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NEWS www.barbadospropertynews.com • April - May 2018 • Issue 116

Endorsed by the Barbados Estate Agents and Valuers Association Inc.

Editor’s Comments A lot will be happening over the next few months as Election Fever takes hold. We face many challenges, and the world is looking at Barbados with critical eyes to see if a new Government will address a more effective fiscal and economic strategy, and deal with the serious environmental problem on the South Coast. We feel these problems can be solved with dynamic leadership, but we have to make it happen, not promise. This is our opportunity to decide through voting. Don't waste it. We are very conscious of our role in the world, and particularly global threats to the ocean. Internet and TV picture frightening images, and we must play a bigger role in addressing environmental challenges. We publish our Green Environmental Issue' in Barbados Property News, and highlight things Pamela Hiles, Editor that are very important. For example, why should we switch to LED bulbs from Caribbean LED Lighting, or why gardens and general use at homes impact on the environment? We don't do enough to recycle. We have too much rubbish in the streets and on beaches that threaten the sea. Let's get real and do something about it. We have to admire the people who collect the rubbish on our beaches, some of them tourists. We can also do with a lot more developments like Apes Hill, and their proactive approach to vital environmental policies. There's a lot more in Barbados Property News than property, property products and property services, see our hard copy and online at www.barbadospropertynews.com On the Cover: St. Peter’s Bay

Publisher – Hiltop Publications Ltd, 11 Cottage Ridge, St George, Barbados, BB19071 Tel (246) 228-9122, Fax (246) 228-0243 Email: sportingb@caribsurf.com www.sportingbarbados.com www.barbadospropertynews.com www.caribbeanpropertymag.com www.caribbeanmortgageservices.com Editor/Advertising – Pamela L Hiles Design and Art Direction – 809 Distribution – Hiltop Publications Ltd, Brian’s Print Brokerage Printing – Coles Printery The Material and editorial contained in this publication have been deemed accurate at the time of going to print. The views expressed as editorial are those of the Editor unless stated otherwise. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the permission of Hiltop Publications Ltd.

If you would like to advertise in Barbados Property News call Pam at 228-9122 or 232-0692

Beach Houses: Sustainability & Seclusion


rane Resorts, long synonymous with residential resort development in Barbados, is unveiling the first phase of its newest development, Beach Houses, this winter. A secluded, low density development overlooking the quaint Skeete’s Bay Beach and Culpepper Island, Beach Houses has been designed to accentuate the property’s exclusive location of the 1% of East Coast that remains outside of Barbados’ National Park. “We were fortunate to acquire a magnificent site on the island’s East Coast, where land development has been historically restricted,” explains Paul Doyle, Managing Director at Crane Resorts. “The preservation of most of the East Coast as a National Park ensures that this beautiful stretch of coastline will remain untouched forever.” Inspired by this preservation, Beach Houses features a terraced, single story-design, with freestanding villas spread across a gently sloping 50-acre hillside. “We’ve successfully created harmony between the design of the development and the natural environment,” comments Shawn Archer, Design Manager. “For example, landscape displacement is virtually unnoticeable as each building’s footprint has been thoughtfully moved to the roofs, revealing clear sightlines as the development recedes from view.” But more than just aesthetically pleasing, these ‘green roofs’ 20


mitigate the buildings’ heating loads, reducing A/C and power consumption. Similarly, each generously scaled two, three and four-bedroom villa features open-plan spaces and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which simultaneously allow for natural crossventilation and reduce the need for artificial light during the day, while revealing 180° ocean views. Other sustainable measures include the use of LED lighting throughout, water-efficient kitchen and bathroom fixtures as well as rainwater collection and the treatment of waste-water for irrigation use. Ownership at Beach Houses offers a sustainable and secluded home-away-from-home tailored to your individual needs. Residential and Fractional owners both receive unprecedented benefits, including developer-managed rental options, turn-key services and all the amenities and services of a 5-star resort. Phase one of Beach Houses is expected to open in December 2018. Fractional Ownership prices start at US$180,000 (four weeks); Residential Ownership prices range from US$1.9 US$2.9M. For more information on ownership opportunities at Beach Houses, visit beachhouses.bb or email property@craneresorts.com.

