on August 31 in a Garden ceremony and reception at Whitehall Polo Field. While Stewart Gill married his girlfriend Anoushka Caro on October 26th at St James Parish Church followed by a beautiful reception at Cin Cin restaurant. Congratulations to both couples and we wish them many years of health and happiness.

Stewart Gill & his Bride Anoushka


All signs are good that Roddy Davis will be back in action after having surgery on his shoulder during the off season. Roddy is one of the great characters of Barbados polo and a huge favourite with visiting spectators and players.

Congrats to Oliver Williams on his engagement to his girlfriend Danielle Gittens.

Roddy Davis

GO LINDA! Congrats to Lucas Nicolao and his partner Cherie Edghill on the safe arrival of their beautiful baby girl. Elliana Marie was born on March 12th, 2013. Congratulations!

Linda Williams can usually be found on the side lines cheering on her family, but recently she travelled to Argentina and participated in a polo holiday. Linda played in two tournaments which her team won both, and she also got to play along side Cambiaso’s nephew, Manu.


THIS IS WHAT THEY THOUGHT Thanks to Trip Advisor we got the unsolicited and independent views of four people who went to watch polo in Barbados.

Great place to watch serious Polo players play this fabby sport. Very friendly staff, food and drinks are excellent. Great place to people watch. StuartB Surrey

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THE NEXT GENERATION www. jlrcaribbean.com

Simpson Motors Limited, Warrens, St. Michael, Barbados Tel: 246-417-7777 | www.simpson-motors.com

Going from Strength to



Martin Jauregui


Jason O’Selmo, Philip Tempro, Martin Jauregui & Danny Atwell

The format may have changed over the years but the First Citizen Barbados Open remains the major tournament of the season and the event most local players want to win.

The concept was created ten years ago when Clifton Polo Club owner Bruce Bayley, Karen Kranenburg and the Barbados Tourism Authority pioneered a 14-Goal event that brought a bevy of overseas talent to the island and helped raised the profile and the standard of local polo. It was at the height of polo development in the current era and the involvement of so many visiting players greatly aroused the interest of spectators, media, sponsors and local players. The handicap system spread the talent evenly amongst the teams and ensured lively and closely-fought encounters and helped build a tradition that has stood the test of time. It served local polo well, but with the recent tough economic times and the emergence of more local talent a change in strategy reduced the tournament to 10-Goal and effectively made it a local tournament. Nevertheless the changed format has not diminished its status and while local racing has its Sandy Lane Gold Cup and United Derby as its major events, the First Citizen Barbados Open is the polo equivalent and is always guaranteed to produce exciting and exhilarating polo. Last year’s open was won by Team Range Rover, captained by Philip Tempro.


POLOBARBADOS Teddy Williams & Salvador Duggan

Martin Jauregui Taking the Ball down the boards Marc Atwell

Mike Henderson Danny Atwell

Cristian Chanves & Cesar Polledo


The Garrison Rich in Sporting and Military History


It didn’t take UNESCO to tell Barbadians they had an amazing asset at the Garrison, but when they added it to their World Heritage List in June 2011 they told the world it was something very special.

Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison are steeped in history and it embraces military, cultural and sporting evolvement that has been ongoing for hundreds of years. So much of the island’s history has been nurtured in the 150-acre site around the main Garrison and many sports can trace their origins and development to the expansive grassland that was once an insect-infested swampland. The Royal Engineers drained it and almost immediately it became the focal point for drilling, army training, pageantry and inevitably sport. It is intriguing that over 180 years later the Garrison is still the focal point for these activities. Polo has a close affinity with the Garrison as the sport was first played there from around 1880 when the military brought it from India via England. The cavalry officers taught the local planters how to play the game and the Barbados Polo Club was formed in 1884 and included in the early membership were many military personnel. The Garrison remained the centre for polo long after the military left the island although its membership was seriously depleted and at one stage in the 1930s the club ceased to operate. It resurrected in the post-World War II era until the mid 1960s when the club moved to its present home at Holder’s Hill. Polo may have left the Garrison, but virtually every other sport remained and in modern times it has become a major tourism asset promoted and developed by the Barbados Garrison Historical Consortium Inc. Company. The potential is enormous and if it can develop the area’s attributes it has the ability to be the island’s biggest asset. People in high places have been slow to embrace the Garrison’s importance, but the thousands of visitors who come to the attractions within the Garrison’s surrounds have no doubt much more lies beneath the surface of this amazing heritage site. That perception may seem a play on words as below the Garrison field is an intricate network of tunnels built by army engineers several hundred years ago, and although they have not been explored until recent times, initial reports indicate they are in excellent condition. The catalyst to support further tunnel exploration and other tourism initiatives is the Garrison Historic


