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n o i t a c u Ed Season 2020

“dost thou think because thou art virtuous there shall be no more cakes and ale� Twelfth Night


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COME SEE CRYSTAL CLEAR THEATRE WITH SFJ IN 2020! To our colleagues in English and Drama classrooms across NSW, thanks for joining us in record numbers in 2019 and we can’t wait to share stories with you again in 2020. Live theatre and access to extraordinary dramatic texts makes life better. Richer. At Sport for Jove, now in our eleventh year, we want young people to have the opportunity to find their voice through theatre. Over the past two years, our Education Program has grown exponentially, and in 2020 we offer 6 mainstage productions: Shakespeare’s Othello, Macbeth, The Tempest, Romeo & Juliet, Twelfth Night and Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Performances will take place over four terms from February to November for school audiences at the Seymour Centre (Sydney), Riverside Theatres (Parramatta), and Government House Parramatta as part of our outdoor Summer Season. We will offer detailed Teacher Support materials for all works in the season. Our HSC Symposiums series returns, expanded again in 2020. These are a practical in-depth look at classic works on the HSC syllabus. SFJ’s directors and actors, led by me, enact, dissect and discuss scenes and characters, giving students an opportunity to ask questions and unlock the themes, structure, values, concerns, contexts, ambiguities and stories and their dramatic power. And of course, The Shakespeare Carnival returns. The highly successful Shakespeare Carnival is a state-wide event, under the leadership of SFJ. Students make films, compose music, choreograph dances and act scenes in their schools, inspired by and celebrating the work of William Shakespeare. The students can then compete in a range of categories, performed at school, regional and state levels. Perhaps like no other imaginative experience, theatre connects us to ourselves and to our community in real time. We see, hear and feel the profound dilemmas and beliefs of people who make momentous decisions that change their lives and worlds, and we learn from those choices, from their delights, sufferings, and consequences.

TICKETS To reserve seats or request any more information on any of Sport for Jove’s 2020 Education Season shows or symposiums, please contact your preferred venue.

*with every 10 students

SEYMOUR CENTRE Cnr City Road & Cleveland Street, Sydney (02) 9351 7940 seymourcentre.com schoolbookings@seymour.sydney.edu.au

RIVERSIDE THEATRES Cnr Church & Market Streets, Parramatta (02) 8839 3308 riversideparramatta.com.au/education education_riverside@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au Sport for Jove would like to thank and acknowledge our company sponsorship and partnership with the Seymour Centre and thanks them for their contributions in supporting our education program in 2020.

We are passionate about creating humane and imaginative work that inspires young people, and most importantly, lifts the plays they study from the remoteness of the page to the immediacy of the stage. In doing so we set a high standard for students to aspire to with their own practical exploration of the work. Sincerely, Damien Ryan Managing Artistic Director


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Student $28 1 Teacher FREE* Extra teachers $28



SUMMER SEASON XI speak of t o n t ’s n a c u o h T “ ot feel...” n t s o d u o h t t a h t

ROMEO & JULIET Join us outdoors for an extraordinary experience this summer, where “now these hot days is the mad blood stirring”. Our exquisite outdoor venue at Old Government House, Parramatta Park, becomes the central piazza of a small Italian village in 1945, in the days directly after the war’s end. The hardened women of Verona have held the fort through years of European war until a Sunday morning after the armistice when their Veronese men, brothers, cousins, different families, all alike in dignity, all of them fighting for the same side, return to their women and their homes with the promise of peace, sanctuary and new hope, only to find that a deeper human folly, an ancient cycle of hatred has never gone away. In this tiny pocket of Europe, on the brink of rebirth after years of devastation, a community collapses upon itself due to universal human frailties of envy, vengeance, territorialism and corrupted ideals. Shakespeare’s incredible tapestry of family and community is a furious melee of our most extreme passions -- the pure exhilaration of first love, the spectre of fear and violence, the tenderest devotion, our erotic obsessions, our unashamed joys, the torments of hatred, the unswerving trust between friends, cruel destiny, frenzied grief, and a final painful but hopeful rebirth. Our world today remains consumed by divisions we cannot remember the causes for or find the solutions to. Unfortunately, as human beings never seem to learn, cleansing will come at a terrible cost. Shakespeare places a perfect love in a temple that is collapsing in the hope that we may find something worth learning in the ruins. Shakespeare’s iconic romantic tale, Romeo & Juliet, has come to define the human ideal of true love, particularly young love, but above all, forgiveness and healing.