Photograph Courtesy of © Thibaut Inc.

Interior Design with a Difference Archer’s Hall Offers Custom Ordering for All Your Fabric Needs Archer’s Hall, Queen’s Street, Speightstown, St. Peter. Tel: 422-0400 Open Monday to Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pmtXXXBSDIFSTIBMMDPNtJOGP!BSDIFSTIBMMDPN

Royal Palm Villa Five beautiful, four bedroom, detached luxury villas Fractional ownership from only £81,000

An elegant lifestyle awaits you as a Royal Westmoreland homeowner and club member. Here you are part of an exclusive mature resort community of privileged and discerning homeowners. The property ownership offering is perfect for those who are accustomed to luxurious living, a high degree of privacy, world class amenities and exceptional service. Our private gated community and on-site amenities include a gym, tennis courts, elegant club house with bar and restaurant, sanctuary swimming pool and cafe. Not forgetting the exclusive owners beach club facilities at ‘Mullins’ just a short drive away.

Key features 4










For further information contact our sales team Barbados: 246 419 0394 | UK: 01524 917318 | Email: property@royal-westmoreland.com

Villas on the Green Six beautiful, two bedroom, detached luxury villas Fractional ownership from only £43,000

Key features 2







Alternatively view our properties online royalwestmoreland.com


Apes Hill Club: A shining example of environmental Excellence


pes Hill Club is a shining example of world-class engineering and construction while maintaining sensitivity to the environment and conservation of our water sources. The developers have addressed the issue of irrigation for the golf course directly and innovatively by constructing a large reservoir at Farmers, St. Thomas and a smaller irrigation lake at Apes Hill Club. The lake can hold around 8.25 million gallons. Water for the Farmers Reservoir comes from runoff from the adjacent 374 acre watershed. The reservoir retains approximately 65 million gallons of water, and fills during one average rainy season. The surface area is approximately 8 acres. The retained water is transferred over a mile to the small lake on the Apes Hill golf course and is then used to irrigate the entire golf course and landscaping. Grasses chosen for use on the golf course were selected based on their reduced water use characteristics and ability to use nonpotable water. Many out of play areas are landscaped with plant varieties that can survive on limited supplemental irrigation. • No impact to public water supply or need for underground wells. • Improved flood control for communities downstream. The construction of the reservoir significantly lessens the run off into Holetown during the rainy season as it is contained in the reservoir to be utilised on the golf course. • Significantly reduced downstream situation and sea pollution. In addition to this, the Golf Course has achieved designation


as a "Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary" through the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses, an Audubon International program. Edward Paskins, Course Superintendent, has led the effort to obtain sanctuary status on this course and is being recognized for Environmental Stewardship by Audubon International. "Apes Hill Club has shown a strong commitment to its environmental program. They are to be commended for their efforts to provide a sanctuary for wildlife on the golf course property," said Tara Pepperman, Director of Cooperative Sanctuary Programs at Audubon International."To reach certification, a course must demonstrate that they are maintaining a high degree of environmental quality in a number of areas," These categories include: Environmental Planning, Wildlife & Habitat Management, Outreach and Education, Chemical Use Reduction and Safety, Water Conservation, and Water Quality Management. Apes Hill Club is one of 913 courses in the world to hold the honour. Golf courses from The golf course was designated as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary in 2010. After designation, courses go through a recertification process every three years To top it off, the development is committed to building on only 35% of the 470 acres whilst leaving the other 65% as open space. This is one of the main contributing factors why people purchase property at Apes Hill Club. Come and see for yourself. info@apeshillclub.com 29

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Monthly Payments.

