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FISHPOND TENDERFOOT YOUTH VEST SPIDERWIRE ULTRACAST X8 The best of SpiderWire® performance will be found in Ultracast®! Made from 8 tightly woven 100% PE fibers, Ultracast effortlessly casts long distance while providing high strength and abrasion resistance, giving you the ultimate performance fishing line!

Alright kids, you deserve better! You’ve been out-fishing anglers twice your age for years, and it’s time to gear up with the same features and designs that you’ll find in our full sized vests. With 14 pockets to keep you organized on the river, mesh backing to keep you cool, and various tool attachment points for retractors and tippet holders, the Tenderfoot Vest is no ‘toy.’

$19.99-$359.99 | spiderwire.com

$99.95 | fishpondusa.com

ROSS SAN MIGUEL Since Ross Reels started in 1973, there has been one model that epitomizes what a Ross Reel is: the San Miguel. It defined the ultimate in class and finesse, and now, over two decades since it was first launched, the classic returns.

$595 | rossreels.com


Profile for Sportfishing Adventures

Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019