Syllabus Links

“In Stage 5, students are expected to have an experience of Shakespearean drama. This should include seeing Shakespearean plays in performance, as well as engaging in workshop activities in the classroom with Shakespearean texts” Also ideal for Shakespeare Studies in Drama – Years 8, 9,10.


Running Time Each play: 2 hours & 30 minutes

Twins were Shakespeare’s personal definition of family and the loss of his son, Hamnet, twin to Judith, at the tender age of 11, fuels the emotional story one of his greatest ever plays – Twelfth Night, or What You Will. Shipwrecked twins wash ashore in a strange land. Distraught with the loss of each other they immediately shed their identities, Viola becoming the ‘glass’ or mirror to her lost brother, Sebastian. On their mad, desperate, joyous, romantic journey back to rediscovering themselves and finding each other they will change the people of Illyria forever, bringing chaos, new connections and some necessary goodbyes along the way. Twelfth Night is Shakespeare’s ode to the last day of the Christmas cycle, a night of madness where the world turns upside down and the power structures of society are upended, where grief and joy and laughter and tears are all one, and human beings have the power to choose who they are, what they believe in and who they may love – in other words, “what you will”. Twelfth Night is a perfect introduction to Shakespeare for young audiences and our production celebrates the freedom that comes in defeating vanity and loving others more than oneself.

“Last things first. Five stars. Or five-and-a-half. If there’s any company other than Sport for Jove making Shakespeare live and breathe all over again, in new ways, I don’t know of it. Under Damien Ryan’s direction, Shakespearean plays are taking on whole new guises. Never has this been more to the fore, I shouldn’t think, than in Sport for Jove’s Twelfth Night. Nor could there be any better homage, on the occasion of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday.” – DAILY REVIEW

1 FEB- 1 MARCH Old Government House, Parramatta Park Bookings at sportforjove.com.au


er l l i M r u h t r A y b

HSC and Stage 4 teachers & students of English and Drama do not miss this opportunity, taken up in huge numbers in 2019 and returning in 2020. Sport for Jove’s critically acclaimed production of The Crucible directed by Damien Ryan returns to the Seymour Centre. This production has played to rave reviews, sold out audiences and standing ovations. It offers students a rare, immersive and immensely detailed vision of the play with an exceptional cast turning up the heat on these famous characters in a story that means as much to us today as it did in the McCarthyist era that hurt Miller into writing it.

SEYMOUR CENTRE March 11 11.30am & 6.30pm March 12 10.30am March 13 10am & 1.30pm March 14 6.30pm March 16 11.30am March 17 11.30am & 6.30pm March 18 10.30am March 19 10.30am March 20 10am

Nov 11 Nov 12 Nov 13 Nov 14 Nov 16 Nov 17 Nov 18 Nov 19 Nov 20

11.30am & 6.30pm 10.30am 10am & 1.30pm 6.30pm 11.30am 10.30am 11.30am & 6.30pm 10.30am 10am

TEACHING RESOURCES with every booking! Lesson activities, analysis of the play, details and a guide to this production, videos, photos and design.

Syllabus Links English – Stage 4, 5, & 6: Drama; Language, Literature, Literacy; The Arts, Theatre & Cultural Studies

Running Time

2 hours & 30 minutes, including interval + Q&A post show


(2 hours) with this performance


s sa What the critic

“This is a great work of theatre, brilliantly realised in what is Ryan’s finest production in a long line of exceptional work. It should not be missed. He has cast with precision, and then extracted inspired performances that carefully ramp up the tension, until the sadness of the predicament is overwhelming. With this production Ryan slices to the heart of Arthur Miller’s masterpiece, arguably the greatest American play of all.” – SYDNEY MORNING HERALD “It’s unlike any production of The Crucible you’ve ever seen before. So many parallels and such richness in the play, the performances and the production. It is mesmerising, harrowing and will stay in your mind and heart long after it’s over.” – STAGENOISE

ove’s most J r o f t r o p S f o e On back. is s n io t c u d o r p l successfu 6