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NO Excuses Barbados Time to Go Green



arbados has been slow to embrace going Green. Change is in the air thankfully. Organisations like the Future Centre Trust in St Thomas are shedding light and their efforts are vital to this island. This nongovernmental organization focuses on the environment and educating the community on how it can play a role in conserving and preserving the resources for future generations. The Mission of the FCT is: “To stimulate awareness and encourage responsible management of the vital relationship between people and their environment leading to a sustainable future for all”.The overarching Goal of the organisation is: to raise awareness of the need for sustainable ways of living while providing suggestions and solutions as to how to achieve this charge. This goal is four pronged; • Think – to inspire people to share good ideas and ways of living so as to allow creative community thought to be a part of our daily contribution to society; (don’t pelt things out the window of the vehicle people!) • Teach – to educate youth and all members of the community on the importance and ways of living more sustainable lives; (think of your children and children’s children) • Reconnect – assist the community to reconnect to the natural resources of the country and the planet and encourage respect; (RESPECT!!!) • Act – to encourage community members to become social advocates for matters that they care about in their community and teach everyone that they can make a difference by “being the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi. (AMEN!)

With this important philosophy in mind, The FCT has set up programmes in businesses, schools and communities to try and encourage Barbadians to recycle. It’s not as easy in Barbados to do this as in more developed countries where garbage pick up includes recycled items with different bins for different things. In Barbados, most of us have to drive to the places or arrange for them to be collected privately. Here are some of the things that can be recycled on the island…. • Plastic bottles & Containers – remove the caps and place them in a separate bag. • Cans – remove the labels and rinse them out. • Glass bottles & containers – remove tops and put with cans. Rinse them out. • Paper products – newspaper, cardboard, magazines, junk mail, phone books, office paper, shredded paper, etc. • Automotive Batteries • Electronics So where can we take these things or call to have them collected from our home? Ace Recycling Barbados Ltd – for paper products, cardboard

and car batteries – Tel 4230510. Guinea Plantation, Guinea, St John. Collections and drop offs. B’s Recycling – Plastics, Cans, glass, plastic bags, scrap metal, ac units, washing machines etc, car batteries. Tel 4389285 – Reece Road, Cane Garden, St Thomas. Collections and Drop offs B’s Recycling Bins at FCT in Edghill St Thomas – plastic, glass bottles and tins. Tel 6252020. Drop offs only. Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre (SBRC) – All paper, cardboard, plastic, cans, tins, E Waste, Green Waste – Tel 4252255. Vacluse St Thomas. Drop off only. Machinery and Allied engineering Services – Automotive oil, gas and diesel – Tel 430-0207. 2nd Ave Deighton Rd, St Michael. Collection. Ink Tech Inc – Ink cartridges – Tel 4217844 – 6 High Park, Prior Park, St James. Collections for larger amounts. Paradise Green Energy – Waste Cooling Oil – Tel 230-5695. Green Hill, St Michael. Collections available. Caribbean E Waste Management – all E Waste except large appliances. Tel 823-5334 at Codrington Hill, St Michael. Collections and Drop Offs. There are so many ways that we can contribute to saving the environment on this beautiful island – some as simple as not throwing your juice carton out of the bus window or leaving garbage at the beach, turning off the lights when you leave a room, car pooling, taking recycle bags to the supermarket, saying no to plastic straws, cups, bags, using towels in hotels more than once. Small things that make a big difference. Stop this culture of littering our beautiful island and dumping in the nearest canefield. No excuses Barbados! You can volunteer at the FCT. Visit their website www.futurecentretrust.org or email on info@furturecentretrust.org


A Greener Environment Made in the Caribbean for the Caribbean



umber one LED Lighting manufacturer, distributor and retailer, Caribbean LED Lighting (CLL), recently marked the official opening of their new purpose built factory in Lower Estate, St. Michael. Celebrating a bigger space designed to accommodate additional production lines to support continued growth and success, CEO Gerard Borely describes the company as “a Barbadian success sto-ry, exporting ‘made in Barbados’ products to over 18 countries worldwide.” Though they are known by the public as producers of domestic and commercial lighting for the home or office, CLL has also been thriving in the infrastructural sector, manufacturing for large projects such as the recently awarded street lighting contract in Antigua and Barbuda. From a greener environment, to saving money, to creating brighter spaces in your home or office, here are a few reasons why you should look on the brighter side with Caribbean LED Lighting:

Save Money The push to a green environment starts at home! Make small energy efficient improvements at home, in your retail space or office, by switching your standard incandescent or fluorescent lights to LEDs. You can save up to 90% on the cost of your lighting usage, and with these savings on your bills, your new lights will pay for themselves. LED lights also give you brighter light with little to no heat while consuming less energy in comparison to traditional incandescent lights. You will definitely notice the difference, especially in small or air conditioned spaces.

