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gures. Unfortunately we suffered from ‘long line release’ numerous times because the pike often only grabbed the tail of our streamers. Still we managed to land a good number of pike up to 95 centimetres in length. Nobody complained about the circumstances and this fishing alone made coming over to Ireland worth the time and effort. With Judd Ruane we have also fished with two boats in the mouth of the river Moy for seatrout. First with a strip of mackerel flesh on light spinning rods and this bait was grabbed on almost every cast by seatrout in the fast running water. Hooking the fish

proved to be a bit more difficult, but we brought some on board for a short photo session. While wading we also fished some sections of the delta with artificial flies, the larger seatrout could not be tempted with this method on the day however. The day progressed with some small fish, a few missed takes and a fierce fight with a mullet which unfortunately was hooked just behind the head... Judd Ruane offers his guests a superb lunch on one of the islands in the mouth of the river. With fried fish, bread, red or white wine; very nice! Fishing the green island can be very tasty as well in this way

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Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019