Area Project, which has the vision and enterprise to make this area the finest tourism attraction on the Caribbean. It is a daunting challenge given the limitations of budgets in modern times, but if Barbados is serious about tourism and adding to our world-renowned natural assets of sand, sea and sunshine, then a heavy emphasis must be placed on supporting the Garrison’s development. The site already includes, the Barbados National Museum, St. Ann’s Fort, numerous military buildings, a military cemetery, George Washington House, the National Canon Gun Collection, the National Armoury Museum, and the Barbados Turf Club and racecourse. The vision of the project will be to enhance and add to these assets with a plethora of facilities and amenities that will allow more and more people to live, work and play in the area. At present the facilities are largely under utilized, although many sportspeople may think otherwise given that horseracing, rugby, football, basketball, cricket, kite-flying, running, walking and jogging make it a hive of activity throughout the year. In former times polo and tennis were played in front of large crowds before they moved to more dedicated facilities. The Garrison’s tourism potential is immense. Plans are afoot to enhance tours of the site and to use a modern replica of the old Barbados tram, which remains so much a part Bridgetown’s colonial heritage. The link with the past will not only enhance authenticity, but allow visitors the opportunity to travel all over the site and include Needham’s Point, beautiful Carlisle Bay and old Shot Hall, formerly home to the Royal Engineers and now owned by the Barbados Yacht Club. In the old days two big mules pulled the tram, but the modern tram will be powered by an electric motor. Visitors can also move around the area on foot, but organised tours are advised to ensure all the site’s history is captured in short informative presentations by knowledgeable guides. The prospect of combining historic, natural, military, sporting, and cultural assets under one tourism umbrella is an amazing concept, not least because the Garrison is still home to the Barbados Defence Force and visitors can see many military procedures in progress including the popular Changing of the Sentry, the Barbados equivalent to the Changing of the Guard at Horseguard’s Parade in London. Sporting pursuits are integral to the Garrison’s culture and although horseracing attracts the biggest crowds, many fitness and sporting enthusiasts use inside the racecourse every day of the year within a unique military setting. The Barbados Garrison Historic Area can trace its origins to pre-1650 and is thought to be one of the most intact and authentic 18th/19th century British garrisons in the world. At local level the area has a very special place in the history and development of the island and it harbours memories of many historic sporting events. The first racing and polo matches took place pre-1880 and the first Inter-island representative cricket match took place in 1865. Sir Garfield Sobers, arguably the greatest cricketer of all time, was knighted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the Garrison in 1966. The area may have a strong military theme, but it is also a site of great sporting heritage and one which has the potential to be the island’s biggest tourism asset.

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Polo & Equestrian Injuries to the Upper Limbs Doctor Alejandro Badia is one of the leading experts in his field and he has dealt with a number of serious injuries to Barbados polo and other sports people. His detailed analysis of the potential injuries and their treatment provides a deep insight into the dangers of sport, but of more importance, the medical solutions.


POLOBARBADOS suffices. While tennis and golf are traditionally associated While competitive and recreational polo rely significantly to these chronic tendinopathies, gripping the reigns for upon core and lower extremity strength and endurance, hours can exacerbate it is actually the upper the rider predisposed extremity, which is Lucas Nicolao to this common usually involved in condition. Failure traumatic, or overuse of conservative injuries. This is due treatment via ice, to the simple fact stretching or rehab that the legs are is now an indication constrained in the for the FAST stirrups, and the procedure, a participant has to minimally invasive use the upper limb solution involving to cushion a fall and high energy ultrahopefully roll. Besides sound to eliminate injuries from a fall the non-healing or collision, there tendinous tissue, are a wide variety of allowing competitors both traumatic and to get back to riding atraumatic injuries within 1-2 weeks. involving the hand, Osteoarthritis, wrist, elbow and particularly at the shoulder region due base of the thumb, to the demanding as is common in use of the mallet. m iddle-aged Fortunately, most of The classic fracture discussed women, is aggravated by these injuries will not amongst horse riders and polo hand positioning during prevent the athlete from athletes is that of the riding. The key for these returning to their sport. collarbone, or clavicle. chronic injuries is to be Studies on incidence of evaluated by a hand and polo injuries indicate that upper extremity specialist 40% involve the upper because these diagnoses limb with facial lacerations are often less clear-cut. being the second most The upper limb fractures are obviously less subtle in common category of injury. It is, of course, head and cervical their diagnosis. spine injuries that are the true danger. Fortunately, The classic fracture discussed amongst horse riders and the majority of these can be prevented by the simple use polo athletes is that of the collarbone, or clavicle. This of a helmet and a face protector. However, protective gear occurs when the rider is thrown and the resultant force is not practical for the upper limb since hand, wrist and on the arm and shoulder girdle leads to a break in this bone. elbow mobility is critical to performing the complex Fortunately, most clavicle fractures are treated conservatively functions of riding and wielding the polo mallet. with a sling or in youngsters, a figure-eight-type brace, Traumatic injuries are most common. However, there but it has become increasingly common to perform are certain chronic injuries or conditions that can develop operative reduction of these fractures in order to achieve with the prolonged awkward position required during the best result. Lance Armstrong has brought this riding. Gripping the reigns and mallet can aggravate fracture to public eye when he returned to competitive tendinitis usually involving the flexor tendons. Carpal cycling only 3 weeks after plate/screw stabilization of this tunnel syndrome, which is a compression neuropathy of common injury also ubiquitous in cycling. the median nerve at the wrist, can be exacerbated by the Much more frequent than the commonly seen collarbone functions required of various equestrian related sports fracture are fractures about the wrist. The most common including polo. This requires evaluation by a hand would be a fracture of the distal radius, which is the surgeon or a neurologist and simple nerve conduction spongy bone portion of the forearm where it meets the studies will establish the diagnosis. The definitive treatment hand, and is far-and-away the most common fracture is, despite popular opinion, quite simple. This involves seen in the adult population in general. Treatment of release of the transverse carpal ligament, which is a 5-minute these fractures has been revolutionized by a new method outpatient surgical procedure under local anesthesia that is of fixation that was developed by my previous colleagues often done endoscopically. It is an unfortunate myth that and I over 10 years ago. This involves an anatomic the public has been led to believe that this is due to typing correction of the displaced bone and placement of a or computer use. Other chronic conditions such as lateral titanium plate and screws on the palmar aspect of the epicondylitis (tennis elbow) as well as shoulder bursitis can wrist that fixate the bone in the anatomic position. This often be aggravated and conservative treatment usually