TICKETS Student $28 1 Teacher FREE* *with every 10 students


What teachers s

“My students and I just love the spirit that drives you to make words have real and personal meaning. You infuse the theatre with that energy - it’s priceless and addictive! Thank you for putting such time and effort into this show. It was brilliant. The kids were just rapt.” – TEACHER, BARKER COLLEGE

e r a e p s e k a h S m a i l l i W y b OTHELLO Othello, easily Shakespeare’s most relentless and tightly compressed drama, is a dark, brooding thriller. A rare chance for year 11 students across NSW to see this masterpiece live. This innovative new production combines Sport for Jove’s trademark textual clarity and storytelling with a powerful cast and design – a remote military base in an occupied country where a trusted soldier will work away at the certainty of his commander like an irresistible tide. Othello is saturated with references to water. Oceanic mystery is the poet’s chief imaginative device and source of metaphor in this study of marriage, love, sex, persuasion and the illusion of loyalty. No Shakespeare play is more unsettling or offers a more modern sensibility or X-ray of contemporary political tensions. A General from ‘outside’ Venice, enlisted as a child soldier at the age of 7, now leads a Christian naval force in what appears to be a fully assimilated and enlightened racial environment – until his sexuality crosses a boundary that stirs latent hatreds and xenophobic fears of the ‘other’. Venice, a city resting precariously on its own watery grave, and Cyprus, a frontier surrounded by enemies and a hostile ocean, are the battlefields upon which family, love, community, trust, ambition and jealousy are put under the severest trial.


Syllabus Links


with Every Booking

Detailed analysis of the play and a guide to this production, photos and design.

SEYMOUR CENTRE March 24 11.30am March 25 10am & 1pm March 26 10am & 1pm March 27 11.30pm & 7.30pm March 28 7.30pm

TICKETS Student $28 1 Teacher FREE* *with every 10 students

English – Stage 5 & 6, Year 11 students: also suitable for Stage 4 & 5 Drama students; Language, Literature, Literacy; The Arts, Theatre & Cultural Studies

Running Time 2 hours, no interval + Q&A post show


“O beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the greeneyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on...”


e r a e p s e k a h S m by Willia

Sport for Jove’s thrilling 100-minute Macbeth – a deeply atmospheric, faithful and exciting introduction to the play for young audiences.

Shakespeare’s most immersive and haunting play tells of the murderous ascent to greatness of a husband and wife who believe they can control time and destiny. A loving couple, suffering the loss of a child, are surrounded by the children of others – of the King, Macduff, Banquo. To what extent is their first criminal act an act of love in that terrible void, a sacrifice she makes for him and in return, he for her? Sport for Jove’s critically acclaimed Macbeth is an ecstatic vision of what love and ambition can do to people, of ghosts, shadows and the terrors of the imagination. A must-see for students of the play or young people being introduced to Shakespeare for the first time.

TICKETS Student $28 1 Teacher FREE*

Syllabus Links

*with every 10 students

English – Stage 4 & HSC: also suitable for all years in Drama; Language, Literature, Literacy; The Arts, Theatre and Cultural Studies

RIVERSIDE THEATRES May 22 10am & 1pm May 23 7pm May 25 10am & 1pm May 26 10am & 1pm May 27 10am & 1pm May 28 10am & 1pm May 29 10am

Running Time

1 hour & 40 minutes, no interval + Q&A post show

ions is “O full of scorpwife...” my mind dear


ss What the critic

“clear storytelling, energetic performances, sharp staging, great swordplay and intelligent use of the language.” – SYDNEY MORNING HERALD “Ryan’s Macbeth displays a masterful progression of character, a meditation on the nature of evil that is all the more profound – and fearful – for its perspective: evil from the inside. A nuanced, emotionally sensitive Macbeth.” – ARTS HUB “There are many things to praise in Damien Ryan’s production of Macbeth. I got shivers down my spine. The tension never dissipated. I cared about the Macbeths and so ultimately was saddened by their demise…horribly compelling.” – ENTERTAINMENT REVIEW 10


SEYMOUR CENTRE June 2 1pm June 3 10am & 1pm June 4 10am & 1pm June 5 10am & 1pm June 9 10am & 1pm June 10 10am & 1pm


with Every Booking

Detailed analysis of the play and a guide to this production, photos and design.