Quality Backed By Warranty LEDs have a much longer lifespan than fluorescent or incandescent lighting, and can last up to 50,000 hours. Our products are manufactured to the highest international standards, and are trusted around the world. Whether you’re outfitting a retail space, putting finishing touches on a home renovation, installing security lights for your outdoors, or just need task lighting, you can certainly depend on our products to keep shining for a very long time. Plus, all our products are backed by a no-quibble warranty, and we promise to stand by them to keep you satisfied.

The Future Is Eco-Friendly Green living is the lifestyle of a sustainable future. It is important that we teach kids about energy efficiency and ecofriendly living. Our LEDs are non-toxic and carry no hazardous chemicals such as mercury, making them perfectly safe to use in your household. It certainly feels good to know that you’re outfitting your space with lights that help you look on the brighter side! 39

Concepts 360 offers a different kind of modern


ewly opened in October 2017, the trendy new showroom of Concepts 3Sixty in Lower Estate specializes in Fiber Clay outdoor furniture and plant pots which are perfect for both commercial and residential properties. “Our idea was to bring unique lines and pieces to Barbados at competitive prices and strive to have a collection that is not available anywhere else on the island,” said Bill Lambert, owner and Managing Director. Fiber Clay is a lightweight, cost effective alternative to traditional clay and concrete products. The inherently porous clay allows for exceptional air flow and drainage in plant pots while providing the perfect ‘quick dry’ property for outdoor furniture. The interior fiber glass mesh provides added structural integrity for durability and longevity in all climates. Complementing the Fiber Clay line is the new line of ecofriendly, handmade, Fiberstone pots and accessories with styles and sizes to suit all homes and offices. Family owned and operated, Concept 3Sixty have also introduced a selection of lamps, floating shelves and throw cushions that go perfectly with the contemporary furniture. Custom-made window blinds are also available and the company is capable of completing any sized project with any of the exclusive lines. The showroom, located in Lower Estate, St Michael is open from 9am to 5 pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday. Contact them at bill@concepts3sixty.com or nbynoe@concepts3sixty.com. www.Concepts3Sixty.com



Green Magic!

Niki Farmer in the marvelous gardens of Cobblers Cove Hotel, St Peter


business meeting can be tedious at most times but meeting in the magnificent grounds of the Cobblers Cove Hotel in St Peter is just about the most perfect location for one! Niki Farmer, University Graduate, ex Advertising executive found her niche in life and never looked back. “I grew up in Guyana where my Granny had a greenhouse and we used to climb over the fence to get cow manure to use on the garden. One day my gran showed me how to bring potted plants to life by putting wilted half dead potted plants into basins of fertilized water and watching them magically return to life.These are my early memories which fed my passion,” laughs Niki. “When my grandparents moved to England, I remember them planting potatoes and when my granddad pulled up the potatoes I thought it was gold treasure.” Now a leading garden design expert in Barbados, Niki spends her life creating green magic. “I started helping my mum doing indoor plants and then was asked to do some installations and as well as an exhibit at Balls. 42

It was there I met Iris Bannochie – a well known horticulture figure on the island who told me – you have a future in this business – She became my mentor!” With no better teacher, the talented Niki soon amassed a team behind her and got jobs at major hotels such as Sandy Lane, Coconut Court and Amaryllis (now Sugar Bay) as well as beautiful luxury villas. She disbanded her team and moved to the UK for a short spell and having returned to the sunshine, works on her own doing garden landscape, design, management and consultancy. No garden is too big or too small. Her love of plants and trees is infectious and her knowledge staggering. “I believe a garden is more important than a house. It has to be a delight – almost sensual.” She gets a major kick out of planting trees and believes this is vital for the environment. The more trees planted, the better for the environment! A rising problem of Niki’s is lack of water.