POLOBARBADOS allows for rapid recovery of function with essentially no long-term deficit. Riders can return to their sport within several months after this injury using this new technique. However, the most classic polo injury about the wrist is the dreaded scaphoid fracture that is now managed with a compression screw to allow early motion and avoid stiffness and atrophy from prolonged casting. Until recently, there was a high incidence of scaphoid nonunions where the fracture never heals and leads to chronic issues in the wrist that needs more aggressive reconstruction. The current protocol of offering early percutaneous (tiny incision) screw fixation has minimized these complications and is preferable for the athlete who wants to get back in the saddle sooner. More subtle injuries to the wrist include ligament tears between the small carpal bones, which require an astute examination by a wrist specialist in order to establish a diagnosis. This is the most common cause of chronic wrist pain and is an entity that requires careful attention. The clinician should be experienced in wrist arthroscopy since this is the only sure way to establish the diagnosis, and can offer minimally invasive treatment. The smaller bones in the hand can also be involved in trauma from a fall or an ill placed swing of the mallet, including phalangeal and metacarpal fractures, but these tend to be less common. Fortunately, major fractures occur only during high-speed falls or in older riders who may have osteoporosis. Complex fractures about the elbow can occur and there is a great variation in the fracture patterns. It is important that an upper extremity specialist evaluate these injuries, as recovery of full elbow range of motion is often difficult. Fractures of the upper arm (humerus) may also result from a fall and can even extend into the shoulder joint. The key point is to seek evaluation by a dedicated upper extremity specialist. This implies that the rider be appropriately immobilized during the visit to the emergency room but then should seek the appropriate specialist on a less-emergent basis. The general orthopedic surgeon often addresses simple fractures, but the highly competitive polo competitor or horseman truly needs an optimal result in order to maximize their return to full function. Given timely and precise treatment, there is no reason why a polo athlete or any equestrian sportsman should not be able to return to riding no matter what the level of injury to the upper limb. Leading Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon Doctor Alejandro Badia, MD, FACS is based at: Badia Hand to Shoulder Center Hand and Upper Limb Consultant, OrthoNOW immediate orthopedic care Doral, Florida www.drbadia.com Tel: 305 537-7272