SEYMOUR CENTRE June 18 10am & 1pm June 19 10am June 22 10am & 1pm June 23 10am June 24 10am & 1pm June 25 10am & 1pm June 26 10am TEACHING RESOURCES with every booking! Detailed analysis of the play and a guide to this production, photos and design.


The Tempest


(2 hours) with this performance


aid What teachers s


re a e p s e k a h S m a i by Will

Sport for Jove’s exceptional 100-minute production of The Tempest returns to the stage in 2020, adored by teachers and students over two seasons. One of Shakespeare’s truly original and most personal plays, The Tempest is a symphonic vision of forgiveness, discovery and selfdiscovery – famous for its language, context, enchanting characters and breathtaking theatricality, this is a reflection of the world’s most famous playwright at the height of his powers and at the end of his remarkable career. This tempest is not only in Prospero – the storm lies in the contradictions and ambiguities the story throws up about freedom and slavery, civilisation and barbarism, legacy and letting go, lust and chastity, youth and age, revenge and forgiveness. The sea is a place of transformation but also represents the capriciousness of nature, chaos or fate.


“brilliant...they came back with a renewed love for the play.”

“...my students and I enjoyed it and learned a lot!”



“It was an excellent performance and the students were very positive about both the play and the Symposium afterwards.” – ENGLISH TEACHER/CAS COORDINATOR, ST. PAULS

“...the students were inspired and also vindicated in their own interpretations.” HEAD TEACHER ENGLISH, CROMER CAMPUS NBSC ANGLICAN GRAMMAR

Syllabus Links English – Stage 4, 5 & 6 HSC: also suitable for younger years in Drama; Language, Literature, Literacy; The Arts, Theatre and Cultural Studies

Running Time 100 minutes, no interval + Q&A post show


TICKETS Student $28 1 Teacher FREE* *with every 10 students


e r a e p s e k a h S by William Join us for an extraordinarily accessible 100-minute rollercoaster through Verona, directed by Damien Ryan. This fast-paced, thrilling new production of Romeo & Juliet takes a simple, ensemble approach to the storytelling, using song and voice to create each striking moment of action in the context of the community surrounding it – in four short days we witness joy, love and tragedy. So much is public and outdoors in this story, capturing a particularly Italian vision of life, and yet at the heart of it is a soaring love affair that remains private, unseen and entirely secret until a terrible Thursday morning when a town of adults, now stripped of its children, stands in the glooming dawn to learn the appalling costs of its hatred, ignorance and gracelessness.

Sometimes we need the courage to break the rules and stand up in the face of terrible consequences, to denounce logic and follow our gut. Young people can teach us so much about right and wrong in this world. Romeo & Juliet is Shakespeare’s most moving play funny, bleak, amorous, frightening, deliriously romantic, affecting and inspiring. R&J is the perfect introduction to Shakespeare and theatre for young audiences.

?” eart love til now

“Did my h

Syllabus Links “In Stage 5, students are expected to have an experience of Shakespearean drama. This should include seeing Shakespearean plays in performance, as well as engaging in workshop activities in the classroom with Shakespearean texts” Also ideal for Shakespeare Studies in Drama – Years 8, 9,10.


with Every Booking

Detailed analysis of the play and a guide to this production, photos and design.