Niki’s Tips for the perfect Garden Soil Healthy soil = healthy plants. For plants to thrive soil must be well drained and contain a rich amount of organic matter..I.e. manure and compost.. even raw fish scraps (deeply turned in so no smell) ...feeds plants and provides necessary nutrients for strong growth.

Water Watering is best done in the cool of the early morning or evening..definitely not at noon. Give plants a thorough wetting at the roots. Use rainwater wherever possible as plants much prefer this to our chlorinated piped water.

Mulch In the dry season mulch your beds with organic matter. This helps retain moisture and coolness. If using wood chips mix with or wet with a nitrogen fertilizer during application.


Small garden beauty at One Eleven Bistro in Speightstown a la Niki!

When pruning a plant or tree approach the plant as a whole with a view of overall shape in regrowth.Always cut with a slight slant just above a joint.

Compost “This is a major concern for anyone in landscaping. Plants keep alive in brackish water but sweet water (rain water) brings them back to life”. Niki urges home owners to collect rain water off the roof and do everything possible to save water for reuse in the garden. When she’s not in the garden, she’s in the sea! “I’m an avid diver. 'Before it’s too late Barbados needs to recognize the huge importance and value of its major asset, the surrounding reefs. We need the public and government to take immediate positive steps to minimize on-going damaging practices and focus all our efforts into promoting regrowth and structure of our collapsing reefs. Healthy reefs mean a healthy Barbadian economy and an overall healthy island,” enthuses Niki. Working everyday in the hot sun is not easy but armed with her large sun hat and her long sleeves, it’s the place Niki Farmer feels most at home. She spends her life creating green magic all over the island and can often be spotted among the plants as you drive by. Whether in the garden or in the water, Niki is happiest with nature!

Make your own with all your garden trimmmings and lawn clippings. When clippings are composted fork into garden beds at least once a year.

Trees are cool So...Plant a tree, As well as providing shade and coolness trees are great for all life on this planet and the atmosphere. Choose the right tree for garden size and avoid planting right up against a house... even better plant a fruit tree.

Hands on shoes off Touch your plants and trees and walk barefoot on your lawn. It’s really good for your wellbeing as it grounds you and provides gentle health benefits. Spend time commmuning with nature and enjoy your garden. Happy Gardening!


Barbados Valuers Council partners with the RICS to facilitate professional development In line with its mandate to promote the continuing professional development of Valuers in Barbados, the Barbados Valuers Council (BVC) will be jointly hosting its first educational event in partnership with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) on October 30th, 2017 at the Hilton Barbados commencing at 8:30am. The RICS is the leading global professional body for land, property and construction professionals. Originally established in the UK by Royal Charter in 1868, the RICS acts as a regulator of both its individual members and firms in order to promote the highest standards of professional practice. The RICS Barbados chapter was established with a goal of linking the Barbados community of professionals with the global network and they are happy to be partnering with the Barbados Valuers Council in furthering their common goals for the Valuation professional in Barbados. The RICS Valuation – Global Standards 2017 (formerly known as the Red Book) were published following public consultation and contains mandatory rules, best practice guidelines and



related commentary for all Valuation professionals. The latest edition takes effect from 1 July 2017. The RICS Valuation – Global Standards 2017, in conjunction with International Valuation Standards are the internationally recognized standards for Valuation Practice worldwide and have been adopted in the wider Caribbean as the expected standard of practice despite the lack of formal regulation of professionals in most islands. The Barbados Valuers Council looks forward to an informative event open to Valuers, aspiring Valuers, and other industry stakeholders for a full-day seminar including a discussion on the changes issued in the RICS Valuation – Global Standards 2017 as well as panel discussions and workshops on valuation standards and reporting. The event will be the first of a number of joint initiatives being worked on between the BVC and RICS to further the Valuation Profession in Barbados. The parties are in the process of discussing further formal educational opportunities for Barbadians interested in becoming Professional Valuers. Persons interested in attending the event may register through the RICS event page. For further information please contact our administrator at admin@beavainc.com The Barbados Valuers Council continues to invite practicing Valuers to apply for membership by contacting admin@beavinc.com or stay tuned for updates on the BEAVA website at www.beavainc.com for further details on membership categories and admissions criteria.