TESTIMONIALS “Dr. Badia is great. With polo and show jumping being the sports of choice we keep Dr. Badia on speed dial. He has a state of the art facility and is always accommodating and his team help with all aspects, which is great when having surgery away from home. He has operated on my thumb to reattach a ligament I had detached from the bone. You don’t’ appreciate how important your thumb is until you don’t have it!! I made a great recovery and have the full use of it again. He has a fantastic anesthesiologist, excellent nurses and a great physiooperation to help with rehab. His colleague, Dr. Herrera also operated on my knee to repair a meniscus tear. He has also repaired my husband Wayne’s shoulder - a torn rotator cuff, and my sister Angelique’s arm which was broken twice - the first time very seriously.” Monique Archer Barbados polo player and Show jumper “I fell in the Cheshire game three years ago, and fractured and dislocated my right wrist. It was my first major injury, but what an injury it was. Apart from the excruciating pain, because of the damage to the wrist joint, I feared I would never play polo again and have trouble and pain in everyday life. The first surgery I had was on island, but I was still in a lot of pain 8 weeks after. One day while in Bjorn’s Bjerkamn’s office he suggested I contact Dr. Badia. I went up to Miami the next week and Dr. Badia showed me exactly where I was getting the pain, and arranged surgery for the following week. It was the start of June, but amazingly I was playing polo by Christmas. I’m very happy with the results I got from Dr.Badia and would recommend his services to everyone. Danny Atwell Barbados National Polo player “ I was experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulder in 2011. As a competitive squash player I continued playing but the pain got worse. After examination an MRI scan showed a torn tendon. At first I was reluctant consider surgery, but after talking to Dr. Badia he put my mind at rest and I decided to go ahead with it in October 2011. The care I received at the Badia Hand and Shoulder Centre was fantastic. I met with Dr. Badia the day before the surgery and he explained everything in detail. The staff were excellent, very helpful and the Badia Hand to Shoulder Center is an amazing facility. Dr. Badia successfully repaired the torn tendon. By February 2012 I was back on the squash court and not only achieved my goal of playing in the World Masters in July, but I finished in fourth place! One thing I have to mention is the excellent after care I received from Dr. Badia. Since I do not live in the US I emailed him with any queries or concerns and he always emailed me back on the same day. Quite remarkable knowing how busy he is!" Karen Meakins Multiple Barbados National Squash Champion “I’m not sure where and when I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both my wrists, but it was slowly bringing my sports career to an end and making golf and everyday life painful. After the ailment had been diagnosed I made contact with the Badia Hand and Shoulder Center and from then on everything was very professionally administered. Doctor Badia and his staff were extremely helpful and the operations on both my wrists were performed endoscopically at the same time under a local anesthetic. I was able to start using my wrists within 24 hours and play light golf within three weeks. He’s an exceptional surgeon working with a very efficient and friendly team.” Clarence Hiles Local golfer and former cricket, rugby and hockey player.

GUESS WHO? The pictures might not be the best but see if you can guess who these polo players / members are?

Harry Manning, Andy Dowding, Kent Cole, Roddy Davis, Richard Deane and Sir Charles Williams



Although each sport has its own identity there’s a close affinity within the Barbados equestrian community. In bygone days polo ponies came from horses that failed to make it in racing, although the horses used in showjumping tended to be trained from an early age. All racing in Barbados is on the flat and it would be asking a lot for a ten-year old racer to turn its lot to jumping after a decade running around the flat Garrison track! Racing remains the biggest and oldest equestrian sport on the island and it first originated in competitive form at the Garrison over 200 years ago where the British cavalry officers pitched their skills and their horses against the local planters. Of course, those same planters also organized their own sport at their plantations and many impromptu races were held in the rural areas. Racing was only possible at the Garrison because the Royal Engineers drained the swampland and initially the fields were used for drill and training. However, sport and recreation were integral parts of military activities and the area soon became used for a wide range of sports. Once racing was established it was logical that polo would follow as the horses and the stables were already established around the Garrison. But in stark contrast to polo, which stuttered and fluttered in its first 100 years, horseracing grew in popularity from the outset and under the auspices of the Barbados Turf Club it is now a thriving sport with a growing breeding industry. The Garrison Race Track is one of the best tracks in the Caribbean and throughout the year there are several seasons to accommodate a long list of prestigious races and major events. The Race Track features a large grandstand, hospitality lounges and boxes, and betting booths and viewing facilities all around the course. A day spent at the races is very entertaining and many tourists enjoy the informality and relaxed atmosphere. There are normally nine races on the card and race days are mostly Saturdays starting just after midday. There is a nominal entry fee to the Grandstand area, or you can watch free anywhere on the course. The Barbados Turf Club hosts the biggest race in the Southern Caribbean namely the Sandy Lane Gold Cup, which is held on the first weekend in March. It is a huge event in Caribbean sport and the ambition of every trainer, breeder, owner, jockey and groom is to have a Gold Cup winner. Last year owner and breeder Sir David Seale carried off the trophy for the second year in succession with Aristodemus to bring the family’s total tally to a record seven Gold Cup wins. Jockey Anderson Trotman was in the saddle and the trainer was Liz Deane, sister of current Barbados Polo Club Captain Richard Deane.