Running Time 1 hour & 40 minutes, no interval + Q&A post show SEYMOUR CENTRE August 5 10am & 1pm August 6 10am & 1pm August 7 10am & 1pm August 10 10am & 1pm August 11 10am & 1pm August 12 10am & 1pm August 13 10am & 1pm August 14 10am


What teachers s

“Now we know the quality of your work we will be sending students next year as we believe that it is in their own direct experience that the magic happens. Many thanks again” – TEACHER, MAITLAND-NEWCASTLE CATHOLIC DIOCESE

TICKETS Student $28 1 Teacher FREE* *with every 10 students



ms u i s o p m y S C S 2020 H These presentations are essential opportunities to deepen your student’s practical understanding through experiencing and analyzing key scenes and characters in performance. Lecture and scene work is interspersed with expert commentary from Damien Ryan and his team – exploring famous scenes and speeches in multiple ways, opening up diverse critical readings, unlocking language and character, hearing actors discuss the plays’ famous ambiguities and challenges, and answering students’ questions. A complete, hands-on experience that combines the unfiltered relationship students need with the plays’ action and narrative while also ensuring they are ‘watching with understanding’, in other words, extracting the key ingredients and critical thinking required to write on the plays under exam conditions.

“My students are now very enthusiastic to commence their study of Hamlet. They loved the symposium: the actors, their performances and your insights.”

Don’t miss it!

“You made a difficult play accessible and meaningful to students in a short space of time. I will certainly be making a booking for next year’s HSC group.” – TEACHER, MARIAN COLLEGE

TICKETS Student $28 1 Teacher FREE* *with every 10 students


e l u d e h c S m u i s Sympo The Crucible


SEYMOUR CENTRE March 12 2-4pm March 18 2-4pm March 20 1.30pm-3.30pm Nov 12 2pm-4pm Nov 17 2pm-4pm Nov 20 1.30pm-3.30pm





the MERCHANT OF VENICE RIVERSIDE THEATRES May 19 10am-1pm SEYMOUR CENTRE June 6 10am-1pm June 11 10am-1pm


SEYMOUR CENTRE June 17 10am-1pm


A Dolls House SEYMOUR CENTRE June 6 2-5pm June 15 10am-1pm

“The lecture was also highly informative and superbly presented.”

“The lecture and the actors workshop were outstanding.”




SUMMER OF THE SEVENTEENTH DOLL SEYMOUR CENTRE June 11 2pm-5pm June 16 10am-1pm June 20 10am-1pm



THE TEMPEST / HAGSEED SEYMOUR CENTRE June 19 1pm-3pm June 23 1pm-3pm June 26 1pm-3pm

“I couldn’t recommend them more highly.” – TEACHER, CASTLE HILL HIGH SCHOOL

THE 2020

e r a e p s e k a Sh Carnival You have a swimming carnival, you have an athletics carnival, why not have a Shakespeare Carnival?


Links to Your Curriculum The Shakespeare Carnival helps teachers of English, Drama, Music, Dance and Art to link their classes to a state-wide performance opportunity. It helps students to deepen their engagement and understanding and builds excitement across the whole school. We will support you to hold a School Shakespeare Carnival and select students to represent your school at a Regional Carnival, where the best performances are chosen to advance to the State Carnival gala weekend in Sydney.

Professional Developments to Give You Confidence There are NESA accredited PDs – created in conjunction with the Australian Catholic University – to help teachers make a Shakespeare Carnival easy to run and teach you simple ways to help your students realise their potential. There’s online support to help students develop their entries and guidelines for all performance categories.

Now in its fourth exciting year!





Teachers love it

“I’d never teach Shakespeare now without the Carnival.”

All students in NSW & ACT Open to all high school students in NSW, the Shakespeare Carnival is a chance for students to develop literacy and collaboration skills, complex problem solving and leadership abilities, confidence and resilience as they act, dance, perform music or make short films on a smart phone.


re Carnival ea p es k a h S y r a Prim 0 too! returns for 202

Winners at Regional Carnival progress to the State Carnival where they have the chance to attend a day of masterclasses on the Saturday, led by Sport for Jove’s team of professional actors and educators, prior to the State Carnival performances on the Sunday. Winners at the State Carnival will be offered masterclasses with professional actors, choreographers, composers and film makers, as well as opportunities to observe a professional rehearsal process and/or create music and film for the renowned Sport for Jove Summer Season. For further information visit the Carnival website: sportforjove.com.au/education/the-shakespeare-carnival


“The Carnival was a HUGE success for our school, lots of kids were very, very engaged, and my principal has already given the green light for something bigger next year.” – TEACHER, MARRICKVILLE HIGH, SYDNEY

“It was a fantastic day and the students are still raving about it. You and the judges were so supportive of the students and offered such helpful feedback and inspiration to them. It is such a great opportunity.” – TEACHER, EMMANUEL ANGLICAN COLLEGE, BALLINA



Shakespeare IN YOUR SCHOOL Residency !