Steps to Home Ownership


OME OWNERSHIP – it’s one of the biggest decisions a person will make in their life, but it’s one that brings a great deal of satisfaction. Like any big decision, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. What type of house do I want? How much can I afford? I hear my friends talking about their mortgages but I don’t understand some of the terms? Where can I go to find out more? At Scotiabank, we have a well-versed team of experienced professionals who can answer these questions and more. With our 3% Money Back up front, which can be used for closing costs, legal fees or any other expenditure you choose, the benefits of a mortgage with us is amazingly rewarding. Below are some simple tips to consider.

Step 1: Consideration Process Pre-qualification is an informal process where the Bank will estimate how much money they can lend you based on the financial information they have on record for you. Our mortgage calculator on our website www.barbados.scotiabank.com is also a useful tool that you can use at your convenience to get an idea of how much you will possibly qualify for. Once you have found your property, you will need to work with a Scotiabank Personal Banking Officer to submit your application for a mortgage. The Officer will guide you as you what documents you will need to provide. This list of documents is also available on the website.

Step 2: The Attorney It is not mandatory for you to use the Bank’s attorney. Even though it would be more convenient to have all of your business 48


needs centralized, you should use an attorney that you are comfortable with and who is familiar with real estate transactions. Once the entire team dealing with your mortgage is efficient and understands your needs, then this helps to reduce the lengthy mortgage process and helps you to be in your home much sooner.

Step 3: Expenses People often overlook the utility expenses associated with home ownership. These include utilities such as water and electricity as well as other costs like purchase of new appliances, moving costs and maintenance costs. To avoid any surprises, it is always best to speak to a Scotiabank representative as they will guide you in calculating your estimated expenses. If you are moving to larger accommodation, take into consideration that costs like electricity for example will be increased as your utilize more lights and may have more high-end appliances. It’s well worth considering whether you’d like to include any upgrades to the property in your mortgage. Save on electricity costs by installing solar. Paid at low rates over a long amortization period, it becomes affordable. To get more information, listen out to hear when our branches are having monthly Mortgage Checkups where you don’t have to make an appointment to sit with a representative. Alternatively, you can visit our Warrens branch on Saturday, April 14th between the hours of 10am and 2pm for our Real Estate Expo where you can speak with mortgage specialists and realtors about your mortgage options.

Afternoon Tea

at Standard, Millhouse



The Big Dipper from S.I.R. Water Management


he Big Dipper systems were Thermaco, Inc.'s first line of oil and grease separators. Designed for easy field upgrading, Big Dipper units have an array of options that allow installations to be customized to suit the conditions that are unique to your business. With Big Dipper, you can reduce grease trap pumping costs, avoid sewer surcharges and fines, prevent septic field failure, comply with landfill bans for liquid wastes, negate the need for in-ground separators and traps, and eliminate grease-clogged drains. Big Dipper systems are ideal for any operation facility that requires removal of grease and oil from wastewater. Such facilities can experience a variety of problems associated with an outdated solid separation process. If unattended, these problems can blossom into significant barriers that hinder routine business operations and create ongoing and unwanted costs. In such cases, expenses can be significantly reduced with a Big Dipper system. Over the years, Big Dipper improved the capabilities of its small-to medium-sized systems while developing larger and more sophisticated central grease and solids separation systems. The result was the revolutionary Big Dipper Automatic Solid Transfer series. This creation negated the drudgery of handling effluent solids and improved the operational efficiency of grease separation.



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Barbados Property News April May 2018  

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