Understandably several polo personalities are also leading lights at the Turf Club. Sir Charles Williams and Bruce Bayley are both owners and breeders and the ebullient polo commentator Jonathan Simpson is a successful owner and trainer. Many racing fans go to polo matches and many polo fans go to the races so there is always a synergy between the two sports. Although polo ponies are now bred specifically for polo or imported from Argentina, there is still a home for horses that don’t make it on the track. It takes a lot of skill and patience to re-train a failed racehorse for polo, but there are many success stories of race horses getting a second chance. Racehorse owners are reluctant to concede when a horse fails to make the grade, but the hard economics in the modern world mean that somewhere down the line it becomes too expensive to maintain a horse that doesn’t perform. Polo can absorb most of the horses that racing sets aside, but not all, and quite often some of the horses move into less strenuous equestrian pursuits like trekking and dressage. There are several popular Riding Centres in Barbados and many riding enthusiasts enjoy their passion far away from the glare of publicity. Dressage is an extremely well disciplined equestrian sport, which requires hours and hours of meticulous practice between horse and rider to reach a high level of competency. Barbados has a small, but very enthusiastic Dressage community and holds competitions throughout the year in beautiful rural settings like Congo Road in St. Phillip. The same could be said for the showjumping community, who capture many young enthusiasts at an early age and who then stay with their sport forever. Visitors can also enjoy the various equestrian pursuits by contacting any of the Riding Centres and for would-be polo enthusiasts Apes Hill Stables at Waterhall offer tuition for beginners. Horses have been part of Bajan life for over hundreds of years and while the automobile has replaced the old pony and trap and working horses in everyday life, the horses and ponies in modern Barbados are now integrated into the social and recreational pastimes of the island.

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Does going to a polo match on a Sunday afternoon give you a buzz?

and women riding the polo ponies… and if you put them together it reads like a Who’s Who of Barbados society!

There is nothing quite like going to a Sunday polo match in Barbados! Easy going and yet so elegant, you really feel as if you are spoiling yourself and that the A-list has never been so accessible and sociable. I especially like looking at the well-presented fillies, and the horseflesh on display isn’t so bad either! Regarding the buzz, it depends on the amount of champagne and/or Mount Gay Rum I consume!

Are there any suggestions that you would make to enhance the polo experience?

Would you say more people enjoy the social side rather than the sporting action? Both the social and the sporting side are equally enjoyable but what is really great is that you can combine the two without compromising either. I was a polo novice when I first came to Barbados, but through the social side I came to appreciate and enjoy the game immensely. Nowadays I like a good chukka or two yet I can still get away easily to enjoy the company of the aforementioned fillies. You really don’t need to know polo to enjoy a day at polo, but I guarantee you will get to follow and love the game after only one or two outings. As a leading marketing guru is the sport a good options for advertisers?

jevan jutagir is the managing director and principal at red advertising. he’s also a flamboyant personality who attends many polo matches. he’s also an entertaining conversationalist…

Flattery will get you everywhere! I think the sport allows you to talk to a crowd that is very hard to reach at the best of times in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. So from that perspective it is a good option provided the product you are selling will appeal to a young (or young at heart!) affluent, style-leading audience which can be local and expatriate. You also have to talk to this ‘hard to reach’ audience in a tone of voice that appeals to them and to show support for their sport. We hear a lot about networking in the local business community. Is polo a good place to network and generate business contacts? Polo is an excellent place for networking. One of the best. You get to meet all sorts of key players including Chieftains of Industry, West Coast Hoteliers, Property Developers, Tourism Officials and even Admen, all of whom are generally relaxed and uniquely approachable. Personally, I have made some great contacts at the polo field. That also includes the men


I personally like the matches with a little twist, like Battle of the Sexes or the matches where Barbados is playing a foreign polo power, like Jamaica, India and Cheshire. Throw in a few Princes and world-class celebs and you have a dynamite combination! Possibly we could create more three-way series, like a mini world cup of polo. But, all in all, I like the relaxed atmosphere so much I would hate to over-complicate it. The newer polo fields also need to create a little more atmosphere in order to compete with the majestic and historic Holder’s Polo field. What would make you go to polo matches more often? More fillies, more champagne! But seriously, I think polo in Barbados just needs a touch more promotion in order to ensure that people know it is on, especially people like me who are not heavily into the sport. There are various attempts by sponsors to promote their particular event but there doesn’t seem to be a fully holistic approach to promoting the sport, as there is in horse racing, where all events receive effective promotion.

A lot of tourists love polo. Do you think the government and tourism chiefs do enough to help develop polo as a tourism attraction and sports tourism in general? No, I don’t. Polo is a jewel in our crown. It adds cache and excitement to our small island, which in turn, help sustain our competitive advantage of being more aspirational than the other islands and destinations. The way we do polo is also unique in that the matches are so accessible and affordable so you do not have to be staying at a high-end hotel or villa to attend. I doubt there is anywhere else in the world where you can go to a polo match so easily without breaking the bank yet still rub shoulders with the great and good…and some infamous scoundrels too! Polo has also enhanced our villa product with the expansion in the number of polo fields and the investment grade property surrounding them. I think there is so much more we can do to use polo to attract all levels of visitors than simply putting a picture of a polo match on a tourism website or hotel brochure.


