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NEWS www.barbadospropertynews.com • June - July 2018 • Issue 117

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Endorsed by the Barbados Estate Agents and Valuers Association Inc.

Royal Palm Villa Five beautiful, four bedroom, detached luxury villas Fractional ownership from only £81,000

An elegant lifestyle awaits you as a Royal Westmoreland homeowner and club member. Here you are part of an exclusive mature resort community of privileged and discerning homeowners. The property ownership offering is perfect for those who are accustomed to luxurious living, a high degree of privacy, world class amenities and exceptional service. Our private gated community and on-site amenities include a gym, tennis courts, elegant club house with bar and restaurant, sanctuary swimming pool and cafe. Not forgetting the exclusive owners beach club facilities at ‘Mullins’ just a short drive away.

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For further information contact our sales team Barbados: 246 419 0394 | UK: 01524 917318 | Email: property@royal-westmoreland.com

Villas on the Green Six beautiful, two bedroom, detached luxury villas Fractional ownership from only £43,000

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Alternatively view our properties online royalwestmoreland.com


Welcome aboard! The Port St. Charles Yacht Club boasts a full service bar and restaurant offering a wide range of international cuisine prepared by our world class chef. We offer lunch, dinner and bar service in an open air setting with friendly service and a panoramic view along the West Coast. Deck loungers are provided for sunning and a staircase into the sea complements the pool for swimming. Open for Lunch 7 days a week 12pm-4pm Dinner 5 nights a week Tuesday - Saturday 6:30-9:30pm (December until April) Bar Service Tuesday - Saturday 10am-10pm; Sunday and Monday 10am-6pm The Yacht Club is available for weddings, cocktail parties and special events For reservations call: 419-1000 ext 2284 Opening times are subject to change in the summer months from April-November

Port St. Charles Yacht Club, Heywoods, St. Peter

Editor’s Comments Welcome to a new era in Barbados – Our first female Prime Minister, the Hon Mia Mottley! She led the Barbados Labour Party in an overwhelming victory 30 to nil in the May 24th election. In her words ‘It was the people’s election”. Barbadians came out in thousands to vote peacefully and let their feelings be known at the ballot box. We await the future as she and her cabinet has a huge challenge to redress the economy, but in an instant the island has replaced depression with optimism. Her leadership and confidence is reassuring and we are hopeful that the country will be restored to it's former prosperity eventually. Sales and rental properties will be boosted after this election and we look for a better future Pamela Hiles, Editor in the real estate sector. Barbados Property News will continue to spread the latest news with the hard copy bi-monthly publication and on line at www.barbadospropertynews.com and on Face Book and Instagram. In this June July edition we highlight outdoor/summer living. See a selection from some of the best stores on the island of what’s trending for the hot season. It could be a good time to remodel your patio and add fresh furniture and accessories. The choice is excellent on the island. Crop Over is looming with entertaining and parties to follow so keep your properties updated. Enjoy the summer season and toast a new, brighter Barbados! On the Cover: Beach Houses

Publisher – Hiltop Publications Ltd, 11 Cottage Ridge, St George, Barbados, BB19071 Tel (246) 228-9122, Fax (246) 228-0243 Email: sportingb@caribsurf.com www.sportingbarbados.com www.barbadospropertynews.com www.caribbeanpropertymag.com www.caribbeanmortgageservices.com Editor/Advertising – Pamela L Hiles Design and Art Direction – 809 Distribution – Hiltop Publications Ltd, Brian’s Print Brokerage Printing – Coles Printery The Material and editorial contained in this publication have been deemed accurate at the time of going to print. The views expressed as editorial are those of the Editor unless stated otherwise. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the permission of Hiltop Publications Ltd.

If you would like to advertise in Barbados Property News call Pam at 228-9122 or 232-0692

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Outdoor Living


Archer’s Hall Above: Palm Breeze 17oz Hi Ball Gift Set - $96.39 BDS Above right: Palm Breeze 2.5 qt Pitcher - $77.12 BDS Right: Stamped Cackle 19oz Tumbler Turquoise - $38.56 BDS

Ashley Ashley Offers Summer Style at a Great price Honnally Accent Chair $699.95


Dwellings Left: Dwellings introduces a new scent for summer: Charcoal Rose Candle & Diffuser from $69.95 Above: Dwellings adds a burst of colour with the Boho Collection Outdoor Safe Pillows $119.95 each

Standard Left: Outdoor suite with solid acacia wood frame and hower resistant cushions - $5199. Below: Ceramic garden stool are $249.00 each.