A week in Shakespeare’s World

Shakespeare Bootcamp

“By the end of the week...the students boldly staged moments from Macbeth, The Tempest, Romeo & Juliet and King Lear – intense, imaginative, funny and moving performances by the entire cohort.”

In the intensive Shakespeare bootcamp, your students will:


Get the words, ideas, images, feelings and relationships of Shakespeare’s most famous plays up on their feet, into their bodies, into a shared storytelling space, in practical, exciting and dynamic ways;

Enjoy the rewards of boldness, confidence, self-esteem, fun, and most of all, ownership of their creativity— these PLAYS were made for PLAYING and that is the focus of the Residency, breaking down the barriers to these great works, demystifying meaning and making them approachable and relevant;

Learn the demands of teamwork - each joining a hard-working team, creating something they’ll always remember;

Produce an inclusive and fully staged final performance to showcase the work they have done on the plays.

Shakespeare makes us laugh, inspires us and moves us. His poetry, when unlocked and experienced in action, offers students incomparable access to the potency of great words and ideas. The confidence and understanding they garner through the program has an exponential effect on their future studies and appreciation for literature, their understanding of the world they live in, and their confidence in themselves.

Sport for Jove’s in-school residency program offers the choice of an immersive and entirely practical 5-day or 3-day experience for students in any year group, investigating Shakespeare’s plays, world, characters and language through action. Straight onto the stage with professional actors and directors, the students learn through doing and understanding, engaging in fresh and highly accessible ways. Staff, parents and the whole school community are brought together to celebrate a performance showcase, fuelled by a wealth of discovery about the value and beauty of these plays.



Need more info? EMAIL US info@sportforjove.com.au

THE SECOND AGE Now in its eighth year!


The Second Age Project offers exciting training and performance opportunities to enthusiastic and talented young performers in their ‘second age’ (school-age), taking its name from Jacques’ famous “all the world’s a stage” monologue from Shakespeare’s As You Like It. In 2020, The Second Age Project offers extra-curricular acting training, rehearsal and performance opportunities:

TERM 4 Second Age Summer Season

TERMS 1, 2 & 3 Acting Training Exciting, fun and challenging acting training for high school students, three hours each weekend during the NSW public school term. Students work with PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORS from Sport for Jove on monologues and scene-work culminating in a showcase performance at the end of the term for friends and family.


per Term $500 (10 weeks)

Students can audition and take part in rehearsals and performance of a thrilling one-hour play drawing from Shakespeare’s greatest texts. Rehearsals take place on weekends throughout Term 4, culminating in a performance that plays as a curtain-raiser to SFJ’s mainstage shows for the annual Summer Season.

Coming soon! For more information please email: francesca.savige@ sportforjove.com.au


Check our website for further details and application forms closer to the dates. Sport for Jove is a registered Creative Kids Provider.





Juliet Twelfth ROMEO +

A new adaptation of Shakespeare’s extraordinary history cycle by Damien Ryan.


DECEMBER 7 – 30 – Bella Vista Farm JANUARY 12 – 27 – Leura Everglades Garden

20-30 DEC

11-26 JAN

1 FEB- 1 MAR

Bella Vista Farm

Leura SUMMER IS COMING Everglades

Old Government House, Parramatta Park


Profile for sportforjove

Sport for Jove's Education Season 2020  

Award-winning theatre for secondary school students from Sydney's Sport for Jove Theatre Company.

Sport for Jove's Education Season 2020  

Award-winning theatre for secondary school students from Sydney's Sport for Jove Theatre Company.


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