Jamie Dickson

Richard Gooding

Regarding sports tourism, we are seeing growth in sailing, tennis, football and our faded star, cricket. We have probably held more world cups per capita than any other country, so I cannot say we are not punching way above our weight, but feel that we should work towards giving polo a marquee event to put us on the world stage.

“I believe that polo is insulated to some extent from the harsh climate because it is a sport which attracts people with high net worth.�

These are tough economic times, which have already impacted on the global and local polo scene. Wearing your business hat are you optimistic going into 2014?


Pablo Crespin

No, I am not optimistic. As a country we are failing to invest in things that will grow revenue. That said, I believe that polo is insulated to some extent from the harsh climate because it is a sport which attracts people with high net worth. These are precisely the type of people that we need to visit and invest in Barbados, so hopefully those with the ability to make things happen on this island will recognise this and put polo up there where it belongs, in a starring role.




POLO Polo was played at the Olympics from 1900 to 1939. Polo was not handed down by Moses to Argentina in tablets of stone. It was introduced by Irish ranchers who settled in the Buenos Aires province around 1875. The old polo ball was originally made of bamboo or willow root. Polo is played in 77 countries across the world. There are five polo clubs in Iran and two in China. Throughout the world polo is known as “The Sport of Kings.� Although the British Army carried polo all over the world in 1860-70 the game was widely played in many tribal areas centuries before. Some of the biggest celebrities in the world have played polo. They include Sir Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Spencer Tracy, Bing Crosby and Prince Charles. The Barbados Polo Club was founded in 1884 over a decade before the United States Polo Association was founded in 1896. The face of polo is undisputed. It is the handsome face of Nacho Figueras, Nacho is the Polo Ralph Lauren model who appears on all their fashion and fragrances promotions.


A PRESIDENT’S MEMORIES Keith Melville 39 Years at the Helm

keith melville with former prime minister owen arthur John Hanschell, Bill, OH Johnson & Andrew

The Advocate Challenge Cup - The Deane Brothers ‘The Tornaddoes’ - January. 1951

Kevin Burns, Angela & Keith Melville - 1988

Angela Melville, Doug Kellogg & Keith Melville

Keith Melville with Late Prime minister David Thompson

Villages Tour - 2007, Left to right: Erie Deane, Andy Dowding, John Marsh, Dick Moran, Sir Charles Williams & Keith Melbville

Keith Melville & Dick Moran - 2007

President’s Trophy - Jeff Evelyn with Keith Melville - May 2007

Diamonds International, Piaget Ladies Tour - 2008

Villages Tour 2006 - Paige Boone, Doug Kellogg, Brad Limehouse, Sohail Quraeshi, Monique Archer, Zoe Archer, Wayne Archer, Richard Deane, Bruce Bayley, Keith Melville, Fred Moehring, Barry Stoute, Lord Lyall, John Eicher, Philip Tempro, Teddy Williams, Alex Cole, Kent Cole & Isabella Venezia


It’s NOT POLO Or is it? Although we don’t think of polo as anything other than horses and riders galloping around a field in pursuit of a small white ball there are many “polo” enthusiasts who get their kicks from another form of the game. Zany as it seems these include some weird and some straightforward variations.

All over the world we have a wide range of polo alternatives. They include Arena or Indoor polo, bicycle polo, snow polo, canoe polo, camel polo, elephant polo, golf cart polo, Segway polo, Yak polo, auto polo and cowboy polo. And dare we include water polo? In a way using bicycles, canoes, Segway, golf carts and automobiles is logical given they are alternatives to horses. Perhaps the same could be said for camels, elephants and placid yaks, although the speed of these encounters must be like chalk and cheese in comparison to polo ponies. Segway polo appeared in Barbados several years ago but then went quiet. However, it has re-appeared with increased numbers which may be boosted by a number of Segway riders in the local police force. Snow polo is also logical in cold climates across Southern Europe around the Alps where matches on packed snow and ice are inevitable if you want to play in sub-zero temperatures. Some concessions are made to the normal rules in that three players are on each team and after a few experiments it was discovered an orange ball worked better than a white ball!


Indoor or Arena polo is also a product of cold climates and is widely used by top players who don’t want to travel overseas during their winter. It was introduced to England by Music Mogul Brian Morrison, who discovered it in America in the late 1990s according to his son, England polo player Jamie Morrison. According to Jamie it stops some players heading off to Barbados in the winter, but this doesn’t help our economy does it Jamie? Perhaps the weirdest polo competition in the world involves elephant polo and the King’s Cup competition in Thailand. Ele polo is well established in a number of countries, essentially those will plenty of elephants. But the Thailand event is something special and has become a major tourism attraction. The tournament is hosted by Anantara Hotel, Resorts and Spas and not only boosts tourism, but it plays an important role in elephant conservation despite the protests of some animal rights activists. Over 50 elephants take part and the tournament involves two seven-minute chukkas, which tend to last a lot longer than normal polo chukkas. Elephants move slowly and each