Outdoor Living


Gajah Right: Planter textured navy & Bronze - $304.00 Far right: Zagora Lantern - $356.00

Natz Far left: Hachi Feather Wall Sconce $443.15 Left: Elements Indoor – Outdoor Rug 5' 3" x 7' 6" - $487.90 7' 10" x 11' 1" – $975.80



Interview with Vicki Cozier from Victoria Jane Studio


Interview & images by Nicola Barnard way to get your ideas out there”. She still finds that most of her customers discover her through word of mouth however. This year she will be targeting interior designers. She visits them, shows them what’s possible and when they want a design she can create something that is bespoke. That’s more the market that she’s going after. She prefers to go out and meet people rather than just sending emails and hiding behind a webpage. “You have to meet people and people like that. They will remember you if you make the effort to come out and meet them in person”.


t is an overcast day, the smell of the country fills my lungs as Vicki meets me and leads me to one of the buildings, featuring large green barn doors. As they’re flung open, light floods the small space. Rough cement walls, discolored from age, add to a charming ‘artsy’ aesthetic. As two large dogs push past my feet and take their rightful position in the middle of the studio floor, I lay my phone on the table and hit record. Vicki immediately starts talking amidst the work laid out before us on a fold-out table in the centre of the room.

What is your art background? “Art foundation Middlesex Polytechnic, now Middlesex University in North London. I did a degree course in textile design in Nottingham Trent University. I always liked textiles. I sewed from when I was little. My mum taught me to sew. I love fabric especially. I see patterns and textures and colour. It was like I had no choice, I was just drawn to it.” Vicki creates designs and has always preferred screen printing, block printing, and painting on fabric as opposed to weaving and knitting/embroidery. She gets her fabric here in Barbados and she has a source for the linens and trims in England. “If someone needed a big order I’d want uniformity, so I’d order a big amount of fabric from England. The fabrics out of Europe are really good quality.” She produces high quality, bespoke items and so the materials she uses have to be high quality. “To get a nice feel, they (the inks) hold better on natural fibers such as 100% linen, 100% cotton,100% silk and so on. Nothing with polyesters, maybe with rayon”. At the moment Vicki only sells work locally but with the aid of the internet she hopes to expand it to international sales. She mentioned creating an Etsy account. How do you promote your business? “I started with Facebook because it was easy and quick and moved then onto Instagram. Facebook is a lot more interactive and a good

Was it it difficult to set up the business (finding equipment etc.)? “It is, especially in Barbados. You have to be really creative. So with my screen printing frames, I bought a set size from the art store. They were not the right size for my cushions, so I made them work. I'm going to cover this frame in the fabric to be a screen printing frame but it’s from the framing company. It’s a picture frame. Because they have the machine that can make the mitered edge corners … then I can use it. And not just me! How I found out is they said ‘you know a lot of artists buy them from us to stretch the canvas’. Then I can do the same, I can put the screen fabric on to make screen printing screens. You have to be innovative…”. Vicki says that even if you find a product and you don't know what it’s supposed to be used for, that’s okay. Make it work in your own way. Go explore the art stores and see what’s available. Future goals? “To remain creative you have to understand what you do, but then what you delegate. So yes, if I got bigger, I would not do the accounting for example. I’m always looking for a factory atmosphere to produce what I'm creating, so hopefully I can just be a creator…. Teach people to physically do the prints. You can lose your creativity if you cling on to doing everything yourself”.

Barbados Valuers Council (BVC)


The importance of CPD – Continued Professional Development for Property Professionals As part of its remit, Barbados Valuers Council (BVC) are requiring all members to submit evidence that they have carried out a minimum of 20 hours of professional development on an annual basis. A minimum of 10 of those hours must be formal structured activities. Examples of formal structured activities include professional courses, seminars, conferences, formal training with conferences and self-managed learning or courses. Informal training includes activities focused on a topic relevant to the wider profession or the member’s role/specialty that are not formally structured, but contribute to the development of other fundamental skills which contribute to the member’s success in the profession, or for participation in activities that assist in the development of the profession as a whole. Examples of informal activities include participation on BEAVA or BVC committee activities, self-directed learning with self-assessed outcomes and mentoring. • CPD - continuing professional development is important because it delivers benefits to the member, their profession and the public. • CPD ensures that members capabilities keep pace with current standards • CPD ensures that members maintain and enhance their


knowledge and skills needed to deliver a professional service to customers, clients and the community • CPD ensures that members stay up-to-date and are more aware of the changing trends and directions in the property profession. The pace of change is probably faster than it’s ever been! • CPD helps members to continue to make a meaningful contribution to their team and become more effective in the workplace • CPD helps advance the body of knowledge and technology within the property profession • CPD can lead to increased public confidence in individual professionals and the profession which underpins the remit of BVC. The importance of continuing professional development should not be underestimated – it is a career-long obligation for practicing professionals so that they can deliver the high quality of service that safeguards the public and meets the expectations of customers and the requirements of the property profession. BVC will be hosting a full day CPD in the summer for its members along with other structured training events throughout the year in order that members can readily achieve those valuable CPD hours, uphold professional standards and improve service delivery for our stakeholders. BVC recently delivered an educational event at the Marriot on Valuation Reporting for Stakeholders in April 2018. The Event was well received and, as well as advising the audience what to look for in reports and minimum reporting criteria, it was also an opportunity to further outreach efforts and ensure Stakeholders are up-to-date on BVC’s progress and appreciate its remit.

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Barbados Property News June July 2018  

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Barbados Property News June July 2018  

Real Estate, Interiors and Property Related Services in Barbados

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