team has three elephants and two riders, one to steer the huge brute and the other to swing the elongated mallet and hit the ball. Lunch break is long because the elephants are reluctant to leave their dinner table. The tournament is staged at the seaside town of Hua Hin and at least 40 of the elephants are street elephants that the organizers feed and give extensive medicals to during the week-long activities. And while the highlight for the players and spectators may be the polo action, there’s no doubt what the elephants like most. At half-time these mighty beasts are treated to a huge buffet

of several tons of fruit including pineapples, melons and bananas. The 12th King’s Cup Competition was held last August and although the Bangkok Bank team carried off the trophy, the match that attracted the biggest crowd was a weird confrontation between a team of former New Zealand Rugby players and a Ladyboy team from Miss Tiffany’s, a local nightclub. The All-Blacks won 10-3, but not without a few ups and downs on the way. The real winners were the elephants as over US$600,000 has now been raised for their welfare, which isn’t a bad return for a week’s work every year.

Gallery NuEdge Fine Arts Ltd., located within the beautiful Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown, St. James exhibits art in the form of multi-media, sculpture, photography, painting and installation. This eclectic and dynamic contemporary art gallery features the most sought out contemporary artists from the local and international markets. Currently on display are works by local artists Terrence Rupert Piggott and Alison ChapmanAndrews, Cuban artists Kadir L贸pez Nieves and Alexander Poll Doval and international artists Amel Chamandy, Dennis de Caires, Charles Richard, Corno, Hannah Alpha and Danielle Barbeau to name a few. For a complete list of our artists please visit our website at www.galerienuedge.com. We have an exciting calendar of exhibitions planned for 2014 that will include the most recent digital photographic works by international artist Amel Chamandy, abstract paintings by Terrence Rupert Piggott, mixed media works by Cuban artist Kadir L贸pez Nieves, and paintings by acclaimed wildlife and portrait artist Michael Jackson. Gallery NuEdge Fine Arts Ltd. is affiliated with Galerie NuEdge Fine Arts International L.P. S.E.C. established in Montreal's prestigious Quartier du Mus茅e, located at 1480 Sherbrooke Street West. If you would like more information on our upcoming exhibitions or wish to join our mailing list please contact us at (246) 621-0067 or email us at: gallerynuedge@galerienuedge.com

Lyn Slusher during her viking cruise



How to Travel Better Travel for many of us conjures up memories of family holidays, meeting new people and exploring new places, but booking a vacation is not always easy. The number of places to visit and endless travel suppliers can be daunting for even a seasoned traveller. On top of that, one has to decide between booking it online and booking with a travel agent. Many believe that booking online means saving money but they forget the value that the travel agent adds to the equation. A travel agent works on behalf of the client to get the best value for money. They work on customizing the entire vacation to suit that particular client and they are there before, during and after the trip to make sure everything has gone as planned. Many are no longer called travel agents but travel advisors because they advise their clients using their years of experience and knowledge. They get to know their client and what they like to do on holiday so that next time they book; they know that he or she likes the aisle seat on the left side of the plane, all inclusive hotels and a full size car rental...for example. It is the attention to detail that makes a good travel advisor. Going Places Travel is a travel management company that can boast having great travel advisors. They know that their client’s leisure time is invaluable so they take the stress out of the booking process, leaving them to simply enjoy the vacation. Going Places

Marie onboard the new Royal Princess



intimate and all inclusive Silversea fleet for the more mature passenger. When clients book luxury cruise brands like Silversea, Seabourn, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Crystal Cruises with them, they receive complimentary Virtuoso Voyager Club amenities on select departures. These amenities usually include a special full day shore excursion with lunch, a cocktail party and an onboard host. One of the company’s exciting packages for 2014 is a Canada and New England cruise in September aboard the new Royal Princess, recently Christened by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge. The itinerary is perfect for seeing the changing of the leaves in Autumn as well as the cuisine and historic sites that the area is famous for. One of the Going Places Travel cruise specialists, Marie-Stella Dabaiya, Travel has 24 offices throughout the Caribbean including the recently visited the Royal Princess while it was docked in Miami. Bahamas and Florida. The company’s branches in Barbados She came back with glowing reports about the beautiful decor are located in Sunset Crest, Independence Square, Sheraton and exciting new features including the SeaMall and Lower Estate. Walk. At 128 feet above the ocean, this glassGoing Places Travel is a member of Virtuoso, bottomed walkway has amazing views an elite travel network that includes more Cruising is still available on no other ship. than 330 agencies with 7,200 Advisors in extremely popular Clients are also trying river cruising which 20 countries throughout North and South has become extremely popular with North America, the Caribbean, Australia and New and without a Americans. The vessels are much smaller Zealand. Through the Virtuoso network, they doubt one of the and take passengers to the heart of the culture can access 1,300 of the world’s premier travel best value for and sightseeing in places like Europe, Russia, providers, as well as exclusive services, money holidays one China and Southeast Asia. The prices may experiences and products. Local guides and seem higher than a regular cruise but it experts in 75 countries help Going Places can have. includes the shore excursions and usually Travel and other Virtuoso agencies design wine with lunch and dinner. Lyn Slusher, a exclusive adventures just for you. They can get travel advisor from the Sunset Crest branch, you admission to sites, venues and activities just returned from a Viking River Cruise in that often are not available to the public. Europe that started in Basel and finished in Many Going Places Travel clients receive Amsterdam. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and highly complimentary travel magazines published by Virtuoso to recommends it! Going Places Travel believes in sending showcase the latest travel trends and hottest destinations. their advisors to experience new destinations and adventures Every year staff from Going Places Travel represent the company so that they know what they are talking about when their at Virtuoso Travel Week, the luxury travel industry’s biggest event clients call. of the year. They network with key players from hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, airlines and destinations to discuss what’s Going Places Travel is part of The Sun Group under the direction new. The event is busy with training, back to back meetings and of Barbadian owner, Bernie Weatherhead. The group spans 51 networking functions, allowing the travel company to forge offices in 11 countries and includes companies such as iMart, relationships which ultimately benefit their clients. Hallmark stores, Frangipani Art Gallery, Drive-a-Matic, Rubis Going Places Travel is usually on top of the latest travel trends. Sunset Crest, Tropical Weddings, Sun Tours, Island Safari, Time Cruising is still extremely popular and without a doubt one of the Out Hotel, Worthing Court Apartment Hotel, Almond Beach best value for money holidays one can have. The choice of ships Village, Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa, Savannah Beach Hotel and itineraries means it caters to just about anyone from the and Sun General Insurance. young at heart onboard Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas, the largest and most innovative cruise ship afloat, to the luxurious,


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This champagne has a lovely, fruity palate and a fine, delicate mousse with finesse. Lanson’s Black label has gone from strength to strength in recent years. The long and slow maturation process in cool cellars gives this champagne finesse and a smooth texture. Delicious as an apéritif or with sushi.

This blend is traditionally composed from about 30 to 35 still base wines, drawn from different vineyard sites, grape varieties and vintage years. It usually contains wines of at least two vintages, often three or four. Reserve wines compose between 20 -30% of the traditional blend. The Brut NV is never sold until the youngest component is at least three years old, which gives it more character and body. Pale gold with a very fine bead; flowery, delicately toasty aroma with fruit and complexity; creamy, beautifully balanced with a dry, harmonious finish.

BILLECART SALMON BRUT RESERVE NV Fine bubbles rise slowly from this champagne. With the twirl of your glass you’ll notice a soft straw colour. On the nose, aromas of ripe pear with some touches of cut hay appear. While full with fruit, this champagne remains clean in the mouth. This cuvée contains 40% Pinot Meunier, 30% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay. All of these wines are sourced from more than twenty top vineyards in Champagne. The overall composition of this cuvée has been untouched for almost fifty years. Fresh and long tasting, the Brut Réserve may be drunk on any occasion - it’s especially enjoyable during an afternoon of polo.


LANSON ROSÉ BRUT NV A delicately salmon-tinted rosé, made from 53% Pinot Noir, 32% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Meunier grapes. With plenty of finesse and raspberry fruit character, together with the characteristic Lanson crispness, it is perfect with smoked salmon or as a festive apéritif.

SANTA MARGHERITA PROSECCO DI VALDOBBIADENE BRUT D.O.C.G. ITALY This sparkling wine displays a fine, persistent perlage, while on the nose it offers attractive floral notes of peach and acacia blossom alongside delicate scents of reinette apples, all expressed with great crispness and elegance. On the palate there is perfect harmony between the fresh and appealingly lively sensations and the roundness and delicacy of the fruit. If you’re packing your basket for polo with cheese appetizers or fish, don’t forget this delicious Prosecco!

LAMBERTI SPUMANTE ROSÉ EXTRA DRY VENETO, ITALY Salmon-pink in colour with enticing aromas of apples, cherries, mineral and floral notes. Crisp and refreshing,


moderately dry with medium body, this sparkling wine is richly textured with bright flavours of apples, raspberries and almonds. It is beautifully balanced with a long, satisfying finish. Enjoy Lamberti Spumante Rosé with shrimp, filet of sole, chicken salad, mild cheeses and light desserts.

CRISTALINO BRUT SPAIN With a crisp and toasty nose, this wine shows beautiful citrus and green apple fruit with a supple, yet lively mouth feel of very fine bubbles and a very clean finish. The ultimate celebration wine, it is excellent on its own or with a wide array of foods including fried foods, seafood, Asian dishes, caviar and sushi.


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